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C.iAi-. III.

RI PONCollegiate Chukch (by James I.); (S. Wilfrid).
Dates and Founders.
Nave. Choir. Aisles. Transepts. Towers.
L. B. H. L. B. H. L. B. H. L. B. H. L B. H.
1 154-81 Roger, Archb. of York 169^87 88 Part N. side. Included. I32 36N-
33 s-
- - 110
(Spires now
were 110 It.
1215-55 Walter Gray
w. front ?
E. part.
1317-40 P^^'!'7?
de Melton,
Archb. or lork
101 67 79
Choir screen
2 bays on
8. side.
K. side S. R. and S.
lienioved &
sides of C,
1 500-20 work siibsii-
Ronf rpsid
See founded 18o6. The chapter house, 34 ft. 8 in., 2!) It. wide, by bS ft. 8 in. high, with an apsidal end,
by Archb. Roger, but tlie two central pillars and vaulting are later. The crypt under it is perhaps the
original church of Archb. 'J'homas of Bayenx, 1070-1100.
he I.ady cliapel,
14K2, is over it, a most
unusual pcsition
; it is now the library. Melton extended the church eastward to twice its foimer
length. C.reat east window,
ft. by 51 feet high, dates at the end of i4th century. The crypt under the
centre tower is 11 ft. .t in. by 7 ft. 8 in, and 9 ft. 4 in. liigli ; it is dedicated to the Holy Trinity. The
ii>ti'rnal length is 270 ft. ^ in. and breadth 132 ft. In 18i.'9 the nave was new roofed and ceiled; and from
I8t)i the choir groined in wood and otiier restorations by Sir G. G. Scott.

Cathedral Church, Benedictine (S. Andrew).

Dites and Fuunileri. Nave. Choir. Aisles. I'ran septs. Tnwer.
Bishops. L. B. H. L. B. H. L. B. H. L. B. 11. L. B. H.j
1077-80 Gundulf, commenced 128!;^*
Nortli 95
now 40
1130 John w. front ^
1200 New roof New roof
oQci <^i
(I'-' IIoo. sacrist
and prior
44LHdv cli])!
Included. v..^-i%
- - 1.56
cir. 13.50
lir. 1400
Chapel St.
See founded H(I4. Ihecript (liarly English) is one ol the best bf the class. The walls of" Gundull's
tower," 24 ft. square and 9.'> ft high, are 6 ft. thick, the entrance is supposed to have been from the top
Of Bishop ErnuH's work 1114-24, tne west front (perhaps), dormitory, refectory, and chapter house alone
remain: the door to the 1 dter is of Uecorated work and remarkable. The chapel of .'St. Mary is 45 ft.
Iiy 30 ft. The internal length is 31:! ft. ui. and breadth 122 ft. 3 in. Restorations 1825-30, by L.N.
Cottingham, and of late years by Sir G. G. Siott.
SALISBURYCathedral Church, Secular Canons (S. Mary)
Dates and Founders. Nave. Choir. Ai-lcs. Transepts,
i Tower.
Bishops. L. B. H. L. B. H. L. B. H. L. B. H. L. B. H.
Richard Poore( 1220)
- - 207
1229-46 Robert Bingham 140 78 84 -
1246-56 William i)f York R. 145 44 81
1236-62 Giles of Bridport ,\V.20(i 57 81
1330-75 Robert de Wyvil 1
- - 400
See founded 705. This is the most uniform of tlie cathedrals
the origii\al pi in given by Bishop Poore
was carried out by bis successors. Elias de Dereham was cleik of the woiks the first twenty yeart, and
Robertus for the following twenty. The great regularity of the masonry is a distinctive peculiarity of
Early English work. According to the account rendered to Henry 111., it appeared that 40.0 marks
(22,r,fih/. I3,s'. id.) had up to 12.58 been expended on the fabric. The cliaptnr house is an octagnn 58 ft. diam.
and 53 ft high, with a central shaft; tliis with the cloisters, 182 ft. square, were commenced by Bishop
Walter de la Wyle (1263-70 , and completed Wickliampton (1270-84). The latter were
18nn-.5fi, by Mr. Clutton for Bishop Denison. The sculptures in the former were painted, 18i9,
Ac, bv Mr. Hudson, and have been explained bv W. Burges. The stone spire is described in 15 3,ch.iv. The
cxiertial length is 480 ft., the breadth 230 ft. The internal length is 450 ft., and breadth 200 ft. The west
front is 112 ft long. Sir C. Wren effected some repairs. Itestoj-ations. 1782-91, by James Wyatt.