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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Division of Batangas
District of Alitagtag

Grade Six

I. A. Listen to the sentences that the teacher will read. Pay attention to the world that is emphasized and identify
the meaning. Write only the letter.
1. Angelene’s rise as a singer was phenomenal .
A. It’s not ordinary but phenomenal
B. She’s not a doctor but a singer
2. Both Brent and Biboy have badminton practice once a week.
A. It’s not every day but once a week
B. It’s badminton not bowling
B. Listen as the teacher reads the sentences. Then follow the series of directions dictated by the teacher.
3. First, draw six houses in a row using triangles and squares as their parts.
Then label the houses from left to right.
house – post no bill
house – market
house - school
house - church
house - hospital
house - home
Next, draw two horizontal lines in front of the house and label it road.
And finally at the end of the road, draw a traffic sign and label it no overtaking.
4. (A Family Tree Chart )
First, draw the words FATHER and MOTHER in two different boxes found at the center.
Next, write the word CHILD in three boxes above the words FATHER and MOTHER.
Then write the words GRANDFATHER and GRANDMOTHER in different boxes below the word FATHER
After that, write the words AUNT and UNCLE in different boxes found next to the word FATHER and next to
the word MOTHER.
In every box found above the words AUNT and UNCLE, write the word COUSIN
Finally, draw curve lines around the boxes and draw a trunk below.
5. Label the diagram below.

II. A. Directions: Copy the following sentences. Classify each sentence. Write S if it is a statement, Q if it is a
question and C if it is a command. Put the appropriate punctuation.
6. They went to visit their officemates who were sick ()______________
7. Take the books home but be sure to read the ( ) ________________
8. Who writes the letter to the principal () _______________
B. Directions: Read the questions silently to yourself with correct intonation. Write YES if it has rising intonation and NO
if it has falling intonation.
9. Have you been bitten by an animal?
10. Are dolphins intelligent creatures?
11. Can you protect all endangered species?
12. Why can’t you take care of your pets at home?

Place & Date of Birth Parents’ Name Personal Traits Brothers & Sisters’ Names
C. Directions: Use courteous expressions appropriate for each given situation. Write only the letter of your
correct answer.
13. Antonia was appointed as acting chairman. Antonia will __________
a. Be the president
b. Sit on the chair in front
c. Preside over the meeting
14. “The meeting will please come to order.” The members of the club ____________.
a. Will order what they like
b. Will begin the meeting
c. Will listen to the president and behave accordingly
15. When you want to know the interviewee’s message to his/her constituents, what would you ask?
a. What do you think can you contribute to the community?
b. What is your message to your constituent?
c. Do you have something to say/ share to us?
D. Directions: Study the given comic strip/ pictures very well. Construct questions about each of them. Answer
the questions you have constructed.

17. 18.

E. Directions: Read each item carefully. Write only the letter of the correct answer.
For items 19-21, how is the given statement changed to a question?
19. Brent Angelo is the only son in the family.
a. Is Brent Angelo the only son in the family?
b. Does Brent Angelo the only son in the family?
c. Did Brent Angelo the only son in the family?
d. Was Brent Angelo the only son in the family?

20. It can be a delicious sandwich filling.
a. Could it be a delicious sandwich filling?
b. Can it be a delicious sandwich filling?
c. Has it be a delicious sandwich filling?
d. May it be a delicious sandwich filling?

21. Jesus made a great sacrifice.
a. Does Jesus make a great sacrifice?
b. Did Jesus made a great sacrifice?
c. Did Jesus make a great sacrifice?
d. Is Jesus make a great sacrifice?