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A Detailed Lesson Plan in English 5

I. Objectives
A. To identify Mass Noun and Count Noun
B. To use Mass Noun and Count Noun in sentences
II. Subject Matter
Mass Noun and Count Noun
Reference: Exploring English Language 5, TX. pp. 54-58
Materials: pictures, charts, real objects
III. Procedure
Teachers Activity
A. Preparation
1. Review
Last time, we talked about Common Nouns and
Proper Nouns.
What are common nouns?

What are proper nouns?

Underline the common nouns and encircle the
proper nouns in the following sentences.

1. Dr. Jose Rizal is our national hero.
2. Bulacan State University is the one of the
most prestigious university in our
3. Mrs. Belen is a kind teacher.
4. Baliuag is in Bulacan province.
5. Filipino is our national language.
2. Motivation
What do you see in the picture?

Have you experienced swimming in the beach?
Pupils Activity

Common Nouns are names of any person,
place or thing.

Proper Nouns are names of specific person,
place or thing.

shells, sand, coconut trees, rock, island and

Yes, sir.

B. Presentation

Today, we will learn more about the
beach. We have here a paragraph.
Read it silently.

Now who wants to read the paragraph

Now, lets answer some questions about the

1. Who is the boy in the story?

2. Where did the whole family spend their
summer vacation?

3. What kind of water vessel did they ride to
reach one of the islands?

4. What did mother serve for their snacks
and lunch?

5. What did John do before leaving the

Pupils read the paragraph silently.

My Summer Vacation
Hello! My name is John. My family
went to Zambales for our summer vacation.
We visited small group of land masses
entirely surrounded by water. We rode is a
sturdy banca to one of the island. I was
awed by its sheer beauty! To our delight, we
saw a lot of seashells around the clear blue
water seemed to beckon us for a swim. My
brother and I lost no time in doing so. After a
while we heard mother call. It was time for
our snacks. We quickly retraced our trace
back to where we were encamped. My
mother served glasses of fresh buko juice
with suman and bibingka. But my younger
brother was given a glass of milk and
biscuits. Later for our lunch, we feasted on
tinola, fried fish some fruits and vegetables.
On our way back to my grandmothers
house. I said a little prayer of thanks to our
Lord for the wonderful islands of the beach
of Zambales. I truly deserve to be called one
of our most beautiful spots.

The boy in the story is John.

The whole family went to Zambales for
their summer vacation?

They rode in a sturdy banca to one
wonderful island in Zambales.

The mother served glasses of fresh buko
with suman and bibingka for John and milk
and biscuits for his younger brother.

He said a prayer of thanks to our lord for
the wonderful islands of the beach of

C. Discussion and Identification.
Look at the words in the chart.
Column A
can be counted
Column B
cannot be counted
vegetables Juice
Suman Milk
Island Sand
Fruit Water
Biscuits Coffee

The word in the chart tells something about
the things that can be counted and thing that
cannot be counted.

Columns A are nouns which can be counted. We
call them Count Nouns.

What do you call the nouns that can be counted?

Can you give examples of count nouns?

Columns B are nouns which cannot be counted.
We call them Mass Nouns.

What do you call the nouns that cannot be

Can you give examples of mass nouns?

In mass nouns, a counter is needed to form their
plural; it is used to quantify mass nouns.
E.g. bottle of, box of, bag of, sack of.

D. Generalization

What are count nouns?

What are mass nouns?

E. Application

Get an object inside this box and tell
whether it is a count noun or a mass noun.
Use it in a sentence.

We call them Count Nouns

desks, chair, pen, book, backpack, notebook.

We call them Mass Nouns

water, rice, milk, juice, sugar, salt, wine,

Count Nouns are nouns that can be counted.

Mass Nouns are nouns that cannot be

These are the things that inside the box
pencil Count Noun
eraser Count Noun
book Count Noun
marble Count Noun
bottle of vinegar Mass Noun
powdered juice Mass Noun
bottle of water Mass Noun
Count Nouns
Mass Nouns

Count Nouns
Mass Nouns
Arrange the count nouns and mass nouns
in this recipe and put them in the proper
The Golden Banana Rolls Recipe

6 pcs. Of saba
1 can (234g.) Pineapple Chunks
1 cup of water
1 cup of sugar
4 tablespoon of margarine
2 pandan leaves

cup of oil
12 pcs. of lumpia wrapper cut into halves

IV. Evaluation
Directions: Box the count nouns and underline the mass nouns in the following
1. We need a box of flour for the cake.
2. There are fifty two chairs inside the classroom.
3. We will extract the juice of pineapple.
4. I need a bottle of vinegar for my cooking.
5. Maria has five books in her bag.
V. Assignment
Read Abstract, Concrete and Compound Nouns pp. 58 61, TX.