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September 2014-present:
Market Researcher for The
Campaign Company
I have worked on projects for
the NHS and local councils
across England.

Contributing to public consultation, evaluation & policy research.

Quant and qual data coding & analysis of surveys, petitions, letters
and consultation comments (including: use of Nvivo, contributing to
developing coding frameworks, quant data coding for SPSS use);
preparing raw data for analysis; team admin, technical assistance
and guidance regarding Nvivo use.
Field research including interviewing and structured observation.

November 2014-present:
Campaigning and Media
Monitoring Research for New

Social media monitoring (including Twitter and Google News);

creating daily briefings relevant to a pro- EU campaign; contributing
to maintaining the organisation's social media presence (including
Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest). Attending strategy meetings and
generating campaigning ideas.

October 2014:
Policy Research for Equality
Challenge Unit

Creating a complete database of Equality and Diversity Grant funded

higher education projects 2010-2014, including their addressing of
protected characteristics, for the purpose of evaluating new

May-September 2014:
Market research consultancy
for Positive EdgeTutoring

The study included over 200

Carrying out two market research projects on tutoring,

extracurricular activities and teacher training .Questionnaire design,
quantitative and qualitative data analysis (SPSS, QDA Lite); needsbased market segmentation; price point analysis; drafting research
reports and creating infographics; advising on product development,
pricing, marketing and branding.


parents and 70 teachers.

During my time at Vectone, I have
SIM card orders on
campaigns I have managed to an
all-time high, while maintaining a
lower than average cost per lead.

I have worked on Plan's flagship
research, the 'Because I am a Girl'
report, which informs world's leading
campaign for adolescent girls'
contributions to data analysis&


My experience includes deskbased research, database entry,

fieldwork/interviewing, educational
writing and copywriting

Creating, optimising and managing online advertising campaigns

targeting potential customers in 7 European countries; including
Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. Monitoring web traffic &
campaign profitability; collating and analysing large bodies of data
(Google Analytics). Managing Facebook accounts; social media
customer engagement. Copy-writing. Identifying placements for
online advertising and negotiating contracts; liaising with partners.
Working towards conversion/cost per lead targets. Collaborating with
the web design team, translating, collating and publishing content
(including use of Jira and verification of html tracking codes).
Coding and analysis of over 100 semi-structured interviews (Nvivo),
survey datasets (Nvivo + Excel), visual data (Nvivo); writing reports/
case studies, contributing to the development of indicators,
indicators-based evaluation, identifying trends/ variable associations,
preparing raw data for analysis, filing databases and audit forms,
coordinating with an international team. On my own initiative, I have
worked on improving the data analysis framework and I have created
Nvivo tutorials for team training/ increasing knowledge of data coding.
Apr- May 2014- collaboration with Decoded Science;
(Writing sociology articles, relating to recent, original research)
Apr 2014- North Street Quarter 3rd Consultation Workshop
(Data entry/survey datasets)
July 2013: Author of 'Exploring Shakespeare's Comedies at A-level',
March 2013- March 2014: Metropolitan Police Public Attitude Survey
(Fieldwork/structured interviews.)
February-March and May 2013: EUCROSS Survey (for the
European Commission, through the University of York)
(Fieldwork/structured interviews; recruiting respondents)
August- September 2012: Content writing, for
(SEO-optimised product presentations)

July 2012- January 2013:
Market research
consultancy for GBF Media:
February 2010- June 2011:
Research Intern at the
Research Centre in Applied
Ethics, University of Bucharest

Creating a complete database of ethics' codes of Romanian

universities, creating a contacts database of ethics committee
members, content analysis of ethics codes, drafting a
research report, presenting findings in an academic
conference as part of a team.

Dec 2008- March 2009;

March-April 2010:
Event organiser/ Web coordinatorOne World Romania Human Rights
Documentary Film Festival.

Festival website admin; publishing news, liaising with web

designers, contributing to website design; interviewing
guests, organising/ coordinating the Burma on focus event
(2009), including a guest's visit, a press conference, a film
screening and a photo exhibition, acting as contact person/
translating for the press, writing presentation materials

Identifying a potential market; research and interview guide

design; internet research; secondary data analysis; semistructured interviews; advising on product design marketing.

Oct. 2011- Sept. 2013:

Academic conferences attended:

MSc in Gender, Media and

Culture; Gender Institute,

July 2012- RGS-IGB's conference Security of geography, geography of

security, University of Edinburgh; presented paper discussing research
frameworks on homophobia).

Graduated with Merit, Distinction

on dissertation

March 2013- Body projects conference, University of York; presented

paper based on online focus group/interviews with trans women).

Oct 2008- Jul 2011 BA in Sociology (Communication & Public Opinion), Uni. of Bucharest
Graduated with average of 9.48 out of 10, 10 on my BA thesis

Oct 2008- Jul 2011 BA in Philosophy (European Studies), Uni. of Bucharest

Graduated with average of 9.66 out of 10, 10 on my BA thesis


Postgraduate : Gender, knowledge and research practice, Qualitative research with non-traditional data.
Undergraduate: Social research methodology, Sociological Explanation (focused on working with
quantitative data), Descriptive Statistics, SPSS/ Statistics for Opinion Polls, Applied Ethics, General Law
Theory, European Institutions and Mentalities, International Relations.


May-June 2014: Monitoring and Evaluation in the NGO Sector: 6-weeks training by The Global Human
Rights Education Network (HREA)
May- June 2014: Certified Google AdWords Advertiser: AdWords Fundamentals- 94%, Advanced Display
Network-92%, Advanced Search- 87%.
May 2014: Being Strong Allies against Oppression, training by human rights activist Paul Kivel
Apr 2014: Effective Power Point Presentations training offered by Plan UK.
January 2014: Supporter Relations training offered by Plan UK.
November 2013: NVIVO training offered by Plan UK.
June 2013- Gendered Knowledges: an Interdisciplinary Workshop, Warwick University.
May 2013- Young Researchers' Seminar on Gender and Sexuality, University of Antwerp.
February 2013- Fieldwork, data entry and research ethics training, offered by the University of York
November 2012: Fundraising training, offered by HOME Fundraising.
June 2012- LSE Gender Institute's Cumberland Lodge workshops- Theory into Practice.

December 2014- present: Active member of NEON Action Learning group for campaigners.
May 2009- July 2011: Active member of the PHILOS student association; coordinator of the theatre
society and the tutorship programme

English- Romanian bilingual, French (fluent), German (intermediate), Spanish (basic)