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RC Company Ltd.

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RC Company Ltd.


RC Company Ltd.


Sl. No. Things to be Discussed Page No.

1. Introduction 4

2. Activities of the Management 4-6

3. Production Process 7-11

4. Activities of the Human Resource Management 11-14

5. Marketing Mix 14-15

6. Social Responsibility 16-17

7. Conclusion 18

RC Company Ltd.

8. References 18


As we all know that Coca-Cola, Sprite, Pepsi are very famous drinks all over the
world as well as Bangladesh. We can’t find single person who doesn’t like soft drinks.
Mainly our young generation preferred to drinks. Now days there are many soft drinks
company are coming continuously like Euro-Cola, RC Cola etc. Most of them are
tastes are quite similar. Popularity of RC Cola is rapidly increasing day by day. In a
small town, city even in villages RC Cola is available. RC Cola has taken a very
strong place in people’s heart within very short time. One of the reasons is its price
and another reason is its taste. The first line of beverages was named ‘Royal Crown’
and the first Cola was called Chero-Cola. The commenced commercial production on
6th October, 1997, and RC was launched in Dhaka on 20th October 1997.

Activities of the Management

RC Company Ltd.

Different activities of the management in RC Company Ltd. are given below:

The overall planning approach in RC Company Ltd. is top-down. The seven members
of the Board of Directors are responsible for the strategic planning and overall policy
guidelines of the Company. Mainly the top level management plans al the long term
and short term planning.
●Expansions of its products and sales are the long range planning. How can expand its
products, sales and how it will be financed to earn more profit are its long term
●The lower level management of RC Company Ltd. makes short term plans. The
management makes the plans of daily activities of the Company. Today or
tomorrow’s work schedule making is the part of short term planning of RC Company

Planning of the management of RC Company Ltd. establishes the goals of the
company and how they are to be achieved. Organizing develops the structure to reach
these goals. The CEO, Managing Director, Deputy Managing Director and Head of
Factory are responsible for achieving business goals and overseeing the day to day

The CEO and Managing Director of the Company are assisted by a senior
Management Group consisting of Deputy Managing Director and Head of Factory
centrally and co-ordinates operations of offices. Management of RC Company Ltd.
also trains their labors, so that they can get better performances from their labors.


RC Company Ltd.

Through the planning the management of RC Company Ltd. builds climate, provides
leadership and arranges the opportunity for motivation. Manager of the factory and
offices plans and oversees the work of each of his or her sub-ordinates. Directing is
aimed at getting the members of the Company to move in the direction that will
achieve Company’s objectives.

The management approach in RC Company Ltd. is authoritative. Tasks are designed
in such a way that one cannot leave without completing it as he is assigned for a day.
Sitting arrangement in the factory and all offices is done in a way that the superior can
monitor the sub-ordinates all the time. Budgeting, rewarding, punishing etc. are also
practiced as control mechanism.


Board of Directors

Managing Director

Deputy Managing

Risk Internal Finance Remedial Training

Managemen Treasury Control & & Asset &
t Division Compliance Accounts Managemen Research
Division Division Division
Division Division t Division

Communication Human Law & Legal

Marketing Production
& Support Resources Affairs
Service Division Division Division
Division Division


RC Company Ltd.

Provided by Parvez Hasan G.M Marketing (Partex Group)

Production Process

Product planning
 RC Company designs the product according to the USA brand.
 Import the raw materials from USA.
 Assess the need of the market.
 They assess the product cost and the price of the product in the market.
 Import the machineries from USA.
 They follow the production method of the foreign product.

Land, Location and Layout

The Partex Group has selected the land just beside the capital Dhaka in Gazipur. It is
very close to the main road. So, the communication system is very well. The site area
approved 75,000 m2. It was modified as 75,008 m2. The total building area was
approved 35,110 m2. It was modified as 30,107 m2. Site coverage was approved
36.8%. It was modified as 33.0%. Car Parking was approved 125 spaces. It was
modified as 150 spaces. Trailer & Truck Parking was approved 50 spaces. It was

RC Company Ltd.

modified as 55 spaces. Landscape area after was approved 8,500 m2. It was modified
as 8000 m2. Expansion (% of the area) was approved 7.8%. It was modified as 5.0%.

Production Method and Design

Most of the flavors of RC Cola are as concentrates, which are rigorously analyzed to
ensure the quality specifications. Each concentrate lot is coded and packaged, then
shipped on for the next step - the addition of sweetener and water to the concentrates
to produce syrups for cola
The quality standards are very high. Mixing tanks must be of a specified grade of
stainless steel. The entire syrup manufacturing system must employ hot sanitation.
Precise control over water and sweetener components must be demonstrated. And,
quality control professionals must oversee each step of the process.
RC syrups start with fresh water, treated by using a multiple barrier filtration process.
In one tank there are two large mixers, which look like wheels from outside. There
tons of sugars are added to produce syrup. Then the syrup is transferred to the other
tank where it is refined. After that it is kept under the Ultra Violet (UV) ray to clean
the germs. In another tank the flavors are mixed. Finally it is transferred to the
carbonated chamber. Throughout the manufacturing process, they take special care
to ensure that every step - from the selection of ingredients to the calibration of
equipment - requirements. The final step is to verify that their efforts have been
successful by testing the syrups for taste and adherence to their formula.

RC Cola beverage brand contents

Contents Range of contents

Unit H20 0 < x ≤ 185 liters

Unit sugar 0 < x ≤ 350 kg

RC Company Ltd.

STD Syrup Brix 0 < x ≤ 290 liters

Carbonation 0 < x ≤ 50 liters

Final volume 0 < x ≤ 450 liters

Provided by Parvez Hasan G.M Marketing (Partex Group)

RC Company Ltd.

RC pet (1liter) RC mobile (500ml) RC can (250ml)

Inventory control
Inventory control balances the need for adequate stock against the costs of
purchasing, handling, storing and keeping records on it. It is an attempt to keep
enough material on hand to satisfy production requirements and at the same time
avoid tying up too much capital in inventors. RC can keep its raw materials very well
because if they do not keep their materials well they can face a heavy loss.

Materials management
RC cola is a soft drink. To prepare it needs some elements that are very essential for
it. The RC Company buys its raw materials from home and aboard. The RC Company
establishes performance specification for required item, or accepts supplier’s
specification. Department that needs submits purchase requisition to purchasing
agent. Purchasing agent sends purchase order to supplier. Purchasing agent follows to
confirm item will be delivered according to terms. Goods – received and inspected by
the inspector of RC Company.

Production control
Production control, one of the most important concerns in making a product, is
coordinating the interaction of people, materials and machinery. So that products are
made in the proper amounts of the required times to fill orders. Production controllers
are like orchestra conductors. RC production controller can control all the parts that
are related to produce RC Cola. The controller increases their production when
different occasion occurs but in cold time they reduce their production. If the
controller of RC Company cannot realize the condition they can fall a lot of loss.

Quality control

RC Company Ltd.

This is the part of production control step in which the product is inspected at various
stages along the route to ensure that it meets standards. Quality assurance ought to be
preventive as well as corrective. It should identify deviations from standards as
quickly as possible and correct them before units must be rejected .RC company can
keep their product quality very straightly. They try to provide more quality product to
their customer. The quality controllers of RC Company work very hard to maintain
their product quality.

Plant management
Plant management is very important for a productive company. Like RC Company
they can handle their machines very carefully. If they don’t handle their machines
well, the productive rates of the machines are decreasing and the company facing a lot
loss. So the RC Company follows it very straightly. They can involve skillful
manpower to run their plant.

Activities of the Human Resource


Human Resource planning involves estimating the size and make up of the future
workforce. Planning is also done on organization’s competitive strategy. Processes for
planning help the company in acquiring the right number and kinds of people when
needed. Experience indicates that the longer the period predicted, the less accurate the
Human Resource Management (HRM) of RC Company uses mathematical
projections. Data are collected on such topics as the supply of resources, labor market

RC Company Ltd.

composition, demand for products, and competitive wage and salary programs. From
these data and records, statistical procedures are used to make decisions.
HRM of RC Company also plans how to attract and keep good employees with right
combination of pay, benefit and work condition.

Recruitment & Selection

The primary objective of recruitment is to find and attract the best-qualified applicants
to fill vacancies. The selection process is done by some steps that starts with the initial
screening and ends with a decision to hire the person.
For Employee- Recruitment and selection in RC Company Ltd. go through some
steps. Initially they identify the job and job requirements. Then they choose sources of
candidates such as internal and external source. Internal source is their well-known
and closed persons. External sources are included internet, employee referrals and
want ads. After choosing sources they review given applications from the candidates.
Then interview candidates, conduct employee test and check references. Through all
of these procedures they select a candidate and give an offer negotiating
compensations, benefits and job expectations.
For Labor- The recruitment and selection process of labor is quite easy for the HRM
department. Advertisement is given in posters and newspapers. Then they test
experiences and skills of the candidates and select one.

Training & Development

Orientation- The HRM department of RC Company Ltd. has a formal orientation
program for new employees. Although new hires usually know something about the
company, they often lack specific information about working hours, pay, parking,
rules, facilities, and so on. The HRM department usually coordinates the orientation,
but the immediate is the key to the process. He or she and the new employee must
eventually establish cordial relationships that will encourage communication.

RC Company Ltd.

Build KSA- HRM department build knowledge, skill and ability which prepare
employees for new jobs. This process starts with the selection of a qualified individual
and continues throughout that individual’s career.
Training- Training is a continual process of helping employees perform at a high
♦ On the job training- Supervisor or other workers shows a
new employee how to perform the job during work hours
and it is on the job training.
♦ Off the job training- Off the job training is related with
those training which are given after or before work hours.

Compensation & Benefits

Direct & Indirect Compensation-
♦ Wages or salary- It’s determined on the basis of pay
commission according to the rank of the employees.
Monthly salary scales in RC Company Ltd. are given below:

Rank Salary
MD 52,000 TK

GM 46,000 TK

DGM 39,000 TK

Manager 25,000 TK

Class A Employees 18,000 TK

Class B Employees 15,000 TK

Class C Employees 10,000 TK

Labors 2,400- 5,200 TK

RC Company Ltd.

♦ Performance based incentives- individual incentive plans

take several forms: piece work, production bonuses, and
Benefits & Services- Benefits & services in RC Company Ltd. are given below:
♦ Flexible work plan.
♦ Health insurance payment
♦ Contribution to pension fund
♦ Bonus
♦ Canteen facilities
♦ Transportation facilities

Employee Separation
Employee separation in RC Company Ltd. is done with downsizing. Depending on
performance of the employees after a certain period of time downsizing is happened.
As a result, all of the employees of RC Company Ltd. give their sincerity at work.

Labor Relationship
Labor relationship is excellent in RC Company Ltd.
Labor contracts- Labor contracts are maintained properly. There is no example of
breaking labor contract in the Company’s history.
Collective bargaining- Collective bargaining the representative of the company meet
and attempt to work out a contract with union representatives. Through this process,
contractual agreements are established, managed and enforced.
Union relations- Union officials are dedicated, willing to work long hours, able to
counsel members on personal problems, and skilled

RC Company Ltd.

Marketing Mix

Product and Customer solution

RC cola is a soft drink. We get it as a bottled drink. We get it in different size,
quantity and taste. It contains calories, carbohydrate and sugar. There is no fat, protein
and sodium. But diet cola has no sugar. We get it in different colors and flavors. It has
no harmful element. It is a refreshing drink for all classes of people.
RC is a product that consists of the basic physical offering and an accompanying set
of images and services features that seek to satisfy needs. RC Cola is also that type

Price and Customer cost

Price depends on its quantity. It is expected to all because the price is reasonable. We
get it within 15-50 taka. Though the cost to market the product in the rural area is bit
high, the price is same both to the urban and rural area. Pricing decisions are
influenced by now responsive a target market is high or low price, the physiological
created by prices and the actions of competitors.

RC Company Ltd.

Promotion and Communication

Advertising is the main way of promoting new flavor and new design product. When
the product is launched the company gives ads to the electronic media and paper
media to create concentration of the people. When the new product is launched the
company give discount in product. They offer several types of free gift with the newly
launched product.
Promotional strategy is the second element of the marketing mix. It involves the
correct blending of advertising, publicity to create the promotional mix.

Place and convenience

We get RC Cola in all over the country. We can get it from general stores to
departmental stores. So, it is very easy to get RC. Even it is not very hard for the rural
area people to get this soft drink.

Social Responsibility

Responsibility to Consumers
Right to safety- The most basic consumer right is the right to products that are safe to
possess and use to ensure safety of goods. RC Company tests them and providers
buyers explicit directions for use.
Right to be informed- Consumers have the right to receive information available
about a product before they purchase it. Necessary information for goods includes
ingredients and detail instructions for use. RC Company lists nutritional information
on product labels.
Right to choose- Consumers have the right to choose and make purchases from a
variety of products at competitive prices.

RC Company Ltd.

Right to be heard- Consumers also have the right to have their opinions considered
in the formation of government policies and in business companies’ decisions that
affect them.

Responsibility to Employees
Like consumers, employees hold certain expectations from RC Company Ltd. they
expect safe working conditions, fair compensation, equal opportunities and adequate
Safety in the work place- RC Company realizes that responsibility for employees’
safety lies with them, not with a government agency. They adopt and carry out their
own health and safety programs. In the factory of RC Company they have four
emergency exits in case of fire, short-circuits, earthquake etc.
Equality in the work place- Employees also expect to be treated equally in the work
place. Some inequalities still exist in every company in Bangladesh.
The hard-core unemployed- RC Company takes active steps to train the hard-core
unemployed. These are individuals with little training or few skills and a long history
of unemployment. Company also takes progressive steps by providing programs or
extra training to qualify persons who want to work.

Responsibility to the Environment

Water pollution- Water pollution is caused by the dumping of toxic chemicals,
sewage and garbage into rivers and streams. To keep the water pollution free, steps
are strictly maintained by the RC Company people.
Air pollution- Air pollution caused by carbon-monoxide and hydrocarbons that come
from motor vehicles and by smoke and other pollutants from manufacturing plants.
From the RC Company these gasses are not exhausted. Only very low amount of
smoke exhausts from generators.

RC Company Ltd.

Land pollution- Land pollution results from strip mining of coal and minerals, forest
fires, garbage, disposals and dumping of industrial wastes including chemicals. RC
Company is not caused any kind of land pollutions.

Responsibility to Investors
Company also has a responsibility to the people who invest money to them.
Proper management of funds- RC Company manages funds properly so as to return
a fair profit to investors. Managers have a responsibility to thoroughly investigate
their investments and to clearly present all facts and risks to investors.
Access to information- RC Company has the responsibility to make stock
information available to all potential investors.
Executive compensation- Executives who run company carry tremendous
responsibility and deserve to be compensated accordingly. A fair compensation
program definitely rewarded executives for out-standing performance.


The management approach differs from organization to organization. But all types of
organization apply mare or less some common functions such as planning, marketing,
HRM, co-ordinating and production. RC Company Ltd. successfully applies
management functions in its operations. As a result, today RC Company deserves top
position in the market of soft drinks.


RC Company Ltd.

Parvez Hasan
G.M. Marketing.
RC company ltd. (partex group)
Business for the 21st Century, Stven J Skinner and John M. Ivancevich.
Latest Edition 2004, Irwin Inc., Home wood, Boston

RC Company Ltd.