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1 She ____ obsessed with rock
climbing at a young age.
a becomes
b became
c has become
d would become
2 He’s not a stamp collector,
a was he
b wasn’t he
c is he
d isn’t he
3 How long ____ you had this
a did
b do
c hae
d were
! ____ anyone get hurt?
a did
b were
c hae
d had
" He ____ about birds. #t dries
me mad$
a %oreer talk
b is %oreer talking
c will %oreer be talking
d has %oreer been talking
& She keeps ____ her things all
around the place which is so
a to leae
b leaes
c leae
d leaing
' He ____ me to the %irst game
when # was only &.
a used to take
b would take
c took
d has taken
( )t %irst # ____ starting work so
early but this has changed.
a didn*t use to
b wouldn*t
c didn*t hae to
d wasn*t used to
+ ,y new -., ____ # bought last
week, has already broken
a that
b which
c whose
d /
10 #*d like to see the photos ____
you took on holiday.
a who
b whose
c where
d /
11 -eople __________ %rom the
illness %ind it di%%icult to rela1.
a su%%ered
b su%%ering
c who su%%ering
d were su%%ering
12 2ou*d better take your coat
____ the weather gets worse.
a in case
b otherwise
c so that
d in order to
13 She did a course in con%idence
building ____ oercome her
a so that
b in order to
c although
d in case
1! He ____ a therapist %or seeral
years a%ter he le%t school.
a has seen
b has been seeing
c saw
d used to seeing
1" She ____ much better since
she le%t the hospital last week.
a is %eeling
b %eels
c %elt
d has been %eeling
1& He reali3ed that he ____ his
car keys in the o%%ice.
a le%t
b has le%t
c had le%t
d was leaing
1' 4e couldn*t %all asleep
because our neighbours ____
a lot o% noise.
a made
b had made
c hae made
d were making
1( ____ plans you might hae %or
the weekend, you*ll hae to
change them.
a 4hereer
b 4hoeer
c 4hateer
d Howeer
1+ 5hey ____ out %or a %ew years
be%ore they decided to get
a had gone
b hae been going
c were going
d had been going
20 2ou won*t pass the e1am ____
you start reising immediately.
a as long as
b proided
c unless
d i%
21 4e wouldn*t hae missed the
bus i% you ____ to chat with
a didn*t stop
b hadn*t stopped
c don*t stop
d wouldn*t hae stopped
22 5he party was so boring # wish
# ____ there at all.
a hadn*t gone
b wouldn*t go
c haen*t gone
d didn*t go
23 #% only you ____ more time to
spend with the %amily.
a would hae
b hae had
c had
d hae
2! 6h, you*re busy? # ____ you
later, 67?
a am calling
b call
c hae called
d will call
2" 8y the time the guests arrie,
we ____ eerything %or the
a will be preparing
b will hae prepared
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c prepare
d hae prepared
2& :uring the ne1t meeting we
____ about setting goals .
a are talking
b will hae talked
c will be talking
d talk
2' # can*t %ind my keys. # ____
a may lose
b must lost
c might hae lost
d should hae lost
2( 5he police stopped us and said
we ____ to enter 8C
a can*t
b couldn*t
c didn*t allow
d weren*t allowed
2+ )dmission was %ree so we
____ any tickets.
a needn*t buy
b mustn*t buy
c didn*t need to buy
d mustn*t hae bought
30 #*m not sure i% you*re aware
____ the risk.
a o%
b to
c at
d in
31 5he horror moie wasn*t ;ust
%rightening$ #t was ____
a e1tremely
b absolutely
c ery
d %airly
32 ____ the weather was horrible,
we decided to go out %or a
short walk.
a <en though
b Howeer
c #n spite o%
d :espite
33 4e should remind _____ to be
thank%ul %or all that we hae.
a us
b /
c ourseles
d we
3! His %ather asked :an where
____ all day.
a had he been
b was he
c he had been
d he has been
3" She adised him ______ sun
a putting
b put on
c to putting on
d to put on
3& She was only 1+ when she
sailed across ____ )tlantic.
a a
b an
c the
d /
3' 2our leg could be broken so
you must hae ____ =>ray.
a a
b an
c the
d /
3( 5he s?uare was ____ crowded
we couldn*t pass.
a so
b such
c ery
d as
3+ 5wo climbers are reported to
____ during the storm last
a die
b hae died
c had died
d died
!0 #*ll need to hae the stairs
a renoate
b renoating
c to renoate
d renoated
!1 # only paid @20 %or this ;acket$ #t
was a real ____.
a buy
b price
c bargain
d sale
!2 Aane is always poking her nose
in other people*s business.
She*s so ____$
a in?uisitie
b obedient
c play%ul
d unreliable
!3 )s %ar as #*m ____, # do not
support the new goernment.
a matter
b re%erred
c according
d concerned
!! 5he window ____ was really
a e1hibition
b display
c collection
d ision
!" She ____ the sack last week
and is now looking %or a new
a did
b made
c took
d got
!& She doesn*t ____ o% my
a agree
b approe
c accept
d support
!' :uring his stay in #ndonesia he
went ____ with malaria.
a up
b o%%
c down
d oer
!( 4hen the customs o%%icers
%ound some illegal goods
hidden in the car, he was
arrested %or ____.
a assault
b mugging
c hi;acking
d smuggling
!+ # can*t moe the so%a. .ould
you ____ me a hand with it,
a gie
b get
c take
d borrow
"0 # couldn*t get in ____ with you
all week$ 4here hae you
a contact
b call
,acmillan -ublishers 9imited 2012
5his page is photocopiable, but all copies must be complete pages.
c touch d talk
,acmillan -ublishers 9imited 2012
5his page is photocopiable, but all copies must be complete pages.