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General Experience

The applicant shall meet the following minimum criteria as an individual/ JV

1) Minimum average annual turnover(MAT)
Minimum average annual turnover of the bidder, in the best 3 financial year out of the last 5
financial year ending 31
march of the previous financial year should not be less than the value of
Rs75crores, other income shall not be considered for arriving at minimum average turnover
2) Liquid Asset
The bidder shall have liquid assets/ and evidence to availability of unutilized credit facilities of not
less than Rs 30 crore.
The certificate of the banker regarding the availability of unutilized credit facilities (Fund based
and Non Fund based).
Liquid Assets =Current Assets-(INVENTORY+PREPAID EXPENSES)

3) Net Worth
The net worth of the bidder as on last day of the preceding financial year ending 31
march of
the previous financial year shall not be less than 50% of the paid up share capital
The Net Worth shall be calculated based on subscribed and paid up capital +free reserves+
unallocated balance surplus amount of profit and loss A/C less (A expenses not written of B Lost
in profit and loss a/c if not reduced from reserves.
Completed audited annual reports along with audited balance sheets, Profit & Loss Account &
detail schedule and other financial statement for the proceeding 5 years ending 31
march of the
previous financial year along with letter of adequacy and commitment from their bankers/
financial institution of international repute should be furnished along with their bids for
evaluating the above financial year criteria. In case where the audited result of the preceding
financial years are not available certified financial statements from a practicing chartered
accountant will also be consider acceptable.
4) BID Capacity
The available bid capacity of the bidder at the time of submission of bid calculated as under
should not be less than Rs 90 crores
Bid Capacity= AXNX2-B
A=maximum value of works executed in any one year during last 7 year (at current price level)
N=completion time of the proposed work in years
B=Value of current price Level of existing commitments and ongoing Woks (as n the latest day for
bid submission) to be completed in next N years.
Bid Capacity shall be assessed at the time of submission of techno commercial bid, for which the
bidder shall have to submit documentary evidence in support of A&B above along with their bid.

5) Experience in similar works individual/ JV
1) One of the partner should have satisfactory completed the the work in the field of water
proofing/ repairs in tunnels/ metro station/ dam projects of Govt./private organization of the
minimum value of Rs 39 crore during the last 10 years upto the date of submission of
2) At last one application work of Rs1.2 crore under water advance pile in calculation work of
Govt. / Private Organizations. The bidder must submit the document proof for their JV
partners successfully executing attest under water protection jpb of advance pile
encapsulation by using a combination of FRP Jackets and a moister insensitive, aggregate
field, two components epoxy injection grout utilizing specifically engineered twin line pumps
and othe complementary equipments.
3) The bidders or the Joint Venture intending to execute the tender job must confirm in writing
to source all the construction chemical specified for this repair and protection and those that
could become necessary in the hitherto unknown situation that might arise during execution
from single source to insure compatibility among them.
4) The bidder for this tender mist provide documentary that their suppliers of construction
chemicals is the well reputed and stable organization in India that meets the following min.
a) There must be public visited company in India with min. Average turnover of 1000 cr. per
annual for over the last 5 yrs. They must have at least o 10 yrs history of construction
chemical production and supply in India
b) Their must have been engaged in construction chemicals production for at least past 3 ys
within the same legal entity(and not through an acquired entity)
c) They must have their own operational infrastructure in India such as several production
and logistic facilities that demonstrate their ability to cater requisite quantities of
materials in demanding time scheduled without fail.
d) They must have supplied such chemical solution as required for this tender to similar
repair and protection jobs including to at least one successful under water protection of
concrete structure in India using FRP jacket filled with moister insensitive, two
components, aggregate filled epoxy injection utilizing a specifically an engineered twin
line grout pump.

SHEETS 11-24

The Executive Director ( Contracts Procurement),
North Eastern Electric Power Corporation Limited,
Brookland Compound, Lower New Colony,
Shillong- 793003,
1. E/We have read & examined the following documents in connection with the work of Repair &
rehabilitation of distressed hydraulic structures in Kopili hydroelectric Plant (275MW), Assam
India. The work involves inspection of distressed structures, their repairs & providing Protection
to them against by acidic water as per details given in the technical instructions enclosed in the
2. I/We here bt bid for execution of the works referred to in the documents mentioned above upon
the terms & conditions contained or referred to iin the aforesaid documents and in accordance
to all respects with the details given therein and at the rates contained in Bill od Quantities
&within the periods of completion &subject ti such contained conditions stipulated in the tender
3. I/We agree to keep this bid open for acceptance for 180 days from the date of opening of the bid
thereof &also agree to make any modifications in its terms & conditions of our own accord,
4. The requisite amount of bid Security/Earnest money Deposit in form of Bank Guarantee of
INR issued by .(Name of Bank0 is
submitted along the bid.
5. I/We agree that if I/We fail to keep the validity open, as aforesaid or make any modification in
the terms & conditions of my/ our bid of our own accord &/or after the acceptance of our bid or f
L/We fail to enter into the contract or fail to commence the execution of the works s provided n
the documents referred to in paragraph-1 above. I/We shall become liable for forfeiture my/our
Bid security/Earnest Money deposit, as afore said, and the corporation shall without prejudice to
any other right or remedy, be at liberty to forfeit the said bid security/Earnest Money deposit
6. Should the bid be accepted, I/We agree and fulfill all the terms and conditions and provisions of
the above bid documents.
7. I/We certify that the bid submitted by me/us is strictly in accordance with the term and
conditions tec., as contained in your bid documents, referred above and it is further certified that
it does not contain any deviations to the aforesaid documents.
8. 9. I/We declare that all informations provided in my/our bid attachments thereof are true
and correct and in line with the requirement of the bid documents.
9. I/We also certify that, in completing for (and, if award is too made to us, in executing) the above
contract, we will strictly observe the laws against fraud and corruption in force in India namely:
Prevention of Corruption Act-1988).

Yours Faithfully

Signature in the capacity of.
Place: .
(Name of signatory, duly authorized to sign the bid on behalf of the .. (in block letter)

(Designation/ title of signatory)
(Common Seal)

Postal Address of the bidder
E-mail Address


M/s.having its registered
office at . (hereinafter referred to as the Contractor) having carefully
studied all the documents pertaining to work of Repair & Rehabilitation of Distressed Hydraulic
Structures in Kopili Hydro Electric Plant (275MW), Assam, India. The work involves Inspection of
distressed structures, their repairs and providing protection to them against attack by acidic
water as per details given in the technical instructions enclosed in the tender. We do hereby
warrant that:-
1. The contractor is familiar with all the requirements of the contract.
2. The contractor has investigated the site and himself satisfied himself regarding the character
of the work and conditions that may affect the work or its performance.
3. The contractor is satisfied that the work can be performed and completed as required in the
4. The contractor ensures that the life of the coatings and protection to be provided on the U/S
and D/S of the dams shall be as per specifications enclosed with the tender Documents and
will remain intact for the periods mentioned in the contract.
5. The contractor has had no condition with other contractors, with any of the men of the
Engineer-in-charge or with any other person in the corporation to execute the said works
according to the terms and conditions of the said contract.
6. The contractor has not been influenced by any statement or promise of the corporation or
the Engineer-in-charge but only by the contract document.
7. The contractor is financially solvent.
8. The contractor is experienced and competent to perform the contract to the satisfaction of
the Engineer in charge.
9. The statement submitted by the contractor is true.
10. The contractor is familiar with all general and special laws, Acts,Ordinances,Rules and
regulations of the Municipalities, District, State and central government that may affect the
work, its performance or personal employed therein.

For and behalf of the contractor.
Full Address with email.


The Executive Director (Contracts Procurement),
North Eastern Electric Power Corporation Limited,
Brookland Compound, Lower New Colony,
Shillong- 793003,

Whereas the North Eastern Electric Power Corporation Limited, Shillong (hereafter
referred to also as the corporation) has called bids for Repair & Rehabilitation of
Distressed Hydraulic Structures in Kopili Hydro Electric Plant (275MW), Assam,
India vide NIB No. dated.. and whereas..
(Herein after referred to as the contractor) has submitted bid/bids for the
aforesaid works.
And whereas one of the conditions of the bid is that the intending bidders
should furnish in lieu of Earnest Money deposit, a Bank Guarantee for
in.. along with the tender.
Now therefore this witness:-
We, the (name and address of the Bank).. having its registered
office at.(hereinafter referred to as the Bank) in
consideration of the corporation entertaining the tender submitted by the
contractor do hereby agree with the corporation.
That it shall in the event of the Contractor failing to keep open the bid for
acceptance for a period of 6(six) calendar months from the date of opening of
the bid and for failing to execute an agreement in form prescribed incorporating
the terms and conditions of the Contract as per the tender submitted by him
and accepted by the corporation with or without modifications within 30 days
from the date of acceptance of the bid or to renew this guarantee for a further
period as demanded by the corporation, pay to the corporation without any
demur, reservation/ contest, resource or protest and or without any reference to
the contractor and without waiting for the results of any litigation, dispute
whatsoever in this connection pending before any court, Tribunal.\,Arbitrator or
any authority and on a mere demand by the Corporation, the sum of
INR. () only.
That as to whether the occasion has arisen for the demand of the amount
covered by the Bank without any reference to the contractor.
That the Guarantee herein contained shall remain in full force and effect during
the period taken for finalizing and execution of the agreement.
That it shall continue to be enforceable until the guarantee is fully discharged.
That this Bank Guarantee shall be enforced until the guarantee is fully
That this Bank guarantee shall be enforceable against Bank even if any
negotiable instrument shall be outstanding against the Bank at the time of
This is to give effect to the Guarantee shall be at liberty to act as through the
Bank were the principal debtors.
That the Bank shall not be released of its obligation under this Guarantee by
any exercise by the Corporation of its liberty with reference to the matters
aforesaid or any of them or by reason or any other acts of omission on the part
of the Corporation or any other indulgence shown by the Corporation or by any
other matter or thing whatsoever which under law would but for this provision
have the effect of reliving the Bank.
That this Guarantee shall remain in full force and effect notwithstanding any
neglect or forbearance or delay in the enforcement of the same;
And that the Bank shall not revoke the Guarantee during its currency except
with the previous consent in writing of the Corporation.
Notwithstanding, anything contained hereto before it is mutually agreed.
That the liability under this Bank Guarantee shall not exceed INR()
That it shall be in full force only for a period upto.. and it will hold good
for any demand made by the Corporation, in the meanwhile.
And that if any further extension of this Guarantee is required the same shall
be extended to such period on receiving instruction from the Corporation.
The liability or obligation of the Bank under this Guarantee bond shall not be
affected or suspended by any dispute between the Owner and the Contractor
and the payment under this Guarantee bond need not wait till the dispute this
dispute are decided by a Competent Court or tribunal or any other authority
and that any payment made by the Bank to the Owner under the Guarantee
bond be deemed to have been rightly fully and lawfully made.
Lastly, the Bank also assures that the Guarantee bond will not be discharged
due to the change in the constitution of the bank or the Contractor.
In witness where-of I the Agent/Manager of the
Bank who is duly authorized in this behalf as per rules of The Bank hereby set
my hand and seal to this on this the..the day
of./ .

(Signature) (Signature)
(Name) (Name)

Official Address Designation with
Bank Stamp
Authority as per power of Attorney

(On Non- judicial Stamp Paper of Appropriate to value)

Bidder shall enclose as Form D their Power of Attorney in Original

Bidder shall enclose as Form F in the Following Declaration in Original.
(In case of Joint Venture/Consortium, separate Declaration shall be provided by each partner)
Declaration of Understanding
We underscore the importance of a free and competitive bidding process that precludes
fraudulent use, In this respect we have neither offered nor granted, directly or indirectly, any
inadmissible advances to any public servants or other person in connection with our bid, nor
will we offer or grant any such incentives or conditions in the present procurement process or in
the event that we are awarded the contract, in the subsequent execution of the contract.
We also underscore the importance of adhering to minimum social standards I core Labour
Standards) in the implementation of the project. We undertake to comply with the core Labour
Standards ratified by country of India.
We will inform our staff about their respective obligations and their obligation to fulfill this
declaration of undertaking and to obey the laws of the country of India.

Place, date Signature of Bidder

(On Non- judicial Stamp Paper of Appropriate to value)

Bidder shall enclose as Form D their Power of Attorney in Original