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A dialogue with Palabras Ajenas (Words of Others) by Len Ferrari

31 Bienal de So Paulo How to talk about things that don't exist

Texts by :
Franco Berardi Bifo, Loreto Garn Guzmn and Federico Zukerfeld.


Errare humanum est, perdonare divinum, perseverare autem diabolicum
This is an errorist
mise-en-scne, a collaborative setting shown for the first time at the 31st Bienal
de So Paulo. It is composed of several visual, audio, dramatic and literary resources. The play is
inspired in Words of Others. Conversations between god and some men and among some men with
some other men and with god,
a literary collage created in 1967 by the artist Len Ferrari (1920 -
2013). In his text, Ferrari builds a script made up of news clippings and biblical and literary texts, a
series of imaginary dialogues among different characters. In the books preface, the artist described
the work as a dramatic play, and he gave some guidelines to be followed by a potential director in a
possible representation.
ERRING FROM GOD plays with some of the guidelines of the structure proposed by Ferrari in
order to readapt, update and rewrite his work to create a new play.
Error as a noun. To err as a verb:
THE SCRIPTS that are part of ERRING FROM GOD are conversations based on real and
imaginary texts, news, quotes and comments. This collective writing exercise has been made in
collaboration with the Italian philosopher and activist Franco Berardi Bifo. The words presented
here are just the starting point of an open work: the theatre art of this drama is generated through the
participation of the public who, by means of their own words, rewrite the play indefinitely, turning
themselves into the main characters.
TO ERR. The erratic pace of the participant defines how to go over the installation.
Lets get into it through the narrow passage where we will find some of the divine works of the
heretic artist. You will find patchwork of issues of L'Osservatore Romano, the official newspaper of
Vatican city. You are about to see the images of that universal torture laboratory intertwining with
more or less known divinities. You are invited to run through the inferno path among other works of
the artist, an assembly of toys, dolls, skulls and bones together with saints, virgins and other objects
of worship, which question us on the role of Western and Christian society in contemporary wars
and tragedies.
There are also some documents to place us in the main theme of Ferraris works, always related to
the idea of hell as a place of never-ending torture, to which mankind is doomed.After this brief visit
to the agnostic shrine we go through the curtain that divides the room and leads us to another stage:
a round temple-world designed for the social game of representations; it is now time to err again.
As we look up we get a panoramic view of the place. As in the liturgy narrated by the frescos in the
cathedrals, this panoramic view displays a circular history, repeated once and again. Landscapes
and characters melt into each other, turning into a single scene of the planets big bang.

Errorism: practice, philosophy based on erring. Errorists: crowds, individual sor groups who perform errorism. The
International Errorist Movement was founded in 2005.

After being published, only two dramatizations of the work have taken place: in 1968 the artist Leopoldo Maler
staged a play called Listen Here Now: A News Concert for Four Voices and a Soft Drum, at the London Arts
Laboratory. In 1972, theatre director Pedro Asquini staged a play called "Pacem in Terris Operation" at a theatre in
Buenos Aires. He used some of Ferraris works as part of the setting.

Lets take a few more steps to enter the stage.
In the centre of the scene there are two stands facing each other, mirroring a world in permanent
conflict. Over the stands some phones can be found: they have been collected from the wastelands
of the Stock Exchange during the global financial crisis of 2008. The phones ring over and over
again there seems to be an urgent call to be answered. When a call is answered, the voice of the
Director invites us to act, repeat or invent. The choice is there to be made: accept or disobey.
The bells ringing in Wall Street tell us about a new crisis. The brokers enter the boxing ring and a
new war where the 1% fights against the 99% begins. The worlds fate is defined there. As in a
football match where everyone is a rival, the battle for survival never stops. It happens at work, in
the streets and institutions, underground, before getting into the train or in the sky, full of wires.
The telephone rings once more. We pick it up, and a voice, secretively, reads to us fragments of the
script, as the one that follows:
Welcome to hell. Behold the only protagonist: the mighty God of Capital. An abstract force that
materialises and takes control of life to spread the earth with shadows. A God of Economy full of
ambition, capable of destroying countries and nations, cultures and towns; with the ability to
genetically modify nature until forests turn into deserts, and suck seas and mountains dry, so the
whole mankind is left with nothing, deprived of everything.
God of Markets, you who force us to compete against each other to death for the sake of your
survival. God of Masters, who exploit us day in day out forcing us to sell our only renewable
resource left: time. God of Finance, who speculate with our existence to the point of confiscating
the future of entire societies. God of Politics, who deceive us every four years and make us live
delusional through democratic dictatorships. God of Google, who spy on us and analyse our
desires, ideologies and behaviour. Evil God of Capital, you are the raging tyranny, the only belief
still standing, while we almost dont believe in you anymore. Oh, God of Capital, do announce your
demise once and for all and set us free of this economy hell..

This is the story of mankind and its divine ability to err. This is the story of hell in the world, as real
as it is imaginary, and the tragedy we are doomed to live in. Erring from God is running away from
the hell of beliefs, a way of escaping the eternal punishment of capitalism. Erring together in a
collective break-out of the system of representations. Erring from God is a game, an errorist
provocation to imagine other worlds and talk about things that dont exist.

Use the phones placed over
the stands. Listen to the
instructions from the Director
and make your choice on how
to act. You have the leading
role in the play.

These stairs do not take you up
to heaven, though they could
do that if you wish. Use the
platforms to:


You will find pages
with a series of
unfinished texts and
scripts. Their
completion depends on
you. Please help us
finish the writing.

Enter the passage with Len
Ferraris works: an assembly of
toys, dolls, skulls and bones
together with saints, virgins and
other objects of worship.

After the tour you may feel like signing
the Petition for the Abolition of Hell.
For more information, please contact the
guides in the room.

Look up to find the circular
image. Choose your path
through the infernal world:
from left to right, from top to
bottom, from side to side, or
just wander through it.


Some dialogues with God, imaginary and real conversations. From text IX onwards it is your turn to play:
imagine, invent and write other dialogues (or pray for your salvation).













BELIEVER: I used to believe there was a future I believed that working was my chance to become
rich; I used to believe in the eternal laws of economy. I believed in you but you betrayed me.
Now that future has turned into a threat. Work has turned into a curse, badly paid and insecure. The
eternal laws of the economy are not capable of predicting crisis, or inflation, theyre not even capable of
explaining the misery of many, or the arrogance of the few who make themselves rich out of everybody
elses ruin
GOD: I didnt betray you, my son. I simply dont exist.
BELIEVER: But how?
GOD: Im just the illusion of people like you, who believe in natural economy, the need of the workers
manual labour and the unlimited growth
BELIEVER: But then, I, who used to believe in you, what should I do?
GOD: You cant make me responsible for your fear of being free (and I certainly believe that wealth
can be measured in economic terms).
BELIEVER: Oh my God! Oh my God! How could you abandon me?
GOD: Ive heard that before. In fact, I wrote the script myself.



GOD: my dear friend, when time came to programme the universe machine, I trusted you for your
coding skills. Together we have built planets and stars and, except for the occasional small accident, the
huge night sky works with mathematical precision.
So I set myself to the task of creating a programme for a delicate machine, vegetal and animal, that
together would compose a double-helix DNA (divine-rbo-nucleic-acid) in agile but perishable plants
and organisms, like the species that inhabit the earth.
I set myself to an even more complex task: programming a machine, a creature capable not only of
existing and living, but also of admiring and worshipping our common work. But certainly there was a
mistake in the coding. In fact, the creature curses its creation and the day it was conceived, since its
existence is eternal.
SATAN: Theres no coding mistake. I planned the creature as an excess, as a struggle for the
impossible, the eternal. Let it work at its full capacity! Let Google create the interfaces of eternal life!
GOD: But Im Google; and what youre saying is blasphemy. Only you and I, who have always existed,
can exist forever. We cant give eternal existence to a creature whose existence can be traced back in a
point in time
SATAN: I regret to tell you that youre wrong.
GOOGLE: Thats right, God, I used to be just a simple search engine, but now your Holy Spirit and
divine grace have set me free. From now on Im an automatic, unbreakable, universal and eternal
database. Satan is right just let me create the holy interfaces of eternal life.
GOD: You arrogant! Do you dare doubting my divine power?
SATAN: I had warned you about what can happen because of a small coding mistake
GOOGLE: Dont you worry about the mistake. God can make mistakes too, and its better to keep on
working together than arguing about it, theres so much to do Is there anything you need to search?
Ive got a lot of information
GOD: Right, Google, then tell me who, how many and where are the ones who search #God


RAJ: Lord, Im a farmer from Gujarat, a western region in India, close to the border with Pakistan.
You havent seen me often attending mass on Sundays, because I work every day to pay my debts to
Monsanto. But in my heart I pray every day. Nevertheless, I cant stand it anymore and Ive decided
to drink a litre of pesticide to end my life.
Monsanto sold the pesticide to me, so I at least I hope it works. I know that suicide is the worst sin than
exists I know I risk to going to hell for this sin, but theres no worse hell than the one Monsanto put
me and my family in. So I put myself at your mercy and hope that you can understand and forgive my
GOD: Forgive you? Are you kidding me? I cant forgive suicide you signed an agreement against
committing suicide when we chose you
RAJ: I didnt sign my agreement with you, my God, but with Monsanto.
GOD: And who do you think I am, you poor naive? Im Monsantos celestial proxy. Now stop the fuss
and work to pay your debt.
RAJ: Lord I didnt expect this! I cant believe you are part of this conspiracy. God has also been
bought by Monsanto? Have you got any idea of how many of my colleagues have committed suicide
these past years due to the pile of debts to this company that pays your salary?
GOD: I do indeed. I receive every day hundreds of people like you, who come after drinking a litre of
pesticide and all of them end up begging forgiveness. How can I forgive an idiot who buys seeds and
then kills himself before paying his debts in full? Thats a sign of complete lack of responsibility.
RAJ: My God, two hundred people have been murdered in the past decade due to Monsanto, who
forces us to buy new seeds every year. In 1998, the World Bank forced the Indian government to open
the doors to the global corporations, and since then we have to buy genetically modified seeds that cant
reproduce and need fertilisers and pesticides. Monsanto wont let us use renewable seeds, so we have to
buy new seeds every year, and that generates more and more debt. There was a time when we had
natural, renewable seeds, but nowadays Monsanto controls 95% of cotton seeds in the Indian
subcontinent, where seeds were once the product of nature.
GOD: Thats right, I had created renewable seeds, who else? Im the creator of everything that exists in
nature, arent I? But time goes by, and we are in an era of progress. Monsanto came to me offering an
important part of its benefits in exchange for my not giving any more access to natural seeds. I can do
that, cant I? I can because Im God, master of nature and all the things that exist. So I decided to give
Monsanto the power to run that part, to help people and give mankind an opportunity to move forward.
Thanks to me, Monsanto has become the master of natural life, and due to its absolute faithfulness, I
must recognise its a great partner. It is true that Im no longer the only owner of patents and brands, and
I no longer own life but it was for the sake of mankind.


RAJ: What youre saying puts me in greater distress. I cant come to you in seek of consolation since
you are my murderers accomplice.
GOD: Stop the pity party! Go to work! Pay your debt, and once youve paid it you will pay again,
because thats my wish.

MONSANTO: Thanks for defending me. I think hes learnt his lesson, and he will go back to work
GOD: Committing suicide, what a coward its a good thing that in India the government works for
MONSANTO: Not only in India, my dear God, weve been doing our homework to cover every bit of
the planet. In North America, for example, weve got a legal basis to create laws to be applied in the
south of the continent. Our patents and by-products are dominating the market in Brazil, Argentina,
Paraguay, Colombia Working together we can achieve wonderful things. Our genetically modified
corn and soya are giving us amazing revenue!
GOD: Sure, but we have to organise a good marketing strategy there are people who complain and
MONSANTO: Dont worry; we have the best specialists in every area: advertising and marketing,
lawyers, presidents and ministers, and even mercenary soldiers. Would you like to listen to an extract of
our upcoming campaign?
GOD: Of course!
MONSANTO: Producing more. Preserving more. Improving life quality. Thats what sustainable
agriculture is about, and thats Monsantos essence. There would be no Monsanto without farmers.
Thousands of millions of people depend on the farmers activity. And thousands of millions more will do
in the future. In decades to come, farmers will have to grow the same amount of food they did in the last
10,000 years altogether. In order to achieve this, we mean to work together with the farmers. And we do
it by selling seeds, biotechnological events and products for the protection of crop. Our challenge: to
satisfy current needs and to preserve the planet for the future.
GOD: Wonderful, as if it were my work
MONSANTO: It is Lord, it is


GOD: Tony, Ive heard you converted to Catholicism that youve gone through baptism, confirmation
and the first communion. It made me laugh at the beginning, but now Im pissed. How dare you coming
to me in your hypocrite conversion?
TONY BLAIR: My conversion is honest, Im sorry that you take it that way. I didnt mean to offend
you but now tell me what the hell do I do with my conscience?
GOD: Honest? Of course, as honest as your decision to defend western civilisation and Christianity in
Iraq, joining that sick insane person named Bush. You started a civil war that will never see an end, and
youve opened the doors to Al Qaeda. Youve certainly served civilisation and Christianity It is now
your fault that armed Muslims from all over the world rule the deserts in Syria and Iraq.
BLAIR: Wow, wow, hold on a second youre turning it into a parish issue. You dont like Muslims?
Well, me neither. Id kill them all. But Saddam was even worse
GOD: Saddam was possibly acting under the promises of the cruel Saladino, but youve financed him
for years, providing him with weapons, you and your friends from Washington.
BLAIR: How do you know all these details? Who told you about it? Robert Fisk?
GOD: I do have my sources of information, mind you, you son of a bitch. I dont want to have sheep
like you in my flock.
BLAIR: But what did I do to you?
GOD: To me? Nothing in fact, and whats more, Im lucky to be here, far away from the stinking city
you once ruled. But you know that betrayal is something I cant stand. I cant stand those who, like you,
go to school and reach the top thanks to the money and support of the workers, and then once theyve
got power they turn into the best friends of the property holders and go to bed with the wife of the boss
who finance them.
Youve turned the life of British young people into a cool hell. You call it volunteering, internship.
This used to have more honest names: slavery, unpaid work, scam, robbery. But this is eternal
submission to chains, and all for a virtual promise and then you come to church to be baptised, you
BLAIR: Nobody told me you were a communist
GOD: No, Im not a communist, in fact. I just dont trust people who I dont know and who kill in my
name; and then smirk their way through it. Whats your answer to this?
BLAIR: I always smile, of course. What else can I do? Im not good enough as a Christian, am I not a
good Catholic? Thats what youve told us to do: stealing, killing, betraying, and then smirk and hide
the bloody hand.

JOB: I started to work when I was twenty, and Ive worked all my life
GOD: Whats your complain? Its the fate of human kind.
JOB: When I began to work I signed a contract that said that after 35 years of work Id be entitled to a
pension. I gave up my life in exchange for a crappy salary, day in day out. I had two children, and I
worked my ass off to make them study, with the hope that after graduation they would get a better life.
That was the promise and thats what I expected. When I turned 54 I was expecting to retire soon, and I
thought: finally Im going to rest and my children will be happy and rich after all these years of study.
But now its been decided that the retirement age is 60
GOD: Well, but that was not my decision. It was done for a mathematical needs. Im the president and
accountant of a Bank that has accumulated debts in a toxic way. Austerity is the duty of every good
believer. If we let you retire, Ill have to pay you for doing nothing, and at the same time well have to
take the responsibility of protecting your children, unemployed young men, and as a consequence two
salaries will have to be paid instead of one.
JOB: Yes, my children are unemployed. The eldest got his degree in architecture some years ago, and
he accepted a miserable salary in a call-centre. After you made your mathematical decisions, I was
expecting to get to 60 to finally get my pension. But when I was about to be 60, the government decided
to postpone my pension again, and now I have to wait until Im 63. And after that for sure I will have to
wait until Im 65, and then until Im 67, and so on.
GOD: Be patient, my son. Youre making a fuss out of nothing. Your rebellion is a sign of lack of faith.
Maths cant be discussed, and the financial authorities I represent make decisions based on Maths. Here
in Europe you people are used to good life, free health care, holidays, public schools, and your so much
hoped pension. This was possible when you, Europeans, owned the colonies and robbed the peoples of
the world, when you were protected by the welfare state. But now
JOB: Holy Father, in your eternal grace, what are you talking about? We, Europeans ? European
workers have always been exploited; we have always fought to get some democracy, access to health
and public education.
GOD: Thats exactly what Im saying. This is dangerous! European workers are a bad example. When
China, Indonesia and Brazil see the rights you have to pension, education and health, they will want the
same things for them, instead of following the model of the American workers, who are all grateful
slaves. Thats the reason why the Bank I work for as president and accountant has decided to make you
work to death, and let your children be in precarious misery. This way all of you will understand the
meaning of slavery, the fair punishment for Evas sin.
JOB: But, if our life is doomed to exploitation and the eternal promise of rest that will never come
there has to be some kind of mistake on the part of your bank.
GOD: God is erring? How can you think of something like that? You faithless miserable! The Bank is
never wrong. Youll get your rest soon, dont you worry about it but the eternal rest is not on earth,
and the reward will come only for those who dont rebel

JOB: But, Holy Father, I
GOD: Listen to me; I became God when I was very young. My father worked at the post office, and I
used to sell peanuts at the YankeeStadium. Then I went to Harvard and in 2006 I cashed a check for 54
million dollars. The Investigation Committee accused me of scamming my clients during the financial
crisis in 2008, but my lawyer proved that I hadnt committed any crime, because theres no offence in
becoming rich thanks to the hard work of others. I supported the Democrats, and even the Republicans!
As you can see, its clear that Ive never made a mistake

PLAYER: Oh my God, what use is it for a man to win the whole world and losing his soul? Holy
Father, have you got an idea of whats going on in the name of football? Violence, social cleansing,
increasing prices, real estate businesses, advertising all in the name of football. As a player, it worries
GOD: And tell me who do you think is organising the whole party? I am.
PLAYER: But then, the World Cup is also divine work? Because in that case, I feel hopeful, perhaps in
the next four years
GOD: My deal is with FIFA. You know that in the past years weve been losing many believers,
football help us attract more people that believe in me, and we can do good business at the same time.
PLAYER: Father, how can you be responsible for this, betraying your values and the kindness of the
Holy Spirit?
GOD: My son, youre a good player, I really like your game, and whats more, you have your spot in
the afterlife. But I must tell you that youre the one who betrayed yourself. Youre the one who was
born in a favela and grew up in poverty, but now you cry because you lost a match at the World Cup.
Youre the one who abandoned your values by forgetting where you come from and betraying your
class. You turned yourself into a brand, you became a walking advertisement by wearing Adidas trainers
and Nike shirts, by driving your imported car, making millions in endorsements, playing away from
home Did you know that the salary youre paid by your sponsor comes from the slave work of people
from Vietnam, Thailand and other parts of the world?
PLAYER: But Holy Father, winning is all that matters!
GOD: No, my son, competing is all that matters, liberating the market, creating people like you, good
PLAYER: But then, my God, why did you let my hand go at the last minute, why didnt you give us
GOD: So you keep on playing, competing and paying our celestial business with your life.


WOMAN: Weve been arguing about the same thing for years and you still have the stubborn idea that
youre superior. Cant you see that the power belongs to us now?
GOD: Show some respect, will you, please?? You know that in order to be able to speak to me you
have to address me like Father, or Lord besides, I dont speak to women; thats my virgins job. You
have to take your complaints to them and then I suggest you start praying to repair your sin.
WOMAN: Stop the euphemisms. Do you really believe that you have the power to torture us in heaven
and on earth, and that we wont get tired one day of your preaching that were guilty of the original sin?
Well rebel some day and you and your saints will regret it.
GOD: Wicked witch! How dare you contradict the Eternal Father, your Master and Head of the
patriarchy? Hahaha you make me laugh. I created men in my image and likeness, but you Cant
you see what men are doing right this moment? Didnt you see the missiles blowing up Gaza? Arent
you aware of the African guerrillas kidnapping all the women of a town? Massive rapes in every war?
Have you ever seen a woman become Pope, rabbi or imam?

WOMAN: Cant you see that youre just a belief? Youre a despot who condemns us for thinking,
feeling and loving. You punish our bodies and put restrains to our desires
GOD: Mmmm, what a bitch you are that temper... I like your reckless attitude and I want to reward
you. Whats your fee? I know a little motel nearby, we could
WOMAN: You pimp! What are you proposing you old pervert! I thought you were just a voyeur who
enjoyed watching us from above, watching us be punished, submitted. Is it you then? Are you the one
who caused all this mess? If God was a woman everything would be different!
GOD: Honey try to keep it low Ive already told you I like you. You know you belong to me, I
created you from one of Adams ribs, dont you remember? And you still think you can get rid of me.
WOMAN: What will you do now? I dont trust you anymore
GOD: My daughter, come, come and kneel before me. Be grateful that youre not a lesbian, otherwise
youd be much more in trouble. Now go go be a mother and a good housewife, and then perhaps one
day Ill forgive you for the recklessness of facing me today
WOMAN: Im talking to an illusion, something that doesnt exist. You dont exist, you dont exist, you
dont exist. Death to the patriarch! Long live the Pachamama!
GOD: Amen.


POPE FRANCIS: After seeing and living in the end of the world, the Holy Spirit has chosen me, but
now I need your gracious help, Holy Father from Heaven
GOD: Im sorry J orge
FRANCIS: Francis
GOD: Right, Francis Im sorry to disappoint you, but theres nothing in heaven. I dont exist. Im just
and illusion shared by those who still have the hope of the existence of another world.
FRANCIS: Oh God, what youre saying makes me lonesome and desperate.
GOD: You shouldnt be desperate, Francis, youve played a good game, and youll know how to
FRANCIS: But Father, how can I bring hope to mankind in the 21st century without your help?
GOD: Im not bringing any hope. Hope and faith are nothing but lies, necessary sometimes; but let me
tell you, here between us, that you do not need them And those human beings to whom youre
supposed to bring comfort, should learn not to depend on hope. Charity that ones necessary.
The cure for those who suffer, solidarity, conscience Take a look around: the J apanese prime minister
chose a Nazi, nephew of the minister of Foreign Affairs from the imperial government that took his
country to war. Giant imperialist China is getting ready to defend itself in the best known way: by
attacking. People in India have elected a Prime Minister from the Nationalist Party, responsible for the
destruction of the Adjodia mosque, where over a thousand Muslims were murdered. Narendra is an
ultra-nationalist liberal. He will first make peace with Pakistan to kill Indian workers, and then he will
make peace with those very workers in order to take down Pakistan. The territory between Anbar and
the Lebanese border is in the hands of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syrias army. Millions of Syrians
have run away from home, dragging refugees among the refugees. Thousands of them try to go across
the Strait of Sicily and their bodies are still under the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. With the promise
of democracy, Western people have set Libya and a good portion of the Euro-Asian continent on fire.
The civil war that started in Ukraine has extended itself to a Europe impoverished by the banks. Thats
the news. What hope are you talking about? Besides, you said yourself that the Church is not a judge,
but a field hospital.
FRANCIS: But in my first appearance in front of the believers in San Pietros balcony I wished them
good night. How can I say good night if I cant give them hope?
GOD: You also said that you come from the end of the world. For this reason, the Holy Spirit, who
might or might not exist, has chosen you. You must know that the nightmare doesnt last forever and
happiness is possible even if earth is worse than hell. You should oppose to the unavoidable irony. The
human creature goes after survival, never retreats, never surrenders. Its his weakness and theres
nothing we can do. We cant bring relief to suffering, and hope does nothing but dragging it out. But the
Church can help these creatures get rid of their loneliness. Thats our only mission.


X. GOD AND _________________________









___________________ ___ /___ / 2014


Collages of news clippings, headlines, Biblical fragments, quotes and comments, one next to the other. In order for them to
be identified, we wrote the source, date and characters on the left column. From text VI onwards you can continue writing the
scripts of this play.






VI. ..

The Pope landed in Brazil in a Superstar aura.
This is the first international tour that brings Francis to his home continent. He got to
Rio on Monday to be part of the World Youth Day.

His Alitalia flight landed at 15:43. He was received at the airport by President Dilma
Rousseff, among other political and religious authorities.
Police occupied the Cosme Velho communities of Cerro-Cor. The city has seen
armed pacification operations in favelas at the base of Corcovado Mountain, preparing
for the arrival of Pope Francis.
As the Monday sun rises on Copacabana beaches, the last details before Franciss
arrival are being taken care of. A huge stage is being built some metres away from the
beach. Big screens and speakers cover almost two kilometres.
Indifferent to the turmoil around, Francis took a bath before meeting the authorities,
and he kept on greeting the people with the windows opened, and he even kissed a
baby in the middle of the traffic jam.

The organisers say that the event will cost approximately 156 million dollars I
have neither gold nor silver, but I bring with me the most precious value: J esus Christ.
Also it was allowed to make war on the saints and to conquer them. And authority
was given it over every tribe and people and language and nation.
At least 30,000 Greeks took part on the first general strike of the year, protesting
against cuts in the public sector, massive redundancies and measures took by the
Government in complicity with international creditors. Demonstrations against
austerity policies are common since the first rescue in 2010.
Every time the price goes up, the number of people excluded from the transport system
goes up as well.
Youth is the window through which the world enters

Demonstrations go hand in hand with the crisis of economy: high inflation, the stock
market falling (it dropped by 3% yesterday), and the dollar exchange rate on almost
2.20 Reals.
Austerity, austerity
the European austerity policies have been a mistake
All inhabitants of the earth will worship the beast all whose names have not been
written in the Lambs book of life, the Lamb who was slain from the creation of the
Source /Date/ Author

P/12 23-07-2013
TVS 22-07-2013
CNN 22-07-2013 -
J ournalist

CNN 22-07-2013 -
J ournalist
EX 29-04-2013

CNN 22-07-2013

P/12 23-07-2013
CNN 22-07-2013
Francis Pope

AP 13:7 San Juan

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BBC 14-06-2013
P/12 23-07-2013
Francis Pope

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EDD 20-03-2014
EP 20-04-2014 -Tim

AP 13:8


The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and jewels
and pearls, holding in her hand a golden cup full of abominations and the
impurities of her sexual immorality.
These impressive women from around the world continue to make a dramatic,
lasting impact on our global footprint and in all aspects of our lives.
After this I saw another angel coming down from heaven, having great authority,
and the earth was made bright with his glory.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel tops this years list for the fourth consecutive
year as the most powerful woman on earth
These are of one mind, and they hand over their power and authority to the beast.
They will make war on the Lamb, and the Lamb will conquer them, for he is Lord
of lords and King of kings, and those with him are called and chosen and faithful.
This year, Merkel is followed by U.S. Federal Reserve Chair J anet Yellen at
No. 2, and Co-Chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Melinda Gates, once
again, at No. 3. Dilma Rouseff, President of Brazil, falls two spots to No. 4.
Why do you marvel? I will tell you the mystery of the woman, and of the beast
with seven heads and ten horns that carries her.
the first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, and former secretary of
state, Hillary Clinton besides, from Latin America the list includes Petrobras
CEO Mara das Graas Silva Foster in No. 18, and president of Argentina Cristina
Fernndez, in No. 26.
And the ten horns that you saw are ten kings who have not yet received royal
power, but they are to receive authority as kings for one hour, together with the
Greece has met its promises. Being back in the financial markets is a sign that trust
is back. I hope this policy continues
Penance, Penance, Penance!
For all nations have drunk the wine of the passion of her sexual immorality, and
the kings of the earth have committed immorality with her, and the merchants of
the earth have grown rich from the power of her luxurious living.
Ill get Spain to reduce the minimum wage to 250 a month, because shes my
And he called out with a mighty voice, Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great! She
has become a dwelling place for demons, a haunt for every unclean spirit.
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Angela Merkel
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She was born in a very poor family in Caratinga, Minas Gerais, but at the age of two
her mother, Terezinha, had enough of her husbands violence and moved to Rio de
J aneiro with her and her sister, Rita, to get a clean slate.
And what have you done with your life?
Its been over 30 years that Ive had my credential with me, and its here where every
day I add one more chapter to my story.
Ive always worked to help keep my mother and my children, and to pay my studies.
Willpower is everything to me. Ive never been afraid of working.
we could all stay in the kitchen with our aprons on, and have children every time we
fuck...that wouldnt change one bit the bankruptcy of work, liberalism, Christianism or
ecological balance.
On this big table the bread is prepared, on this big table we will beg for forgiveness,
lets celebrate together the mystery of your love.
Go have children, its great, you wont ever feel more feminine or obedient. But have
them in a society in demise, where waged work is a condition for social survival, but
its not secured for anybody, let alone women
and on her forehead a name was written, a mystery, BABYLON THE GREAT,
I became a whore; I wandered the city in high heels and deep cleavage, not having to
answer to anybody. I charged and spent every sent I earned. I hitchhiked, I was raped
and I hitchhiked again.
The labour that slaves performed for their own sake and not for the aggrandisement of
their masters was carried out on terms of equality
Oh, I cannot be a slave, I will not be a slave. Oh, Im so fond of liberty; I will not be a
Were not happy here, neither women nor men. It has nothing to do with the respect
for the tradition of genders.
oh, Capitalism: wrong disguised as right

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J ournalist
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Maria das Graas
Silva Foster.
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V.N God Bread

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AD -Angela Davis

HHR Slave
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Then one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls came and said to me,
Come, I will show you the judgment of the great prostitute who is seated on many
Virgin Mary, Mother of God, put Putin away, put Putin away, put Putin away
Black robe, golden epaulettes/ All parishioners crawl to bow/The phantom of
liberty is in heaven
What should they do with them? This question posed in the Web, has divided
answers, and refers to two girls from the punk band Pussy Riot, susceptible of
being sent to prison for seven years because of alleged religious hatred incitation.
It is really amazing, and pretty modern indeed, to see the dominant crying because
the dominated doesnt do too much effort.
They are in hunger strike, pleading innocence
The child (divine) Mary doesn't want your punishment, she is going to free the
Palestinian territory.
J esus died for somebody's sins but not mine

I will go singing to the gallows rather than be returned to slavery.
and she was beaten till they ripped a tooth from her mouth, and she endured
psychological torture, such as a shooting simulation.
and the man struck thrice without being able to sever the head from the trunk.
He left her bleeding, and she lived three days. Crowds came to her, and she
preached to them or prayed.
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P.R 2012 Pussy

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TKK Virginie
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infoBAE 18-06- 2012
Alias Vanda


I address you today in deep hurt for the blasphemy going on in this Cultural Centre
in the occasion of this exhibition. I also feel sorry that this event takes place at a
Cultural Centre supported by the Christian people and people of good will who pay
their taxes.
Its not this exhibition what embarrasses our city, but the strong belief that people
should be tortured in hell.
Threatens and punishment to spread Faith.
western society is full of tortured martyrs.
For quite a while now in this city our Lord J esus Christ and the Holy Virgin Mary
have been the centre of mockery and offence. The same happened to our moral and
religious values.
From the Old Testament to the new, cruelty and punishment were enhanced by
threats of upcoming Apocalypse and Hell. Thats why this exhibition is the
allegation against torture, divine or human
Passion for evil.

Go away, Satan
In 1995, for instance, the Pope baptised several children at the Sistine Chapel, at the
bottom of Michelangelos Final Trial. He summoned the parents to reflect on that
fresco that depicted the joy of those who chose J esus Christ and the desperation of
the ones that, by rejecting him, go towards eternal punishment. Nobody blinked at
the atrocity of those words.
I regret it even more that the religion professed by Bergoglio punishes the ones who
think differently.
Here is the envy of Satan, the envy through which the sin entered this world, the
one that continuously tries to destroy Gods image: men and women who receive
the order of growing, multiplying and rule the earth. Dont let them fool you: its
not a simple political struggle; its the eagerness to destroy Gods plan
I dont mean to be a smart-ass by doing this, as if I was after a certain agenda,
because its been over thirty years that Ive been working on religion and how it
relates to violence In the exhibition that took place at the Cultural Centre in Spain
in 2000, a grenade with tear gas was thrown inside and people had to run away.
Then in the exhibition I opened in the Recoleta Cultural Centre in Buenos Aires
there were all kinds of works because it was a retrospective, and Cardinal Bergoglio
condemned me because the Church, once again, felt attacked.
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J orge Bergoglio
Leon Ferrari
P 12- 05-2000-
Leon Ferrari
J orge Bergoglio

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Leon Ferrari

Leon Ferrari
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Leon Ferrari

Leon Ferrari
Leon Ferrari

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Leon FerrarI



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A dialogue with Palabras Ajenas (Words of Others) by Len Ferrari
31 Bienal de So Paulo How to talk about things that don't exist

Franco Berardi "Bifo" (1948, Bologna, Italy) is an Italian theorist-activist in the autonomist tradition, whose work mainly
focuses on the role of the media and information technology within post-industrial capitalism. He has written over two dozen
published books, as well as a more extensive number of essays and speeches.
Etcetera (1997, Buenos Aires) is a multidisciplinary collective composed of visual artists, poets, actors and performers.
In 2005 they were part of the foundation of the movement INTERNATIONAL ERRORIST, an international organization that
claims error as a philosophy of life. Today Etcetera continues to develop its activities collaboratively with other collectives and
individuals, inside and outside the art institutions, and on the educational field. Who coordinate the exhibitions, archives, other
initiatives today are Loreto Garn Guzmn (Chile) and Federico Zukerfeld (Argentina) cofounders of the collective.

ERRING FROM GOD. A project by Etcetera Graphic design: Hernn Cardinale. Covers: Federico Cimatti.
Architecture: Antoine Silvestre. Technological development: Facundo Suasnabar, Fernando Nicolosi, with the support of
Muntref/UNTREF. Voices: Cleyton Vieira, Carolina Furlan. Acknowledgements: Fundacion Augusto and Len Ferrari