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Rolling Channels
Equipment Number(s)
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Proceure Purpose:
The purpose o! this proceure is to instruct emplo"ees on the sa!e metho o! rolling
The channels are !e through a rolling machine to !orm it into an arc# The channel is
!e through the machine until a hoo% can be attache to the secon slotte hole#
The hoo% is use to support the channel as it is continuall" !e through the machine#
As the channel is e&iting the machine a secon person 'ill hol the channel to
prevent it !rom rolling over# The channel is then lo'ere using the hoist 'hile the
secon person prevents it !rom rolling over#
Responsible (niviuals:
SAFETY CONSIDERATIONS (Equipment, Knowledge Required)
1) Personal Protective Equipment that must worn :
Safety Glasses
Hard hat
Safety shoes
2) No loose clothin
!) "ust have trainin on how to operate the section roller#
Initi#l Rolling
1) $wo people are required at all times to roll channels#
2) $he anle is loaded manually onto the roller ta%le that feeds the section roller#
!) $he channel is moved forward into the section roller until it ma&es contact with the rollers
') $he section roller is then turned on# $he channel will then %e drawn into the machine#
() )s the channel is e*itin the machine a hoo& that is attached to a hoist is placed into the
second hole of the channel# Never insert your finers into the hole of the channel+ if the
hoo& slips a serious hand in,ury may result# -ne person will control the hoist and the other
person will rasp the channel as it e*ists the machine to prevent it from rollin over#
.) /hen the channel has e*ited the machine the hoist is used to the lower the channel to the
roller ta%le# -ne person must always %e holdin the channel until it is restin fully on the
roller ta%le so that no weiht is %ein supported %y the hoist#
0) $he channel will then %e rolled onto its side %y two people and moved into position for
Corre$ting R#diu%
1f the radius is incorrect+ the arc must %e corrected#
Dou&le !ull
1) $wo people are required at all times to rewor& the channel#
2) Each person will rasp the channel at one end# -ne person will coordinate the effort %y
ivin a count e one+ two+ pull# -n the pull sinal each person will pull on the channel#
Several pulls may %e necessary to correct the pro%lem#
Single !ull
1) $wo people are required at all times to rewor& the channel#
2) Each person will rasp one end of the channel# $hey will then position one end under the
anle welded on the column#

!) /ith the channel securely placed under the anle one person will pull on the opposite end
of the channel to correct the arc#
1) $wo people are required at all times to re2roll the channel#
2) $he hoo& must %e attached to the second hole in from the end farthest away from the
machine to raise the channel while the other person directs the lower end into the section
!) -nce the channel has %een positioned into the machine it can then %e turned on in the
reverse direction#

') $he channel is fed throuh the section roller until a%out 134 is remainin#
() )t this point the channel must %e fed throuh %y %umpin the machine until the end of
the channel is reached# $he section roller does not have a %ra&e and will coast when the
machine is shut off#
.) $he channel must not %e allowed to completely roll throuh the machine+ as there is no
support and it will tip over#