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RBIs open market operation transactions are carried out with a view to regulate
(A) Liquidity in the economy
(B) rices o! essential commodities
(") In!lation
(#) Borrowing power o! the $anks
(%) All the a$ove
2. &hen more than one $anks are allowing credit !acilities to one party in coordination
with each other under a !ormal arrangement' the arrangement is generally known as
(A) articipation
(B) "onsortium
(") (yndication
(#) )ultiple $anking
(%) *one o! these
3. +pen market operations' one o! the measures taken $y RBI in order to control credit
e,pansion in the economy means
(A) (ale or purchase o! -ovt. securities
(B) Issuance o! di!!erent types o! $onds
(") Auction o! gold
(#) /o make availa$le direct !inance to $orrowers
(%) *one o! these
4. /he $ank rate means
(A) Rate o! interest charged $y commercial $anks !rom $orrowers
(B) Rate o! interest at which commercial $anks discounted $ills o! their $orrowers
(") Rate o! interest allowed $y commercial $anks on their deposits
(#) Rate at which RBI purchases or rediscounts $ills o! e,change o! commercial $anks
(%) *one o! these
5. &hat is an Indian #epository Receipt 0
(A) A deposit account with a u$lic (ector Bank
(B) A depository account with any o! #epositories in India
(") An instrument in the !orm o! depository receipt created $y an Indian depository
against underlying equity shares o! the issuing company
(#) An instrument in the !orm o! deposit receipt issued $y Indian depositories
(%) *one o! these
6. An instrument that derives its value !rom a speci!ied underlying (currency' gold'
stocks etc.) is known as
(A) #erivative
(B) (ecuritisation Receipts
(") 1edge 2und
(#) 2actoring
(%) 3enture "apital 2unding
7. 2iscal de!icit is
(A) total income less -ovt. $orrowing
(B) total payments less total receipts
(") total payments less capital receipts
(#) total e,penditure less total receipts e,cluding $orrowing
(%) *one o! these
8. In the "apital )arket' the term ar$itrage is used with re!erence to
(A) purchase o! securities to cover the sale
(B) sale o! securities to reduce the loss on purchase
(") simultaneous purchase and sale o! securities to make pro!its !rom price
(#) variation in di!!erent markets
(%) Any o! the a$ove
9. Reverse repo means
(A) In4ecting liquidity $y the "entral Bank o! a country through purchase o! -ovt.
(B) A$sorption o! liquidity !rom the market $y sale o! -ovt. securities
(") Balancing liquidity with a view to enhancing economic growth rate
(#) Improving the position o! availa$ility o! the securities in the market
(%) Any o! the a$ove
10. /he stance o! RBI monetary policy is
(A) in!lation control with adequate liquidity !or growth
(B) improving credit quality o! the Banks
(") strengthening credit delivery mechanism
(#) supporting investment demand in the economy
(%) Any o! the a$ove
11. "urrency (wap is an instrument to manage
(A) "urrency risk
(B) interest rate risk
(") currency and interest rate risk
(#) cash !lows in di!!erent currencies
(%) All o! the a$ove
12. 5(u$6prime re!ers to
(A) lending done $y $anks at rates $elow LR
(B) !unds raised $y the $anks at su$6Li$or rates
(") -roup o! $anks which are not rated as prime $anks as per Bankers Almanac
(#) lending done $y !inancing institutions including $anks to customers not meeting
with normally required credit appraisal standards
(%) All o! the a$ove
13. %uro Bond is an instrument
(A) issued in the %uropean market
(B) issued in %uro "urrency
(") issued in a country other than the country o! the currency o! the Bond
(#) All o! the a$ove
(%) *one o! these
14. )oney Laundering normally involves
(A) placement o! !unds
(B) layering o! !unds
(") integration o! !unds
(#) All o! (A)' (B) and (")
(%) *one o! (A)' (B) and (")
15. /he I)2 and the &orld Bank were conceived as institutions to
(A) strengthen international economic co6operation and to help create a more sta$le and
prosperous glo$al economy
(B) I)2 promotes international monetary cooperation
(") /he &orld Bank promotes long term economic development and poverty reduction
(#) All o! (A)' (B) and (")
(%) *one o! (A)' (B) and (")
16. "apital )arket Regulator is
(B) IR#A
(") *(%
(#) B(%
(%) (%BI
17. In the term BRI"' R stands !or
(A) Romania
(B) Ra4ithan
(") Russia
(#) Regulation
(%) *one o! these
18. 2#I re!ers to
(A) 2i,ed #eposit Interest
(B) 2i,ed #eposit Investment
(") 2oreign #irect Investment
(#) 2uture #erivative Investment
(%) *one o! these
19. &hat is "all )oney 0
(A) )oney $orrowed or lent !or a day or over night
(B) )oney $orrowed !or more than one day $ut upto 7 days
(") )oney $orrowed !or more than one day $ut upto 8 days
(#) )oney $orrowed !or more than one day $ut upto 9: days
(%) *one o! these
20. &hich is the !irst Indian company to $e listed in *A(#A; 0
(A) Reliance
(B) /"(
(") 1"L
(#) In!osys
(%) *one o! these
21. &hich o! the !ollowing is the Regulator o! the credit rating agencies in India 0
(B) (BI
(") (I#BI
(#) (%BI
(%) *one o! these
22. &ho is Brand %ndorsing ersonality o! Bank o! Baroda 0
(A) <uhi "hawla
(B) =iran Bedi
(") Amita$h Bachchan
(#) =apil #ev
(%) *one o! these
23. /he $randing line o! Bank o! Baroda is
(A) International Bank o! India
(B) Indias International Bank
(") Indias )ultinational Bank
(#) &orlds local Bank
(%) *one o! these
24. /he logo o! Bank o! Baroda is known as
(A) (un o! Bank o! Baroda
(B) Baroda (un
(") Bank o! Barodas Rays
(#) (unlight o! Bank o! Baroda
(%) *one o! these
25. &hich o! the !ollowing statements(s) is>are /rue a$out the e,ports o! "hina which is
a close competitor o! India 0
(i) "hinas economic success is $asically on the !act that it e,ports cheaper goods to rich
nations like the ?(A' etc.
(ii) In the year @AA8 "hinas e,ports $ecame almost :AB o! its -#.
(iii) &hen compared to India "hinas share in the &orld %,ports is more than 7AB
whereas Indias share is mere CB o! the glo$al e,ports.
(A) +nly (i)
(B) +nly (ii)
(") Both (i) and (ii)
(#) All (i)' (ii) and (iii)
(%) *one o! these
26. +ne o! the ma4or challenges $anking industry is !acing these days is money
laundering. &hich o! the !ollowing acts>norms are launched $y the $anks to prevent
money laundering in general 0
(A) =now Dour "ustomer *orms
(B) Banking Regulation Act
(") *egotia$le Instrument Act
(#) *arcotics and sychotropic (u$stance Act
(%) *one o! these
27. Lot o! Banks in India these days are o!!ering )6Banking 2acility to their customers.
&hat is the !ull !orm o! 5) in 5)6Banking 0
(A) )oney
(B) )arginal
(") )essage
(#) )utual 2und
(%) )o$ile hone
28. &hich o! the !ollowing is>are true a$out the 5(u$6rime "risis 0 (/he term was very
much in news recently.)
(i) It is a mortgage crisis re!erring to credit de!ault $y the $orrowers.
(ii) (u$6rime $orrowers were those $orrowers who were rated low and were high risk
(iii) /his crisis originated $ecause o! negligence in credit rating o! the $orrowers.
(A) +nly (i)
(B) +nly (ii)
(") +nly (iii)
(#) All (i)' (ii) and (iii)
(%) *one o! these
29. &hich o! the !ollowing is not the part o! the structure o! the 2inancial (ystem in
India 0
(A) Industrial 2inance
(B) Agricultural 2inance
(") -overnment 2inance
(#) #evelopment 2inance
(%) ersonal 2inance
30. &hich o! the !ollowing is not the part o! the scheduled $anking structure in India 0
(A) )oney Lenders
(B) u$lic (ector Banks
(") rivate (ector Banks
(#) Regional Rural Banks
(%) (tate "o6operative Banks
31. As we all know -ovt. o! India collects ta, revenue on various activities in the
country. &hich o! the !ollowing is a part o! the ta, revenue o! the -ovt. 0
(i) /a, on Income
(ii) /a, on %,penditure
(iii) /a, on roperty or "apital Asset
(iv) /a, on -oods and (ervices
(A) Both (i) and (iii) only
(B) Both (ii) and (iv) only
(") All (i)' (ii)' (iii) and (iv)
(#) +nly (ii)' (iii) and (iv)
(%) *one o! these
32. &e very !requently read a$out (pecial %conomic Eones ((%Es) in newspapers.
/hese (%Es were esta$lished with which o! the !ollowing o$4ectives 0
(i) /o attract !oreign investment directly.
(ii) /o protect domestic market !rom direct competition !rom multinationals.
(iii) /o provide more capital to agricultural and allied activities.
(A) +nly (i)
(B) +nly (ii)
(") +nly (iii)
(#) All (i)' (ii) and (iii)
(%) *one o! these
33. &hich o! the !ollowing groups o! countries has almost FAB share in glo$al emission
o! car$on every year 0
(A) ?(' "hina' India' (outh A!rica
(B) India' "hina' Russia' Britain
(") (outh A!rica' *epal' )yanmar
(#) ?(' Russia' "hina G India
(%) *one o! these
34. &hich o! the !ollowing correctly descri$es the concept o! 5*uclear Bank !loated $y
International Atomic %nergy Agency 0
(i) It is a nuclear !uel $ank to $e shared $y all the nations 4ointly.
(ii) It is a !acility to help nations in enrichment o! uranium.
(iii) It is an agency which will keep a close vigil on the nuclear programme o! all the
(A) +nly (i)
(B) +nly (ii)
(") Both (i) and (iii) only
(#) +nly (iii)
(%) Both (i) and (ii) only
35. )any times we read a$out 2uture /rading in newspapers. &hat is 52uture /rading 0
(i) It is nothing $ut a trade $etween any two stock e,changes wherein it is decided to
purchase the stocks o! each other on a !i,ed price throughout the year.
(ii) It is an agreement $etween two parties to $uy or sell an underlying asset in the
at a predetermined price.
(iii) It is an agreement $etween stock e,changes that they will not trade the stocks o!
other under any circumstances in !uture or !or a given period o! time.
(A) +nly (i)
(B) +nly (ii)
(") +nly (iii)
(#) All (i)' (ii) and (iii)
(%) *one o! these
36. In!lation in India is measured on which o! the !ollowing inde,es>indicators 0
(A) "ost o! Living Inde, ("+LI)
(B) "onsumer rice Inde, ("I)
(") -ross #omestic roduct
(#) &holesale rice Inde, (&I)
(%) *one o! these
37. As per the reports pu$lished in the newspapers a section o! society staged a
demonstration at the venue o! the -6H (ummit recently. &hat was>were the issues
towards which these demonstrators were trying to draw the attention o! -6H leaders 0
(i) 2ood shortage which has taken FA million people in its grip.
(ii) In!lation which has gone up su$stantially across the -lo$e.
(iii) ?(As consistent presence in Iraq.
(A) +nly (i)
(B) +nly (ii)
(") +nly (iii)
(#) Both (i) and (ii) only
(%) *one o! these
38. 1illary "linton !ormally suspended her campaign to ensure election o! who amongst
the !ollowing !or the ne,t resident o! ?(A 0
(A) -eorge Bush
(B) Barack +$ama
(") <ohn )c"ain
(#) Bill "linton
(%) *one o! these
39. 1ugo "haveI whose name was recently in news is the
(A) resident o! "ongo
(B) rime )inister o! ?ganda
(") resident o! 3eneIuela
(#) rime )inister o! BraIil
(%) *one o! these
40. /he -ovt. o! India has raised the amount o! the Loan &aiver to the !armers $y @AB.
*ow the amount is nearly
(A) Rs. CA'AAA crore
(B) Rs. CF'AAA crore
(") Rs. 8@'AAA crore
(#) Rs. 8C'AAA crore
(%) Rs. HA'AAA crore
41. #elimitation "ommission has made a recommendation that ne,t "ensus should $e
anchayat6wise. &hen is the ne,t "ensus due 0
(A) @A9A
(B) @A99
(") @A9@
(#) @A97
(%) @A9F
42. /he &orld 1ealth +rganisation has urged that advertisements o! which o! the
!ollowing should $e $anned to protect youth !rom $ad e!!ects o! the same 0
(A) /o$acco
(B) Alcoholic drinks
(") <unk 2ood
(#) (o!t drinks with chemical preservatives
(%) *one o! these
43. &hich o! the !ollowing countries has allocated a huge amount o! ?( J 9A $illion to
provide relie! to its earthquake victims 0
(A) <apan
(B) (outh =orea
(") "hina
(#) (outh A!rica
(%) *one o! these
44. India and *epal have many agreements on sharing o! the water o! various rivers.
&hich o! the !ollowing rivers is not covered under these agreements 0
(A) =osi
(B) -andak
(") -anga
(#) )ahakali
(%) All these rivers are covered
45. &hich o! the !ollowing names is not closely associated with space programme o!
India or any other country 0
(A) "AR/+(A/
(B) *L( K F
(") R?BI* K H
(#) -(L3
(%) ("+%
46. 3i4ay 1aIare /rophy is associated with the game o!
(A) 1ockey
(B) "ricket
(") Badminton
(#) 2oot$all
(%) -ol!
47. &hich o! the !ollowing was the theme o! the +lympic /orch 0
(A) <ourney o! 1armony
(B) -reen &orld "lean &orld
(") <ourney o! eace
(#) <ourney !or 1unger6!ree &orld
(%) *one o! these
48. &hich o! the !ollowing schemes is not a social development (cheme 0
(A) Indira Awas Do4ana
(B) )id #ay )eal
(") Bharat *irman Do4ana
(#) (arva (hiksha A$hiyan
(%) All are social schemes
49. &hich o! the !ollowing is not a mem$er o! the A(%A* 0
(A) )alaysia
(B) Indonesia
(") 3ietnam
(#) Britain
(%) (ingapore
50. &hich o! the !ollowing Awards are given !or e,cellence in the !ield o! (ports 0
(A) =alinga riIe
(B) (hanti (warup Bhatnagar Award
(") Ar4un Award
(#) ulitIer riIe
(%) *one o! these
Answers L
9. (%) @. (B) 7. (A) :. (#) F. (") C. (") 8. (#) H. (") M. (A) 9A. (%) 99. (#) 9@. (#) 97. (") 9:.
(#) 9F. (#) 9C. (%) 98. (") 9H. (") 9M. (A) @A. (#) @9. (#) @@. (%) @7. (B) @:. (B) @F. (") @C.
(%) @8. (%) @H. (#) @M. (%) 7A. (A) 79. (") 7@. (A) 77. (#) 7:. (B) 7F. (B) 7C. (#) 78. (B)
7H. (B) 7M. (") :A. (A) :9. (B) :@. (A) :7. (") ::. (") :F. (%) :C. (B) :8. (A) :H. (") :M.
(#) FA. ("