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Confessions of a writer

I am a writer!
I have identified myself like that since I was 9,
Since I wrote that stupid poem about spring,
And I loved,
I loved, I fell in love with the feeling of writing.
It just came to me.
And I have decided to be a writer.
A poet I would say in the beginning.
I was writing a lot, like every week, maybe even more.
And the poems were really dumb, because I was concentrating on finding a rhyme.
I guess because in school I had been taught at that time that a poem should have rhyme.
So unconditionally foolish!
Such narrow minded mentality,
We were like rabbits, learning the same,
Learning it the so called right way!
My creativity has been suppressed by the surrounding.
I was the right girl, the smart girl who always followed the rules.
And I thought it was okay,
But I was limited in expressing myself because I was afraid of doing something wrong
And now I realize, thats why I started writing in the first place.
It was a burst of emotions!
It was an escape for my soul!
The avalanche of thought that had been forming inside of me has just escapaded!
It had fallen on the paper,
In millions, billions of blue dots.
It was me, it is me!

And after the idiopatically childish verses,
I got tired.
I decided to try something else
But my prose is different.
Its not as of the other authors,
Its more, how to say it,
It invades your brains,
Because I dont do descriptions,
And even if I do, its not as much.
I talk to you!
Or you talk to me!
Either way, you, the reader likes it I will follow it.
Now I admit
I didnt believe in my being as a writer as much,
Due to the fact that I was still trapped in the world I lived in
Where math, history, biology is more important.
Im not saying it doesnt matter!
But maybe the school grades should not be that much of significance?
I have studied, I still do!
But in another way.
With time I have realized experience is much more than that,
And my future does not depend in any way on grades,
Because thats not what I want!
I am different, I am weird, insane, nave, call me whatever!
Its a compliment to me
All those together had brought me to where I am now!
I made a difference, I still do and I will never stop!
Youll thank me later.

Lately, actually, I went back to poetry,
But a very dissident one from the previous.
Poetry is meaning, its sensing the words- not rhyme!
Rhyme is a law for those who want to follow it,
Its not bad, its just not always working.

Hmmm, I have some green insects walking on my legs,
Ha-ha, theyre funny
How I love the goddamn nature!