This September, Stop Islamification of Europe (SIOE) a racist organization with ties to the fascists came to Harrow to shut down our central mosque. Members of another racist group the English Defence League claimed they were going to attend the racist rally as well. Harrow’s large, proud and permanent Asian and Muslim communities had a different plan for the day- organize a mass militant response to the racists to stop them from marching before they even got started. Asian, Muslim, black and anti-racists white youth took the lead in organizing for the day. Most of the racists who came to Harrow never even left the train station. Others who entered Harrow with the intention of depriving the Muslim community of the right to practice religious freedom were quickly expelled from our community. Anti-racists scored a decisive victory. Now the racists emboldened by their ability to maintain their mobilizations in other cities are planning to return to reverse their defeat. Harrow can be the place where they are given the kind of defeat that demoralizes the racists and leaves the SIOE in disarray. Harrow is famous for being London’s most religiously diverse community. Proudly asserting this tradition now means defending the right of our Muslim neighbors, friends, coworkers and co-students to be able to enjoy religious freedom, the right to worship at the mosques, to shop in our city center, to walk down our streets without fear of harassment, intimidation and violence. We must turn out in force on Sunday 13th December, starting early in the morning and stop the racists from even entering our community. The recent expenses scandal has shown that the politicians tend to be economical with the truth and can go to any lengths to gain their objective. Hate is infectious and divisive and if we go the EDL route it can only end up in breaking the United Kingdom. Our diversity and unity is our strength and a model for the rest of the world. Let no one destroy this unique position. We appeal to all right minded people to come together and give a strong message that we will not allow anyone to disrupt our society.

This is not the time to sit back and watch in silence. It is indeed a duty for every citizen to come out and demonstrate that they will not accept the EDL message of hate and division.
Dr Muhammed Naseem Chairman, Birmingham Central Mosque

The racists are trying to march and rally to shut down mosques in communities all across this nation. We can defeat their plan by mobilizing a mass multi-racial, multi-ethnic civil rights movement to oppose them wherever they go. The mobilization of our community by our mosque leaders in September was decisive to our victory. Harrow provided a model for the nation of how to fight and win. Our Muslim community asserted our equality, dignity and right to be treated with respect when we turned out last September. The march on Sunday gives another chance to do so at a moment when our assertion can most inspire and provide the vital leadership needed to win freedom and respect in Britain. Our permanence in Britain is certain, and a dynamic characteristic. The biggest danger our anti-racist movement faces in building for this mobilization is a call by community and religious leaders to Muslim youth to stay home in order for our communities to look passive and “respectable”. Staying at home will only make our community a constant site for fascists’ activity. Harrow stands for the proposition that we can build a new Britain: diverse, integrated, multiracial, multi-ethnic where everyone can express who they are without fear of harassment and brutality. The only way to maintain and defend our identity is to let the racists and fascists know they are never welcome in our community. The tendency of community and religious leaders to urge our invisibility will be increased because of the Government’s new commitment to send even larger number of British troops to Afghanistan. This war is now and will be increasingly unpopular. The majority of people in Britain of all races oppose the

Movement for Justice by any means necessary: / 07552 093 950 / Facebook: search “Movement for Justice by any means necessary”

increased troop commitment in Afghanistan and Britain’s continued presence in Iraq. It is the duty of the anti-racist movement to make clear that the only way to stop a racist war abroad is to oppose the growth of racism here in Britain. We can unite all of those who want to end the war drive if we are clearly linking the struggle to defeat the SIOE, the EDL and other far right groups to the struggle to end the war. Muslim, Asian and black youth have played a decisive and leading role in opposing the war drive, we must continue to lead on this front to assure both the safety and well-being of our communities and the thousands of young working class troops who will die or be destroyed if the war persists. In the last period, racist thugs have carried out a series of brutal attacks on innocent and vulnerable Asian people in numerous communities. On the 2nd November racist thugs attacked Muslim students with bricks outside the City University prayer room. On the 5th two City of London University students, waiting at a bus stop heading home from school were beaten and stabbed by a gang of thirty racist thugs. A person walking by who tried to get the racists to stop was also beaten and stabbed and sent to the hospital just for trying to restore the peace. We do not want young racists here to feel emboldened to carry out attacks here or anywhere in London. Making clear that racists and fascists are not welcome here is a necessary and important deterrent to preventing the racists from being able to intimidate any member of our community from traveling freely anywhere, any time.

A Wetherspoon pub was used as the meeting place for the EDL in Nottingham on Saturday December 5, 2009. Numerous community members had urged the management to close its doors to the racists and fascists to make it harder for them to gather and march. The pub refused to close. Racists and fascist youth spent hours gathering, cavorting at the Wetherspoon, using it as both a launch site for forays into Nottingham and a safe place to retreat back to. Because the pub was located close to the train station, many Asian and black families felt that they could not move freely in their own city. This disgrace must not be repeated. A Wetherspoon pub in Manchester was used as a gathering site for the EDL earlier this autumn. J D Wetherspoon should withdraw its welcome to the EDL and other racist and fascist organizations. As a national pub chain J D Wetherspoon should act to ensure that none of its premises are being used as the gathering places and surrogate for fascist organizing. All who stand for equality, respect and freedom, and oppose harassment and intimidation of any community should be demanding that the Wetherspoon refuse to play host to the EDL, or place itself in the position of providing a home base for the growth of racism, bigotry or fascism in Britain.

Contact J D Wetherspoon and demand that they end their policy of playing host to and providing a platform for the far right of British racism.
FAO: Customer Services Wetherspoon House Central Park, Reeds Crescent Watford WD24 4QL Phone: 01923 477777 Fax: 01923 2149810 Web:

STAND UP FOR EQUALITY AND JUSTICE. BUILD THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT Every person who wants to defend the right to be free of persecution and fear should be in Harrow on December 13th to make clear that the SIOE and EDL are not welcome in Harrow. In this united and collective way we will provide support and protection for every traveler and visitor to Harrow and to all our communities. The best way for Harrow to prevent the SIOE and the EDL from bringing their racist bigotry and intimidation here is to express opposition NOW. Circulate this information, BOYCOTT Wetherspoon. Make your voice heard in every way you can. We can stop the racists from rallying here and anywhere else by building the civil rights movement.

Be at Harrow Central Mosque / Civic Centre starting 9am Sunday December 13th
Movement for Justice by any means necessary: / 07552 093 950 / Facebook: search “Movement for Justice by any means necessary”

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