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Describe the Greenhouse Effect and how it relates to ozone depletion.

examples to support your argument
Greenhouse effect and ozone depletion are phenomena these almost everyone have
been heard them but have just few people who know exactly what they are. So some people
never know before that they have involving and relate together. These both phenomena are
very important which we should study and shouldnt neglect because they affect to our earth
then affect to our living both past, present and future a lot. Therefore, I learned with them and
will show you these I discuss.
Ozone depletion is a phenomenon that is reduction of ozone in stratosphere. Cause of
this phenomenon is reaction between halogens and ozone gases. Halogen atoms such as
fluorine (F), chlorine (Cl), bromine (Br), iodine (I), and astatine (At), specific halocarbon or CFCs,
these gasses came from human activities and they can destroy the O
molecules of oxygen
species on the ozone layer. Ozone depletion leads to ozone hole phenomenon that is bad sight
for the earth because ozone layer is protect human from UV radiation then they was destroyed.
So, they also are one cause of global warming
Greenhouse effect is processing of thermal radiation from the sun that was absorbed by
greenhouse gases and was reflected in every direction then they make the earth warm.
Actually, Greenhouse gases include CO
, CH
, CFCs and N
O which they react with ultraviolet
radiation. So, this process is important cause of global warming. However, greenhouse effect is
not always bad because greenhouse gases need for keep the earth warm but in present they
have more than need because human activities can make more greenhouse gases.
First, they have something common, ozone depletion and greenhouse effect are
phenomena these can make the earth surface warm. Both of them make global warming and
have same direct cause is human activities. Greenhouse gases include CO2, CH4, CFCs and N2O
so some of them also can make ozone depletion, main gas is CFCs, one CFC molecule can
destroy many of ozone.
Secord thing that ozone depletion and greenhouse effect relate are temperature in
atmosphere. Normally, we know as greenhouse effect keep the earth warm but the earth keeps
warm just in troposphere which is layer of atmosphere that living things live. Moreover,
greenhouse effect also affect to other atmosphere layers by if more greenhouse gases these
keep earth more warm, they also make upper layer of atmosphere more cool too. These
temperatures are opposite between troposphere and atmospheres upper layer or stratosphere
where is, can calls ozone layer. So, ozone depletion is reaction that much sensitive with
temperature and when temperature cool down rate of Ozone depletion is increase.
Example that show temperature sensitive of ozone depletion and show how Ozone
depletion and Greenhouse effect relates, is rate of ozone depletion in Arctic and Antarctica.
Rate of ozone depletion in Arctic is increase that same rate of increasing greenhouse gases
while rate of ozone depletion in Arctic less than rate of ozone depletion in Antarctica. The
scientists realize from this observation, they think temperature is important variable for ozone
depletions rate because temperature in Artic warm up than Arctic, and temperature changing
also have greenhouse gases as variable.
Ozone depletion and greenhouse effect have been related truly. When human activities
occur they also make global warming because human activities can increase rate of ozone
depletion and greenhouse effect. So, when more human activities, greenhouse gases are
increase then earths temperature are warm up but not at all because in temperature in
stratosphere is opposite, it will cool down. Therefore ozone depletion that sensitive with
temperature change, is increase follow temperature that decrease.

By: Arisara Ketnute