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Capital Letter (A,B,C.)

Used to begin a sentence
Used for the pronoun I
Used for proper nouns
1. Mr Ong lives in Taman Melati.
2. Pak Abu sells fruit near Kompleks Bukit Jambul.

Full Stop (.)
Used to end a sentence
1. The mango is sweet.
2. The ball is made of plastic.
Used to separate a list of words.
Used after a yes or no response.
1. Papayas, banana. And guavas are my favourite fruits.
2. Yes. We were
Question mark (?)
Used at the end of a question
Used after a question tag.
1. Who broke the windows?
2. James has a boat, hasnt he?
Apostrope ()
Used to show possession
Used in a contraction
1. Davids uncle is a lawyer.
2. Youre wearing a jacket today.

Exercise 1
Place the correct punctuation for the following sentences
1. When is your birhtday ________
2. I love ice cream ______
3. My favorite subject is writing ______
4. How far can you run _______
5. Ali walks to school ______
6. The dog is in the dog house ______
7. What is the title of the book _______
8. We had pizza for lunch _______
9. May I have a drink of water _______
10. The cat jumped on the fence _______

Exercise 2
Choose the date that uses commas correctly.
a. Friday June 4 2010
b. Friday, June, 4, 2010
c. Friday, June 4, 2010
a. Tuesday, May 6 1999
b. Tuesday, May 6, 1999
c. Tuesday May 6, 1999
a. Wednesday, October 16, 1985
b. Wednesday, October, 16 1985
c. Wednesday October, 16, 1985
a. Saturday, January, 9, 2000
b. Saturday January 9, 2000
c. Saturday, January 9, 2000
a. Monday, September 13, 1704
b. Monday September 13, 1704
c. Monday, September, 13, 1704

Exercise 3
Choose the correct punctuation for each title.

1. Did you read the short story The Black Cat( )
2. I watched the opera Madam Butterfly( )
3. Do you still get the newspaper The Athens Banner( )
4. We read about the ship the Titanic( )
5. One episode of The Closer called The Wedding was so funny( )
6. Justin Hayward was the lead singer on The War of the Worlds musical( )
7. Judy Garland sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow( )
8. Come watch the play Othello( )
9. The movie Dream Girls is really good( )
10. My magazine Archeology has not come( )

Exercise 4
Rewrite each sentence using the correct punctuation.
1. It was Dr. Thompson's job to introduce the guest speaker Cameron
Thompson Ph.D.
2. Christian Thompson Admiral U. S. Navy was chosen as the head of the Judge
Advocate General's Corps.
3. Hailey Smith M.A. is the new counselor at the high school.
4. Christopher and Nicholas neighbors just moved from Jordan to the United
5. Jessica and Brittanys dance recital has been rescheduled for May 24.
8. would you like to take a cruise through the greek islands or explore the
scandinavian coastline?
10. The meal ended with hot apple pie coffee and vanilla ice cream.
11. We sold twenty books fifteen cups and nineteen plates at our garage sale.
12. Our school is raising money for new computers updated software and a
portable computer lab.
13. Jordan questioned her friend Do you want to bring cookies to the party?
14. Can Jessica come over and spend the night on Friday? Anna asked her mom.
15. robert said, "that was a good tennis game."
16. "whatever is begun in anger ends in shame," proclaimed benjamin franklin.
17. Jasons and Mikes science projects were very different.
18. Zacharys and Julias vacations were fun.
21. kylie's older brother joined volunteers in service to america last year.
22. we flew to france on delta air lines.
23. However if you would like to go with us we can take another car.
24. From now on we will only have sandwiches on Fridays.

Exercise 5
Circle each letter that should be capitalized.
1. the newsman asked president bush about iraq.
2. although he arrived late, detective monk was very careful in his investigation
of the crime scene.
3. sebastian's veterinarian is dr. lenzo.
4. we saw officer johnson arresting a man for burglary.
5. mrs. beck grows dandelions in her flower garden.
6. makayla wants to be a doctor when she grows up.
7. dustin and austin, our cherokee cousins, live in north carolina.
8. where does ethan's uncle live?
9. sarah has 18 first cousins and 12 second cousins.
10. i told mom that i would be late for dinner tonight.
11. we played with the kittens in uncle eddie's barn.
12. my grandmother morlong makes good cakes.

Exercise 6
Read the passage and answer the questions that follow.
Getting Shots
Story By: Andrew Frinkle
Gary winced as he saw his brother get a shot in the arm. Shots were
horrible things. They always brought out the largest needle they could find,
and then they pumped you full of goo that made your arm hurt for three or
four days. Shots were nearly as bad as getting blood drawn. Gross!
Why do we need to get shots? He wondered aloud as the nurse
prepared his injection, setting it out carefully on a tray.
She smiled. Thats a common question. She squirted a little bit of
the injection out into the air.
Gary shuddered. So? Whats the answer then?
She tapped the syringe. These are vaccines in here. They prevent
serious illnesses.
How? Gary wasnt impressed yet.
The nurse smiled. Heres how: vaccines contain weakened forms or dead forms of
the viruses.
When they are put into your body, your immune system reacts and goes into
defensive mode.
What does that mean?
Well, your body makes special soldiers called antibodies to attack the viruses. The
with antibodies is that they are designed to fight just a single type of virus. So,
antibodies cant help
with every illness.
That seems silly.
It might, but theyre like machines that do one job really good, instead of a lot of
jobs just sort
of well. Anyway, once you have antibodies for a certain illness in you, there are
always a few waiting
on the benches to get called into duty if that disease tries to attack.
So getting shots makes antibodies which keep me safe from a disease. Gary
Yes, and you have many kinds of antibodies in your immune system. All these shots
you get
over the years add up. They protect you from all the worst diseases around. Sadly,
you have to get the
shots to make it work. Thats the trade-off.
I guess thats not too bad of a price.
Its a few days soreness to make you safe for a lifetime.

Getting Shots
Story By: Andrew Frinkle
Use the information in the story to answer the questions below.
1. Where is Gary?
A. home
B. school
C. the park
D. the hospital
2. What is Gary afraid of?
A. colds
B. the flu
C. getting shots
D. nurses
3. What does the syringe contain?
A. vaccines
B. germs
C. medicine
D. water
4. What do antibodies do?
A. they kill bodies
B. they make you sick
C. they prevent diseases
D. none of the above
5. How does Gary feel about shots at the end of the story?
A. Theyre fun!
B. Theyre not great, but they have a good purpose.
C. Theyre even scarier.
D. Theyre okay