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Essence of Buddhism

I. There is no god (existence of supernatural power) in Buddhism.

II. Buddhism is based on Rationality:
Buddha says on rationality/reasoning:
Do not believe in traditions merely because they have been handed down for
many generations and in many places; do not believe in anything because it is
rumoured and spoken of by many; do not believe because the written statements
of some old sage is produced; do not believe in what you have fancied, thinking
that because it is extraordinary, it must have been implanted by a deva or a
wonderful being. fter observation and analysis, when it agrees with reason and
is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.
!"alama #utta, nguttara $ikaya
ccordingly Buddhism re%uires nothing to be accepted on trust without en%uiry.

III. anchacila:
1. Pranatipata vermani sikka padam samadiyami
&eaning no killing of living being.
2. Adinna dana vermani sikkapadam samadiyami
&eaning no stealing.
3. Kame su mithyachara vermani sikkapadam samadiyami
&eaning no adultery.
4. Musa vada vermani sikkapadam samadiyami
&eaning no lying
5. Suramerayamajja thana vermmani sikkapadam samadiyami
&eaning no consumption of toxicating drinks.

I!. The "our #oble Truths
1. Dukkha #uffering
2. Samudaya 'he arising of the suffering
3. Nirdha 'he cessation of suffering
4. Ma!!a 'he path leading to the cessation of suffering

!. #oble Eightfold ath
$oble (ightfold )ath consists of the following :
1. Samma "ditthi *ight +nderstanding
2. Samma " sanka#pa *ight 'hought
3. Samma " vaca *ight speech
4. Samma$ kammanta *ight action
5. Samma " ajiva *ight livelihood
%. Samma " vayama *ight (fforts
&. Samma " sati *ight &indfulness
'. Samma " samadhi *ight ,oncentration

!I. Ten aramitas
)arami is a pali word meaning perfection.
1. Dana -iving, generosity, liberality
2. (i#a .irtuous conduct, morality, righteousness
3. Khanti /orebearance, patience
4. )irya (nergy
5. Nekkhamma *enunciation, selflessness
%. Prajna 0isdom, insight, intution
&. Sacca 'ruthfulness, honesty
'. Pranidhana spiration or resolution/determination
*. Metta 1oving!kindness, compassionate
1+. ,pekkha (%uanimity, calm, serene, unruffled and peaceful

!II. $dvice of Buddha%
Sa--a papassa akaranam. kusa#assa upasampada
Sacittapariydapanam. etam /uddhana sasanam
'o cease from doing all evils, to cultivate good
'o purify one2s mind, this is the advice of Buddha.

!III. &r.B.R.$mbed'ar on Buddhism%
3 like Buddhism because it gives the following three principles, which no
other religion does:
1. Prajna +nderstanding as against superstition and supernaturalism
2. Karuna 1ove
3. Samata (%uality
'hat is what man wants for good and happy life on earth.

4. 5*evival of Buddhism in 3ndia and role of Dr.Babasaheb B.*.mbedkar5
by Bhagwan Das, Dalit 'oday )rakashan, 1ucknow 63ndia7
8. 5Buddhism in a nutshell5 by $arada 'hera, Buddhist &issionary #ociety,
"uala 1umpur, &alaysia
9.5'he (ssence of Buddhism5 by ). 1akshmi $arasu, sian (ducation
#ervices, $ew Delhi 63ndia7
:. 5Buddha ; <is Dhamma5 by Dr.B.*.mbedkar, Dr.B.*.mbedkar
0ritings ; #peeches .ol.44, published by -ovt. of &aharashtra, 3ndia