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With Three

by Dr. Stanley S. Bass
Do you know of the dangers in high-fruit vegan diets?
Why did the third generation of vegans have health problems?
How did Dr. Gian-Cursio solve these problems?
Why introduce egg yolks and raw-milk cheeses to vegan diets?
Why did Dr. helton want to interview Dr. Gian-Cursio?
This booklet summarizes findings of Dr. Gian-Cursio that led to major disagreement
over diet in Natural Hygiene, and the slit in !NH" that led to the oliti#al removal
of Dr. Gian-Cursio and others. The resulting la#k of kno$ledge of the dangers of
defi#ient vegan diets resulted in a dominan#e of vegans in !NH" u until no$.
Dr. Stanley S. Bass
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With Three Generations of Vegetarian ygienists
by Dr. Stanley S. Bass! D.".!N.D.!Ph.D.
The original article from #$%&
3!n Septeber "2 194"2 5r. Christopher 6ian7C&rsio and 0 drove to Batavia2 %.8.2 (here (e (ere lodged at the
hoe of the gracio&s 9r. and 9rs. Penepent2 (hich becae a focal point for the reception of abo&t t(enty
people that first evening. 9r. and 9rs. Penepent had beg&n the practice of eating and living according to the
grand principles of %at&ral 'ygiene2 a syste and philosophy (hich represents a highly advanced and scientific
aspect of vegetarianis2 and also incl&des a set of principles of :do1s: and :don1ts: covering the physical2
ental2 and oral aspects of living (hich are in accordance (ith %at&ral la( and the plan of %at&re.
5r. C&rsio had been in practice in ;ochester2 %.8.2 since 19<42 fro (hence he spread the teachings of
vegetarian 'ygiene far and (ide across the area. 0n those early years2 9r. and 9rs. Penepent ebraced this (ay
of life for theselves and their faily of five sons. 0n t&rn these five sons raised their children ranging fro a
fe( onths old to t(elve years of age at this present (riting =194">. Altho&gh he left the ;ochester area in
19?" to establish his residence in %e( 8or) City2 5r. C&rsio faithf&lly ret&rned to ;ochester2 Batavia2 and
B&ffalo once a onth to see his floc) for the p&rpose of :chec)ing &p: and to a)e (hatever alterations (ere
@e spent the first evening in Batavia2 the second day in ;ochester2 the third in B&ffalo2 and the fo&rth in nearby
to(ns. At all these points2 as a visiting doctor g&est of 5r. C&rsio2 0 had the privilege and opport&nity of being
present at the intervie(s (ith these people2 and to caref&lly observe at first hand the res&lts of three generations
of 'ygienic living.
+he general attit&de anifested (as not of a doctor7patient relationship2 b&t rather one of an inforal faily
friend. +he lang&age &sed (as siple2 gentle2 and directly to the point2 describing the condition present and the
steps (hich (ere needed to a)e an iproveent.
+he night of o&r arrival at the Penepents2 the first of the sons bro&ght in his (ife and five children. +o digress
for a oent2 one of the first things 0 noticed abo&t these people (as the siAe of their failies B alost all of
the had (hat for &s city fol) (o&ld be large failies. +he average siAe (as bet(een fo&r and seven children2
alost all representing the third generation of 'ygienists.
+he thing that ipressed e ost abo&t all of these children (as their great e/&ipoise. Cro fo&r onths of age
to t(elve years2 they all had that sae great rela.ation2 that fascinating ability to reain in (hatever position
they ass&ed for periods varying fro fifteen in&tes to alost forty7five in&tes (ith alost no restlessness
or fidgeting or indications of lac) of ease. @ith their clear2 spar)ling eyes2 they (o&ld sit and vie( the
proceedings2 ever ready to b&rst into gleef&l la&ghter at the slightest intiation of a h&oro&s (ord or
sit&ation2 iediately to be follo(ed by a great calness again. All of the vegetarian children appeared to have
perfectly balanced facial architect&re (hich (as s&pported by perfect dental str&ct&res and genero&s arches.
+heir intelligent eyes (atched everything (hich occ&rred (ith effortless concentration2 never once seeing to
lose contact (ith each (ord (hich (as being spo)en bet(een the intervie(ing 5r. C&rsio and the intervie(ed.
Bet(een cons&ltations2 yo& co&ld hear their voices reso&nding li)e g&rgling broo)s ever at play (ith each
other. 0 (as greatly ipressed (ith their deep love and affection for each other. +he older children seeed to
enDoy ta)ing care of the yo&nger ones2 fondling and caressing the lovingly.
+his reinded e of one of the ost interesting things 0 observed in the Car East. 0 had traveled the f&ll length
and breadth of Eapan as (ell as any of the Pacific 0slands and partic&larly in Eapan and !)ina(a2 it seeed to
be a c&stoary proced&re of the parents to leave the responsibility of the yo&nger children (ith the older ones
d&ring the ho&rs of play. 0t (as a coon sight to see a five7year old girl carry her t(o7year old brother in a
cloth7li)e conveyance resebling a halter on her sho&lders (hich peritted the feet and hands to stic) o&t. 0t
(as al(ays a so&rce of a&seent to (atch the carried child t&rning its head in all directions2 b&sily observing
all the proceedings (ith (ide7eyed and open7o&thed interest (ith never a sign of boredo. 'o( &ch ore
interesting2 0 tho&ght2 it is for the child as copared to lying on its bac) in a carriage or confined in a crib in a
st&ffy roo2 divorced fro contact (ith %at&re and the invigorating2 gro(th7prooting air of the o&tdoors. A
child &st feel &ch ore sec&re and loved (hen it is able to p&t its ars aro&nd the sho&lders of another child
for ho&rs d&ring each day. +he older girls transporting their yo&nger brothers or sisters (o&ld fre/&ently
reove the yo&nger child and adD&st its clothing2 )iss it lovingly2 play (ith it2 and caress it2 D&st li)e a little
other. Sall (onder that these children (o&ld be &ni/&ely /&alified for all the d&ties and responsibilities of
otherhood after arriage. @hat a sharp contrast to the (oen of o&r large Aerican cities2 (ho find
theselves copletely be(ildered and conf&sed (hen s&ddenly thr&st into the role of otherhood2 often
&n(illingly. 0t (as indeed a coon sight to see children n&rsed p&blicly in the Car East2 (hereas it is /&ite
rare to see a child n&rsed p&blicly in Aerica.
+o ret&rn to o&r third generation of vegetarian 'ygienists2 0 reeber one little bright7eyed girl of five years
(ho had /&ietly observed the proceedings (ith the copos&re of a little B&ddha2 and then she (ent to pic) &p
her little brother of fo&r onths2 held hi in her ars2 )issed hi n&ero&s ties2 and then began to foc&s her
attention on her bigger brother1s intervie( once ore. As 0 sat at this large ro&nd table2 0 (as fre/&ently
approached by soe of the older people (ho cae and left. Each one seeed to tell e of his
e.periences in 'ygienic living B ho( they (ere once ill of this or that condition $aong the illnesses entioned
(ere sciatica2 &ltiple sclerosis2 (ea) heart and valves2 diabetes2 high blood press&re2 poor vision2 bronchial
astha2 etc.- and ho( they had despaired of getting (ell2 ho( they (ere introd&ced into correct living and
eating2 and ho( the rear)able transforations event&ally occ&rred (hich led the into first good health and
later vibrant health. +heir eyes shone as they told their stories and their enth&sias literally reached o&t and
enveloped the listener2 and one co&ld feel oneself irresistibly dra(n into the greatness of their discoveries and
the vibrance of their state of (ell7being2 as tho&gh ca&ght in a (hirlpool.
@ho (as it that said2 :Sho( e the an (ho (ill inspire e2 and 01ll follo( hi to the ends of the earth:F E&st
so2 if (e co&ld have eno&gh of these people distrib&ted thro&gho&t o&r tort&red and disease7(rac)ed planet2
(hat (o&ld not be possible for all of an)ind B (hat great strides co&ld not be ade in the physical2 ental2
oral2 c&lt&ral2 and spirit&al gro(th of civiliAationF S&rely2 there can hardly be a (orthier ca&se than an1s
&nfoldent thro&gh alignent to the grand principles of %at&ral la( via vegetarian %at&ral 'ygiene.G
H+h&s ends the original article sent in Septeber of 194" by 5r. Bass to 5r. Shelton for printing in the
Hygienic Review. 5r. Shelton sent the follo(ing letter to 5r. Bass any years laterIJ
"orres'ondence with Dr. Shelton in #$(%
+&esday2 Sept. "K2 19L4
5ear 5r. BassI
0 have read yo&r interesting article on :+hree 6enerations of Megetarian 'ygienists: and a inclined to (ant to
p&blish it2 b&t &ch tie has elapsed since yo&r visit to &pstate %e( 8or) (ith Chris and &ch (ater has
flo(n &nder the bridge since then. As a finale2 (hy not provide e (ith a co&ple of pages telling e and the
readers the present condition of the vegetarian failies and also o&tlining the changes in C&rsio1s dietetic vie(s
and practices (hich he no( espo&ses. 0 (ill hold yo&r article a(aiting yo&r reply.
@ith Best @ishes 0 ;eain Sincerely and 'ygienically 8o&rs2
'.9. Shelton
H5r. Bass replied on !ctober 14 and 1K2 19L4...J
!ctober 142 19L4
5ear 5r. SheltonI
0n order for the se/&ence to be clear2 0 a incl&ding here the letter yo& sent to e after 0 s&bitted an article to
yo& entitled :@ith +hree 6enerations of Megetarian 'ygienists.: 0t (as based on y observations (hen 0 too)
a trip to Batavia2 %e( 8or)2 (ith 5r. Christopher 6ian7C&rsio on the (ee)end of Septeber "2 194"2 (hen he
(ent on one of his periodic visits to see his patients. 777 0n order to coply (ith yo&r re/&est of bringing the
article &p to date2 0 called and visited 5r.C&rsio on !ctober 1#2 19L4. 'e placed a call to Batavia2 %.8.2 and p&t
e in to&ch (ith Anthony Penepent2 a eber of the second generation of %at&ral 'ygienists of the Penepent
faily (ith (ho 0 spo)e at length. 'e provided e (ith the follo(ing inforation abo&t the changes (hich
occ&rred (ith the Penepent faily since 0 first et the on Septeber "2 194"
8o&rs for %at&ral 'ygiene2
Stanley Bass
!ctober 1K2 19L4
5ear 5r. SheltonI
After listening to the tape of 5r. C&rsio and yself over and over again2 in preparation for editing it2 0 (as
iediately ade a(are that the first /&ality that (o&ld be lost (as the e.citing and po(erf&l reality of (hat
(as being said as (ell as the eotional and inspirational /&ality2 (hich (as proDected by a an2 (ho believed
heart and so&l in (hat he (as saying and lived the ideas in his daily life. 0 even felt copelled to leave the
graar alone2 as (ell as the slang. +his ade it all the ore real and e.citing2 and 0 a certain that the reader
of the enclosed aterial (ill find it every bit as e.citing2 &rgent2 and intense as it (as to e that day 7 and as it
(as to 5r. 9ar(in +elar $a 'ygienist- a day later.
5r. Shelton2 0 therefore feel ipelled to as) yo&2 even to &rge and iplore yo& (ith h&ility in y heart2 to try
to see yo&r (ay clear if at all possible to p&blish the enclosed aterial in its entirety. +he revol&tionary nat&re
of its contents ay lead to ne( horiAons in %at&ral 'ygiene D&st as yo& sacrificed yo&r energies2 yo&r health
and yo&r entire life for. Nno(ing 5r. C&rsio as 0 have for alost <# years and having seen &ch and cons&lted
endless ties (ith hi (ith y ost diffic&lt and critical cases2 0 have been fort&nate and inspired to literally
see iracles2 (hich follo(ed the practice of the ideas and principles he refers to herein.
+r&sting that yo& (ill a)e the right decision as to (hether it sho&ld be p&blished in its entirety or (hether it
sho&ld be condensed and edited2 0 reain 8o&rs for %at&ral 'ygiene2
Stanley Bass
P.S. 0 have labored for ore than a (ee)2 coprising ore than ?# ho&rs to copy the tape2 str&ct&re soe of the
aterial2 and type it to a)e it available to yo&.
H0n the follo(ing :s&ppleent2: 5r. Bass bro&ght the original article &p to date2 to !ctober of 19L42 (ith his...J
Su''lement to )With Three Generations of ygienists) by Dr. Stanley S. Bass
0n order to coply (ith 5r. Shelton1s re/&est to &pdate the article entitled :@ith +hree 6enerations of
Megetarian 'ygienists: (hich 0 (rote in Septeber of 194" and s&bitted to the 'ygienic ;evie( for
p&blication on !ctober 1#2 19L42 0 intervie(ed Anthony Penepent2 (ho is the yo&ngest son of the faily. 'e
(as 14 years old (hen 0 first et hi 14 years ago2 and he is presently <# years old =in 19L42 that is>.
+he ne( inforation (hich 0 have gleaned2 (hich brings &s &p to the present... there are a total of <# ebers
of the Penepent faily consisting of three generations of %at&ral 'ygienists2 (ho2 beca&se of their lifestyle and
the (ay they have lived2 have stayed together cohesively2 (or)ed together and set &p a b&siness vent&re2 one of
the largest in the area B @estern %e( 8or) 6ravel. %o( in the third generation2 there are eleven ebers (ho
are either in college or grad&ates of colleges2 and t(o of the are going into edical schools. As a res&lt of
living as %at&ral 'ygienists2 they (ere inspired to becoe doctors (ith the ai of orienting their practices
strictly according to %at&ral 'ygiene concepts.
@hen 0 in/&ired abo&t the teperaent of these people2 Anthony stated that :(hen they follo( the %at&ral
'ygiene progra2 they1re very cal2 b&t if they go off2 they are arg&entative and diffic&lt to get along (ith.:
0n this instance2 (e are &sing a faily of <# people as being representative of (hat other %at&ral 'ygiene
failies in the &pper %e( 8or) State area have e.perienced. +he chief feat&re (hich is noticeable (ith this
gro&p is their calness. %ot only is their behavior yo&thf&l2 that is2 (hat (o&ld. be considered noral fro a
%at&ral 'ygiene standpoint2 b&t it is e.treely attractive even fro a conventional or :orthodo.: vie(7point.
So that2 if one (ere to eval&ate the behavior of this gro&p2 one (o&ld be str&c) by the absence of ental
probles. +here is no social antagonis and there has not been any &se of dr&gs2 narcotics2 or poisoning agents.
+hro&gho&t the three generations2 these people have lived their lives in a (ell7reg&lated anner2 in a state of
health2 and in haronio&s adaptation (ith their fello( en and their environent.
Anthony2 a third generation %at&ral 'ygienist2 is presently involved in edical st&dies in preparation for a
degree of 5octor of 9edicine. 'e is representative of the others of this gro&p. Shortly after 0 tal)ed to Anthony
Penepent2 0 intervie(ed 5r. Christopher 6ian7C&rsio for three ho&rs for the p&rpose of s&pplying the
inforation that 5r. Shelton re/&ested regarding 5r. C&rsio1s vie(s in %at&ral 'ygiene (hich he arrived at
fro advising over 4# people thro&gho&t three generations.
0 fo&nd that 5r. C&rsio1s ideas are basically those of %at&ral 'ygiene. 0n an article (hich he (rote and
s&bitted to 5r. Shelton years ago entitled :Precision in %at&ral 'ygiene2: he e.tended these concepts into
clinical practice B his concepts (ere erely a odification based &pon %at&ral 'ygiene principles. +hey had to
do (ith the /&ality2 /&antity2 tiing2 and se/&ence of eating. Basically2 0 sa( that there (as no difference
bet(een (hat 5r. 6ian7C&rsio advocates and (hat a tr&e %at&ral 'ygienic practitioner (o&ld advocate B b&t
(ith this e.ception. +he concepts2 theories2 or principles &pon (hich %at&ral 'ygiene is based are accepted as
eternal and inviolable. +he difference (as in the application or interpretation of these principles and the
/&antitative &se or accent&ation of soe of these 'ygienic concepts.
+he people that 0 (rote abo&t involved a period2 (hich began in 19<?. Shortly after these people accepted
%at&ral 'ygiene as a (ay of life2 5r. 'erbert 9. Shelton lect&red in ;ochester2 %.8. At that tie2 he et these
people as (ell as the grandparents of these three generations. +hese people have been %at&ral 'ygienists fro
the very early days of the renaissance of %at&ral 'ygiene. $0t began (ith the (riting of 5r. Shelton1s boo)2
'&an ,ifeI 0ts Philosophy and 0ts ,a(s.-
+he ter %at&ral 'ygiene cae into &sage after 5r. Shelton and 5r. 6ian7C&rsio et2 (hen they disc&ssed an
appropriate ter to disting&ish it fro edical hygiene. 0n these three generations2 (e have a laboratory of the
highest biotic /&ality that has been contin&ing for 4" years2 prod&cing evidence of the great val&e of %at&ral
'ygiene2 (hen its principles are translated into techni/&es of life that are copatible (ith physiological la(s.
+hese three generations are no( e.panding into fo&r2 yet in all this tie there has not been one death. Also2
e.cept for ac&te reedial processes of a fe( days d&ration2 there has not been a chronic disease. 9any vestiges
of chronic disorders have been eliinated d&ring this tie as these individ&als progressed or evolved into
higher platea&s of health.
+he odifications that have been ade in techni/&e in applying the principles of %at&ral 'ygiene are based on
a siple principleI that there be econoy of body str&ct&re and energy B that in every agent2 ethod2 and
condition2 there be a.i& &tiliAation (ith ini& e.pendit&re of po(er B so that there be eno&gh energy
left over that the body can &se for healing p&rposes. 5r. 6ian7C&rsio has )ept these principles before hi as
cardinal precepts2 teaching that (hatever is &tiliAed &st al(ays be in confority (ith body need and never
against organisal intelligence.
+he difference2 basically2 that 0 noted in y st&dy of the diet of these individ&als is that there has been an
accent&ation or increase of the green leaf vegetables (hile at the sae tie there has been a red&ction in the
ao&nt of fr&it2 especially those that are highly acid $citric2 etc.-. Also2 the fast has been &sed at the very first
syptos of any reedial deto.icating process that (e call ac&te diseaseBs&ch as colds and inor dist&rbances
that coonly occ&r (hen vegetarians and even %at&ral 'ygienists e.perience (hen they habit&ally over7
cons&e of foods B even tho&gh they are nat&ral.
H+h&s ended the :s&ppleent.: 5r. Bass then sent 5r. Shelton the follo(ing letter2 referring to his never7
before7p&blished intervie( (ith 5r. 6ian7C&rsio2 an intervie( yo&Oll read in f&ll in D&st a in&te...J
*nter+iew with Dr. Gian,"ursio in #$(%
H%o( bac) to 5r. BassOs voice...J
=%oteI +he follo(ing is ta)en fro a recording (hich 0 ade on !ctober 1#2 19L42 of the dialog&e bet(een
yself and 5r. C&rsio for the p&rpose of s&pplying the inforation that 5r. Shelton re/&ested of e regarding
the :@ith +hree 6enerations of 'ygienists: article2 as (ell as to present the changes (hich evolved in 5r.
C&rsio1s dietetic vie(s over the years fro Septeber "2 194"2 to the present tie2 !ctober 1#2 19L4. 5r.
C&rsio called the Penepent faily in Batavia2 %.8.2 and connected (ith Anthony Penepent.>
5r. C&rsioI Anthony2 t(elve years ago 5r. Bass (rote an article abo&t the Penepent faily of three generations
of 'ygienists. 'e sent it to 5r. Shelton and Shelton li)ed it2 b&t it (as 1" years too late. 'e (ants to &pdate it.
'e (ants to )no( ho( any ebers there are B and the general psychological /&alities of the faily. Are
they calF +he schooling2 ho( any in college2 ho( any grad&ated2 the b&siness2 and all that to give an idea
of ho( they increased in prod&ctivity and social orientationF 'ere1s 5r. Bass.
=%oteI Anthony Penepent (as <# years old and of the third generation (hen 0 tal)ed to hi in 19L4. 0 as)ed hi
abo&t the faily and he repliedI>
AnthonyI 5r. C&rsio first too) care of y other and father in 19<?. +hey (ere 'ygienists before 0 (as born.
=+his is an iportant point.> 9y brothers (ere all yo&ngsters (hen they becae %at&ral 'ygienists &nder 5r.
C&rsio1s care. 9y brother Phil2 he (as the oldest2 and abo&t ten years old then and "? years older than e. 'e
had a heart condition. +here (ere eight girls in the faily. As a r&le yo& co&ld say that they )ept a(ay fro
dr&gs and all that and they1ve lived pretty good. And they1re &s&ally pretty cal. +hey1re not arg&entative
(hich they ascribe to o&r lifestyle. !ne of the ebers of the second generation2 in his iddle "#1s2 has a
bachelor1s degree and a doctorate2 and he1s half(ay thro&gh his edical basic sciences and he intends to be a
edical doctor2 b&t to practice %at&ral 'ygiene. 'e (as born after his other had been in 'ygiene abo&t 1#
years. =%oteI all his brothers no( have offsprings fro (hich these thirty people cae>. !ne had a serio&s
cardiac condition in the early teens2 (ho is no( still a vital2 healthy h&an being.
5r. BassI Are the children being raised the sae (ayF
AnthonyI 8es2 they all are. 5r. C&rsio sees the every tie he coes here. %o( fro the father (ho (as very
ill2 one of the sons is finishing edical school. 'e1s in 0taly. !ne girl is grad&ating fro college in ed&cation.
5r. BassI 8o& don1t have the naesF 0t ay be conf&sing. =%oteI At this point2 Anthony s&ggested 0 get the
naes fro 5r. C&rsio. @e said goodbye here2 and 0 contin&ed the conversation (ith 5r. C&rsio2 (ho (as
present d&ring the phone conversation.>
5r. C&rsioI 'e1s raised fo&r children 'ygienicallyI Phil Er.2 the oldestP 9i)e2 a college grad&ateP and 5avid and
9ary Ann. +hat1s in this one faily no( (here the father2 Phil Sr.2 (as serio&sly ill (ith heart tro&ble2
rhe&atic heart at age 1". %o(2 0 noticed in the beginning of the third generation2 soe of the that (ere bornB
this is (here 0 noticed the nearsightedness2 the hydroceles2 and the abnoralities. +hen 0 ade y shift into
ore green st&ff2 blended salads early2 c&t o&t the orange D&ice B li)e 01d give the child the il) and 01d &se the
vegetable D&ice. +hen 0 sa( the difference.
+he children (ere better B (ere ore st&rdy. 0nstead of pigeon7chested or chic)en7chested2 they (ere fine7
5r. BassI 0n other (ords2 yo& )ept the blended salads goingF
5r. C&rsioI !h yeahQ +hat (as the change. 0 don1t thin) there1s a dental carie in the (hole gro&p.
5r. BassI +hat1s a peranent change then2 increased salads and blended saladsF
5r. C&rsioI 8eahQ +hey s&bsist 9#R2 01d say 9?R2 on &nfired foodBand the other percentage they1d have soe
steaed vegetables li)e rice or potato or leg&es. Basically2 it1s &nfired. +hat1s itQ 8o&1ve got it all. +hey are
representative. +his faily is representative of any failies in the area and else(here2 (here they1ve been
raised this (ay. B&t this is li)e a saple2 a sapling.
+he follo(ing represents the changes (hich have evolved in 5r. C&rsio1s dietetic vie(s over the years leading
&p to the present tie =ie2 19L4>.
5r. C&rsioI 0 observed any cases of pregnant (oen (ho had diffic&lties2 (oen (ho (ere physically
inade/&ate to have children and hence after pregnancy they accepted %at&ral 'ygiene in order to have children
that (ere healthy and also to a)e it possible for the to s&rvive. 0n other (ords2 sic) (oen cae to e.
+hey (ere pregnant. +hey (ere having all they co&ld to s&rvive on their o(n2 (itho&t pregnancy.
5r. BassI +al)ing abo&t yo& =and yo&r patients>F
5r. C&rsioI 8eah. 01 spea)ing no( of the (oen (ho cae to e. 01 spea)ing no( ho( these changes too)
place B especially in the care of childrenBso that (e have here probles that cae &p in the children (hen 0
follo(ed the strict fr&it progra (ith n&ts2 and inial ao&nts2 copared to (hat 0 &se no(2 of green st&ff
$salads-. +hese children2 the s)eletal developent (asn1t right2 the dental arches (ere not (ell7fored2 teeth
cae in cro(ded beca&se of it. 0 noticed a great deal of boys that (ere born (ho (ere herniated B (ho had
(hat (e call hydroceles. So2 (ith the noticing of these conditions and other iscellaneo&s...
5r. BassI Can yo& state specifically (hat diet they (ere onF
5r. C&rsioI +heir diet (o&ld be predoinantly fr&it2 n&t proteins2 and a relatively sall ao&nt of salad
copared to (hat they get no( B they &sed to get one salad a day. +hey1d have a fr&it eal in the orning2 a
fr&it eal at noon2 and a salad at night. 0n the orning2 they1d have D&st fr&itP at noon they1d have the fr&it and
n&ts2 and at night they1d have the salad2 soeties (ith n&ts and soeties (ith vegetables B b&t on this )ind
of a set&p2 01ve been noticing the inade/&acies in these children. +hen 0 ade the drastic changesQ Cirst 0
noticed the hydroceles2 nearsightedness2 the s)eletal developent. And the &sc&lat&re (as not developed in
these children. B&t2 at any rate2 0 started to thin). 0n line (ith this of co&rse (ere other things that 0 noticed (ith
other individ&als B people (ho had been living this (ay and living2 0 )no(2 1##R. !ne of the B 0 don1t thin)
he1s =5r. Shelton> going to p&blish this B (ith 9iss %at&ral 'ygiene. +here (ere t(o 9iss %at&ral 'ygienes.
!ne of the cae to e (ith &ltiple sclerosis. And g& recessions2 dental caries 0 noticed. B&t a great deal of
g& recession and arginal erosion of the g& line of the teeth. %o(2 at first 0 ascribed this to the citr&s fr&it2
so 0 c&t it do(n. 0 c&t do(n on the ao&nt of fr&it2 (itho&t a)ing any relative increase in the green st&ff
$salads-. +hen2 0 finally fo&nd that tho&gh there (ere slight iproveents2 they (ere not s&fficient. So then 0
fig&red there1s got to be an additional factor here. +here1s got to be2 (hat2 0 had tal)ed to @eston Price abo&t it
B he (as one of the en 0 spo)e to. And2 0 said this is an S7factor that1s issing B 0 don1t )no( (hat it (as.
,ater on2 yo& )no( this (or) done on B 1" 2 0 cae to the concl&sion that this perhaps (as one of the factors
that co&ld lead to this )ind of pathology.
5r. BassI 5eficiency in B 1"F
5r. C&rsioI 8esQ 0t (as only after adding green st&ff that 0 started to see in the pregnancies that follo(ed2 and
also in the children that (ere gro(n2 that cae fro these pregnancies2 the difference. ;o&nd heads instead of
pear7shaped heads2 better7fored teeth. And all the aberrations 0 had noticed B the near7sightedness2 the hernias2
the hydroceles2 and the &sc&lat&re that (as (ea) B that all disappeared. +here (as never another case after
this. 0 (as also able to (itness an increase2 for e.aple2 in the blood cheistries2 the iproveents in the
others and in the ad&lts2 (ho (ere p&t on this )ind of a set&p. 'eoglobin B (here they had icrocytic
aneia or acrocytic aneia2 the n&tritional aneias B they cleared &p. %o(2 this (as (ith the addition of the
salads2 b&t even so2 0 (as not satisfied. 0n trying to eval&ate the absol&te ao&nt of every n&trient2 0 fo&nd it
(as inade/&ate. +hey co&ldnOt eat that ao&nt2 and they didn1t have the tie to eat that ao&nt.
5r. BassI +he saladF
5r. C&rsioI 'ence the blended salad. +o ins&re the proper ipact2 the proper inta)e in s&fficient ao&nts (ith
inial e.pendit&re of energy2 especially in the ill2 so that (e had the assiilation2 and (e had the &tiliAation
(ith the inial &sage of vital po(er2 and leaving s&fficient energy2 yo& )no(2 for reparative and healing and
restorative p&rposes.
5r. BassI @hat abo&t the o.idation factor (hich occ&rs d&ring blendingF
5r. C&rsioI @ell2 s&re2 there1s a inial ao&nt2 b&t that (as overcoe and balanced &p by the increased
&tiliAation. %o(2 beca&se there (as increased &tiliAation2 yo& had to be very selective in the )ind of foods yo&
&sed. So yo& didn1t (ant an ibalance of n&trients. 8o& didn1t (ant to have an ibalance of the chloride
ratios2 yo& )no(2 li)e an overload of potassi& over sodi&. +here have been soe st&dies ade (hich
indicate that potassi& in e.cess co&ld prove carcinogenic2 yo& )no(2 co&ld create an ioniAation2 0 ean. +here
(as soe (or) done (ith the Eapanese. And 0 (as in correspondence (ith one of the en (ho had done this
(or)2 so that 0 (as very ca&tio&s that 0 &sed only certain ra( things that 0 felt had this proper ratio.
5r. BassI Can yo& ention any naes of these peopleF
5r. C&rsioI +his Eapanese fello(2 01d have to get the letter. 9arvin has this letter. 'e has a copy of it. 0 can1t
find the original. B&t he (rote to e. As a atter of fact2 0 (as going to have his article p&blished in a
agaAine2 b&t (e D&st didn1t go to press anyore.
=;eferring to Eo&rnal of 'ealth2 edited by Christopher 6ian7C&rsio. @inter 1944 (as the last iss&e.>
5r. BassI 0n sending this aterial to 5r. Shelton2 shall 0 /&ote yo&F
5r. C&rsioI T&ote e B also yo&r observations too. +hese (ere st&dies that (ere ade on h&ndreds and
h&ndreds and h&ndreds of people. @hat (e call clinical st&dies and observations2 in (hich there (as a
orphology2 a clinical observation based on2 yo& )no(2 recovery2 rates of recoveries. And also in post7fasting
n&trition2 (hen this )ind of set&p (as &sed2 that they reb&ilt and (ere able to get bac) to a noral &sc&lat&re.
+here (ere individ&als (ho cae to e2 for e.aple2 (ho1d never been able to go beyond the s)eletal stage.
After they fasted they D&st seeed to stay thin B and no atter (hat yo& tried. And after yo& gave the blended
salad for a(hile2 they started to fill &p again.
5r. BassI And they (o&ldn1t do it on the (hole saladF
5r. C&rsioI B&t the one thing that forced y attention to the defects2 that (as the recession of g&s and the
arginal erosion of the g& line of the teeth2 nails that (o&ldn1t gro(2 nails that (ere defored2 toenails2
fingernails2 all of this. Also (arts tend to for on these cases. +hey tend to get oles or proliferation of oles.
And there (ere all things of this nat&re that started to a)e e s&spicio&s. @hy2 in a so7called ideal diet2 (as
this happeningF 0 didn1t (ant to go bac) to eat. 0 didn1t (ant to go bac) to fish2 as soe 'ygienists did in the
past2 li)e @alter did.
5r. BassI ;obert @alterF
5r. C&rsioI 8eahQ ;obert @alter did that B and there (ere soe other 'ygienists (ho did that. Soe of the
did it in a sly anner.
5r. BassI +ildenF
5r. C&rsioI %o. +ilden (as not a vegetarian. +hese (ere vegetarians. So the thing is2 0 had to find an ans(er
and still )eep (ithin the frae(or) of a fleshless set&p2 (itho&t coproising the principles of 'ygiene. And
then of co&rse (ith the ne&rological ipairents that 0 had noticed2 0 fig&red that the B1" and the essential
factors (ere issing. Soe of these people had alabsorption syndroes. Soe had an anti7n&trient factor2
enAyic defects. So hence the egg yol) and the cheese. %o( this 0 (itnessed also in y o(n faily2 these
prono&nced states of aneia. And boy2 there (as no faily that (as fed ore scientifically. @e (ere &nfired
foodists. +hey (ere raised this (ay.
=%oteI one rather rear)able case 0 (itnessed abo&t 1? years ago (as that of a "97year old arried an (ho
had le&)eia. 'is (hite blood corp&scle co&nt (as so high that :they (ere eating &p the red blood corp&scles:
to the point that he needed blood transf&sions daily to s&rvive. After ten days on a diet of blended salads2 a little
fr&it2 and egg yol)s daily2 he no longer needed transf&sions and reb&ilt and noraliAed the ratio of red blood
cells to (hite. !ther cases 0 (itnessed (ere the clearing &p of aneias2 eaciation2 and great (ea)ness. 0n
those (hose digestive and enAye systes (ere so ipaired that they (ere &nable to digest n&ts2 seeds2
leg&es2 cheese and fre/&ently even salads2 the ra( egg yol)s B d&e to their easy digestibility2 total aino acid
content2 and rapid assiilation (here all else seeed to fail2 fre/&ently proved to be the ideal transition food to
bring these people to a state (hereby they co&ld restore their enAyes and digestive ability to the point (here
they co&ld digest and assiilate n&ts and other 'ygienic food after a(hile.>
5r. C&rsioI +hen 0 noticed in y generation2 the second2 the third generation that these probles began to sho(
&p. +hat1s ho( the N&tter1s cheese cae to be2 (hen y da&ghter developed this aneia. And 0 co&ldn1t get it
to shift. 0 fo&nd that the intestinal flora (asn1t right B beca&se there (as no other e.planation. +here (as
eno&gh iron2 the egg yol)s (ere given2 still there (as not eno&gh factor there to create the restoration.
5r. BassI And (hat daaged the intestinal flora2 (o&ld yo& sayF
5r. C&rsioI 0 say2 for one thing2 the high fr&it diet.
5r. BassI +he high acidF
5r. C&rsioI 8eahQ +he citric acid and the high inta)e of fr&it and carbohydrate.
5r. BassI +he high s&garF
=%oteI !ther factors (hich daage intestinal flora incl&de onions2 garlic2 strong radishes and foods rich in
&stard oil2 and so on. Antibiotics are also lethal to flora.>
5r. C&rsioI 8eahQ And also the proteins (ere not s&fficient2 they (ere inade/&ate.
5r. BassI 8o& ean the n&tsF
5r. C&rsioI 8es. So 0 (ent by N&tter1s that one tie2 and 0 as)ed if he1d a)e e cheese B ra(2 (itho&t salt2
beca&se 0 had a proble. 'e did and that (as the beginning of N&tter1s cheese.
5r. BassI @as that the beginning of all the ra( cheesesF
5r. C&rsioI 8eah. +hat (as the beginning. 0t becae a big factor. 0 fo&nd that this (as the only cheese that did
the tric).
=As 5r. C&rsio had e.plained on previo&s occasions2 the ra( il) cheese had all the enAyes and aterial B
proper bacterial life2 etc. B necessary to restore the flora as they (ere originally established fro o&r breast7
feeding days as an infant. Paste&riAation daaged these indispensable icro7organiss2 the flora (hich reside
in o&r intestines and prod&ce the B 1" vitain (hich is necessary.>
5r. BassI ;eallyF Even ricotta didn1t do it2 h&hF
5r. C&rsioI %o. 0t didn1t do it.
5r. BassI %o(2 once they &sed the cheese2 they didn1t have to stay on it forever. 0s that (hat yo& eanF
5r. C&rsioI %o. !nce they got restored2 yeah. 0n Eean Cranton 0 had the proble too. She (as carried to e2
literally carried in to e. +he year before she (as 9iss %at&ral 'ygiene. +hen there (as another case here that
(as in a agaAine B this 5ee ;obins B one of the ost gorgeo&s feales2 and she died a ost horrible death.
'ere B Downstairs in the Journal of Natural Hygiene B she (as in there2 an e.aple of %at&ral 'ygiene. 5ied
at "K. She (as a odel.
5r. BassI !f (hatF
5r. C&rsioI E&st died fro osteoporosis.
5r. BassI @o(2 this is heavy st&ff.
5r. C&rsioI !steoporosis. Collo(ed it to the letter.
5r. BassI 5o yo& thin) 5r. Shelton (ill print thisF
5r. C&rsioI @ell2 yo& can (rite this in yo&r letter. +his is to give yo&2 there are h&ndreds and h&ndreds of
ill&strations that ca&sed e to shift. 0 al(ays ade the ove2 b&t never did 02 nor (o&ld 02 go off the basic
concepts. Al(ays2 the prie consideration (ith e (as thisI econoy of the str&ct&res of the body2 the
econoy of energy. 9a.i& &tiliAation (ith inial e.pendit&re of po(er. 0 )ept that and ade +'!SE
cardinal precepts. B&t %EME; (o&ld 0 resort to anything other than (hat 0 considered to be the opti&
5r. BassI @hat abo&t the concept of vegetarianis and egg yol)sF
5r. C&rsioI @ell2 that fors (ithin a frae(or)2 and 01 going to give yo& a /&otation. ,i)e soe of the
hygienists2 li)e !s(ald2 ho( they changed. And they (rote articles against the vegetarians2 b&t it didn1t incl&de
the egg.
5r. BassI !nce the people restored theselves2 did yo& still advocate the &se of the egg yol)F
5r. C&rsioI 9inial ao&nts. +a)e ,&igi Cornaro2 the one an that (as held &p as an e.aple by Sylvester
6raha. 'e (as al(ays &sed as a odel. Cornaro &sed the egg yo)e2 and he lived to be 1#" years old. ,&igi
Cornaro. Altho&gh 6raha didn1t advocate the &se of the egg yol)2 he still held &p this an (ho did &se it as a
odel or an e.aple of (hat a an can do by being abstentio&s in the inta)e of food2 being oderate in the
inta)e of food2 and being selective in the inta)e of food. See Stanley2 this cae abo&t beca&se 0 had to (itness
this )ind of thing (here there (as rapidity of change in the neonatal life and also rapidity of change in the
(oen in pre7part&2 yo& )no(2 and post7part& cases. 8o& )no(2 yo& sa( this2 li)e yo& sa( intensity of
action2 things that happen in a co&ple of onths that (o&ldn1t happen for years. So 0 had the clinical
observations here. !rdinarily2 a an (ho has not learned abo&t this (o&ld never even notice it.
5r. BassI Are yo& referring to regenerationF
5r. C&rsioI ;egeneration and the n&tritional ibalances2 yo& )no(. 0n the beginning2 before 0 resorted to the
blended salads2 0 loo)ed for the c&lprits in o.alic acid2 over&se of salads2 of citric acid2 fr&it rich in alic acid2
tartaric acid2 /&inic acid. 0 (as in cor7 respondence (ith 5r. ,&)as and 5rs. Arstrong and Sa.on of England.
@hen 0 told the the changes in y tho&ghts abo&t that2 they (ere in coplete agreeent (ith e. +hese (ere
asters2 fro England B ,&)as2 Arstrong2 and Sa.on.
5r. BassI 8o& ean the Arstrong (ho (rote abo&t the &rineF
5r. C&rsioI 8eahQ +hey )ne( there (as soething aiss. %o(2 0 (asn1t going to go into &rine drin)ing. 0 had
to find it2 to confor (ith the basic biological la(s that 'ygiene is based &pon. 0 didn1t (ant to do anything to
contradict 'ygiene or its principles. 0 didn1t have to. 'ygiene had the fo&ndation. 0t (as in the techni/&es that
the fail&res cae B in the interpretation B yo& )no(.
5r. BassI 5oes that ean to say that one cannot live on n&ts2 fr&its2 and vegetables today (itho&t the &se of egg
5r. C&rsioI 8o& co&ld. 8o&1d have to go thro&gh a treendo&s change2 and 0 do&bt that yo& co&ld a)e it.
Soe people2 &nless they restore that intestinal flora B yo&1d have to get bac) into that )ind of a sit&ation2 that
yo& have to appro.iate in yo&r body the )ind of a state that yo& (ere in as an infant and also that yo&r other
(as in. And reeber2 this is (here yo&1re )eyed into this. +his is (here yo&1re cop&tered into it. And yo&
have to reeber this2 this is a ,EA;%E5 B a biological adD&stent or adaptation that1s part of yo&r life and
yo& have to siply recogniAe that soe of &s can1t a)e the shifts.
5r. BassI 0n other (ords2 once yo&1ve ade the shifts (ith the egg yol)s...
5r. C&rsioI @ell2 +'E% b&t ho( any of the 5!F
5r. BassI ... then yo& can live on n&ts2 fr&its and vegetables aloneF
5r. C&rsioI 8eah2 yo& co&ld.
5r. BassI 0ndefinitely (itho&t the &se of cheeseF
5r. C&rsioI %o( 0 fo&nd also ill&strations of cases B let e tell yo&B0 had cases here (here people B en (ho
(ere interested in (eight lifting B co&ldn1t get &sc&lat&re &p to a certain level. @here they norally sho&ld
have (eighed 14# po&nds2 they co&ldn1t go beyond 1<#. And yet they (ere living biologically on the highest
type of diet. 0n soe of these cases they started &sing say coo)ed escarole and string beans2 and they started
gaining (eight. Calorically2 there (as no increase. Protein2 there (as no increase. And 0 began to (onder B (hy
did this happen (ith these casesF
5r. BassI Before2 they (ere living on a ra( dietF
5r. C&rsioI 8eahQ +hey (ere on 1##R ra(. 'ad been on it 1#2 1?2 "# years2 yo& )no(. 0 cae to a concl&sion...
@as cell&lose pab&l& for the intestinal tract B for certain factors e.isting thereF @as that the changeF 'o(
else co&ld yo& e.plain itF
5r. BassI 0n other (ords2 no( yo&1re advocating the &se of coo)ed foods2 (hen soeone has daaged the
=%oteI the coo)ed vegetables act as a very favorable c&lt&re edia to restore the gro(th of the flora (hich have
been daaged.>
5r. C&rsioI +hat1s right. 0n the cases that had this partic&lar sit&ation.
5r. BassI And then once they had restored the flora2 they co&ld go bac) to the ra( B (ith better res&ltsF
5r. C&rsioI +hat1s itQ @ith better res&lts. B&t yo& have to ta)e this into consideration. %o( (itho&t espo&sing
the Ehretist progra2 and before 0 becae a %at&ral 'ygienist 0 (as soe(hat of an Ehretist. +he transition
set&p that he follo(ed (as entirely erroneo&s. 01 not follo(ing a transition B 0 act&ally say2 give the total
ipact and eet the conditions2 the body condition. 8o&r n&tritional regien sho&ld confor (ith the
biological orientation that. e.ists at the oent2 so that yo& get a.i& &tiliAation2 assiilation2 and fi.ation
of n&trients.
5r. BassI So (hat shall 0 do (ith this thenF Sho&ld 0 copy it o&t (ord for (ordF
5r. C&rsioI 8o& can copy it o&t (ord for (ord if yo& (ant to2 yo& )no(.
5r. BassI And send it to 5r. SheltonF !r sho&ld 0 sent it to yo&2 for editingF
5r. C&rsioI %oQ 8o& did a good Dob on :+hree 6enerations.:
=;eferring to the original article 0 had (ritten 1" years previo&sly.>
5r. BassI 5id 0 cover the ost iportant factsF
5r. C&rsioI 8eah. @e have reasons for the n&tritional changes2 no(. 8o& can ention t(o people beca&se2 loo)
at 9arvin2 loo) (hat he (as doing. ,oo) at y (ife. @hen 0 (as 1##R2 yo& )no( =(hen his faily (as living
on 1##R ra( diet>2 loo) at (hat happened to her2 arginal erosion of the teeth. ,oo) at itQ 0 lost one son. 8o&
(ant to bring that o&t. 8o& sho&ld bring that o&t2 the B 1" deficiency. +here (ere soe deaths too.
5r. BassI @hat ca&sed all thisF +he e.cessive fr&it eatingF !r...
5r. C&rsioI +he e.cessive fr&it eating and B 1" deficiency.
5r. BassI B&t if yo& had ta)en these children fro the average faily (here there (as no daage to their flora
and then p&t the on the 1##R ra(2 (o&ld they have ade itF
5r. C&rsioI +hey ight have ade it2 b&t 0 do&bt it. 0 never fo&nd a case (here they co&ld. 0t (as only (ith the
blended salads that 0 sa( the iproveents.
5r. BassI 0n other (ords2 this has to be a peranent feat&re to off7set...
5r. C&rsioI 0n other (ords2 to get the vol&e that a priate gets2 the ao&nt of vol&e per po&nd per body
(eight2 in the proportion2 yo& have to intensify assiilation. 0f yo& (ere to st&dy the b&l) and the gross (eight
of (hat a gorilla (ill eat in proportion to (eight2 to appro.iate this yo& (o&ld have to eat all day2 fro
orning to night.
5r. BassI 0f yo& didn1t &se n&ts...
5r. C&rsioI 0f yo& didn1t &se n&ts and if yo& didn1t &se the salad blended in an assiilable for. +hat1s the
reason for it. And reeber also that the blended salad as a fast2 (hen the fast is bro)en (ith D&ices2 (or)s on
the sae principle2 of conserving energyBinial e.pendit&re of po(er and a.i& ret&rn for the
e.pendit&re. 0t (or)s on that sae principle.
5r. BassI %o( ho( &ch blended salad (o&ld be s&fficient if there (ere no (hole salad &sed2 to appro.iate
the gorilla2 in a dayF
5r. C&rsioI @ell2 (hat 0 fo&nd here is abo&t "4 oA.2 01d say abo&t <" oA.2 a.i&.
5r. BassI +hat (o&ld coplete all the needs for the ineralsF
5r. C&rsioI 8eah2 that1s right.
5r. BassI And the ini&F @hat (o&ld the ini& beF
5r. C&rsioI @ell2 it depends &pon the rate of assiilation. After yo& get adD&sted2 yo& can red&ce the ao&nt.
5r. BassI +o (hatF @hen a person is f&lly adD&sted2 (hat is this inial ao&ntF
5r. C&rsioI 9inial ao&ntF 0 say yo& co&ld alost coe close to the ao&nts that Cornaro &sed2 only &sing it
in the green st&ff. ;eeber2 instead of getting it li)e ;obert @alter did2 he (as getting his chlorophyll
proteins in a concentrated for after it1s been transferred into the anial. %o( @alter did it this (ay. 0 felt2
instead of a)ing that step2 by eating eat2 do it2 concentrate it in the highest for2 instead of letting it go into
the anial and then sla&ghtering that anial. +here had to be a step ahead here2 in the evol&tion2 yo& )no(.
5r. BassI 5oes that coplete itF
5r. C&rsioI 8eah2 that copletes it. %o( (e1ll bac) it &p. 01ll go into y other roo. 0 have notes. 01 going to
read soe to yo& B b&t 0 (ant yo& to /&ote soe of the old 'ygienists2 yo& )no(. 8eah2 b&t get at it right a(ay.
8o& )no( (hy 01 interested in this... beca&se 0 don1t need to blo( y o(n horn. 0 have eno&gh2 yo& )no(...
5r. BassI 'o( sho&ld 0 (ord thisF
5r. C&rsioI +he ain thing here B let1s help soe of these poor people o&t. 8o& can /&ote e directly B also
dialog&e B both fors.
5r. BassI +hen 0 (o&ld paraphrase yo&2 e.plaining the philosophy behind itF
5r. C&rsioI ;ight. 8o& can &se the philosophy B then yo& can /&ote e directly and then (e can /&ote !s(ald
=Celi. !s(ald>2 then a fe( others.
Dr. Stanley S. Bass
-##$ "oney *sland .+e. Broo/lyn! New 0or/ ##&-1
2(#34 %53,#166
Additional comments
by Chet Day from his magazine Health & Beyond June 1, 1994 ,, where the above text was first published:
In the letter Dr. Bass submitted with the article, he wrote:
!riting about patients who went into three generations of following a certain dietary pattern is a rare experience and of inestimable value. It
contains the missing lin"s and "eys to exceptional success in #ygienic eating, and the enclosed is my treasure, which I$ve been saving for
all these years. %or some inexplicable reason, it was never published by &helton, even though he as"ed me to update it after a brea" of
years. &o without further delay, I am sending it to you while we$re waiting for the mice wor" so you can use it meanwhile if you wish. It
points out the causes of failure in 'atural #ygiene diets, and it points out the solutions as discovered by the genius of Dr. Cursio$s in(uiring
I want to than" Dr. Bass for writing this important article and for sharing information which provides answers to (uestions many of us have
about the 'atural #ygiene diet. I$ve edited minimally here, mainly twea"ing a few phrasings and adding in this type face a clarifying
sentence or two of transition.
)nd now, in the spirit of *et us have the +,-+# though the heavens fall, I proudly offer you the .une issue of Health % &eyond.
)nd so ends the lesson.
'ow regarding, blended salads, how about some details from Dr. Bass$s boo"let, 'deal Health through "e(uential )ating/
If you$d li"e to try them, due to the li(uefaction of vegetables by blending, blended salads offer the following benefits:
01 )bsorption and assimilation of vitamins, minerals, and proteins is increased approximately five times as compared to eating and
chewing the salad2
31 ) blended salad will digest and leave the stomach in 04 to 35 minutes compared to 65 to 75 minutes for a tossed salad eaten whole2
61 +o avoid oxidation during the blending, when the whirlpool begins to form, stop the blender, pour its contents into a dish and begin to
eat. 'o more oxidation ta"es place than when you thoroughly masticate a salad before swallowing2
81 %or people who have difficulty with handling of roughage 9as in ulcers, colitis, and similar ailments1, or digestion of raw food, blending
usually solves the problem2
41 &ince digestion and assimilation of vegetables becomes greatly simplified when blended, the energy saved in digestion can ma"e the
difference between lingering illness and rapid recovery in serious cases.

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