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Bibliography for the Study of English Literature

from the Victorian Era to

the Present
Compiled by student assistants Zsuzsanna Egyed and
Katalin Mzes! "##$
%eference Literature
&&' Early( and Mid(Victorian )iction
English-German library
Edwards, Mike. Charlotte Bront: The Novels. New York: St. Martins Press, 1999.
Frank, Katherine. Emily Bront A Chainless Soul. London: Hamish Hamilton, 1990.
Gaskell, Elisabeth. The Life of Charlotte Bront. Harmondsworth: Penguin, 19!.
Gibson, Colin "ed.#. Art and Society in the Victorian Novel Essays on Dicens and !is
Contem"oraries. New York: St. Martins Press, 19$9.
Hobsbaum, Philip. A #eader$s %uide to Charles Dicens. London: %hames and Hudson,
Peters, Catherine. Thaceray$s &niverse. Shiftin' (orlds of )ma'ination and #eality*
&oston: 'a(er and 'a(er, 19$.
Prentis, Barbara. The Bront Sisters and %eor'e Eliot* A &nity of Difference. %otowa:
&arnes and No(le, 19$$.
TaxnerTth, Ern!. Thaceray vil+'a. &uda)est: *ur+)a, 19$.
faculty library
"aldr#, Graham. Charles Dicens and the ,orm of the Novel* ,iction and Narrative in
Dicens$ (or. %otowa: &arnes and No(le, 19$.
Guerard, $lber %oseph. The Trium"h of the Novel: Dicens- Dosto.evsy- ,aulner. New
York: ,-.ord /ni0ersit1 Press, 192.
TaxnerTth, Ern!. A Bront n/v0re vil+'a. &uda)est: *ur+)a, 193.
TaxnerTth, Ern!. Thaceray vil+'a. &uda)est: *ur+)a, 19$.
&"' Later Victorian *o+elists
English-German library
Katona, $nna. A val1s+'+2r+3ol+s "ro2l0m+i %eor'e Eliot re'0nyei2en. &uda)est:
4kad5miai 6iad+, 1929.
Kramer, "ale "ed.#. The Cam2rid'e Com"anion to Thomas !ardy. 7am(ridge: 7am(ridge
/ni0ersit1 Press, 3008.
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Prentis, Barbara. The Bront Sisters and %eor'e Eliot* A &nity of Difference. %otowa:
&arnes and No(le, 19$$.
faculty library
Hard#, E(el#n. Thomas !ardy A Critical Bio'ra"hy. London: Hogarth, 19!:.
%ohnson, )ionel. The Art of Thomas !ardy. New York: Haskell House, 198.
Kiss, Csaba. !ardy vil+'a. &uda)est: *ur+)a, 192.
)ea(is, Frank *a#mond. The %reat Tradition: %eor'e Eliot- !enry 4ames- 4ose"h Conrad.
Harmondsworth: Penguin, 19$8.
Mor'an, *osemarie. (omen and Se5uality in the Novels of Thomas !ardy. London:
;outledge, 1991.
&,' Victorian Poetry and Essay
English-German library
*owse, $l+red )eslie. 6atthe7 Arnold: 8oet and 8ro"het. Lanhann: /ni0ersit1 Press o.
4meri9a, 19$2.
faculty library
$uden, ,h#stan Hu'h. Victorian and Ed7ardian 8oets. Harmondsworth: Penguin, 19.
Bu&kle#, %erome Hamilton. Tennyson: The %ro7th of a 8oet. 4r(or: /M<, 199!.
Crai' Faxon, $li&ia. Dante %a2riel #ossetti. London: 4((e0ille, 199:.
M&Gann, %erome. Dante %a2riel #ossetti and the %ame that 6ust Be Lost. New Ha0en:
Yale /ni0ersit1 Press, 3000.
&-' Modern .rama/ 0scar 1ilde and 2' B' Sha3
English-German library
He'ed-s, G./a. %* B* Sha7 vil+'a. &uda)est: *ur+)a, 190.
Holro#d, Mi&hael. Bernard Sha7. New York: ;andom House, 19$$.
0nnes, Christopher "ed.# The Cam2rid'e Com"anion to %* B* Sha7. 7am(ridge: 7am(ridge
/ni0ersit1 Press, 300:.
*ab#, Peter "ed.#. The Cam2rid'e Com"anion to 9scar (ilde. 7am(ridge: 7am(ridge
/ni0ersit1 Press, 300:.
faculty library
Ellmann, *i&hard. 9scar (ilde. Harmondsworth: Penguin, 19$$.
Gide, $ndr.. 9scar (ilde. &uda)est: 6ult=ra, 193!.
Harben, 1ilou+er. >?. &. Shaw: Saint 4oan@ <n: Har(en: T7entiethCentury En'lish !istory
8lays from Sha7 to Bond. %otowa: &arnes and No(le, 19$$, ). 33A28.
He'ed-s, G./a. %* B* Sha7 vil+'a. &uda)est: *ur+)a, 190.
Holro#d, Mi&hael. Bernard Sha7 Volumes )))). Harmondsworth: Penguin, 19$$.
(on *adema&her, %2r'. 9scar (ilde. &uda)est: Mag1ar 6Bn10klu(, 3001.
T2r2k, $ndr3s. 9scar (ilde vil+'a. &uda)est: *ur+)a, 19$9.
,ilde, 4s&ar. A divat ra2s3ol'+i* Ess30- s3emelv0nye :lcs;nyr/l 0s 2el2ecsr/l. &uda)est:
%arCan, 3002.
&4' 5he %ise of Modern )iction
English-German library
Childs, Peter. A #outled'e Literaty Source2oo on E* 6* ,oster$s 8assa'e to )ndia. London:
;outledge, 3003.
Childs, Peter "ed.#. E* 6* ,oster$s A 8assa'e to )ndia. A Source2oo. London: ;outledge,
Finne#, Brian. D* !* La7rence: Sons and Lovers. Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1990.
Goonetilleke, C5"5*5$. 4ose"h Conrad: Beyond Culture and Bac'round. Houndsmills:
Ma9millan, 1990.
Marsh, 1i&holas. D* !* La7rence: The Novels. New York: St. Martins Press, 3000.
Milton, Colin. La7rence and Niet3sche A Study in )nfluence. 4(erdeen: 4(erdeen
/ni0ersit1 Press, 19$.
6a'ar, Keith. D* !* La7rence: Life into Art. Harmondsworth: Penguin, 19$!.
6al'ado, Gomini "ed.#. D !* La7rence: Sons and Lovers. A Selection of Critical Essays.
London: Ma9millan, 1993.
6al'ado, Gamini. The S"irit of D* !* La7rence. %otowa: &arnes and No(le, 19$$.
6arbu, $lad3r. 4ose"h Conrad vil+'a. &uda)est: *ur+)a, 19:.
faculty library
H#de, Geor'e M5 D* !* La7rence. London, Ma9millan, 1990.
K.r#, )3s/l. A s<t0t l+n' "r1f0t+.a: A re'0ny;r1 D* !* La7rence. &uda)est: ?ondolat, 19$.
)ea(is, Frank *a#mond. The %reat Tradition: %eor'e Eliot- !enry 4ames- 4ose"h Conrad.
Harmondsworth: Penguin, 19$8.
M&Conke#, %ames. The Novels of E* 6* ,oster. New York: 7ornell /ni0ersit1 Press, 19!$.
Moore, Harr# T5 and *oberts, ,arren. D* !* La7rence. Dallo): %hames and Hudson,
6arbu, $lad3r. 4ose"h Conrad vil+'a. &uda)est: *ur+)a, 19:.
Tamblin', %erem#. E* 6* ,oster* Contem"orary Critival Essays. London: Ma9millan, 199!.
,atts, Cedri&. A 8reface to Conrad. London: Longman, 19$3.
)urther reference literature
English-German library
$lexander, Mi&hael. A !istory of En'lish Literature. New York, Palgra0e, 3000.
Blake, $ndrew. #eadin' Victorian ,iction* The Cultural Conte5t and )deolo'ical Content of
the NineteenthCentury Novel. New York: St. Martins Press, 19$9.
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7am(ridge /ni0ersit1 Press, 3003.
Chesterton, Gilbert Keith. The Victorian A'e in Literature. Harleston: &r1nmill Press, 3001.
"eeds Ermarth, Eli/abeth. The En'lish Novel in !istory =>?@A>?BCD. London: ;outledge,
Ellmann, *i&hard. A lon' the riverrun Selected Essays. New York: and 6no).,
Ford, Boris "ed.#. The 8elican %uide to En'lish Literature Volume E: The 6odern A'e.
New York: Penguin, 198.
Ger(ais, "a(id. Literary En'lands* Versions of En'lishness in 6odern (ritin'. 7am(ridge:
7am(ridge /ni0ersit1 Press, 1998.
Grierson, Herbert. A Critical !istory of En'lish 8oetry. Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1923.
Gu#, %osephine M. The Victorian A'e: An Antholo'y of Sources and Documents. New York:
;outledge, 300:.
Kiberd, "e&lan. )rish Classics. London: ?ranta, 3001.
Kiberd, "e&lan. )nventin' )reland* The Literature of the 6odern Nation. London: Eintage,
Kurdi, M3ria "ed.#. Critical Antholo'y for the Study of 6odern )rish Literature. &uda)est:
NemFeti %ankBn10kiad+, 3008.
*i&hetti, %ohn "ed.#. The Colum2ia !istory of the British Novel. 7am(ridge: 7am(ridge
/ni0ersit1 Press, 199:.
*i&hards, 6haun "ed.#. The Cam2rid'e Com"anion to T7entiethCentury )rish Drama.
7am(ridge: 7am(ridge /ni0ersit1 Press, 300:.
6ussman, Herbert. Victorians and the 6achine Literary #es"onse to Technoli'y. Harward
/ni0ersit1 Press, 1929.
,ri'ht, $nne. Literature of Crisis: >B>A>BFF. New York: St. Martins Press, 19$:.
Journals in the English-German library
H/SS* P4P*;S
G FAAH: *a7nai %udit: >&e.ore and 4.ter: Male and 'emale Eersions o. Gek1ll and H1de@ "109A131#
G FAAI: Csin3d# %udit: >%he .ormation o. the intelle9tual su(9lass in the late Ei9torian )eriod@ "80A:1#
G >BBI Vol* )*: Peter 8oo'd: >%he in.luen9e o. Go19e and Sterne@ "19A3#
HG*4S "Hungarian Gournal o. *nglish and 4meri9an Studies#
G Vol* ?*JNum* >*: 6arbu $lad3r: >%hat e-tra0agant st1le: Dalter Pater, D. &. Yeats, and m1th@
G Vol* @*JNum* >F*: *obert Burden: >S1m(olisation in )s19hoanal1sis and literature: La9anian
readings o. the H)oethi9 meta)hor in I. H. Lawren9e@ "91A10!#
G Vol* F*JNum* F*: Hein/ Kosok: >%wo <rish )ers)e9ti0es on Dorld Dar <: &ernard Shaw and Sean
,7ase1@ "1A81#
%*J%/4L P;47%<7*
G Vol* FA*J )ssue F*: Chris "anta: >%wo 0ersions o. death: the trans.ormation o. the literar1 9or)se in
6a.ka and Ste0enson@ "3$1A801#
G Vol* >B*J )ssue >*: 8#ban Cre'an*eid: >Irowning in earl1 Ii9kens@ "1A98#
G Vol* >C*J )ssue I*: )u&# M&"iarmid: >,s9ar Dildes s)ee9h .rom the do9k@ "::A2#
G Vol* >C*J )ssue >*: Karin )esnik4berstein: >9liver T7ist: the narrators tale@ "$A101#
%H* 4N47H;,N<S%
G FAA@: %arlath Killeen: >,s9ar Dilde and 'eminism@ ":2A21#
G >BBE: Tom Hubbard: >North and South in the writings o. ;. L. Ste0enson@ "!9A1#
G >BBC: Kiss Es/ter: >%he uni0erse in Tess of the D$ &r2ervilles and 4ane Eyre@ "1!A$2#
G Summer FAAH:
)auren M5 E5 Goodland: >Dhere Li(erals .ear to tread: *. M. 'osters Kueer internationalism
and the ethi9s o. 9are@ "80A88#
Mi&hael 6a#ean: >Dork, unem)lo1ment, and the e-haustion o. .i9tion in !eart of Darness@
G S"rin' FAAH:
Timoth# Christensen: >Modernism, misre9ognition and 9ultural di..eren9e in *. M. 'osters A
8assa'e to )ndia@ "1!!A19#
G ,all FAAIJ S"rin' FAA@:
Ed Cohen: >Hiding the Su(Ce9tL %he antimonies o. mas9ulinit1 in The Stran'e Case of Dr 4eyll
and 6r !yde@ "1$1A301#
G ,all >BB?:
%ohn Marx: >Modernism and the .emale <m)erial gaFe@ "!1A2#
G S"rin' >BB?:
Benita Parr#: >Materialit1 and m1sti.i9ation in A 8assa'e to )ndia@ "1:A192#
G (inter >BBH:
%oseph )it(ak: >6iss me, stu)id: so)histi9ation, se-ualit1, and Vanity ,air@ "338A3:3#
faculty library
$llen, ,alter. The En'lish Novel* A Short Critical !istory. London: Penguin, 19$0.
Bataille, Geor'es. A3 irodalom 0s a ross3. &uda)est: Nag10ilMg, 300!.
Ellmann, *i&hard. A lon' the riverrun Selected Essays. New York: and 6no).,
Garrett, %ohn. British 8oetry Since the Si5teenth Century. %otowa: &arnes and No(le, 19$.
Gilbert, 6andra. The 6ad7oman in the Attic: The (oman (riter and the Ninteenth
Century Literay )ma'ination. New Ha0en: Yale /ni0ersit1 Press, 19$:.
Gilmour, *obin. The )dea of the %entleman in the Victorian Novel. London: 4llen and
/nwin, 19$1.
Hou'hton, ,alter E. The Victorian ,rame of 6ind >?IA>?EA. New Ha0en: Yale /ni0ersit1
Press, 19$!.
0nnes, Christopher. 6odern British Drama >?BA>BBA. 7am(ridge: 7am(ridge /ni0ersit1
Press, 1993.
Kermode, Frank. 6odern British Literature. New York: ,-.ord /ni0ersit1 Press, 199.
Kurdi, M3ria "ed.#. Critical Antholo'y for the Study of 6odern )rish Literature. &uda)est:
NemFeti %ankBn10kiad+, 3008.
)od'e, "a(id. Consciousness and the Novel Connected Essays. 7am(ridge: Harward
/ni0ersit1 Press, 3003.
6.llei, 1ra. L+nny+ v+li- s ;rnie3d: >B* s3+3adi an'ol ;r1n/. Ie(re9en: 6ossuth *g1etemi
6iad+, 1999.
6il(ester, Christopher "ed.#. S3ellemid030s: Na'y inter.K<nyv >BCBt/l na".aini'.
&uda)est: &iogrM., 199:.
,ri'ht, $nne. Literature of Crisis: >B>A>BFF. New York: St. Martins Press, 19$:.
Journals in the faculty library
N*D L<%*;4;Y H<S%,;Y
G Vol*I?*J Num* F*: "a(id 6idorsk#: N%he uses o. the )hiloso)h1 o. ?. *. Moore in the works o. *.
M. 'oster@ "3:!A38#
G Vol*IC*J Num* @*: *i&hard "ellamora: NProdu9ti0e de9aden9e: O%he Kueer 9omradeshi) o.
outlawed thought: Eernon Lee, Ma- Nordan and ,s9ar Dilde> "!39A!:#
G Vol*FH*J Num* F*: Fores# P#le: NIemands o. histor1: narrati0e 9rises in 4ude the 92scure> "8!9A
9:5 The 0rish )iterar# *e(i(al
&ertha, 7silla. A dr+ma;r1 Leats. &uda)est: 4kad5miai 6iad+, 19$$.
&ertha, 7silla. (orlds Visi2le and )nvisi2le: Essays on )rish literature. Ie(re9en: LaCos
6ossuth /ni0ersit1, 199:.
&rown, %eren9e. The Life of (. B. Leats: A Critical Bio'ra"hy. Iu(lin: ?ill P Ma9millan,
7hi(a, Yoko. >D. &. Yeatss ,99ultism as a S1m(oli9 Link to ,ther 7ultures@. !un'arian
4ournal of En'lish and American Studies, Eolume 10, Num(er 1Q3, "300:#: 237-246.
7ulling.ord, *liFa(eth. %ender and !istory in Leats$s Love 8oetry. S1ra9use, N.Y.: S1ra9use
/ni0ersit1 Press, 1992.
Ieane, Seamus. Stran'e Country: 6odernity and Nationhood in )rish (ritin' since >EBA.
,-.ord: 7larendon Press, 199$.
Irake, Ni9holas. The 8oetry of (. B. Leats. London: Penguin &ooks, 1991.
*gri, P5ter. T<r0svonala. Dr+mai )r+nyo a3 Eur1"ai S3+3adfordul1n =>?E>G>B>ED.
&uda)est: ?ondolat, 19$8.
?ergel1, Rgnes. >Dilliam &utler Yeats.@ A3 an'ol irodalom a FA. s3+3ad2an.Eolume <. *d. (1
&Mti LMsFl+ and 6rist+QNag1 <st0Mn. &uda)est: ?ondolat, 190: 108Q131.
?ergel1, Rgnes. Nyu'at 6a'yar.a: Ess30na"l1 (illiam Butler Leatsr/l. &uda)est:
SF5)irodalmi, 1991.
?i(son, Matthew. Leats- Colerid'e and the #omantic Sa'e. Ham)shire: Ma9millan Press,
?rene, Ni9holas. The 8olitics of )rish drama: 8lays in Conte5t from Boucicault to ,riel. New
York: 7am(ridge /ni0ersit1 Press, 1999.
Howes, MarCorie Q 6ell1, Gohn "eds.#. The Cam2rid'e Com"anion to (. B. Leats. 7am(ridge:
7am(ridge /ni0ersit1 Press, 300.
Ge..ares, 4. Norman "ed.#. Leats the Euro"ean. ?errards 7ross: Sm1the, 19$9.
6oCima, 7hiaki. >G. M. S1nge and 6an 6iku9hi: 'rom <rish Irama to Ga)anese New Irama@.
!un'arian 4ournal of En'lish and American Studies, Eolume 10, Num(er 1Q3, "300:#: 99-
6osok, HeinF. 9$Casey the Dramatist. ?errards 7rossS %otowa: Sm1theS &arnes P No(le
&ooks, 19$!.
6osok, HeinF. >%wo <rish Pers)e9ti0es on Dorld Dar <: &ernard Shaw and Sean ,T7ase1@.
!un'arian 4ournal of En'lish and American Studies, Eolume 3, Num(er 3, "1992#: 17-30.
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/ni0ersit1 Press, 1990.
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Me9sn+(er, %ekla. >%he Portrait o. 4rt as &od1: the 7ase o. D.&. Yeats@. !&SSE 8a"ers,
MesterhMFi, MMrton. Mr Em2er S3;n"adon. &uda)est: Liget MUhel1 4la)Vt0Mn1, 3002.
MesterhMFi, MMrton. Sean 9$Casey Vil+'a. &uda)est: *ur+)a, 19$8.
MesterhMFi, MMrton. Sean 9$Casey 6a'yarors3+'on. &uda)est: 4kad5miai 6iad+, 1998.
,7onnor, /li9k. Celtic Da7n: A "ortrait of the )rish Literary #enaissance. London: &la9k
Swan, 1991.
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of En'lish and American Studies, Eolume 10, Num(er 1Q3, "300:#: 9-32.
Sar(u, 4ladMr. >%hat *-tra0agant St1le: Dalter Pater, D. &. Yeats, M1th@. !un'arian
4ournal of En'lish and American Studies, Eolume $, Num(er 1, "3003#: Q9$.
SFentmihMl1i, SFa(+ P5ter. (illiam Butler Leats Vil+'a. &uda)est: *ur+)a, 19$.
%ra1, ;o(ert. >His Stor1, Her Stor1: the ;e9ent 4d0enture o. Cathleen Ni !oulihan@.
!un'arian 4ournal of En'lish and American Studies, Eolume $, Num(er 1, "3003#: 19Q8$.
9;5 Experiments in Modernist Fi&tion
4ttridge, Ierek "ed.#. The Cam2rid'e Com"anion to 4ames 4oyce. 7am(ridge: 7am(ridge
/ni0ersit1 Press, 1999.
4ttridge, Ierek. Semicolonial 4oyce. 7am(ridge: 7am(ridge /ni0ersit1 Press, 3000.
4ttridge, Ierek. 4oyce Effects on Lan'ua'e- Theory- and !istory. 7am(ridge: 7am(ridge
/ni0ersit1 Press, 3000.
4ttridge, Ierek "ed.D. 8ostGstructuralist 4oyce: Essays from the ,rench. 7am(ridge:
7am(ridge /ni0ersit1 Press, 19$$.
&at9helor, Gohn. Vir'inia (oolf: the ma.or novels. 7am(ridge: 7am(ridge /ni0ersit1 Press,
&59s1, Rgnes. Vir'inia (oolf vil+'a. &uda)est: *ur+)a, 19$0.
&ennett, Goan 'rankau. Vir'inia (oolf: !er Art as a Novelist. 7am(ridge: /ni0ersit1
Press, 19:9.
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2io'ra"hy- and Nthe 4e7N in modernist Euro"e. New York: /ni0ersit1 Press, 1992.
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719lo)s *)isode o. Games Go19es &lysses@. !un'arian 4ournal of En'lish and American
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