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University of Jaffna
Department of human resource management
Faculty of Management Studies & Commerce.
Fourth year first semester
Strategic Management, HRM 4201
Assignment No 1


University of Jaffna strategic management
Do we (the University of Jaffna) need strategy?
University of Jaffna need strategy achieves their vision mission & goals.
University is planning to have following strategies as envisaged in the corporate plan
1) To Provide Relevant and Quality Academic Programmes
o To provide courses to meet the current and future needs and challenges
o To create an appropriate academic atmosphere in the university for teaching
o To Improve Students and Staff welfare facilities in University

2) To be a Center promoting studies relevant for global national needs
o To Introduce suitable academic Programs
o To inculcate high ethical and moral values in Students
o To Formulate the accepted code of ethics and ensure compliance

3) Focus on producing graduates capable of adapting to changing environment
o Designed courses to latest knowledge and theories in the respective field
o Faculty to be continuously exposed and trained at latest development in their specific fields

4) Ensure a competent and committed academic staff and effective Administrative
support staff
o Providing best training for the faculty /staff
o Upgrade support staff facilities
o Ensure efficiency and effectiveness among staff

5) To Develop the Library as a main source of Information in the region
o Strengthening and maintaining materials and facilitating easy access to them

o Developing a global data based through electronically media

6) Dissemination Knowledge to community
o Dissemination research findings through publications
o Dissemination to community to improve their Capacity

7) Achieve excellence as a center for higher learning in the Asia Region
o Gaining National and International Recognition

Are we creating value?
Yes we definitely creating value in the following manner
University of Jaffna has vision mission & goals
Our vision is to be a leading centre of excellence in teaching, learning, research and
Our mission is to be a leading centre of academic excellence in producing intellectual,
professionally competent and capable graduates by providing quality teaching, learning, and
carrying out research to meet the emerging needs of the national and international community
with special emphasis on the social, economical and cultural needs of Northern Sri Lanka.
Our Goals
To be a leading centre of excellence in higher studies
Carrying out research to broaden the knowledge frontier.
To prepare graduates to foster intellectual environment with National and
International orientation.
To promote studies to meet the needs of the community and the Nation.

In this way university of Jaffna creating value.

Do we have multiple functions? What are the relations?
Examinations, Admissions, Student Welfare, Library, Planning & Maintenance, Health
Centre, Physical Education, Student Counseling, Security.
All these functions are interrelated and dependent between them for achieve the vision
mission & goals.
What resources do we have and share among the functions?
We have human, finance & physical resources.
Share our valuable resources among the faculties according their needs.

What functions/program/project has priority?
B.Sc in Agriculture, MBBS , B.Sc(Nursing),B.Sc.(MLS),B.Pharm, BA
LLB, PGD. in Ed, B.Sc in Com. Sc., B.Sc in Science, BBA,B.Com, PGD Master Degrees,

How do we organize and coordinate the allocation of resources?
We organize our resources according our faculty needs and appoint the staff to allocate these
resources in effective way.
Recurrent Expenditure
Personal emoluments, travelling, supplies, maintenance, contractual services, other
Capital Expenditure
Acquisition of furniture & office equipment
Acquisition of machineries
Acquisition of building & structures

University of Jaffna achieves their vision mission & goals through strategic management


Annual report 2010 university of Jaffna