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Bursting Reports with Business Objects

You can use the bursting technique to make multiple reports easier and to make scheduling
them much easier. This would be used when you have a single report that you need to provide in
individualized format to different departments. This means you do not have to build and schedule
multiple reports.
1. uild your report!including all the departments that you will want to give this report to.
". #un the report and format as you wish. $nce you have it as you want% e&cept being
department specific% click on the name of the report tab at the bottom and select
'uplicate #eport. 'o this as many times as you have departments for. (n my e&ample% (
have ).

*. Then% rename each tab to a single department as above.
). $nce you have done this% you will go into each report and insert a filter. To do this% select
+ormat +ilters. ,lick -dd and select 'epartment./atient.

0. The list of values will then show. 1elect the one appropriate for that particular report.
Then select -pply and $2. The report will then only show patients in that department.

3. #epeat for each report. You may need to set up your scenario to make sure you have a
patient in each department to adequately set this up initially.
4. $nce you have these all set% you will need to go into the macro area.
5. (n the macro area% you will need to type your macro. (f ( send you mine through usiness
$b6ects% you can simply copy and paste and then make it specific to your needs.
7. The macro will be named whatever you call it!whatever you type after the word 1ub at
the top. ( would recommend keeping it simple and short.
18. 9imic the setup ( have here!.in my e&ample the macro is called daily:admit..note
where ( have that in the macro.
11. ;ote the names ( have in the parentheses!.,,<% <nit -% etc. Those are the report names
from the tabs for each report. ( have them directed to print to the printer for that unit. You
must use the network path name for the printer.
1". $nce you have all that done% save it and e&it.
1*. 1ave to ,orporate 'ocs as usual.
1). 1chedule to go to roadcast -gent. =hen you do this% a few things will be slightly
different. $n the -ctions tab% you will choose #efresh and then ,ustom 9acros. The
macro you have built will show up. >ighlight and click 1elect. You will not pick a
printer as that is in your macro setup. 1chedule as you want with the times and such.

You have 6ust built 1 report and copied it multiple times and scheduled a single 6ob within
,-. 9uch easier to maintain in the long run?