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The SpreadsheetWorld Integrated Collaborative Environment ( ICE) program provides a blend of proc-

ess consulting, training and software to support our clients systems design objectives. The blend of
products and services is client dependent, but must always include all 3 components to insure a suc-
cessful outcome. The software tools needed for successful results are determined together with our
clients during the process training portion of the program. Excel/VBA, ICEMaker, XLLink and Model
INTegrator are SpreadsheetWorld tools that are frequently recommended for increased use in success-
fully implementing an integrated systems design process in a collaborative environment. We also rec-
ommend ongoing training in Spreadsheet Aided Engineering, which is designed to support system mod-
eling and engineering information management in the ICE process.
Model INTegrator Overview
Model INTegrator is a SpreadsheetWorld product designed to support Excel based parameter driven
integrated systems design. It is a user driven process based on extensive utilization of the Excel
Spreadsheet platform. It provides the software needed for communication of key system design pa-
rameters between the various computer models being used by the design team members. This allows
the users to integrate various software packages being used by the design team members. It is de-
signed to work with ICEMaker which provides effective systems level parameter sharing and communi-
cation between the design team members. This process allows team members to use their existing
software programs and communicate key design parameters with other team members using different
software programs. SpreadsheetWorld has developed an effective process which grows out of training
programs used in our popular Spreadsheet Aided Engineering Series. It is also supported by the
VBA/DLL model development skills which are taught as part of the SpreadsheetWorld training program,
and by utilization of engineering toolboxes available
from SpreadsheetWorld and our strategic partners
which support a rapid system modeling process.
Model INTegrator Operation
Model Integrator is launched from the Spreadsheet-
World Toolbox Manager. It includes multiple fea-
ture sets depending on the desired tool integration
functionality. The most basic functionality is to dy-
namically communicate parameter sets between 2
workbooks which might be (a) workbooks on the
same computer, (b) workbooks on different com-
puters on the same LAN, or (c) workbooks on re-
mote computers with communication through the
Internet. In this case, the functionality is designed
specifically for dynamic linking between workbooks. In that
case, Model Integrator would need to be installed and turned
on for all the computers for which workbooks are being
linked. The next level of capability would be for the ability to
link to other applications either within one computer station,
computer stations on the same LAN, computer stations on
different LANs, or computers communicating over the inter-
net. These additional levels of ability require additional link-
ing capability which is provided by other linking engines de-
veloped by SpreadsheetWorlds Strategic Partner and inte-
grated into Model Integrator.
SpreadsheetWorld Advanced Integrated Systems Design
Sof t war e Suppor t Tr ai ni ng - Appl i cat i ons Devel opment

Model INTegrator

Software for an Integrated Collaborative Environment
F E A T U R E S :
Integrate Other
CAE software
Integrate without
writing code
Excel Based
Model Integration
Multiple Platforms


User Friendly

Excel Based Team Communication
Excel has a few built-in features which can be used to support small team integration. Spread-
sheetWorld makes maximum use of these built-in features to share parameters between small
groups of design engineers in the early stages. Links between the workbook range cell values
can be utilized to some extent to dynamically share values. Workbooks can also be shared be-
tween multiple users. However, the idea of linking between workbooks is very limited, and quickly
leads to numerous problems when you increase team sizes and links. Model INTegrator is de-
signed to alleviate those problems. It is important to move on to using Model Integrator for pa-
rameter collaboration between multiple workbooks at an early stage. It is also possible to use
Object Oriented programming to integrate the many software packages currently using VBA Ob-
ject Models. Model INTegrator eliminates the need to write code for parameter collaboration
between those packages. The interface is worked out using wrappers which are designed to
make the process of parameter sharing between software packages easy. This includes such
packages as SolidWorks, Visio, Labview, Pro/E, etc. Model INTegrator then is designed to pro-
vide dynamic parameter collaboration between various software tools frequently used by engi-
neers in the design process without writing code.
Model INTegrator Peer-to-Peer Feature
Model INTegrator uses a peer-to-peer architecture which allows individual team members to
dynamically pass design parameters between various engineering software packages. It pro-
vides an important support role in the process of parameter communication between various
software packages. Communication is made possible through the exposure of the API for each
software package. This provides interoperability with many packages using wrappers for each
application. Interaction is limited to those packages for which wrappers have been developed.
Wrappers have been developed for many popular engineering software packages.
Model Integrator and CO
Model Integrator is powered by the CO Engine produced by Oculus Technologies. The CO
engine provides the ability to do dynamic linking between many popular engineering software
packages. The Model Integrator adaptation of CO provides a user friendly version, designed
specifically to operate from Excel as a command and control center. It provides pre-built adapt-
ers for Files, Databases (Microsoft Access, Oracle, MySQL), Mathematical Modeling Software
(MATLAB, TKSolver, MathCAD), Solid Modeling (SolidWorks, Pro/ENGINEER, Unigraphics,
CATIA, I-DEAS, AutoCAD), Finite Element Analyses (ANSYS, Nastran, Abaqus, etc.), Manufac-
turing Simulations , CRM Systems and ERP Systems. With Model Integrator connecting a
worksheet range parameter to one of the above applications is as simple as activating Model
INTegrator, and entering the cell or range of cells that you want to communicate with the se-
lected application.
ICEMaker Publish-Subscribe features and functionality
Model INTegrator is designed to work in partnership with ICEMaker to enhance design parame-
ter communication between design team members. ICEMaker is closely tied to the process of
doing mission definition, configuration definition and trade-offs. From the SpreadsheetWorld
viewpoint, the process begins with individual engineers learning how to effectively create sys-
tem level functional models which are functions of decision and design variables (parameters).
These parameters must be shared between ICEMaker clients, which depend on the same
variables. In addition, changes in the variables must be controlled at one location and when
changed, all models which depend on those variables must be updated. The impact of such
changes on all models must be determined and it must be verified that all the system rules are
validated and maintained.
Pricing Information
Prices for the above packages are subject to change and are dependent on the software
wrappers needed to be integrated into the design integration process. Call for price quote.

XLNumerical Methods
XLThermal Fluids
Model INTegrator
XLData Analysis
XLGas Dynamics
XLHeat Transfer
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