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A Case study by Muhammad Shafiq Gul and Nazesh Noori 01 NIMA Kabul, Afghanistan

Bakhtar bank was established in 2009 in Afghanistan. It is a local bank with 19 branches.
Among the 19 branches 10 are operating in Kabul while other are operating in Mazar-E-Sharef,
Herat, Jalalabad, Kandahar and Ghazni provinces. Bakhtar Bank operation is in accordance to
international standards. It has set the objective to help the Afghan business community to become
prosper in the financial means. Everyday employees perform in such a way to satisfy not only the
needs of Local Afghan businessmen but also to serve the international institutions operating in
Services provided by Bakhtar bank
The bank offers a suite of products comprising:
Deposit products
Current Account
Savings fund
Fixed/ term deposits
VIP- current Account
Bakhtar safe cash
Deposits loans,
Investment solutions,
Payments and cards.
Operates in: corporate/wholesale and Retail banking,
Treasury/ cash management/ trade finance and specialized banking operation service

The bank offers branchless banking services, such as internet banking mobile banking. The
banks deposits include demand, saving and fixed / term deposits. Bakhtar bank offers a wide
range of banking products and financial services to corporate retail customers through a variety of
delivery channels.

A Case study by Muhammad Shafiq Gul and Nazesh Noori 01 NIMA Kabul, Afghanistan

Bakhtar Safe Cash

Banking cash is a time consuming and resource intensive activity that has to be managed
by companies on daily basis Bakhtar safe cash has been designed to match the business
requirements of corporate customers and allows them to entrust this key need to a bank managed
service. Companies can select from a range of value added features offered by the service. All
cash collected is credited to the companys concentration account for easy utilization of funds.

Bakhtar Bank Future Plan
The Bank want to have branches across the country, more branches in Kabul and in the
provinces. The bank have already secured license for opening 3 new branches which are going to
be opened shortly. The bank is also planning for more licenses to open new branches. Their plan
is to have a network of 100 branches around the country by the end of year 2015.

Bakhtar bank is a fast growing bank in Afghanistan. The
bank is serving the nation from the date of its inception and is
committed to serve Afghans to the best of their resources and
capabilities. The bank is also planning to make a network of their
branches around the country by the end of 2015.