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Covers: by Elizabeth Lawhead Bourne Disclaimer This document is contains the full text of Dragon: the Scorching originally

published online as a free download by ExistingPhantom ( ) in 1996. No words have been changed or omitted with the exception of correcting typos, reorganizing tables for clarity, and insertion of page numbers in the Table of Contents. Illustrations The art used in this book was formatted by Laura “Tamara” Henson in 2009. All Illustrations with the exception of the cover art comes from three sources, most are © Dee Dreslough 1996-2008, the rest is from Simply Software’s Sci-Fi & Fantasy Clipart 3 and Witches and Wizards Clipart both edited by Jon Gustafson and © 1997-2008, No Hassle Home. The Borders and Dividers are from Microsoft Word 2003. Printing Instructions You are encouraged to make copies and print-outs as needed. This PDF has been published as a free download – if you are asked to pay for it you have been a victim of fraud. Printing Instructions: Print the front page and this page single sided, print the remainder of the document double sided. The last page should printed single sided and used as the back cover.

Dragons!: The Scorching TM Version 5.0 Beta Last Modified: 08-23-96 By ExistingPhantom Copyright 1996 ExistingPhantom All Rights Reserved


1. Setting 1a. General Note 1b. Dedication 1c. Environment 1d. The World Of White Wolf: Behind the veil 2. Multiversal Environments 2a. Magick Rich 2b. Magick Weak 2c. Non Magickal 3. A Dragon's Nature 3a. Gaba: The Tricksters 3b. Heur: The Seers 3c. Odox: The Harmony 3d. Alni: The Creators 3e. Roun: The Wild 3f. Enri: The Warriors 3g. Rawn: The Seekers 3h. Hado: The Leaders 4. New Dragon Skill Descriptions 4a. Attributes 4b. Abilities 4c. Talents 4d. Skills 4e. Knowledge 4f. Dragon Magick 4g. Dragon Vristra 5. Innate Gifts Animal's Voice Animate Bargain Battle Lock Bind Breath Block Calling The Wild Calm Camouflage Captivate Charge Command Complete Balance Controlled Climate *Create Element Death Blow 7 7 8 8 9 11 11 12 12 13 13 14 14 14 15 15 16 16 17 17 17 17 19 20 22 24 28 28 29 29 29 30 30 30 31 31 32 32 32 33 33 33 33


Disruption Dragon's Sail Draconic Logic Expel Failing Flight Find Weakness Fire Starter Firetail Feral Group Persuasion Healing Tongue *Heightened Senses Hide It Increase Mayhem Induce Fear Inspire Beast Inspire Others Know Intentions Locate Loose Tongue Looseum Mental Instability Mind Block Morph Self *Open Seal Paralyzing Roar Peace Perfect Recall Phantom Sight Recolor Renew *Resist Pain Resize Self Revitalize Sap Will Sense Being Sense Magick Sense Umbral Disturbance Shape Light Shape Liquid Shape Matter Slippery Scales Spirit Block Stick Stooge Effect Storm Calling

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Summon Human Survival Talk With Spirits Transfer Spirit Truth Umbral Passage Umbral Vision Venom Dust Vocal Comprehension Vocal Imitation Vow 6. Brawling, Combat And Damage 6a. Attacking To Hit 6b. Determining Damage 6c. Soaking Damage 6d. Dragon Attacks 6d.1 Standard Brawl Combat Bite Breath Clamping bite Claws Dusting Horn attack Roaring Defense Roll Squeeze Tail Whip Trip Vicious Shake Wingslap 6d.2 Standard Aerial Combat Back Roll Dive Attack Grappling Plummet Snatch 6e. Maneuvers Table: Standard Brawl Combat 6f. Maneuvers Table: Standard Aerial Combat 6g. Falling 7. Gaining Experience, Experience Advancement 7a. Awarding Experience Points 7b. Spending Experience Points 8. Other Dragon Info 8a. Fetishes 8b. Technologies 8c. Dragon's Bane

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8c. Milk 8c. Alcohol 9. Creating Your Dragon Character 9a. Player Name, Gender, Type, Age, Clan, And Size 9b. Selecting The Dragons Environment 9c. Selecting The Dragon's Nature 9d. Choosing Attributes And Abilities 9e. Filling In Spheres and Quintessence 9e.1 Spheres 9e.2 Quintessence 9f. Filling In Gnosis 9g. Filling In Pride, Willpower And Background 9g.2 Pride 9g.3 Willpower 9g.4 Background 9h. Choosing Gifts 9i. Use Your Free Points 10. Character Sheets 10a. A Dragon LPR Character Creation Sheet 10b. A Standard Dragon Character Creation Sheet For White Wolf's Storyteller TM Game System

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1a. General Note
Dragons!: The Scorching TM character creation manual is originally based off of Werewolf the Apocalypse TM character creation manual. Dragons!: The Scorching TM character creation manual is not a supported character creation manual by White Wolf Game Studio. Players and GMs are free to use the suggested environment background and character creation system in their games however, be aware it may conflict with future White Wolf releases. If you have any question or confusion about abilities, skills or character creation, you can probably use the White Wolf gaming manuals as a reference. Mage the Ascension TM, Mage TM, Storyteller TM, Modern Magick TM, and Werewolf the Apocalypse TM are all trademarks of White Wolf Game Studio. Other common terms used by White Wolf Game Studio and used in Dragons!: The Scorching TM may be trademarks of White Wolf Games Studio. However, the ones above are the only ones I'm aware of. My apologies if I've missed any. Dragons!: The Scorching TM is Copyright 1996 by ExistingPhantom All rights Reserved. Gamemasters and players may reproduce Dragons!: The Scorching TM for personal use.

1b. Dedication
This Dragons!: The Scorching TM manual was designed for and is dedicated to dragons and dragon fans everywhere. Special thanks to the people at White Wolf Game Studio for creating such an incredibly fun and interesting gaming system. Such a wonderful game system shouldn't be without dragons, so here they are. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

1b. Environment


This dragon character sheet is designed to work with the White Wolf Storyteller TM gaming system. It’s also designed to allow a wide range of dragon abilities and characteristics, and races from different gaming systems, books, players and imaginative multiverses. The following is a suggested method of handing dragon magick and other material involving dragons in the White Wolf realm. This system was created before the Mage TM manual came out but has been modified to fit the Mage TM Modern Magick TM system. For many ages beings know as dragons have roamed throughout the universes, living between the veils that separate the multiple universes. Over eons dragons changed and became separate varied species throughout the multiverses. Knowledge was lost and gained... and so they lived their lives. In their hoarding and craving for knowledge and substance, new forces of the mind, of magick and technology were gained. Some dragons molded the Vristral arts of the mind, others divined the magickal arts of the multiverse, and there were those whom pondered and designed the arts of science and technology. The dragons who learned the arts of magick found that the multiverse contained a very spontaneous, yet sloppy forms of energy called quintessence. This energy did not saturate the multiverse but was found scattered throughout it in varying quantities. Dragons who have studies the arts of magick where only able to work their arts where quintessence was found. Quintessence was able to replace the natural laws and patterns of the multiverse instantly with new laws and patterns that the dragons designed. This tampering however did not come without a risk. The multiverse, ever striving for equilibrium and balance of forces, would eventually breakdown and change the patch. Localized paradoxes would form as the quintessence patches failed and shifted. The patched portion of the multiverse would achieved a new balance. There were dragons who strived for control over their own mind and body without the use of external forces. They called such mental arts vristra. Using their inner energy they first found they could exert great control over their bodies and mental states. Over time the dragons who dove into the inner self found that they were able to apply what they learned to multiverse without. Dragons learned they could influence the thoughts of others and the laws and patterns of the multiverse about them. Unlike the mages they did not require the use of quintessence. Using vristra they were able to slowly over periods of time manipulate and reshape the very basic interactions of the energies in the multiverse. With vristra even simple shaping took time, but unlike magick vristra allowed the multiverse time to achieve balance. Since the workings of vristra didn't place sudden strain on the multiverse, the vristral changes often maintained their states and became as stable and perminnate as the shifting energies of the multiverse allowed. Dragons with a zest for tinkering and knowledge of any type found that they could map the patterns and forces that governed portions of the


multiverse and build devices and machines that took advantage of them. The tinkering dragons neither replaced nor shaped the patterns and laws of the multiverse, instead these dragons became masters of their workings. They could play the governing forces of the multiverse like a well tuned instrument and create wonders and marvels. And of coarse there were dragons who dabbled in everything...

1c. The World of White Wolf: Behind the veil
Dragons knew of the infinite possibilities that lie behind the veils of the multiverse. Some dragons came across the portion of the multiverse know as tellurian and passed it by ... others stayed. Once the veils of tellurian were rich and free flowing with magick. Since its infancy, this infinite portion of the multiverse had an abundance of quintessence. Magick flowed free on the whims man and other creatures alike. Things that were expected happened freely. Such was the ordered chaos throughout the veils of the tellurian and it displease some... So sprang up the age of the techocracy whom bent the masses' wills to their own. They strengthened the veils between them and the rest of the multiverses. They used the quintessence against itself to change the thoughts of the masses into believing the very nature of quintessence was a mere fairytale. And then there was new ordered chaos throughout the veils of Tellurian. The belief of the masses had unusual effects on the quintessence and consequently the technocracy themselves. The technomancers now hoarded the quintessence in nodes. They began to categorize quintessence and create specific that rules governed its use. They began to fall into the delusion of self power. This belief of their self power began to 9

change how their universe achieved a natural balance when the energy of quintessence was used. The mages believed their patches of the natural laws were absolute and would remain forever. Through gradual self delusion in their great personal power the technocracy and masses forced changes in the laws and patterns of the universe that became perminnate. Tellurian complied, but paradox still grew. The stressed patterns began to find a release at the weakest points of the willed change, the mages whom played with the quintessence itself. When paradox became to great it backwashed back to the technomages. The dragons mages who came to the tellurian knew the workings of the multiverse. Even in the midst of the technocracy's tampering the dragons strong belief in the true knowledge of the multiverse allowed them to be personally unaffected by paradox while casting magick. Because of this and other differences dragon magick was often considered strange and different by other creatures. The dragons whom stayed in the tellurian passed their knowledge down to their hatchings. Over time a few dragons have lost the such knowledge and have fallen into the technocracy's rut. But many still know the truth. Such knowledge does not please the founding oracles. Many dragons abhor the technocracy of the tellurian. They despised such self delusion, and found it unpalatable. Yet they remained weary, for the techromancers are creatures of power. And with that power techromancers occasionally have tried to enslave and capture the bodies and knowledge of dragons. And such gambits to the technomancers own demises. Dragons have kept the mages confused over their talents. Mages whom have come across vristral workings have tried to understand its power and study it as dragon magick but have failed to understand its non magickal nature. Due to their dislike of the mage mentality dragons have encouraged such misconceptions and try to inspire fear and respect of their own abilities in mages when ever the chance presents itself. Garou and dragons may or may not get along. Most dragons that have know of the Garous existence have usually treated them as they would humans. Dragons whom know of the garou's past culling of humans have their own varying opinions on the matter ranging from encouraging such practices, to disliking them. Some tribes of garou simply do not like dragons, others do and have good relations with them. One term dragons dislike having placed upon them is wyrm. Some find it very derogatory. Garou unfamiliar with dragons usually place such terminology upon them. Some garou even believe that dragons are the leaders of the wyrm that infest Gaia. Such roomers may be partially true, not all dragons are seekers of what is right in the eyes of others. Being loaners and creatures of their own code, related dragons may even have highly opposed goals with each other but still have a very good friendship amongst themselves.


Dragons come from 3 types of multiversal environments, magick rich, magick poor and non magickal. White Wolf's realm is technically a magick rich environment. However, magick is not available to the general populace in White Wolf's realm. It can only be used by those who are naturally skilled or very determined. White Wolf's realm would be considered in between a magick rich and a magick poor environment, leaning slightly towards magick poor since the major populous doesn't believe magick exists.

2a. Magick Rich
In many parts of the multiverse there are pockets of dense energies known as quintessence that can be easily manipulated by any life form. These large pockets of energy can shake the very fabric of the multiverse by instantly replacing parts of the multiverse's natural laws. Many creatures from magick rich areas can not fully adjust or sometimes survive in non magickal areas. In magick poor areas they may feel uncomfortable or incomplete. They would be highly sensitive to any quintessence. Cultures from magick rich realms generally do not learn skills marked with "R" (Restricted abilities) the dragon character sheet. Such skills hardly ever evolve in magick rich environments. This not because the product of such skills can not coincide with magick, its merely due to the fact that magick has made such skills unnecessary to learn, and the natural laws that govern the product of these skills may instantly change causing the product to fail. Many magick rich worlds are very bazaar and/or are in a constant state of change. Initial Gnosis: 2 Starting Sphere Points: 5 Initial Magick: 1 extra point magick skill. Innate Gifts: Choose 2 innate gifts from your Nature. Restricted Abilities: Computer Design and construction Drive 11

Firearms Medicine Science Security Technology

2b. Magick Weak
Some parts of the multiverse have hardly any pockets of quintessence scattered about. Only a few, very skilled beings are able to use such magick. Others who crave its power often make deals with spiritual entities that can better use these magickal energies. Initial Gnosis: 3 Starting Sphere Points: 4 Innate Gifts: Choose 1 innate gift from your Main Nature. 5 extra free points allotted.

2c. Non Magickal
Other parts of the multiverse don't have any magick to speak of. Some skilled individuals have come up with ingenious ways to take advantage of the multiverse's natural laws and live with out magick. Some dragons have learned how to use their minds or other resources and technology to change their internal structural makeup, and change their shape, cure bad wounds, and even slowly tweak the natural laws of the multiverse around them. Initial Gnosis: 1 Innate Gifts: None Begin with 1 point in each of your Skills and Knowledge. Fifteen extra free points allotted. Restricted Abilities: Magick 12

Being creatures of intelligence with learning and natural primal urges, every dragon has a general nature. Their nature is an interwoven mix of many views, some are well balanced and others are not. Their logics and the way the view the world are very much different than that of other creatures. Generally in a young dragon one aspect of their nature is more dominant than another. But just as other creatures, they grow and change over the years. Gaba (The Trickster) Heur (The Seers) Roun (The Wild) Enri (The Warriors) Odox (The Harmony) Alni (The Creators) Rawn (The Seekers) Hado (The Leaders)

3a. Gaba: The Tricksters
Gifts: Charge Disruption Fire Starter Failing Flight Hide It Slippery Scales Mental Instability Recolor Stooge Effect Very strange mischievous and bizarre. Always playing pranks on individuals. They never go with the flow. Rebellious and eccentric. 7/1/5 Suggested Spheres: Entropy


3b. Heur: The Seers
Gifts: Bind Expel Sense Being Sense magick Sense Umbral Disturbance Spirit Block Talk With Spirits Transfer Spirit Umbral Passage Always interested in spirts. Both dead and alive. Religions and philosophy of various cultures holds and endless fascination for them. They are drawn to the mystical. 3/5/4 Suggested Spheres: Spirit

3c. Odox: The Harmony
Gifts: Calm Complete Balance Controlled Climate Dragon's Sail Healing Tongue Mind Block *Resist Pain Renew Peace Always trying to achieve a balance. Often into mediation. They try to see that everyone and everything receives the best of a situation. Truce makers. Usually at piece with them selves. 1/7/3 Suggested Spheres: Mind

3d. Alni: The Creators
Gifts: Animate *Create Element Morph Self Resize Self Revitalize Shape Light 14

Shape Liquid Shape Matter Storm Calling Stick Very spontaneous, and intuitive. Into arts songs and the creations that come from within. They have little self restraint and often seem to lack self control. 4/1/7 Suggested Spheres: Matter

3e. Roun: The Wild
Gifts: Animal's Voice Calling the Wild Camouflage Feral Induce Fear Inspire Beast Survival Looseum Vocal Imitation Loaners, reclusive very rugged individualists. Not very social with others. Very much in tune with nature and its environments. They listen to their primal selves. Survivors. 1/9/1 Suggested Spheres: Life

3f. Enri: The Warriors
Gifts: Battle Lock Breath Block Death Blow Find Weakness Firetail Increase Mayhem Sap Will Venom Dust Vow Very proud, and stand strong to their beliefs and ideas. Their honor guides them. Their word is their bond, their friends are their friends and their enemies are in trouble.



Suggested Spheres: any

3g. Rawn: The Seekers
Gifts: Bargain Locate Loose Tongue *Open Seal Perfect Recall Phantom Sight Truth Umbral vision Vocal Comprehension The curious, inquisitive and social. The seekers collect knowledge in any form. They are considered the traders and hoarders of information. Sometime considered wise. 2/1/9 Suggested Spheres: Prime

3h. Hado: The Leaders
Gift: Captivate Command Draconic Logic Group Persuasion *Heightened Senses Inspire Others Know Intentions Paralyzing Roar Summon Human Proud and commanding, involved. They like to make others decisions their own. They are very much into what others about them are doing. They find ways to make changes as they should be. 5/5/3 Suggested Spheres: Force


4a. Attributes
Dragons attributes are similar to human attributes, save that they have better strength, dexterity and stamina. Any dragon that is in their original form gets extra die rolls on these stats, 2 extra rolls on strength and stamina and one extra roll on dexterity. Most dragons will never change their form because they lack the abilities to do so, however if a dragon's form get changed into something other than what they are used to, weather it be by vristra, magick or other means, they will loose these extra rolls.

4b. Abilities
Dragons have some specialized abilities that allow them to do some things other creatures are not able to do. They also have gain many more abilities due to their long lives. Below are some of their specialized abilities.

4b. Talents
Breath Breath weapon and use. 1 One minor breath weapon takes a day to replenish. 2 One breath weapon usually used once per scene. 3 One major breath weapon can be used at any time. 4 Two breath weapons one can be used anytime the other takes a day to replenish. 5 Two breath weapons one can be used anytime the other can be used once per scene. 6 Two major breath weapons can be used at any time. Camouflage


The ability to change skin color to blend into surroundings, this is not invisibility. 1 Automatically change overall color to match surroundings while sitting still. 2 Automatically change color pattern to better match surrounding while sitting still. 3 Can change color patterns to any pattern at will regardless of surroundings. 4 Can match surrounding colors exactly to every detail while sitting still or automatically change overall color while moving. 5 Can match surrounding colors exactly at will regardless of surroundings and automatically change color pattern to better match surroundings while moving. 6 Can match surrounding colors exactly even while moving full tilt. Fly The ability to travel through the air with wings. 1 Can glide through the air and make short hops. 2 Can sustain short flights. 3 Can fly long distances. 4 Can maneuver easily in aerial combat. 5 Highly skilled in Aerial combat. 6 Can easily out maneuver the best acrobatic planes. Magick Magick is the ability to instantly replace the natural laws and patterns of the multiverse through a unique external energy forces called quintessence. 1 You have a slight talent for magick. 2 You are practiced in the use of magick 3 You are competent in the use of magick and know its ways. 4 You are skilled in the use of magick, and know if its around. 5 You are an expert in its ways. You are very uncomfortable if there is no magick around. 6 Magick makes up your very being, you cant live without it, and what you can do with it boggles the mind. Vristra The ability of the mind to manipulate internal and external forces. To control functions of the mind and body as well as manipulate the natural laws of the multiverse using internal self generated mental energy. 1 You know yourself and read others body language very well. 2 You can influence your own body to enhance your senses or ignore pain.


3 You can control your own thoughts easily and can read the surface feelings of others. If you have medical knowledge you can even directly influence your bodies functions to varying degrees. 4 You have become a master of your physical and mental self. You generally guess what those around you are thinking and can influence the feelings of others. 5 If you have scientific knowledge you can use it to manipulate the world about you. You can read the thoughts of others and communicate mentally with them. 6 You can feel the fabric of life as it breaths, and see into the sprit worlds at will. You can influence the actions and patterns of others about you.

4d. Skills
Burrow The skill to dig and tunnel rapidly into the earth. 1 Your very good at digging holes and moving dirt. 2 You've dug a few burrows. 3 Your a pretty competent tunneler but it takes you a while. 4 Your a skilled tunneler and can dig anywhere. 5 Your a expert tunneler and know the rhythms of the earth and never get lost or misdirected even in darkness. 6 You can borrow through the earth as easily as many fish swim through water. Hunting The skill to track, capture prey. 1 You can catch it as long as it doesn't move. 2 You know how to make simple traps for small things. 3 You can track most animals through the woods. 4 You can build a trap to capture almost any creature. 5 You instinctive how others creatures move and hide. 6 If it exist somewhere, you can find it and trap it no matter how intelligent it is. Navigation. The skill to get to where you want to go using external and internal navigational cues. 1 If you only had a compass you could get home. 2 You can read external natural signs to see what direction your going. 3 You can feel magnetic forces and tell which direction your facing. 4 You have an innate sense of special orientation.


5 you can sense the forces that separate the veils. You can navigate through space with ease. 6 You can read the forces that separate the veils of the multiverse and can recognize each of them separately. Navigating from one realm to another is a snap. Swim The skills to swim in and under water. 1 You can dragon paddle. 2 You are a practiced swimmer. 3 You swim through water using your wings & tail as easily as most dragons fly with them. 4 You can hold your breath for 10 minutes without needing a breath of air. 5 You can hold your breath for 50 minutes. You have even developed echo location. 6 Water is your first home, you can stay under indefinitely using you wing membranes as gills and dive to great depths. Dolphins envy you. Technology The ability to use machines. 1 Machines don't bother you and you can use simple machines. 2 You think you can figure out how it works given time. 3 Your friends invite you over instead of reading the instructions. 4 You own all the latest technical publications. 5 Engineers come to you for suggestions. 6 Subspace merion particle racks with quantum range controls are a cake walk. Even ones with seven phase linkages.

4e. Knowledges
Botany Understanding plants. 1 Plants don't die when you touch them. 2 You know names of most plants. 3 If some one gave you a portion of a plant you could tell them exactly where it came from. 4 You know the inter workings and functions of all plants. You can grow anything. 5 You can gene splice plants and design them to perform specific and symbiotic functions with any creature in any environment.


6 You know how plants think, react and communicate with other organisms and amongst themselves. You can even interpret these signals. Business Understanding business practices and the bottom line. 1 You can run a lemonade stand well. 2 Small business practices you know well. 3 You could easily manage a large chain of stores. 4 Investing is a piece of cake, you know the trends. You swim through the loop holes in business laws. 5 You know intuitively how supply and demand works and know what creatures want on the macro and micro scale. 6 Money and hoarding is an art form to you. You could cause whole world economics to sink or swim on a whim. Customs Understanding different customs, logics, and practices. 1 You hardly ever embarrass yourself on a first mating. 2 You understand local customs of those around you. 3 You never offend those around you no matter where you are and don't usually seem out of place. 4 You can easily blend into any culture anywhere with ease. 5 You understand the logic systems of other cultures and can switch the way you think to match their thought processes. 6 No matter how alien the creature you have an intuitive understanding of their couture when your first meet. Design and Construction. The ability to build objects and items. 1 Really!... you don't always need the instructions. 2 You are very mechanically inclined and tinker a bit. 3 You often spend time inventing interesting gadgets and they usually work. 4 You can make just about anything, and build it to last. 5 You can build wonder machines with tooth picks, duct tape and chewing gum. 6 If it can be conceived you'll have it ready in a second.


Locality The ability to recognize and know landmarks and places. 1 You can read a map. 2 You know your states, capitals, providences and have memorized most of the town streets. 3 You know the world geography like the back of your hand. 4 You can tell which town or city your in by just looking around you. 5 If blindfolded, dragonnaped and taken to another world you would know which planet you were on. 6 If dropped randomly any where in the multiverse would intuitively know exactly where you were. Security Understanding of various security systems and techniques. 1 You know a good Masterlock TM lock when you see it. 2 You can pick mechanical locks. 3 Most home security systems are easy to set up and bypass. 4 Complex security systems give you no problems. You were consulted when they built most of them. 5 If stuck in a maximum security prison you would get out in 5 to 10 ...seconds. 6 You know there is really no such thing as security.

4f. Dragon Magick
Dragon magick is limited to what spheres you know and what innate gifts you have. However under the guidance of a skilled dragon, magick can work wonders. Dragon do not aspire to reach ascension, nor do they associate in cabals. Dragons are loners and seek out the forces of magick for their own reasons and applications. There are no special protocols among dragon who use magick. An elder dragon may teach their knowledge of the magick forces to their hatchings or other dragons just for the pride of having their wisdom passed on. Dragon magick is different form that of mages. Dragons have known for a long time that paradox is caused by the quintessence of the multiverse suddenly snapping like rubber band as it moves to a state of balance. And that once the quintessence has been released from its enforced patterns it can instantly revert to a stabler form. The resulting change of quintessence can have unusual effects on an area or pattern. This effect is often know as paradox.


Paradox does not affect most dragons directly when they use magick, it will, over time, affect the laws or patterns replaced by the dragon. So the area or pattern that the magick effects receives the paradox. The more complex the patch the grater the paradoxical stress on the area or pattern cast. Vulgar magick will usually, but not always cause more paradox than magick mages refer to as coincidental. It depends on the stress placed on the tellurian. For ideas regarding the resulting outcomes of paradox, see Mage: The Ascension TM game manuals. Dragon magick is not effected by the wills of the masses as mages' magick is. Because of a dragons unusual systems of belief, logic and knowledge of the multiverse, the quintessence and its patterns are held in the states that were around before the technomages influence. Mages are often leery of dragon magick if they identify it. Mages that mess around with the magickal patches that dragons have created will often absorb great amounts of paradox. While attempting to impose their own changes on the patterns weaved by dragons, mages also impose their beliefs of how paradox works and cause all the built up paradox to backlash on themselves. Dragons can be effected by paradox, and gain it when ever magick is used directly on their patterns. For dragons, quintessence and paradox are separate and not circular. Quintessence is the energies of magick. Paradox is the result of the multiverse laws rebalancing. The Paradox bar on a dragon character sheet indicates how much stress is being placed on their own patterns by themselves or other mages. A dragon can use up 2 points quintessence to remove 1 point of paradox. Such a feat takes an hour to accomplish. All other aspects of dragon magick are handled similar to the Mage The Ascension TM game. For simplification it is suggested that GM give out one to two points of paradox for coincidental dragon magick to a specific Pattern or area and three to six points of paradox for vulgar dragon magick to a specific pattern or area. When a pattern receives 5 paradox points minor paradoxical things begin to happen and at 10 paradox points major paradoxes occur. Mages using magick on or near dragon magick has already been set can cause the dragon magick to go into paradox. Mages trying to directly change or remove dragon magick instantly absorb the pattern's paradox. GMs are not obligated to use these magick rules in the Dragons!: The Scorching TM manual with other White Wolf games. These are just suggested alternate system to use with Dragons!: The Scorching TM characters. See the Mage The Ascension TM manual by White Wolf for more detailed information on the Modern Magick TM system.


Correspondence - The study of multidimensional space, position and location. Entropy - The study of progressive disorder, chaotic systems and destabilization. Forces - The study of natural physical energy in its forms and states throughout the multiverse. Life - The study of biological and self renewing systems, active patterns. Matter - The study of physical non-living substances, passive patterns. Mind - The study of sentients, thought and logic systems. (different than the study of vristra) Prime - The study of magickal energies and quintessence's effect on reality. Spirit - The study of the ethereal and metaphysical planes and entities. Time - The study of liner and nonlinear temporal perceptions, and exact copy parallel but temporal skewed multiverses.

4g. Dragon Vristra
From early times dragons have delved into the inter workings of mind and body. They have called such studies the vristral arts. Some dragons have developed special mental abilities that allow them to affect change in themselves and their environment. Using vristra dragons first learn control and mastery over their own mind and body. Some have also continued deeper into such studies and began to apply their knowledge and control to the external forces. Vristra engages dragons in meditation, inner strength, balance and control to accomplish given goals. It is an art that has achieved mastery through practice and the natural longevity of dragons. These powers of the mind work much differently than magick. The manipulation of forces of vristra require much more concentration than magick and also take longer to complete. Dragons first strive for internal control using vristra. They are able to recognize their own thought and biological processes. Through practice and understanding they are able to modify them. Blocking pain, heightening senses speed memorization, speeding cell regeneration, blocking mind probes, and regrowing missing body parts are just some of the skills of vristra. Using vristral skill on one's self does not require gnosis. To accomplish a feet of vristra a dragon must roll using several skills.


Attribute + Vristra + Skill or Knowledge - Empty Willpower = Number of die to roll. The GM sets the difficulty level. If a dragon is attempting to generate an extra set of arms it would possible, but such a task would take a long time. The dragon would need a large food source and a place to work uninterrupted for several weeks. The dragon would first have to restructure their skeletal system to accommodate extra limbs. Perception(4) + Vristra(3) + Design/Const(2) - Empty Willpower Circles(5) Say the dragon has a willpower of 5 out of a total of 10 so 5 empty willpower circles. This gives the player the number of die to roll. The GM could also vary the number of successes to achieve the task. 4 + 3 + 2 -5 = 4 The player would roll 4 die at a difficulty of 7 or 8 which would be set by the GM. Restructuring a skeletal system is a difficult task. They would then need to grow the bone, muscles and hide. Perception(1) + Vristra(1) + Medical(1) - Empty Willpower(9) = -6 roll, Dif: 5 This would be an average task; however the dragon above would needed abilities or willpower to perform the task. And then to make such biological additions permanent, they would need to alter their genetic code. Intelligent (6) + Vristra (5) + Medical (2) - Empty Willpower (4) = 9 roll, Dif: 9 This would be a very difficult and dangerous task. If a dragon were to eventually succeed in all three tasks, they would have a new permanent set of arms. They would need to learn how to use their new appendages. That knowledge would not come automatically.

After exploring the innerself dragons found they could apply vristral skills to external forces. Vristral acts on external forces require the spending of gnosis to achieve. Dragons using vristral talents affect change through the slow manipulation of the already existing 25

natural laws and energy of the multiverse, by constantly rebalancing the forces of the multiverse as they change. Since the multiverse is kept in balance changes effected will remain for a very long time as long as the natural laws of an area don't shift. Because balance is kept while using vristral talents, dragons do not need to worry about paradoxes unless they deliberately attempt to create one. And that would be a difficult task to engineer, since the universe is in a constant state of trying to achieve a balance. Unlike mages dragons using Vristra talents do not replace the natural laws with raw powerful energies of magick. Instead the use the internally generated fields of energy of their body and spirit (gnosis) and manipulate the natural laws and patterns with the combination of willpower and knowledge of the mind. Each small change in multiverse is set in balance before the next small change is attempted. Dragons using vristra are not able to make changes fast enough to cause paradox. They have to make sure a balance is achieved for each task or the change would return to its former state. This doesn't mean they can't run into problems, it just means they usually don't appear with the same force and severity as happens with paradox. Because vristral changes in the multiverse don't use magickal energy they are not actively noticed by mages and other beings who use magick. Creatures with the ability to detect magick would have to make a natural perception roll to noticed such changes. Mages consider the vristral arts of dragons to be just secretive aspect of dragon magick. Mages have made many attempts to understand and duplicate the vristral arts using magick and have failed. The vristra talent of dragons are a completely different type of energy manipulation from magickal sphere of the mind. Different training and knowledge is required for each of them. Events manipulated with the vristra are not instantaneous. Vristral changes may take hours, days or years to accomplish depending upon the event that is trying to be achieved, the environment it is being done in, and the skills of the dragon who is trying to make it happen. For instance, if a dragon is attempting the event of opening a gateway into the umbral plane of the multiverse they will have to accomplish many different mental feats before the entire event will occur. First they would have to try to locate correct the boundary(s) of the multiverse that separates the umbral plane from the place that they currently reside. Perception(3) + Vristra(5) + Navigation(1) – Empty Willpower Circles(6) The player would roll 3 dice at a GM set difficulty of 5 since the umbral plane is so close to the physical plane and is fairly easy to find. The next step would be to determine how stable the veil between the planes are. Heavy traffic between boundaries causes the forces that keep them separated to be in a shifting state Especially if the use of magick has occurred recently, which can make the boundaries very turbulent as the energy and universal laws of tellurian shift to regain a balanced state. Perception(4) + Vristra(2) + Investigation(1) - Empty Willpower(6) = 1 roll Dif: 4


If there were a large amount of turbulence the dragon would first need reduce the turbulence to a workable state, Intelligence(3) + Vristra(1) + Repair(3) - Empty Willpower(2) = 2 roll Dif: 6 or 7 Then create a controlled and balanced opening between the boundaries. Intelligence(1) + Vristra(2) + Science(1) - Empty Willpower(7) = (-3) roll Dif: 6 or 7. This would mean the feat could not be attempted because the dragon lacked the necessary Attributes and Abilities. Then after everyone has come through you would need to close the portal again after its no loner needed. But it could be left open permanently. However most dragons with vristral training usually would not leave such a portal open unless they had some intended purpose for it. Intelligence(2) + Vristra(5) + Science(4) - Empty Willpower(2) = 9 roll Dif: 4 A Critical failure for all vristral acts would result in something going seriously wrong with the attempted feat and a lose of 1 willpower and the initial gnosis for the dragon attempting the feat. If this process seems to complex for the players or slows down the game the GM could also simplify the process by only using Vristra + another skill or knowledge. The GM could also reduce the number of tasks needed to accomplish a vristral feat. Use what works best for the story. Each task may take 15 minutes or longer to complete depending upon the difficulty. Multiple tasks may take much longer to accomplish. Below is a rough chart for determining tasks times. Difficulty 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Time instantaneous 1 turn 5 minutes 10 minutes 15 minutes 1 scene 1 hour 4 hours - 24 hours 24 hours - 1 week 1 week - 1 month

The time require to complete an external vristra feat can be reduced by one difficulty level for each dragon with vristral skills that combines their skill to help out. But they must first spend 15 minutes in order to prepare for the task together. Most dragons do not combined vristral skills for tasks involving self, the difficulty level of balancing ones own mental state increases by 2 with each dragon that helps out. The more random and unpredictable thoughts flowing through the mind of the dragon attempting a personal vristral feat decreases their ability to concentrate on their own body's feedback.


Innate gifts only work in areas where quintessence exists. However dragons that live in non magical areas may still have innate gifts. Most dragons who have innate gifts never ever know that they have them or that they are using them. They operate instinctually weather the dragon wants them to or not. The GM may have the gifts activate in situations they consider appropriate. Most gifts will only operate in situations that are advantageous to the dragon with the gift. Automatically operating gifts may not be advantageous for the dragon's friends, or party they are with. The functioning gift can even be detrimental. Every time the gift is used it requires a gnosis point. For those dragons who have discovered one or more of their innate gifts They can spend a gnosis point and willpower point to get a gift to work at a given time and even control it with practice. If the dragon know about the gift, the dragon can also spend a willpower point to turn off a gift that has been automatically activated. Players and GM's can also use other gifts and gift like abilities described in other White Wolf books, to use as innate dragon gifts or make up their own. Some of the gifts require a success roll to see how effective they are. The "#" notes how dragons unaware of the gift they poses might be effected by it. The GM should feel free to make up their own effects and events experienced that result from an unknown gift. The "*" indicates the gift is the same as the garou gift listed in the Werewolf: The Apocalypse TM manual. Animal's voice Allows any natural animals that can hear to understand what a dragon is saying. The dragon will not be able to understand what the animals are saying. Animals hearing the dragon still have complete free will and do what they want in reaction to what the dragon says. #Most who are unaware that they have this skill just notice animals seem to pay attention to them more and will sometimes seem to do things in relation to what the dragon says, but of coarse that's just a coincidence.


Animate Dexterity + Magick Dif: 7 Allows a dragon to make an inanimate object move in a specific way or set pattern. The object may only flex as its physical structure allows. The dragon must first move the object through its motions one time. #Dragons unaware of this gift will find that objects they roll will sometimes continue rolling farther than they should, or if they knock something down it will fall over when they set it back up. They seem to be usually very popular on play grounds, especially when pushing swings and merry-go-rounds. Successes 0 1 2 3 4 5+ Bargain Communication + Magick Dif: 6 The dragon when bartering with a creature always get the better end of the deal. #dragons unaware of this gift will find they are usually able to secure what they need from someone by just talking to them. Successes Effect 0 The dragon suffers no roll penalties when bartering or bargaining, even if their health is not up to par, or other influences are at work. 1 The opponent will give the dragon 2 for 1 in trade or give the dragon 2 for the cost of one or will give it to the dragon for half the price. 2 The opponent gives the dragon what they want for free. 3+ The opponent will give the dragon double what they wanted for free. Battle Lock Causes the opponent of the dragon to not be able to flee from the combat they are engaged in with the dragon. Even if they are loosing the opponent will feel compelled to continue fighting. Duration 3 seconds 5 min Once scene 1 day One story Permanent


#Dragons unaware of this gift will not usually notice anything, but severally injured opponents they strive to defeat will continue fighting them regardless of the disadvantages against them. Bind Manipulation + Magick Dif: 9 Binds a non-physical spirit to an inorganic object. In order to bind the spirit it can not already possess a physical body. Once bound the spirit empowers the object with an aspect of itself. Once free the spirit may try to avenge its capture if it was not willingly bound to the object. #Dragons unaware of this gift will sometimes unknowingly bind a free spirit to an object, or even bind the spirit of the creature they have just killed to a personal object that is in their possession or was on the creature’s person. Successes 0 1 2 3 4 5 6+ Effect 1 use or 1 hour and the spirit is free, which ever happens first. 2 uses and the spirit is free. 4 uses and the spirit is free. 6 uses and the spirit is free. The spirit is bound for 1 month. The spirit is bound for 1 year. The spirit is permanently bound to the object.

Breath Block The dragon is able to block another dragon's breath weapon attack. This only works with one kind of breath weapon at a time, but it can block multiple breath attacks if they are the same type and are occurring simultaneously. #Dragons unaware of this gift will assume they have a natural immunity to breath attacks and will not think much of it. They may even think that all dragons have such immunity. Calling The Wild Charisma + Magick Dif:6 Wild and stray animals are attracted to the dragon with this gift. They are not obligated to aid or obey the dragon, but they are not afraid of the dragon and will not attack them either.


#Dragons unaware of this gift will find all domestic animals will almost always walk right up to them and never seem unfriendly. They tend to see lots of wild animals especially birds. If they are out hunting for food they will find caching their prey easy. Successes 0 1 2 3 4 5+ Duration 1 small bird or a few insects. 1 small animal. 2 - 5 small animals. 5 - 10 small and medium animals. 10 - 15 medium and large animals 25+ any animals.

Calm Any creature that is an a rage, in fear, delirium, or other high emotional state will become calm and docile around the dragon. #Dragons unaware of this gift will find they are able to calm creatures down easily and that most creatures seem very relaxed around them but will not find that unusual. Camouflage Become completely invisible to all senses, beings and surveillance devices. Though the Dragon doesn't actually disappear, change shape or color, they are just ignored because they seem like they just have always belonged where they are. If a dragon brings attention to itself it will be noticed by everyone and the gift will shut off.


#Dragons unaware of this gift will find they are generally left alone when they don't want to be bothered. Captivate Charisma + Magick Dif:5 Cause creatures to become enthralled and fascinated by the dragon. #Dragons who are unaware of this gift will find that creatures are at times in awe of them, they listen intently to what the dragon says and often pay them many compliments. Successes 0 1 2 3 4+ Charge Stamina + Magick Dif: 7 Add a positive static electrical charge to any object, even non conducting material and themselves. The Amperage is not usually high enough to permanently injure a creature. The object discharges when touched. #Dragons unaware of this gift find that creatures around them get shocked regularly. especially creatures that are annoying or bothering them. They usually have many bad experiences with computer equipment failing. Successes 0 1 2 3 4+ Command Charisma + Magick Dif: 9 Cause an individual to do an immediate simple and immediate task if they understand the dragon giving the command. Effect Very small static bite. Strong static charge. Can wipe a computer chip. Light surge. Can knock out electronic equipment. Medium surge. Can knock a creature back or stun it. Heavy surge. Can damage a creature 1 level and knock them out. Number One creature 1 - 5 creatures 5 - 10 creatures 10 - 20 creatures 20+ creatures


#Dragons unaware of this gift find the creatures will sometimes obey them immediately without question of they tell them to do something. Complete Balance Gives a dragon excellent balance on any surface even moving, unstable and narrow surfaces. Reduces difficulty by 1 in some combat situations. #Dragons unaware of this gift always to be able to stay on their claws in rough situations. They seem to have naturally exceptional balance. Controlled Climate With this gift dragons are able to change the temperature around them. #Dragons unaware of this gift will find that they are comfortable no matter what climate they are in. If others complain of sudden temperature changes they will usually think its a problem with the complaining individual. *Create Element Allows a dragon to create specific elements. Works the same as the gift in the Werewolf: The Apocalypse TM manual. See Metis gift of the same name in the Werewolf: The Apocalypse TM manual for more info and gift use. #Dragons unaware of this gift will find unusual solids, liquids and other elements laying around on surfaces, or in previously empty containers. Usually after they were wishing they had the element or were just thinking about the element. Death Blow Allows the dragon to turn a brawl attack into a death blow, which maxes out their opponents health points, if the dragon's attack succeeds and does damage. The death blow must be declared before rolling for the attack. If the attack fails or no damage is taken the dragon looses a gnosis point. If the attack succeeds and does damage, the dragon must roll a 10 on 1d10 for the death blow to succeed. The opponent does not get a chance to soak damage. If the dragon does not roll a 10 than the attack works normally and the opponent still gets to soak damage.


#dragons unaware of this gift will sometimes feel their attack shifted just right at the last moment. It is suggested that the GM roll a 1d10 when the dragon with the gift brawls and activate the gift on a roll of 10. Disruption Cause an attention grabbing disturbance to occur in an area. #Dragons unaware of this gift have many odd disturbances occur around them. Loud arguments may start, lights may go out, computers may temporally act up, etc... The event usually grabs the attention of most of those near by. Dragon's Sail This gift causes dragons who are flying to have winds blowing in directions that make flight easy and untiring to the dragon. Swimming dragons also have currents flowing in directions that make swimming easier. Dragons with this skill usually do not need to make flight or swimming endurance checks. dragons will also be able to make an extra die roll for each gnosis point spent for swimming and flying skills. #Dragons unaware of this gift will find swimming and flying easier than most dragons and never have to work against bad winds and currents. Draconic Logic Communication + Magick Dif:8 Allows a dragon to talk a being into believing anything. #Dragons unaware of this gift will find that most creatures believe them even then don't know what they are talking about during conversations. Successes 0 1 2 3+ Expel Wits + Magick Dif: 8 Duration 10 seconds. 5 minutes Once scene Permanently


Allows a dragon to remove parasitical spirits from their hosts. The spirits may return to the host later if not prevented. Each success removes an additional spiritual parasite if multiple spirits control a host. #Dragons unaware of this gift are often harassed by hosts with parasitic spirits. But the hosts will pass out after coming in contact with the dragon and act more civil and normal when they awaken. Failing Flight Dragons with this ability cause things with the ability of flight to suddenly loose lift when they get close to them. #Dragons unaware of this gift will find that other dragons, planes, birds etc.. will sometimes loose control temporarily and drop altitude when coming towards them. They will have bad experiences when flying using other means other than their own propulsion. Projectile objects that fly at them usually fall short of hitting them, including bullets. Find Weakness Intelligences + Magick Dif: 8 Allows a dragon to by pass extra armor and soaking of damage. The dragon's opponent does not get to make a soaking roll if the player rolls one or more success against a difficulty of 8. #dragons unaware of this gift will sometimes gain insights to their opponent during battle and know where to strike them. Fire Starter Create or put out a fire and control is burn rate and direction. The fire starts out small as a normal fire and must have oxygen and combustible material to start and sustain. #Dragons unaware of this gift find they always seem to be near by when a fire starts. They never seem to get burned much even if they find they are in the midst of one.


Firetail A dragon creates a liquid oxygenated phosphorous fire to fall from a point on the tip of the tail as it flies or moves. The fire will burn in any conditions even water. #Dragons unaware of this gift will find that in the midst of a battle opponents and objects around them are igniting and burning. They may not realize where the fire is originating from, and believe its caused by some other force than themselves. Feral A dragon becomes completely feral and only uses brawl attacks. They double their brawl attacks for each initiative. They will not intentionally attack companions, but will attack any creature threatening them. #Dragons unaware of this gift will revert to brawling when they feel very threatened in combat. Group Persuasion Manipulation + Magick Dif: 8 A dragon is able to influence the motions or actions of a crowd into doing a single task. The dragon can cause a crowd to move toward a specific direction or influence the crowd to perform a mass action, such as fleeing, throwing object at a specific item or individual, or flipping over cars. Once the action is completed by the crowd they will be under their own crowd mentality and their actions may become chaotic and possibly unpredictable. Crowd mentality is the normal and usually unpredictable way a crowd acts as a whole and as individuals. #Dragons unaware of this gift will often find that when the are in a crowd that the crowd will slowly begin to mirror in action some of the dragons thoughts or feelings. Successes Effect 0 A few members of the crowd will consider doing the action the dragon wants and suggest it to others and then fall back into a standard crowd mentality. 1 A few members of the crowd will start doing the action the dragon wants and then follow the crowd mentality. 2 Half the members of the crowd will start doing the action the dragon wants then follow the crowd mentality. 3 Half the members of a crowd will start and complete the action the dragon wants and follow the crowd mentality after they have completed it. 4+ All the members of the crowd will complete the action the dragon wants and then follow the crowd mentality.


Healing Tongue Wits + Magick Dif: 6 Dragons with this gift are able to heal a variable amount of damage to themselves or other creatures by licking the wounds. #Dragons unaware of this gift will find that wounds they attend to heal fast. Successes 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9+ Points healed 1 damage level 2 damage levels 3 damage levels 4 damage levels 5 damage levels 6 damage levels 7 damage levels 8 damage levels 9 damage levels 10 damage levels

*Heightened Senses All dragon senses become very acute. Works the same as the gift in the Werewolf: The Apocalypse TM manual. See Lupus gift of the same name in the Werewolf: The Apocalypse TM manual for more info and gift use. #Dragons unaware of this gift will find that their sense will improve in times of danger or when their trying to concentrate on a specific sight, sound, smell, etc... Hide It Make a small object invisible to others. The object effected is visually unseeable to everyone except the dragon with the gift. #Dragons unaware of this gift will notice that people around them seem clumsy and are occasionally running into things or knocking them over. Other creatures will have a tendency not to notice things the dragon is quickly trying to keep hidden. Increase Mayhem -


Allows a dragon to double the damage of an attack brawl and melee for one turn. The opponent still gets a chance to soak damage. #For dragons unaware of this gift may not notice any difference. The GM can roll 1d10 and have the gift kick in for rolls landing on a 10. Induce Fear Dragons with this gift cause fear or delirium in creatures. It works the same as delirium in werewolves, only it works on werewolves, kin and other dragons. #Dragons unaware of this gift find some creatures are afraid of them and will often try to get away as quickly as possible. Many dragons attribute it to their looks. Inspire Beast Charisma + Magick Dif: 8 Some animals or insects near the dragon will obey and follow the dragon's unspoken will for a scene. #Dragons unaware of this gift will notice that animals or insects around them accidently or intentionally do something that helps them out. Successes 0 1 2 3+ Animals 1 5 10 all

Inspire Others A dragon with this gift inspire others to take action that is agreeable with the dragon. Every member of the dragons party gets two extra die rolls for their initiative for a scene. #For dragons who are unaware of this gift their very presence will inspire others to take action, slow lines will speed up for the dragon, lazy individuals the dragon is waiting on will quickly finish their tasks. Of coarse this usually happens for all dragons that get annoyed with slow lackeys, but the dragon with this skill doesn't need to bear their teeth at them. Know Intentions -


Allows the dragon to know if a creature's intent towards them is harmful, neutral or helpful. #Dragons unaware of this gift will have intuitive feelings about creatures they meet and know weather they can trust them or not. Locate Allows a dragon to concentrate on a known individual or item and see the straightest physical path to it. #Dragons unaware of this gift will sometimes be thinking about an item or person and faintly see a thin blurry line that is barely noticeable. If followed it will lead to the item or person. Loose Tongue Creatures talking to the dragon will often blabber on about anything. They will feel compelled to tell them things they would never usually tell anyone, as long as they are engaged in a conversation and don't feel they are being directly interrogated about a specific subject. #Dragons unaware of this gift will find that most creatures are completely canned and comfortable with them when chatting. Looseum Allows the dragon to get away from any pursuers. Any pursuers chasing the dragon will be come confused as to exactly where the dragon went. All tracking methods will become confused. #Dragons unaware of this gift have a hard time leading creatures to specific places. The party they are leading always seem to have a hard time following. Dragons find they can easily slip away from things that annoy them. Mental Instability Manipulation + Magick Dif: 8 Cause 1 creature to acquire a unique mental problem. They may think they hear phone ringing and when they answer the nearest phone someone is telling to do things, they may think its dark out even in broad daylight, or even that someone keeps moving object


around that they own. The GM can choose the mental instability if the dragon is unaware of this gift. #dragons unaware of this gift will meet and know a lot of unusual and seemingly unstable creatures. Successes 1 2 3 4 5+ Duration 5 min Once scene 1 day One story Permanent

Mind Block Allows a dragon to block any single mental invasion: magick, vristral or conventional. #Dragons unaware of this gift have an odd feeling as if they are being watched when something invades their mind. They feel as if they are dodging or repelling theses invader's eyes and may seem very paranoid to other creatures around them. Morph Self Dragons with this ability can change their form. They do not naturally gain the knowledge to use the physical abilities the form allows for. They must be learned. #Dragons who are unaware of this gift in stressful and life treating situations may monetarily and partially morph into a helpful physical change. But they will usually not realize they have done so. *Open Seal Allows a dragon to open portals and locks. Works the same as the gift in the Werewolf: The Apocalypse TM manual. See Ragabash gift of the same name in the Werewolf: The Apocalypse TM manual for more info and gift use. #Dragons unaware of this gift will find that most doors and locks are usually not locked, or pop open if the wiggle them a little. Paralyzing Roar Communication + Magick Dif: 7


Allows a dragon to roar and paralyze with shock one or more creature. #Dragon unaware of this gift will find that sometimes when they roar in rage one or more creatures in the room freezes in shock. The GM can make the targets completely random if the dragon is unaware of this gift. Successes 0 1 2 3 4 5+ Effect Paralyze 1 creature 1 turn. Paralyze 1 creature 1 scene. Paralyze 2 creatures 1 scene. Paralyze 5 creatures 1 scene. Paralyze 10 creatures 1 scene. Paralyze all creatures near by for 1 scene.

Peace Allows a dragon to break up a single fight between two or more individuals. Both parties will instantly stop fighting and move away feeling as if some sort of unspoken resolution as occurred. #Dragons unaware of this gift and their opponents will often stop fighting shortly after the fight begins. They will feel there is an unspoken agreement between them and their opponents. If they are near other who are fighting quarreling the fight will stop shortly after they arrive. Perfect Recall Allows a dragon to be able to recall any event that has happened in their past and all its perceived details 100% accurately. The dragon can specifically concentrate on any of their senses to bring out what was experienced. The dragon can freeze the experience at a given time, or experience it slowly to analyze it. #Dragons unaware of this gift may get caught up in past experiences while recalling past events and be oblivious to any event in the present for short periods of time. They have very good recall of any event and can even recall quickly glimpsed documents in detail. Phantom Sight Allows a dragon to shift their vision remotely with out having to be there in person. The dragon can move their site through solid objects but still requires light to see. The remote site only moves at the dragons normal movement speed and must also return back to the


location of the dragon's physical body for the dragon to once again see normally. While using this gift the dragon can only see through their remote eyes. #Dragons unaware of this gift will sometimes have out of body experiences. Usually when they have a great longing to see something they can't physically look at. Recolor The dragon is able to change the color of an object. #Dragons unaware of this gift will always seem to be able to find items in just the right colors they are looking for. Renew Allows a dragon to gain one point of quintessence, willpower, pride, and health for every point of gnosis spent. Takes 1 hour of uninterrupted meditation per gnosis. If the meditation is interrupted the dragon looses a gnosis and doesn't gain renewal in the other stats. #Dragons unaware of this gift will often go into a daze for an hour or more when quintessence, willpower, pride, or health becomes low. *Resist Pain Allows a dragon to ignore all penalties from wounds for a scene. Works the same as the gift in the Werewolf: The Apocalypse TM manual. See philodox gift of the same name in the Werewolf: The Apocalypse TM manual for more info and gift use. #Dragons unaware of this gift find that they will sometimes become numb to pain, while they are still aware of their injuries. Resize Self This allows a dragon to change its size one step up or down the size scale. #Dragons unaware of this gift can often squeeze through tight areas. They may also notice that they sometimes grow or shrink a few inches over night.


Revitalize Brings a small item back to its former glory. This does not refill empty objects with physically missing components. #Dragons unaware of this gift will find that old items around their lair and person, such as coins, knives, calculators, batteries, etc..., become shiny and new as if they just came from the factory. Sap Will Stamina + Magick Dif: 8 Causes a creature touched to loose willpower. #Dragons unaware of this gift find that creatures around them occasionally become tired and unresponsive. Other dragons will sometimes go into deep sleep around them. Successes 1 3 4 5 6+ Effect 1 point willpower drained. 2 points willpower drained. 2 points willpower drained, renew 1 willpower. 3 points willpower drained, renew 1 willpower. Drain all willpower, gain 1 permanent willpower.

Sense Being Since a being(s) with in the nearby area. This includes all beings vampires, werewolves, spirits, humans etc.. but the gift doesn't differentiate between them and the dragon only knows that something is there. If is trying to sense only a specific type of being and trying to ignore others the dragon must roll Perception + Magick Dif: 8. #dragons unaware of this gift hardly ever get snuck up on and get uncanny feelings when beings are near by. Sense Magick Dragons are able to sense large pools of quintessence and quintessence in objects. They can also tell when magick is being actively used.


#Dragons unaware of the gift will see brief flashes of various colors when quintessence and magick are being used. Sense Umbral disturbance The dragon is able to sense inconsistencies between the umbral plane and the physical plane in the area they are in. Events that occur in the umbra are not always in sync with the physical plane and sometimes take time to mirror changes. #Dragons unaware of the gift will feel a "wrongness" in the area they are in. They will have feeling that some things should be different but not always be able to pin it down the problem. Even minor differences may throw them off. Shape Light Dexterity + Magick Dif: 7 Allows a dragon to form images that remains for a given time or until the light source is extinguished. The image has no physical substance and is only as good as its light source. An image created by campfire light will flicker with the fire, images created with indoor light will have a slight yellow tinge, images created with red light will be red in color, images with florescent lights may flicker. If a complex shape is being sculpted a dragon may have to make a normal roll on design/construction. #Dragons unaware of this gift will sometimes see abstract images of what they were thinking about a few moments before floating before them. Successes 0 1 2 3 4 5+ Shape Liquid Dexterity + Magick Dif: 5 Allows a dragon to shape a liquid as if it were clay. The liquid hardens and remains that way for a given time. If a complex shape is being molded a dragon may have to make a normal roll on design/construction. Duration 3 seconds 5 min Once scene 1 day One story Permanent


#Dragons unaware of this gift usually wins water fights. Successes 0 1 2 Once scene 3 4 5+ Shape Matter Manipulation + Magick Dif: 7 Allows a dragon to mold the shape of any small non living solid object to a different shape as if it were clay. Once shaped the material retains the same strength, weight, mass, texture, properties etc.. as the original substance. If a complex shape is being sculpted a dragon may have to make a normal roll on design/construction. #Dragons unaware of this gift will find that objects they pick up are sometimes malleable like clay and they are able to sculpt them. Successes 0 1 2 3 4 5+ Duration 3 seconds 5 min Once scene 1 day One story Permanent Duration 3 seconds 5 min 1 day One story Permanent

Slippery Scales In a brawl or other situation where holds and grips are being placed on the dragon, their hide becomes slippery and impossible to hold. They are also able to squeeze between tight places that would be difficult of most dragons. Tight shackles and bindings can usually be worked free. #Dragons unaware of this gift find that in combat they are able to slip out of any holds placed on them. Spirit Block -


Stops spirits from directly attacking the dragon. They are unable to get close enough to physically, mentally or spiritually contact the dragon. #Dragons unaware of this gift seem to be unaffected by malicious or malevolent contact with spirits of all types. Stick Allows a dragon to make any two solid objects stick to each other at one point, regardless of the surface or texture. Objects stuck together have to be broken apart. #Dragons unaware of this gift find that fixing shattered objects is a cinch. They often win glass & bowling ball stacking contests. Stooge Effect Allows the dragon to cause all Physical damage and feeling of one creature to happen to another creature. This only last for one scene. The dragon must touch both creatures. #Dragons unaware of this gift find that for a short time pain and injury don't affect them or another creature that is near them. They may however hear someone yell when they or another creature bumps their head. Storm Calling Stamina + Magick Dif: 7 Allows the dragon to cause the weather to quickly change to rain. The dragon will have control and influence over its elements. #Dragons unaware of this gift find that it seems to rain around them a lot. Usually when they are in a foul mood or longing for the pitter patter of rain or even is someone is bothering them. The storm itself never seems to be physically uncomfortable to them or turbulent directly around them. If they are daydreaming the rain will sometimes seem to dance with their thoughts. They may jokingly think they are cursed by storms. Successes 0 1 Duration Brief sprinkle 1 minute Light rain and wind 1/2 hour


2 3 4 5+

Light rain heavy wind 1 hour Heavy rain and wind 1 hour Heavy rain wind and lighting 2 hours Large hail hurricane winds lighting 4 hours+

Summon Human Allows a dragon to attack a human that is sympathetic to the dragon's cause, if available. This does not mean the human will be friendly towards the dragon or even unafraid of them. Merely the human will want to achieve the same goals as the dragon. #Dragons unaware of this gift run into many people who have the same goals as them. Even spur of the moment small things such as trying to find cup of Anglmar Butterscotch Mocha in the early morning. Survival After the dragon reaches the incapacitated point with injuries instead of becoming unconscious, they will temporarily receive 10 more health levels and go into a frenzy and attack and damage anything in their attempts to escape. Even after they removed themselves form their attackers they will continue to flee until a hidden and safe place is found. They will then fall into a deep sleep that heals 1 point of damage a day beginning with the extended damage levels. They will not wake until completely healed. #Dragons unaware of this gift will awaken when healed and not know exactly where they are. They will only remember parts of the incident leading up to their resting place, and then only as a blur. Talk With Spirits Allows a dragon to communicate with spirits. The spirits need to be near the dragon in order to communicate with them. #Dragons unaware of the gift may hear occasional wipers and voices. Transfer Spirit Stamina + Magick Dif: 6 A dragon is able to transfer gnosis from one creature to another. If the creature type does not have gnosis the creatures corresponding power can be used in place of it. Example: Vampire to dragon, blood would be transferred to gnosis. The process could also be


reversed. Unwilling creatures roll stamina + willpower vs. the dragons stamina + willpower Dif: 6 to see if the dragon is successful in transferring gnosis. Creatures must be touched for the transfer to occur. #Dragon unaware of this gift will sometimes unknowingly draw gnosis from another creature to themselves if they are low on gnosis. Successes 0 1 2 3 4 5 6+ Effect 1 2 3 4 5 6 All Gnosis

Truth A dragon can tell if a creature is speaking the truth or not. #Dragons unaware of the gift will have an instinctual feeling when someone is lying to them. Umbral Passage A dragon can walk through the veil that separates the umbra from the physical world. #dragons unaware of this gift will move to the umbra when fleeing danger. They won't necessarily know where they've gone or how they got there, and will move back to the physical plane after 5 to 60 minutes or if in danger. Umbral vision Looking into glass or a reflective surface a dragon can see into the umbra at the current place that they are looking. #Dragons unaware of this gift may glance at a window or reflective surface and see a ghostly surreal version of the world, with unusual creatures wondering about. Venom Dust Strength + Magick Dif: 6


Dragons using a dusting attack create increased dust over an area that will cause creatures to be blinded, sleep or be paralyzed. #Dragons unaware of this gift will find that their dusting attacks preformed on opponents are very effective. Successes 0 1 2 3 4+ Effect Increased dust & dirt particles. Densely blinding particles. Itching & skin irritating particles. Sleep inducing particles. Paralyzing particles.

Vocal Comprehension Dragons can partially understand any creature with vocalizations. The dragon can not speak back to the creature speaking and they do not actually understand the words spoken, they just get a vague intuitive idea of what the creature is trying to convey. #Dragons unaware of this gift will just seem to have odd feeling they know what the speaking creature is trying to convey but consider it a guess or just an unusual intuition. Vocal Imitation Allows a dragon to imitate any sound or vocal pattern, even if they've only heard it once. #Dragons unaware of this gift will just think they are naturally talented at imitating voices. Vow Allows a dragon to ignore all forces that may incapacitate them, to achieve a single immediate goal. This includes, magick, gasses, poisons, unconsciousness, death , etc... Difficulty of the goal may be raised if the dragon is severely disabled. Damage can still be taken. #Dragons unaware of this gift find that they are able to set their mind on one goal and accomplish it. Such as a dragon may land safely before falling asleep if they are flying.


Dragons have very tough plated armor or thick leathery skin and can take more levels of health damage than other creatures. Dragons heal about as fast a normal humans, unless they use special aids or abilities. It takes a dragon about two weeks for their bodies to naturally heal one level or point of health damage.

6a. Attacking To Hit
To hit an opponent while in combat a dragon uses a variety of skills depending on the circumstance. For dragons using brawling or aerial combat see "Hit Roll" for the Attribute to be used with the fly or brawl talents to determine the number of die the player rolls. The player rolls the given number of die at a set difficulty determined by the attack used. Use the standard system of critical failures, successes and critical successes to determine if the dragon hits its opponent. Dexterity + Firearms For dragon using firearms & projectile weapons. Dexterity + Melee For dragon using melee weapons. Attribute + Brawl For dragon using brawling talents. Attribute + Fly For dragon brawling in aerial combat.

6b. Determining Damage
Once the dragon has hit the opponent the amount of damage to the opponents health levels needs to be determined. To determine damage the player rolls the number of die equal to the damage listed from the attacks damage table. All damage rolls are made at a difficulty of 6. Any die roll of 6 or greater is counted as a single damage point that the opponent marks off of their health. Critical failures are ignored when trying to determine


damage from the roll, and critical successes are just counted as a single damage point. Opponents get a chance to soak damage before marking it down on their character sheet except under special circumstances.

6c. Soaking Damage
Once a dragon has been hit by an opponent, they may have a chance to soak damage that they have taken. To determine how many points of damage are soaked and ignored by the dragon the player rolls die equivalent to the number of points of stamina they have. All soaking rolls are made at a difficulty of 6. Any die roll of 6 or greater is counted as a single point of damage that the dragon's avoided acquiring and they do not need to mark it in their health. Critical failures are ignored when trying to determine soaking from the roll, and critical successes are just counted as a single soak point.

6d. Dragon Attacks
Dragons have devised some unique attacks due to their physical nature. They can also do some of the other standard brawl, melee and firearm attacks in White Wolf reference books if their abilities allow.

6d.1 Standard Brawl Combat
Bite Hit Roll: Dex + Brawl Damage: Str+2 #Actions: 1 Dif: 7 Breath Hit Roll: Dex + Breath Damage: Stamina + Breath & special #Actions: 1 Dif: Varies A breath weapon is a special attack that can only be used if the attacker has breath weapon talent. Breath does damage noted above plus it may cause additional effects depending on the type of breath weapon. An example would be, fire breath would cause the opponent it continue to burn if flammable unless action was taken, electric or lightning breath would damage any sensitive technical equipment on the opponents person or near by, etc... Difficulty is determined by the GM.


Clamping bite Hit Roll: Special Damage: Str # Actions:1 Dif: 6 The dragon must pit their strength vs. their opponents strength Dif: 6. If the dragon's successes are greater than the opponents then the bite can be held and the attacker can be controlled. The clamping bite can be turned into a vicious shake using a difficulty of 7 instead of 8 the next round and every round after that the opponent is still held. The opponent may make a strength vs. dragons strength test every round to attempt to get free Dif: 6. Claws Hit Roll: Dex + Brawl Damage: Strength +1 #Actions: 2 Dif: 6 Dusting Hit Roll: Str + Brawl Damage: N/A #Actions: 1 Dif: Varies The dragon uses their wings to blow up fine dirt and dust to blind opponents. The difficulty depends upon the terrain and particulate matter of the area. This attack will not work if there is no fine particulate matter around. All creatures directly in front of the dragon will be blinded for the first round and any rounds after the attack, until they roll a success using their perception starting at a difficulty of 7. The difficulty will go down by one each round. The opponent may roll each round after the attack to try and clear their sight. This attack can be used in aerial combat if opponents are on the ground. Horn attack Hit Roll: Dex + Brawl Damage: N/A #Actions: N/A Dif: N/A An Attacker may use their horns as melee weapons, but all attacks and parries are executed with brawl instead of melee.


Weapon Horn

Initiative +3

Accuracy +2

Parry Damage +1 Str +4

Conceal N

Roaring Intimidation Defense Hit Roll: Com + Brawl Damage: N/A #Actions:1 Dif: 7 You may fend off multiple personal attacks by posturing and roaring. If you succeed all the attackers loose their attack for that initiative. Roll Hit Roll: Dex + Brawl Damage: Size + 2 #Actions:1 Dif: 7 The attacker rolls upon the opponent crushing and pinning the opponent to the ground. The opponent may make a strength vs. attackers size Dif: 6 each round in order to try to get free. for the time that they are pinned, they are immobilized and can do nothing. For each round the opponent remains pinned they take Size + 1 worth of crushing damage. Squeeze Hit Roll: Dex + Brawl Damage: special #Actions:1 Dif: 9 The dragon uses their tail, wings, arms and legs to crush and squeeze the life out of their opponent. The opponent must roll each round using just their stamina to avoid damage. The difficulty is equivalent to 10 minus their stamina. They take one damage one level of health damage for each round they fail. They do not get to try and soak damage. For every round after the first the opponent may roll before the stamina check in order to attempt to break free. The opponent uses strength (-2) vs. the attacker's strength to break free Dif: 6. Tail Whip Hit Roll: Dex + Brawl Damage: Dex #Actions:1 Dif: 7


A tail whip can be used to knock an object or objects out of an opponents grasp or it can be used to inflict damage on an opponent. Trip Hit Roll: Dex + Brawl Damage: N/A #Actions:1 Dif: 6 By swiping with the tail, the dragon can knock down one or more opponents by tripping them. The number of opponents that are knocked down are equal to the number of successes rolled. Vicious Shake Hit Roll: Str + Brawl Damage: Str+4 #Actions:1 Dif: 8 The dragon grabs the opponent in their jaws and shakes them causing ripping damage. Wingslap Hit Roll: Dex + Brawl Damage: Brawl #Actions:2 Dif: 7 The dragon by using their powerful wings can buffet an opponent hard. If the opponent's stamina is less than the dragon's strength they are knocked unconscious. Otherwise they are just knocked down, and require a round to recover to their feet.

6d.2 Standard Aerial Combat
Note: Some standard combats can be applied to areal attacks but they use the aerial attack roll Dexterity + Fly instead of Dexterity + Brawl. Back Roll Defense Hit Roll: Special Damage: N/A #Actions:1


Dif: 6 You may fend off another’s attack from above at the same initiative as your attacker by rolling in air and defending with teeth, arms, legs and claws. Instead of using a normal "Hit Roll" the dragon pits their Dex + Fly minus 1 die roll vs. the attackers Dex + Fly Dif: 6. If you succeed both you and your opponent are finished for that initiative. If your opponent succeeds their initial attack automatically succeeds and they do not need to roll to hit you. Dive Attack Hit Roll: Dex + Fly Damage: Special #Actions: Special Dif: Special The attacker uses gravity and speed to increase the damage of some standard combat moves. Damage is the standard brawl's combat damage +3. The difficulty is the standard brawl combat move's difficulty + 2. Grappling Hit Roll: Dex + Fly Damage: Special #Actions:1 Dif: 8 A dragon can grab another flying creature's wings entangling the opponent causing both to fall. The dragon pulls out of the fall before hitting the ground while the opponent does not. See the falling table for damage. If the fall is higher than 2500 ft, the opponent may make an attempt to turn the tables (reverse the grapple) or break free the next round. Every round both the dragon and the opponent fall 2500 ft. Reverse Grapple: opponents strength (-1) + fly vs. dragon's strength + fly Dif: 6 Break Free: opponent strength (-2) vs. dragon's strength. Dif: 6 Plummet Hit Roll: Dex + Fly Damage: Str + Special #Actions:1 Dif: 9 The dragon dives and pin an opponent on the ground in a controlled fall. This is a very dangerous attack. If successful the opponent takes standard strength roll damage plus 6 health levels of damage. The opponent may only soak damage taken from the dragon's strength roll. Reverse Plummet: opponents strength + fly vs. dragon's strength + fly Dif: 6 Break Free: opponent strength (-1) vs. a dragon's strength. Dif: 6


Snatch Hit Roll: Dex + Fly Damage: Str #Actions:1 Dif: Varies The attacker grabs an opponent or object off of the ground or air. Difficulty 6 7 9 8 Object/Opponent Not Moving Moving (ground) Dodging (ground) Falling (air)

Resisted by opponents Dex + Fly if moving in the air

6e. Maneuvers Table: Standard Brawl Combat
Standard Brawl Combat marked with a "*" can be used as Aerial Combat but the hit roll used is Dex + Fly for everything except Breath. Maneuver *Dusting Clamping bite Vicious Shake *Claws *Bite *Wingslap *Tail Whip *Horn attack Squeeze Trip *Breath Roll *Roaring Defense Hit Roll Str + Brawl Special Str + Brawl Dex + Brawl Dex + Brawl Dex + Brawl Dex + Brawl Dex + Brawl Dex + Brawl Dex + Brawl Dex + Breath Dex + Brawl Com + Brawl Damage N/A Str Str+4 Str+1 Str+2 Brawl Dex Special Special N/A Sta+Breath Size + 2 N/A #A 1 1 1 2 1 2 1 Special 1 1 1 1 1 Difficulty Varies 6 8 6 7 7 7 Special 9 6 Varies & Special 7 7

6f. Maneuvers Table: Standard Aerial Combat
Maneuver Grappling Dive Attack Plummet Hit Roll Dex + Fly Dex + Fly Dex + Fly Damage Special Special Special #A 1 Special 1 Difficulty 8 Special 9


Snatch Back Roll

Dex + Fly Special

Str N/A

1 1

Varies 6

6g. Falling
Due to their size weight and shape, dragons reach terminal velocity, which is the fastest speed an object will fall, at a different height and speed than humans. It takes an average dragon 6 seconds or 2500 ft to reach their maximum falling speed. The amount of damage taken is dependent on the speed at which the dragon makes contact with the ground. Dragons may make a stamina roll to soak damage when they fall. See Soaking Damage. The size of a dragon will change the damage taken by a fall. Add one extra damage level for every size point a dragon is above the standard dragon size (4 size points). Remove one extra damage level for every size point a dragon is below the standard dragon size. Height in ft. 2500+ 2000 1500 1000 700 600 500 400 300 200 100 50 Building Heights (10 ft = 1 story) Damage 15 (maximum falling speed of a dragon) 12 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

50 40 30 20 10 5


Experience is awarded the same as the Mage: The Apocalypse TM experience system. See the Mage: The Apocalypse TM manual for more info.

7a. Awarding Experience Points
Awarding adventurers experience points after each chapter: 1pt Automatically 1pt For a characters learning skills. 1pt For a players character acting properly. 1pt For a player fulfilling personal goals. 1pt For heroism and risking their life for others without stupidity.

7b. Spending Experience Points
The following chart should be used for a dragon's advancing and spending experience points. Advancement Ability, New (any) Ability, Skills Ability, Talents Ability, Knowledge New Sphere Sphere Attributes Gnosis Willpower Pride Experience Points Needed To Advance 3 points per circle Current rating X 3 Current rating X 2 Current rating 10 points per circle Current rating X 7 Current rating X 4 Current rating X 4 Current rating Current rating


8a. Fetishes
Bracelet of the dragon. Causes the wearer to have the powers of dragon that's sprit is imprisoned with in it. Gauss of Appearance This gauss can be draped about a lair. Any invisible creature passing though or sneaking in will be enwrapped in it know to the dragon. The entering party will not be aware they are wrapped in the gauss.

8b. Technologies
The advanced technologies listed below are devices that have been created by dragons. The work on naturally existing laws of a realm and malfunction if magic is against them or if used in a realm where the natural laws are different. Spatial Pok A Spatial pok is a small technical device about the size of a small marble. It uses gravimetric fields to lock all object stationary that are between it and a planetary body. Any creature trying to move them will be unable to. The spatial pok is activated when the dragon sets it down on an object. The pok is keyed only to a specific dragon and can not be turned on or off by another creature.


8c. Dragon's Bane
Dragon's Bane is a plant that grows in limited environments. The flowers of the plant, if inhaled by dragons will put them to sleep. The plant can also be made into a toxin that is poisonous to dragons by skilled herbalist who know the method.

8c. Milk
Most dragons love milk, however just a little bit of it makes them very very sleepy.

8c. Alcohol
Dragons enjoy ale and wine. They are hardy drinkers and can handle alcohol better than humans. The Alcohol still effects them just as it does humans. Dragons love to engage in drinking contests and will hardly ever turn down a challenge. For that matter, they hardly turn down any free alcohol.

9a. Player Name, Gender, Type, Age, Clan, And Size
- Fill in the individual's name who is playing the dragon character. - Fill in the name that you wish to call your dragon. - Fill in the type of dragon you are. This may refer to a specific race of dragons or to a specific classification your dragon is. Examples: Oriental, AD&D Green, Perniese Brown, Water, Shadow, etc.. - Fill in the dragons clan if applicable. Many dragons are loaners and may not associate regularly with other dragons. This may also be filled out by the GM.


- Fill out gender: Male, Female, Hermaphrodite, Other. - Fill out your dragon age. Most starting dragons will probably be very young, at least 100 years old, out of hatchling stage, and on their own. - Fill out you size. Size can influence many things. Such as fighting, moving through doors, weight issues, and flying, falling and other events. If the GM doesn't want to deal with size issues in the games chronicle set all dragon sizes to medium. Most values for this dragon character creation set were set for dragons of medium size. Length below includes from head to tail. Points Sizes O1 OO 2 OOO 3 OOOO 4 OOOOO 5 OOOOOO 6 Range Length Petit Very Small Small Medium Large Gigantic Description 2' - 11'' Size of may birds. 1' - 4' Fits through small animal doors. 5' - 10' Easily fit through standard doors. 11' - 25' Average Dragon size, Tight squeeze through doors. 26' - 50' Can fit in standard garage or vehicle lane. 51' - 100' Might be able to fit into a airplane hanger.

9b. Selecting The Dragons Environment
Select the environment you are from: Magick Rich Magick Week Non-Magical

9c. Selecting The Dragon's Nature
Select 2 natures from the below list. The first one selected is your dragon's dominate nature the second is your dragon's lesser nature. Gaba (The Trickster) Alni (The Creators) Rawn (The Seekers) Heur (The Seers) Roun (The Wild) Hado (The Leaders) Odox (The Harmony) Enri (The Warriors)

9d. Choosing Attributes And Abilities
Filling in circles and what they approximately mean. For Attributes For Abilities O 1 Poor Novice OO 2 Average Practiced OOO 3 Good Competent OOOO 4 Really Good Skilled 61

OOOOO 5 Exceptional Expert OOOOOO 6 Outstanding Master You may only fill in as many circles for each individual attribute or ability as you like. For your 3 attributes [Physical (Str, Dex, Sta), Social (Chr, Man, Comm), Mental (Pre, Int, Wit)] figure out which is your best quality and fill in 9 circles in that group. Find your next best attribute and fill in 7 circles. For your last attribute fill in 5 circles. For your 3 abilities (Talents, Skills, Knowledge [15 abilities in each category]) select one as your best abilities and fill in 19 circles. Find your next best abilities and fill in 15 circles, and for your last fill in 11 circles. If you are from a Magick Rich Environment you can not fill in circles for Computer, Design and construction, Drive, Firearms, Medicine, Science, Security and Technology. You may fill them in later when you use your free points. If you are from a Magick Rich Environment you receive 1 extra point for your Magick ability under Talents. If you are from a Non Magical Environment you can not fill in the Magick ability. You can fill it in later when you use your free points. If you are from a Non Magical Environment you receive 1 free point under each of your 30 Skills and Knowledge.

9e. Filling In Spheres And Quintessence
9e.1 Spheres Spheres indicate what areas of magick you know. Choose your spheres of magick if you are from a magick rich or magick poor environment. If you are from a Non Magickal Environment skip to section 6. If you choose a Magick skill later with your free points, you will also have use your free points to fill your Spheres, and Quintessence. If you are from a Magick Rich Environment you have 5 points to spend on your spheres. If you are from a Magick Poor Environment you have 4 points to spend on your spheres. No sphere my be higher than your magick rating. If you choose to fill a magick sphere that coincides with your nature you will receive an extra point in that sphere. This will only happen once per nature, and if your sphere is less than you magick.


Gaba (Entropy) Alni (Matter) Rawn (Prime)

Heur (Spirit) Roun (Life) Hado (Force)

Odox (Mind) Enri (any)

9e.2 Quintessence
Quintessence is the magical energy that mages store and use to forcefully patch the natural laws of the multi-verse. Dragons in the magick arts start out with 2 Quintessence.

9f. Filling In Gnosis
Gnosis is your internal mystical wisdom and power to influence the world about you. Many innate gifts, vristral feats and fetishes requite a gnosis roll or expenditure of a gnosis point. Fill out your Gnosis according to your environment: Magick Rich = 2 Gnosis (fill in 2 circles) Magick Week = 3 Gnosis (fill in 3 circles) Non Magickal = 1 Gnosis (fill in 1 circle)

9g. Filling In Pride, Willpower And Background
Figure out your Pride, Willpower & Background according to your Natures: Gaba: Alni: Roun: Heur: Enri: Rawn: Odox: Hado: P7 P4 P1 P3 P9 P2 P1 P5 W1 W1 W9 W5 W3 W1 W7 W5 B5 B7 B1 B4 B1 B9 B3 B3

Find the average of your two natures, add the 2 like categories together and divided by 2 to get your stats, rounding up. Example Gaba & Hado P7 W1 B5 +P1 W7 B3 = P8 W8 B8 %2= P4 W4 B4


9g.2 Pride
Fill in your Pride. Pride can be said to be the bane of many dragons. It is more than just a type of vanity in ones skills it is the knowing and confidence in ones skills and abilities and letting the world know that their the best. Pride can occur when ever using or showing off knowledge, skills, abilities. Pride can be gained when being acknowledged for abilities. Anytime a dragon's pride goes to 0 their skills suffer and they loose 1 die roll in all their skills. A pride point can also be spent to accomplish the following: - Remaining active. See rage in the Werewolf: The Apocalypse TM manual. - Pride can lead to poor decision making and showing off. for every point of pride above willpower dragons loose 1 point of Wits and gain 1 point of Charisma. - A dragon can spend a pride point to get one extra die roll in any Attribute they already have. A dragon can spend 2 pride points to get 1 extra die roll in an attribute that they don't have. They will not suffer any difficulty penalties for lacking the attribute. - A dragon can cancel a critical failure by spending a pride point.

9g.3 Willpower
Fill in your Pride. Willpower. Willpower works similar as in other White Wolf game characters. See the Werewolf: The Apocalypse TM or Mage The Ascension TM manuals. - Using a willpower gives you 1 automatic success in an action. - Any dragon with 0 willpower will not care about doing anything and all ability rolls loose 3 die rolls. Dragons with 0 willpower will often fade out of existence or sleep and become inactive for long periods of time.

9g.4 Background
For your Background you can choose a background category or categories and spread your background points among them. A dragons background often reflects what they have done for themselves in the past. For detailed information about backgrounds with "*" see manuals by White Wolf.


*Allies - How many individuals will actively help the dragon out. *Contacts - An informational base that the dragon has built up over a period of time. Fame - The dragons renown know throughout the land. Usually in good seen in a good light but not always. One point, they are know well in their small area. Two points, they are well known in a local city. Three points, they are know in several cities. Four, they are know in several states, or providences. Five, they are know throughout the country. Six, they are know throughout parts of the world. Family - Brothers, sisters and kin and how close the dragon is to them. Each filled in point is a very close family member of the dragon's that will do almost anything for them or help them in any way they can. *Influence - Dragons political power. Item - Special mystical and technical objects collected over time. See the "Other Dragon Info" section in this document. Includes Fetishes, Technologies and Talismans. Each point filled is a item the dragon owns. The dragon can get items from other White Wolf manuals. *Mentor - An individual who how has taken the dragon under their wing and guided them and taught them much. *Recourses - Money and wealth the dragon has collected. Restfits - Hideouts, caves and houses that the dragon has prepared and kept up to live and get away from it all. Each point filled in is a different house or hideout that the dragon has in different areas. Retainers - Follower, Guards and Servants that the dragon has and that attend them constantly. Each point filled in is a human retainer that follows the dragon around and attend them.

9h. Choosing Gifts
Gifts are considered a dragons innate magical abilities and can be used if a dragon has gnosis and is in a Magick Rich to Magick Poor Environment. If a dragon came from a Magick Rich Environment they may chose 2 gifts from their natures. One from their dominate nature and one from their lesser nature. If a dragon came from a Magick Poor Environment they may chose one gift from their dominate nature. Innate gifts can only be chosen when creating a character and spending free points. They can not be gained later by experience. GMs have the option of choosing the innate gifts for the character.


Every time a innate gift is activated instinctively it only costs a gnosis point. If the dragon has discovered and knows about their innate gift and wishes to use it at a specific time, the gift requires a willpower point in addition to the gnosis point to activate. Gaba: The Tricksters Charge Disruption Fire Starter Failing Flight Hide It Slippery Scales Mental Instability Recolor Stooge Effect Alni: The Creators Animate *Create Element Morph Self Resize Self Revitalize Shape Light Shape Liquid Shape Matter Storm Calling Stick Rawn: The Seekers Bargain Locate Loose Tongue *Open Seal Perfect Recall Phantom Sight Truth Know Umbral vision Vocal Comprehension Heur: The Seers Bind Expel Sense Being Sense magick Sense Umbral Disturbance Spirit Block Talk With Spirits Transfer Spirit Umbral Passage Roun: The Wild Animal's Voice Calling the Wild Camouflage Feral Find Induce Fear Inspire Beast Survival Looseum Vocal Imitation Hado: The Leaders Captivate Command Draconic Logic Group Persuasion *Heightened Senses Inspire Others Intentions Paralyzing Roar Summon Human Odox: The Harmony Calm Complete Balance Controlled Climate Dragon's Sail Healing Tongue Mind Block *Resist Pain Renew Peace Enri: The Warriors Battle Lock Breath Block Death Blow Weakness Firetail Increase Mayhem Sap Will Venom Dust Vow

9i. Use Your Free Points
You have 17 free points to spend. If you are from a Magick Poor Environment you have 5 extra free points to spend. If you are from a Non Magickal Environment you have 15 extra free points to spend.


Innate Gifts 7 points per gift (you may only choose gifts from your natures) Spheres 7 points per circle Attributes 5 points per circle Gnosis 3 points per circle Abilities 2 points per circle Willpower 1 point per circle Pride 1 point per circle Background 1 point per circle or new Background Quintessence 1 point per 4 circles

You are now ready to roar.

10a. A Dragon LPR Character Creation Sheet


The LPR player sheet has not been tested in game play. Modifications may be needed to improve the LPR character sheet. Suggestions are welcome.



10b. A Standard Dragon Character Creation Sheet For White Wolf's Storyteller TM Game System