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Friday 8th January 2013

"Stalin rose to power because of Trotsky's weaknesses" !o you

a"ree# $%plain &12 'arks(
After the Death of Lenin, there was no obvious successor to be ruler of
the USSR, though everyone knew that the contest was between Stalin and
Trotsky was under the imression from the beginning that he did not
have to !ght to become leader of the USSR. "e did not make much of an
attemt to counteract Stalin#s camaign, under$estimating his ability withing
the arty and neglecting to build u suort. "e made a terrible start to his
camaign, failing to attend Lenin#s funeral, meaning he was seen as less
devoted to Lenin#s memory. "e had only made the transer from %enshevik to
&olshevik in '('), instead of being with them from the very beginning,
meaning eole thought of him as less dedicated to the cause, "e managed
to o*end senior arty members, who thought he was arrogant and too
academic, hence he did not aeal to the ma+ority of Russians. ,n addition to
these roblems, Lenin himself said in his testemony -although this was never
ublished. that he was re$occuied with the administritive side of work, and
not the ractical. The most signi!cant fault that Trotsky made, however, was
that he wanted to sread communism over the world, instead of focusing on
Stalin#s olicy of socialism in one country. This would mean war, that which
the Russian eole had already seen their fair share of.
/n the other hand, Stalin had a lot of ower within the 0olitburo. "e
had an e1cellent osition as 2eneral Secretary, meaning he could take away
and give +obs to those who would suort him. "e had tricked Trotsky into
failing to attend Lenin#s funeral, so as he could attend as chief mourner and
aear dedicacted to Lenin#s memory. "e came from humble beginnings,
meaning he aealled more to the eole of Russia. "e also made sure to be
seen as close to Lenin, even editing hotograhs so he would seem hysically
closer to him as his natural successor. Lenin himself said that he had a great
amount of ower within the arty, and was leading as Lenin was dying.
Another thing that served him well was his ability to ick o* his oonents
one by one3 such as when he allied himself with 4inoviev and %anenev in
order to remove Trotsky from his osition, then used &ukharin to remove
them, before !nally turning on &ukharin using the same tactics. "is best
asset that ut him above Trotsky was his olicy of Socialism in one 5ountry.
This was Lenin#s belief, and aealled more to the general ublic in the USSR
as it did not mean war and was not too ambitious.
, believe that Stalin was always the stronger candidate. Although
Trotsky was a more owerful seaker and writer, he aid little attention to the
way in which he was viewed by other eole, most imortantly with those
who could vote. Stalin was clever in the way he made himself aeal, laying
articular care to how he was seen, as well as securing the most suort.
6ven if Trotsky had tried harder to oose Stalin, , believe that his olitical
beliefs would never have been acceted by the Russian eole, and he
ultimately would have lost out to Stalin, even if it took Stalin more time.