resently, Latin American and Caribbean buyers wishing to avoid the complexities of overseas buying trips — high costs, visa restrictions, security delays and plain old travel fatigue — can place orders with manufacturers in the Colon Free Trade Zone, which was established by the Panama government in 1954. The 3,000 companies operating in the Zone generated 2006 trade revenues of more than $14 billion (up 18% from the previous year), making it the secondlargest free trade zone in the world. Unfortunately, the Zone is at maximum capacity: Despite the high demand, there are no more exhibition showrooms available. In fact, there are 2,500 companies on a waiting list.

Reaching 566 million active Latin American consumers just got a whole lot easier.

Meeting the Demand, Facilitating Trade
Panama, site of the famous canal that joined two oceans and created a new chapter in world commerce, is perfectly situated at the crossroads of Latin America, a 566-million-strong, rapidly growing market for the latest in manufactured goods from around the world.
square-meter buildings with 6,800 exhibition showrooms, ten apartment buildings, ten office buildings, four hotels and a convention center. It will be the largest merchandise mart in the world. Located in the Colon Province, PIMM is a tax-exempt operation: There are no import duties, sales tax or taxes on profits for companies doing business here. FOREIGN TRADING MADE EASY PIMM offers the best-possible environment for buying and selling global goods. In addition to having numerous on-site and tax advantages, it sits right at the hub of the Americas. (Just one look at Panama on a map is enough to see it is a prime trading location.) Getting to and from the country is easy, with more than 80 daily direct flights to America, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. Spanish, the national language, is spoken by the vast majority of Latin American buyers, and with the U.S. dollar as currency, transactions are relatively uncomplicated. With so many advantages, it’s no wonder PIMM is generating enthusiastic responses from the marketplace: To date, 100% of first-phase construction has already been sold — six months ahead of schedule!

PIMM ANSWERS THE CALL So how can the many manufacturers, exporters, wholesalers, distributors and sales agents from around the world access the burgeoning Latin American and Caribbean market? Set up a permanent presence in the region to establish ongoing relationships with buyers? Have access to the tax advantages of a free-trade zone as well as to a host of expert trade-related services and support? The answer is the Panama International Merchandise Mart (PIMM), S.A., the first international wholesale merchandise mart in Latin America. Currently under construction on 1,300 acres of land near the Colon Free Trade Zone, PIMM, at more than double the size, offers a whole lot more. When completed, PIMM will feature thirty-two 25,000-

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irst-phase plans for the Panama International Merchandise Mart (PIMM) call for the construction of 800 exhibition showrooms by 2009. To date, 100% of them have been sold — six months ahead of schedule.When the entire complex is completed in 2012, PIMM will be the largest duty-free and tax-free wholesale marketplace in Latin America, facilitating trade between thousands of manufacturers from around the globe and wholesale buyers for the 566 million consumers in South America, Central America and the Caribbean. INDOOR WHOLESALE UNIVERSE FACILITATES TRADE Unlike the warehouse and distribution centers of the nearby Colon Free Trade Zone in the Colon Province of Panama, PIMM is a sophisticated merchandising complex where buyers meet sellers to experience first-hand the quality of their manufactured goods. “Relationships are made, orders are placed,” explains Founder and CEO Reynald H. Katz,“and just a phone call from a seller sends merchandise directly from its plant of origin to anywhere in the world.” He explains,“We will host merchandise shows, trade events and other high-profile activities throughout the year to help increase transaction volume for our international manufacturing partners. Buyers and wholesalers doing business here HOW IT WORKS
A U.S., Asian or European manufacturer wants to export a product to the Latin American market, but has no physical presence or representation in the region. The manufacturer contacts PIMM to buy a permanent showroom and immediately arranges on-site living accommodations, while a PIMM representative assists the manufacturer with a more permanent housing solution. Once established in the new showroom, the manufacturer exhibits and sells to the Latin America importers, wholesalers and buyers coming to purchase from the vast array of manufacturers located at PIMM.

Construction plans a year ahead of schedule are almost unheard of. But then again, PIMM exceeds expectations.

Enthusiastic Response Accelerates Construction
PIMM will be built in four phases, the last of which will be completed in 2012. Phase I is already 100% sold to manufacturers from Asia (60%), Europe (20%) and America (20%). To meet this record-setting demand, PIMM decided to accelerate Phase II by adding 1,600 showrooms immediately so that a total of 2,400 showrooms will be available in 2009.

will get the opportunity to see goods, trends and fashions six months ahead of the market.” GETTING BUSINESSES UP AND RUNNING PIMM will offer a complete array of services to help companies enter the Latin market smoothly so they can start exhibiting, meeting buyers and selling as quickly as possible. A legal team can help incorporate companies in Panama, obtain investor visas and even open bank accounts.Trade specialists can help sort out international regulations and requirements. Other PIMM professional services can help with visas, trade financing, customs clearing, freight forwarding and showroom setup. Representatives can also assist in selecting apartments, offices and schools for children and advise on how best to buy or lease a car. Everything at PIMM is designed for companies to succeed in the Latin American marketplace. “What’s in our customers’ best interest is in our best interest,” sums up Katz.“If they succeed, we succeed.” And with PIMM’s outstanding facilities and services, no doubt they all will.

For more information on leasing or buying exhibition space, please e-mail info@PIMM.com or call +507 391 0505.


ince news of the Panama International Merchandise Mart (PIMM) hit the international business community, the project has generated a lot of attention — from manufacturers interested in buying showrooms to companies wishing to establish strategic partnerships to investors looking for a good place to put their money. And with good reason: PIMM is unprecedented in its size, scope and ability to offer a unique, cost-effective and highly convenient transaction environment. Thousands of manufacturers under one roof will attract buyers and distributors from all over South America, Central America and the Caribbean — customers whose foreign buying trips have been curbed by a variety of travel impediments. PIMM is a win-win concept: suppliers reach a vast audience for their manufactured goods from just one showroom in one location; buyers have access to — literally — a world of goods on one trip to a country that shares their language and customs.

The concept, the location and the man at the helm make for a compelling investment opportunity.

Backed by Worlds of Experience
In the late 1990s Katz served as senior adviser for the Chinese Ministry of Internal Trade. A U.S. citizen, he was one of the first foreigners to serve in this position. While there, he was the architect for the high-end sourcing and retailing operations in the 14 largest cities in China, and spearheaded the development of 128 department stores (each of which occupied 1 million square feet) and employing more than 240,000 employees. With his unique trade experience, manufacturing and marketing history and passion for the merchandise-mart concept, Katz is uniquely qualified to make his Latin American trading operation an unparalleled success.

THE MAN WITH THE VISION What kind of person spearheads the building of a $750 million, 22-millionsquare-foot wholesale trading complex, the largest of its kind in the world? A born entrepreneur and trade specialist like Founder and CEO Reynald Henry Katz. All his life Katz has been selling something — and doing so successfully. As a teenager he sold handmade Reynald Henry Katz jewelry, earning the staggerFounder and CEO ing sum of $100,000. At 19 he used that money to start a cosmetics company, which he and his partner sold four years later for $8 million. Since then he has owned and operated a variety of successful cosmetics, perfume and liquor manufacturers around the world.

Bernardo Gomez Vice President, Finance

Miguel Defreitas Vice President, Operations

EXPANSION PLANS Latin America is not the only location in PIMM’s future. Over the next five to ten years, Katz plans to expand the concept, opening similar marts in Russia, the Middle East, China, India, Europe and South America. “The proliferation of television, movies and the Internet around the world is fostering a continual demand for the latest and greatest products,” says Katz. “Even in the most unlikely places.” And PIMM intends to facilitate much of that demand.

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