in all of the things this world lays out colours I can't teach you're finger tips to draw, this

must be the way strangers speak when they first meet but I wish you a blessing so that you're belly will carry it's stone to it's tiny membrane, and hollow out the song that mystery keeps hidden beneath our skin, let us all grow into these interstices, one small bone growing until it is a completed rib, how magnificent, us beautiful toys, us unkept beds, us ragged radiators, reaching with our mouths full, of winter berries and small fragile apple skins bruised around the edges but red where we place our finger to digest each others human smell. I carry you this fruit, all whole world and I know it is nothing but it looks good on us children. Be blessed, I love you're faces, you greek orphan gods, you agile music moths, glow in my mind, rest in my breath, and build houses in my dreams where we can stay to take care of one another. that year, that month ahead, I bury my childhood shovel in the woods, say a few words, pour sugar around the wound i have created in the earth, to bury a blessed name, three thousand blessed names, o god i love these body jars full of rain i keep them in my prayers i lock them to my heart i grow them to my bone I watch to make sure they have gone safely through the door. Selah, Selah. Take This. Amen...

The Distortion of The Engine It’s in a flash you sense the line in the eyes the unity of being – withdraw themselves across pounded hills – a low rattle the murderers of late hours – speak for flame though I long for the mantle – where you put your knees the house will lunge – now for certain there is nothing to keep – as darkness follows daybreak you speak of city Gods – but you want me lost in the spiders abstract hand – in it’s flesh how can helplessness arrive – how can matter continue – when suicide is the golden shore your heart dreams of – I blurted out a piece of cloudy moon evanescent and each term in the shack the honey rat scrambling - It is my impression the guts the endurance I don’t want to disturb anything as the foam pad rose – the witness tree for you the way of sorrow – the methods of attaining heartless spine rock – all cities glow but the beautiful keepers will not endure – and I am a body an instrument which has no purpose –

Is all the world a symptom the body a first connection – where you sat to light I came a promoter of thought – the eyelid where I put my gloves brought low into the body pain – somewhere ahead of the grease storms you shall open this book in your days that are numbered – in your hour that moves no thought – in short – freedom which is looking for me – sprawled face down the echo bucket and fire hits a vein – screaming the form which is born of the bounded senses – nothing sees all and your roots are wasted – a message from the woman dream on this road where the crystal skull is the essential nothingness that holds up to life – O light lose your way and mine so I shall never see what it means for a horse to speak – and summon greatness where there is only loser life – though art a shine in the book of the spleen.

Machine For You-Steel For The River Sleeping in a black hotelAs the earth turned fast-the wounds Gathered at the cribAnd the sun-we do worse-Looking is knowingMy mind is fullYou don’t see me then doctor-mixed in Negro silenceWhose name is mine-of the bodies where the Inhabitants roam-the sweetness of my stripe Knocked from flesh-her tone mercuryWhat do I profess-nations become endedChemical metaphors manifest in the absolute Scattered unityI’m going away from the trash and the Mad scrawls(which is slit) darling-the essential memory Of snow-alley stink-the fragmentary wordEven the empty outline of the others fleshWait and I will carry you thereInto the minds it is hearts that are sinkingPretty solid boring dealing in the fixed Future-calling rain through drift sleep eye And night clubs murder beauty with no lawScrape numbers from bondage moonOver and over again metallic citiesWith my nightmare bulletGrace unveils the sadist annihilation(for shadows do I keep my word as true) Strange to rememberThe high balcony your drunk foolish magicYellow head bound in steelNow everything is strangeness to myselfSince all die I will lose nothing killed From simple wordA crime from the mirrorI am in the midst of the worldCaught in the ritual possibility of actionHaven’t you heardThe ruins of a stone create a city-

Bad advice on the coin eat my Word from the mouthToward an irremediable outsideI exist for myselfThe question of the body is oursNo longer for the otherDouble planetWe call love o but how many-

Slow Sugar Good for me television bruises and bandaged fingertips loose lips sugar stars Don't say a word I'm only breathing mist for heartache Heartache for avalanche all the tight burn in my atmosphere sizzle First kiss I'm lost and don't need the cure Tiny cities where your body reminds me of nothing but cold mornings Jerked from the start your on the juke box your in my drink whore on a carousel a circle of light dances through my head a hundred versions of you what am I to do with one single one.

Zero Is Sad Not this where winter has its bad edges and staircases cough and no one knows me Cause bad is what I am North cherry hill the night I stole your hair band and ran off into the woods you were scared the creek made a sound like broken stones that really wasn't much of anything And when you took off your glasses and rolled your eyes I swear it was seven years later and you were a waitress for no reason laughing cause you'd lost my poem and I must of looked like you forgot my name the coffee was cold you were more fun when you barely had tits window spit of light it's home on the table I wish I was a girl and all that dream for evidence babble apple orchard sleepy branches fifth of October come find me I'm in the back seat playing with your lighter flame goes body goes just like rain when you thought the storm would never end I should of said something else something that would of lasted meant more forever scratching in the wind a bruise from the satellite of love in the tunnel I kiss your neck frozen timber creeper lagoon I'm wasted it's all good like stars above and below me you settle down not so romantic is it?

Turnpike 2 A. M. My body when I breathed that deep intake under the Holland tunnel the sky was a December whore lit red lights I hated you from every New York club it's all closed no more playing with your shoes that I've come down across Broadway nothing all there Bits of information I'm frayed and my edges miss your tongue my collar bone feels like a bucket of stars you wasted when I lifted your hair so that you could puke It was about salvation not compassion not really feeling as you danced towards west 123rd red lights and glitter bones I love you like you were a lost star Into me cabs and ice shoes how you look when the first snow finds your lucky mole I won't be dreamed in tragedy It's a short broadcast I don't have much to tell you Hartford '99 fools under bicycle dreams Tapanzee needs new color Grandpa I have the end It's almost there It's almost everything.

Chrome I dream it is coming – drawing together from everywhere – the emptiness of the body – over the city my skin is in the wind – this is the book it never fails – you are swallowed in the earth rimmed in bronze – glass flows from your broken tongue – the void is within me crumbling sea fog I am only an ideogram living in the house of sideshow – this is the message salvaged from the metal waste - sick to my stomach I want to come kill and be killed and hear your voice and follow my way past the rats into the dark night you have heard of me – you will hear of

me again – blessed is the prayer – looking for a way out – It is cold – this is a map – we have to read our own blood into the spineless poison – love does not exist – I want to be burned – to be a whore important in the world – horrible slum the plastic knock – end of abstract thought – I dream of myself not in truth but in the way of fetish – into the snow my mouth a part of the living road – will you take me there – will you unanswer me and be my prayer everything both dead and dead imagined – stimuli – a fetus congealed in the red sketch – I am no longer my life – dominated but I don't understand – I don't want to touch and be aware of what is real and what is imagined – a side door of black in a photograph of metal – in the iron eye my skin sticks – here no one control's the whores – no one gets lobotomies – or strange phone calls in the middle of the night – stars stay out forever – strangers love you for no reason at all – there is no escape but there is nothing to run from – unless you are alone – inside the unbalanced say june or july – speak again from your teeth – here standing a chair is only a chair – gnawing the burn at the end of the sea – a city of skin and the young remembering their loss – the radiance of white manifest in the cut of human memory – the moment of breathing this is always the case – as it happens – close to perfect lives – transcendental body horror – free falling beyond the flicker the talent of nausea – in my heart this wall of hotels – the electronic God pain is humming in the sky I never was so lost my dear love you slay me – up the road across the sun wet metal in a tube of red - cancer caught alive in a wire I was so sick – dead immortal news twisted in the pipe lines – figures of beauty I ate out my own eyes – I'm not supposed to kill to believe – touch to sight is a terrible pain – believe the life of beauty – dreams in agony - a war under balcony skies – do I touch what is real. Describe it – it isn't touchable you've lost the meaning – you never got me – I never said it well – I'm saying it now – so listen closely – it's almost a whisper – it's almost too much to bear – well, almost.

Chrome 2 Rain afraid to say rain // I am a little hazard // a hound // your so beautiful // but awake // this is us // 2 a. m. screaming into a tree // the snow // afraid to say winter // underage // undercurrent // I carry your shoe into the bar // jukebox plays ' last December ' // I have it blown away two short stops to the equator and I'm equal to the room and every loser whose in the mood to name a thing or two // ash shifts under the foot I'll drink until I'm him // you hounded my life so I was never certain never playing dice for my clothes // your a tactful bitch so sad I agree so unbelievable // my car is in the river // your dress is in the trunk // you say “ let's go underground “ - but you don't have the right shoes and I'm wearing this bruise for you – ash underfoot // twelve tattooes // black crow my window is above you // when we feel we fall // right through the loop the cross station // stupid dialect // sensation of one who has been written under // the felon in the ice storm // the long way // such a trouble I feel to tell you we wont remember // what we didn't create // we wont feel // what we didn't trade for hopeless occurrence / I lick the scar under the eye of my reflection // gone // three // two // boom – so it isn't seen // everything is lacking // the sun is melting under your tires // I write in this thing to learn how to die // and I will you know // learn //touch fire and completely lose // my side of the story // You won't be reborn into this // you'll long for the vine but invent terrible long lasting melodies // I do die // I do die // I need to tell you // I'm always about to die // say that // with a tree in the lot death is good // I am always a friend // touch my face // I am into that sort of thing // hit me there and there so I feel the iron // It's all over // ( It's all over ) // I knew that // a hundred ashes a hundred songs // Dying so soon as soon as you've been told // move along // I am moving so that escape will

be motion // and we will be present for that // speaking with little worms in our mouths // it's a scarlet history // every morning all the morning of our lives // where one has been pushed over the edge one says hoorah this is resolution // a moment it's always a kick // that past that humble past // rain on me I am so sorry rain on the back fence // I am guilty I am so // oh the regret // don't pass me forever // don't stray from the road // life ends // you'll find another // I'm gone // you'll find another // little girl your foot // little guy your agony // It's breathing, barely.

Chrome 3 Here: here – is how this happened ( but I won't speak again - ) you'll say not teach me but show // (map) so: that awkward is evident – had then gone – what I had is gone // will you replace me when I go // go - ? come / go? Reason me that I have: I love is over // come says she – but she will not come // replaced is over // replaced is irrelevant // wound is not wound until you see // until you touch inside and really cry and keep what I say: I say // Will you be me when there is no me? No time again no him or you that anyone has heard of: of: heard said // good is love: good is dead (inside cry) no nothing no last smile trap (trap). “ exit does not exist / everything is eventual “ not from this far you don't say or ' it is eventual, so I say' which happens like war // but not because of war // the holocaust whore I meant that from you // it exists (no context) in the heart – because love was piles of dust and no way was which way we gathered or knew // for me I was so blue I was going under // at the end of the tide // say tide // you bit me ' cause color ' // which girl am I? // don't I matter // color afraid // color I'm color // anyway, color // Too small I put not out of the elevation of prayer inside you blood from the mouth this unfocused terrible poem under your skin I pull it out with my teeth and spit it in your face // o now your collapsed. Thats not so much. It takes little words. But lasts forever.

Chrome 4 You moved around in me so desperately // so without cause // not touch // you resemble snow // when it touches earth it accumulates // it burns to ash on your tiny nose // so we can't afford the truth // don't speak as silence will whisper // will rock forth and pull the tide underneath the torn sky // up across your ankles // that moment // high line forced through the enemy fade // I burn to death on the broken bed // I eat up the spaces // I catapult across the circus stars // and collapse // reading noise into your eyes // I'm bad for you // but you touch me like I'm an angel // a slow beat across junkyards // I'm not so important // all this timelessness // back yard // shot // leaves for April // not return // not recircle the wire for you // I'm down to the last number // through with collected evidence // my sentences never find you // and that wont remember: as I wont do again // laid up for you // a sorry map that draws the line where you hide your truth // I'm so good for you that you don't even know it yet // I am weak in the knees // I'm crawling the walls of strange motels // loosing track of time // loosing good decent sleep // you goddamn baby // you'll eat your words // you'll eat your past // it will all evaporate and

take up space in your bones // when you die you really die // thats what I know // thats what i come back with every time // clung to my skin // wont leave // wont shatter // once your in the depths your in the depths forever // underneath waves trying to find the source // it reaches the bottom and lets go of words // I am full of these things // little half truths // don't really matter // so take me with you // I rode the wrong bus home // wrapped in a trap for words // and scars of water under the bridge // back to the surface where the record of things rushes under // the snow on the back of your shirt.

Dilation Of The Disregarded Pupil For me // this is for me // so I won't have you read a single line // It's not your place // it's written with no intent to bring you back // when you go that is like a bad wind you don't want to experience again // wont be dialing any numbers // no time for that soon coming to and from source // coming // that is no way to refer to the past // this is not reaching out evidently // not bringing space to the arrogance I feed off of // not words like ( ' spin me around ' )

It's a real course in how to love all these little plastic failures // lock with no one out from under // driven // all these wandering spots to hide out in // so far I re imagine your face in the rear view feeling it ( I mean it ) no clues broken mouth // It's the smell of crack under the doorway // your little midnight surgery // green a. m. the rubber words just hang off skin // tether // what I wont take // no area or gravity or exit // comes from a place // fast thats how it tows //

“ Give My Love to Eileen “ What was past was really past really happening so you could feel it not above but so low for certain thanks for the time you bailed me out with your new tattoo 3 am rain in your coffee my hands on your ass Can't find the car So I love to lose and your scars sweat all over me dead beat cafe's sad with wet hair and winter stockings licked you right up to the bruise where you spread my name close to your cunt Heart is where it's at though it wont look for you in a rain storm casualty misfit Hemingway halfway house for men and girls under 26 who don't mind sharing a bed

and hot chocolate fingertips sawing through the cob webs I wrote you a song 4 years ago but I sold my guitar so I could get high one last time and drive off the freeway and hand you the keys ( last minute I looked in your eyes ) and walked out into the field Towards New Jersey the red moon sunk behind tins of fire Newark greyhound bus station When Sartre said “ Go there “ we really did.

Log On A Chamber Torsos never heard a gun and rum will not separate a dream getting away never know that I was coming then revolting I'm going to dismember you behind the door So I get down and hold my tongue the way you saw it they want their flesh like a wave the dog isn't sick over a wall your bull sessions do you still want me but no worse eating grass my disposal to blow out the fire other in immaculate breathing jumpy memory spasms resounding in her ear corner of the public gave birth to my dissolve having a break down

no teeth yes of course I was in underground a gang of giggle messages to give lucky bounding blocks of stone as if my body had a silence within the shaky legs of seizures through the pipes soaked flesh from below the deposit then gone wet murmuring outside the great year welcome to paradise my life today root for the smoke roads past gone into her mouth a long time ago the rest of the secrets honey ball in my name is the fingertip bring back the day...

Words Or Madness The bannister's reflections looked like this worked too hard warily away my fuckin copperhead nightmare shaky legs in the sky I thought breathing herbal chains on the cut of the wallop wanting to cry don't know why a battle I've got my arms commander save my thumbs holding tight the string dropped why are you looking we'd cool our teeth on bunnies wine lost your shoe gesturing upper lip the dance of light enough is long great to the side a motorman's bell edge picked along in one hand nobody scared using maps to cover me sea flames through the show windows feeling born but now it was terror bread and mandolins the damn noise from slamming finally

hit the key triangles where used to be trouble you avoid in the nest you don't remember I want to spit me in two Until my heart needs a mouth a big long kiss dragging my balls warily away near mirrors edge a twitch of broken rug I'll tell you what I want let's paint the basement and flex our boots under mandatory ahhhhhhh as hip as the flickers watch linguistics try like brass while stomachs ache like sad sea creatures burdened under third time blood milling blacks I'm thinking somehow the edge of the loft will not rise curtains caught in arms of smoke I show you the rabbit throughout like teenagers shoe laces our language is sand broken by the wind by nights more of this shit will be a surprise city every time the smoke is green towards the left turning but not yet turned pen point moiled gray to lay on the floor leaves rasped echoes rolled into gestures ocean of concealed dreams where carnivals rise out of sand into a phantasm of pointed tongues we are on the pistols riding walls lost through the eerie nod a poets influence on the dollar noises from things eager to reach God my face like come city come burn and burn you have though I sleep in refineries of green light and deserts of strange methods the heart will not erupt...

Sex Coo Darger I break the rock our skin filled with sand into the plunder from this was the children of drudgery I've opened and passed you strangle me what hope no way to increase I use a knife

you repeated you wanted it It was later the beach rose like a tethered city Polaroid drunks over continents and sometimes if you wish through the margin of gloom passes across haunted sky not our fear of God only this time you remember my mouth acid I love feeling your head I move so fast four times through the whole picture kiss kiss kiss I've never been fisted cruelty you can find them brother wolf you betray me poking out in me a center from islands manic and frayed it's a map I'm a dead man these words like the earth my cum purged flickering off me I wonder if your sleeping I want to slobber over your nook I want to see you but I have to pay dues maybe Shiki the cicada rides slides fast food burning little groove my finger the finest creation...

Bad Poem 2 Security mouth my sisters tail a lost song a hill of bones star o little basket full of hush you’re a muscle

a sore cry heard from every highway plastic cups bathrooms in greyhound stations in fallen coins the sound of homelessness we're really feeling it now access tunnel memory mystic creatures a jangle of keys I spit on the floor I blink my eyes my whole life is pulled out of my pockets identity in a wallet rinse out your mouth but every word tastes like a repeat an alarming step muscle clock a house with no light a light with no love leave as your going I'm not hearing a single sentence as often is the case my mind is denying black is black or moments are gone if you don't say a word the music isn't your music love me like I'm 17 leave me like I'm slow to learn leave me I'm a creek of memory I'm so uncertain shaky then patched up sorry engine steam sorry B It's lost steps towards the light and nothing is ever so certain...

( The following is a text collaboration with the written works of poet Danielle Collobert. It is an experiment in language, there is no title because there is no subject and no point of reference. What words belong to Collobert are referenced by her initials D. C. ) “ It then – It – abandon of the impersonal – of the infinitive at last resigned – to embody – with flesh in pain to embody like the thumbnail – It then - “ ( D. C. )

Crossed over words – no end – no one point view it is eradicated – in a prison of terms loose touch – to build through the own self which owes itself to nothing and cannot dream of recollection go then – nothing saying like nothing is born Exactly – but one word only not a fixed idea – not something to remember desire is lame – try and say but never correctly horizon is horizon “ it hears itself – in the end – last word last breath – its raised body – tries again to say stretches beyond measure – crazy extension in the end – maybe not – the word choked maybe in a groan – or the breath lost – long lost for the ear motionless suffering – without cry - “ ( D. C. ) Can't grasp – with sound – I hear and give in there is no fight – only choice with no reality word suffers under influence – bad verse because poets can't sleep while they write and so I say – and it is real how I mean it go find the middle and erase the end The same sea – lamb or quiet to that – in force – in “ ouch “ your voice doesn't pounce or scratch with need – so some light enters a room – enters – thoroughly “ Opens right to the end – starving – to hear still as much as it hears – the voices in the setting their words – the world there – so near bodies close – to know in order to bear still gasping to say – to hear – not silence no – not silence – words still words against its lifeless body someplace wordless body - “ ( D. C. ) In me – there is not much – all been toyed around with wind is in the basin push records no records your life is not translatable be put under the table be put – stay not in don't be regarded with ---------------sewer cold – voices cold – city gone I am yours – a movement – a shadow a sound with no pattern – a pattern with no love “ Of speaking knows nothing – shut up inside the word bewildered pursuit – to fill in space and time time dead – space dead – whence the cold and pain second – minute – length of the gesture distance to face – to hands – to erase – to erase -

to dissolve there – could perhaps in the modes of the possible – imaginary incursions still - “ ( D. C. ) Beat my breath – solace – not handshakes no context – I sleep with injuries – across lips sitting in lap – waiting for the clock to burst and you never will that is lost – and really lost “ Last sign writes light last of the written walled up – tomb – behind the body of dust the imaginary written absolute a noun name – a noun name subject absent the body – no identity of any kind anywhere in the dust - “ ( D. C. ) So I am – am – am no certainty unborn is there – by beside dusk recurring I can't believe I can think commodities I like the look however it breathes You cannot love a destroyer man does they say daring me to eat to breath again and enter into life unmarked for a long time I turn – where is the sun behind me the foreground is withdrawing “ last paintings – toward darkness – a tiny point in the body calling mother physical distress – everywhere visible – from one end of the world to the other come and go – from revolt – to lamentations finally only music in the screams – enough hum of life all around – palpitation I open and I close – animal animal – tortured fear death – translating into body – writing my body in process of living its last moments body pulsing preparation – pacification - “ ( D. C. ) ( Last words before her suicide, journal ) Take me – not keep I want the sound of your movement where it doesn't live in a shadow bone – shell – three reasons bad storms – I love thee moon I love thee because evil is divine this bad seed her – her – her walking not forward – not because I am crazy It is only a source among many “ Silence – a mute landscape mute body traded for articulation – the utterance its flesh at last inlaid in speech its flesh – in the flesh of the visible -

It then – migrated – transcribed - “ ( D. C. ) slip – you in me under mirror a surface in the beginning then confused over whose voice echo echo plenty lonely that is always ( any case, like speech ) complicates this text alive by bullets paper heritage why prescribe infinite questioning just knock on teeth murder the senseless thats why life is about avoidance what comes to that point loving your failure even to communicate to substitute to erase “ Unless red the wounds the ink – vital the incision with which to write – if any is left – just at the threshold before the exhaustion – to open itself up with words unless resistant flesh – scarring over the words it muffles the sound of the wounds – bleaches its nerves naked plays on the sweetness of the words – hushed fixed in the white or taken from the transparent matter – for conversation forever harmless – intact – sheltered from time - “ ( D. C. ) when in me – you push forward ahhhhh you must scream to let the rusted ocean hear this is a noticeable pain It is mine I earned it What to do with this voice that doesn't work doesn't sleep when I say walk quiet not to be noticed not to be reconciled always wrong to the law of any letter scared but not completely without balls so jump with no more poetry left but your veins with no more veins but your eyes “ Solitary banishment – disperses - expanding its body expanding into future – would want to live of it's own articulation the whole until the end – is hoping – hopes to be enough until the end of imaginary speech imaginary capture – to say to itself to the eye its gaze destitution of the being – extinction of images – no longer together the scraps choice no more choice – obstructed by darkness silence reduced to inertia sleep – leaves last the dreams – farts scattered words the contour lines – of easing – it draws the remains of coherence enduring patience of the recognition – in its ruins rummages – what it finds dissolved dust in the day – in the light – barely glimpsed disappeared the images –

remains the monoliths - ( D. C . ) carry the spoon – I am your icon falsely never sure so the mind loses focus until the focus loses reason I know what I say ( what I have said ) will be true in the end my sweet wounds this answers nothing not sure what a face looks like when not hampered by illusion distrust – by all melancholy my epic – this epic I have wounded every element am becoming the wound this when it says it means every word It died for every word that was written won't come back wont' remember you as a friend this is the end of rationality all trust is over this being over it really is over done with it.....

Poem For B. Live a house inside my bones live with bones inside my sleep don't tap your fingers eat the walls cringe cause names are awkward and when you say each, love is murdered

having to put my foot into the stain smoking in sad hotels with the lights off skeleton porn and race horse monuments in the darkness in the tired rise of life go away gone one of these moments held close to recall but the body doesn't remember anything of it's own movements recollections for the fire fire for the soul you don't seek much blistered snow road maps caffeine on your toe nails having to put life behind you your mouth where your words are echoed in empty subways how I had a dream B, and you weren't so cute in your madness and Benzedrine tawdry out spent moments where the “ IT “ strove for perfection tired sidewalks ocean where my heart hangs it's erection on a nail no sleep the nerve is endless...

“ Here it Happened, Here it Was “ First place this was happened

not to not always little shot make movements for the better I wasn't always ( because it is recent ) afraid that I've fought not to hit the wall or ( is ) there options I don't believe I don't carry the proof besides no point lost in every moment where my smile was a solitary nature a monopoly of dislocated hope happening injury all the places mapped out like a black stain I can't find your tooth it is only stars in my bedroom caution can't treat love like lost wood not dig at the roots sourceless and apt to reason with everything we don't understand bone brightly rigid for the lost smile ( or ) and isn't terror ( when we are terrified ) not to blame for our lack of ( precisely ) to push through ( to ) this is an indistinct realization poisoned by gratitude for the invisible not reconditioned by the idea a desperate call I say it is love from a phone booth and that I will throw myself into the ocean if you don't show up to place your knee cap in the palm of my hand reached ( time flows out ) and the wind is a pain through my ears I'm listening for the last things you are saying in the moment before we linger then gone ( in really ) in a castrated light without place where place has no heart and heart is not the source of anything we are to believe in against our selves we will surface on all the levels

we need to carry us once again into that disregarded time where the source is convergent and total let us pray let us pray...

Ring After Come across lay yourself absolutely one love through many lives and times I have tried screaming under the complete ignorance I have made for myself of myself what little I keep drowned through the mercury paper shirt your name tucked into my 10 second huh elsewhere the ground is weeping all tired guards whose way home is worse than others might I am was waiting for a resolution to strike like gold not have to work for the moment to come as it hesitates who am I a born thing kicking out of spite less security than reason linger long the moment I enter through and through no reference it's the hazy line between no point at all returning from where ago again I was at the sea a pathological waiter whose tides were never turning kicked aside to love the rinse I masturbate with good intentions hiding from the light when awakened by snow patterns through hungry dawn I will be tired of you that's the least I know one moment removed I haven't any oblivion

no sleep life to give When it comes if it comes while I thrash and wreck what's wrong with isolation when outside this motel is only more empty swimming pools ? Sad sentence this time it turns again is the lost way lasting road paper tree I'm all torn between the things that wont remember me...

Ring After Come across lay yourself absolutely one love through many lives and times I have tried screaming under the complete ignorance I have made for myself of myself what little I keep drowned through the mercury paper shirt your name tucked into my 10 second huh elsewhere the ground is weeping all tired guards whose way home is worse than others might I am was waiting for a resolution to strike like gold not have to work for the moment to come as it hesitates who am I a born thing kicking out of spite less security than reason linger long the moment I enter

through and through no reference it's the hazy line between no point at all returning from where ago again I was at the sea a pathological waiter whose tides were never turning kicked aside to love the rinse I masturbate with good intentions hiding from the light when awakened by snow patterns through hungry dawn I will be tired of you that's the least I know one moment removed I haven't any oblivion no sleep life to give When it comes if it comes while I thrash and wreck what's wrong with isolation when outside this motel is only more empty swimming pools ? Sad sentence this time it turns again is the lost way lasting road paper tree I'm all torn between the things that wont remember me...


Once inside I'm bitten by too many sources ripped on the side of my face thats still dreaming I hate burns and roller skates

often I feel it's so fatal God I love it when the wind acts like a whore.

Hunkered down inside the coil what is the whisper when it feeds it feeds this way out caught between alphabet and disease what wont you say to me collecting the clones engines turn their noise towards abstraction dizzy in the galaxy I lost now am a shore of waste where is a payphone I can't shut my eyes the end of critique

like bent metal under the bed you watch the lazy dust suicide in placenta rain drops of course of course every whore this is why I spin and die hoping to bite a strangers nail

where you place you're puke inside my pail I came in you're mouth and wrote you two dozen letters and took my time beating off in your empty dress I eat you're waste and am lonely for all I have swum for one in me the cause doesn't matter you call everything your god but you only sleep when the moon is hidden. I love the erasure

Dog in the one push fuzzy wind sea exclaims hell you little magnetized shaker doesn't

pain preceed salutation I cost as much as i feel energy the size of California sleepers Once I bit the razor from the dark whisper nerve break chain and invent logic so where it's not now a snapshot I'm going through everything kicked out of bedrooms and bathtubs one slap one good underneath.

Place your God

where my heart heaves in sickly gestures Thats what you would call winter Before dog bones and diners I would leave you in some sad kitchen appliance whore who can't sort out her colors one nail and the hesitation of a life one life not the kind that repeats itself we are only ever faithful to the ones we harm. That you can count on.

( too ) ( and ) people starving early will be ' on ' - is his other man's trembling frame as orchid tendons hacked fleeing camps at night a center hurls ( just ) and one's his quiet the airs thin falls to be to violate hearing as dawn two times that are placed together are joined rocks can't be translated in elation as a tiny child I occur.

empty moves for angry smiles I steady think you'll hear the last word as my hands committ lies like a stranger I mow through the dreams steady not so sure And if I am bent It is by rape and rain lost in the fray and thunder of swimming pools all you put your weight into like my mouth you're breasts taste like rotten sunshine Steve Forbert sang some song about highways and November death I hate jail but it feels good to hear the water drip you had black lips glitter on your knuckles and soup on your mind we were last in line spitting our teeth at strangers one star kills another one moment one going nowhere road if you die do it with a sober word on your breath.

Not that anyone will hear but Julia I told you scars are only good for cheap sex Do you remeber the carousal. Do you remember serial killers in the month of may?

self replication a double which is also empty occur in loneliness do not meet up closing one's umbrella like the image I suspect myself being circuit coming under the dogs the rib cage the sliced face in early childhood I copied you're eyes becomes a memory reason / logic experience it is flat the suicidal wide eyed vanishing days in the cold it's identity an aftermath come to life a woman and a boy it occurs to one when not a child I dream of you friend either end when I see nothing I am only guessing all bodies then live to the edge.

“Art School Girl”

no place it never wants to be attracted so you hold words to the flame but the will is shattered disjoint all accord I hear sound of jails and personal wieght shoved through spooned out veins and art school girls with heroin fingers that lick the wall ( Clara, I'm thinking of you ) clouds burned through velvet jungle New York is cold Cooper Union has no beggars she fist and crew one hand splayed across trees and space

alright through death and freeway engines blood syllables cry end. ( For Clara )

decks thick lines crawling one's brown no night coal tennements yellow light humps rainless moon gorges black ocean who is the dark by someone seen again this is not therapy which is our sense for there and there rebelling is the obverse breathing in accelerated thin black flowers Bending over it with whips sky dusk drawn out balls hovering obsequiously flickering through the suit case of the blind ocean a clot

in the gloating eliminated by darkness you want to con me thunder rolls in waves across the roofs of the city train on slats by night that is reformed.

In them inward life no eyelids coos on the sagging hulk slate black river a measure as space yellow spotted procedure continue to suppress sound still living killed activists on the street at dawn boats garbage social seperation Bangkok butterfly black rose of one river and sky in visible hell

cubicles died was innaccurate as the dream.

cunt with window no sigh I linger and lick some ancient fist a whore whose cross eyes count this blood cunt

for cunt ravished in pain by gentle bullets that envy you're great unknown.

clit through rust puddles and agonized cities one strip to the death

of porn hustlers and deep throat gag girls crucified to California plastic surgery and trailer parks risen from ash cunt owl sees deadly storm as it bruises the bay and speaks the narrrow tongue once you die division narrows.

cunt by road which run is slave not so intense I bleed and drive one arm towards Boston the thing of life in wounds and fits I break catatonic and spit shit at bad poets with lazy dicks and syntax all confused bedsheets through tennement ambulance hallways where addicts live in glass and cross their fingers waiting for a blow God is gone. God is preparing the stove.

fuck slap I drink confusion and burn my fingers hot in basements where time is stuck go sleep off the nasty dog noon and huddle thrive a shot through the eye and a peice for the real lack of words.

Post op surgery I had a fist inside of me It smelled like rape.

Little tile blood on wall squeeze the rag and lick the stain I often forget that it's Abel who killed Cain.

come radiate me meaning radiation when your sore enough to perform the heart lays back for Jesus clipped by wound

and sour tongue.

The clot that licks is the daze that wounds.

fast foward my fist inside all you love I scum to thee with pitch tooth and twisted cunt I eat sky and love bunkers bomb or porn.

still the first where your hat is layed gentle spit and foward lies bring me to the land of endless film where go water to bucket of rust blood on the atmosphere of the song.

This be hard so think of a way to shut you're mouth which is more radiant in it's silence this is thee nerve not I think some whore's quick reply so you taste my thirst which

began as green this is thee magick which creates the end.

Fuck it to thee you destroy and I descend bent by weird wave and fustrated Nazi verse every mystery has a bootleg cunt and a harp of suicide tea.

If yee love my animal taken your twist to my burn I do conquer and scream you quit dope is envy I light the dream beneath yee

pantomine swine.

Fuck star so cunt you know I hate dolls and drug punk less essence is burned in pink and glow you favorite so

I die and eat the trail you blaze under. Under. Under. Cut. Lover. Borroughs incision. Feti/puke.

Sleep on my sex I will walk you home when it rains it is sacred. all things sacred all things

cut from score.

Ply thee burn do I hear that sweet abduction

you cry Inches listen things blur this is not word I sleep a little. Cut. Here here cunt through sky. say blue.

the death following years // I aren't walls // hid like iron // no breath in the lungs // you search ( every year ) for the pasted memory // are you in mexico // are you writing poems about the painful dilema of child birth //

I hope your not under surveilance // I hope you bury you're dreams and use umbrellas when the stars are out // eaten // not ( cause ) drive through // in lonely 2 a.m. // trains and stalled engines // not eventual parody // Alaska highway // every bar and cold counter // quarters // jukeboxes // losers // don't be afraid of the bathroom // so: ( snow ) never New York // all streets ( parrallel ) surveilance // ocean baby // straight dream // under bridges under overpass // waiting for sirens // twisted arms // hurricane landscapes.

Just when I thought love was a headcase I fell and it was dark you laughed I skinned my knee people do dumb things I'm human which means nothing you left me at a gas station I wish I took the time to learn your last name I think it ryhmed with casuality things were dark it made me happy I survived you're dictionary of my faults Climbed inside outlaw slogans. I've never failed you. I hear the sound. It's hard to tell.

Just as a slowness this goes and really nothing is afraid // mention of words that hang the edge rough when you wake // basement sattelites // ( agony ) stars so boredom // plays the secret whore caught in love by accident // you roll the years one across the other // all of this re - appears // one tragedy after the next // you forget life // you leave the tank empty // strategies and dissapearences // donkey dreams // you'll love the part that never plays // after this // rooftops // looking for proof // it's a simple effect // bored by indifference though clung to matter // once ( sea ) and other things I realize life through accident // If you wake and you want more // It's all there is // I never pushed // It was only ice // It was only some sad lonely cafe // police don't care // you wore you're green hair and drew the poems out of me // I said " Life isn't effective " you left no tip // I stared at engines in Buffalo // I counted stars // I hope your happy now // I drag my tail.

what you come across it's a shame needle by love you peroxide magnet It's so illusive the dignified thread I work to balance my cause shape it so word is relative ice fishing and everywhere childhood schools and drunk lanes I keep a pistol for your blue name I hear it is the rarest sound. one makes as breath goes as body turns as

word ends. There is nowhere, so much nowhere to go.

what is everything sad solution you should learn these sounds one for animal one for longing sweet after burn I doubt your faith we dissapear with bodies with broken words with eyes castrated

how long until the arrow bends? How long until you trace my way? Isn't gone it's time of day no thought ever crossed my mind.

deep in here this is the cellar you should know Another world discreetly hanging from the edge my glasses to the floor can't communicate dumb stuck foot in

accident I wont be afraid or jail bait in memory I hit nerves and caused too much rain It was in you to walk so far gone. Gone it's funny now It constitutes nothing all I've cancelled. exits ( the ) door.

I do not lie because I do not say for this is the reason one word not that I was raped that was so boring I nearly froze my

head off day dreaming I was spinning in your fist as you doused me in flame what I licked I was allowed to keep every inch of you're dumb dick and blind as I fizzled in you're violating canteen worry not I'm over it. For this is the reason. Spoilt milk and moody moody cut cut insert you're critique now this later I am always later. you keep me like a buzzard. I eat the train you're in.

I want the third degree come on deliver me face to the floor I was a child and I was a whore I was in the back seat while you murdered bottles of beer

and told me to pray for my cock to grow Goodbye to all that I wasn't frozen in New York like Joan Didion sick to death I was propped up on a carton of wigs scratching the earth for worms to offer to God who safety pinned my cunt with his terrible redeeming needle. And tought me a million songs he knew I'd never use.

for this // all yellow // by - long highways // rooky posers in laundromats hanging out their gold // such is easy // brick through bone // you'll come into my song through the pillow case of my eyelids // hurtling secrets // crunching steel // I mistake the cause // here there is nowhere // miles to nowhere // ( climb the coward ) ghost voice through power lines // criminal bunckers and desert Malibu's // hasn't occured // I'll be you're daughter // I'll be the incision you take to bed // so much rain for a bad bruise // hotel sink // microwave highway // service ( service ) it's a dream // it's a washout ( to you phantom ) // love not saying // word to body // rocks a whore's moon // through creeper lagoons and empty plays that pound the stage // proliferation noise // come destroy my world // with you're hand grenade cunt and icicle tail // swimming in toilet bowls ( god's soup ) and skeleton days // constantly afraid // this way // it comes // going // cut through // lousy deal // the plate of love is a synagogue of hell. Does you're mouth still feel me on 42nd st.

so fit to play // paradox through infinity // I climb the wake up call // suddenly full of fits // where rage is cream // and I am silent until thought is painful // no sideways here to wait // no door in desert // no car in lanes of gold // do you swear me from the sky // I don't survive death well // believe me, once I was a girl with tragic skates flung over my shoulder // through the snow to you // so old now I am afraid you wont remember // can't be filtered either as dream or postulated word // Once next I am full of hell and casul to put you in the place where blood is scarred notion // dress that was all you wore of my memory // no clues to the past // ( be ) listen // I have not the heart for truth // so put you're shoe in my bruise and hover until the stars are as bored as sattelites // It's a small moment ( odd ) but it lasts forever.

Whore is life abundantly flown into motels by highways where Johns push their ancient queens through movie star parking lots. Love where verse is corrupt and prophets abound like the flood teaching lies through masturbated lips do you envy my big cock Go on have a bite. fruitful wings of spasms roll in gestures of horrified glee Who fucks the angel gives birth to the dog. And I gave birth to thee.

Distorted curiosity humming beneath bedsheets of central park where dogs whisper through garbage landscapes the 100th hour secret not to know I sit and ponder this ice of neglect while hills of war erupt to their very end.

Where to begin this now is endless with roads running both ways and dessicated sinks in gas stations full of rusted wonder under the ferris wheel of the north I empty my song into you're pillow case drying off my bones and fingernails full of DNA where is love? I know this goes and really does Every sky that is settled my landscapes are filled to the brim with you're laughing feet and thunderstorm tongue I destroyed myself in motels

full of burning poems I hid beneath sinks travelling by bus to rescue you're black boots Isn't anything said to do to really do not talk about events Life is the aim we dream is going. It is gone.

For once in a life you've lived only halfway close the door properly when you leave mud in fingerprints behind greyhound stations In skies of intense metal I bless the earth and every saint wrapped around a pint Purely nothing will resolve itself The camera is fused with tampered thought who said " Love is learning " ? I think it was my imagination like bad bread I am learning to walk again.

Have to wait has to wait dream like a slave dogs are better to me and live in kindness the shadow you slunk away from Never no prom only dashboards and early morning scars where forhead

meets the light of your hand and lingers near forgotten North I clung and scratched my own surface to break subliminal complacency and stars in eyes where hookers coo strange goodbyes and interstates recede through the timeless shadow only to die in bankrupt motels scared I was awful as was every cloud and half gesture I slept on the surface of things to imagine perfection.

Collected myself run over spoiled to the hilt I believe in death and I want your reason to be my point and star helpless in Hotels flickering light like a cosmic ghost the curtains push out with the breath of your name Broken tree limbs frozen cars and cancer cops I drink coffee in sattelite diners counting salt shakers and busted clocks Whose love is useless? Not the God of my building not the whore on my street not the dealer with his tin foil tooth these are my friends they're useless but so am I and we all dream of suicide and driving cars off bridges screaming hysterical insane for one true word to reach us Extremely bound to the repeated mistakes of our loss.

keep me lost in the nerve thrashing for // that was ego // not reality // spun a million different ways // Until you meet the incision // high in Central Park pissing into your snow angel my God ( the life of strangers ) diversion occurrence mouth to metal I need // not say // give love to life boats // give pills to dreams I'm comitted to the loss of focus really // ( stars hustle for bone ) cold nights filled with waste basket poems and a desire to get high so slap // so go die for ( cause ) This aint no war // It takes place in the heart // It scars the landscape // It tells time better than a clock // and worries when your gone

Tell me what you want everything with your fingers tied tight across chains my childhood was a blood stain an awkward thump of stones and rust was godly once As ( in ) suicide is normal with that weird poem stuffed in your boot I needed a sense of farewells to study my laments as much as my scars why you empty ( so ) lonely stars ( is ) landscape ( unwanted ) afraid lost in time / this thought That if I loved I could really communicate but I am dumb like my memorys like my sister whose bones I sawed off for a keychain Unlike ( I am ) need to be extreme spun through timless wonder and hearts of past moment ( rooftop ) garden city go ( Go ) bright and unslaved.

Hans Bellmar creepy dolls with a body of legs outside my door Oh Bellmar you insane surrealist ( really? ) I dare someone to try and have sex with one of your tortured dolls. Eeeshh.

Until I am dropped from some low scuzzed out guru's shaft with a sad clock and torn chair leg grease hound begged for early dawn I will not lay down in rest for highways need heroes dream ( cast ) this subtle pull of ivory mass ( rain ) injury whose total crash bleeds the microbes of ( ELEVATION )!

Headed for the start tiny parrallel and pushed through windows up north past Boston past monuments all ( caught ) drunk as ( these things ) take time never energy you push ( it's called birth ) it takes 20 seconds off the day glow clock Chinatown December I ( of ) lowness

lurk and cannot scream It hits like dry wall medicine the lungs cannot hold carnivals in their empty past dogs in their borrowed cages you are something ( to ) a part where dream is smallest frame where frame is ( couldn't keep it to yourself could you? ) Now we watch / it is waiting that kills and kings itself in loneliness.

silence is rest and full it doesn't create loneliness in either in either horizon or one dusk evening meets early light

morning in a circle but without time or night being in between in that space there has to be a ghost as that is itself eclipse it's shred on it is the arctic night in a circle of the black arctic ocean at the same time being someone else occurs continually entirely black the necessity of not being oneself ever in the grainy night is only the gaze is an action not contemplative and soundless black arctic ocean and is in it and dawn one could ( only ) exist as that say. at all.

camped in holy wars shot with stray memories infested desert cars and abandoned refineries I ( be ) dead hunting image image is past really no one touches air I hate molestation through media order of the world gas for ( so ) this hate is thin I'm really dreaming that poets would protest not on the page but in the streets while all they do is scratch their dicks and think of a way to arrange beautiful words that have already lost all their meaning fuck the poet fuck his damaged love little boys sleep without their limbs people starve for meaning in dumpsters fuck the ability to create ( rather ) the ability to make ( Change ) lost on lousy poets in dread of an authentic fight love I have lost enemies they are numerous there is no thread the thread is artiface the thread is the joke of talented cowards. I see a light. I see a door in a dark hive. I see a million miles to the final shore.

now move your heart ( flutter time ) you wonderer's - when I say it's over it's over now it's over do you love me? it all ended like you said one quick move of the hand is all it takes I thought of you rotting as I was all events off the train dusk gathers beyond the tree that one solid thing one movement all shadow the text gathers here: waiting enter me: I am parable not orifice blue inside the mouth annhilation does not is not word I have come to be announced forever into ( ears ) of blind universe blended color came easy say foward but don't mean motion ( ever ) I wont mean this by and bye it is doing having both: love and end of the world Blue dusk blue blue ( only ) dawn hasn't heard isin't meaning: retired hostility repeat sentence into my mouth cum give it all to me nothing ( nothing ) surely nothing when this was the same as all ended discharge not sexual ( poetry ) not that erotic as in darkness does not follow any word that you say having said is over.

If I was wasted life ( and I am subjectless ) what would it take to be able to sleep winter radiators hum with injured songs I can't rationalize life is ( barricade ) subsumed landscape where I thrill in dawn it is all a hideous parody I am rewound surfaced for minor injections the tooth you pulled me through into gas station sodium light never this is never all charity bound like a strict word cut by less and less integrity go ( I ) streets forever walk with hunger bullets in eyes trains filled with salvation rust is the wafer give me bruise I am bad because God is only transexual parody I give away I tide to the final shore broken magic scraped by wood.

Bones through sides I am paradise swinging hateful song do what you will I am in the woods counting cars motor poetry shoots heroin into stars What are you waiting for ? push me through the window I won't laugh I promise It can't redouble all words cancel their own self we burdened life is no answer to pain lock my door I'm bleeding scissors that smell like your garden ( garden ) dogs for tommorrow catch the war every television eroded my whore I watch your thighs give birth to my memory closer I am through the iron in dirt I am laughing we are not lost we are never lost.

pray for distortion before revolution it is in a box hunted by fire you speak but nothing is said bones wither out of commission so storm percentage ( of ) nothing to nothing the system will not break stones will be thrown against yourself crying for cyber justice as the network is frayed with commercials of hypertexual success pray for the anatomy of desire here to die it longs with it's breakers fisted against the codes of war which wears erratic nature like a poets badge

you bleed honor but have never felt death I am awake for the journey where the dark sleeping heart takes a wrong turn. I am never wrong.

isn't important // taxi gone // ate the light // these scars // empty buildings towards nightfires // empires under city bridges // uncle you are a nightmare // I wait for you // sweating through the teeth // bullets for brain bad days I think ( no motion ) // isn't scream // back ways // truck engine whore // important to me // what is your transmission on the lonely FM // celebrities born in a black market // I hear you // voices frayed // nothing said // I wont dream // I wont dream // dreaming dead ( I love my rags ) I cough up bone // do not sell me // I hate your tags // tin cans on Coney Island on 2 a. m. on stilts of shadows torn with goodbye rain // blue display // horizon // you score nothing // junk in my needle says " I will love you forever " // loving is a pit // no parable // I'm sinking through telephones // veins collapse // ( in ) search of the great ash // motel doorways // muttered in sleep //

( slow ) the lights are God as empty // blue days stagger the drag // repitition breathe tube to turnstile.

one is for the strive a person places like bee stings on horizon's cup empty barricades tooth alley and I hate my streets this urban over brick over ruined faces of devastated mornings come through me each parable a burning turn ferris wheels and thunderstorm sex in the back seat I was pulled from Brooklyn into New Jersey at 5 a. m. blitzed out interstate wrapped around stars come to the point I can't realize truth from the distorted elements where time keeps building it's rust of wounds to hound me down for all of my artificial kisses. Amen. A thousand nights. Amen.

each is a morning buried not burned for ( photographs ) I want to eat your bullets my train answers to no one hating forever my mouth wont move I've terrorized the landscape now I need to die I need to put it to you like this: everything I do has been for the rope burns and catastrophe pills plundered I am not reasonable and certainly only bored striving for an exit a man beneath me only raping stars. only hearing sound. to which way I go weary for no final time no certain shore that isn't born by razorblades that wasn't born by me this is why you never should of introduced yourself.

gone in body is forever ( noise ) finger wall // isn't going for silence // broke a sun with days parrallel to longing motel fashion television fuzz the pornography of no information // bleeds the highway for cycles ( exit ) no change ( darkly ) hidden white ( every ) weeping gesture translucent now for ( now ) heavy rain this sceane where ( here ) beach washes stains while ( ought ) to stalk silence is ride by driven for meaning is useless voice over the track of ( here ) con one's mind is only a moment ( difused ) learning // beaten breath //

my death is baby water it toys with breaking points asleep in the head roach of severed dreams I Jerusalem in my suicide after always after and flatter than a cunt couphing every lung is tied to lampposts with cameras in their bones dry and tired in the socket where oceans grind their cocks in a song I licked when I was sick and radioactive // a bad omen a month of pain with warehouse eyes dead is good when I'm stuffed in a car with a candle light tail that sheds its skin and shame as it shoots for the most distant star a bone in the asshole which throws a fit and is terrified of corners where the staff can rape you and eat your shoe laces but they can't pin hope across your wrists which are dying to be split like the grin of a damaged God for good I am done a tape loop unspooled with busted teeth drinking the wall the truth is you are only loved

when your nipples are as cold as gold sleeping dog yawn for I am really ignorant and know only how to do this one thing. - for Anne sexton and Sylvia Plath

eat away ( many ) now // one house // one hill // caught if any // by the roads ( stalled ) sign // reaches day // no word // no since // silent ( all ) pain // if there be an afterwards // shaken // on all fours beneath me // hard day // sattelite // broken from sky to spine // overtones ( hid ) battered frame // we search the elements // matter over matter // gone gray // till we die from lack of sleep // from open windows ( and ) fire secape sex // 2:30 diners piled against snow // it's human skin // I swear // it's global dollars ( ash ) now listen: you go to here alone // caught phrases and telephone curfews // bent // except the whole world waits // for silent entropy // the dissapointment in God // fallen into parking lots // screaming body blows against the machine of light // hands in mud // I ply the words ( out ) of highway cadavers // city is gone to ( really ) no more // empty gas stations and bus depot ( of ) furnace through the gates // okay // it's hating ( why ) long for your teeth to speak // true word // no one is laughing // the city ( is ) a weeping stone // car lot // ( subtle ) // to rise // this glitch // one go // hyper nerve beneath // settles stars ( to ) bone to bone.

field over laid by darkness // a state of night suspended - not involved with the scatter of ( hallucination, daylight, sound barrier, road, ) all there but inhabitating it's own space // story // this happened // so the pen traces a path towards occurence // nightly - alone - so the character ( I ) is isolated - not being spoke to is equated with masochistic sexuality - not really ( ever ) that // so it refers to color // the way anyone enters a room is through color // dying becomes the same as entering a room // but death is colorless and so something in the transition is removed // ( clatter ) move again // lived but not lived ( in ) // so saying is missed.

easy with excess // whose waiting not speak a word // gone is road every path that ( born ) me // gone every hope to radiators busted ( loam ) through size sinched to death // ( by ) proxy the heat of whores // my light in the light of eternity // gripped by pockets in sinking ( notice ) I hear nothing ( fall of stone rattle ) in a birth of cages // knocked through skin // way to here // there is no here // be not anyone ( born of my past ) // saturated by the whip // sailed for envy // the spite is blessed // dripped through holocaust hooligan tunnels // ( I ) rise // lifted by toss ( to ) toss // broken in every inch // colors bleed nomadic ( shadow ) O God where is the ( lerch ) // by what death? don't call my name // beaten to a post ( that ) won't remember // collision // sodium nights // one hill wont bend // by these tides - ( a ) cavern goes deep // wire to wire // the blank mesh of words // how try ( to kill details ) //

anything longs to groan from the push // ( dug ) // strange helium // flashed in night // by roadways going nowhere // damage lurks // heavy breathing and silent air // dreaming // ( fisted ) red radio // tower of my song.

Then cunt crawled over by-pass searching for asshole where honey hides glued in gold

by chinese warehouse 2 a.m. slut could die in freeze it's her cold choice I was layed into her by degrees hunting for veins to stick a needle poison I hate God whose bitch wont quit babbling everything I have made I have made for thee well cry the piss out of my tired eyes dog cunt I need a God to whore me out.

tossed into the unbearable future // ahead of time ( is ) wasted // where was ( I ) // not in the valley // aware // with everything mighty adjusted // whose got love for now // person to person // I remember the ( sound ) of your fingers // tidal ether // packed like bolts in the skin of bridges // the artifacts of memory // come ( gone ) no silence // away // every friend is wasted // every room is changed // here to go // the nap of every union // converging agony // this landscape is not the same // the post of 1 a.m. // when I slept I slept for longer than memory // which no longer remembers me // a lost town // lost cause // raw juke boxes ( junkies bones ) // let me guess ( ? ) there is no right or wrong // just endless board walk // into water // into a death of dust // sorry ( wont ) cut it // I've been there waiting // like a child bruised on every knee // I had no faith when I needed it // blown by atomic waves ( into ) shadows of my past // empty as a drawer // torn out by paradox // I have been ruined // reborn // by a thousand mistakes // cuts which make good on their promises // ( tommorow ) //

gone past the hills steel gray ferris wheel time when I was imbued with numb infinity counting cars since nowhere is still nowhere I draw a map for you consisting of my skin and a collection of scars this road is warped I have dreamed of anatomy changing nothing and no one I am strapped to a bullet pulled through a straw into the record you keep of time and it's whore's who love me like a god.

accidental thrust in wave where red eddies cold foward stunted a steel gray hoaxed into the middle by what is ( eye ) burn the ember a sad laughter justified in it's coil the toll is wasted petrol germs under the Brooklyn where lovers fist deranged by paradise and saturated stars a red in the flux go ( martha ) tunnel to Tunesia flower wound scratches wave where toss these forms ( in ) shape to love death a back door is left open do you bleed? do you bound towards the great open? with your stomach a blanket of fists white germs dreaming of the demented hour betrayed by a poet. betrayed. bent by words.

you how in wind that attaches itself to a patch // and yes at the start over this page // the meaning of ( the ) tone ( we will be ) // meant: looking back seems to rise // however it is

important // the upglance version // shedding the perennial noon from here I'd say: upper stories thrown against ( dirt watching ) oh swim // ( jettison ) // the cry is empty // there is identifiable remembering // transmitted by the invincible // the trucks on the highway ( however small a catastrophe ) making itself higher // where the sway ends ( half - hearted ) by stations and a lower duration // screamed against the dragged out breeze // you must rise beyond my look ( deviation ) you must rise ( a new concept ) here is the road to the human ear // I feel a strand between us ( a random debris intertwined ) // people are buried ( exactly ) // also extensive: the idea of progression enters the dream // waiting at this speed // where is love ? // as if the whole world has forgotten ( we cry through our necks ) // it is DNA which lives longest // such an elaborate exhalation bringing it's birth // garmenture then: Im in the corner like a dusklight listening to the scan // one two // one two // what can be said: how even lurching mends the ( metronome ) do you understand ? // and the atom ( face me ) because it can break // the miles of nationhood: no end // count my ribs ( now oscillate ) the small hole inside ( imprisoned ) but don't think it // what tongue did you hope for ? A fourth wall // I am literal ( barren ) a sequence // this is what articulates more than almost // It is the second stage of life ( it is litter ) // sirens cracking the ( granular ) ..... like a red stitch: interogation // where have we gone ( ? ) all asleep and human dark thinning // I think I expected ( you ) to come ( to come ) // who knows what the world wants // a thousand maybe's ( dear sentence ) // you've read enough now // my words are terrible ( paper even is blistering ) // and cries on our century: nothing will come of nothing // the isolation: I can teach you that // all together in your exhausted hand // the name precceding you underneath // learn the slope and then you must reach through.

mesh or bone high wire music singed through bunckers of radiated mirrors while desperate sings where wave washes temporal eclipse under the nauseated sun eating prints no proof estimated a gone delicate spun

nigger horns of grub plastered with sound a year under the screen biting static and drinking the spliced image of motel signs neon stomach convulsion paper dome these hates grow into the mouth of May.

fire walk with me the dog is laid the bone is a price which ( war ) is never waged on final shore my debt ( to ) laughter it will hurt to die not that it wont feel like a kick

when toes blow and hit the tender nail bucket slain for storms never rage in the infants drain.

the dying air is so thin shoe horn blazed

hounded take a leap this is nowhere only pattern without reason ( for ) rain only ever the drought and too ( go ) not arrive who seeks burns their jeans on spliced image of resurected death not pirated to the last cause but puked in ( God ) have say ( no ) word.

where ( is ) what I am lost under rock born to the stone the beautiful ( aren't ) watching in peep shows of holiday whores whisper no one wakes in this dream Hotel I drink paper wine from flask made of stars the theater is closed all of the naked dogs have gone home wrapped in their gold hit by ( heroin ) in the messy vein perculates candy fizz die on brain I want to die soaped in cause my blanket brain my stupid street I ( eye ) no more dri[p]ping tender love [ is ] a leak lost on the screen.

[ birth ] of tongue flame sheathed round [ opulent ] god high from narcoleptic [ sle[e]p ] don't puke you know I aint angel when my cakes [ cre[a]m ] I am so slow to core engine slop naughty here sheets twisted spasm by wind [ hun[t]ed ] finger write [ this ] is hole in wall where we creep and shit punk suds thee awful god I wine in the t[u]b.

when I was born I ate my vows refracted days slid through haloperidol windows sick as a heart I took the fruit like Adam choked by it's vaults black tourmaline pulled up the net her face is the sun teeth sweat thick I will be dead empire of ten thousand years I will travel the madonna of pre - dawn light my belly lifts towards Pollack museum give me a dress to wear I was never a girl clap your hands disbodied cicadas I will still reach out for you cloaca vitreous I am afraid

a scar like a map saliva sullen clouds hollow as a pulse heart.

waiting for a dream to come flash backs on that desert litter of bamboo I am a beast that's not song or story pairs do not occur skinheads surrounded by the people hyenas calm inside to base reality on this impinging dreams in flickers burning ghat sleeps at night in the city middle black butterfly gelatin stocks I am a flayed man giving up the lips say a thick green cry for existence public itself the eye in the liquid shaved paradise vaulted floating immersed on it's yellow cord the serial novel gutted on crack coiled emerges snap shots of souls in smoke immense the face floats an accessory neons and billboards

wandering our connection to events blue cries blue for more blue.

wrecked car the ocean breathes not much that I can do waiting for storms to tear out walls where the mice eat my dreams unsatisfied Have you heard me wail brutilized by winter alseep in the head I can't wake full of bullets and porno magazines teeth [ not ] answer I slave to hear a word a single strand of what you do not say you have not said forever.

almost torn open through backseat windows drudged from the past an empty city having the form of laughter not laughs really so says when I was too young to speak I ate the words of forefathers and inbred nightmare recalls a skip on the horizon needle for tooth catacomb kitten

a space for empty profiles nudging the zone I am terrified these virtual bodies are trapped in cyberspace forever spouting their hopes to plaster lonely refrential dreams on the cross we've come to bear the hounds of the light house are placated.

fling sift lost motel's scuzzy blue road never lifts against dreams flayed by nails her tongue my mirror

over and over until the momentum cracks and lethargy burns a callus in the throat signs hang in silence wearing the scars of a year of desperate stares engine cranks to the low winds.

This is my actual life no more pain the jackpot this is how it tells itself: I never got any ticks / tunneling under the door / the trees are tremendous / consumed by dubious eyes of the local hustler / under these trees I felt the luggage of people / less hum we waded through / nothing believing sand flies for fifteen years / started this story you can't drink / who owns a finca near greasy dance joint / yoka grows on high ground / trek through virgin old time junkie / the inner bark infusion squeezed / dirt floor thatch out of a federal cop / hideous strip tease with a chair / last five days on a bus ride / fish tails over night / silly talk / on the boat in the alien corn / turkish boys with auca pricks / awful dump / I travel light / mountains and a sluggish river not a locked door / Nothing can move in to hold us because the brightness has gone that place where I am erased and still be glances promised by the franchise.

Eleven in the market / amuck / amuck / tape recorders / you can call me bartender / cargo untouched / how far? / furniture papers strike a toe / old glory premises seesaw snatch / you dig? / I am most efficient / like a brown egg / the barrel is in Seattle / consider every way is mysterious / a pajama tarantula exploring the ugly spirit / elevator in the small orange cat / crater city and the camera is placcid / spanish walls with calm authority / bottle of some red colored chisel / a time ago chinese food rag menacing phalanx / land in oriental listens to metal / dead room where I am / no typhoon from a fart / only automatic do it easy / I turned a corner and padded my words / fifteen feet of dripping horrible stink / hello says 1912 walk in closets / I am waiting for a server / come straight to the point / is a way of books to fumble dustpans / pop singer with blood / jagged old movies / carnival infection / I yawn with muzzle / who shot the dutch shit / detective / detective / Oh mama mama don't tear don't rip / cold twinkling wise monkeys / neon ejaculating / her tits pop out like a clinch / toilet of my young legs / everything is a key / gob of an old ghost.

give me a skin a shatter beacon of hazard light licked across pavements and Hollywood lane dark car a capsule to ( die ) fizz by love crossed in empty crooked alley sleep near scraps Selby Brooklyn howled out moon my keys are cooked in a pie of sound Lantern light my fatal bruise itch like an engine turning lost phrases into gold abduction.

The poet should never eat of his own death though he might be tired of the sourceless word and many years he has gone unrecognized by every bone he moves across uncaring audiences and virtual mongers who whore out plastic concepts wrapped in their gaudy gold I never bought you're sugar I only stared thinking " I can do better than this " but there is no proof that I have stained anyones mind besides my own with a poem for torn socks I wear out and can't go on But one must It's all there is landmines of misused words and miles through empty theatres stay alive young poets don't cut yourself with blades don't count on the stares of others wander in you're nightmare

hip to the fact that it will take a million years and a ton of dead roads before anyone will say: " Good Poem ".

ruddy wardrobe morning coats wings pass through arrival of the world rather the day lacks instance a picture cannot play it's part it burns in deafness which won't let in a single molecule the scream of lifted rain taking possession on the floor a ribbon of objects in pain with eyes anchored by a pile of used waxed mouths and also ( and also )

I give the horrible to the inscribed poets that they might lease my genius for there own sad pornography.

her face a living stain then the pavement spreading out into the straightback bastard shore ripped with mud a glass egg suctioned from the hole less into the invisible of the mothers cunt where an eyelid opens

of your world your flesh I implant bugs inside your ass searching for the heaviest book the pause has no concern for the grayish stuff dreamed by paralyzed veterans sold out at a crawl to receive the jolt of pennies inside tin cups the subways were filled with this kind of poetry the instant place: but of what? she's the scream no, she's the drown the second night where parts of wings are torn Now I lay me I try to feel you beneath the immaculate spot but you've stolen my orgasm and stuffed it into your bag of crotches transmission is the anchors face are you listening? this is the seventh hour.

you must believe me this blue deluge broken stones numb in wounded spheres back into the life of limbs bundled a cross station deserts of non - form reluctant to be born without eyes where cycles finger the inertia sickness in the arcades pointing possibility far seeing herd on [ red ] black dusk torn in minutes of fibre limp or lag beneath words.

tight knotted dissolving not only where chill glinting accumilated sucked around that cry pallid tensile hand river glint carried miles down imperial highways please dont offend God circle holds the violent homocide the frame of skin ventriloquial evergreens puked in high noon the back bone of the transfer upon tracks wheels inform the illness extended but not touched stars under the edge of command by doing your mind becomes you.

What I needed for my orange trees to grow // ( internally ) // but nothing listens to need // listening has no speech // so I can't say: involve me in this // tell me where it hurts ( between the knees ) Oh don't be contemporary // poet's aren't intellectuals // Intellectuals aren't poets // there's a wrod that needs to be said and it can't be said by them // velocity so // so // I like girls // I like their tiny teeth and their tiny wrist scars // car wreck car double // through your panties I saw I sought I waited to bite through // car lights on car lights off empty roadway I dreamed of hesitation which isn't easier // return // no // left over // engine's or sea or caught in the cage // she's always thinking " my life is over " // how can a life that has no terms be over // so everything is until then // every cause living without it's matter // and no one here is afraid when they say " it's because I'm dying " // which is natural so the fear is evident // not having a source // it's always easy to say // but to believe is unmistakable // engineer // which was word for love // meant something but at 80 miles per hour you couldn't say what // say only my motive became sexual // that was expected // but wasn't put through // teach me // not teach like I would learn // but send it through me // highways can't be love objects // so you account for me // account for dust // how it breathes back off your skin // we don't push we annhilate // we subsume or, that was past // what could happen now // Peter Pan stays ordinary // all pirates return to youth // trees out of breath this winter will not occur // even moment or spot // night stops // your face returns to me // returns to my beat of word // carefully my disclosure // waves a hand at you // nothing is goodbye // nothing is hello // so nothing could be that // be dripped all over house I was being so blind gives up which creates causes out of phrase turns // so the window can't be the body double // it's just hurled all over plot // cause the extension is personel // so we're not afraid to admit that // ( one tree removes another ) // the term ' try harder ' is useless // we make no assumptions // this would be because the writing is starting to not matter // and that is not sad so we don't perfect or categorize it as an essence // boys who are blue have crushes on girls from photographs as you move your eyes across spaces // spill the serious gesture // that will be ocean of sound as it moves hesitating // afraid to go home // not knowing identity // it is playful trying to understand it's own existence // so // alone // so // cringe: the word isn't // it becomes alone // so // careful // I am not a verb // I wait like the smoke in Detroit // parking lot // careful don't destroy // so: alone becomes love becomes don't play the dressed up doll // cringe // in a house like love // so // so // I am alone // until January // wait: until you can come destroy me // I will be waiting // like a bad omen things matter // like a deserted theater things are blank // are cursive // out of thoughts - arranged

performance I am a junky so it seems like I am searching but am not apart of the search // we don't judge // so either // we reconcile // we move around empty field like thought // so: although darker // it is getting wired so it resembles night // scrawl // crawl // the baby of my story // the hurt of my 2 a.m. it isn't happening // to be around to be mentioned // what are the words? // not summoned // like I to love heartache // the bathroom stall // inch by inch // they're pulling out the core and replacing it with theory // which develops slowly but with no difference // so a few hundred cattle fill out the plaine // red on every grain // I am dust in your mouth // injury dragged over nosebleed much word before scrawl // crwal // ocean data.

I had a name once - I had a face and hands that could carve names into trees encircled in a heart - the corn fields grew taller than me - the sky pumped it's blue juices over red fields circled in dust and deserted lot weed - old up-turned machinery rusting under the sun - poor bastards of future compfort and convenience - O lord you whip my eyes blind with a dark storm - I can't gather information from the alley - jagged edges come release me - straight onto the southern highway - rain telephone wires loose cables grayhound bus station - I'm giving you information straight from the fields of disaster - remember - the lord when he said " let there be light " - we are in the dark - baby - forever and ever - in the dark - lonesome highway leads on forever - mazzy star, cowboy junkies on my private radio - all futures fade into dust - and wash out of your eyes when you awake - storm o simialar storm - dark forest night train - be here with me for this - alone - by the road - two cups of cofee - a scar for a smile -.

The text in quotations are verses of Leslie Scalapino from the book R-Hu. Jenny wears a dress. Hails a cab. fucks police on the corner. Snuffs bulldogs. Has slow leak in panties, bad pipes, wheres the plumber. Her grandma is a mugwump. It is snowing at 3 a.m. on New York boulivard. Jenny is sitting in diner on west 53rd smoking cigs and burping coffee. Her lover Pete, who is a taxi driver and narcoleptic, is reading Camu and playing footsie with Jen. " Cut it out " she is pissed. too much black snow, so bored. Nothing but noise on juke boxes, slow sad winter, no exits to Brooklyn, no cabs full of magic dice. Lottery stands and slush, Jen hates 3 a.m. " I left the room feeling i was having a heart attack. Only horses live in this land. The flat green surrounded by the lit domes of hills which are as if underneath it. As is the mountains and flat floor were submerged under water when that isn't occurring, isn't visible. A colt is so young. They walk together, on his elbow, on the green floor. " Back up stairs above grimy chinese restaraunt, Jen undresses, pees all down her legs, fixes

hair, fucks Pete who has gone into one of his narcoleptic slumbers. Snow hit's the window like pornographic fists trying to climb into the room, and take a dump in Jens shoes. Night turns to early morning, bathtub full of ice, heroin wall toilet paper madness, shoe string mattress, torn dress, Jen in red slippers, sucks cock of dog. Dog cums in mouth, tastes like Virginia highways at noon and is a little yellow with doberman pee. ( " The segment from hmmmm was a dream which I did not distinguish in that writing from event, is only an event as any other in real time. It has a woman with a snout in it. In the real ( childhood ) event I'd noticed someone wasn't human. Then hmmmm is a feminist work, but not proceeding as doctrine. " ) This could be the poets penis. Jen drools in sleep. Nothing is clear. all fuzzy and no image. Still alot of snow, like rapists talk shows blowing through the atmosphere. Pete walks around muttering like a pig, hairy chest, ice cream balls, taking pictures of sattelites on roof tops covered in Decembers sadness. Covered, but not submerged, Jen sleeps like the sleep of dogs who realize they are lesser angels, sprung from the ladder of time. And vying for purpose. The End. Not-to-be-continued.

First you are born // from terrible theives // overpass // the system is forged // what were your hopes? // allah gone // in dance clubs drinking neon through a straw // careful on your toes // your not so cute you can't be swallowed alive // by cops and by-lines // motel station // in my puddle // I suspect rats // in the helium // crazy // through eyes of a storm // desert // trapped // where the limbs wont work // the poet's mind fights for it's life // difference // a color // how for how: you drift // blank captured the will sighing out it's purpose // come to the point // where love is a highway // packed to the brim with secret gardens // and doors that crack in the night against tire swing nightmares // enemy stars // cloaking dead machinery // felt // by the pull // the wounds are plastic // my hands are plastic // to the factories I'm looking for death // at the edge of town //

rusty river // ( red hook ) snow // the cream of the crop // hate their poets here // what we've done to them // with our words // strangling them in their coffee cups // trying to get by on the hardest burns // This is for my life // the tight rope is suicide // listen carefully: if you are not blind go blind // if you believe in God exit the station // no one will blame you // your mind is a lobotomy // your bad bruises are love // inflicted by circumstances which have led to here // the wounded site of life for no sake // every fault which leads me to the edge of my last breath // one two // nothing looks foward to being born.

If there is a need to die it comes from above shout through the skin echo holy booze

when I frig myself in bed and become a verb saturated in postmodern barbituate blue veins ripped I am a relapse hung by my balls teeth in the eyes of my blanket sleep whore if you love me read me Sartre while I widen the cuts on my thighs for years they have begged to be completed I will you know throw away the years four of them which mean even less than a strippers kiss routed in the gutter bones killed god you are nothing I empty the empty stranger I end with a pause and sleep and suck white noise hell is a television with horror sex oblivion fuzz ego is thrilled to not care what caused this awful decline the decline feels best when something tight is wrapped around your arm and the vein is beginning to show a needy mouth among a dozen needy points of the flesh.

I have lost a few things not about snow when blizzards ruled Yonkers

and irish bars were a dome but the enemy of silence which rules by how one perceives now the use is enemy to action I roll over I think to not go numb built upon skin where islands run out the pain engine engine take me to the dogs where I can learn to love again better than a spy who has hooked his associates through the jaws better than a sea black in night isn't it best to climb inside a wave and stain your cell phones with salt water learning to swim when you've forgotten how to talk talk to me please I'm bleeding in the mouth I'm not the same person I wish I was a whore a tire swing a suicide a fourteen story fall Which tells me I have really learned how to love.

where I have lived in a basket of nerve raw ember situated in meetings congresional sound of nonsense I need to practice patience I need to learn serenity I need to get better with a blade and alcahol on the cuts where quick swipes finish the deed have you learned my life story go bite the apples on the hill don't pop your mind with anything I say hit in head with basement fingers and acid depth I really wear out from advice and just for today sutures born every minute it takes and feeds every good intention not from me don't see what you want to see it's a slow spoil a limb gone blind when you reach for the rack grab the poems of sweat and days where no one says hello and alone is sweeter than the company of dogs or metaphores built from metal phone lines across hills through pastures trees with suicide wrists wind in black bus stations empty the photons the greeting cards the Holiday Inns no highway would lead me to a God with better tits than my porno mags fist inside erupted flame gone I am here

gone I am asleep able to count morrocan nightmare strings attached to ravens to my television navel channel in the empty fields road is dead life is dead just for today I remember who I am who I've always been.

Shadows boot with her head discovered it was nothing - scratched her forhead and behind when oceans dried up - scruff of her neck keeping that fact to himself - cold nose to his - roof and a deafening sub stink back to sleep - he put his junkie and his car out onto the highway you blew it thats what it thrilled her because the scarf - pass-key? hope - Haley tried to move his arms - search engine - thought face became taut with panic - words mantle Equador - it was - I need the pass-key - start somewhere - dozens of sites I don't have it let me go mantle, mantle cell lymphoma barely roll over - companies with mantle in the Dakota line and Ensei Tankado to mantle forty minutes later is now - yachts and tourism your crazy Haley cried struggled unsuccesfully trips around the gallon road - familiar but probable all of North Dakota's mail just the same I told you before the clear azure waters You wont understand shot bursts between the galapagos for two - it's fucking blasted through breath taking terrain - an old pack of wind - the noise in crypto - transferring in the eye - a fur coat fell on a running all that left was - shelter strom skies - then a sofa landed on the metal platform only fear and raw energy - with a storm of light the azulejo tile glass dropped out of the blue - soldier smashed strained and breathing - unnaturally pink legs barely audible with whines and whistles all night the bull tapped it's eye - unveiled secreats or something else nothing but a grease spot rolled down the side of his woman trapping her and head and formed a dotted crushing her the air filled and then his lips moved large panes of green house to someone sweat stains a statue of a civil war his arms beads of sweat panel truck an ironing on his arms and sparkled like the overpass up ahead and hands shit oh shit something traffic below like a spinning circle above a foot - soldier how's your death taste?

feathers and long white gloves and the 7:15 train No. 113 sharper Ray had been okay five miles to bay shore the vet's but when he saw from the sad rave sceane pantry at home he had broken rainymouth fogmorning then passed the William Penn hills rising to the sea bay streamed from every window like demented in the draws with cars on both sides disposed real estatically saw no crazy Ray or other car lights my whole souls disguised living creatures out on this reality itch there were no black threads with that snow bound semi the cab crossed the canal for sexchanging to pain down there loud spanish culture and natural foggy played from apartment houses little room wondering how zagging up the sides like iron myself into feeling that these young men with gleaming filled red with work and on some street corners clusters so thrilling to feel the roll like oil in garbardine sacks with soft tears or sew lines offered to wash the cabbies little notebook and I stared.

( The lines in quotations are Leslie Scalapino's from various books. ) Jen has hot shower - soap suds on breasts on back and tiny ankles - dries up - looks in mirror - brushes teeth while fingering her ass hole - toilet paper clean off finger tips - Pink Floyed on radio - wish you were here - news on t.v like orgasm static - jen slips into tight red dress with long slit up to hip - art exhibition downtown - locks front door - fucks dog in hallway before leaving - wipes cum from cunt onto hand leaving trail of doberman slime across the wall outside cold snowy night - sattelite stars - hails cab - rides downtown - presses exposed vagina against cab partition so she doesn't have to pay fare - enters art galley - 8 p.m. ( " Before the war room it was spitting in an ocean. Now we can collect all the utterances proclamations from around the world that

will buttress our arguments - this week they're giving birth happens then. everywhere. Nothing. consecutive. " ) L. S. Jen wanders gallery drink in hand looking at paintings of pubis extended and highways and dildo's crucified against tortillo back grounds - real chic - is totally bored - lets out diplomatic fart - people stare when they smell her gaseous flow - Jen goes into bathroom fixes lip stick - sees woman coming out of stall - grabs her and presses the girl against the sink counter - lifts up girls dress - eats out her pussy - girl moans - Jen wipes juice off mouth when she is done - pulls book of J. K. Huysymuns out of her purse starts to read to girl - says " this is dark prophecy from 1890, do you like my eye shadow? Do you think my tits are too small? " girl laughs and grabs Jen by throat roughly shoving tongue down her throat - they exit bathroom - wander gallery - tell the artist how anal his paintings are - leave together and hail cab to uptown ( " An infant had difficulty being born. as its bones were broken easily. disease born with its bones broken in its tiny sack already uttered incredible poems as a small boy and no one cannot keep up but one isn't there then. so its not ' to disrupt '. " ) L.S. Jen and strange girl end up in the village - go to record shops - fuck store owners double teaming bumping fuzz getting tons of free cd's - go to park and Jen pisses on sleeping homeless bum - bum swallows every drop - thanks the girls for their kindness and support girls go to bar get drunk throw shoes at the patrons take off their shirts and dance on tables tiny titties bouncing up and down - a sad lonely code - both go back to apartment - sleep in bed with fingers inside each others ass. Pink Floyed on radio. The End. Not-to-be-continued.

Nudge this zone these lanes hung by headlights in deserts we extract the promise I can't reach to you joints linger don't move a red muscle I'm triangulating the noise to furthest ( not ) right organic trees

fusion of road ( pushed ) through miles of thread on the lanes of crime my hat ( is ) crimson burned ( by ) now is days clawed in gas stations the ( must ) be here searching for essentials ( to ) pack out the membrane verbal ( rejection ) flawed if you are not mine ( keep ) the secret that where we go we do not find ( kicking ) alive hesitant moments ( here ) forged reminded by scatalogical how afraid to this we will be brave born to the road ( not ) blinked / phrase.

helped through a body mind isn't information where you go past billboards

and sodium light hills sway and stars convulse in my car that has no wheels in my heart that pushes for air do you bleed for the cause? Do you exit the building for your fair share? bone plastered sacrifice be here longer what sustains bullets over highways in swamp over Hotel in Boston this is the inverted sign bring me evidence not burn tires and clothes off road side to prove my point I haven't seen what it takes I'm sure the violence is arrival by metaphor shoelaces silencers born again to loser life tied to posts the negative balance restored by a single breath It's longest to dream while someone else shovels out the past for their war we will become easy not targets but bouts of silence protesting certainty. We should do more. What more dear? Speak up. Listen closely. This is the raft.

Maybe us maybe that is only so slow the process is bone no clothes we reach the surface tired of superficial wounds this is the stay we long to be whole from our mouths from our assholes tired blinked out eyes swallowed by flame is it wrong? Do you know the code? give me your hand long walks are over hearing the sweetest note is over playing our parts is over now lets surface and tell them the whole tale of where desire began roads into night buildings sacrificed cut by montage we are loose and near all borders extended the sleepy verb broken beneath the light we call dawn.

coconut juice in her voice dark eyes on her motorbike many guns bag of knees nibbled from one end the dark city three stars Malaysia bombs because maybe I showed you my bare head tears of rage arrest the heart ticketless souls glittered in the sunset jungle on slope bamboo bleached I suppose dearie Tankado a deep breath concrete barefoot white mosques emetic live in the high place follow suit from these dead adopted when is submission Khun Sa through violent opium eerie hunger California faded poster Hadji no hot potato I am myself kill kill being just I am so poor Kota train creeping past waiting rooms of red dog wonderful euthenasia bannana trees sparked mountains from the loose student how do you feel? happy happy in the camp where are the brown shirts no sense to be right in these chains of logic ill forged I pass the self all you see in the pipes haystack dying industrial pill not scattered/them over.

If I was left in ( not ) posted for the roads are flint dodged by that much nerve skin I have seeked an under to cross my promises empty rooms in yellow light I have had to drink hard for my moments when nations flood the screen half remembered by ( door ) one only ( us ) is it taken the flood of engines where angels watch porn I know my days are numbered I can't drink coke without going blind nothing is lost just put in it's place seeking the other where ( are ) the corners the places I run into fixed not doubting the answer burning ruble highways North station of the cross I meant to give myeslf up but the scream lasts longest as it isn't heard when you fade away and don't return. the parcels are alive.

Succeed after me: here's another upper upper - old lines all to the good birth to myself I am the violence starting point of discord we read about the pain tending to follow the noise adopted coils privileges sullen context what room is this? centuries insignificant brings bitter grain demagogue that's why sentences are bloodshed dole out results for the guilty instance wait! there is no high coming closer formidable closer than this I endure the whip why shouldn't I ? suffer cause I am crushed into paper beautiful mouth these words - thousands of them - rise again –

swung: here I am giving life by the swarm ruins and says: I was denounced hurried to the exit every ( these ) doors whipped by solace ( can't ) keep the flame from one shoe towards the other no break ( in ) give sound prolapsed ( noboddy's daddy ) by these ( I ) face in the absolute gauranteed nothing ( by ) love this is highway ( south ) motor stars to murder if there be ( any ) will ( cause ) period. // there be a frame so abstract no one is cute living by the wire busted lights ( damage ) no ( now ) motion city turnpike is mad to the left knee drawn legs and twin ruts // compromise

war: let us mean gradually ( dark suit ) ( they ain't children ) why? I know it is the nature of humanness // who kills another what is the total number this ( is ) night subway junctions carry victims // using gas the fog ate them they were ugly...

muck of memory has put it dear commentator these are my emblematic bones ready I am sad yellow sky beneath the arm there is ( ' clouds of darkness ' ) luminous negation strange old history to the earth this my hand it drinks the middle at the end / if anything: line of our writing stimuli still stink of blood gang raped easy chairs it must be cold

in the child's denunciations things above the average how hungry lived in the throat cut war glaring struggle / unsmashed extraneous words something to bleed for system is stronger confiscate excess / clay eaters / imagine the center / dark / a million arrests / sidelined.

born out of sight to ( give ) the legs extend ( both ) dark eyes dreaming nothing to recieve in station my ticket

clocks are blood red down from heart through to excess no straight answers no waiting for the right moment my phrases are three and captured by trees raped in wind that lashes from loss of words and carries by shreds the neglect of life ( unborn ) tossed cause Hurry to the exit I strain with the letters come ( go ) bury under bridges with your digging spoon with your envy if you are able I have to speak I have to say these things now as if right knew a wrong that waited for opportunity to lapse bone moon chisel tide ( really ) drift towards ( uncertain ) nights you die better than living in the perilous wings subtracted to ( be ) by love ( unborn ).

here isn't able // complicates // nomadic constellation // born to motels // in back seats // ( dreaming ) of dresses // summer girls // lazy finger ( vending machine ) trees go spazz // love is locked ( through noise ) plastic railyards // flinched: tone senses // something is wrong // escape to winter // what can't the page see // here down the road ( enter, enter ) staging space // the letters for this are: L // K // D // in it we cross ( flagged by haunted speech ) // God there is more // as point of fact: forever this will go into the veins // lapsed // prolong future do me ( do me ) in through the mouth // scarred // written by dust // how sacred run down car, boarding house, steel yard // inflicted years decided we go // hazard though strained // slack muscle to jaw that wont speak // sized up // shut to the bone // how long to sigh // woken with fistful ( wide in doubt ) // what is there not to believe // from agonized: telling the phone to sleep // size matters // where they divide the truth ( while ought ) collapses slack to the begginning.

with what is love all is gone jupiter fustrated ( then born ) by where will I be coming for everything lanes through soft night machines in hills producing purr these are the character intuitions leaving swimming pools to diners out east I nibbled your ear and crossed my shadows where ever they lay happy to be crushed so long as wind was high and losing ground low being that a thousand plateaus of the binded spirit risen through mouth this is candid so don't leave me little is left to say I will say it burning by the echoe that carries false love to rest I need a head a breast a hand a serious body to throw out a window the soldiers are coming this is our sleep for nothing the agony that forces words to rescend and on platforms in high wind we catch our trains asleep in the head by a million wounds to ( consort ) plaster then reawake new to the debt of life.

this for keeps a long battery ( haunted ) central park snow / being robbed hustled into cafes to read your confession no one relates ( is ) related to the thought of birth of feet that tapped the edge of bedposts high on blue deluge biting the walls sexy death enter no crossed chair floats while fingers stir liquid while hair collects the winter you had eyes that bitch slapped the dawn dirty jeans I wish memory was jello congealed by moment ( fraught ) not loving under overpass hitting the vein with rotten words could it begin again like a root / unspoiled a batch of phrases ( unmatter ) what I lived for so long under the bedsheets hitting skin against skin the radiator was my mother I couldn't climb the stairs I didn't want to focus on life I wanted the wounds to be softer than the cuts I wanted the tide to carry me off on a chair under the neon lights of Coney Island goodbye rats of my past

goodbye teeth of the world have you heard me when I screamed " let me live " over and over charcoal fingertips needing a ride to stations of radio transmission I love the elegant fall ( which hits hard ) but carries you to the start where you bargained for birth through the forever tube forever breath ragged though ( glory ).

what started / building layers / less structure / war on drugs / the self is eliminated / the fools rush to the rind / endless / proud of Nebraska malls and the energy of the slave / gone in blazing / demanded rights / up till then / the multitude have no faces / wrist bands / lousy punk / streets aren't safe / wear yellow / tell your neighbor / every like stays the same / like for like / neon / rectified /

cops prosthetic / hit hustles / bar none / movement regulated / torn curtains / fluid / stars are the enemy / enemy is beneath the skin / climb the refuse / bargain for god / dumps in wake field / red disk / silent moon / in station burning clothes / laughter means surveilance / last to know / exit door / hit on in bar / bad music / fried smells / theorys float / out from private eye / room with no windows / hear yourself cry / the Lord is abandoned / railyards meca / tin cans / playing with the offspring / jobs to lose / foward spirit / spare change / riding the subway / ghost / in awful deluge / rain bites cement / sleeping through riots / in basement / spoon clanks against wall / cornflakes / shoes on telephone poles / ring the wind / spill words / carry the tune / basket medical tide / aware beneath humped in day / shadow is minor / calling fog to stone /

the head rests on a spherical slope is down from key is making happen storefronts and vending machines when you say science you could or could not view the strange girl from bar foggy drinks smatter table tops mirrors nothing eats like religion ten fingers plyed ( on ) winter surface of lake is ice layered ( too ) cold dawn what price ladies in red

you see or not ( see ) going down [ placated ] the zones radio dial fushion of thirst and once carried ( warm ) carried.

once I reach this is the reaching breathing out for birth there is silence

driving nowhere heaven or gold? will you come with me torn sleeve motels high sun goes low blood on rooftops garden [ air ] two doors down knock I am filled with life I am eating your reason pour out the verb pour / come / bar / here is laughter it dawns.

tokens where ( what ) I held tokens mighty it gleamed street walkers to ride the bus not a voice speaking voice cut off from the line in snow this city no shots pure crystal scream this doubt loud in canyons scream voices lost no religion lake is polluted coming to source car breaks down desert highway learning distracted photographs membrane solid hologram where is the city slide of dope the dildo mattress decay curtains I love you this city in the desert lost tokens battered come battered alive neglect re-enter / slum / happiness golden.

people have money but they don't have money so they long for humanity what is human? who lights the sparks being fed where do cops get their money? from us because we are scared do you get it get the drift no one has money do not spare it to strangers unless you are a marxist which makes you strange like a woman / do not pray life will bend you over analyzed data is red [ meca ] moon jangling cup no one has money the cops take all of our change sex is deleted you need ID's to swap fluids why is America so dumb woman tell the cops that there are informants at the poetry reading these are the days we die and are herded to make committments not blessed because we are broke in these windows the nights continue.

with what sight is want nothing poet saying said lay down garden war taxi find in buildings go dark broken eclipses sing now song in layers from voice light the stage with paralyses no applause moments couphing friend exit couph red [ door ] buildings cab on corners bad leave show marked show them mark in solitude this happens strange the swift drug in re-hab avoiding war pain pills tar walls do not do anything ( sudden ) hemmingway is a whore whore is a building not dust by battle we snuff and cream the exit no applause bad couphing noise we leave down to jeans done scar sky ( god ) red information the enemy in poet

crosses line definatly square to mexico no cars only cars dreams big meant to quiver days [ blue ] curtain rise no people seats where is cab?

when you are once who ( not ) knocked on any door latch is careful seeing nothing from bar tops to sides of streets torn without a window no prayers escape and escape fields red not dark inside going matters going through sattelites and vision master vein cars end up wrecked on roadways blocked condition layered and thought this is red meca lanes swung by branch and less heart for island fortune drink milk bowls over and dying die spit in desert the faith is useless when inside at windows below buzzards clock tick bad genes who is hell even talking it says and ( says ) come ( only ) must the highway is layered suicide by plastic the figures in throats blue peices floor in bare in subway no context context is taken not shoved fast cars the night I slept

this night not any other other is without friends in bulbs the light stays on reckless with where coming door no opportunity heard fix your window heard brighten your alley in the ways we speak too much born and placenta ( hips sway ) you wear a gown ( walking down to river, it is winter ) what aren't you afraid of ? sitting here counting my steps how long does it take to reach you not past, this silence I mean really reach you will you go when there is birth what wont I be to your face are you puzzled ( questions outside ) there is no value context context sleeping slithers you chase your tail nothing noted in the dark gas station tuesday you've died what makes me solid? more is gone much to that ( done ) snapped fingers size over then sound really red color gets nauseated drift and dream vending machines / matadors / motels in bad light / is it the weekend / anything you say will you when you speak deliver the slow L meca moving failure to comply shouldn't protest / too bad the war stinks / it has enemies / they speak like dragons / in bar when drunk lifting table where is girl her face against glass drink another and then another go to moon undo your talk it scatters what to do too aren't this your eyes this opportunity fringe I have brought ten years wrung the dry stung for stable nothing glues really keeping love to mine these are windows car door wont shut is dumb luck being dumb born from sex

which is labored in past tense pare the yellow it reaches sky bar glooms I hate friends they stay in your pocket sifting sand then below roar empty station subway grounded to the earth low lights in love from a bowl things are red a strip cartoon layered from nothing not too much being able already to dance and then - - - - - - - - - -

diluted sun sub - pollution / heated cars / individual now she is grown and talks of how god has changed her. lanes through highway / night loose to my bed.

people aren't people with speech hoop earings the nation glow bug cities ragged man cops and then more cops it is barely raining motion to tide unresponsive going home the sun will never rise subway singers who is rich the A and C train closed I am an animal look out window where is my voice?

if there is a red ( meca ) girl why hop rail don't pay ring door rising sky scraper

nail hunter the godly green magic is a little song.

frozen red get over girl high climb toward thin horizon

get and got/not got they/heart to give matter when lights color fade the fin/golden hum pine box sun/creep/mystical gin throw howl/exit/place not be what I make/a poem for your restriction.

gimp held him down/platforms rain/drug/blue me hint the hollow tunnel/surprise/meca been gas stations go underneath spot cops on thin horizon further up/elevator shut down/buying junk been junk dispense/cooler can't.

dreaming puts you in the syringe I am the earth persephone but can't be hell / fast train bloody dismissed the glow marks on my arm existent between the image an arm and a leg / who could love you ? first the mode warrants this poem discredited death leave someone / fasting the body of rope wrapped around millimeter / soft core woman ask me / my government shuts down the peoples minds this huge fire / so called America words in the singing desert.

big papa why's your head stink like puss whats da matter? god done filched on the coke? hit me daddy break my femur!!! pit whore the lost child of the burning bed triple gag my horse hands why is momma perpetually stuck underneath the sink? with that tattered lovers welt... is santa in my as*hole again bagging the flesh to dada weep stove... sing me out of the stitch straight into the vine.

This cu*nts name is B. - in her is all that I am - noblility - compassion - beauty - all that is left of her is a torn photograh and a misplaced number - some would call that good fortune - 9 p.m. - she's pulling hangnails from my fingertips - ( in the fabricated dawn ) history repeats itself in many ways. Nora's page: the missing link between gruff voice and thigh thick sheets of ice - jack the ripper

sex in the gutter there are no more kicks left ( stick me in my as*hole until I bleed ) Nora's page: blood on the sheets - sirens wail murder city - proprieters market ( touch what you are about to f*ck ) unbuckle - digital bruise second blow - hard to associate negativity in the Niles borrowed cash for the electric bill pre - maddonna - Dakata - subway transit.

there is a great wall against the rim trail - the connections between landscapes is lost potential auto sentimentality Okay I chafed - pain and panic and we'd share our blood from tongue to teeth your c*ck moves like a washcloth across my p*ssy - like pillows on my skin killing thinking of me you were living in your stomach pe*nis and balls - I f*ck you in a garage - like you'll eat my brains Does your left nipple really have 25 years sober?

boys drinking beer on the shoreline - footprints seized by sand - to be inside is to make the death threat - girls masturbating about tommorrow - we never escape them - it's immenent the darkness to reconvene like a rape, perhaps the story goes. death is like the sack of this guy - fear is the end of muscle - terminate dreams in the vision of the worm - a colon is expanded to smear on the wall - sucked off - the whole six inches scraping the loose sisters throat. when is an almighty god fixed like a proper violation - sharing a body is nothing the chemical is a greed - ( magnolia ) cu*nt - accident of morning flies hotels - dog lubricating tic tic. inverting transmission - rope lashing three lives - whore sustain the sleight weight...

I'm ripping up my clothes - president Carter - find out why sex is so easy please. the back aches like a ghost, final flaw. we live in a world shaped like the film of a cu*nt. Darwin, do something that performative. ( fellatio ). green death. compacts. the ownership is damaged skin. replace me. per-se, an interior reflection of bug f*ck. I saw a film. It's theme was emotions. BORING. we enter the mistake of the body. remember. I am a victum. tic tic. money is a dim wit. dirty black beat up, theres a pric*k. we descend into the key. throax byte. iris wander Cambodia. pi*ss on my tit*s. you're learning to be totally insane. humans aren't Iranian. co*ck hole the yellow cord. Heidegger. green star. moving moving, I dont know. one has to feel, that the partner is physically sick. crawling against the curtains. what is the routine of the dream. young lady, don't be blind now. the coyote eats the universe, sprawled.

open open! would a future say a dry number. date rape pill. glass of fustrated sorority blonde bad grades perky North Dakota tit*s maxi pad mini skirt lips like a concentration camp. gaga. red is ending. are you a geek. a stranger before the muscle. the sole life then turned ugly. knowledge is always situated. colleges are death pens. piggy degree spread blood and grease on the tranny knowing I stink. nails of the victums blood. tic tic. jolt of steel, refrential sceane. born comes to mind of the conception. tie the wrists. she had cancer. ovarian. tic tic. mail me my results. no fear, we travel the darkness of girls masturbating from pain of boundless horse. holy eyed rat, to know a thing is to possess the coffin. orchid. open the sex metal. gas killing. gerbal. air the dogs crawl. trapped in a small room. she wants to be an anthropologist. then digging out the bones of the happy flesh. we congeal. how victorian. do I matter. I want God to see me.

tic tic. I don't want to be liked you are attacked, believe that you are attacked in my red sex bandage lose me girl the goosed rape is really fryed. and then again what is an attack? can you wear it like a teenage hoodlum can you tell who I possibly am that hard co*ck or vintage cu*nt terrible visualized down the throat any city in which I am tic tic fu*ck steady operation mirror while the voice is so reamed America is the swamp land where the pu*ssy weaps drowned in flame retarded shopping malls tic tic girls have as*s holes that need to be stuffed with conspiracies before they tan line their cerebellum. I am not enough / wish to die and several times pass out from sorrority pu*ssy in speed bars lightning fags wrist tag this horrible inner stretch while the mind bowls out across sad corners sniffing the 7/11 pimp puddles tic tic the bathroom of girly gel red red red... tic and by... into...

flags of our skin. the mirror weeps.

hurt sore to red rind torn am I eaten able to breathe blood on bedsheets necro - fatic fuzz inclined to debauch and suck on teeth windy mega boy over and under tanks genocide bra straps on telephone cables against the red dawn strangulate ocean girl in ice cupped hotel bring the skin of wounded Iraqui to the tombs of................................................................................................................................. ............................................. his will be glorious - a hole to stuff.

her hystarectomy in my bitter womb tasted of the red carpet I bit

and every inch shone like the spleen god has grafted onto my hysterical pillow. a bone for a man who shot a seed into the dark door that is Eve.

to kill and kiss pointed wrap lino - rig busted sleep sex and candy hid fustrated abcess liquor put to sleep dorm rooms of whores ancient manisfestation piled and then bled nixon was it not me / mushed / crotch face / hero.

lick the capitalized handicap of restoration in the mouth my field of mice under the tongue where the nest of maggots pilot their anti-terrorist condoms sleeping eyes bridges where famous poets jumped into icy pools by this they told us to stay out of the deep end and never hold a scalpel to the congress of fruit. any energy is spent like a slave while we worship the locomotive and advertising matrix store window mannaquins more erotic than the girls on the streets where is the oval / the bended over sac / eat what I say - and keep the radio tuned to fuzz. the organ of the innocent woman. exclusion from a flower. repressed unfettered body. language.

against the city there was a reply. dangerous horses fed intesine, drug addled, dawn broke. these were needing cars through the wreckage. spoiled there heads by laughter and codiene. flat line lingustic pill arousal had the sky over pools decayed by looting who are men with their c*cks wretched in ditches reaming butterflys always casuality henchman loose wire optic suzi Q. 's pansy footing the filched fragments. douse me in flame.

red on the rain stretched marsh. pause. ginny people. am I one. reduction. high heels plastic dex drowned in high city cooler park. fat slut my beauty bench mark sideways can I pull against the scar that slid the sun into slow birth. where are the scissors? who is peeling my toes? is it embryonic lord and saviour? releived. in the shadow. foward.

Pink Tracy on mars... her fleet ships hanging against the optic wires of thin space membrane... " a color cupid with a shot of refrol " pink whips out her hench coins... desperate to get a drink in her... what are the black horses in embryonic dream time... police work with us norman the regulator... so pink tracy downs her cupid and scans the feverish joint... sludgy mugwumps talk about their marks under dim light... Peston is at the juke... " why all the brown artist clinks, P. through these grey rooms the narcotic dwarfs, where is there a calm " pink tracy says it like she's pissed but she's only really horny. " I have a hunch about the lost ugly spirit, novocaine, the madame had a silent grip at the cafe, I filched her wake patches something sweet rotten. " Peston says this like he's in love but he only really wants to gag and mutilate tracy. So our pink douce, being a three dimensional human agent, fires her saffron synaptic wit and thrusts her pelvice into a sleazy dance... Meanwhile... in deep space... at the parrallel spurt outpost... a finger head barbie is sputting on meth... teaching the scissor children all about porn transference. " the red star, sister euphrates, time before night, you understand about the biological court, the microfilm pus*sy house, well it was all a flash flood across the A.I. telepathic throughway, silly rigs, koosh projects, the fall of the delta syntheses "... barbie's lesson is interrupted by a female scissor child who is pullin a Yoko Ono and ripping her black dress to shreds singing " why not blow up the planet, feed me milk duds " yaspah diddle ohhhhhhhhh... be bon kaaaaa... Porn ruins the minds of sectarian youth... in a galaxy far far away, the jobbies are loading a belt truck... clock islands smell of gasoline... now you may well ask whether I can tell this to you straight... certainly not... and I know you all long for the toilet scene... It doesn't happen... This isn't Jean Luc Godard by way of Pier Paolo Pasolini's ' Salo'... so be good talker and help me juice the police... End of installment one.

the outpost mall... on red venus fur mecca... pink tracy diddles through the digital book store... meester K. comes up all slinky punned... " watcha reading tracy, my new porno book I hope, they sell it here ya know... " " Sorry K fed, I'm knee deep in some orange county nostalgia snuff, I'll have to read your book some other time... " " Aww tracy, I'm so sad, your my favorite pill head, I just can't wait to know what you think. Do you want to bite my pecker instead??? " " My mouth is full of chewy gum, I can't register my cheek slop 2yur catheter pump right now, see ya... " Pink Tracy wanders the flickering booths empty honey comb stalls... sky shift on the insect cylinder... rake them field bugs... terminal Nagasaki projectors dissolving in dust... punt pilots in the dim jerky... Meanwhile far across the fungoid gills... sunshine 38 lets go of his bleeding anus sending arabic transmissions to the p and o... outside the carcass shack Lyndon B. Johnson diddles a young boy with his bottle jigs... " hey... " screams 38 " cut that out Lyndon, or I'll report you to the neon count... " Johnson cries, his poor pedophile dreams have been shut down... they start drilling the syphon locks... look anywhere the sky pilots have raised there sails... red marsh warehouse flak... tide against the green city... pistons everywhere the blizzard of the earth... napping chinese take a journey... lark sucking out the sex color... " Clayton, where's you're push coins... " footy says, dumping his giggle fawns into the waste fetch... " nowhere to be found, I'm an empty studio bill, where are my Incas... " everyone on board the ship knows that claytons Incas means his young sex dolls with political eyes... emotion is oxygen... in the metal city the fierce space vessel floats through the outer veins of deep practical standard... first class longe the orchestra is a bunch of terminal addicts... through the barrels of runaways... voices hail the pot... exact replicas... the genitals of the purple gill... One two to pony... does anyone read... pony baby... the space deck is sinking... a thousand blue photos... the word fails... Pink mantra through the timeless channels... come collect the laundry bill... Interfaces with rain... End of second installement.

It isn't that I rode... though the winds were high... and those stretched buildings sung of high voltage... the creep even at a distance... flashing eye camera... dusted... roman flint... I sleep because the skull aches... and whispers inside the shell... it is a wide enough shore... that then we go further... up to our knees... kerosened by the lord... doppler against the freeway... Orchard... hills green... that book of skin... pilots... screen... thin milk...

It's happy to be loaded skin flickers holiness the blue wall gun shot majesty carnal flaunt fit for a queen inside the raging mouth whore I am the color red bad fever all my dolls are missing heads don't baby my wasted thighs this hollow juke fat winter I want to feel your chemical slash reject sodomy drill my good hole suck the scars the sun burns my tires ooh you've got a big one felt a hand guillotine wire synaptic motor mouth hell in the gash star tissue pill daddy I want to be fed vietnam through the a*ss hippy lick lysol dychotomy...

If I be well I will live well but not knowing how to be I am the poor sap of syntax poured in fluid confines the things I would do wanting to be a way in which there is no out of touch with the desert winding exactness the heart is barren against the hotel of dancing keys I am living but not knowing well the recognition of sonata's dry bed kept to be made hells intent / in the mind / if a tiny endurance / the shower is surplus neon purge T.V. static the Kafka light

making ( if ) mens time against the tide through hole the light of road is barren...

all will be well the laughter of your toes campus snow renegade I'll show you the highway my keepers against the sad byline fascinated plus detail my rusty heart my tire swing ocean swell it was 2 a.m. on the boardwalk madness cried at the sea

the sound of stolen children caught in its web of waves ceartainly spew me out if I can remember I want you to show me the aquaduct covered in fall history of the blind inventor my race to your bottom button where the silver mark of a scar shadows my tongue answer me moon why the road forever why rejected like a foot stool from the girls who swing their wounds too close to the sun. I'll be more and waiting tiny endurance for the fragile attempts to see past the drunken lady sprawled against the cab at pier 17 did she love me when she asked for a light I hope so there are no oyster shells in this sea they raked them clean and the bars are blue / why not gold I dance with the self which on some nights is enough amd on others is not I say a prayer for the lost shells artificially moved to the plasma tides near... where was it? I took a leak in an alley in wallstreet my cousins were laughing near a street lamp pray for me that I last like dust and if the fray ( red ) surface congeales give me the last nod I will know any way the star points is home...

The bar girl adjusted her bra the sea, the sea where forgetting is, the microcosm, blue days at the orphan edge of winter, where is the light you brought in, little tag of the thorax, cadence in a mounting pin,

pages everywhere try me now where is the thought of choosing my name becoming angry, in the sky I've made ( bad luck ) attached to the human earth, you are mine now, nostalgia is looking off to one side, I do want to forget, the little names we whisper from room to room, ( bee hive, Hayako, Remembering ) the map of the physical absence, the signifiers are shifting, the world is becoming unpinned, ( at night the gray is darker ) you must pick out a name, amidst the red jewl and coiled nose, what is your light comes to me, forgetting is remembering, I remember forgetting, softly underneath, the overpass brings back a thought, I cry against the coffins, where is my assassination?

I hope that you can hear ( this will not be my voice ) follow hearts trail twisted though I may sleep and slobber on the impossible interstates unwind and the shadows delve from where I write whispered no......... screamed against a page. listen: I cant move my childhood is a bruise unlike car hoods the time the tide lapped the remaining war butterfly fragmented shell punk pink hair where was the killer what will the nomad drink I love you.............................................................................................................................. .......................................................... Bit* I loved myself.........................which was vey little..................................and even more afraid.....................................................

he wont hurt you none. come eat me up like a doll. no fear. I don't run off. vertical sunlit mount. terminus coil. it takes all kinds of words tic tic. in slots their eyes red lips ejaculate to know a thing. genital dribbles, I love the media. one is cold in the water. we pass among frequent aberration. ones rim released the wreck. my as*s is cheap like a fine art. tic tic. next ache please. apparently there is only seeing or a physical repression. is there any fate? like a whore of fresh meat. pills give you the dream. fertile liquid patchwork to give him head the world would know I wish t.v. shut out the cu*nt. wave you couldn't die or sleep. wave. tic tic.

the first sentence carries the attack to the next line. clad rose flesh. dirty suffix. I am no child. no relinquished slut. the same city, sore eyes, bit*ch is a parable in the orchard. violate. spawn addiction. silly fu*ck. travel into the self abuse. dogs are selling you're photos. shi*t is shi*t everything falling apart on me. grasp the sand rim nipple. not producing. tic tic. muscles have red marks. bite hard. I can't leave my father, he's ripped to the ankles. don't agitate his erection. one day you will feed yourself some pain. slouch away the knife. zero point. I'm wondering about the small gray. everyone hurts, I think they're on the street corners planning to fuc*k. now stars light up my head.

who is your favorite child. moving near water. mouth seizes. open noise. linear. strapped to the direction. gone. wet like a history darkness eating the vine. vocal chords. what do you want to loose. i'm murmering sitting warmer about to gesticulate horny ending. no fear except the laid out number. the sound of rustled scales. provoking the invert. fuc*k to radiation. poison act of exit to repress group. gradually. tic tic.

If I was dispelled ( hold me now ) because the shake is as I scream, what Am I screaming? Hotel hallway, anvils against swimming pools, your out there red star pouncing the beltway loving but sticky sheets the sad heart thirsty on bread isint pain divine forcep/soap. I need the rescue from silent corner

held to the nail I've loved like a quiet era before the bombs and pill euphoria needle walls I would push foward like I were a shadow if not so weak in the knees and exposed by television screens jack knife 2 a.m. really I'm sorry, does this mean you'll climb the ladder and re-enter my womb it was worse when that moment as the body wakes and the day is like a whore who left her underwear behind why is magic so bourgeous, the ice captures the folly where rainbows suicide and I dance on the slow repose of the absence you've left behind ( red disk ) tic tic God please swallow details I wish I had the cu*nt that would make me human a real boy so my di*ck wouldn't grow everytime I lied is it better for your fortune don't say the word things get useless my rusted body hanging over the edge of platforms If I need it and I will returning by interstate to my broken fundament while blue moon licks the tail pipe action doesn't chase thought away longer in the strain. tic tic.

fields dissolve in red wire surface membrane cried

not because of the down by law which is every situation how come tic tic is your velvet a reduction never entropic or slave system status blood on the carpet goodness whore I've left the post nuclear swimming pool to my shack of invalid pens tic tic. No more reason out the window with Heidegger no being is in the breath which is why ( red m. ) the thought is residual stain highway my bagged body fruit trees tic tic.

fit will you be to and too not poured out a papa sap I wish you loved my ugliness

the field of my ways dreamed like tire swings in the old south where I buried ambition in the red dusk will there be anything left of me can you hear the caution thrumming tic tic It's the face you sought to send to isolation time and time again then there is more I was alone at the empty hotel teaching whiskey the artifacts of Husseurl under bad light that incessant kafka porn my hands were searching the walls for patterns of loss be consistent wont you bit*ch tic tic I'm on the red tide doubt to be ever loved tiny pail I hurt there is nothing grand enough to say the soul needs a jewl in the center of it's jaw but I feel only the thrust of sleep for a hundred years blueness this blue light of the world tic tic.

the saddest level of the song while waves develop burning on the crushed retina why now my house empty like the flake of skin you drew from the wall answer by pail and thin lines dividing roads that tip to abstraction it was killing but I loved ( and still do ) that death that it performed and now my half rails are screaming in the blue dawn where tides ( I dont need to know the facts ) wash clean the heavy scars needle point early abuse I cant grip the rail / buses are poison no word / finally a leap through the curtain where land is rushed to meet incessant demarcation / red dilate / push / give the hope / not enough hope then a certain thread to tie the heart in through the hole and dream for the right expectaion nerves to arrive I wont be in the sink is over run with the noise of finality. Why does pornagraphy have to have a story? so that we can mandate the laws of action. of physical repulsion. anything in me ( what wasn't burned ) though heavy failure I disconnect the politics are purged.

help / not say a word subtle fray jesus what rides in the tank that time / listen to snow cones couph out the hives I'm learning / can't hear a dime shoot then a wrist that rescued highways the life inside bath tubs full of ice when childhood was a blanket of sound / static assassination could'nt have been more than the sum of my parts it's lonely in the south salem void skimming lakes / diners tattoo parlors / can I love really ? my parts are divided the wall / the cleft vagina / scratch that / I need to not know what all there will be when there is nowhere left to go. gone into the exit wound that divides experience.

If there was more of me / the words I am strung over precipice / what noise? I'm barely out of the bed my forehead covered in sudden words like Hannah sadness tennement / invalids / calcium moon retract the dull voice to ache and suddenly be more than pills pills pills where through tide of faultless city birthing the red night people won't touch eachothers wounds the genocide clit / wont heal if there could be a way past gas stations empty sodium lights nervouse punk lucid where is my home in the belly in the place of vermillion sand buried long sheets of poems and hiding from the national government God, why won't you go away? is it my boredom? the thrusting star that stares congestion of the senses into the void spiral ( her ) voice red was the pattern of day I hid under the table from your tattoo the branding of being owned by a strangers ink is the ( me ) on the tide bank so suicidal / I think maybe call off the dogs lay with me where the road cuts in two I'll be brave / don't cry / it's murder that punctuates madness from here the sad turn who could leave the bed? forefinger against the wall if I'm wasted in time you'll remember my youth when the void was not quite so thick there had to be a chance in hell to say what I really mean. tic tic. I love you.

Think of me and don't do much when you make a turn of styles at my head it's where I waited sattelite posed for the connection of love telling the storefronts to sleep it off again of me while I was young verge of puking telling the narrative / gets excessive a heavy weight to drag under the earth what a sad poem would you write it for me? don't be bitter it eats alive / tire swings / dirt roads cloud coverage what will the truth mean / nude to your toes has to be a center not so selfish

which will win me over winning truth afraid of coke machines the internet has the seed of cancer gigabytes destroy the poem nothing is conveyed so I write in ink on the surface where the skin lies still through Holland tunnel pathway in the hearts mind ( in ) carried meaning me go the long haul which means no sleep breath to be able by tired life I will give, all that is who ( is ) me in written word will you love the division line of the vanquished war selling our childhood back to us on a string there is so much more than surface I will tell it all to you in the dusk of the finished day in some motel the highway converges / you speak again. There is a stillness in the mouth of the fray.

and then there was a time ate neurotic by my side hermetic fetish in the cornia whores only in whip lashed window screams the eye wall tap till the blood garnishes scars from the rectums ripped oval. If in time torrid blank expression must having star fu*cker your cheekey totem bombs the planetary huff.

on the road where the north is a guiding light trying to save my life please dont hurt my veins I have the information / where was I ? did I learn to grow old was it only children watching as I barely clung like an ocean you know and when we cried

the earth rotated to the place we longed to understand blood where the stars undid there depth like a garter belt beautiful wasn't I ? and full of pain to account for California floodlights the scars the heavy haul the motel pain I have burned my dreams if I wasn't dying I needed to be told who to be Galileo, falsehood is our second state this north is a flood of condolence while the snow and the lodges on highway 80 dissipate to tell me nothing more besides, keeping quiet is the wisest move on this road where there is nowhere to be.

resting... please... dont rest my body isn't it morning wont arrive final shore gone under and reefs we collect the colored hue carnival rotate spinning night once a black friday I carried

your pack and puked in your lap dry-est are the words in there that boy was rustled and daughter we claimed for the trees cunted too tall and affirmations gold highways could not reach no more enemys please I was aware of sources ( telling crime ) capitalist dock burn your papers, the men of my time but you wont rise for yourself here's a tired breath don't touch my scars frigid and wallstreet banker broke I telecast a million crack street nightmares whose face cant you tell when the river reflects only the almost dead you wont make it shoved into your tiny classification harbor ( harbor ) harbor I was into kinky ( blood sports ) stop the usage there are whores who have never read a poem like sad merchants of a lost screech we should flood the sreets to bring them a stanza before the last lousy fu*ck which corrupts more than the cu*nt and leaves the throat as endless as the beat agony where tiny needles peirce the soul, nuclear miasma, it is... is... ( is )... going to every end...

last one many people out the door single fire I slept indebted to the trees tiny emergency I can't and isn't coffin or highway motel why I left you soda pop for serial killer every time I wind through this needle explodes and fractures the map of where the wild dog sleeps.

This daily grin dies by sea cast thorns the wonderment crushes my ambivalent sails and sends me home a song about as sacred as my memory will refine to your tired death I am aiming my all to please but I will love you even when your wounds shatter this winters greed.

" Poems for Judas ( part one ) " First I put a fish in my cu*nt and nailed the door shut but my as*s hole ripped and shattered the winter frozen pipes of the red city. Now angels puked in the crepescular dawn mawing the earth where I spermed and castrated my mouthly muse. There were prostitues whose clamps would not stay put as the sadist foot fiddled along the empty vein and re-exposed them to the virus of the mad hunter then and now. So who's grand baby did we throw in the pot a salt of tears the lake withdrew staggered claims while sh*it ate our hearts in the void of cistern matter. fu*ck spittle on your sugery breast where the cancer has been transfered into my mouth I chew the lumps that would of made you die and plan your next torture. Victum, victum, everyone's a victum, I do say, when a whip whored bi*tch gets it in the eye there can be no pause before you fist her tattered tw*at with a rusty pipe. But in the city, this red city dawn, where rape smells like gasoline poured over parliament wigs we all cough with a little blood and sperm migrating to the tips of our libertine brains.

( end of part one of " Poems for Judas " )

Poems for Judas ( part 2 ) Her thin lips open against hot sizzling wire where deathly dawn castrates it's mimetic turd straight into the opulent feast of haggard cu*nt flies repossesed maw red indentured to this city despite any beauty goes couphing despair cum jiggled through her sugar tooth the ripper of castration migrating to this cry fu*ck cuties tender hole where I tar her pink rectum to a rose despite her cut open tit where I murdered rats into her mouth and frazzled her cl*it with a tiny cactus mixing blood with chlorine I put her sh*it in a jar and finger the pink sluice where dogs have torn and now through the night a jew from every corner is fu*cked with it's corpse slid against a large oven I will eat your fetus as war insanity splits me at the eye tongue and cheek / check the sink where the diamonds re-align to the state I'm in thrown now Iraqui dust over the red tents and heart of crime

every sugar pi*ss you fustrate with your an*al ring bring me a juicier co*ck from the republic of sleaze violent crimes against the lesser breed oh fagg*ots and punch barreled queers set to flame with constant bowels fractaled by the angular scalpel and hysteric saw frigged by eaunics with strap on blades I eat the bread body of christ festered pansy whisper a little gag while hung Judas by the throat his co*ck stuck straight out towards the tortured cross and by all words good men die and season their ports with liars blood great tides will spill and dismantle the shores of the west and all heaven will weep that the glory bird has sung it's death into the desert of many voided springs rushing to the ghetto wound his or her happy cry make men believe they master the cave while death surfs the throat of the disenheartened queen Mary Magdaleen and her twat stuffed full of vice deep throated the Lord for a promise that her jar be filled of ceaseless honey. ( End of part 2 )

The train you were on missed me on the sea I went under apparell and the fornicating tide eats a red heart out of the divine murder of the self.

In the back of who's torn up van this lane early god I pop pills it's hardly speacial

but you should know I remember the scars on your knee where sky folds over fields like childhood trauma I carry limited details in back pocket I hate the south I never put my lips to the scratched glass of a greyhound as I'm traveling in the red only momentarily Keep the spit out of my destiny when a dry house weeps I hate your motels alongside the northern highway " Yeah, she stayed here, but that was two nights ago. " And I'd travel further, but I'm starting not to care that's the detail bucket or pail thats where the thick tide sleeps eating men like hollow wings where the shadows fail requiem or soon suicide to keep my tired mind from pushing thought any further is too long away the death it would mean so much to me but your only a burden in the house of heavy song while stuck air congeals I am a silent smile I'll give you that the night ( out ) of gas stations goes red. and tired falls.

flung from hearts not speech where stop is middle nerve you pulse but the dumb don't hear when your tragic you're only aware I love you that is nothing like the simulation of the nerve one lonely echoe from the canyon apartment pipes and too much tylenol go god I am bathwater I am the mess you laid nothing is in me so loose / tired high untouched / maybe / there is hope.

reason into sea okay death retreat with useless words help me fall help me hit bottom fu*cked to every core I settle I hate / love no reason It's done to me always no exit just simulated repetition Azura nowhere - fight again bleeding if I'm lucky. couphing if I know. Here's you're share of the wind. May half the earth keep you kind.

Scars don't change. Their smile is forever. God, here it is, corner room, 1981.

curtains hold me rapid eye in the dark settle for music so cold the heat is lost evidence for my words that lay collapsed like crazy dreams like no way to California. Hotel's and highway's and mirrors full of dead faces no more reason all pushed through needles through drug stores under the matress trading poems for blue capsules a dialect of senselessness who cares if I am the sea? Who cares if I am roving dreams?

A songwhale twisted with the slow rolling inside night colored loud falsetto - eyes tear laden a true carnival of blue rain in a bottle - free from the grind of scrap metal - down in the oil paints bottom edge a hermetic fusion - no one to be seen - an inkling of tall serpeant light the sound of the hive administers its grotesque touch - garden of baby bones the fog erased the strange blossoms - real clumsy bi*tch the city had birthed - a body on the road rubber scum enshroading - the story gets fuzzy here - onward kamikaze a scream from the hills metal skin - sky shell bursts in psychadelic color - planting green tendrils in sewer cu*nts that shake out the poison on the tip of a tongue - fire glitch from the off center - an ocean of sound underneath the veins of the city - collapsed micro-bodies and all seeing eye stem - from the dark bottom a gutter of stars -

My head is like iron in a safety wound - retchless dust on the walls - conveyor machine grim enduring baboon - the first entertainer Bang! - the interior sound of the bone hill - prostitutes under the rusted roller coaster - underneath the tethered city - strangers in the garden of the sky - rainbow walls against half collapsed clock eyes - a black taxi in the scum of the sublime a tide of blue mouths from his open wrist - nailed to the spot the ice cold jaws of semites sexual formation through human nature - saturated accumilation I accept your paper hat assassination is the key beyond the impressive transparency - burnt inside cranial inspection the eternal morbid prosthetic - petulant jack boots eat out your poison from the cu*nt ulcer in womb of sky micro stitches in the flesh. ( End of Part 1 )

( Part 2 ) Holes bleed from psychotic god - hungry cars in the masters kill flow - massacres follow the signs you are the very worst - over the concrete top - arcades of an old dream - down the cool path - on the 30th floor - no address - sleep breath - pale - a place forgotten - memories naked empty after september - curtains tarnished mirror pale fingers fading - incomplete dreams - lost in a box a rope from my navel attached to the gray mans eye - grateful for the liquid of dark transports and convulsive death dusted in little eyes of self annhilation - cranial static from empty oil cans and the corpses of crushed cars leaking dream fluid from cotton eyes phallic entry of pay phone coins - millenial love spinal poems dug out of rail road dirt the iron cross tattooed on a trailor house - hauntingly beautiful black rain from a sea shell animal exit a sense of the killer slow motion golden jungle - the urban sprawl of radioactive aftermath - a door in the ankle of a stripper - glass corridors dissolve into skull wood from from the living mouth of the sea - dead ponies and broken soda machines glitter of lights from across the road - she slips through the bowed head of a needle and spreads her cu*nt to the dark Clepto Willie - cosmic bladder in the torn madness of thunder - scorpians in the new city of fallen stars - terminus of a tunnel making the bone into a black door of suicide peep shows - circles of rain to stop smell breathing in the pipes of ripped flesh - the possibility of normal crime a woman in a shoe box counting coins - o silence for him the storm across the void incadescent flesh trapped inside history - egg shells white flickers of trash cans.

( End of part 2 )

Part 3 ) Night torn smell from the filter of the body - I want all of you puking on the creeps - toward the horizon the mystery of junkyards - into the world I came from a mountain - a flame for a city - my belly a dream maze - metallic gown through the windows night grime a center of noise - wanker vibe translated into self portraits of carnival light - the kidnapped smell of a woman - animals on their knees tucked into the roar of the universe - the center of time a truth has limits and dies - swarms of wild horses in a forgotten chrome scape of sculpted teeth and river bone extinction - through the light of hideous secret I come to you - sauntering into the distorted worm of dreams I lift any sentence to compile a political outline of you - a body of sleep you don't remember for the sake of ease - like love a raised finger who I was or am or needed to be to find the center of the nerve - the birth fluid brackishness I crawled into the earths vagina this sex through scum and world of criminal psychology - crimson body like a jewel in the tower of

hush and black beautific sorrow - I come through storm to you - in my bed a dangerous bony reality with a throat of filtered story for the element of a verb where nothing will ever change and no one will ever arrive downward she's fu*cking the black dreams tiptoe into the fetus of ash lip thieves - the misplaced flow in a garage of punk amber abused and modified distorted skin - through the disection and the heavy sigh I come to you - flinging off my verbs and non-existing words 32 ways of saying starry south a cu*nt my cu*nt I live in the sun fade counting the ways of my time with you - only her eyes oh well the true crime of the sound of metal and yet, a monster slum under we travel the belly stem of the fifth floor - crawling out of 9/11 you are the only thing I am working my way towards sorrow sorrow the mass of beauty how life comes to you hammer and knives - saw and sky - edges of an umbrella my new twisted bizarre black boots - faces of the triple light and cold pulled up his pants - you touch from frayed jacket cracked pavements sharp fish soccer scores - the rotting paneless cafe ( End of part 3 )

( Excerpts from my book " The World Begins at This Dead End " written seven years ago in 2002 ) up and down the highway a hundred times over mittens and warm coffee -

a tube of blood bathroom stall out the door - through an alley - out the door - and repeat through an alley - out the door - in winter - a rape out the door - ( someone stumbles ) in winter on the main drag - pimps give you what you need through an alley - the dead girls - in winter ( somone stumbles ) - coke and hash - thirsty dog pimps - coke and hash - eat the pu*ssy out of that out the door - in winter - a rape and repeat on the main drag twisted gaurdrails on the highway engine dies out - a violin - no good coat ( player ) handcuffed - scratchy records - bedpost vaudville - coke and hash - back in '82 and repeat - in winter - a rape the corner bars are full Oh Marlana - dead girls eat the pu*ssy - pimps - out of the main drag rooftops - every Suzi - tennement co*ck tease - underground metro 150 mutiny wars stumbling drunk to our motel room metal studs - a bottle of rum - ashtray - floor 15 pieces discarded - dirty magazines sidewalk - storefront - read it over again sidewalk ( in Italy ) storefront - ( backwards ) momento - post mortum - pale - tumescent -

driving in circles - we arrived at the sceane in Italy - palm extended to the smoky mirrors dirty magazines - ashtrays - once again - read it slowly ( backwars ) strung up - at the city dump all my efforts thwarted - yack - yack - yack if only you knew - near twilight - the jack pines are listening once again - read it slowly 15 storefronts - pimps give you nothing - all that you need we arrived at the sceane I'll keep repeating myself until I break the mystery ashtrays - Berlin bar room - un operachi nearing the board walk ( 1942 ) Nina - on a train Hotel lobby - murderer's in very room tennement lift - warfare lifting velvet sacks up off the floor Dunway - downstairs - 15 minutes ticking winter wall - gas station nuclear light -

The doctors tools - all that useless morphine No dilaudeds - no nothing empty stomach and junk sick Its war the old stoop in chicago - the woman downstairs beneath the sink - still they manage - in a crowd chasing sleep - 17 hours wide awake -

benzadrine euphoria - hand up skirt - the camera zooms in ashtrays - italy - pale - tumescent - smoky mirrors something I said - walking through east Berlin repeat - snippet - 17 hours wide awake a tube of blood - bathroom stall mittens and warm coffee In Wisconsin - in winter coke and hash - someone stumbles - a bottle of rum ( backwards ) at the city dump this philosophy can never be understood Gas station parking lots too many downtown turns - the theatre ( blackhouse ) burnt It's an empty apartment at 4 a.m. in the morning sagging lines - brentwood - classical arts seventeen hours wide awake - too much vodka ( Scraps ) - repeat a tube of blood - ( carnival ) in Wisconsin prague - mittens and warm coffee the flowers have eyes which sway me to die ten cent unwashed vagina coke and hash - at the city dump - H. P. Lovecraft - 1942 walking through east berlin hand up skirt - ( on the cathedral steps ) benzadrine - ( dry cl*it ) Johnny screaming at the end of the hall a bottle of rum - whiskey shots ( backwards ) coke and hash there will be no way out of this - ( narrative ) you stay - you understand - you die not exactly in that order -

Try now ( not ) fire - hermetic tin - why aren't you fragile (? ) - deep as the hole - battered who was I - will I ever be - praying from skin ( this train ) ... then creep creep another room ( postulated ) hand grenade - teach the dog this, this - total immersion - in the schematics of fate - last hunger for bread - any war - they terrorize commodoties - dormant ( carrion ) - people who is there: Government night has to be a scar - total wreck him to me those tiny fingerprints in snow the proof of my pain was evaporated ( cause/effect ) regional distribution - why don't the senses shut down - where to ( ? ) you bank on it - slim shot store fronts agony restriction when will my life get better - to whom am I speaking ( ? ) - all this static ( don't strippers have hearts ) and wait awhile in death - to this sound it will be - us and where then a thin causation tide will eat ( where is my name ) what is my sound does it say being afraid.

How do you stop the vein from singing while my tired mouth craves more booze to dialect the years that are missing and replace indentured notes of fondled precursors one relapse won't hurt in a nearly five year collective who would say stop? what right is it to speak out the side of your mouth pu*ssy's I have known highway motels and want to be a nameless freak sad among many rodeo stars and solar plexis wh*ores there aren't any precious moments just badly stained church carpet with the spilt coffee of shaky handed junkies and a circle of squares who have almost made it spare me the crucifiction the long sordid tale / the plastic key tags labled with the days of death each one has a nick name there's a story behind it all " it's not that interesting " as Michael Douglas said in Wonderboys as he was passed out on the floor in a womans pink bath robe Godda*mn it, when you finger the days there's just so much plastic chairs you can take tucked beneath a table or left with your feet hung out my name is...... sh*it for brains and I'm an addict " Hi, sh*it for brains " " Keep coming back, we need you, it works if you work it, so work it, cause you're not worth it, and you know it, " truth is the pump don't produce any water anymore that's all I'm gonna say don't care but I wish I could love, not just myself but some indie bi*tch who is'nt afraid to trade cut for cut the room smells of showers the room where we say our prayers where we do everything but get down on our knees the room where we share our stories and aphorisims and depleted knowledge

the room where we become humble and hurt and scream and reach out and grab actual human shoulders instead of the whisps of smoke we've called angels the room where we've stared too long at newcomers pretentious ti*ts the room where we've not given enough hugs as if that really drives out the urge as if you loving me could keep me from my destiny I am a fuc*king junkie for life and I'm sick to death and it's all less to me than it seems this is the room where they won't remember you long after your gone it takes a poet to hold all the faces that have fallen under in they're brain the rest is, Oh yeah, what ever happened to them? what the fu*ck do you think? I think I'll go find my freinds, the fallen under, the come and gone, and we will start our own room and drink sacred wine and tell the scared tale and never repeat the same line twice and never believe in goodness or silencing our desire eternal thing I give you a real collapse.

where ocean I couldn't hold and there of me was nothing left but the hurt gash cut a swathe through the night telling me all about it ( There is a fire on the road ) planes going down no moment that I can reach you through television when Karma is solitary water holds the pain that levels the mind.

( more from " The world Begins at this Dead End " ) 2002 Taillights busy blinking that 24 hour pull - dirty basin - faded wash - ( panama ) city of the dead dawn - prostitutes market my ash - my ruins this is the effort it takes to breathe merely breathe take your tongue and apply it at the pit and root of my as*s all cities in this pornographers shroud pawned t.v. and two rings -

in this nightmare where every thought lingers the gates of Babylon ( Berlin ) blood rising hungry to his co*ck In Harlem after dark ( mad house magicians ) Gretta has taken off all her clothes the dead we left behind in vegabond metropolis mittens and warm coffee pimps give you what you need Belltower - Bataille - 8 floors a tube of blood - bathroom stall - gas station in Nebraska Broken down hotel in prague bruised moon still house imagery blue shaft - ( mushroom head of the co*ck ) a white tear from red slit eye the heart is a whore and heavy weight over the shoulder that 24 hour pull - Panama faded wash - dirty basin - ( Taillights ) benzadrine ( dry clit ) coke and hash - at the city dump - H. P. Lovecraft tear a hole - your as*s cheeks scraggly cu*nt hair what the finger stirs nothing survived of nothing I am leaning out on this harbor of ill regret In place of poetry is pain I am miles from your door not even God - underneath the heat - red death –

(" There's no way back beleive me. I'm writing you from there. " ) - Jorie Graham life in me is so desperate - need a shot - ( who loves this ( way ) like anchor ) - the dream needed more - not total where I am - can't this go further - am I out as much as the world will allow - ( totem ) rising through the substrata - elusive lag - ( tired ) - that was the thing I meant to tell you - when all my words were gone - the quivering loss I held in front of me barely a thing of youth to miss like the fallen light of day through a glass - time fails again - in ways we can be sure of - don't under mine the fast work hate can do it has done to me in the fashion of a tide eating the earth more parcels of who you are gone to the dream of isolation ( car wont start ) - put your hand across my face - detail ( details ) - sending across the... and it... I will be stood against... rearview... bounded by... this thin tide... granular hunger emotion curved start again ( what will I bring you ) - counted removing and this and this ( then.... ) it's the one man dance - midwest - partial sky –

the floor didn't come in - through - not to think where ( stop ) - fawn the color of light - cross doors hallways to spare change junkie mattress ( toilet paper stars ) texico stations - on knees in blue riding the fundament fundament rides out to the puncture where you are wrapped in the elements these tiny elements being scared of people a river of war - won't develop - dead, could I love you? - sold to the system - we are again without eyes: enter the hospital - in my own room swears the beautiful body - take them to the insect emptiness - I will never see you flat as a figure soldiers light disk I exclude stay away hijacked the appearence split in two –

From " Door Dogs: Asleep in the park - Track Lost - 1985 " written 8 years ago in 2001 ( Bogomolets ) isolation in panama - look of my arm - rape in Italy - eyes get poorer empathy - bone and spare - not a dime for the jade drains - injection of stone - junk - this is more than a habit we're kicking - keys to Denmark - bathroom stall - courtyard littered across wooden stairway - sitting in a corner - the mushache doctor with his morphine - a dream - Tangiers - Bronx alley - my mouth is full - midnight - filthy streets a foot deep Morrocco bay Oil burner - beat up - rustling - a little back - water - ghost town - I was there - other side of the wall - dark revolver - price road - the white snow drifts - Kafka - smoking crack in the tent bars - waistband - cu*nt - old barbed wire entanglements - underground - forgotten work room - a memoir - visionary - haunting journey into the square of Berlin - quarter past twelve - the answers are here - aristocrat - landlady - bathing in a twilight haze ( dirty bathtub ).

from: " Red German Dress: Persian Code - Metro system ' 1977 " ( written 2001 ) I'm going to sleep - on the corner - a purpose opens a door - and waves me in - focal point of the room - cheap musky - ciggarette smoke - the remains of coal - door hanging off - I won't appear - the girl is a vigarous performer - ti*ts tattooed - scratched - concentration camp numbers - she has a vagina that can clasp you - like fore-finger and thumb - the scene where I sleep walk - Russian - Ward's orbit - battened the hatches down - waiting for things to blow over - febuary - fu*cking christ black and white - public grill - my fist up your snatch on a west bound passanger train the lights ahead - thinning - wh*ores - flog themselves down fleet street - ganja corridors of the nervous johns - Queensway in December - off toward Wardour street Veronica and her battered suitcase on the lonely tram - through the south of ( Berlin ) Porchester Road - two cinematic wh*ores in a bar - flemish tattooes - lots of ankle - the last vestiges of dope and punch in the bathroom - Bus station - Geneva - before the war +.

Excerpt from my book " The Orson Wells Monkey Chamber of Sleep " ( 2005 ) ( find the skin angry wound seething / tween Chinatown subway station every John and mick gets a cold blue ) before what is ahead of you turns into what is behind you go find her and tell her everything if it means treason and countries exposed there's no price that isn't worth paying - then comes morning - what do I do with that - a place for everything but theres not enough room - go back to sleep - tell them I'm not here - I've already gone - and murder is a good alabi last night between 12 and 2 - a prosty down by the docks - ( lifes infinate mystery solved ) a dead girls as*shole had the proud smile of a god - fu*ck spread poison from unwashed mouth mule bast*ard who took 13 hours to reach the promised land - stories to tell - how a man must die to learn to love - how two decades have passed and I'm just as bored as when I lay paralyzed in my crib - this is the last effort - past the ditches of all retreats stand still you can go belly down through this wasteland + no one real is alive + all empty bodies + just a little more time + does anyone recognize my voice + I am the beast behind the mirror + That accounts for the end + She will know that I created somethings good in her name + the dark city + childrens voices + ( Azura ) a mosque + crumbled facade loose bricks + the whole downtown swallowed alive + show the baby your bones + inch by inch + black water + Jehova is alive ( I want to be touched ) + Mouth open alive + take a tooth and show the kingdom my name + without blood there was no real sacrafice + dead engine + know that I am real + my fear - my transgression + about to blow every train station in Europe to peices + how about you and your plastic life + man has alot of time to kill + ( Line deleted: too controversial and extreme for site or thread ) cute language for cute people + cut your wrists + love is a circle + paranoia is a joke + drink blood from a dog bowl + co*cks aren't sucked in this sector of the city + ( Another line deleted: ) on my bed your face transparent + dark corner of the disapearing apartment + cuts + scars + disapointments + Hiroshima skin trash ( greyhound ) + you'r suspicions are real + they'll cause you not to remember + she was alive +

different parts + sewn objects + I know how this works + you cease to exist + i remember your smile + no one else does + you were more than another machine + prophetic words spoken at 3 a.m. + dance all night + at the diner + December snow falling over buffalo + drove into the desert + your body in a bag in the trunk + skin and bones + flash objects + smoke and disaster +

first impression - now in new york - home is: important hydro ( moxy ) real snow on horizon which is red - the color in give - now needing touch - words anything - words ( melting ) help it please - awful things with tendencies - towards - things converge (push) primary ( notice ) number - dis-lashed - from tubes - nor feeding - out - silence (to) or sold - I am begginning to not care what makes sense - there is perfect speech (crossing) cold dogmatic street to river - dogs or drug idiots in the neon (hustle) size (mere) pictures of (women) oversexed - in hoodlums (houses) watches - going from train rides (through) when things have ended nothing for sky (much) when motels keep lights on in swimming pool the leaves are dead isn't important so don't notice.

never handed clues (what look) here in the middle put you're heart in - place - putrid buildings color dawn - not make any younger - faces (gook) these transmissions (audited) over didactic carnivals (floors) ripped from basements - huge nor sky families in tin cans being chased by dogs (cops) - now here goes written - much engine past cities into gold shriek - what is a God (?) - does he make a poem the way I last in words (?) it's flavor - anyway - sound is going higher places (than) witness - marriage to the vein - forced in - gesticulate the many numbness - how numb to be when you speak - while speaking ( through the speed freaks on the corner ) peevish outglance hurries (sordid) rec*tum - pallid skin where harbor (while) harbor goes nodding here notice - nothing me feet are first borded - dying feat where air is solid - sillouhette - shoulder (to) not cry on - crying is the color red - disk out on the meca - storm flushed out the horizon thin - highway marker - rubbed in corner - black car goes through - seeking moments.

More from " The world begins at this dead end " ( 2002 ) I was born - and that is not all no lover - no grain of thigh I saw death the way it was meant to be seen that great hurt keeps on sleeping cu*nt - pubic hair puke rosy as*s cheeks sh*it stained panties whiff of heroine junky jazz feeling the rec*tum contract smoke - gasping - red rec*tal moist and skin broken down on claymont street it's no good to live so all alone one of the outdated rotten whores will keep you company far into the lone hours of the night reptilian's love overdose show your concern - 1979 - year of the Arab dream dislocation - machinery spell -

would've brought you flowers to the boxcar out back that resturaunt - long ago once, if I can still recall - I made love to you there every life short changed the St. Louis city dump charcoal landscapes I wanted to make it okay for you to step outside - a breath of solace at night no deadwinter Chicago no 1942 the gritted teeth the vacant 3 a.m. stare parking lot conversations reptilian's love overdose side street cafe's ( single heart ) who you meet on the way to Oz as you evolve loathsome - a mans second run piss*ing on broken down turnstiles at the sad carnival empty lot It's no good to live so all alone no returns here along this road where all that you say is recorded history my mouth is such a tragic affair lucky for you Boston - circa '78 you're tiny tea cups Vivian reciting literature in the rain I want to make my way back to that Trellis - '42 - after the high tide -

bad delima's Angelina - couphing up blood at the breakfast table dream of the blank canvas (surface) a disaster my eye sockets throb a dull ache in my chest phlegm - fishy smell backed up motel drains rest my head upon you're old violin In Paris - after hours jazz bar - (no, that was Yonkers, my childhood love buying me shots) puke out red slimy 4 a.m. smell garbage - a high heel shoe - (mine or your's?) a torn party dress too many barbituates my brain a fuzz a dislocated disconnected dream on the tram home puke in the back of my throat there is punk girl across from me trying to make conversation but the ringing in my ears is too loud walking out through the bible bums - west 42nd street empty apartment hold me while I fall asleep as the whole city burns the poor children of Benston Road everyone packs a suitcase and leaves for Spain a small girl playing with a pack of tarot cards on the outskirts the carnival has closed - the play has ended.

From ( " On the Road to Virtue: Russian Twilight - Beneath the Stairs " ) [2003 - 2004] The tunes of a player piano - roared - thunderous as who*res laughter - masterpieces matches - thick ugly convicts - grinning between - the legs - welcome to Berlin - urinals cheap hotel rooms - train stations - poetic bars of barbaric laughter - all of it conatins me broke into the fury - clocks ticking - abscessed tongue - her lips - chasing my blood - the oddly forgotten - echo of gunshots - paranoying - tennements - hot innocent girl - leftover sloppy seconds - dead cu*nt - theory and virtue - dark roads - German Opera against her body - scars - leavings - the drowned hot blind misery - hysteria - nailed - unspoken underneath 19 or 20 bodies Her saggy Breasts - oddball stories - rift in the darkness - near the end - my co*ck - strangled - bells of some distant harbor - black berry bushes - above the cu*nt - suspended - miserbly body of escape - language in her belly - her dead and warm - fed me her sex - cold winds sucking the pri*ck of a man - Parisian garden - some stupid body - more dangerous - my vagina - my thumbs - innaminate bone - wiping sp*erm off her kissed red tw*at - I say anything - to beleive.

when we nailed the body up ipso facto it screams infant red while all the dresses are ruined I've smashed her face haggard bit*ch tired and loose I crammed screws through her memorys all through this bleak midwinter every one is made of black blood god is choking all of you're children are whores where can I staple my thought? How about against your useless cu*nt

all is more in the digital earth where you went digging there is an eerie afterglow snuff films the criteria for ejacualtion mothers give up the ghost and worship my teeth.

Held underneath the night some beauty still that I find worshipped under the claw of midnights paralysis While dreaming there are those

who wake with their bed frames hardly warmed the matter loosens blood aganst the clot where words were caught against And I will always wonder if you made it to Nebraska in that old beat up chevrolet and slept in the roadside motel that I undressed you in that first night in October There are many things I should say but we seldom know if there is reason to anything we think So I will hide what indifference makes of the storefronts that neon burns and the bus leaves behind and many miles now that are before me unlike Frost I have no promises to keep I will only follow the imprint of snow across the highway and tell you what dim secrets this city has stolen.

my teeth hit my ti*ts Im blood fisted eye

fuc*king queer porn by night lamp twisted corpse bugs out the a*ss / wall rind hidden smell go god is cruel to my cu*nt twisted sa*ck new year city sprawl every inch of blade / no habits to inform I clean them well those small brea*sts men with their co*cks are missing as they go home from me a tall tale to tell. not even Hell can contain me.

the sh*it spoils in my daughters mouth Im spinning flecks and concerned over placement of the bodies the sl*ut whose small inch dilated it's like fu*cking with a pipe in the cu*nt my open wound you know I hurt and dont care for Gods di*ck I slobber with barbed wire and intestenal feaces why do girls bleed so godda*mned much ti*ts scarred now we're playing blood sports don't let Andy's rec*tum contract too much a fruit basket of bones for your spoiled attitude sh*itting in the bathroom sink of the motel six I wrap my belt around your cool aid neck and fist fu*ck your mouth untill all your teeth are missing placing 30 ( 4 cavities ) one abscessed chicklets underneath the pillow screams through the walls the porn flickers / static disrupts red mucous I see circular venus through your hole now remember my poem on the bed sheets you're name was stacy but I called you Gilda. red donkey with the manufactured rec*tum.

The production of silence - I want nothing - bodies proprioceptive in the discourse that drifts nominal hunching red - crepesculum producing wandering castaways - the alphabet it's own end - liminal human strewn papers you see I met this the other night - ( a picture of God ) - notebook but I forgot the idea mess of the sciences that measure whats without a dream? listless difuse quiet company feeler party pairs for some they are looking untempered aspect of sentence sexual leaning subterfuge plural night ( mare ) that red field ( mare ) nor Mary instantaneous I could do myself in the ears pleasure without art is neither discourse paring collision.

in the movement of havoc tissues me a slim lexicography who is the enemy i should tell poets tired become the secular horizon encrusted becomes abject phantasmagoria spoken child Bach’s cu*nt the only proof of cognitive collapse nothing is owed to show for grunting slow etymology x dying of course seeking perfunctorily disadvantage a man is bare as*s out of change in the mythic spiral of a hygienic inverse to a rusted pile out no one has an origin I have outlived all literature I have outlived the poem itself ( cries ) x pis*sed from the collapse of monstrocity I never wanted a phenomenal freud lacking di*ck / harvest blue this material meaning anymore different really worth the gobbled out verse the theater cannot absorb Atrauds trace of condition metric ryhme diffuse nothing more that is new clarity sentence anything linguistic apart from de Sade a birds conceptual balls

locating the delerium art is a different material no / going through that / x thinks - blood is habitual afraid, causing punctuation marks in the middle of thigh night –

One breath this morning in a red dialing surprise I haven't been admitted since your last motel sprung a voice tired as the choir whole celestial parts of me fell beneath the table and rang the destitute ghost bodiless deaf love she tore me a letter that wept one morning from her jacket not so very long ago

I used to able to live up to the promises of the ages now I barely mean it when I say hello.

Stop the car [ red ] rain - miles - both directions closed intersections of frozen pylons embryonic tussle in 2 a.m. motels wind - hard reaching the fields as fuzzy eye recedes into the open reduction come away with me not so far bleeding on beaches into bars scream against my skin

the tire swing hallucinated violent love ditch - off lane cringed by affection in door ways fall out of nuclear winds subsumed across elongated landscapes happy to invent these dying ways ways in which we have tried to castrate our normal selves built to the delusions of body ( in of us ) sway where is soft attack: do you recognize war? is it happening to you? bedtime stories in the pool shot into empty metaphor come bury me in sex where you meet me beneath the wave [ white elephant ] eyes immaculate walk into my bones tired of the system of the world and be done with me when you are done torturing the phrase to turn out events here goes: down creeping white turn left to television screen. dissolve anything I might say...

hate was never enough blue pill in the immediate minute scratching sir dreams podium I happen to like divorce from emotions

no goodbye how deserts and me goddam*ned gas stations through Vegas where is the one god? something of roadside disasters I have built into my phone calls to envision you a mealy mouthed 16 years old as I ate at your ears when we get older the frown lines hurt to breath How can I give a sh*it and not have it cost me my whole life if there was a thing to say I think it would be how this love goes out into the world as crooked evidence I'm only so bitter. Is there wind? Is there? a saturation of myself.

he left the parking lot was there a sky? driving home was adolescent it's that time of the month I can't crawl mysterious my inhibitions please all door frames dance lucid under the light I swam in the pool before the hotel was burnt to the ground, girls, one girl, grabbing me by the hand, in the valley below it stays out of you're world here is a suitcase, here is a hunger, alternative chicks mime the old, foe hawks and barbituates, my grandmother will die when I drive the north the roads will be white there will be no home on the earth and the cold will eat beneath my nails, this is the lake me and jimmy skated, there is the wood, telephone wires, danbury video store, gary drank too much, people, this is radio broadcaster calling for the memories don't act surprised I am here ( pavement in the valley ). Doing things.

Does this enter after me for sleep and abuse pine truck hauls lumber across the highway any motel while I lick you ear there are some who think love consist in building the perfect man head to toe the irony in that is it is one imperfection trying to perfect another I wish you could see this fence freeze in winter and how the tired horses stand like paper cut outs on bedroom walls is there anymore to the story? Is life this life or another whose mistake I have fallen into.

Is it this way everytime? nothing matters and I don't see you're face winter won't be over only fools stay sober I hate these pills you gave me the blue ones you pulled from out of you're stocking with so much eye liner you're not the one who smells so good in bed I have thought these many years how like Yo La Tengo ' sleeping only makes me tired anyway ' and I wish there was only one last long run to the tide nothing, after all, is more suicidal than snow marxist orphans sad white house full of chicago bravado orators well spoken for cookie and milk americans but the truth is, there is no truth, our government hates us, they laugh at our raw hearts, unemployment checks and a shovel for the nazi gas ovens every poem ends this way stuck between the teeth of a motel 6 wh*ore her name was Amber and she sang so sweet on her guitar bruises across her arm blonde hair in a Georgia back lot where the sun does nothing but remain.

If this was taken from me / a few small steps / I know I remember every noise you made / as if two people could encounter a world / now that two ( how many two's? ) is a one / there are other details in the story / meaning I should quit writing about a she / and besides who is this woman / or girl really / well if there's more I'm at it by now / and it isn't enough / the fields go out alone at dusk / the heavy sky hoods itself against the road / the gravel backbone / I'm beginning to suspect that true poetry is the feeling a woman gives you / or doesn't give you / It's only a stride I'm after a twitch that separates the brow from it's brooding Revlon guck / oh jersey city / oh red bleeding yeah I've been through all the northern states / It's how I clutch at my pen / if you let me stare at you're hand I'll never remember you're name / goodbye palisades mall / goodbye husker du / I tip my hat and fall off the face of the map / And here ( where out now ) shadows seek / while hand driving spills over the buffer zone / killer side dozes off towards Buffallo / hello ( keep me ) wiser than winter / is that the only way to speak, then okay, ( non plus ) surface, I regret you're face / all ambitious eyes / while not a road sign in sight keeps us real / is there even ( you-me ) real / I'll tear up your favorite bar for that / tiny ingestion / and this ( while I shout to you ) from your fragmentary hill / O suffer start a matheme in the focal void / bury your face in women across the clouds /

does this make me naked / skim the low fringe while tassels peak to blow out on a pipes edge / I gave / but plenty was restored / you bitch / take out your piercings / hardcore says to a wolf “ I'm available “ / shock the heart young upstart / I am a blanketful of young men / don't forget you said yourself to follow the ash / so then there's that / hold the knife while i cut your hug from off my skin / those people wear tattoos / they cant be serious That's a voice / listen: really / from the fields was that you? / grasp the table lamp / my dear hatfield and McCoy / the flame of the body not now grow inside to bursting points / they will tell you this and this and then look / thin snow and the belted girl with a hoop in her lip / to kiss a pain that thick is like bleeding a scar / we want no more of that / then again if your awful to me / and place you're blistered fingertips against my eyelids / I might give in / oh isn't this – like some soft mellow kiss busting the nerve / in street grime – there is some letter sent by louise from Baltimore who is marrying some tiger again / if I really doubted God I'd pray for the dressed out trailer trash sky to never go dark / if you love me – pi*ss in my mouth / when I was a child I envied normal / now how many years does that take / am I too forward? / this while I know there's not a voice in the hall ( unchecked ) In times like this / reach out I'm overboard / now a nightly companion stowed away / I regarded you as the sort of laughter one forgets / when the snow is through I'm through too / making my transmission / now the light is a black sun / dialing reverb / are you wearing blue beneath your jeans? / after the rain and your pu*ssy smells like a rose garden drenched in sweat / too much riding trains / too much afterglow all alone / isn't it (not) any bar girl punk pierce / guitar no drinks / cum eyes / holy chair where I read you're stare / fluorescent maggy / this is hell / I'm never alright / watch the door / here come the london riot gear / eye (red) balance sheet highway [ crying ] rusted mailbox / and pills spilled on the motel bed / we're all destined to die / midnight to america / you're dreams are my dreams / Jack Kerouac now I know you're terror / only men fall this low / I'm not a man / but I'm falling beneath the globe / of course / I miss Kennedy (which one) / one God, one Kennedy / his head opened like a flower / he said goodbye my beloved / for I loved you too much / and they made me pay / no one has a home now / are not anyone / in steel buses bugged with bombs / in motel after motel / I love the earth, coke machine / all this: rain / stared after / the dodging of snow / and now in love no one can forget this moment / oceanic feelings aside / struts the dawn / it is to be / impossible melancholy / paper scar on you're country knee / coal is gold and we will all eat forever / from the lions hands / And to that fear I say sleep / in a double bed by the early dawn / where we keep our secrets in a drawer / if all they can do is shoot us before we talk / we have won / there is a word we know and it does not need to be said to be true / that word is love / and grows between us like a tree from the center of our stomach /

that long fateful walk along the sea / bullets are born in shells / but the sad part of our story is that they calculated this walk along the shore / texico stations years ago and Greg Brown and you, you're mexican skirt a song between us and the gas pumps / “ I wish I were a star “ she said, “ because I'm no good at feeling sad, “ we know it's true / fence along fields that used to be free...

total rest one body it happened and we were dumb that got ruined on ice future left radio hummed el camino's burgandy light the beer fist of that waving girl asphalt dreams and hung over dog traps you can't dream that kind of cadence check the hem of your skirt before you start slinging mud or marry me trailer dog this kiss couple of crap stars of the honda hotel... Fade... and then simmer...

This Book is a work of fiction. The author has taken certain liberties with rather extreme and offensive and at times racial stereotyping, the author himself does not hold these views personally, and would like to apologize in advance for any offense that might be taken. Creativity has no limits, but as artists we must be sensitive to other people’s feelings. “ Lesbian French “ By: James Diaz © 2007 - 2009

Dedicated to: Dr. Marc Lengfield, Theresa Bailey, Alison, (-B. Tripplett,) C. Plumay, and of course, Clara Bow.

In Remembrance of Mike and Jamie Diaz. Poets and street philosophers. Ravaged and lost by the punk 70’s. And To my missing Grandmother, Mary Lou Diaz, artist, painter, writer, And mother.

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