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Administration Process (AdminP) requests to change mailfile and calendar delegations generated by the user are not being processed. The requests seemto be
just sitting in the Administration request database and are not getting processed when the AdminP task runs, or after manually telling AdminP to process on the
users' home server console. No response document is created after the request.
After troubleshooting and testing, it was determined that the behavior was caused by the server common name populating the users' location document Server
tab, Home/Mail server field instead of the server's hierarchical name.
Figure 1:
Figure 1:
Note In Notes/Domino Release 6 (ND6), when a user is registered, the Access Control List (ACL) gives the user Editor access and the registering administrator
Manager access to the mailfile. It is possible to modify this default before registering the user by clicking on 'Advanced' in the Register Person dialog box, click
on Mail, and change the mail file owner access.
When the user opens the mailfile, goes to Tools>>Preferences, and delegates another user to access the mailfile and calendar, this generates an AdminP request
to populate the ACL of the mailfile with the delegated user's name and lists this user as Unspecified, withNoAccess, but with 'Read public documents' and
'Replicate or copy documents' roles. When the Administration request database is viewed under "All requests by server", the server's common name is seen as
the server to process the request. AdminP will not run because the systemthinks this server does not exist.
Figure 2:
Figure 2:

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Ensure that the user's Home/mail server in the Location document points to the hierarchical name of the server. However, if there is a business need for the
server's common name to be present in this field, an enhancement request has been created for a later release of Notes/Domino.
Supporting Information:
The client obtains its home server information frommemory, as based on the Location document setting and the mailfile's server name. This value changes from
when you first start the client to when the mailfile is opened.
The 'delegate access' function always gets the homeserver value fromthe following call in the InvokeAdminP request:
vHomeServer = Evaluate(|@LocationGetInfo([HomeServer])|)
The formula function @LocationGetInfo([HomeServer]) calls a function to retrieve homeserver frommemory. It was found that when the client starts up, the
value of the homeserver in memory is set to the value of the homeserver fromthe location document. (So if the value is a common name, then that common name
is set in memory)If the mailfile is opened, it gets changed to the Hierarchical name of the mail file's server.
This can be demonstrated by creating an agent in your mail file to be triggered fromthe action menu. Create the following LotusScript agent named TestLocation
Sub Initialize
DimVHomeServer As Variant
vHomeServer =Evaluate(|@LocationGetInfo([HomeServer])|)
Messagebox vHomeServer(0)
End Sub
Create a Welcome Page that contains your inbox. Set your location document to be just the common name of the server.
Restart your Notes client
Click on the view in the Inbox and Select Actions->TestLocation
Messagebox should appear with the common name of your server.
Now open your mailfile (File>>DB>>Open, or click on icon on desktop) so you can see all your views.
Select Actions->TestLocation
Messagebox should appear with the hierarchical name of your server.
There are most likely many different scenarios where this happens. In any case, An enhancment request in SPR #WTON5HYPFS has been created with the
recommended change to the LotusScript function InvokeAdminP which should prevent this problem.

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