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the voice of jewish washington

Joel Magalnick
This may be the last time you see this sign. The region’s lone independent Judaica store, Tree of Life Judaica & Books in Seattle’s Ravenna neighborhood, will close for good on
Monday. It was a victim of the economy and bad weather — last year’s December snowstorm decimated its biggest sales season — and after falling too far behind on rent, time
and money have run out.

Iran sanctions likely to pass — thanks to Iran Capital will get its
Ron Kampeas watchdog, from thoroughly investigating the second menorah, but not
at the Capitol
JTA World News Service enrichment site.
Parsi asserted that the resistance arose not from a
WASHINGTON (JTA) — For years the pro-Israel lobby regime implacably opposed to engagement with the
has been pushing more punitive steps to deter Iran’s West, but instead from elements that oppose Mahmoud Morris Malakoff
nuclear ambitions. But with enhanced U.S. sanctions Ahmadinejad’s government and seek to undermine it by JTNews Correspondent
increasingly likely by early next year, opponents and painting the government as undermining Iran’s national
supporters agree that the case was finally made — by interests. The paradox, Parsi said, is that these elements It was on the verge of becoming a holiday tradition in
Iran itself. are otherwise perceived in the West as friendlier to rap- Olympia: The annual battle over religious symbols in the
The key to the accelerated path to a sanctions bill that prochement. state legislative building, more commonly referred to as
insiders now believe will land on President Obama’s desk Nonetheless, Iran’s recidivism led two of the most the Capitol.
within a month was Iran’s belligerent rejection of a West- critical opponents of enhanced sanctions — China and The battle became more of a circus last year when
ern offer to substantively enhance its peaceful nuclear Russia — to join in an IAEA resolution blasting Iran for a placard touting an atheistic point of view was placed
program in exchange for greater transparency. not cooperating. Iran countered that it would build an between a Christmas tree and a nativity scene. That
“There’s no lack of appetite for passing the sanctions,” additional 10 enrichment sites. opened the door to all comers, reaching a Seinfeld-
said an official of one of the centrist pro-Israel groups that Iran’s actions whittled away the reluctance of a inspired crescendo when a group requested permission to
has pushed for legislation targeting third parties, includ- number of key players who had worried that new sanc- place a “Festivus pole” in among the competing symbols
ing countries that deal with Iran’s energy sector. tions would pre-empt Obama’s efforts to resolve the crisis of the winter holidays.
“It’s evident,” the official said, that the Iranians “do through direct talks with Tehran — chief among them the In the end, attention from the national media threw a
not want talks. They’re not going full speed ahead, they’re president himself, who is now considered likely to sign a bright spotlight on Olympia and many felt the messages got
going full nuclear ahead.” sanctions bill. lost in the melee of calls, e-mails, letters and protests over
Even a leading opponent of sanctions, Trita Parsi, who It was Obama who dispatched his most prominent Iran the competing theological approaches to the season.
heads the National Iranian American Council, conceded hawk, Dennis Ross, and Jeffrey Bader, both senior staffers This year, the rules have been changed. Religious sym-
that such a measure now seems inevitable — and that on the National Security Council, to China in late Octo- bols are allowed on state land outside the capitol. Only a
the Iranian government’s behavior in recent weeks was ber to make the case for signing on to the IAEA resolution. “holiday tree,” paid for by the state, will be indoors. The
behind the accelerated pace. Ross’ argument reportedly was simple but effective: Help new rule bans any “non-governmental” displays in state
“There’s a very justified disappointment with how the contain Iran, or we won’t be able to contain Israel. buildings, but by being taxpayer funded, the tree is a gov-
negotiations have gone and with how the Iranians have Another domino to drop was U.S. Rep. Howard Berman ernmental display.
conducted the negotiations,” he said. (D-Calif.), the chairman of the House of Representatives According to Rabbi Cheski Edelman of the Chabad of
In October, Iran initially accepted the offer to hand Foreign Affairs Committee. He not only lifted his hold on Olympia, this is a puzzling solution.
over much of its low-enriched uranium to Russia and the proposed House legislation, but now is fast tracking “There has been a menorah in the Capitol in the past,”
France for further enrichment to medical research levels. it for a vote by next week. There are similar plans in the he said. “In fact, Governor Gregoire has helped light it
It also agreed to allow inspectors to examine a second, Senate, although they may be delayed past the Christmas twice that I am aware of. Now these displays are required
secret nuclear enrichment plant at Qom, just days after break because of the vexed health care debate. to be outdoors, where it seems more people will actually
President Obama revealed its existence based on West- In the Jewish community, tougher sanctions have been see them.”
ern intelligence reports. pushed for at least a decade by the American Israel Public Last year and this year, the Chabad has erected a
Within weeks, however, Iran reneged on the deal Affairs Committee and, more recently, by other centrist, nine-foot-tall menorah in Sylvester Park, a one-square-
— despite claiming that it had suggested the deal in established pro-Israel organizations. The Conference of block historical park in downtown Olympia, about a
the first place — and obstructed inspectors from the Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, a mile from the Capitol. It is owned by the state, just like
International Atomic Energy Agency, the U.N. nuclear
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a 2 jtnews
n friday, december 11, 2009


Enlightenment Bad education Did I raise you wrong? it would be the hottest item in the sushi
Professor Ed Alexander’s review of The new movie An Education is about I read the article, or rather parts of the bar. Disgusting? Did I raise you wrong?
The Third Reich in the Ivory Tower was a predator, a man who brings in black article “Holiday Stuffing” (Nov. 27), treats Not only is herring a great taste — in
extremely enlightening. Thank you very people to a neighborhood in order to and eats for gifts, but being Jewish, I read some cases, like you, an acquired taste,
much. scare old ladies into moving out so he it backwards as I do with many magazines. but a great taste nonetheless. Furthering
Susan (Liebman) Benyowitz can acquire the property cheaply. He I was reading about fish and the naming its importance, you may be aware that
Los Angeles also preys upon a 16-year-old young of some local stores’ lox, and then I saw I donate blood every month at Bonfils
woman. This would not be of note an editorial comment on herring being Blood Bank here in Denver, giving plate-
except that much is made in the movie disgusting. I thought, who was the pisher lets. I am well past my 21-gallon pin and
An inspiration about the man’s being Jewish. Why is who made that comment? When I backed one of the secrets of raising my platelet
I want to thank Yehuda Reinhartz for that? Why has no one noticed and com- into the beginning of the article and saw count is herring.
his lovely article (“The need to fill the mented? your name on the byline, I was appalled. When I come to visit, I will bring you
holes,” Nov. 27). I found it inspiring and Carole Glickfeld Herring is delicious, if it is fresh and some lox and smoked whitefish and a
hopeful. Thank you for publishing it. Seattle not too strongly pickled. Raw herring token jar of herring for your re-evaluation.
Rachelle Baruch before it is pickled is so sweet and deli- Elliott Magalnick
Cincinnati, Ohio cious. If the Japanese had discovered it, Denver, Colo.

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A little light pushes a lot of darkness away
Small steps can help lead you closer to God
friday, december 11, 2009 n jtnews page

one happier, then grab it. If you want to minute a day), and if you have time,
keep kosher but it is too daunting, start to add a little more. If you miss a day,
by keeping kosher a few hours a week don’t worry about it. Through this com-
or wean yourself from one non-kosher mitment of learning just one line a day,
food. I remember a friend telling me I have been blessed to complete a few
Rabbi how proud he was that he keeps kosher books of Torah.
Avrohom on Friday nights. Let us be inspired this Hanukkah to
David On Hanukkah, we light on the first add a little bit more Torah to our lives.
Seattle Kollel night one small light and then we add
one more each night. A possible mes-
One of the misconceptions many sage for us is the importance of each
Jews have is that you are either reli- deed we do and that even one minute
gious or not religious — that Judaism of lea r n i ng G od’s i n f i n ite w isdom
is either all or nothing. When I suggest has great value. We say in the special
to someone to study a little each day or prayers for Hanukkah “the many in the
take on a small observance of mitzvot, hand of the few.”
the reply often is, “Oh! But I am not reli- The Maccabees were just a small
gious or Orthodox.” Many people seem group of Jews fighting for the right to
to think you either always keep kosher keep kosher, study Torah and observe
or you don’t. You observe all of Shab- Shabbat. But through the purity of their
bat or none. deeds, God miraculously helped them
Our sages teach us that each small succeed. We celebrate their victory on
act of k indness, Torah study, or an Hanukkah and are inspired to overcome
observance of any mitzvah, no matter all the obstacles in our way and begin
how small, has infinite reward. Imag- spending more time helping others,
ine if you were in a diamond mine with studying Torah and observing mitzvot.
piles of diamonds but you were only But we begin celebrating with just one
allowed to leave the mine with one. small light, one small act of kindness.
Would you not take any? Would you not I was very inspired by an essay I read
at least take one? Each act of kindness from Rabbi Brevda, who suggested com-
or bit of Torah study is like a diamond! If mitting oneself to learning just one line
you could only study two minutes a day, of Torah each day (or exercising one
or make one phone call to make some-

Learning lessons from “Kick a Jew Day”

How to stand up against anti-Semitism
The JTNews is the Voice of Jewish Dr. Rafael Medoff moral importance of going beyond the retreat, for Nazi-style parades, propa-
Washington. Our mission is to meet Special to JTNews letter of the law to find a way to punish ganda sessions and rounds of the “Horst
the interests of our Jewish community
the attackers and send a message to Wessel Song” (“When Jewish blood drips
through fair and accurate coverage of local,
national and international news, opinion “Just kids being kids.” potential anti-Semitic vandals every- from the knife/Then will the German
and information. We seek to expose our That’s what one grandparent said after where. people prosper”).
readers to diverse viewpoints and vibrant learning that students at a middle school Where there was a will, there was a But Ralph Haller was cut from a differ-
debate on many fronts, including the news
in Naples, Fla. last month staged “Kick a way. Searching the rule books, Haller ent cloth. He stood apart from the crowd
and events in Israel. We strive to contribute to
the continued growth of our local Jewish Jew Day.” found he was permitted to prevent a stu- — and stood up for justice.
community as we carry out our mission. “Not anti-Semitic behavior at all.” dent from graduating if he or she demon- Anti-Semitism can never be com-
That’s what the principal of a middle strated “poor American citizenship.” At a pletely eliminated. But if school prin-
2041 Third Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121
phone 206-441-4553 fax 206-441-2736 school in a St. Louis suburb said last year meeting of parents on February 12, 1944, cipals impose meaningful penalties on
E-mail: about students who took part in “Hit a the principal declared: “I consider such offenders, they will help create an envi- Jew Day.” [anti-Semitic] activities totally in contra- ronment in which hatred is regarded as
JTNews (ISSN0021-678X) is published biweekly by
Making excuses for anti-Semitism is diction to everything that the America unacceptable and haters are confined to
The Seattle Jewish Transcript, a nonprofit corporation bad enough. of today or the America which we hope the furthest margins of society.
owned by the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, Slap-on-the-wrist punishments are to have tomorrow stands for.” Therefore, The same is true in the international
2041 3rd Ave., Seattle, WA 98121. Subscriptions are
$39.50 for one year, $57.50 for two years. Periodi- even worse. he announced, his new policy would be arena. All too often, anti-Semitic out-
cals postage paid at Seattle, WA. POSTMASTER: The 10 Florida students who reveled in to consider anti-Semitism by definition bursts by political leaders are greeted
Send address changes to JTNews, 2041 Third Ave.,
kicking Jews were given what the school as un-American, and he would block the with excuses: “He was just saying it for
Seattle, WA 98121.
described as “one day in-school suspen- graduation of any student involved in internal consumption” or “He wasn’t
Staff sions” and conferences with their par- anti-Semitic acts. referring to all Jews” or “He was angry at
Reach us directly at 206-441-4553 + ext.
Publisher *Karen Chachkes 267 ents. The St. Louis students likewise Haller noted that he had “counseled Israeli policies.” Such apologetics serve
Editor *Joel Magalnick 233 received only brief suspensions; and with many non-Jewish principals” as well only to mask the offender’s true nature —
Assistant Editor Leyna Krow 240
Account Executive Lynn Feldhammer 264 other students  who verbally taunted as assistant superintendent of schools and encourage him to do it again.
Account Executive David Stahl 235 Jewish children and encouraged the “hit- William Hamm, and found them all in Ralph Haller, in 1944, showed us the
Account Executive Stacy Schill 292
Classifieds Manager Rebecca Minsky 238
ters,” were not punished at all. agreement with his choice of punish- way to respond anti-Semitism: Swiftly,
Art Director Susan Beardsley 239 Perhaps the school officials who chose ment. Haller emphasized that as a Prot- forcefully, and creatively. Let’s learn from
Accountant Louise Kornreich 234 to mete out such ultra-lenient penalties estant and a German-American, “I feel his example.
Production Artist Elisa Haradon
Proofreader Mordecai Goldstein need a history lesson. A little-known epi- that I have the right and duty to speak out
sode that took place in New York City in on this issue.” Dr. Rafael Medoff is director of The
early 1944 might provide some useful Haller’s action is all the more impres- David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust
Board of Directors guidance. sive when one recalls the extent of anti- Studies,
Scott Michelson, Chair*; Jeffrey Berkman; Robin
Boehler; Don Edmond; Lisa Eggers; Nancy In February 1944, five students from Semitism and pro-Nazi sentiment among
Geiger; Cynthia Flash Hemphill*; Allen Israel*; Andrew Jackson High School, in Queens, his fellow German-Americans.  Correction
Stan Mark; Daniel Mayer; Cantor David Serkin- Just five years earlier, more than
were caught painting anti-Semitic slogans The article about the Stroum Jewish
Poole*; Sandy Sidell
Richard Fruchter, CEO and President, in the nearby town of Queens Village. 20,000 Bund supporters had filled Mad- Community Center’s arts lecture series,
Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle Principal Ralph Haller, who hap- ison Square Garden for a pro-Hitler “A broader reach for The Jewish Touch”
Ron Leibsohn, Federation Board Chair
pened to be German-American, faced a rally. And in nearby Suffolk County in (Nov. 27), referred to Adam Stern as con-
*Member, JTNews Editorial Board dilemma. Technically, he had no juris- the late 1930s, tens of thousands of Ger- ductor of the Seattle Symphony. Stern
diction over what students did outside man-Americans each weekend flocked guest conducted for the symphony ear-
school grounds. But he understood the to Camp Siegfried, a pro-Hitler summer lier this year.
The opinions of our columnists and advertisers do
not necessarily reflect the views of JTNews.

We would love to hear from you! Our guide to writing a letter to the editor can be found on our Web site:
The deadline for the next issue is december 15 n future deadlines may be found online
a4 jtnews
community news
n friday, december 11, 2009

A century of education
Seattle Hebrew Academy celebrates
100th anniversary of its building

Seattle was too wicked, so the nuns

chose a spot at the top of the Olmsted
brothers-designed Interlaken Park, on the
outskirts of the city, to build their convent.
The Forest Ridge Convent operated in
the large brick building — now smack
dab in the middle of Seattle — until 1971,
when it moved to Bellevue, according
to the Washington State History site Seattle Country Day School
took up residence for a couple years, then,
in 1973, Seattle Hebrew Academy moved
in. They’ve been there ever since.
On Wednesday, SHA celebrated the
100th anniversary of the old convent
building with a focus on the old and the
new. Much of the new comes thanks
to the three-year renovation following
extensive damage from the 2001 Nisqually
SHA received Federal Emergency
Management Act funds for part of the
renovation and seismic retrofit.
Old photos courtesy of Seattle Hebrew Academy. Current photos by Leyna Krow.

QFC Helps You Be Prepared for Winter Storms

By Kristin Maas, QFC Public Affairs Director

Last winter, storm after storm rolled through the Pacific Northwest leaving huge amounts of snow and ice. We
remember clearly that attempting to get from point A to point B was incredibly difficult and dangerous.
As the temperatures plummet into the teens and the winds get higher, now is a good time to make sure that we are
prepared to protect and provide for ourselves and our families should we become stranded at home or somewhere in between.

Here is a checklist of items you should have in an emergency preparedness kit:

r Water — store at least 1 gallon r Food for each family member r Radio — NOAA Weather Radio
of water per person per day and pet for at least 3 days is preferred

r Tool — utility knife, pliers, r Warm clothing, sturdy shoes r Emergency out-of-area
crescent wrench, pry bar and rain gear contact phone numbers

r First Aid Kit r Special needs items r Copies of important documents

n Gauze bandages n Medications n ID
n Medical tape n Eye glasses n Insurance policies
n Antibiotic ointment n Infant supplies, etc. n Birth Certificate
n Alcohol wipes n Walking cane
n Hand sanitizer
n Plastic strip bandages
n Vinyl or latex gloves

r Flashlight and batteries r Blanket r Waterproof matches

r Cash r Paper and pen r Whistle

r Soap r Toilet paper r Wet wipes

r Plastic bags for sanitation and r Dust mask, leather gloves, r Entertainment items
waste disposal duct tape n Deck of cards
n Book, etc.

It’s also important to remember to keep your car’s fuel tank at least half full, so if the roads are covered with ice and
snow, you don’t run out of gas during a long drive home. Also keep a blanket and warm clothes in the car, along with a
personal emergency kit, should you become stranded for any length of time.
We owe it to our families and ourselves to be prepared for whatever winter throws our way this year.

For more information on emergency preparedness, please visit

Kristin Maas is the Director of Public Affairs for QFC. She can be reached at or 425-990-6182.
friday, december 11, 2009 n jtnews
community news
a 5

The grand columns that once served as an

entrance are now secondary to a less conspicuous
but more functional front door a short distance
back from the balustrades and porticos. That
entrance, opened in 1956, also houses what is now
known as the Ari Grashin Gym, where teams from
SHA and the Northwest Yeshiva High School play
various league sports. The hymns and prayers,
which still take place on a daily basis, happen in
Hebrew rather than Latin.
But the building, which received landmark
status in 1979, has a much more modern feel once
you walk inside.
“It’s important to know that you can take a
historical building and make it work for you while
still preserving the integrity of the place,” said
Larry Kreisman, program director for Historic
Seattle, who spoke at a ceremony on Wednesday
in honor of the building’s anniversary. “That’s
what Seattle Hebrew Academy has done here.”
Rivy Poupko Kletenik, SHA’s head of school,
noted the history and learning that has taken
place over the past century.
“A birthday is a day to notice and to appreciate,”
she said. “Look around, this is truly a grand and
inspiring structure.”
— Joel Magalnick and Leyna Krow

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Fax: 206-325-3841
Toll free: 1-800-621-2662
a 6 jtnews
community news
n friday, december 11, 2009

Lamplighter dinner negotiation rather than force. Speak- potluck. There will also be a lesson Capital Steps t Page 1A
T he Menachem Mendel Seat- ers will include Keith Weissman, former on how to ma ke (a nd eat) sufgani-
tle Cheder will host its annual director of AIPAC’s Iran desk, Ian Lus- y o t . C o s t i s $10 . R S V P a t w w w. the nearby Capitol campus. This year the
Lamplighter fundraising dinner. tick, political science professor at the Thurs., Dec. 17 at 8 menorah was to be in place starting on
This year’s event will honor Rabbi and University of Pennsylvania, and Prof. p.m. Location provided upon RSVP. December 10.
Mrs. Yechezkel and Devorah Kornfeld. Mu ha m mad Sa him i, a professor of “We had it out there last year and we
Cost is $125 per person. For more infor- chemical engineering and the NIOC Latkepalooza had no problems or protests,” he said.
mation, or to RSV P, contact Tammy Chair in petroleum engineering at the Jconnect and the Jewish Federa- He said that the new process this year
Nguyen at 206-523-9766. Wed., Dec. 16 University of Southern California. Tick- tion’s Young Leadership Division was simple and fair and he had no prob-
at 5:30 p.m. at Herban Feast, 3200 1st ets cost $10 and are available through are partnering to throw a Jewish lems getting a permit for the menorah.
Ave. S, Ste 100, Seattle. w w w.brow npapert Wed., party on Christmas Eve. Cost is $15 in An organization, Seattle Atheists, has
Dec. 17 at 7 p.m. at Town Hall, 1119 8th advance, $20 at the door. All proceeds applied to erect a small sign on state land.
“Iran-Israel-U.S.: Resolving Ave., Seattle. will help fund after-school programs As of December 7, no decision on that
the Nuclear Impasse” for in-need youth in Seattle’s sister request had been made.
T h i s c om mu n it y c on ferenc e. “Hot Hanukkah Night” city, Kiryat Malachi, Israel. Visit www. Otherwise, the requests for displays
sponsored by local Jewish com- Ne x t G en , Her z l-Ner Ta m id’s h i l for more i n for mat ion. this year have slowed to a trickle. The
munity groups and peace organi- you ng adu lt g roup, w i l l cele- Thurs., Dec. 24 at 9:30 p.m. at the Triple person who erected the nativity scene
zations, will explore ways of resolving brate Hanuk kah w ith a meno- Door, 216 Union St., Seattle. that made the atheists’ group feel a need
t he Ira n ia n nuclea r cr isis t h roug h rah lighting, hot drinks and a dessert to respond is not participating this year.
Summer science institute He says his nativity set is for indoor use.
The Bessie F. Lawrence Summer The atheist group from last year, the

Should you consider

Science Inst it ute is c u r rent ly Freedom from Religion Foundation, has
accepting applications from high said that without a nativity scene it has
long-term care insurance? school students interested in spend-
ing part of next summer at the Weiz-
no plans to re-join the religious wars
of Olympia. Its message, however, can
mann Institute of Science in Rehovot, be found on the side of several buses
Israel. The program runs from July 5-29 throughout the Puget Sound region.
and includes both an intensive science Rabbi Edelman says that the arguing
curriculum as well as tours of Israel. between atheists and those offended by
206-448-6940 Each participant receives a full scholar- them is not a concern of his.
7525 SE 24th Street, Suite 350, Mercer Island, WA 98040 ship. 20 students selected per summer. “I truly don’t worry about that stuff,”
Marvin Meyers For more information, contact Debbie he said. “I want to spread the light and
Ca l ise at 212-895-7906 or debbie@ Sylvester Park is a great place to do that. It is a great place to spread the message of
the holidays to the community.”


]`QOZZ $ #

@ 3 4 : 3 F = : = 5 G
: = C 7 A 3  9 = @ < @ 3 7 1 6  :  ;  >
] /PWFNCFSo%FDFNCFS Mordecai Goldstein, retired scribe and a winner
of the Bialik award (Hebrew Composition, 1964)
Instruction in Hebrew
If the connection between the inner ear
 and our sense of balance is a “modern”
medical discovery, why does ancient
both words? (The words are “ear” ozen
the single most important achievement
1BSLQMBDF ,JSLMBOE 8" of the State of Israel may be the revival
of the Hebrew language. Others think
that proto-Semitic was the original

3&%69 human language, the mother tongue — a

window to our shared semantic heritage

] 'SJEBZ %FDFNCFS and the undisputed ancestor of all of the

world’s languages.
structure and applying the rules of
linguistics, it is possible to see how the
pre-Babel language devolved into the
multitude of languages we use today.
'PSNPSFJOGPSNBUJPODBMM  Being a kind of linguistic “land bridge,”
PSWJTJU XXXLJSLMBOEBSUTDFOUFSPSH Hebrew is unique among the world’s

©2009 linguistic land bridge

For Hebrew instruction:
Mordecai (425) 280-1724

2008 voted best thai restaurant by viewers of king 5 evening magazine

Chag Sameach

Factoria Issaquah
Happy 3717 Factoria Blvd. SE 4512 Klahanie Dr SW
Dennis B. Goldstein Hanukkah Bellevue • 425.641.4008 klahanie qfc • 425.369.8233
& Associates Madison Park Pacific Place
Certified Public Accountants 1841 42nd Ave E, Seattle • 206.324.6467 6th & Pine Sts., Seattle • 206.749.9100
Tax Preparation
Consulting & Planning Redmond Town Center Safeco Field
for Individuals & Small Business 16480 NE 74th St. • 425.558.4044 100 Level at Home Base

425-455-0430 Authentic Thai Cuisine

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friday, december 11, 2009 n jtnews
a view from the u
a 7

“O, yidl town of Bethlehem”

old Dylan satire at work. And my hopes cut hand saw attacking a sheet of ply-
were aroused when the CD arrived in the wood — warble out a perennial Jewish
mail. The cover painting is an old-fash- contribution like Irving Berlin’s “White
Christmas cheer from Bob Dylan ioned image of red-cheeked folks riding Christmas.” But that classic is mysteri-
in a horse-drawn sleigh in a “Winter ously omitted as well, its place apparently
title, but I do recall the cover — Jolie look- Wonderland.” But the flip side, revealed filled by an obscure ukulele-pedal guitar
ing solemn in his tallis and cantorial yar- only if you pull out the cover from its Hawaiian number titled “Christmas
mulke. How I loved that album! frame, depicts a raven-haired babe right Island.” Ever hear of that one? Not I!
My kid brother and I would lie on the out of Vargas’s Playboy paintings of the Alas, Dylan ignores all of the ways
rug next to our folks’ “hi-fi” replaying Jol- ’60s (I noticed one once while looking he might have spurred reflection on the
son’s version of “Kol Nidre” endlessly. for an article on a theological topic I was Jewish element of the American Christ-
Martin Jaffee Until, out of fatigue, we took refuge in his researching in college — honest!) mas. Offered instead are 15 selections that
JTNews other LPs for his renditions of “Mammy” Before pushing my fingers into my eye alternate between banal “secular Christ-
Columnist and “Sewanee.” sockets, I noticed that she’s dressed in a mas” jingles (two of which are about Santa)
Well, I hate to report, it seems that the skimpy, low-cut Santa suit complete with and the real deal Christmas carols that
Time was that when an American days of this sort of Jewish “heritage of black garters and mid-thigh stockings. extol Baby Jesus in his manger and other
Jewish entertainer started closing in song” album are about over. Bob Dylan, “Aha!” I thought. “He’s gonna pull themes that move deeply into the Chris-
on retirement, he’d pay a little overdue perhaps the most influential Jew in 20th our legs with a send-up of Christmas tian sentiments at the heart of Christmas.
homage to his kin fun di alte heim. After all, centur y American pop culture, now schmaltz!” Not only does Dylan do these more than
a lifetime of shrimp cocktails, surf & turf, at the twilight of an illustrious career, But not so fast! Might we expect, justice, he even sings some verses of “Come
ham ’n’ eggs, Friday night concerts, and has graced his fans with, of all things… maybe, that Dylan’s Christmas in the All Ye Faithful” in, get this — Latin!
the odd shiksa trophy wife or two ought to an album of Christmas favorites titled Heart would be an astute selection of mid- Look, Bob Dylan can do what he wants.
be crowned, at least for appearance’s sake, Christmas in the Heart. 20th century Tin Pan Alley jingles written But, as a consumer, I have two com-
with an album of “Jewish classics” proving And I wonder: What is this? Déjà vu all to alleviate the angst of Jewish assimila- plaints. First, his selection of tunes vir-
our star’s pride in his “Jewish roots.” over again? tion? What better way than by transform- tually ignores the contributions of Jewish
Never mind that you don’t have to be Didn’t Bobby work through his Chris- ing the Christian savior’s birthday back writers and composers to the making of
Jewish to make a “Jewish” album. Heck, tian phase in the early ’80s, astonish- to its origins — a pagan celebration of the the contemporary American Christmas.
even Connie Francis (Italian) issued ing his fans with such stellar tunes as Anglo-Saxon winter solstice! And second, even his selection of spir-
an album of Yiddish songs and Johnny “Ya Gotta Serve Somebody” and other Wouldn’t it be the height of edginess itually moving standards raises ques-
Mathis took a turn at “Kol Nidre”! If only forgettable old-timey gospel offerings? for Dylan to have issued an album of Jew- tions. Why include the saccharine “Do
Sam Cook had taken the bait! And didn’t we watch him do his “baal ishly penned tunes that helped to turn You Hear What I Hear?” while omitting
Major Jewish operatic soloists like Jan teshuvah” thing under Chabad aus- America’s Christmas into a celebration of “Silent Night?” This is simply not a well-
Peerce and Richard Tucker dutifully took pices, no less, complete with tefillin at eggnog, skiing, and consumerism? Some- planned offering.
their turns at reviving the riffs laid down the Kotel? And didn’t he offer a kapparah thing American Jews could really relate While listening, I kept asking myself:
by the likes of Yossele Rosenblatt and for his “Jew for Jesus” period by penning to. God knows there’s plenty to choose “Is he kidding? Is he broke? Did he have
Moishe Oisher, the premier “Cantorial that classic of Zionist-Rock theory, “The from! But only one such tune, co-written all his investments with Madoff?” I have
soloists” of the early 20th century. But, Neighborhood Bully?” After all this — by Mel Torme, appears here (“Christmas no answer and remain puzzled.
for my money, perhaps the greatest col- and his kid’s well-documented Bar Mitz- Song,” a.k.a. “Chestnuts Roasting on an But one well-worn Dylan message
lection of Jewish songs by an American vah — after all this…a career-capping Open Fire).” comes through loud and clear in this
Jewish pop-icon is still Al Jolson’s album collection of Christmas songs? I, for one, would pay to hear that Dylan CD. Get ready Jewish rock fans, ’cause
from the late 1940s. I can’t remember the Now, at first I thought it might be the voice — these days sounding like a cross- l’chaims, they are a-changin’!

A bequest is a smart way to make a gift given the

economic times – ensuring strength and stability for
future generations.

By designating a specific sum or a percentage of your

estate for the Jewish community through the Jewish
Federation of Greater Seattle, you can make a major
difference, even if you can’t commit any assets today.

Our planned giving team would be happy to work

with you to best match your interests and passions
with Jewish community needs, enabling you to have
a long-term impact.

For more information and sample bequest language,

please contact Janet Rose at 206 774-2225 or

Where there’s a Will, there’s a way.

A bequest is a smart way to make a gift given the economic times–
ensuring strength and stability for future generations.
CONNEC TOR 2 0 3 1 T h i r d Av e n u e | S e a t t l e , WA | 9 8 1 2 1 - 2 4 1 2 | p : 2 0 6 4 4 3 - 5 4 0 0 | I n f o @ J e w i s h I n S e a t t l e . o r g | w w w. J e w i s h I n S e a t t l e . o r g

On November 22, over 100 volunteers turned out to help

the Jewish community at Super Sunday.
At Super Sunday, the sound of the grogger was a good “I’m good on the phone and not afraid to ask people to
thing—another gift had been made. At the end of an 8-hour donate to a good cause, so I am happy to help out at Super
Community-Wide day, $230,000 from more than 400 generous donors Sunday. It is my part in helping the community,” explained
was pledged to the Jewish Federation’s annual Community Stuart Kaufman, a local business coach, on his decision to

SUPER Campaign, which helps dozens of Jewish organizations

locally, in Israel and worldwide.
participate in Super Sunday.

“Service is what separates us from the rest [of the fraternities],”
explains Brandon Nudleman, philanthropy chair of the
Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity at the University of Washing-
Phone-A-Thon ton, which sent 20 college students to participate at Super
Sunday. “This was a great way for us to keep connected to
the broader Jewish community even while we are in college.”

In a separate room, 30 people shared the direct gift of life, by The Jewish Federation’s Community Campaign is one of
Thank you to all those donating a total of 23 pints of blood and being tested as bone the best ways to address critical needs of Jews wherever and
who volunteered, pledged, marrow matches through the Puget Sound Blood Center. whenever they are vulnerable.
gave blood and supported More than 100 volunteers–organizational leaders and You can still add to the community success at
the Jewish Federation’s professionals, fraternity members, Seattle newcomers and
Community Campaign. seasoned volunteers–crowded the Stroum Jewish Community
Center’s auditorium where the phones were busy all day.

Corporate Sponsors Stroum Jewish Community Center • Noah’s Bagels on Mercer Island • Island Crust Pizza • Puget Sound Blood Center

Participating Agencies Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity • Cardozo Advisory Group • Congregation Beth Shalom • Congregation Beth Hatikvah • Herzl-Ner Tamid Conservative Congregation
Hillel at University of Washington • Jewish Family Service • Menachem Mendel Seattle Cheder • Northwest Yeshiva High School • Seattle Jewish Community School
Seattle Hebrew Academy • Washington State Jewish Historical Society • SPECIAL THANKS to Young Leadership! • Women’s Philanthropy

Volunteers Todd Alberstone • Alisa Balk • Eric Bauer • Erez Ben-Ari • Shelley Bensussen • William Berkovitz • Sara Bernson • Jacob Bloom • Robin Boehler • Stephen Boehler
Aric Bomsztyk • Tricia Breen • Celie Brown • Zane Brown • Melissa Cahn • Robert Center • Philip Chanen • Andrew Cohen • Rebecca Cohen • Michael Curtiss • Peggy Elefant
Sara Engesser • Galit Ezekiel • Russell Federman • Tamara Federman • Lisa Fein • Aimee Finn • Joe Finn • Joshua Flam • Anna Frankfort • David Fredman • Michael Fulwiler
Lauren Gersch • Rochelle Goffe • Lisa Golden • David Goldfarb • Carol Goldman • Carol Gown • Kimberly Greenhall • Kari Haas • Steven Hemmat • Julie Hetterle • Raymond Hill
Daniel Hirsty • Henry Honig • Alexa Huggins • Brian Huggins • Kelly Joseph • Connie Kanter • Simon Kaplan • Evan Kaufman • Stuart Kaufman • Aaron Kiviat • Rivy Kletenik
Mendy Kornfeld • Keith Krivitzky • Ronald Leibsohn • Cameron Levin • Suzi LeVine • Sharon Levy • Tzachi Litov • Dianne Loeb • Katy Lukas • Jake Lustig • Julie Lyss
Jonathan Newman • Naomi Newman • Kevin Nider • Brandon Nudleman • Estelle Oren • Aaron Pollack • Lucy Pruzan • Cheryl Puterman • Melissa Rivkin-Cohanim
Chaim Rosenbaum • Ivan Rothman • Joanna Sandorffy • Tana Senn • Howard Shalinsky • Iantha Sidell • Arthur Siegal • Alice Siegal • Elle Simon • Stefanie Somers • Ari Somers
Phillip Stein • David Stiefel • Doris Stiefel • Mark Stiefel • Marcie Stone • Renee Titelbaum • Matthew Titelbaum • Barbara Van Derlaske • Amy Wasser-Simpson • Amy Weisband
Luba White • Tink Williams • Nichole Worthman • Jordan Yaeger

Join us at Connections Women’s Brunch • Dare to Dream • January 31, 2010

Register at
“I’m looking at the big picture United States when her family was facing persecution in the former Soviet Union.
of this event, at the community This generosity had a huge impact on Alina, someone who dared to dream,
dare to building aspects,” explains Lois
Fuhr when asked about co-
and whose dream we helped come true. She is now not only an active member
of her Jewish community and a donor to Jewish causes, but also a Jewish
chairing the 2010 Connections community professional.
brunch for women.
Connections 2010 “Giving back is like a lifecycle,” observed Lisa. “It does not stop at the nonprofit’s
Lisa Katsman, her co-chair, doors, nor with the recipient. Giving takes on multiple levels from meeting
sees it differently. “I am driven by the end results–the fundraising–and therefore immediate needs and raising hope, to inspiring community involvement and
the good work we can do,” explains Lisa. They are a perfect match to head up giving back in the future.”
Connections, the largest annual women’s outreach and fundraising event in the
greater Seattle area. “Her compelling and moving story epitomizes
the impact the Jewish Federation has and the
Meeting these goals helped drive this year’s speaker selection. “We knew we did not way it can truly change a person’s life,” contin-
want to have a celebrity as our speaker, we wanted to take a different path this year. ues Lois. “Once the women hear her they will
As soon as we heard Alina’s story and the glowing admiration and respect for her be able to see for themselves the real-life impact
as a speaker from others around the country, I knew she was the perfect choice for their support and donations make.”
Connections 2010,” stated Lois.
Connections Co-Chairs Lisa Katsman & Lois Fuhr We invite you to join with other women…and
Alina, mentioned above, is Alina Gerlovin Spaulding. Ms. Spaulding is a dynamic, Dare to Dream!
young Soviet émigré whom the Jewish Federation helped as a child relocate to the

IRA Distribution to Charity to Expire

Year End: Act Now y o u k now?” Israel
Are you aware that if you are 70½ years or older, you may make a gift of
up to $100,000 per year to the Jewish Federation from your IRA with no
“ Did
more museum
Israel has

any other c
federal income tax impact, and your gift will be counted toward your A Seattle Jewish community journey to Israel
required minimum distribution?
MAY 23 - JUNE 1, 2010 
Learn more by calling Planned Giving Director Janet Rose at 206 774-2225. Space is limited. Register today at
Charitable Giving 2009
Special pullout section

Alzheimer ’s A s sociation, A mer ic an Jewis h Commit tee, Dow ntow n

Emergency Service Center, Fifth Avenue Theater, Food Lifeline, Jewish Day
School, Jewish Family Service, Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, Northwest
Yeshiva High School, Washington State Holocaust Education Resource Center

And the winner is…

Three local agencies win new award for top Jewish organization

Joel Magalnick admissions at SJCS. “But what’s really said, they can see that “‘there is another user base, enabling it to become a bigger
Editor, JTNews very gratifying for everyone internally family that might be a little like mine.’” player in the charitable giving field. The
has been to look at all those comments Fine agreed. Jewish Choice awards were one of several
There’s no awards ceremony, no and reviews, how they tell the story of the “To have those testimonials is some- award campaigns that focus on different
gold statue, no cash prize. But there is school so comprehensively.” thing we can on occasion draw from, areas of philanthropy.
something far less tangible that can, Frockt said one of SJCS’ commu- [and] send people to,” he said. Ilsen ack nowledged that because
in many ways, go even further: Feed- nity members alerted the school to the Oakley said Bet Alef actually found Great Nonprofits is a small organization
back. That’s why three local organiza- awards, and the school trumpeted the out about the award process from SJCS — like many of the agencies it features, it
tions have expressed excitement about message from there. their rabbi, Olivier also faced limitations in getting the word
being named winners of Jewish Choice “I think people Ben-Haim, sends his out about the award process. So they
Awards, a new award granted by the were ready to have children there. turned to social media sites Facebook
two-year-old Great Nonprofits organi- a venue where they “They had heard and Twitter, and leveraged their partner-
zation. c ou ld ju s t spea k about it when [SJCS ships with such organizations as jgood-
“The way it works is organizations their minds, which was] let t ing t heir, a site that connect Jews around
gather reviews from their community this obviously gave parents k now and the world to Jewish causes, and the JTA
members, volunteers, board members them,” Frockt said. a sk i ng people to news service.
and donors, even clients that have been Jconnect’s direc- write reviews, and But that’s also the point. For small
served,” said Shari Ilsen, director of mar- tor, Rabbi Jacob Fine, I was like hey, this organizations without the budget to
keting and outreach for Great Nonprofits. said he was moved looks like a g reat market themselves to their community,
“A nonprofit isn’t formally nominated — by t he number of thing,” Oakley said. using online tools, including Great Non-
people just review them.” people who com- So Ben-Ha i m’s profits, is a valuable way to get their mes-
Ilsen said that Great Nonprofits, which mented about his wife Amy took the sage out, Ilsen said.
is modeled after, a commu- organization. ball and ran with it. “Our challenge for each of these cam-
nity-based Web site that enables users “It actually was Seeing the show of paigns is to spread the let them
of any type of product or service to write really powerful to Courtesy SJCS support while t he know this marketing opportunity is out
a review, fills a hole where people inter- see a l l t he fol k s Students from Jewish Choice Award congregation tran- there,” Ilsen said.
ested in supporting a cause might not [who] took the time winner Seattle Jewish Community School sitions between its The organizations that found out
know how other donors or clients feel to w r ite persona l learn about capstones and arch building founding rabbi, Ted about the award and spread the word
about that organization. statements and to during a visit from the Pacific Science Fa lcon, a nd Ben- got a big response from their support-
So without further ado, the three share their ref lec- Center van. Haim was especially ers: Users posted more t ha n 4,000
award winners, out of eight total nomi- tions on Jconnect,” gratif ying, accord- reviews of 180 Jewish organizations
nees, are: For small organization, Bet Alef Fine said. “There’s not so many occasions ing to Oakley. nationwide between October and mid-
Meditative Synagogue; for medium orga- where we receive feedback in that partic- “It was particularly wonderful to get November.
nization, Hillel at the University of Wash- ular way.” all those responses and know that the “They were just so quick to jump on
ington’s Jconnect program; and for large The immediate benefit, said all the support for Bet Alef is strong,” she said. this and they understood immediately
organization, the Seattle Jewish Commu- local winners, is in the ability to do out- Great Nonprofits hopes to act as a what it meant [and] were quickly able to
nity School. reach to potential new participants. resource for these nonprofits in more rally their community members,” Ilsen
“We’re really excited,” said Shellie During the admissions period, SJCS than just the reviews section. It is con- said.
Oakley, executive director of Bet Alef. commonly gets several comments every nected to GuideStar, which maintains a Any Jewish organization with 10 or
“Largely because of the feedback that week from prospective parents about list of all of the 501(c)3 charitable organi- more reviews was considered for an
was given to us through the process, their lifestyle, Frockt said: “‘We don’t zations in the U.S. Having access to the award, which was then broken down by
and the really wonderful reviews were know where we fit. We’re probably not philanthropic tools GuideStar offers is budget size and geographical region.
a joy.” like other families in your school,’” goes invaluable, Frockt said. “If Seattle nonprof its were going
Bet Alef isn’t alone. the refrain. The benefit runs two ways, of course: up against New York nonprofits, that
“It’s obviously exciting to win and be By directing prospective parents to Organizations get feedback about them- wouldn’t very much be fair,” Ilsen said.
loved,” said Deborah Frockt, director of their listing on, she selves while Great Nonprofits extends its “We wanted to even the playing field.”
2 jtnews n friday, december 11, 2009
Charitable Giving

Charitable Giving 2009

A big job ahead really enhancing the federations from a

point of image, communication, and por-
Jewish Federations CEO visits communities across the country tals of entry for people to be invited in from
across the community.
Leyna Krow eration here in Seattle compare to those
Assistant Editor, JTNews in other communities you have visited? JT: Do you feel like the fundraising tech-
Silverman: I’m not a big person to com- niques that have been used and have
Jerry Silverman knows he has his work pare because I find that most communities been successful for federations in previ-
cut out for him. But having worked for 25 are really very unique. And having lived in ous decades are going to continue to work
years in both the private sector and the nine different communities myself, I know in the future? Or are we reaching a place
Jewish non-profit world, the opportunity that each one has its own personality. where some re-thinking is necessary?
to head one of the largest philanthropic What I can say is the resiliency of this com- Silverman: I’m a believer that you
bodies in the United States was too great munity and of this Federation, especially always have to reinvent. You can’t stay the
to pass up. In September, Silverman considering the tragedy that took place a same. You can’t stay stagnant. I think that
accepted the position as the new CEO of few years ago, is extraordinary. And the there are certain principles in fundraising
The Jewish Federations of North Amer- leadership here is really thinking about that will never go away. Number one being
Courtesy the Jewish Federations
ica, the umbrella group for Jewish federa- the future and understanding what got of North America building a trust model in your investors
tions across the country formerly known them here and they’re really doing some Jewish Federations CEO Jerry Silverman and building relationships that are really
as United Jewish Communities. serious thinking here. I’m listening to visited Seattle in November. valued. And extending those relationships
Since taking on his new job, Silverman some of this discussion and they’re asking beyond generations. But you always have
has spent the past two and half months the right questions. JT: In addition to the challenges to stay current. You always have to think
traveling around the country to meet with facing federations due to the current of innovative ways to reach the commu-
federation staffs in different communities. JT: You were selected as one of the For- economic situation, what are some of nity and to engage the community and to
While in Seattle last month, he talked with ward 50 this year. In their write-up on the other major challenges that you see make them feel a part of something that’s
JTNews about his hopes for the federation you, they describe your new position these organizations dealing with right important and significant. We have to do
movement, the challenges facing fund- as “a job…that was once expected to now? this constantly.
raising organizations during a recession, become the most influential in Amer- Silverman: In terms of the challenges
and his vision for attracting the next gen- ican Jewish organizational life but that we face, you could list 26 pages. But I JT: You mentioned making connections
eration of Jewish philanthropists. wound up being merely the most thank- think there’s both real challenges the com- across generations. Could you talk a
less.” Do you feel like that’s true? munities are facing and some real oppor- little about strategies for getting younger
JTNews: What brings you to Seattle? Silverman: I don’t believe this is a tunities that they’re taking hold of. So from donors connected to the Federation.
Jerry Silverman: I believe that you learn thankless job. I believe this job has an a sense of challenge, I think we really need Silverstein: I was taught once that the
more out with your constituency and with inordinate amount of responsibility, and to look at how we’re mining the talent pool, greatest connection any organization,
your colleagues than you do sitting at your I really feel privileged and fortunate to both professionally and volunteer-wise, mission, or brand can ever make with
desk. So I have made it a point of my tenure have this position. After 10 weeks and two and how we are training them and valuing anyone is one that has an emotional tie.
early on, and will continue to do so, to days, I can tell you that I love this job. I am them and retaining them. A critical piece It’s one of the few things that marketing
spend time out in the communities. This is, coming in contact with the most amazing of the puzzle at the end of the day is about people agree on. So what we need to think
I think, my 15th community in 10 weeks. people. It’s a fantastic opportunity. people and thinking in terms of posi-
JT: How does the state of the Jewish Fed- tioning the federations for the future and u Page 7C

Western & Central Washington State Chapter

Thank you
to The Samis Foundation, The Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle
and our parent and community donors
for giving the gift that lasts a lifetime — a Jewish education.
Generous 2 for 1 match still available from The Samis Foundation.

Concerned about memory loss

or worried about a loved one?
We’re here to help.
Until there is a cure, the alzheimer’s association is here to
provide hope, information, support and care:

• 24/7 Helpline: 800.848.7097

• Connections Care Consultation
• Support Groups
• Early Stage Memory Loss programs
• Education and Training
• Advocacy
• Research
JDS: where innovation and tradition inspire tomorrow’s leaders.
We help individuals and families in the 23 counties of
Western and Central Washington State affected by Alzheimer’s Individual tours available.
and all the related dementias. Contact Amy Adler at 425-460-0260 or email

Our programs and services are free and made possible through the
generous support of donations, gifts and grants.

100 W. Harrison, North Tower - Suite 200, Seattle, WA 98119 15749 NE 4th Street n Bellevue, WA 98008 n 425-460-0200 n
friday, december 11, 2009 n jtnews 3
Charitable Giving

Charitable Giving 2009

Where are the women?

Jewish community ignores female leaders at its peril

Rebecca W. Sirbu One professor told me, “More impor- The top three positions — execu- wanted to use my talents as a female rabbi
JTA World News Service tant than anything you learn in school tive director and two assistant executive with management skills in our commu-
will be to get married and have babies.” directors — were men. Ninety percent of nity. Luckily I found a position at CLAL-
NEW YORK (JTA) — A recent survey by Another, asked how long an assignment the rest of the JCC staff were women. The The National Jewish Center for Learning
The Forward of 75 major American Jewish should be, replied, “Like a woman’s skirt: same was true in the local Jewish Family and Leadership, where I hope I can grow
communal organizations found that Long enough to cover the subject, but Service and the federation. In addition, into my true potential. However, had this
fewer than one in six are run by women, short enough to be interesting.” the salary gap between the top posi- job not materialized, there is a very real
and that those women are paid 61 cents I was shocked and appalled by these tions and those below was as much as chance that I would have left the Jewish
to every dollar earned by a man. I was comments. This was 1994, not 1954! I seri- $100,000. communal field.
not surprised to read this, only saddened ously considered leaving school. Studying When I was ready for a new challenge The world is in flux; borders every-
again by the realities of the Jewish com- Jewish texts, which in and of themselves and began looking for a new job two years where are coming down. If the Jewish
munity. are patriarchal documents, combined ago, I again seriously considered leav- community wants to continue to be vital,
It is past time that the Jewish com- with a sense that today’s community did ing the Jewish communal professional exciting and attractive to postmodern
munity welcomed women into leader- not want to hear my voice because I was world. Where was my growth potential? American Jews, then we have to make way
ship roles and valued our contributions. a woman, was almost too much to bear. I entered the rabbinate because I wanted for different voices to be heard in our lead-
If we don’t do this, we will lose the next My faith that God does not see me as less to be a leader in the Jewish world, but it ership structure. We need Jewish lead-
generation of Jewish leaders. I know this than my male counterparts propelled me seemed that my opportunities were slim. ers who are female, gay, black and Asian.
because I almost left myself. through my years in rabbinical school. As a rabbi, I was directed to look — again This is our community now. The face of the
I did not encounter overt sexism until I chose to focus my rabbinate in the — at Jewish education positions, not Jewish community is literally changing
I entered rabbinical school in 1994. That Jewish communal nonprofit world. After management positions. But this was not more and more each year, and the leader-
year, I was told in a job interview for a ordination, I worked for eight years in a my career goal. ship needs to reflect these changes.
position at a bureau of Jewish education, Jewish Community Center. I loved my After eight years of managing a half- Frankly, the Jewish communal world
“What are you in rabbinical school for? position. I was able to experiment with million-dollar budget, raising the bulk of needs to be shaken up. Now is the time
You should just get a degree in Jewish new and cutting-edge programs. I learned the money needed for that budget, cre- to do it. The current economic crisis is
education and teach Hebrew school or management skills. I grew stronger in my ating programs and supervising several an opportunity to turn old assumptions
day school. This is what you will wind up identity as a rabbi. However, from day one, staffers, I had strong management cre-
doing once you have children anyway.” the power structure was clear. dentials. I was in a position to lead, and I u Page 8C

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4 jtnews n friday, december 11, 2009
Charitable Giving

Charitable Giving 2009

A helping hand for Birthright

Fundraising effort aims to send more Seattle young adults on trips to Israel
Leyna Krow They are also 25 percent more likely to and Birthright Israel collected $30,000
Assistant Editor, JTNews report feeling “very much” connected to in donations. At the time JTNews went to
Israel, and 73 percent considered their trip press, the joint initiative had received an
Free trips to Israel don’t come cheap. a life-changing experience. additional $10,000.
Since 2000, Taglit-Birthright Israel Numbers don’t mean a whole lot The impetus for the special fundrais-
has sent more than 220,000 Jews between without personal stories to back them ing campaign in Seattle is a nationwide
the ages of 18-26 on 10-day trips to Israel, up, however. Hannah Zommick, plan- challenge grant that has been offered to
at no cost to participants. But now, with ning and community affairs coordina- Birthright Israel by the Adelson Family
application rates at an all time high, tor for the Jewish Federation, went on Foundation in Las Vegas. The grant will
Birthright, having lost money both from a Birthright trip when she was 18. She, match however much money Birthright
the effects of the recession and through along with two other Birthright alumni, Israel can raise. Senn noted that the
investments with Bernard Madoff, is shared her impression of traveling to funds raised in Seattle will be dedicated
struggling to meet the demand. This Israel for the first time and what the specifically for sending Seattle young
past summer, Birthright was only able to experience meant to her and her fellow adults to Israel.
accommodate 30 percent of the 38,000 trip-mates. This fundraising campaign is some-
people who applied to go on trips. In “There were a lot of people on my trip thing of a unique project for the Jewish
Seattle, there were 391 applicants for just who, for them, this was the first Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, but one that
99 spots. thing they had done,” Zommick recalled. Jewish Federation past president Robin
Now, in an effort to increase the number “I have a friend in that situation who said Boehler said will likely be replicated in the
of trips for Seattle young adults, the Jewish she started feeling Jewish in Israel and future. Traditionally, the Federation runs
Federation of Greater Seattle is partnering that was great for her.” one large community campaign a year,
with the Birthright Israel Foundation for a Zommick said she counts her Birth- and the money collected from that annual
local fundraising campaign. right trip as a once-in-a-lifetime opportu- campaign is then distributed among the
On Dec. 1, at a meeting at a private nity and said that the experience opened Federation’s partner agencies without Josh Furman
home on Mercer Island, Federation staff other doors for her, including the chance donors having a say in how much of their Recent Seattle Birthright participants
and Birthright trip alumni educated to return to Israel the following winter for contribution goes to each recipient. volunteer at the Jaffa Institute.
potential donors about the impact Birth- a volunteer program. However, with the Birthright cam-
right trips can have on the lives of par- “It’s almost like I got two trips out of paign, donors know exactly where their Boehler added she isn’t aware of any
ticipants. it, when I don’t think I would have had an money is going. other federations around the coun-
According to a 2009 study conducted opportunity to go to Israel at all if I didn’t “We saw this as a way to engage people try that have made use of single-recip-
by Brandeis University in conjunction go with Birthright,” she said. who might not be interested in giving ient campaigns, but she thinks that for
with Birthright Israel, Jewish young adults According to Tana Senn, director of to the annual campaign,” Boehler said. Seattle, they could be very successful
who go on Birthright trips are 60 percent communications at the Jewish Federa- “This is for them, as well as for our regu- programs. She anticipates the Federa-
more likely to marry a Jewish partner than tion, from the 30 people in attendance lar donors, to give additionally for a spe- tion running similar campaigns in the
their peers who have not been on trips. at the Dec. 1 meeting, the Federation cific project.” coming year.

Now, more than ever, we need to help our

neighbors in need. Food Lifeline saw a 13%
increase in the amount of people it served
last year. This is the equivalent of an entire
football stadium full of people.

Help us feed hope and
feed Western Washington.

1702 NE 150th St., Shoreline, WA 98155
friday, december 11, 2009 n jtnews 5

Spread a little light this holiday.

Give the gift of hope.

Wishing you a warm and bright Hanukkah.
6 jtnews n friday, december 11, 2009
Charitable Giving

Charitable Giving 2009

Venturing back into the game Even as they are still putting their
own name out there, Joshua Venture has
opened discussions with other small
Jewish innovation incubator Joshua Venture Group revamps and reboots incubators in New York and Los Angeles,
among others for building partnerships,
Joel Magalnick stable organizations,” Lepson said. While in Seattle, Lepson met with as well as with 21/64. That organiza-
Editor, JTNews Within this toolkit will come two Tana Senn, director of marketing at the tion works with family foundations to
retreats per year that will bring in experts Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, as help them direct their money to Jewish
When Lisa Lepson breezed through to help these visionaries with such nuts- well as with members and staff of the causes, and prints the annual Slingshot
Seattle last month, she wanted to talk and-bolts issues like the all-important ele- Kavana Cooperative. guide of what it sees as the top 50 innova-
to local Jewish organizations that have vator pitch, creating business strategies, Though Senn said the Federation didn’t tive Jewish organizations, some of whom
been spurring innovation in Jewish life and working through growing pains. have any specific projects that might be have been Joshua Venture alumni.
and culture. Lepson’s goal, simply put, is But what any emerging business needs appropriate for Joshua Venture Group’s “Out of the 50 that are in that book,
to give away a million bucks over the next to get off the ground is money. program, “I think it’s pretty cool what they gave out ten $10,000 grants. Two out
five years to organizations that further So in addition to the toolkit comes they’re doing,” she said. “We directed a of that 10 were to Joshua Venture alumni,”
Jewish engagement. what Joshua Venture calls “early stage couple people her way we thought might Lepson said.
The reality, of course, is much more capital”: $40,000 each year over the two- be particularly interested.” Despite Lepson’s excitement about
complicated. Lepson is the new execu- year incubation period plus stipends for Rabbi Rachel Nussbaum, executive generating awareness, getting a spot in
tive director of Joshua Venture Group, an health insurance. director of Kavana, said her organization the 2010-2012 Joshua Venture cohort
organization that began a decade ago as For some venture capitalists in the for- would be applying. Though Kavana and won’t be easy. With only eight slots avail-
an incubator for such well-known orga- profit world, this kind of payout might Nussbaum herself, both of whom have able, competition will likely be fierce.
nizations as Heeb magazine and JDub cover lunch, with drinks. Yet for a non- won several high-profile awards, are no In addition, where most grants are
Records — as well as some less-publicized profit with what it sees as an important strangers to grant-writing, Nussbaum limited to nonprofits, Joshua Venture has
organizations such as Storahtelling and mission but without the initial money said she was intrigued by how Joshua opened the field to not just early-stage
Sharsheret, which helps young women to hire the staff to pull it off, that kind Venture is trying to advance thought nonprofits, but to projects within existing
cope with breast cancer — before taking of money is no small potatoes. And like within the Jewish world. organizations, and for-profit companies.
itself offline when its own funding ran out. startup companies that find further “They’re prov iding a peer group, They will be looking for organizations
The organizat ion reg rouped and investors after leaping over that initial essentially, of Jewish entrepreneurs,” that have what Lepson called “the multi-
relaunched this year with Lepson, herself hurdle of finding their first, being rec- she said. “It’s trying to take business plier effect,” or in essence, how the direct
a social entrepreneur many times over, at ognized and funded by Joshua Venture skills [and] business thinking and apply- beneficiaries from any given program
the helm, four funders who want to see Group can easily be a stepping stone to ing those to solving problems creatively might go out and educate many more on
greater involvement in Jewish life, and a reaching a higher level in funding and within the Jewish world.” what they have just learned. What’s most
mission that will bring together what it fulfilling its mission. Lepson’s Seattle presentation drew critical is that the leader is committed to
calls visionary leaders from innovative “I think that we do have a really impor- 15–20 people, many with ideas of their own the project.
organizations and provide them with “a tant role to play in terms of helping sup- they would be interested in advancing. “Our goal is to cast the net as wide as
social entrepreneurs toolkit.” port really great ideas from [an] early stage “Seattle’s a culture of innovation and not possible,” she said. “We’ve removed the age
That consists of “concrete tools and to getting to a point that more established afraid of startups,” she said, “so we wanted constraints, we’ve removed organizational
resources to help them to achieve their funders are interested and feel comfort- to include [the city] in our plan to generate
goals and to manage to build healthy and able in investing with them,” Lepson said. awareness and generate applications.” u Page 7C

“AJC is the most effective, most influential, and most

respected of the American Jewish organizations.”
AJC Seattle — Nicolas Sarkozy
Community Breakfast Briefing President of France

Global Challenges
Start out the new year with
for Jewish Diplomacy
the gift of thanks.
David Harris Purchase AJC Unlimited
Executive Director, AJC Tribute Cards for $360.
Thursday, January 14, 2010 We will mail or email a card to your loved
7:30 AM Check-in 8:00 AM Speaker
ones to signify any occasion. Contact the
The Grand Hyatt Seattle
AJC Seattle Office:
721 Pine Street, Seattle
(206) 622-6315
$36 Per Person
Suggested minimum donation $150

AJC seeks a secure Jewish future

in a more just world.
We maintain offices across the
United States and around the
world, and parnerships with
Jewish communities abroad.
Seattle Office AJC:
1402 Third Avenue • Builds Bridges
Suite 405 • Advances Security
Seattle, WA 98101 • Promotes Human Rights
206.622.6315 • Supports Israel
• Strengthens Jewish Life
To register, go to
friday, december 11, 2009 n jtnews 7

Charitable Giving 2009

Charitable Giving
Want to ensure
Venturing Back t Page 6C ing that self-described social entrepre-
Jewish conƟnuity?
neurs often believe that they are inventing
constraints, it can be a for-profit, it can be the wheel while in truth most of the proj-
a project within an established organiza- ects have been tried in one way or another.
tion. So our goal is we’re really seeking a The independent minyan movement, for
person, a project, a really dynamic leader, instance, is not all that far off from the
and someone who can take a really excit- Havurah movement of the 1970s.”
ing and unique idea to sustainability or to Cooks referenced Joshua Venture
significant impact.” specifically, noting that a similar orga-
Not everyone is convinced that the nization existed in the environmental
recent spate of innovation is actually movement.
innovation, however. But Kavana’s Nussbaum said the
“It’s easy to appoint yourself a social reemergence of this incubator is positive
entrepreneur, but you need to earn it,” said for the growth of Jewish communal life,
Gali Cooks, director of the Stanley Kaplan whether her organization is selected for
Family Foundation at a Dec. 1 panel dis- the upcoming cohort or not.
cussion on philanthropy and young Jews, “Joshua Venture Group’s reconstitut-
according to a report by the JTA World ing itself and coming back promotes the
News Service. “It’s not like Wendy Kopp whole field, which is good for Kavana,”
[the founder of Teach for America] fin- she said.
ished her dissertation and said, ‘OK, I am a
social entrepreneur.’ You need 10 years of For more information on the Joshua
dirt under your fingers. I don’t like it when Venture Group and applying to
people just use language.” become a part of the 2010 cohort,
JTA reported that “Cooks gets the feel- visit

A Big Job Ahead t Page 2C

Silverman: There are many examples Invest in the Jewish future
out there of organizations, certain mis-
about is, as we move from generation to sions, that have really connected with by supporƟng Jewish educaƟon and
generation, and as we think of the 18-30 young people. We can’t create it without
year-olds, how do we create an emotional sitting down at the table together with Northwest Yeshiva High School (NYHS).
connection in their language that really young people, because it needs to be their
enables them to see and to understand creation. It needs to be something they
and to feel the work that’s being done in are feeling empowered by and something
the community. they own. And it may be something com- Please donate now and impact Jewish teens today
pletely different, something that may be
JT: Can you give specific examples of uncomfortable for us. But that’s okay. Donate online:
ways that emotional connection can be Because that’s what we have to think
made? about as we reinvent.
or contact Melissa Rivkin, Director of Advancement

at 206-232-5272, extension 515.

Did you know that a Jewish high school

educaƟon is one of the best ways to predict
future Jewish commitment and involvement?

NYHS is the only full �me, dual curriculum,

college preparatory, Jewish high school in the
Pacic Northwest!

NYHS students come from 27 zip codes and

13 different synagogues. They share a love of
knowledge, Judaism, Israel and our people.
5017 90th Avenue SE
F - 206.232.2711

NYHS is a beneciary agency of the

Samis Founda�on and the Jewish Federa�on of Greater Sea�le
(206) 461-3240
8 jtnews n friday, december 11, 2009
Charitable Giving

Charitable Giving 2009

The greatest gift of honor for lifesavers, and that is exactly Even if we cannot solve the prob-
what donating an organ makes you. lem of human greed, we can strike a
Spreading awareness of organ donation According to Jewish tradition, whoever blow at one of its outlets by dramatically
saves a life, it is considered as if he saved increasing the voluntary donor pool.
Nancy Falchuk 16,000 involved kidneys — an impressive an entire world. So if you haven’t thought about becom-
JTA World News Service number until you compare it to the 80,000 In fact, saving one life by donating an ing an organ donor, now is a good time
Americans on waiting lists for kidneys, organ may indirectly save others. to start.
NEW YORK (JTA) — Nothing should many of whom will die waiting. Increasing the voluntary donor pool If you want more information, or if
surprise the medical staff of a big hospital, Our medical expertise is running would go a long way toward ending illegal you have any hesitation, a world of infor-
but last July the Hadassah Medical Center faster than our ability to sign up donors — trafficking in human organs. This criminal mation is waiting for you. Two especially
had an extraordinary 48-hour period both living donors for kidneys and bone trafficking has not spared the Jewish com- good Web sites that answer virtually any
in which surgical teams performed two marrow, and people who formally regis- munity. Many of us have been shocked in question you can imagine are those of the
heart and three kidney transplants. The ter to be postmortem donors. It’s not for recent months over news reports of indi- Mayo Clinic and of the New York Organ
most dramatic case was that of a 42-year- lack of generosity. vidual Jews involved in the practice. Donor Network.
old mother of six who had been living for Every organ donor is a tribute to the Paid donors are typically people from The science to save lives is in place and
a year with an artificial heart and who most generous instincts of the human poor countries who give up a kidney or improving every day, and the world has
finally found a human donor. spirit. But to be a donor, one needs one part of their liver under substandard sur- plenty of generous people. It’s up to all of
As a nurse, nothing is more remark- more characteristic: Awareness. gical conditions and with little or none of us to make sure that awareness matches
able to me than how far organ transplan- Millions of generous people are not the post-operative attention they need. generosity.
tation has come just during the course of aware. Some avoid thinking about the Those who trade in human organs exploit
my professional career. issue. Others resist becoming donors out not only the poor but also the sick — those Nancy Falchuk is national president of
When I was in nursing school, kidney of a traditional mind-set they believe is willing to pay anything to save the life of Hadassah: The Women’s Zionist
transplantation was in its infancy and the rooted in religion, even though religious a loved one. Organization of America.
first drugs to treat acute rejection were authorities from virtually every denomi-
being introduced. Dr. Christiaan Bar- nation and every faith have endorsed the
nard’s first successful heart transplant life-giving practice of organ donation. Where are the Women? t Page 3C part of our collective future.
was still in the future. Hadassah, alone and in partner-
But as far as organ transplantation ship with other health-oriented organi- on their heads. It is time to turn in a new Note from the editor: How are we
has come, there is still work to be done. zations, has made awareness a priority. direction, take some risks and open our doing in terms of a gender gap among
Even that extraordinary two-day period For 10 years we have sponsored educa- community to new ideas. Jewish leaders in Washington State?
at the Hadassah Medical Center sug- tional programs on the importance of I am confident that we will benefit. I Could we do better? Where? Let the
gests challenge as much as achievement. organ donations. We do this not only in am also just as confident that we will lose community know — send your
The surge or dearth of healthy organs on our chapters but also as outreach to the very talented people to other communi- thoughts to
any given day points to the uneven pace wider Jewish community and the general ties and causes if we don’t do this.
of donations. public. We also have done tissue typing My story is not atypical. There are hun- Rabbi Rebecca W. Sirbu is the director
The statistics, likewise, tell two sto- for potential bone marrow donors at our dreds of women, if not thousands, like of Rabbis Without Borders at CLAL-The
ries. In 2008, there were 28,000 organ annual conventions. me. I am asking you to support me, teach National Jewish Center for Learning and
transplants in the United States. Some Every culture reserves a special place me and mentor me, so that I/we can be Leadership.


You may know that The 5th Avenue produces Broadway-caliber musical theatre in
downtown Seattle but did you know that since since 1994, The 5th has brought
its Adventure Musical Theatre (AMT) directly to school children, delighting and
inspiring more than 450,000 students since its inception. This unique program

is designed to travel and augment a school’s existing curriculum. During the past
year AMT brought the joy of musical theater to more than 60,000 kindergarten
and elementary-school students throughout the region. Many of the schools AMT
visited had already suffered deep cuts in their art and music budgets; for most of the
young students in attendance, this program was their first exposure to live theater.

THAT MUSIC ECHOES The holidays are inherently an occasion of tzedakah, and this season we hope you
will consider a gift of $250 in support The 5th Avenue’s Education and Outreach

OUTSIDE OF THE Programs. Your generosity will guarantee another remarkable season of AMT
musicals and provide cultural enrichment for children throughout the Pacific


To donate on-line please visit or feel free to call our

Development Office at 206.625.1418.

Happy Holidays and We Hope You Will Join Us,

M il Sheldon
Sh ld David Armstrong
Managing Director Producing Artistic Director
friday, december 11, 2009 n jtnews
community news
a 9 The Jerusalem Post
Crossword Puzzle
“However You Spell It”
By David Benkof

Courtesy Larry Broder/TDHS

Everybody likes to make jokes about cops and doughnuts, but this cake, created by
Holly Levin, a.k.a. “The Cake Lady,” was made in all seriousness. Larry Broder, Across Down
executive director of Temple De Hirsch Sinai in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, 1 Kind of traffic 1 Three for Sophia
asked Levin to design the cake on TDHS’ behalf to present to the Seattle Police 5 Gad or Dan 2 Rabbinical thinker Abraham
Department’s East Precinct following the Oct. 31 homicide of Officer Timothy 10 The “M” in Einstein’s famous Joshua ___
Brenton. Broder, center, presented the cake to Precinct Commander Jim Dermody, equation 3 Rabbi Samson Hirsch’s middle
left, and Officer Casey Sundin, right, during the week of Thanksgiving.
14 Down-to-earth name
15 Actress Hunt (“Twister”) 4 Wrist bone
16 Ice house (var.) 5 Fencing move
17 Armchair athlete’s channel 6 Makes a big stink
Hanukkah Greetings! 18 Observes the Sabbath 7 “Casablanca” heroine
19 Largest Mariana Island 8 It often comes before Shalom
full service catering 20 “A Rugrats ___” 9 Halves of ems
for all your Jewish Life Passages 22 It can be sat 10 “Not by ___, and not by power”
23 Half of a ballroom dance 11 Victorian Jewish author Grace
24 Superman’s symbol 12 Hebrews’ condition in Egypt
25 Butcher’s offering 13 Island near Singapore
26 Get a glimpse of 21 Not o’er
28 One kind of chazer 22 Big ___, California
30 JFK info 23 Apr. 15th advisor
approved caterer of uW Hillel 31 Dispense carefully 25 It might hold some Kedem
call Karen Binder 32 Dan Glickman’s st. 27 Jewish mayor of New York, 1978-
(206) 324-2626 33 Glen Campbell’s “___ Little 1989
Simmering in Seattle for 27 years Kindness” 28 Holocaust historian Yehuda
34 “The ___ Guest” by Eric A. 29 Working in a mess
Kimmel 32 Baby bouncer
37 Eyebrow shape 33 Hood
Ken Shiovitz 206-718-2140 40 Job Joe Lieberman wanted 35 Bard’s home
Associate Broker 41 Myanmar, formerly 36 One way to be taken?
E-mail: 45 Prince in the comics, for short 37 Religious Zionist rabbi Shapira
46 Author Jonathan Safran ___ (1914-2007)
Serving the community for over 25 years (Everything is Illuminated) 38 Israeli city, literally “fresh”
47 Creature’s home, in film 39 He appointed Breyer to the
48 ___ d’etre Supreme Court
206-526-5544 50 Former def. acronym 42 Canadian Supreme Court Justice 51 Retired speedster Abella
52 Secret ___ (Anne Frank 43 Kind of Israeli settlement
hideaway) 44 Aardvark entree
53 7,000-word Wikipedia entry 46 Everett ___ (noted translator of
56 Anti-Semitism, e.g. the Hebrew Bible)
57 Hermit 47 Actress Bacall
58 One way from Moscow to Tel 49 Literal meaning of “zeraim” (first
Aviv section of the Mishnah)

Russ Katz, Realtor 60 “And giving ___, up the

50 Contemptuous smile
53 Monty Hall, e.g.
Windermere Real Estate/Wall St. Inc.
61 Lauder born Josephine Mentzer 54 Initial stake
206-284-7327 (Direct)
62 Prima donna 55 Sneakers brand
63 Furnishes with workers 57 Historic Jewish neighborhood in
64 Pre-statehood gang NYC
65 Actor Penn (“Milk”) 59 PC linking system

JDS Grad & Past Board of Trustees Member

Answers on page 14A
Mercer Island High School Grad
University of Washington Grad
10 jtnews n
arts & entertainment
friday, december 11, 2009

Thursday, December 10, 8 p.m.

Photography by Rabbi Harry Zeitlin: Images of Israel
and other landscapes
Photography exhibit opening night show

The Seattle Kollel presents an exhibit of images by Seattle

photographer Rabbi Harry Zeitlin. Display will include
photos from Israel, with a series of the Kotel. At the Seattle
Kollel, 5305 52nd Ave. S, Seattle.

Saturday, December 12, 7 p.m.

Yoel Sharabi
Sunday, December 13, 10 a.m.
Musician Yoel Sharabi will perform modern “Fear, Film and Founding a Seattle Institution” with David Shulman
Israeli and Chassidic melodies at this holiday Lecture
concert. Cost is $7 for adults, $4 for children. In this Sunday Morning Forum, film enthusiast David Shulman will lead participants through
At the Eastside Torah Center, 1837 156th Ave. a shot-by-shot analysis of a major scene in Hitchcock’s The Birds. He will also share a little
NE, top floor, Bellevue. about his work as founder and executive director of the Seattle Film Institute. For more infor-
mation, or to RSVP, contact Alysa Rosen at 206-525-0915 or At
Temple Beth Am, 2632 NE 80th St., Seattle.

the arts december 10 – 17

Any y Purchase
of $15 or More Thursday,
With coupon. Coupon valid December 17, 7:30 p.m.
even on sale and clearance Michael Medved
items! Expires 12/15/09

Author reading
$ 99
Nationally broadcast radio host, former movie
and media critic, and bestselling author Michael
Reg. 120 $
Medved will talk about his newest book, The 5
Big Lies About American Business: Combating
• Perfect Balance 206-935-5150 Smears Against the Free Market Economy. Cost
• All Blade Styles Open Everyday till Christmas!
is $5. Tickets are available at the door or via
on Sale!
4445 California Ave. SW At Town Hall
With coupon Expires 12-15-09 Seattle, 1119 8th Ave., Seattle.
West Seattle •




JoIn uS for
the Summer

of 2010
First time camper?
There may be some gelt
waiting for you!

happy Visit

for more info!

Give the gift
CSS! Register tod
of camp:

Check us out… U R J CA MP KA L SM AN
Send submissions to: JTNews — Lifecycles, 2041 Third Ave., Seattle, WA 98121 friday, december 11, 2009 Phone: 206-441-4553 Submissions for the December 25, 2009 issue are due by December 15.
Download forms or submit online at
n jtnews 11
lifecycles a
Terence Aaron Goldberg
The most wonderful person in the world passed away on
November 8, 2009.
At 43, Terence lived a much too short but wonderful life. He
died surrounded by his large family, who will miss him terribly.
Terence knew what was important in life and never wasted a
moment to experience it. If there was a mountain to climb, he
Bat Mitzvah Bar Mitzvah climbed; if there was a bridge to jump from, he jumped; if there
Aliya Gabrielle Korch Matthew Benjamin Lipsen was a ride to go on, he rode. Most of all, Terence was a precious
son, brother, dad, uncle and friend. His gift to our world and the
thing he had the most pride in were his two beautiful young
Aliya will celebrate her Bat Mitzvah on Matthew will celebrate his Bar Mitzvah
children, Jensen and Jack.
December 12, 2009 at Congregation Ezra on December 19, 2009 at Herzl-Ner Tamid Terence loved the Kirkland Fire Department and embraced
Bessaroth in Seattle. Conservative Congregation on Mercer his career in a way that most of us only dream of. He always
Aliya is the daughter of Melanie and Island. made time to be the coach, PTSA Treasurer, Big Brother,
David Korch of Seattle and the sister of Matthew is the son of Jeffrey and carpool driver and school event chaperone. Terence always
said yes whenever anyone asked.
Matthew, Kathryn, and RaChelle. She is the Maureen Lipsen of Issaquah and the brother
Terence left behind his children Jensen and Jack and their
granddaughter of Simon Korch of Seattle, of Joseph and Daniel. His grandparents are mother Pam, parents Neil and Carol, brothers and sisters-in-
the late Helga Korch and the late Mallian Esther Lipsen of Seattle, Leon and Mary law Jack, Nancy, Bernel, Todd and Michelle, nieces and
and Mary Ann Patoc. Cohen of Seattle and the late Irwin Lipsen nephews Shoham, Brit, Tillie, Adam, Daniele, Benjamin, Simon
Aliya is in the 7th grade at the Jewish and Isaac Piha. and Sophie.
Terence is buried at the Issaquah Hillside (upper) Cemetery.
Day School of Metropolitan Seattle. Her Matthew is in the 7th grade at Beaver
The memorial service was held at Temple B’nai Torah.
hobbies include soccer, gymnastics, Lake Middle School. His hobbies include In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to a foundation
hanging out with friends, traveling with playing basketball and spending time with that Terence helped found: Kirkland Firefighters Benevolent
family, attending camp, and reading. his friends and family. For his mitzvah Association, c/o Kirkland City Hall, 123 Fifth Ave., Kirkland,
project, Matthew is collecting teddy bears WA 98033.
for local police and fire department
emergency personnel to give to children
during traumatic situations.
Matthew is sharing his Bar Mitzvah with
his friend and cousin, Nathan Rosenstein.
Cinema 2-for-1
“Get Well Soon”
4735 Roosevelt Way ne
When you let JFS “Tribute Cards”
Bar Mitzvah 206-547-7667 do the talking, you send your best
Nathan Michael Rosenstein wishes and say you care about
 Books funding vital JFS programs here at
Nathan will celebrate his Bar Mitzvah
on December 19, 2009 at Herzl-Ner Tamid
baseball, soccer, snowboarding, and
reading books about sports history. For
 Posters home. Call Irene at (206) 861-3150
or, on the web, click on “Donations”
Conservative Congregation on Mercer his mitzvah project, Nathan participated  stills at Use Visa or
Island. in the Summer Volunteer Program through
MasterCard. It’s the most gratifying
Nathan is the son of Jane and Aaron Mercer Island Parks and Recreation, From all
2-for-1 in town.
Rosenstein of Mercer Island and the brother working at Northwest Harvest and Teen your favorite movies
of Sam. His grandparents are Daisy and Feed. He is also participating in the Youth
Mike Israel of Mercer Island and Beth and Mitzvah Fund through the Jewish Fed-
David Rosenstein of Albuquerque, N. M. eration.
and Mercer Island. Nathan will be sharing his Bar Mitzvah
Nathan is in the 7th grade at Islander with his friend and cousin, Matthew
Middle School. His hobbies include Lipsen.

happy hanukkah!
Serving the community with dignity & respect.

Burial  Cremation
Columbarium  Receptions

On Queen Anne
at 520 W. Raye St.,
(In front of Hills of Eternity Cemetery)
Barbara Cannon

PleAse cAll 206-622-0949 or 206-282-5500

Hanukkah Greetings!

Mercer Island
Sunset Chevron
Tune Up n Brake Work n Emission Specialist
7655 Sunset Hwy n Mercer Island n 206-232-8190
a12 jtnews n
national & international news
friday, december 11, 2009

Jazzing it up
Conservatives’ conference eyes a more inspiring way to pray

Jewish Exponent Staff Rabbi Steven Wernick, executive vice biennial gathering, which concluded “Many of our congregations report
president of the United Synagogue of Con- earlier this week in Cherry Hill, N.J., he that tefillot in many of our synagogues do
CHERRY HILL, N.J. (Jewish Exponent) servative Judaism, apparently thinks so. called for the immediate creation of a not speak to them, do not inspire them,
— Do Conservative Jews need a new, per- During his much-anticipated instal- movement-wide task force to tackle the and do not reach their hearts or their
haps jazzier way to pray? lation speech at the United Synagogue’s issue of prayer. souls,” said Wernick, who took the helm
of an organization that represents North
American Conservative congregations
in July.
HANUKKAH GREETINGS! Wernick said that many participants
of Ramah camps and United Synagogue
youth programs, for example, “come
home to find the excitement and spiritual
engagement they experience elsewhere
missing in their own communities.”
The four-day conference was held as
United Synagogue undergoes a struc-
tural upheaval brought about in large
part by the dissatisfaction of congrega-
tions claiming that they weren’t receiving
enough programmatic and other kinds of
guidance in exchange for their dues.
Many of the more than 500 lay lead-
ers and professionals who came to the
biennial from across the United States
and Canada did express hope, though
tinged with skepticism, that United Syn-
agogue can transform itself into an entity
that helps congregations become more
dynamic, welcoming and fiscally stable.
At the conference, United Synagogue
adopted a new set of bylaws with the
aim of becoming more efficient. They
Raz Gunderman, Owner included reducing the size of its board by
about half and the number of offices from
15 to six.
Talks were held about changing the
formula for determining the dues that
congregations pay, but no formal propos-
als were made.

The biennial also served to jumpstart
a nine-month process in which United
Synagogue will adopt a new long-range
strategic plan.
“While we have considerable prob-
lems, I think we continue to have the
best product,” said Rabbi Bradley Shavit
Artson, dean of the Ziegler School of Rab-
binic Studies in Los Angeles.
Artson sat on a panel about the future
of the movement with Wernick; Rabbi
Julie Schonfeld, the first woman to head
the Rabbinical Assembly; and Cantor Ste-
phen Stein, executive vice president of
the Cantors Assembly.
During the hour-long discussion, the
audience raised pressing questions con-
fronting the movement. Among them:
What does it mean to be a Conservative
Jew in an age when far fewer Jews identify
with denominational labels? How can the
movement attract more members in their
20s and 30s? Is the name itself outmoded?
How can the arms of the movement work
together better?
On the issue of prayer, Stein took a
slightly different tack than Wernick.
“You can start by coming to shul. It’s

like any other skill set — if you don’t prac-
tice it, you aren’t going to be able to do it,”
he said, adding that cantors are far more
open to experimentation than many real-
ize. “Come to shul and I’ll do anything;
I’ll stand on my head and sing ‘Yankee
Gfbuvsjoh!CffuipwfoÖt!Ojoui!Tznqipoz!boe!b Doodle’ to ‘Adon Olam.’”
Wernick said that too often, worship-
dpvouepxo!up!3121!xjui!Nbftusp!Hfsbse!Tdixbs{/ ers feel they are “prisoners” to the tradi-
tional prayerbook, and diversity needs to
be encouraged. He also said clergy need

Efdfncfs!42!bu!:qn! D\[`XJgfejfi1
to better explain the poetry and symbol-
ism inherent in the liturgy.
“Adon Olam,” for example, is all about
offering worshipers a measure of comfort
as they leave sanctified space and head

back into a world that can be tense and

u Page 14A
December 11, 2009

Networking Our Local Jewish Community

College Placement Dentists (continued) Invitations
College Placement Consultants Warren J. Libman, D.D.S., M.S.D. Services Occasionally Yours
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CoMMuNITY 40 Lake Bellevue, #100, Bellevue 98005 just north of Seattle.
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☎☎ 425-644-8787 4508 NE 4th, #B, Renton
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a14 jtnews n
national & international news
friday, december 11, 2009

Jazzing it Up t Page 12 possible — while still appealing to its Schonfeld said that in an age when
core — the movement as a whole should many are ask ing if movements and
even frightening. only count as Conservative Jews those denominations have outlived their use-
“We need to really open up the prayers who follow Jewish law, as opposed to any fulness, Conservative Judaism can offer
in that kind of way,” he said. individual that belongs to a United Syna- up a new working definition of what a
“Whether we sing them to ‘Yankee gogue affiliate. denomination can look like.
Doodle’ or the melodies of the great chaz- The Cantors Assembly leader pushed “That new denomination,” she said,
zanim,” Wernick said, “they become some buttons when he suggested that “as opposed to being boxes in which we
more than just sing songs and more than spouses of clergy members — even those put people, is going to be more like an
just rushing through the words.” with highly demanding careers — need ecosystem — more like an interdepen-
Stein said that while synagogues must to contribute more time and energy to dent and complex world in which there is
try to bring in as many new people as their congregations. room for all different kinds of Jews.”

the shouk @ jtnews december 11, 2009

volunteers wanted appliance sales housing needed insurance services

For insurance and

web developeR
Wiseman’s need sublet in seattle
short-term room or small apt.
Financial services

Jtnews seeks a volunteer web developer to

appliance for approx. $600/mo.
tiM J. CAshMAn
Agent — LUtCF
From January (last week of Dec., state Farm
help with Web site upkeep and renovations.
GE • AmAnA • ASKO • Sub-zErO • friGidAirE if possible) through March. Insurance
company 7435 SE 27th Street, Mercer Is., WA 98040
Volunteer must be well-versed in HTML, CSS mAytAG • dAcOr • ElEctrOlux • wOlf Prefer Eastlake or
and PHP (preferred) and have some working thErmAdOr • KitchEnAid • bOSch • viKinG close to UW Medical Center or
knowledge of content management systems. near public transportation to real estate
Since 1960, Wiseman’s Appliance
the SCCA clinic.
Candidate may work varied hours from home. still gives personal attention and
For more information, please contact JTNews friendly service Please e-mail
editor Joel Magalnick at downtown bellevue
• Prompt & Reliable Service
• Great Selection
• Competitive Pricing
Ashley House • $410,000
• Professional Appliance Installation cleaning services
Extraordinary unit, level entry,
2619 California Ave. SW, Seattle
2 bedroom, 2 bath, all new
206-937-7400 domestic angels
kitchen with breakfast room,
college placement Clean your house and office
Reasonable rates • Licensed/Bonded formal dining area, fireplace,
a college eDUcatIon home services Responsible • References • Free estimate walkout patio, security parking,
Is a maJor walk to Bellevue Square.
Call Yolimar Perez or Maria Absalon
Sensitive professional
206-356-2245 or 206-391-9792
assistance to ensure
a succesful match Myrna
between student
and school funeral/burial services Secord
linda Jacobs & associates handyman/reliable broker/owner
college Placement services maintenance cemetery gan shalom

206/323-8902 Affordable, 20 year’s experience.

A Jewish cemetery that meets the needs of
the greater Seattle Jewish community.
Zero interest payments available.
425-453-0435 Construction, plumbing, electrical
For information, call temple Beth am at
diamond Realty
Remodels & additions welcome. 206-525-0915.
catering Licensed • Insured • Bonded
Excellent references • Free estimates Traditional Jewish funeral services provided by the announcements
Rachel's call rick Petersen
Seattle Jewish Chapel. For further information, please
call 206-725-3067.
sephaRdic delicacies
meDIterranean cUIsIne
425-736-3433 seeking writers
Burial plots are available for purchase at Bikur Cholim
Phone for price list and orders and Machzikay Hadath cemeteries. For further
information, please call 206-721-0970.
Poems (3 max) and/or essays and
425-793-1945 tutoring fiction (under 5,000 words) on Northwest and Jewish themes from established and emerging writers for

cantor-tutor quiring Spring 2010 issue of Drash. Include
separate page with contact info and

photography by anat Bar/Bat Mitzvahs—all levels monuments short bio.

Officiates all Lifecycles Serving the Jewish Community Deadline: December 15, 2009
Events, special & formal occasions, submit by snailmail only to:
Experienced piano & voice teacher for over 80 years
weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Wendy Marcus, Music Director

music & educational Temple Beth Am
Seattle & Northwest Cantor Marina Belenky Preserving memories since 1925
2632 NE 80th St., Seattle 98115
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• Any vehicle okay
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p: 206.784.6350 206-853-2286
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f: 206.782.8108 or e-mail 206-527-1411
friday, december 11, 2009 n jtnews 15
national & international news
Iran Sanctions t Page 1A

politically and denominationally diverse

umbrella organization consisting of more
Home owners club
1202 harrison seattle 98109
® Happy Holidays!
than 50 groups, issued a statement over
the weekend urging both chambers of
Have you ever worried about which
electrician to call for help? Which painter A Variety of Financial
Congress to pass sanctions legislation by
the end of the year if possible.
or carpenter or appliance repairman?
For over 50 years the Home owners club Options to Fit Your Needs.
has assisted thousands of local homeowners in
Are you 62 or older with limited
“The timing for this vote is especially securing quality and guaranteed home
services! To join or for more information call… options? Finding it hard to
significant,” said Presidents Conference
(206) 622-3500 keep up your home? Looking to
chairman Alan Solow and executive vice enhance your lifestyle?
chairman Malcolm Hoenlein in the state-
ment. “Should the IRPSA legislation pass Merrill Gardens at the University
the House, it has the potential to seriously can help seniors find a lifestyle
impact the Iranian economy. The pros- that fits their financial situation.
pect of the sanctions in this bill and the If your income is less than
Iran Sanctions Enabling Act, which over- sound and silence $29,500 single or $33,700 couple
whelmingly passed the House in October, A unique approach to music lessons annually you may be eligible for
are essential to pressing Iran, the leading our Income Qualified Program.
Ages 3 to adult
violator of human rights and state spon- Leschi/Mt. Baker Merrill Gardens provides a
sor of terrorism globally, against pursu- beautiful studio or one bedroom
ing a nuclear weapons capacity.” Jay Hamilton apartment, all utilities (except telephone),
Signaling just how widespread Jewish Anytime Dining,SM housekeeping,
organizational support is for the sanc- 206-328-7694 scheduled transportation, a wide variety Apartm
tions, they now have the support of J of social activities and exercise programs. from $1 ents
Street, a lobbying group that generally ,695
Just two blocks from University Village,
advocates for stepped-up U.S. diplomacy we are located close to medical services,
rather than confrontation. shopping, outdoor walking paths and parks.
For months, J Street has said it backed
the sanctions in principle but opposed
Call Today and Find
Out if You Qualify!
pushing them forward while engagement
was under way. But on Dec. 7 the group The greatest location for (206) 523-8400
issued a statement expressing support
gracious retirement living! at the university 5300 24th Avenue NE
Seattle, WA 98105
for the congressional measures, citing A one of a kind retirement community
“Iran’s continued defiance of the interna- Horizon House is a dynamic
tional community and its rejection of the Continuing Care Retirement Retirement & Assisted Living
most recent diplomatic offer on nuclear
Community located in the heart
“We’re not jumping for joy for sup-
of Seattle.
porting this legislation,” said Hadar Suss- We are just steps away from

Live the
kind, J Street’s political director. “Iran has
theatres, concert halls, museums,
showed itself to be a bad actor.”
The legislation, Susskind said, “is not
great shopping and medical
perfect, it doesn’t resolve every problem, facilities.

good life
but it shows Iran that the United States
and other nations are serious about this.”
One pro-Israel group remains actively

every day
opposed: Americans For Peace Now says
the sanctions would backfire by turning
Iranians toward a regime now fending off
accusations of illegitimacy.

of the year
The group is lobbying Congress to
loosen the legislation’s restrictions on the
president’s ability to waive the sanctions. We offer:
“Rather than ‘empowering’ the Presi-
• Spacious beautiful one and
dent with additional authority,” as the bill
promises, APN said in a letter to House
two bedroom apartments
members, “HR 2194 would sharply limit • Refundable and non-refund-
his authority regarding both existing able entrance fee options The SummiT aT FirST hill, a showcase of retirement living, currently has
sanctions and potential new ones.” • On-site medical and dental beautiful one- and two-bedroom apartments as well as a limited number of
Parsi said rushing forward the uni- clinic and long term nursing assisted-living units available for immediate occupancy at competitive market
lateral U.S. sanctions would undercut rates. There are no entrance fees.
efforts by Obama to sign on the interna-
tional community to multilateral sanc-
• Wellness staff and programs, a full complement of services is provided in a traditional Jewish environment.
tions by early next year, adding that saline lap pool and 24-hour amenities include beautiful common area gathering places, an outdoor terrace,
unilateral sanctions might have the effect fitness center library and more. a stimulating recreational and educational activities program is
of alienating Russia, China and key Euro- • Concerts, educational lectures offered daily, plus scheduled transportation and home care services including an
pean nations by targeting major compa- and cultural programs in-home nurse clinic complete The Summit retirement living.
nies in those nations.
“Are you going to have a bomb by Call us today and discover why The Summit is a part of the Kline Galland Center’s continuum of services, along with
Christmas Eve?” Parsi asked, referring to Horizon House The Polack adult Day Center and the Caroline Kline Galland Nursing home.
the accelerated congressional schedule.
is Seattle’s best urban value For additional information and tour appointments, call
“You don’t want to give the impression
that people are dying to go for sanc- for active retirement living. Trudi Arshon-Rosenbaum at (206) 652-4444.
tions because that casts the diplomacy
in doubt.”
Underscoring the sinking standing
of the Iranian regime, Parsi’s organiza-
tion blasted the Obama administration 900 University Street,
this week for not making human rights as Seattle WA 98101
much a priority as nuclear weapons. (206) 382-3100
“Iran’s human rights abuses must be A fAmily of residentiAl And community services
addressed now and not just when our
supporting Jewish seniors
focus turns to punitive measures,” he of greAter seAttle
wrote in a column on the Huffington
Post blog.
“Otherwise, the administration will
unintentionally signal that the rights of
the Iranian people are used solely as a
Become a fan > jtnews
pressure tactic against Iran when it fails Tweet with us > jew_ish
to compromise on other issues.”