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HydroSTAR is the hydrodynamic software developed by Bureau Veritas to evaluate 1st & 2nd order
wave loads and induced motions of one or several ships or marine structures of any type in deep and
finite water depth.
o RAO calculation for different DOFs in all possible conditions.
o Computation of global wave loads.
o 2nd order low frequency computation in uni-and bi directional waves
o 2nd order drift force calculation for near field and far field conditions.
o Pressure computation at any point.
o Multi-body interaction.
o Sectional force /Moment calculations.
o Dynamic effects of liquid motion in tanks.
o Automatic Transfer of Hydrodynamic pressure loads to FEM.(Hydro-structural coupling)
o Fully interfaced with VeriStar Offshore mooring and structural software
o Short and long term Spectral analysis.


o Ariane 7 is a multi-body mooring software that simulates mooring systems in static or in time
domain approved by MDN and certified by SHELL and ELF Standards for mooring analysis.
o Static and time domain analysis take into account mooring loads, constant loads and
environmental mean loads, thrusters...


o Multi-body calculation in Static and in time domain;
o Non symmetrical hydrodynamic data;
o Multi-component mooring lines;
o Drift loads models adapted to any water depth:
o Newman approximation
o Full QTF
o BV approximation
o Wave / current interaction
o Thrusters (can be time dependant), external loads (offset dependant)
o Fender Model
o User defined loads in time domain
o Line Dynamics Module from MCS

o Mooring analysis-catenary mooring systems (Chain/Wire), Taut mooring systems
o Adapted to deep and shallow water mooring problems.
o Ability to model up to 200 lines. Up to 20 segments per line.
o Nonlinear and multi-elasticity component. Transient response after line(s) failure.
o Offloading operates with up to five vessels connected.
o Nonlinear time domain line dynamics analyse using cable and beam finite element method.

o ISYMOST is an interactive graphic FEM based modeling software developed by BV
o Fully interfaced with FASTRUDL / NSO, DIODORE, ABAQUS, SACS
o pre-processor and post-processor for N.S.O
o Management of hydro-structure coupling
o Conversion tools to/from numerous FEM programs
o Single data file for all analyses
o User-friendly interface
o Advanced meshing capabilities for marine and offshore structures.
o Efficient data management
o Extensive graphical model data checks
o Easy boundary conditions and connectors definition
o Display of joint displacements, forces or stresses in elements
o Display of deformation, modal shapes
o Envelope of any variable for sets of load cases
o Macro-programming for specialized post-process

NSO-(New STRUDL Offshore)

o NSO is finite element analysis software designed mainly for Marine and Offshore structures.
o Fully interfaced with ISYMOST
o Database with full check-point and restart facility
o Static/Dynamic solvers are available
o Linear/Nonlinear analyses are possible
o Built-in code checking and verification, including fatigue damage.

We can do different type of analysis by using Isymost and N.S.O
o Static/Dynamic structural analysis
o Linear/Nonlinear analyses
o Buckling and Fatigue
o Global and local strength analysis
o Hydro-structure coupling by using Hydrostar, Isymost and N.S.O
o Soil pile interaction etc.