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DHID (Digital HID) Lighting Reduces Industry Lighting Expenses by 50%+

Industry can be more competitive and environmentally effective today by significantly reducing the costs and
electricity consumption associated with the operation of lighting. By replacing antiquated lighting systems with
high performance energy efficient Digital High-Intensity Discharge lighting (Digital HID or DHID), 50%+ less
electricity is consumed and demanded from the power utilities; cost-effectively reducing Industry's carbon
footprint. When considering the upgrade of an existing HID lighting system or lighting for new Green Building
projects, DHID technology delivers the most energy efficient lighting solutions for Street Lighting,
Factory/Warehouse High-Bay Lighting, Greenhouse Hydroponics, Sporting Arena, Airport and Renewable
Energy Applications.

Any existing core and coil (magnetic) ballast HID application can benefit immediately just by retrofitting the old
magnetic ballast with a new DHID ballast. From an environmental standpoint, by reusing the existing light fixture
and lens assembly, less waste is created and money is saved since only a new ballast need be purchased,
leaving only the old ballast to be recycled (we partner end-users with recommended magnetic ballast recycling

DHID's value-added features and performance make it the smart solution for any new installation; it is the most
cost-effective alternative to LED, Fluorescent and Induction based technologies for new and retrofit industrial
and commercial Green lighting projects. Digital Ballasts offer unparalleled electrical efficiency and performance
compared to conventional magnetic ballasts and outperforms LED, Fluorescent, and Induction lighting in initial
buying cost, energy efficiency, system performance, light quality, and maintenance/consumable costs.

With an industry leading luminous efficacy of 116+ lumens/Watt (lm/W), conventional higher Wattage magnetic
ballast HID lighting fixtures are now easily upgraded/retrofitted or replaced with the new higher-performance, yet
lower wattage DHID Digital ballast or fixture. For example, a conventional 1000W Metal Halide magnetic ballast,
can be retrofitted with the DHID 575W Digital Ballast offering an immediate and significant 50% energy savings
and approximately 18% brighter light. Add the ability to dim the Digital Ballasts, and even greater energy savings
can be realized. Add Light Management Software to control the lighting network wirelessly; dimming lights on
demand or on set schedules, electricity operating expenses are reduced by 75%+.

Application Examples
Street Lighting / Parking Lot (Municipality) Applications:

• Street Lighting Project – Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

- Replaced 150W and 250W HPS utilizing core and coil (magnetic) ballasts with dimmable DHID 100W digital
ballasts in existing cobra head fixtures.
- A simple plug-and-play ballast retrofit or a simple replacement of the entire cobra head lamp fixture based on
the DHID Digital Ballast.
- DHID system favoured over competitors LED based design; DHID offered better performance and price.
- Reduced inventory stock/costs; one DHID ballast powers inexpensive MH, CMH and HPS bulbs.
- Excellent ROI; low maintenance/consumable costs (only inexpensive bulb need be replaced every
- Total direct savings: 72.5Watts/hr per fixture (42% savings) for magnetic 150W application and 187.5Watts/hr
per fixture (65% savings) for 250W application; calculations including magnetic ballast energy losses (approx.
Factory/Warehouse High-Bay Lighting (Industry/Commercial/Retail):

• HEINZ Ketchup Food Manufacturing Plant – Southern Ontario, Canada.

- Replaced existing 320W MH fixtures utilizing core and coil (magnetic) ballasts with dimmable DHID 150W
digital ballast fixtures (CMH lamp).
- Measured Lux (lx) at the ground before and after installation (mounting height of 26ft.); old 320W MH produced
120lx - New DHID 150W produced 455lx (i.e. a most significant 73.7% improvement in light quality/brightness at
the ground for over half the electricity consumed)
- Reduced over-all maintenance/consumable costs since DHID powered lamps do not degrade in light quality or
brightness the entire 30,000hrs+ MTBF of the HID bulb.
- Total direct savings: 218Watts/hr per fixture (59% savings); calculations including magnetic ballast energy
losses (approx. 15%).

• Toyota Automobile Assembly Plant – Southern Ontario, Canada.

- Replaced existing 400W MH fixtures utilizing core and coil (magnetic) ballasts with dimmable DHID 250W
digital ballast fixtures (CMH lamp).
- The new installation not only resulted in significant energy savings but also provided 20% additional lumens for
the area and thus leading to the elimination of 30-40% of the existing fluorescent task lighting.
- Return on investment justified with the low buying cost and performance of DHID lighting;
maintenance/consumable costs of DHID favoured over LED, Fluorescent and Induction lighting.
- Total direct savings: 210Watts/hr per fixture (54% savings) with DHID 250W setting; customer can dim to the
100W, 135W, and 150W, settings for up to 360Watts/hr per fixture (78%) savings; calculations including
magnetic ballast energy losses (approx. 15%).

Greenhouse Hydroponic Lighting Applications:

- Retrofit/Replace existing 1000W HID fixtures utilizing MH, CMH or HPS bulbs utilizing core and coil (magnetic)
ballasts with dimmable DHID 575W digital ballasts or DHID fixtures (CMH, MH or HPS lamp).
- Or Replace/Retrofit existing 1000W MH fixtures with 1000W-2000W+ digital ballasts to further increase plant
growth yields in a shorter timeframe.
- DHID digital high frequency ballasts operate within the most advantageous 100-200 kHz light frequency (Sun =
100kHz) and maximize the energy efficiency and mean time before failure specifications of MH, CMH and HPS
- Greenhouse operators can now maximize the return on their lighting investment and profitability due to the
higher energy and electrical efficiency of the DHID digital ballast.
- Low cost of investment including reduced maintenance/consumable expenses make DHID the most financially
viable lighting solution for greenhouse operators today.
- Return On Investment; at $0.10/kWhr, a DHID 575W digital ballast operated 12 hours per day, 365 days a year
(4380 hours) will be paid back in 1.4 years.
- Total direct savings: 575Watts/hr per fixture (50% savings); operator can use DHID 1000W+ to increase plant
growth yields/reduce grow time for less electricity expense than their existing magnetic based 1000W MH or
HPS HID lighting system. Calculations including magnetic ballast energy losses (approx. 15%).

Sporting Arena/Event Lighting Applications:

• Ice Hockey Arena Installation – Southern Ontario, Canada

- Replaced 1000W MH fixtures utilizing core and coil (magnetic) ballasts with dimmable DHID 575W digital
ballast fixtures (CMH lamp).
- Immediate increase in energy savings and improvement in light quality and brightness at the ice surface.
- At full power (575W setting), end-user noted it was too much brightness reflecting off of the ice service. End-
user was able to dim the 575W fixture to the desired setting; any of 360W, 400W, 460W, and 575W.
- Return on investment is 3 years or less.
- Total direct savings: 575Watts/hr per fixture (50% savings) with DHID 575W setting; customer can dim to the
360W, 400W, or 460W settings for up to 790Watts/hr per fixture (69% savings); calculations including magnetic
ballast energy losses (approx. 15%). Total project savings of 94,000 Watts per hour at $0.13/kWhr.
Airport Area Lighting Applications:

• Airport Area Lighting – Dominican Republic

- Replaced existing 1000W MH fixtures utilizing core and coil (magnetic) ballasts with dimmable DHID 575W
digital ballast fixtures (CMH lamp).
- Airport realized an instant savings of 50%. The DHID powered 575W bulb produces a brighter white light than
the magnetic powered 1000W bulb.
- Consumable costs and maintenance costs reduced; inventory also reduced since one DHID Digital Ballast
powers MH, CMH and HPS bulbs.
- Total direct savings: 575Watts/hr per fixture (50% savings) with DHID 575W setting; customer can dim to the
360W, 400W, or 460W settings for up to 790Watts/hr per fixture (69% savings); calculations including magnetic
ballast energy losses (approx. 15%).

Renewable Energy Lighting Applications:

- Retrofit existing HID based Street Lighting posts with Solar/Wind renewable energy sources for independent
operation from the utilities power grid; or only partial draw from the utilities with the option to feed excess energy
harvested back to the electrical grid.
- Given the 116lm/W performance of the DHID lighting system, end-users can expect shorter Solar/Wind system
battery charge times and extended light on times.
- Solar/Wind produced energy can be used to efficiently power any of the DHID Digital Ballast powered lighting
systems to meet a variety of indoor and outdoor lighting applications.
- GloGreen Ballast Products Page:

Light Management Software Applications:

- Light Management Software (LMS1A) utilizes wireless communication to provide ultimate control of individual
DHID lighting fixtures in any facility.
- LMS1A allows you to manage light levels by establishing zones and dictating the light levels within those zones
at various time periods throughout the day.
- End-user now has the option to simply turn off or dim areas of the building during off hours while providing full
illumination in critical areas; e.g. dimming the entire production facility 50% during lunch break.
- LMS1A management software allows you to establish a control strategy that meets all your lighting needs while
driving significant cost savings.
- Light Management Software (LMS1A) Link:
Digital HID (DHID) Product Benefits and Specifications:

- Significant (up to 75%) saving of electrical energy and maintenance costs

- Automatic loss-of-lumen compensation as lamp ages; lamp quality brightness will degrade only <5% over the
entire 30,000hrs+ MTBF of the MH, CMH or HPS bulb (95% Lumen Maintenance).
- Produces up to 40% more Lumens/Watt than core-and-coil (magnetic) ballasts without losses (DHID luminous
efficacy specification is 116lm/W)
- Increased life expectancy (100%) of the lamp compared to core-and-coil (magnetic) ballast technology.
- Highest efficiency ballast on the market: 97%, DHID Digital ballast does not generate heat – this improves the
efficiency of HVAC and Refrigeration systems in building and warehouse applications.
- 50% dimming of incoming power produces additional cost saving.
- Optional motion sensor control through RF input; control/statistical Light Management Software (LMS1A)
available allowing full control of lamp grid/network maximizing electricity cost savings.
- Virtually no loss of electrical energy. Watts consumed = Watts produced
- Conventional core-and-coil (magnetic) ballasts create significant heat and operate at a 25% loss in terms of
Watts consumed and Watts produced.
- Very easy retrofit installations for Metal Halide (MH), Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) and High Pressure Sodium
(HPS) lamps (DHID Digital ballast operates any of these types)
- DHID Digital Ballast Technology Link:

Outperforming LED, Fluorescent and Induction lighting technologies, DHID Digital Ballast powered HID lighting
is proven to be the value-added lighting solution. DHID’s low initial buying cost, energy efficiency, system
performance, light quality, and reduced maintenance/consumable cost benefits add up to the industries best
return on investment time. We welcome the opportunity to discuss our findings with you further; please do not
hesitate to contact me with any questions.

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