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Askari Bank Limited by Adil Rasheed

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paper text:
CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION OF THE REPORT 1.1Introduction At BBA level completion of six week's
practical work experience or internship is required in any firm. At the end of the internship, we are required to
make a full report, securing the general useful structure that we experience throughout our training at that
particular organization. I finished the internship at Askari Bank Abbottabad branch. The study is generally
performed on the IB and marketing department its procedure, strategies, and technique that are under
appraisal. 1.2 Background of Study: The banking segment has an impact on the advancement of its
monetary cycle. The socio- monetary advancement of any creating country could be rapidly evaluate by
taking a gander at the strength of its fiscal based organizations. The inclusion of business banks in the
modern district, exchange/trade makes them major body for the general advancement of a nation. 1.3
Internship Objective: This document is designed at working and analyzing Askari Bank in general and Askari
Bank Limited, in specifically.
3The main purpose of the internship is to prepare and submit a report as a
partial fulfillment for the award of
BS(BA) (Bachelors of Business Administration) (IB) degree CIIT Abbottabad. Moreover it highlights all the
International business functions and practices being practiced at Askari bank. 1.4 Data gathering Tools All
the details available in the report were gather via: ? Primary Data ? Secondary Data 1.4.1 The Sources of
Primary Data a. Self participation b. Individual study c. Interviews with the Bank employees 1.4.2 The
Sources of Secondary Data a. Annual reports b. Manuals of the bank c. Brochures of the bank d. Internship
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reports 1.5 Limitation a. It is necessary for the bank to secure the protection of people whether they are
clients or workers, so there are such a large number of impediments while gathering the data. b. The bank
has some particular history which must be kept safe and can't be disclose yet a lot of efforts are made to
have the access to gather the subtle elements from diverse sources as indicated by the survey need. c.
Time is one of the requirements in this report. CHAPTER 2 INTRODUCTION TO THE ENTITLED BANK 2.1
Introduction of Askari Bank Limited AKBL serves for the piece of
1Army Welfare Trust was perceived for the Welfare of Army
employees. AKBL had been introduced in Pakistan by ninth of October, 1991, as a public limited
organization. This bank initiated the features by first of April, 1992, and its mainly engaged with the
association in business, as describe by BCO, in 1962. AKBL has delayed throughout the country nation by
226 segments, for example, 31 committed Islamic areas, and a seaward conservative unit in Bahrain. A
conveyed arrangement of in excess of 212 on the web ATM ensuring all huge places in Pakistan helps the
conveyance channels for customer help. While capturing the biggest business offers between the latest
bank. The entitled bank has given exceptional quality to the shareholders. Cost of Stocks of AKBL has
remained more or less 15% more prominent the normal offer cost by cited bank associations throughout the
most recent 4 year. 2.2 Common Data: 2.2.1 Our Vision Become Standard Bank of First Priority in the
Area 2.2.2 Our Mission Become the most important industry bank in Pakistan with a worldwide existence,
conveying high class assistance via impressive technological innovation with efficient HR control in a
contemporary and advancing business lifestyle of meritocracy, preserve great moral and expert
requirements, while offering upgraded quality to all our stakeholders, and helping contributing culture". 2.2.3
Core principles Integrity is the most regarded standard in AKBL. They comprehend the commitment to fulfill
clients' necessities must be satisfied inside an educated and good structure. The intrinsic standards, which
are the foundations of its business conduct, are: ? honesty ? justice ? promise ? Service ? collaboration
2.2.4 Organization Goals: ? Finish continual improvement and accomplishment overall spots of money
related. ? Built and manage a compelling lifestyle, by a ceaseless upgrade center. ? Boost utilization of
mechanical advancement to make beyond any doubt costeffective peculiarities, powerful control slight
elements project, enhanced distribution ability and great support requirements. ? To make a customer
service center. 2.2.5 Strategic Planning ? Lengthily strategy for the long run to make sure repeated
development and achievement. ? Accomplish arrangement of the Perspective, Purpose, Firm Objectives and
with the organization mission along with its
2goals and objectives. ? Offer strategic projects and alternatives for projects,
items, guidelines and
techniques. ? Offer key choices to moderate powerless places and to counter dangers to benefits. ? Know
strategic projects and potential for profit. ? Create and influence planned resources and abilities for viable
edge. 2.3 Corporation Profile Board of Directors (Chairman Panel
2of Directors) Lt Gen Javed Iqbal (Chairman Expert Committee) Lt Gen (R)
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Tahir Mehmood Directors: Mr. Zafar Alam Khan Dr. Bashir Ahmad Khan Mr. Shahid Mehmood Mr. Muhammad
Rizwan Haq Mr. Ali Noor Mehmooed Malik Rifaqat Khawaja Jalaluddin Roomi (Nominee NIT) Director
Mr.Wazir Ali Khawaja (President) Mr. Muhammad.Rafiquddin Mehkari (Company Secretary) Mr.M.A.Ghazali
2Audit Committee (Chairman) Dr. Bashir Ahmad Khan (Member) Mr. Ali Noor
Mehmood Rattansey (Member) Mr.
Wazir Ali Khoja Company Secretary Mr. M.A .Ghazali Maghroob Legal Advisors Rizvi, Isa, Afridi & Angell
Executive Profile (Senior Executive Vice President) Mr.Tahir Aziz Group Go - Corporate and Financial
dedication Banking Mr.S.Suhail Rizvi (Vice President) Group Go Organization Transformation Mr.Haseeb
Sulat (Chief Executive) Group Go - Marketing & Ideal Preparing Mr.Javed Iqbal (Vice President) 2.4 Prizes
and Success 2.4.1 Best Retail Standard bank in Pakistan Askari bank carries on its achievement in
competitors. Of late they have by and by given the "Best trade Standard bank of Islamic republic of
Pakistan" by The Oriental Banker to be the second sequential season. 2.4.2 Corporation Quality Award
Askari Standard bank was given the first Customer Choice award in 2004 for the business Banking
categorization through Customer Organization of Pakistan. We have similarly obtained the Corporate Quality
Prize for the sparing business by the Management firm of Pakistan for the decades 2002, 2003 & 2004.
2.4.3 Best Bank of Pakistan Askari bank was being given The Best Bank of Pakistan award by
International Fund journal two time i.e. for the decades of 2001 and 2002. 2.4.4 Best Customer Internet
Bank Askari Standard bank has
1been given the Best Customer Internet Bank award by International Fund
journal for the decades 2002 and
2003. 2.4.5 European currency and Asian currency ASKBL won the European cash and Asian cash
recompenses as right on time as 1994, 1996 and 1997. And was A1+, the greatest conceivable FICO
score, for fleeting commitments, and our long haul position shows up at AA. 2.5 Organizational Chart of
Askari Bank 2.6 Islamic Banking ASKBL opens the entryways for Shariah saving alternate. The bank target
is to get in to a position of powerful fiscal framework strong to money related equity and benefit of public
opinion in accordance with Shariah fundamentals. The bank has drawn out its Shariah Banking framework to
29 areas and 02 sub-branches in the huge spots of Pakistan. Further development is arranged with better
capabilities for contribution of things adjusting to Shariah standards. All Islamic Banking Goods are
acknowledged by the Shariah Consultant of the bank. According to Shariah particulars, assets and things of
2Islamic Banking are overseen independently from the Traditional prudent side.
All assets obtained, put and appropriated in Halal Modes & Investments,
under the supervision of Shariah
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2Islamic banking activities of the bank were initiated during 2005. Despite
late starter, Islamic Bank operation of the bank is now amongst the top
gamers in its peers i.e., 13 conventional economical organizations with individual
stand alone Islamic Banking sections. The division framework as on Dec 31,
2009 has improved to 31, for example, two sub-
extensions were opened, for example, the first ever change of an ordinary practical office. Presently Ibbs of
the bank are existing in 15 critical spots. Regardless of the strain on accomplishment because of nonstop
2set up of new areas, the working benefit upgraded by 77%, which remained at
Rs.153.17 Million contrasted with Rs. 85.74 Million in the
season before for the most part attributable to 38% upgrade in net winning disperse. Aggregate stores
2to Rs.7.46 billion dollars as on Dec 31, 2009 from Rs. 5.40 billion dollars as
on Dec 31, 2008 upsurge of 38%.
A far reaching Islamic Banking things and administrations are constantly given by the Standard bank to get
to know the customers interest for Shariah consistent sparing, for example, Islamic business prudent,
financing temperate, business account, general practical and Islamic customer conservative. To apply
Islamic sparing advances in their actual correspondence and soul, honing
2in Islamic practical is given incredible significance; the representatives of Islamic
Banking is completely familiar with the perspective of Islamic Banking and the
things being
given CHAPTER 3 INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS/MARKETING 3.1 International Business and the Bank
Askari Bank has been playing vital part following since it started and banks are considered as the backbone
of any nation's economy. The stronger the banks are the stronger will be the economy of any specific nation.
In this section we are going to discuss the International side of saving money that Askari is doing and also
the advertising strategies that Askari is utilizing within request to advertise its product and services. 3.1.1
International Banking The Bank began its operations in 1992 and has 48 branches in Pakistan. It has since
got various global awards. Askari Bank has expended into an across the country vicinity of 150 limbs, and a
seaward managing an account Unit in Bahrain. Askari Commercial Bank opened its first abroad branch in
Bahrain for business in the Bahrain Development Bank building, in the Diplomatic Area. Askari Commercial
Bank is portrayed as one of Pakistan's heading private segment banks. In Bahrain office concentrates on
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private keeping money, treasury and monetary foundations in the region. 3.2 International standards of
2information security Information possessions are seen and regarded as
fundamental to the Bank's business movement and its proficience to meet
business targets. During the time 2007, a movement for ISO-27001 assertion
was brought in close contact with masters charmed for the
reason, along these lines as to make forcing information security organization schemas of the Bank in strict
suitability with the overall benchmarks of mystery, respectability and availability of its information stakes by
accepting a composed strategy to information security peril organization required for finishing the
widespread accreditation. It is similarly being found in the reports of Askari Bank that, all through
22009, the Bank achieved this improvement and the British Standards
Institution (BSI), a heading overall supplier of self-ruling outcast certification of
organization schemas conceded your Bank ISO/ IEC 27001:2005 Certification,
thus making Askari Bank the first bank in Pakistan to be awarded with
this prestigious tribute. This attestation will further strengthen our
associations. Askari Bank oversees after overall operations. 3.3 Foreign Trade Department Nature has
spread its riches un-evenly. This un-even distribution of assets essentially decides the productive
efficiencies of diverse nations. This is the point where diverse nations meet up to trade their skills and
efficiencies. The nations which need in any of their source, begin importing those assets from alternate
nations having excess of it. Along these lines exchange begins between different nations. ? Trade Finance
Services of ACBL With its presence in more export-oriented urban areas in the nation, the volume of
exchange finance business ACBL is one of the most highest in Pakistan. That is the reason a large portion
of the organizations favor banking with ACBL. To backing the development of business accomplices'
wanders, ACBL offer them an extensive variety of services: ? documentary Collection ? import Letter of
Credit ? export Letter of Credit ? guarantees ? bill Discounting ? pre-shipment and Post-shipmen Overseas
1Exchange Department works like the general bank divisions with the
distinction that it deals in foreign currency. This office manages the following:-
1. import 2. export 3. Foreign Currency Accounts 4. Foreign Remittance 5.
Submission of Monthly Reports to SBP 3.3.1 Import: The universal trade
transaction, in which one country buys stock from other country, is called
import. The import trade Pakistan is administered by import and fare Act of
1950. In the
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recent past, the controlling array of
1imports was controller of Import and Export. In the meantime this limit has
been moved to Export Promotion Bureau. Outside Exchange Departments of
all banks are kept to word under the principles and regulations of
1Import License and Registration The individuals and firms who wish to
import items from the remote countries are assume to get import license.
Import licenses are a sort of mimicked limitation on the import trade of a
country. To increase import allows, the shipper needs to submit provision to the
allowing force. The vendors can simply get their merchandize cleared from the
powers in the event that they have permit suitably
1issued in their names. The import licenses issued by the Import Trade
Controller should be enrolled with the State Bank of Pakistan.
1Export The universal trade transaction in which one country offers its stock
to other country is called Export. The controlling assemblage of admission in
Pakistan is Export Promotion Bureau, it gives different inspirations to the
agents for overhauling the tolls and lessening the Balance of installment. It
constrains the passage of
a couple of stock and strengthens fare of
1other. The steps included in import are depicted earlier from the
shippers viewpoint. The strategy for fare is same, as it may be depicted from exporter's point of view. The
exercises, which are diverse, depicted here. ?
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1Lodgment Lodgment means making the portion to exporter by bank against
the purchase of bill. Askari Bank gets the archives from the exporter and
enter it in a FBP Register in this
1FBP number is given, they enter the name of exporter; shipper and the
name of bank which was open the LC. Two sorts of rates are used
as a piece of evaluating the entirety. ? OD Buying
1rate It is the rate of fare bill, installment of which is to be gained inside 12 days
from the date of lodgment. ? Usance rate It is the rate
installment for the exporters
1which is to be made at a future date, typically inside 30, 60, 90, 120, 150, or
180 days. ? Realization Realization means getting the installment from the
outside bank for the fare of products. Bank gets the credit exhortation from the
treasury office which is arranged in Karachi. 3.3.3 Foreign
Currency Accounts The financial specialist can open a record in U.s. dollars, and the lake, and the
1Japanese yen and the euro with the chose limbs. For the opening of
the enlistment structure is given to the individual/ party, the record holder or the new administration of the
bank. Open an outside coin account framework is the same as distinctive records. Zakat is deducted on any
of these issues, not salary expense, and no-heap conclusions be no riches, and spur and move people to
put assets in outside cash accounts rather keep the cash unmoving. There are two sorts of Foreign
Currency account. (1) overseas Currency present Account (2) foreign Currency Savings Account (1)
Foreign Currency Current Account This account opened with different currencies i-e US Dollar, Pound, Euro
and Japanese Yen. Account opening requirement having Minimum amount equal to 100 US Dollar or
minimum 5,000 Japanese Yen. (2) Foreign Currency Savings Account This account is also being open with
US Dollar, Pound, Euro and Yen. This account carries minimum credit equal to 250 US Dollar, EUR or 10,000
Japanese Yen. Profit is paid on semi- annually basis. IBAN (International Bank Account Number)
Askari Bank is utilizing and the premier perspective we are going to discuss is IBAN. IBAN stands for
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International Bank Account Number which is not new record number yet the same record number which an
individual is having, it might be utilized globally and will be perceived around the world. this record number is
another configuration for a current bank number that we be viewed as internationally in all the nations. the
fundamental reason behind presenting International Bank Account Number is to encourage the programmed
transforming of cash exchanges, to enhance the pace and correctness of your installment transaction. the
use value of IBAN to the client is the confirmation of making an installment to the right record without delay.
3.3.4 Foreign remittance Askari Bank has mage talk to with Doha Bank Ltd. Qatar whereby settlements to
Pakistan could be sent utilizing our branch network. Bank likewise works in Foreign Currency accounts. As
per directions of SBP, outside money records are started
1in these currencies: US Dollar, Pond, Japanese Yen, Euro. Trusts are
exchanged abroad by Telegraphic Foreign Transfer Swift MT- 100 is utilized and
meant for this
exchange. It is having the agencies of action
1in those nations, where its branches are not yet established. Its group
arrangements by Citi Bank, American Express, ABN Amro, Standard
Chartered Bank. 3. Benefits of
Foreign Trade:
1This is another movement which is performed by the export division of AKBL
Multan Branch. In FBP bank paid the measure of products fare to the exporter
before the development of bill and get a few charges. While, in FDBC gatherings
stores the fare reports to the bank for the gathering of bill. Bank performs this
capacity for the comfort of exporter. In this capacity bank executes as a delegate
Following are the fundamental profits of foreign exchange. It enables the nation to utilize its assets most
beneficially and efficiently. A wide degree is accessible for a nation for its surplus creation. International
rivalry propels nations to deliver quality items at aggressive expenses. A nation can procure outside trade
by offering its products in the international business. 3.5 Marketing strategy: In today's contemporary
business world, marketing plays an essential part and banks, for example, Askari Bank that has various
branches in the managing an account industry; need to utilize their advertising arrange and methodologies
successfully to pull in client unwaveringness for its client This Group was as of late settled to establish the
promoting and key arranging planning inside the Bank. The principle target of
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2this Group is to encourage the administration in aggressive. Situating of the
Bank in accordance with the business progress while concentrating on key
targets. The Group
additionally oversees showcasing exercises from a focal stage meant to enhance the Bank's picture and
likewise to serve our groups and public opinion on the loose through corporate social responsibility projects.
Following are the functions of this group. The Group monitors economic development by a committed
examination work area, made for this reason, that also analyze the business sector keeping in mind the end
goal to adjust our business techniques to
2competition. The economic research desk also gives normal updates on
diverse commercial enterprises, competition, cash and stock exchange patterns,
and worth drivers keeping in
mind the end goal to keep the administration side by side with momentum situations helping them in the
choice making process. 3.5.1 Corporate Social Responsibility An alternate universal idea of Corporate
Social Responsibility is generally utilized at the bank and it could be well perused from the organization
official site, we will clarify it here a bit right away. The administration of the Askari Bank guarantees that the
Corporate Social Responsibility is a vital mostly we work together, and is a basic component of our system.
As a mindful corporate element, Askari Bank dependably attempts to help the general public in which it
works, and puts stock in offering over to the general public by bringing activities with the purpose to give
items and administrations that help clients meet their fiscal objectives. To satisfy the CSR destinations, the
bank tries to push open enthusiasm by empowering group development and improvement through supporting
different occasions. The activities that the bank takes in regards to CSR are activities like instructive,
meetings/ gatherings, musical nights, national games occasions and additionally universal games occasions.
Considering the CSR as a vital some piece of operations of the bank, it likewise vigorously takes an interest
in the philanthropy and raising money occasions that are intended to make a better public opinion. 3.5.2
Marketing mix (4 Ps) It is important for a bank to identify the 4s and understand its customer better and
provide them the best of service. The four Ps are Product Mix ? Deposits Saving , Current and
Fixed ? Advances 1. Fund oriented Term loan Clean loan Bills Discount Secured and unsecured lines
of credit 2. Non fund Oriented Guarantees Letter of credit 3. International Banking Letter of credit
Foreign currency 4. Consultancy Investment Counseling Project Counseling Tax Counseling 5.
Miscellaneous Traveler cheques Credit Cards Remittances Collections Sales of Drafts Price
Mix The value blend of Askari Bank is only the premium rates charged. In today`s focused environment
where client is the lord, the banks need to charge them enthusiasm at the rate in energy on agreement with
the SBP mandates. Banks additionally contend regarding yearly charges for administrations against Visas
and so on. An alternate paramount some piece of the bank`s evaluating arrangement today is the premium
charged on the home credits and vehicle advances. The three valuing systems utilized within the keeping
money segment are Value Pricing, Going Rate estimating and Mark-up evaluating. Askari Bank`s significant
part of wage is credited towards Markup Pricing Technique. This is an evaluating strategy where in the
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expense of the administration is dead set and a little edge is added to it and after that the last cost is offered
to the clients. Place Mix Place mix is the area examination for bank`s branches. There are number of
components influencing the determination of the location of the branches of bank. It is extremely fundamental
for a bank to arrange at an area where a large portion of its target populace is found. Askari Bank has
vicinity all through the nation with its 150 branches isolated into North , Central and South regions.
Promotion Mix Advancement is only making the client more informed of the services and profits gave by the
bank. The banks today can utilize a considerable measure of new technology to convey to their clients. Two
of the quickest developing modern tools of corresponding with clients are 1. Internet Banking 2. Mobile
Banking Some of the ways that Askari Bank conveys to conduct promotion are Public relations, personal
offering, deals promotion, word of mouth and Internet. 3.5 Procurement Strategy Procurement strategies are
more alarmed with assembling corporation. In bank business to check industry procurement implies the
procurement of finances since different sources, for example, deposits. This includes drawing in and holding
the funds of the investors. After the obtaining of funds, the bank contributes the secure trusts. One option is
to loan its cash and earned premium gain or put resources into securities of government and so forth. Real
source of funding to a bank are the submission of the general and alternate wellsprings of pay incorporate
premium or markup charges accepted meant for different administrations presented via the bank to its
customers. A bank usually try to pull in most extreme no. Of records with the goal that it can build its deposit
and these loaning capacity. So as to get most extreme no. of records the staff of the bank must be
productive as contrasted with alternate banks and the director of the extension must take particular interest
toward attracting deposits. Great nature of the service is the way to achievement or success. CHAPTER 4
SWOT ANALYSIS AND FINDINGS 4.1 SWOT Analysis It was a period when a people and associations
performed and attained their goals in absolute term with little exposure, limited vision, restricted access to
the data and information and narrow market in this way they have no capability to assess their performance
in the accomplishing of the goals. Yet with the appearance of new scientific methods, quantification of the
social viewpoints and moving of simple management to management sciences, people and associations are
no all the more in absolute environment. They can't survive unless they have the information of itself and the
surroundings. 4.2 Use of SWOT Analysis Presently even a single individual can't develop academically and
professionally on the off chance that it doesn't make investigation of her and the competitors in the
business. Today benefit oriented or cost lessening associations make their complete examination for their
survival else they will be kicked out from the business sector , such sort of analysis is called SWOT analysis
,different firms use various types of methods to make this analysis. On the basis of "SWOT" analysis, one
can excavate the current position and execution of an association and can create conclusions and
suggestions. The "SWOT" examination comprises of four letters that includes S, W, O and T, which set for
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats individually. 4.3 SWOT Analysis Method The SWOT
analysis is done on the basis of internal and external environment of the organization. It is conducted in the
following ways: 4.4 Strengths Askari Bank Ltd bank is a successful bank in the an banking industry. Bank is
spot where a client can securely keep their treasure of cash and record and gold and so on. The core quality
of Askari Bank is in giving saving money that which is reasonable as indicated by law of the nation. bellow
are the qualities of Askari Bank; ? ? ? Carries a good repetition in the monetary loop. modified
administrations of the employees to the workers Situated within the business region, so that the clients face
no issues in arriving at to the bank. ? ? ? ? Keeping the solid journalist associations by overseas banks
offer a excellent business in exports segment. The entitled bank has dependable and simple toward utilize
interior IT structure. Most of the dealings and information respected the client's deposit has been automated.
As of now, Unibank System is constantly honed for this reason. Now Askari Bank is selected to modify the
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Unibank System. ? AKBL started its movable ATM service, which for the very first time in Pakistan Mobile
ATM Bus Service. Not a single further bank has taken action of initiated ATM Bus yet. ? AKBL as of late
presented an online framework in the larger part of its subsidiaries. The administration works flawlessly in
return settlements from people in light of this framework. ? The bank has additionally started an ATM office in
the greater part of its branches. The bank took 24 hours another pattern in Pakistan and AKBL too far in this
course. ? A consistent Bank
1is the biggest bank based working for the welfare of officers of the military,
which was
made of the bank is exceptionally profitable and great. The bank gives a quality administration to its
customer. 4.5 Weaknesses Askari Bank also has some weakness but is less with compare to strength of
bank. No ad on electronic media has been seen yet. Since, AKBL's significant competitors are Union
Bank Limited and Bank Alfalah has begun vast media fight, so keeping in view these dangers, Askari Bank
ought to underscore all the more on its notice. Division of work and depiction of job is not legally
characterized to every last staff part. AKBL has lesser number of branches as contrasted with numerous
different banks. Because of this issue, armed force
1officers can not avail the profits of their own bank. The human asset
division is not performing the capacity of choice and recruitment
viably. Determination methodology is not on legitimacy because of which skillful persons can't be chosen.
Bank is not presenting new items and new expression plans. Bank ought to support the item advancement
and expand the reach of offices offered for clients. Bank is powerless in its credit administration. Bank
ought to loan to exceptionally sound gatherings and build its ins 4.6 Opportunities Askari Bank Limited is
expanding with double speed. Under this situation Askari Bank Limited have following opportunities; ? All the
opportunities of the 21st century are to be availed in the information technology. Therefore ACBL should
focus more on IT, ? AKBL should be concetrating on E - Banking. Where Bank can make a universal account
like other overseas banks, to enhance online facilities. ? Askari Banks expanding business need an broad
branch network. There could be great opportunities for AKBL for the growth of its business. ?
1Stock exchange is very unstable and takes quik effect. So, at the time spam
of crisis, traditional investors get back to saving deposits. ? AKBL is
encompassed by numerous competitors. It has a chance to do aggressive
promoting to expand its business. 4.7 Threats
Main threat of Askari Bank Limited is posed by western Banks; Askari Bank is having a solid competition
by its key rivals; Union Bank and Bank Alfalah. Business of these banks is likewise stretching with high
velocity. So keeping in mind the end goal to addition the supportable development in a business sector,
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AKBL need to stay mindful about the constantly changing circumstance and the contenders. All the
contenders are having distinctive ways and procedure to renowned their item and administrations. So AKBL
ought to remember that a customer can't go to the bank until he realizes that my requests will be satisfied
here. AKBL ought to extend the Pay Packages given to the specialists, in light of the fact that it has been
watched that the greater part of alternate banks in the business are giving more appealing pay bundle and
impetus to their laborers. It ought to improve its Branch system framework, so as to catch more market of
different districts. It has numerous contenders, which are quickly developing its items and advertising
methods forcefully. It may cause its customer to switch to contenders due to the best offices gave by others.
Some different banks have competent groups, which is likewise a danger for entitled bank. Since HR is the
most valuable asset. The SWOT examination of the entitled bank implies that its shortcomings might be
changed over into strengths and opportunities may be use to get more effective in the business. CHAPTER
5 RECOMMENDATIONS AND CONCLUSION 5.1 Recommendation as for as SWOT analysis is concern
Global environment has changed the investment environment in the world, making it the difficulties and open
to the creators of the world politics. Currently, there is a growing awareness that the banks take a very
important part in the development of investment for the nation. Military Bank Ltd. is undoubtedly a positive
supportive in this aspect, but I think it's safe to say the bank needs to embrace as a way more convincing
and productive. These areas are as follows: ABL should provide opportunities for themselves. There is
also a strong competition between banks in each year, such as all banks with more aggressive approaches.
Therefore, the bank should strengthen military branch network to cover more than the market. banks show
as Citibank, Bank of MCB, and Standard Chartered Bank utilizing high effectiveness electronic media and
others to augment their business. Bank Ltd. until the military ought to utilize electronic media to place it into
business value. Work/ capacity of Bank Limited military Tufail Road, Lahore Cantt Branch of the malady
instead of great, however it fails to offer the cutting edge saving money framework standard. Since there are
numerous issues and disagreements in the current framework to the methodology. taking into account the
work of the parties for staff at all levels of management, and should be given to reward employees and to
increase continuously. They should avoid favoritism in this regard. a separate work area or against must
be integrated in all branches provide the data / information and according to customer needs. Usually a
personal assistant branch manager to go on a public relations officer. ? The environment of the offices
should be relaxed so that the customer and staff must feel comfort during business at bank. ? Unsecured
loan are not to be given in case of banks directions, their families, companies or firms. ? There are some
employees untrained which decreases the efficiency of the bank branch. All the employees should well train.
23 ? ? ? Unsecured credit is not to be given in the event of banks headings, their families, organizations or
firms. There are a few representatives untrained which diminishes the effectiveness of the bank. All the
workers should to well prepare. Most of the bank workers are holding one seat just, with the come about that
they get expert of one specific job and lose their command on other bank operation. As I would see it every
worker should to have general duty change. ? ? People need to hold up for cashing their checks and for
paying their School Fees, which is bad for reputation of bank, it should be made better. promotion should to
be given to skilled persons on the basis of merit set by bank. ? ? ? ? ? The bank should focus more on
innovation and development so that the employee can get advantage from it and they can feel relax, e.g. on
the last dates of service bills instalment there is an excess of work load on the cashier thus, the bank should
its online bill collecting software. The bank should to look for the services of more workers to minimize the
trouble from other staff. Programming's should to be introduced to decline the manual operations. It won't just
spare the efforts yet it is but also less costly. This will draw in the customers/clients and additionally upgrade
a confidence. The bank should have introduce program in which it should introduce all the employees and
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staff about the bank rules and regulation. Employees should take care of their customer and they should take
care of their time. ATM machines should be managed properly. This will decrease the carrying out time from
the employees as well as customer will enjoy the 24 hours services. ? Today in the era of globalization and
bank should use the most advanced technological innovation and machinery to meet the global challenges..
? Employees must be given training before the introduction of the new technological innovation. ? Bank
should regularly check and assess the performance of the employees this will increase both the individual
and companyefficency. 5.2 Conclusion In the present era of globalization competition among the firms have
been increases and each firm always strive for its betterment and success. Banking has also introduced a
new technique of assets keeping and investement in various sectors. Banking is inhancing its business over
the nation by 277 sections. With the growing challenges in economic cycle of any nation the banking are
consider to be as aback bone. While doing internship at this particular branck of Askari bank I covered
different departments and for the very first time I came to know the practical implication of my studies. Askari
bank is doing excellent job in the market and holds stong competitive edge over other banks, if the
opportunites are utilizes in best optimal and weaknesses are converted into strengths then that t\day is not
for when Askari Bank will be on the top most ranking in the banking industry of Pakistan. References: ?
Askari Bank Limited (2012) annual report. ? http://homepage/tutorial/polproc/10/learning&development.html ? [Intranet] (Accessed July2013) ? (Accessed
July2013) ? (Accessed July2013) ? ? CIA fact sheet. 1
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