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A P U B L I C AT I O N O F O N M Y O W N N O W M I N I S T R I E S JULY / 09

Young Christian Women

Seven Habits
Highly Hated
by the Lord

Desperate Times,
Desperate Measures
5 Quick Fashion Fixes

Dear Gabby
I Can’t Keep my
Mouth Shut

Bloomin’ Eighteen

Cute and Cuddly ...

But Can
You Afford
Fried Rice
w w w. o n m y o w n n o w. c o m
in this
Straight Talk from the Proverbs:
Seven Habits Highly Hated by The Lord
by Donna Lee Schillinger
o .4
Moving Out ... Settling In:
Bloomin’ Eighteen
by Kimberly Miller
Down Home Healthy Cookin' for One ona Budget:
Fool-proof Fried Rice
by Reba Ray

Dear Gabby:
Help me keep my mouth shut .10
Fashion DIVinA:

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures:

5 Quick Fashion Fixes
by Donna Lee Schillinger

Spare Change:
Along Came Cookie
by Paola Segnini with Donna Lee Schillinger
Just What You Need: - A Barnes and Noblesque Newstand
by Donna Lee Schillinger
o We see high
drama in the
movies all the
time, but in
real life, big
Fridge-worthy. acting does not
win awards.

Straight talk from the Proverbs for young Christian women who
want to remain pure, debt-free and regret-free.

“In this interesting and thought-provoking exploration

of the book of Proverbs, Schillinger takes young women
along a journey that will help them to make better, saf-
er, and more sound decisions.”
Cheryl C. Malandrinos
The Book Connection blog

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at Amazon, B&N and a library and bookstore near you.
straight talk

“A scoundrel and villain, who goes about with a corrupt mouth, who
winks with her eye, signals with her feet and motions with her finger,
who plots evil with deceit in her heart – she always stirs up dissension.
Therefore disaster will overtake her in an instant; she will suddenly be
destroyed – without remedy. There are six things the Lord hates, seven
that are detestable to him; haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed
innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick
to rush into evil, a false witness who pours out lies and a person who
stirs up dissention among a family.”
Proverbs 19:24

seven habits
highly hated
by the lord
by Donna Lee Schillinger
If I were going to put together a list of things that I However, even after she destroys our relationships, she
will remain “friends” with the ones from whom she
thought the Lord hated, they would all be things I don’t
do! I would choose the most heinous of crimes like alienated us – leaving only us out in the cold.
incest, child abuse, murder, rape, etc. I am sure God
does detest those things, but they don’t make this short I have to ask: Why are we friends with this person?
list. What fascinates me about this list is that it is full Maybe because she’s fun, she’s popular, she’s eager to
of things most of us do a lot! Who hasn’t been proud? be friends with us? The risk of such a friendship is that
Who hasn’t lied? Who hasn’t plotted something to her we will be pulled into her schemes – as either a co-con-
own advantage? Only one item, “hands that shed inno- spirator or a victim.
cent blood,” does not apply to the majority of us (unless
you count flies among the innocent). Actually, the term “friendship” does not apply with this
kind of person. We can have a relationship, but such a
I’m sorry to say that women are very adept and even person is not capable of being a friend and, for this rea-
renown for many of these seven detested sins. In fact, I son, she is to be pitied. Until she changes her divisive
bet we all know someone that fits the description quite nature, she will never have a true friendship. Despite
well. how we want to be a true friend to her, she will not re-
turn that love to us.
Maybe we have one friend in particu-
lar who always seems discontented Hold this thought: If we have the inner strength to sus-
with the world. She is always bragging
about her own success (“I’m really
I don't want any part tain a relationship with such a per-
son out of compassion for her and in
good at…”), but cannot tolerate even of dishonest and divise hopes of being a positive influence in
the humble success of anyone else. her life, we have to be aware of the
(“She thinks she’s hot.”) When even schemes. risk we are taking. Anyone is fair
the nicest of people come to work or game to her. This person in whom
school dressed nicely, our friend has to pick apart their we have emotionally invested may turn on us and try
choice of clothes. She talks as if she can’t stand them, to ruin us. If that happens, we can weather the storm
but when they come around, she gushes at them with with wisdom. She, on the other hand, will be ruined
an insincere, “You look so nice today. I love that dress!” by her own behavior. It may be years down the road,
She shoots us a sideways glance as if to say, “Yeah, maybe not until she’s old and has ruined her own chil-
right!” dren’s lives, but the consequences in the proverb are

clear: disaster will overtake her. “She will suddenly be
Our friend tells us what other people say about us, destroyed.” Take care not to be so close to this person
making us doubt our relationships with them. We have as to become collateral damage in her certain personal
a sneaking suspicion that she is pleased with herself catastrophe.
when she can come between us and another friend.

w moving out ... settling in

by Kimberly Miller

You’re about to learn two things ten years old in 1995. Well, I was
scanning through Donna Schil-
also interfered with hanging out,
and in the battle between rest and
about me: one, my life has a
soundtrack. I tend to relate a lot linger’s interview with Trish relationships, my body and mind
of life experiences to music and Perry (which I recommend), and suffered. Then, imagine what a
songs of the time. Two, I’m old she was describing her target for bummer it was to when I came to
enough to remember the early On My Own Now Ministries as realize that I didn’t actually have a
90’s popular band from Sweden, 18-23 year-old women. I got to lot of friends. And most definitely
Ace of Base. According to Wiki- thinking – I’m on the upper end worst of all realities: I knew that
pedia, they plan to tour in the of that, but my readers aren’t I wouldn’t get married for a long
U.S. in 2009, but the last I heard necessarily. So how do I relate? time, and I shouldn’t have sex
of them, Stephanie’s girl band What was I doing five years ago? until I was married, and yet I re-
was playing “The Sign” in Full I gotta tell you, I remember feel- ally wanted to have sex. (I’m sort
House re-runs. Anyway, in their ing a lot like the girl in the song. of hoping my parents miss this is-
1995 album “The Bridge,” there sue of Single!) My thoughts and
is a song called “Blooming 18.” I turned 18 the day before I moved attitudes were not always pure.
to college, and although I was on a
The song is about the rebellion of spiritual high at the time, I was quite What I did not know when I was 18
a young lady who is just turning immature in my faith. What little I is who I actually was. I did not know
eighteen years old. “Reality is al- knew of reality seemed like a drag, how to learn self-discipline or how
ways such a drag for a barely bloo- so, naturally, I rebelled against it. I to talk to other people about God
min’ 18… the barely bloomin’ 18 knew that to keep my full scholar- without sounding judgmental. I
wants to know what’s keeping her ship I had to maintain a high GPA. didn’t know how to cook. The first
from searching… what’s hiding in I knew studying interfered with time I ever did laundry, I called
the shadows.” Keep in mind: I was hanging out with friends. Sleep my mom from the dorm laundry

room and said, “Ok, reds despite my spiritual high, how I learned some of
and whites go separate, I was actually quite con- that stuff along the way.

EIGHTEEN right?” I didn’t know how

to make friends. I didn’t
know how to act around
the friends I had. I didn’t
know what the bound-
aries were with boys in
fused. I rebelled against
a lot of things I shouldn’t
have and learned a lot of
lessons the hard way. I
had no idea that the world
can be a very dark place,
When we’re right with
God, life happens at the
pace its supposed to. Un-
til then, don’t give up.
The reality that God has
planned for you is not a
the dorm environment. I and if you’re anything drag at all. Just don’t let
didn’t know what my own like I was, you may not a youthful rebellion keep
boundaries were. I didn’t believe it until you come you from searching for it.
know that being alone on face-to-face with it too.
a Friday night can be won- I can’t come close to say-
derful. And unfortunate- ing that I have all the an-

ly, I didn’t know that the swers now, but I can see I
university’s police depart- have made progress. I got
ment sometimes RADARs my degree – without los-
the street by my dorm ing my scholarship, and
at 2:00 in the morning. I learned how to make
friends. Overcoming the
There are no big revela- temptation of lust has
tions, lessons learned, or been the single-most dif-
examples of how I over- ficult thing in my life,
came my obstacles to of- but I’m comfortable be-
fer just now. And I’m not lieving that sex is worth
going to quote scripture waiting for. I’m still re-
or apply the Bible to a ally bad at laundry.
real-life scenario. I just
want to say that grow- Maybe next month
ing up was hard. When I I’ll be able to put
was barely blooming 18, into words

Word on the Street Is ...

“If you could put one book into the hands of every young woman you know,
this should be the book. And if she applied a fraction of the wisdom contained
therein, she’d be spared a mountain of tears. This is an amazing book and I
highly recommend it.”

Donna Partow
Author, Becoming the Woman God Wants Me To Be: A 90-Day Guide to Living the
Proverbs 31 Life

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Amazon, B&N and a library and bookstore near you.

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o Reba Ray´s down home healthy cookin’ for one on a budget

Fried Riceby Reba Ray

OK girls, you remember last time how we made
that Crazy Asian Stir Fry and I had you make
twice as much rice as you needed for the stir- • 1 tsp olive or canola oil
fry? There was a dern good reason for that and
when I think of it, I’ll surely let you know. Se- • 2 green onions or ¼ cup
riously, when I’m hungry for something home- chopped yellow onion
cooked and delish but don’t want to spend half
an hour makin’ it, finding some left-over rice in • ¼ cup peas
the fridge is like finding a shiny penny on a dirt
road – makes me feel all lucky.
• ¼ cup carrots, either
chopped very small or juli-
But if yur anything like my daughter, the word
“left-over” (or is that two words?) just curls your
lip. Well, that’s probably because when you were • 1 clove garlic, pressed or
under your momma’s roof, you could curl your
lip up at something and she’d say, “Aw, Pookims,
let me make you somethin’ fresh if you don’t • ¼ tsp powdered ginger or 1
want leftovers.” And after years of that, you got
dern spoiled, and yur poor momma grew pudgy tsp fresh grated ginger
from always being the one to finish the leftovers. • ½ tsp curry powder
Well, yur on yur own now and that means one
of three things: You either nickel and dime away • 1 cup cold cooked rice
yur paycheck on eating out, you do a heck of a • 1 ½ to 2 tbsp soy sauce
lotta cookin’ or you learn to like leftovers. May-
be this fool-proof fried rice can help with that. • 1 egg
Complete with an egg, veggies and some healthy
fats, this dish is really a complete meal.
• Salt and pepper to taste

Here's the Reba Ray promise:
Ms.Reba - I won't throw nothing at you that's harder

Ray than flippin' pancakes

- I won't use ingredients so fancy you need a
year of college French to pronounce 'em.
Lord, Gals! Whaddya starin' at? - And last of all, I will show you how to cook
Aw, that mater in the background? Yep, it’s a beaut! for yourself on a tight budget.
I guess I should introduce myself. I’m Reba Ray, no relation to
Reba MacIntyre or Rachel Ray, though I share some commonali- You guessed it, that means beans ever now
ties with em both. I love to cook and I love my big red hair! and again! Aw heck, we'll splurge some times,
I was single for just a whole lotta years - seems men just don’t ap- but no more than you can actually afford to.
preciate the finer qualities in a woman these days - and in all that
time, I became a real expert on cookin for just me. It mighta been
lonely, eating single at a table for four all those years, but heck, I
OK, so you ready to cook?
got some dern good recipes out of it. (Dang, I hope that phrase idn't trademarked by
somebody important!)
And I’m gonna share em with you! Yep, you lucky girls!

Chop the green or yellow onion good – it’s gonna be hard and it’s spot and scramble it gently, not
in to iddy bitty pieces and toss gonna hit that skillet like a brick. so much that you mix it with the
‘em in a large skillet (or wok for Use a wooden spoon or some- food around it. On the edges, it’ll
weenies!) with the oil. Heat over thing to break it up in the skillet or mix with the rice a little, but most
medium and stir those onions break it up as yur adding it to the of yur egg should be free and
around every minute or two for skillet. Don’t you worry a skinny clear of rice and veggies. But then
about five minutes until they minute about how that hard rice when the egg is cooked through,
soften up. Then toss in yur peas, is gonna taste. Cuz our next in- break it up and mix it in with the
carrots and garlic. Ya know you gredient is gonna soften up that rest of the stir fry. If you don’t get
can buy a can of peas and car- old hard rice. Add the soy sauce this quite right on yur first time,
rots already mixed – and they sell and keep stirrin’ and mixin’ and don’t worry because this is fool-
that combo in frozen veggies too mixin’ and stirrin’ until it’s start- proof fried rice, meaning it don’t
– and it’s just as cheap as buying ing to look like fried rice – about matter! It’s gonna taste great re-
‘em separately. Go ahead and get two minutes or long enough for gardless of whether yur egg looks
you a bag of em frozen and we’ll the rice to heat through. all pretty like in the Chinese res-
use the rest for chicken pot pie taurant or not! Salt and pepper

real soon.

Mix up everything for a couple

more minutes of cookin, adding
the spices between mixes. Now
Now make a little well (that’s
what they call a hole in cookin’
jargon) in the middle of the pan.
Just scoot everything to the edges
to taste, add a fortune cookie and
get ready to enter into a grown
woman’s relationship with left-

add the rice. If yur rice has been and expose some pan in the mid-
left over for a week – yes, it’s still dle. Crack yur egg into that bare

Dear Gabby:


dear gabby:
The other day, a friend of mine told me she wanted to share a secret

with me. I immediately responded: "Don ' t! Don ' t do it! I don ' t want to

know!" I did this, not because I didn ' t want to know but because every

time somebody shares a secret with me, my slippery mind and tongue

betray me at the first chance they get. I don ' t spill secrets voluntarily,

or even with bad intentions. Most of the time, they just slip out. So, since

realizing this, I stop my friends before they share something secret with

me. I don ' t know if this is the right thing to do, though. On the one hand,

my friends might be disappointed to know they can ' t trust me enough to

share their burdens with me, and our friendship may suffer. What kind

of friend can ' t keep a secret? On the other hand, I feel like it is a more

honest approach to things. Maybe my friends will appreciate my sincerity.

Should I continue dodging secrets, or should I work harder on keeping

secrets at the risk of having one slip out every now and then?

- Blabber Mouth in Bermuda

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools de-
spise wisdom and disclipine.”
Proverbs 1:7
Okay Blabber Mouth-
(and Gabby means that in the nicest possible way!) – a slick little bugger that can trip you up some-
So ya got loose lips? This shouldn’t be too much of thing bad. In fact, the worst thing about this stink
a problem most of the time – unless you’re guard- bug is that you almost have to pass it on to some-
ian of KFC’s secret recipe or you work for the CIA. one else. Could it be that these secrets you’ve
Then you would seriously need to rethink your been blabbing are of this species? Don’t forget
career choice. Mostly, Gabby thinks it is perfectly that those little stink bugs can look a lot like gen-
acceptable and appropriate to be proactive about uine concern when someone else is holding them.
avoiding secrets if you know you can’t handle
them. It takes real wisdom to know our faults and Gabby’s advice for telling the difference between
weaknesses and it takes discipline to resist scin- a secret you really need to bear and a stink bug
tillating chit chat when it’s offered up so freely. you won’t be able bear is to listen carefully. If you
know you are blabbin’ it up with someone who
On the other hand, Gabby agrees that applying has passed you a stink bug before, best to stop
a one-size-fits-all approach to every sensitive that conversation at the exact point you did with
situation could keep you from becoming a bet- your friend. And don’t feel bad about it. But, if
ter person. There is a difference between some- you are talking with someone who is looking for
one seeking counsel and someone seeking to comfort or counsel, you need to hear her out and
gossip. If you stop your friends at “hello,” how exert all the discipline your loose lips can handle.
are you going to be able to tell them apart? A
friend truly seeking to share a burden with you After all, Gabby’s pretty sure you can keep mum
would almost certainly have to define the cri- about some things – like maybe your weight?
sis or dilemma with facts and details. And Gab- Or a certain hygiene ritual? Bet that wouldn’t
by would have to admit that to decline giving a just come popping out when you least expect it,
friend a sympathetic ear or objective counsel would it? Gabby believes that we don’t repeat
in a true time of need would be lame. It might anything we truly don’t want to. That might be
even be considered undisciplined or unwise. a horse pill to swallow, so it’s perfectly OK if it
But should names start popping into the story, takes you a few heart-to-heart talks with your-
in specific detail, and your friends confessional self to come to that conclusion on your own.
begin to turn ugly, what you’re dealing with is
gossip. That is a different creature, and may- - Gabster
be the one you really have the problem with.

Gossip is a mean little stink bug that is hard to kill

Living a conundrum? Trying to make two wrongs a right?

Threw the baby out with the bath water?

Dear Gabby can help! Send your questions now to
k 11
Fashi on DIVinA

When life is in full swing – with a job, school, buy an entire new collection of make-up. But what’s
keeping fit and an active social life – it’s more of- this? I have lipstick in my purse. This is not good for
ten than not that we’re putting ourselves together your complexion, so don’t make a habit of it – like I
for the next block on our schedule in someplace know you wouldn’t anyway – but in a pinch, you can
other than the serenity of our own bathrooms and use your lipstick to put some blush in your cheeks
bedrooms. Have backpack, will travel, right? With and to add color to your eyebrows. It’s enough to get
a change of clothes in tow, make-up essentials in by in case anyone sees you on your way home.
our hand bags and a rear view mirror, we’re set.
Or are we? Run in Your Panty Hose
Oh, c’mon girls, this is so easy I shouldn’t even be
Have you ever thought you packed it all to find counting it. Just take them off and throw them in the
out you’ve forgotten your eyelash curler? Or you garbage! I still see department stores full of them, but
brought along your nail polish but forgot the nail really, who needs panty hose anymore? Even brides
polish remover? Sometimes we’re lucky enough to are going around with bare feet. Ok, maybe there are
be passing a Walgreen’s just as we realize this and still a couple of situations in which you must have ny-
the fix is as easy as a quick stop to add yet anoth- loned legs. If this is the case, there’s the old standby
er bottle of nail polish remover to the collection. clear nail polish to stop a run. Hair spray and glue
Other times, we’re not so lucky. These tips won’t also work, but not quite as well. If you successfully
solve all your problems, but here are five creative stop the run and then need to hide it, try gathering
ways to made due in a pinch. the feet of the hose and folding them over, stepping
on the excess to shorten the hose if the run is down
Curl your Eyelashes with a Spoon on the ankle. If it’s not, maybe you can twist the leg to
Say what? You heard me and even if I repeated rotate the run into the inner leg and conceal the run
myself, it still wouldn’t make sense. To further by strategically keeping your legs together (I practice
confuse, let me say this can also be done with an I recommend for a number of reasons!).
old gift card. Check out the captioned instructions
in the images to the right. French Manicure with Liquid Paper
Did you score an important social engagement just
Luscious Lips on Your Eyes and after work on the very day you’ve left the house
Cheekbones Too with ragged nails? Whether you have no polish or
More than once, I’ve found myself out and about polish that’s chipping at the ends, give yourself a
without make-up – like after crashing at a friend’s quick French manicure with liquid paper. Like Cin-
house – and needing to face the public with a pale derella’s coach, this elegant fix won’t last past mid-
face. Despite the desperate situation, I refuse to go night – it scratches off fairly easy, but it works like a

by Donna Schillinger

dream to take you from bare nails a few suggestions for those waking button hole. If you have wire hook
to ballroom nails – and it dries in nightmares. earrings, thread the hook through
no time! If your nails are so bad off First, carry a safety pin with you at the button hole and then bring it
that white-out on the tips is of no all times. There’s usually one little back to the outside of the shirt by
help, find a nail file or emery board zipper pocket in my handbag that poking a hole through the fabric.
if you can and buff down the old I just don’t use for anything. Put a Bend it together to make a ring out
polish until it’s not so rough and safety pin in there and forget about of the wire hook and that will hold
chipping. Then find a red, pink or it. It could save the day. Secondly, if the shirt together. This fix is going
purple marker, even a Sharpie, and you somehow could score a needle to draw some attention, and you
you guessed, color in those ugly and thread but just don’t have a can just take that opportunity to
nails! If all you have is a black or button – let’s say you lost it when it reinforce to your boss or coworkers
blue marker, you’re better off with popped off – you can pop off anoth- how very resourceful you are.
raggedy nails – very few people can er button from a less critical spot Sorry to say that if you popped that
pull off black or blue nails without on the shirt and sew it in the prob- button open with force, that is, if
drawing so much attention to them lem spot. Depending on what kind your shirt was really too tight to be-
that it becomes apparent you used a of a button you lost, you might be gin with, these remedies aren’t go-
marker to color your nails. able to attach another one from the ing to last long. Your best bet would
neck or near the waste with a staple be to put a book over your chest and
Basically Buttons by straightening the staple, stick- rush home or to the store to buy a
Have you ever popped a button that ing it through the button and the new shirt.
you really needed – like the one in shirt and then use a coin to mash
the center of your chest? This fash- down the staple on the inside of the Got more desperate measures to
ion emergency can send a gal to blouse. You’re going to need all the share with our readers? Email them
the bathroom until help arrives in fine motor control you can muster to us and we’ll post them online!
the form of a safety pin or worse, for this, so just relax, breathe deep
a notebook or file folder to hold and try to act like there’s nothing
over your chest with folded arms riding on this.

while you make your way to the car Finally, my favorite fix is to take off
or subway to get home. There’s a an earring – either a post or a hook
host of other worse scenarios where and create a new button with it. If
there’s no one to assist, no way to your post earrings are too small and
get home (like when you’re travel- will slip through the button hole,
ling) and sneaking out to buy a new stick a new hole through your shirt
shirt is just not an option. Here are with the post, just to the side of the

K Spare Change

Living in a dorm in college was awesome but not

Along being able to own a pet broke my heart. I volunteered

socializing dogs and cats at the local shelter but that
few hours a week just made me long for a pet of my
own even more. So first thing I did after college – and
getting a job – was adopt a puppy.

And along came Cookie… and the responsibilities of
a very first pet all my own. Even if you had pets when
you lived with your parents, you might not realize
how much of a commitment – both of time and re-
sources – it is to be fully responsible for one.

First of All, Can You Afford This?
If you are considering getting a pet or adding anoth-
er pet, make sure you budget for it. Pets are costly
and need lots of care. In order to be a responsible
pet owner, you need to be realistic about what you
can afford. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty
to Animals (SPCA) offers a tally of the average an-
by Paola Segnini with Donna Lee Schillinger nual expenses of pet ownership. Check it out, but I’ll
cut to the chase and tell you that a dog will cost you
about $300 to adopt (start-up costs) and $1,200 a
year to maintain. That’s an average of $125 a month.
Do you have that kind of room in your monthly bud-
get? Don’t answer too quickly – sit down and do the
math. If not, you might take a look at some of the less
expensive pets like a cat, rabbit, guinea pig, hamster,
fish or turtle. Beware though, the SPCA didn’t fac-
tor in the cost of air freshener and if you keep one of
these small pets indoors, you’re gonna need a quality
air-freshener in bulk!

Yearly expenses for pet grooming can be outra-
geous, with most pet groomers charging between
$50 and $150. Particularly expensive to groom are
high maintenance breeds of dog, like the Yorkshire
terrier, poodle or Pomeranian, who need a trip to
the groomer every couple of months. If you haven’t
picked out your pet yet, take this into account – lit-
erally, sit down and do the math to see if you really
need a fluffy puppy or perhaps a lower maintenance
mutt might do. If you already have a high-mainte-
nance breed, consider doing the grooming yourself.
By bathing, brushing, clipping claws and brushing

bag would. Also, a rubber
bin will keep anything else
from eating the dog food –
like rodents and roaches.
Or if you’re tight on space

or have such a tiny animal
that a huge bag of food
doesn’t make sense, how
about finding a friend to
split the bag and bill with?

Buy treats in the largest
quantity too and portion
out what you won’t use in

a couple of weeks into gal-
lon freezer bags to keep
them airtight until you
need them. Buy canned
food in cases, cut your
pampered pet to half ra-
your pet’s teeth yourself, you’ll

tions on this expensive
save hundreds of dollars a year. "If you've never food and stick the rest in the fridge for

used electric groom-

Research the specific groom- the next day’s treat. Purchase a plastic
ing needs of your pet’s breed at lid to cover the can of food – they sell They also have
an instructional video on how to
trim a cat’s claws (raouw!).
ing clippers before,
you might want to
these in the pet sections of most stores.
Remember to shop around to find the
best prices on pet food. If your pets are
If you’ve never used electric
grooming clippers before, you
practice on a cheap flexible about what they eat, check your
local pet store for damaged bags. I’ve
stuffed animal."
might want to practice on a cheap
stuffed animal first to see which
setting is desired. You don’t want your precious Pooky
purchased large bags of premium dog
foods for less than the generic brand be-
cause the bag was opened and taped shut again. And
looking like he’s ready to enlist in the Marines! Anoth- if your pets aren’t flexible about what they eat, you

er great advantage to grooming your own pet is that might try some malleability training. A friend of mine
I believe it is less traumatic for your pet than a trip has two picky pups that will only eat bologna and ta-
to the groomer, where she might spend hours waiting ble scraps – so she thought. Then she let her daughter

her turn in a kennel cage surrounded by moans and
groans of other tortured canine souls awaiting their
housesit the dogs while she was travelling. She came
back to find them eating Old Roy from the dog bowl

turn in the dreaded vat of flea dip. like common canines! Just like a spoiled child, dogs
will eventually eat what you offer them when they get
Food hungry enough.

Just as with anything, buying in bulk will guarantee
better prices. But just because you have a bunch of
Lastly, for food on the flip side, always buy kitty litter
in bulk. Think you don’t have room to store it? A huge

food doesn’t mean you should let your pet pig out. bag of litter fits perfectly under the bed.
Most cats and dogs in the U.S. are overweight, increas-
ing the likelihood of serious health problems such as
arthritis, diabetes and cancer. Invest in a large rub-
ber bin with a tight seal and pour a 40- or 50-pound
Keeping your pet in top shape will prevent costly trips
to emergency clinics and chronic diseases that are
bag of dog food in it to keep it fresh longer than the sure to empty your savings account, not to mention

K Spare Change
put your pet’s health in jeopardy.
Keep good records of your pet’s medical history in "Used to be that pet insur-
order to avoid duplicate shots, treatments and mis-
diagnosis. The American Animal Hospital Associa-
ance sounded like a ridiculous
tion used to advise vaccinating your pets yearly, but waste of money, but with the
they have recently changed their guidelines to rec-
ommend a number of the core vaccinations to be
cost of vet care skyrocketing,
done every three years. Talk to your vet to find out it's starting to sound like a
which ones you can skip this year and save a bundle
in the process. good idea."
It would be a huge mistake to cut out your pets’
yearly check-up altogether to save a buck. Taking a was grim. The vet said they could try to reconstruct
perfectly healthy pet to the vet may make you feel the face and treat the infection, for $500, but the
like you have just wasted $50 or $60, but remem- cat still might not live. It broke my friend’s heart to
ber that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of have to put the cat to sleep because she couldn’t af-
cure. That’s Benjamin Franklin-speak for: it costs a ford $500 for the surgery that offered no reasonable
lot less to prevent than to cure. And while we’re talk- guarantee of success.
ing prevention, Girls, you have got to spay or neuter Whereas this is a true and touching story, it’s just
your pet. Vets recommend this because spayed and the kind of thing an insurance company will use to
neutered pets have fewer health problems down the lure you into a financially losing proposition. Be
road, such as prostate and ovarian cancer. I recom- smart, and when it comes to this decision, assess
mend it because if you’re living on a budget the last your risk carefully. Is your pet getting old and start-
thing you need is six more mouths to feed! This is to ing to manifest some symptoms that might require
say nothing of managing a horny pet!! heavy vet care? Despite your efforts to contain it,
does your pet roam in dangerous places? Insur-
Jury's Still Out on Pet Insurance ance may be a good idea. Is your pet happy in-
Used to be that pet insurance sounded like a ridicu- side the house or fenced
lous waste of money, but with the cost of vet care yard, young to middle-
skyrocketing, it’s starting to sound like a good idea. aged and generally
But is it? Plans range in coverage and premiums: healthy? Don’t waste
from every routine visit and vaccination covered your money.
with premiums of $25 to $30 a month, to cata-
strophic coverage only, with high deductibles and
monthly premiums of $10 to $15.
Contrast this to what the SPCA estimates for aver-
age annual vet bills for a dog: $120. Those premiums
that seemed pretty affordable now seem like a waste
of money. Here’s a cold hard fact, if there weren’t a
profit to be made from selling you pet insurance, no
such product would exist.
On the other hand, if something terrible should
happen to your pet, insurance would keep you from
having to put a monetary value on the life of your
pet – like my friend had to do. Her cat was hit by a
car, but lived. It ran off and she couldn’t find it. The
next day, it wondered back home looking like anoth-
er cat entirely. Its eye was hanging out of socket, jaw
was broken and it had a high fever. The prognosis

might think. Just because we humans have become
Medications so addicted to shopping that we need new stuff on
and Flea/Tick Treatments a weekly basis, doesn’t mean our pets are afflicted
If you have a pet with a chronic condition that re- with this disease. In fact, I’m pretty sure they are im-
quires medication, shop around for meds. Just like mune to it. Every pet I have ever known likes an old
different pharmacies offer the same human medi- favorite toy, but even that doesn’t make him or her
cation at vastly differing prices, you’ll find there are as happy as just a good cuddle. It is important for
savings to be had in pet meds too. If you normally dogs, especially puppies, to have chewing toys (and
buy from the vet, check out online vendors for a a cheap plastic toy is a much better choice than my
basis of comparison. For example, 1800PetMeds. expensive shoes!), but they don’t need a dozen of
com promises to match the price of a lower identi- them, or a new one every week. You might want to
cal product and offers free shipping on orders over get a scratching pole for your cat, that is, if you like
$39 on every non-refrigerated item. your furniture, but it doesn’t have to be the $450
If your pet is indoor/outdoor and you find you need six-foot cedar scratching friendly cat tree (no, I am
premium tick and flea treatment – like my boss not making this up!). You may care about designer
who has three dogs and lives in the woods – you can collars, clothes, leashes and pet carriers, but your
save a lot of money by purchasing larger quantities dog or cat does not. So forget the Swarovski Crystal
and splitting up larger doses. My boss has a large ID tags and monogrammed bed. If your expression
dog, a medium dog and a small dog. She purchases of love for your pet just has to translate into shop-
twelve month supplies of Frontline for large dogs ping, limit yourself to a Christmas and birthday gift
and splits it accordingly: the large dog gets one full – but even then, know that your pet would probably
dose each month, the medium dog gets two-thirds prefer a good jog in the park or a game of chase the
of a dose and she uses the remaining third on the mouse as a special treat.
small dog. In doing so, she saves more than $165 a
year on Frontline. Her vet recommended this prac- Being a pet owner is lots of fun but also a great
tice, but I bet the folks at Frontline would balk. responsibility. Never forget that our pets are 100
The vet also suggested that she could just refriger- percent dependent on us – their well-being is ulti-
ate an unused portion of the product for a month, mately in our hands. Don’t let these tough econom-
if needed. So if you have only one medium dog, ic times deprive your pet of quality care.
you could purchase an extra-large-dog dose, give
half and then refrigerate the other half for the next
month. Whereas the medium-dog treatment costs
around $87 for a six-month supply, the extra-large-
dog treatment costs only $94. You can make that
extra-large-dog dose last for 12 months on a me-
dium-sized dog, saving yourself about $80 a year.
Don’t put your dog’s health in jeopardy to save a
buck, though. Be sure you know your dog’s current
weight, and do the math as the dosage for these
treatments is based on weight. Err on the side of
caution: if your dog doesn’t get enough treatment,

the worst that can happen is you have to battle a few
bugs. If your dog gets too much, well… ask your vet.

Little Luxuries
We can become so attached to pets that we wish to
pamper them with gifts all the time, but the fact is
it just doesn’t matter as much to your pet as you

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