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Young Christian Woman

Alone in the Spotlight Can I Borrow $20?

Just Me and my Thoughts When to say “No”

A Time to Forget:
The God-Forsaken Years


The Shopping
w w w. o n m y o w n n o w. c o m
in this
Straight Talk from the Proverbs:
Alone in the Spotlight
by Donna Lee Schillinger
Moving Out ... Settling In:
A Time to Forget:
The God-Forsaken Years
.6 Christian
by Kimberly Miller
a publication of On My

Down Home Healthy Cookin' for One ona Budget: Own Now Ministries
Three Square Meals Plus Some on $5 a Day
Part Deux Editor-In-Chief
by Reba Ray donna lee schillinger

Dear Gabby:
My Parents Want to Choose my College contributors
Spare Change: paola segnini
kimberly miller
Can I Borrow $20?
When to Say “No” gwen schumaker
by Paola Segnini Debra Collins

Fashion DIVinA
The Shopping Reformation art director
by Gwen Schumaker daniela bermúdez
Just What You Need
Affordable Healthcare
by Donna Lee Schillinger
o We see high
drama in the
movies all the
time, but in
real life, big
Fridge-worthy. acting does not
win awards.

Straight talk from the Proverbs for young Christian women who
want to remain pure, debt-free and regret-free.

“In this interesting and thought-provoking exploration

of the book of Proverbs, Schillinger takes young women
along a journey that will help them to make better, saf-
er, and more sound decisions.”
Cheryl C. Malandrinos
The Book Connection blog

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at Amazon, B&N and a library and bookstore near you.
straight talk




The wisdom of the prudent is to giv

ways, but the folly of fools is decep
Summer’s over – it’s back to the
routine of the fall. Even if you’re
finished with school, fall just
seems to have an order about it
that summer resists. It’s time to
get back into a fitness routine,
to start that pottery class or join
that community softball team
and maybe start going to church
more regularly.

by Donna Lee Schillinger

In your emerging daily routine, do you have time carved
out for thought? Does that sound crazy? We’re con- A simple woman believes
anything, but a prudent
stantly thinking, aren’t we? Yes, but most of the time,
we’re not controlling our thoughts. They just happen
in response to whatever is going on around us. That is

woman gives thought to

very different from focused thought, important time
spent alone, without music or other distractions, with

her steps.
no one else in the room or even in earshot – a time we
focus our thought and control its content.

If we’re so busy that we can’t squeeze in 15 minutes to Proverbs14:15

sit and think, maybe we can have this time when we cast on the floor. We stand with a broom in our hand.
first wake up, on our drive to work or school (if we don’t If any thoughts of worry, obsession or daily trivial mat-
have to navigate a lot of traffic) or at a break between ters creep in like cockroaches on our spot of light, we
classes or on lunch break. Maybe we can find a spot sweep them away and concentrate again on the emp-
outside or at least near a window. We can even incor- tiness of our spot of light. In a few minutes of guard-
porate focused though with exercise, like a jog or a ing our spotlight against creepy-crawly thoughts and
walk, or with mindless chores like ironing, vacuuming maintaining the emptiness of the spotlight, our mind
or washing windows. At very least, we can practice this feels peaceful and then the spot of light grows bigger
while we’re in the shower each day – that’s one thing and as it grows, it drives back the creepy-crawlies in

ve thought to their
we ought to be doing daily, and alone! the shadows. There in the fully illuminated space will
be the bright ideas, good decisions and glimpses of our
purpose in life. In that still light we can hear the voice

of God. Even five minutes a day of quiet reflection can
enable us to better see the path of truth and avoid the

pitfalls of deceit.

Decide today at what time you will fit quiet thought into
your daily routine. And begin tomorrow.
The time we spend in focused thought is in addition to
the time we’ve already allotted for our daily devotion-
als – reading the Bible and other devotional aids and
prayer. We can certainly add this on to that time, or

we can select another time slot and spread the mental
and spiritual health more evenly throughout the day.
During daily devotions, we speak to God in prayer and
God speaks to us through the Bible and through other
God-inspired writing. But we need to give God some
uninterrupted and uncorrupted quiet time to speak to

us through our thoughts as well. Don’t just read a devo-
tional, rattle out a prayer and dash off to start the day.
Give God a chance to speak through thoughts.

That’s what quiet time is, really. As we calm our mind

from outside distractions, we will discover eventually
that this time is fertile with fresh ideas for resolving

problems, making important decisions and drafting vi-
sion for our future.


At first, we might find that we spend our quiet time wor-
rying or obsessing. This is a symptom that our mind


indeed is in need of some disciplined calm. Learn to
quiet the mind. We can imagine ourselves standing in a
dimly light room, but we are in the middle of a spotlight

w moving out ... settling in

B by Kimberly Miller

A Time to Forget:
The God For
The weather is already cooling off in Northwest It’s strange how sometimes I don’t know what
Arkansas and autumn here is more splendid than “time” I am in until it is over. I didn’t know I was
anything I’ve ever seen. The change in the seasons mourning or weeping until I was in the time of
reminds me of another time, a different season of building up, looking back. You might not either,
my life, one I sometimes forget. In a previous col- but here’s a tip: if you are not being obedient to
umn I said that I would talk more about the dark God’s call on your life, you are not in the “time” you
times I went through on the way to where I am to- want to be in – the good times. And if you are not
day. In this column, I will tell you how I got there, in a time of peace, then you’re probably also not in
but you’ll have to tune in next month to see how I a time for laughter, dancing or love either.
got out.
When I left for college, I was full of certainty, con-
viction and confidence. I believed in Christ and that
Ecclesiastes 3 says, "There is God had a plan for me. I believed I should be obedi-
an appointed time for every- ent to God’s commands and expect His promises.
And I believed that I was where I was supposed to
thing. And there is a time for be. I tried to be everything that a good Christian girl
every event under heaven. A should be. By the middle of my sophomore year, I
didn’t know any of those things.
time to tear down and a time I had become friends with people who were differ-
to build up. A time to weep, ent than me – Universalist Unitarians, agnostics,
atheists and apathetics. It isn’t like I sought them
and a time to laugh; A time to out; we just had similar interests, similar senses of
mourn and a time to dance.A humor and liked doing things together. We watched
the same TV shows, listened to the same music
time to search and a time to and ate the same food. I was never good at making
give up as lost. A time to be friends, as I’ve mentioned before, and these people
accepted me for all my quirks and eccentricities.
silent and a time to speak. A They liked me the way I was, and it didn’t matter
to us that we believed differently. I was so high on
time to love and a time to hate; having a “regular group” that my standards and
A time for war and a time for discernment faltered.

peace." Although my best intention was to evangelize my

new friends, it didn’t work out that way. Instead of


: Instead of infusing them with my beliefs,

they impregnated my certainty with doubt.

rsaken Years
infusing them with my beliefs, they impregnated how to get out of it. Although it might have been
my certainty with doubt. Suddenly, I wasn’t sure fun or exciting at first, abandoning my Christian
of everything I’d always believed. I wasn’t sure that convictions lead to a time of despair and loneliness
God wanted a relationship with me, or that Jesus – darker than I ever imagined. Fortunately for me,
was divine or that heaven was real. there is a time to remember, and a time to forget. I
don’t remember a lot from that time. Even if I did,
Can you believe what happened to me? A year pri- I wouldn’t want to talk about it.
or, it would have been nearly impossible to make
me doubt my faith; but in a matter of months away For now, I want to leave you with this: you may not
from school, there I was, questioning everything I’d be the company you keep, as the adage declares,
ever believed. I didn’t realize how much my con- but the company you keep matters. No matter how
victions defined me until I lost those convictions strong you are, your friends will influence you. And
and then had no idea who I was. Maybe I’m not a most important, do not ever forsake your relation-
super-Christian. Maybe I don’t want to be that girl. ship with God for your relationship with anybody
Maybe I don’t like going to church. Maybe Chris- or anything else, for any reason.
tians are out of touch with reality.

The worst part of it was that I had to live a lie. I

thought that if I had talked about these doubts with
my family or Christian friends, they would have
judged me. (I don’t actually think that’s true, but
I was convinced of it at the time.) I didn’t want to
admit that I wasn’t as strong as I thought I was, or
Do not ever forsake your
that I wasn’t as spiritually mature as they thought, relationship with God for
or that my relationship with God wasn’t what it
should be. But besides lying about my true feel- your relationship with any-
ings, I had to lie about my behavior. People without
Christian convictions don’t act as Christians do; body or anything else, for

and since I didn’t have those convictions, I didn’t
act as a Christian should. And I couldn’t let anyone any reason.
know. So I lied, a lot.

I still have questions that I haven’t answered for

myself, but I’m glad now to be able to see how I
got to that place – it’s a first step in understanding

o Reba Ray´s down home healthy cookin’ for one on a budget
Just like last month, I’m gon-

na give you four day’s worth
of menu and shopping list, as

by Reba Ray
well as the shopping list for
a starter kit of ingredients
that’ll last you for at least
three months, in most cas-
es. Yur gonna have to check

back with me in the next
two issues of Single! Young
Christian Woman, to get the
menus and shopping lists for
days nine through 16. But

that dudn’t mean you can’t
start using this menu right

Now I know $55 for a start-

er kit sounds a little outra-

geous, but it will average
out to be less than a dollar a
day because of how long the
ingredients last. Added to
the $4-a-day menu and yur
eatin’ for $5 a day.

Some things on this menu

5 a Day
are made with items leftover

on $ x
from the first four-day shop-
ping list. If you are seeing
this for the first time, what

e u ya really otta do is go back to

the first four-day menu and

ar t start there and give this thing

a whirl for eight days. But if

you wanna be stubborn and
start with the second 4-day
menu, then you’ll have to
In the September 09 issue of Single! Young buy the things that you were
supposed to have left over
Christian Woman, I gave you the first set from the first menu. I’ve in-
cluded that list below for the
of four-day menus in a 16-day program I’ve hard-headed.
worked out so that you can eat healthy on $5 Now, let’s review the ground
a day. This here is part deux.
1. Shop smart. No fancy
schmancy markets – you
need a Kroger or a Wal-mart
or some other low-priced
store and even then, you
need to buy the store brand
(You Read Me Right!) when you can to make this

work. I don’t list a size on
these products, so just get as
2. Surely you notice a little
repetition in these menus
$55 starter kit
large a container as you can and that there aren’t too
without going over the al- many fancy foods on them.
lotted price. For the spices, Newsflash: You can’t eat fan-
if you have a Wal-Mart Su- cy foods on $5 a day. And if Salt $2
perstore, look for their large yur just feeding yurself, well, Pepper $1
spice bottles for $.50 each you’ve got to have a little rep-
instead of paying for name etition to use all the food that
Ginger $2
brands. If not, go to the local was in the package. Again, Cinnamon $1
dollar store to buy yur spices. budget food does not usually Basil $1
And a disclaimer: prices vary come in single servings.
so much from store to store Oregano $1
Cumin $1
Shop smart: No fancy Brown sugar
Baking powder $2.50
schmancy markets. you need Baking soda $1
Whole wheat flour $3
a Kroger or a Wal-mart or Vanilla $2
Mayonnaise $2
some other low-priced store Pesto $3
3. As always, I’m learnin’ ya Bullion Cubes
and then when you take into
account different regions of how to cook healthy. Give it (chicken and beef) $2 each
the country, well, this iddn’t a try – I just know you can Lemon juice $2
no exact science. I’m ballpar- learn to love what’s good for
ya. Jalapeno peppers $2
kin’ figures here and I believe
you can get mighty close to Olive oil $5
the total amount regardless Balsamic vinegar $3
of where you live, as long as
you shop smart.
Soy sauce $3
Worcestershire sauce $2
Apple cider vinegar $1
Canola Oil $3
Cooking spray $3
BBQ sauce $1

If there is any money left over, buy:

Parmesan cheese $2.50

Box of crackers $2.50

o Reba Ray´s down home healthy cookin’ for one on a budget
Day 5
BREAKFAST: Cereal (And don’t you dare buy some sugary cereal not fit for human consumption!)
lunch: Peanut butter and banana sandwich
snack: Raisins
dinner: turkey tortellini kabobs and glazed carrots
desert: Three Oatmeal Cookies

Day 6
BREAKFAST: Two scrambled eggs w/toast
lunch: Lunch meat sandwich w/ raw carrots
snack: Celery w/ peanut butter
dinner: Celery soup w/ tortellini
desert: Arroz con Leche

Day 7
BREAKFAST: Apple Oatmeal
lunch: Egg salad or scrambled egg sandwich
snack: Banana
dinner: Tortellini w/ pesto, peas
desert: Leftover arroz con leche

Day 8
lunch: Fried rice
snack: Raisins
dinner: Grilled lunchmeat sandwich and glazed carrots
desert: Fried bananas w/ cinnamon
Recipettes Left overs
from list # 1
Corn tortillas Rice
Turkey Tortellini Kabobs: Cook tortel- Oatmeal Frozen peas
lini according to package directions, minus one
minute. Drain and let cool. Chop sausage into
Eggs Turkey sausage
1/2-inch rounds. Skewer alternatin’ sausage and Loaf of bread Celery
tortellini on a kabob stick – you can use a regu- Apple sauce Oatmeal cookies
lar piece of wire for this, even a coat hanger if
you have to. Coat lightly with cooking spray then
sprinkle with parmesan cheese, basil and orega-
no. Bake at 375 for 10 minutes. Shopping List #2
Glazed Carrots: scrap or peel carrots lightly Peanut butter $2
then wash. In small saucepan over medium heat,
Lunch meat $3
add one teaspoon canola oil with two teaspoons
brown sugar and a dash of ginger, stir to dissolve Cereal $3
sugar. Add carrots, coat carrots well with oil/sug- Carrots $1
ar and cook for 10 minutes, stirring ever coupla ½ Gallon of Milk $2
minutes. Spinach tortellini $3
Bananas $1
Fried Bananas with Cinnamon: Peel
Raisins $1.50
ripe (but not overly ripe) banana and cut length-
wise in half. Coat small skillet with cooking spray.
Over medium heat, cook bananas for two to three
minutes each side, sprinklin’ with cinnamon. Ba- Dump the rice in a small bowl or a measuring
nanas should have a grilled look about em’. cup. Add about a cup of water to it and swoosh
it around with your hand, dig in there, girls! The
Celery Soup with Tortellini: In the bot- water’s gonna turn white – siphon off that starchy
tom of a small saucepan over medium-high, add water and do this a coupla times more until the
two sticks finely chopped celery and one teaspoon water is not so dern white. This’ll make for a less
olive oil. Stir to coat celery and cook, stirring ever gummy rice in the end. Now cook rice according
minute or two, for about 8 minutes, until the cel- to package directions.
ery is soft. Add two cups of water, two chicken Transfer cooked rice to a bowl and dump milk,
bullion cubes and bring water to a boil. Stir to sugar, raisins and vanilla in the bowl too and stir
dissolve the bullion. Add tortellini to the soup ‘em all up. Smooth over the top and sprinkle with
and boil for as long as the package recommends. cinnamon. Put it in the fridge and let the rice soak
Add salt and pepper to taste. Serve with crackers. up the milk for about two hours. Then when yur
ready, try this cold or warm – it’s yummy both
Arroz con Leche [Rice with Milk]: This ways.
delish dish is a favorite in many Latin American
countries and Spain. It’s done a little differently - ½ c. rice - 2 tbs raisins
wherever you go, so here’s a generic version that’s - 1 c. milk - Vanilla
good for us Gringos. - 2 tbs brown sugar - Cinnamon

Dear Gabby


dear gabby:
I have been good friends with a group of girls since we were freshmen

in high school. During our junior year we all decided we wanted to go to

college together at our state university. Now that I'm a senior this fall, my

parents don't care where I want to go. They have a list of schools they

want me to consider aside from State. They don't get that I want to be

with my friends. We've been arguing about this a lot lately. Am I wrong

to want this?

- Angry in Asheville

“For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a
spirit of power, of love, and of self-discipline.”
2 Timothy 1:7
Well “Angry,” bet you’re wondering what that pas- looked easy. But my parents knew better and they
sage has to do with you, your parents and your an- expected more from me. And I suspect your parents
ger. At first glance you might think it just has to are doing the same thing for you.
do with not being timid – and you would be kinda
right. But more precisely, it has to do with being It’s a wonderful idea when you’re all in school to
bold and strong. This passage came to mind after dream of going off to college and staying a group.
thinking about your situation and recalling Gabby’s But that’s taking the easy road. The idea of college
own senior year parent drama. Unfortunately for can be scary. Now if you want to go to State because
Gabby’s parents, our conflict centered around how of its drama program or because its business pro-
much nicer the dining hall was at her first choice gram is first rate, then that is a reasonable argument.
school. Yeah. But what Gabby didn’t tell her parents But if you are following your friends because it feels
was that she actually preferred that school because safer to stick with what you know, then you need to
the male student guides were so cute and dressed release your fears and embrace your spirit of power
really preppy and wore these totally adorable sun and love and self-discipline. Pray for an open mind.
visors. They looked so clubby! That was the winning Pray for strength. Pray the Lord’s Prayer. Praying to
factor. So when Gabby’s parents pressed her to con- the Lord that His will be done is hard but it is worth
sider other choices, Gabby was not pleased. In fact, it! Because God has a plan for you! Then have a ma-
Gabby was silly. And this silliness was totally sepa- ture conversation with your parents about what you
rate from Gabby’s GPA or SAT scores. That silliness want from your school. Your parents don’t just have
came out of immaturity and fear. This Must-Have a huge financial interest vested in your school, they
school seemed like an overgrown kid’s camp. It have YOU! You are their greatest investment and
looked pretty, really laid back and was undoubtedly turning out a bold, self-disciplined, loving, mature
fun – but it wasn’t very academic. It wasn’t as com- adult is surely as much their goal as any bachelor’s
petitive as the other schools on my list. Life there degree.

- Gabster

Where to go to college:
This might just be the biggest decision of your life thus far. You want to get it right, for sure. So
what process are you using to arrive at a decision? Going where Mom or Dad went? Going to
the closest school so you can save money and live at home? Going to t he State school that
you can attend tuition-free? Or are you aspiring to the Ivy Leagues? Whatever your inclination,
it wouldn’t hurt to put your preference to a test to see if it is indeed right for you. You can find

such a test (don’t worry, it’s not that kind of test) at Student Aid on the Web, a government-
sponsored site that primarily addresses financial aid, but also has this neat little College Finder
And if you think that’s nifty, head over to for more activities to help you
narrow down your choices (after all, the world is your oyster!), and keep on schedule with the
many college-related tasks, from submitting applications to standardized testing and more.

K Spare Change

Can I borrow
by Paola Segnini

When to say “No.”
hasn´t paid

didn´t pay



hasn´t paid
For a while now, I’ve been really good at saving and bud-
geting, leaving myself a nice cushion for unexpected ex-
penses or for lending money to my family.
As you might recall, I got a car a couple of months ago.
What I didn’t tell you was that on the very same day I
unexpectedly lost my job. So I found myself with a new
car, a depleted savings account and limited income. To
say that I felt desperate would be putting it mildly, but
I trusted myself to make the best out of the situation. I
i tightened my belt as far as it would go and managed to together because the ATM was broken – he’s taken
two extra weeks in paying me back. The treasurer of
survive until I got a new job, which to my relief didn’t
take that long. my community service group forgot our club’s debit
card at home and I ended up paying for things we

Though everyone knows that I lost my job and have been needed to do an activity. And finally, my mom and I
making many sacrifices to try to avoid having to sell my have been missing each other, and consequently, she
new car, people have continued to ask me to loan them hasn’t paid me back some money I loaned her.
Do you see a pattern here? I’m sure none of these
people realize they are putting me in bind. I let my-
Often, I pay for their stuff self get in a position where people are comfortable
not paying me back on time. My credit card payment
with my card and they pay is not due for another week, but I was lying in my
me back before I have to bed last night wondering if this is going to be the first
month that I won’t be able to pay my credit card in
make the full payment full.

Everyone in my family gave up plastic a long time ago Then I started to think about all of the sacrifices I’ve
after going into debt and struggling to pay it off. Instead, made these past few jobless weeks and how ridicu-
they now take advantage of the fact that I have a credit lous it is that I am ashamed to ask people to give me
card and I’m real good at keeping track of my expenses. my money back. But most importantly, I realized my
Often, I pay for their stuff with my card and they pay me stupidity in not saying “no” to these people in the
back before I have to make the full payment, which usu- first place, when I clearly was in no position to lend
ally gives them plenty of time to get their next paycheck. money.
This has worked well enough and in if ever someone
couldn’t reimburse me on time for some reason, I’d nor-
mally just pay my bill in full anyway and give the family I realized my stupidity in
member an “extension.”
not saying “no” to these
However, last month events collided to teach me a hard
lesson about loaning my good credit. I had to give one people in the first place,
of my family members an extension and that wasn’t as when I clearly was in no
easy as it normally has been because of my job situation.
Another friend asked for a loan one day we were out position to lend money.
Last week I ran across a quotte by Colombian writer
Gabriel Garcia Marquez: “The most important thing
I learned when I turned 40 was to say no when it’s
no.” This hit home for me. Do I really need to wait
until I’m 40 to learn how to say no?

When it comes to money it is particularly important
to learn this lesson sooner than later. I’m not advo-
cating that you turn Mom down cold if she’s in a dif-
ficult financial position and you are able to lend with-
out getting into a bind yourself, but I’ve decided that,
except for extreme, extraordinary circumstances, go-
ing into debt for someone else is simply not wise.


Fashi on DIVinA
buyer. But, I’m
on a program to
turn myself into a smart
shopper, because I have real-
ized that to be an impulse shopper
is also to be a money-waster.
Here’s what happens: I see something and
fall in love with it and I have to have it.
Only when I get home and start rummag-
ing through my closet do I realize it match-
es nothing else I own. Or, I see something
so cute on the rack, go try it on – it looks
awesome on me and I have to have it. Only
when I get home and try to work it into
circulation do I realize that it’s not me –
it’s the me of my imagination, but it’s not
the me of real life. Or, I’m shopping with
someone else who sees something, holds it
up to me and says, “This will look so great
It’s on you,” and they convince me I have to
have it. Only when I get home do I allow
been myself to fess up that I think it’s u-g-l-y!
clinically Or, I see something I love, it’s exactly the
kind of thing I wear and it’s even on sale,
proven so I have to have it. Only when I get home
that do I realize that I have more of that type
thing in my wardrobe than I know what to
99.9%* of do with!
young women When the seasons change and I go through

by Gwen Schumaker
love to shop for my closet to thin out things I just won’t
clothes. wear and store away for next year the ones
I will wear again, I inevitably end up with
And I’m no exception. Although it seems a huge pile of clothes and usually some
to be a common denominator, not all items that still have the tags on them!
shoppers are created equal – and What a waste of money. I should have at
neither are their bank accounts. least saved the receipts so I could take the
As I see it, there are basical- never-worn items back.
ly two kinds of shoppers: I’m determined to reform my shopping
smart shoppers and im- ways though, and if you’ve seen yourself

pulse buyers. in any of the above, you should join the
I, unfortunate- reformation movement too. It was one
ly, am an thing when Mom and Dad were giving
us a clothing allow-

ance, and not even
so bad when we paid
for clothes out of

our own

money while still living at home. But on our make a vow to myself to never, ever
own – with only one income and so many ex- pay full price for anything. Even if I
penses – no, we can’t keep doing this. Some fall head-over-heals in love, I will just
Goodwill shopper is going to be very upset, ask the sales associate when he or she
but I’m through giving away clothes with tags thinks that item might go on sale. If
on them. she doesn’t know, I’ll make a note
to call one week later to see if it’s
So here’s what I propose: I’m going to bring on sale. Maybe by that time, I will
my head into this game. I’m going to stop have talked myself out if it and not
shopping with my heart and use some good even bother to call back.
old horse sense. Before I shop, I’m going to go
through my closet and ask myself, What do I Lastly, shopping is not going to
need? Do I need another pair of jeans? Do I end at the store any more. When
need a nice shirt that goes with black pants? I get home, I’m going to (within
Could I wear these pants if I only had the a few days) go through my closet
and see if what I brought home
With a clear idea of does indeed work in my ward-
robe. And I’m going to wear it
what I need, I’m go- within a week. If it shouldn’t
ing to head first to be the fashion solution I imag-
ined it to be, I’m going to take
the sale rack it back. If I can’t bring myself
to wear it in a week’s time, I’ll
right shoes to go with them? Then I’m going take it back. I will save my re-
to make a list and put it in my wallet – like ceipts in my wallet until after
where I would keep coupons if I did that sort I’ve worn it once and washed
of thing. it once. That way if it doesn’t
come through the laundry well,
Then, whether I’m making a deliberate trip through no fault of my own, I
to the store or I find myself in an impromptu won’t take a loss on it.
shopping opportunity (like a friend drags me
to Old Navy), I can pull out my list and say, Ambitious? Maybe, but there’s a lot of money
OK, what do I want to see if I can find here? at stake here! In the final analysis, however,
I don’t want shopping to become a joyless,
With a clear idea of what I need, I’m going to preprogrammed function. There still has
head first to the sale rack – and not the 25% to be that element of treasure hunt and it
off rack either. I’m talking 75% off! There are needs to remain relaxing fun. So don’t go
admittedly pretty slim pickins on these racks, overboard with wardrobe analysis and po-
but I’m not going to dismiss the possibility licing the 75% off rack. In fact, one simple
that something I need (and love) could be just question, if honestly answered, will take
hanging out there waiting for me. If not, I’ll most of us impulse shoppers a long way
go to the next deepest discount – the 50% off toward reformation: Do I really need this?
rack, and continue to work in that direction
until I’ve run out of sales. And I’m going to *malarkey

eformation k
l Just
You Need
As the debate in Congress about shots available to jobless persons States. To find a program near you,
healthcare reform continues to free, through government-run ca- visit the NBCCEDP Web site at or
rage, we the people need solutions reer centers, beginning in Octo- call 800.232.4636. Also, your state
right now. So here are some stop- ber. You should act quickly, more or local health department can di-
gap measures for insuranceless in- people than you realize are jobless! rect you to places that offer free or
dividuals who need help now. Check CVS’s Web site for more, or low-cost Pap tests.
call your local “government-run
The AARP/Walgreens Wellness career center” (the unemployment Finally, if having no health insur-
Tour is in progress now through office, maybe?). If you’re gainfully ance is robbing you of a good night’s
November in 12 states: Arkansas, employed, you can get a flu shot at sleep, check out Samaritan Minis-
California, Delaware, Florida, Indi- a Walgreens near you for $24.99, 7 tries. It’s not a $30 co-pay plan, but
ana, Kansas, Michigan, Mississip- days a week, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. it’s an affordable measure of assur-
pi, New Jersey, New Mexico, New ance that one bad accident won’t
York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennes- Mollen Immunization Clinics are wipe out all you’ve worked hard to
see and Texas. Don’t worry, this is also making stops throughout the save. And I love it because instead
not just for senior citizens. Anyone country in the month of October. of paying premiums to a company
over 18 is welcome to take advan- Visit, enter your that will profit handsomely, mem-
tage of six free health screenings zip code and learn when they will be bers pay other members’ actual
worth a total of more than $140: in your area, probably at a WalMart medical bills. The entire operation
cholesterol, blood pressure, bone store. Shots cost less than $30. This offers a sense of Christian camara-
density, blood glucose, waist cir- ounce of prevention would cost you derie around the issue of health-
cumference and body composition/ a lot less than the pound of cure and care.
body mass index. Certified medical missing a week of work.
technicians conduct the screenings
on a customized, traveling educa- Finally, for otherwise healthy young
tion and health-screening bus. No women, one other thing you should
appointments and no health in- be concerned about is an annual
surance are needed. Learn more at cervical cancer screening. Programs
Walgreen’s Web site. funded by the National Breast and
Cervical Cancer Early Detection
Flu scare got you worried about Program offer free or low-cost Pap
the upcoming flu season? Well, if tests to women in need (don’t be
you’re jobless, you’re out of luck embarrassed – that describes a lot
in one way and in luck in another of young single women just start-
way. CVS and Walgreens are mak- ing out). These and other programs
ing more than 100,000 free flu are available throughout the United