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American National Standard Stub Acme Threads.

-Esta Norma Nacional Americana

ASME / ANSI B1.8-1988 (R1994) ofrece una rosca Acme Stub para aquellos
inusuales aplicaciones donde, debido a consideraciones mecnicas o metalrgicas, un coarsepitch
Se requiere hilo de poca profundidad. El ajuste de roscas Acme Stub corresponde a la
Clase 2G uso general Acme hilo en American National estndar ANSI B1.5-1988.
Para un ajuste con menos holgura, las tolerancias y subsidios para las clases 3G o 4G general
Roscas Acme efecto podr utilizarse.

Table 12. American National Standard Stub Acme Screw Thread Form Basic
Dimensions ASME/ANSI B1.8-1988 (R1994)

When created prior to 1895, Acme screw threads were intended to replace square threads and
a variety of threads of other forms used chiefly for the purpose of traversing motion on
machines, tools, etc. Acme screw threads are now extensively used for a variety of purposes.
Long-length Acme threads are used for controlled movements on machine tools, testing
machines, jacks, aircraft flaps, and conveyors. Short-length threads are used on valve stems,
hose connectors, bonnets on pressure cylinders, steering mechanisms, and camera lens
Dimensional Charts for Acme, General Centralizing Acme and Stub Acme Threads.
You can use our Acme Thread Calculator or Stub Acme Thread Calculator to get dimensions
for any Acme thread.
Dimensions shown are in Inches, if you wish to convert to mm, please use our universal