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30/8/2014 Strength of materials - Wikiversity 1/3
Strength of materials
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Welcome to this learning project about Strength of materials!
1 Learning Project Summary
2 Content summary
3 Goals
4 Contents
4.1 Lessons
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Learning Project Summary
Project code:
Suggested Prerequisites:
Introduction to dynamics
Time investment: 6 months
Portal:Engineering and Technology
Department:Mechanical Engineering
Stream:Solid Mechanics
Level: Second year undergraduate
Content summary
This learning project is an introduction to the study of strength of materials. It discusses the simple and easy to
use method for determining the stresses and strains in materials and how materials fail.
This learning project aims to teach the student how to calculate stresses and strains that materials undergo when
loaded. After taking this course, a student should be able to understand the different types of stresses including
normal, torsion, bending and shearing. They should also be able to solve for deflections in elastic materials, and
understand how a materials yields and eventually fails under load.
30/8/2014 Strength of materials - Wikiversity 2/3
Lesson 1: Stresses and strains
Lesson 2: Elastic properties and plane stress
Lesson 3: Stress transformations and Mohr's circle
Lesson 3a: Introduction to Axial Loading
Lesson 4: Structures with Axial Loading
Lesson 5: Introduction to Torsion
Lesson 6: Torsion in Structures
Lesson 7: Shear Forces and Bending Moments
Lesson 8: Introduction to Stresses in Beams
Lesson 9: Stresses in Beams
Lesson 10: Analysis of Stress and Strain
Lesson 11: Applications of Plane Stress
Lesson 12: Introduction to Beam Deflection
Lesson 13: Beam Deflection
Lesson 14: Statically Indeterminate Beams
Lesson 15: Introduction to Beam Deflection
Lesson 16: Columns
Appendix A: Centroids and Moments of Inertia
Assignment 1: ...
Tests and Quizzes
Quiz 1
Quiz 2
Test 1
Readings and other resources
Active participants
Active participants in this Learning Group
Learning materials
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30/8/2014 Strength of materials - Wikiversity 3/3
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