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Born in an academically charged family with my late Grandfather as a principal of a

school, I always enjoyed an intellectual atmosphere. I got chances to express myself
without any inhibition. My father, a self made man, an ex-Commandant in The Indian
Coast Guard and a Lawyer heading Competition Law practice in a well known Law Firm
and my mother, a librarian are a source of inspiration for me. My parents have inculcated
in me the belief that sincere efforts lead to apt rewards. My childhood experiences made
me realize that it is important to aspire and to make sincere efforts to achieve the goals in
my life. Ever since I started studying Science and Computers, I developed a keen interest
for topics like Calculus, Circuits and Systems, Hyper Text Mark-up Language (HTML)
which made me choose Science in high school. From the very beginning I was fascinated
by a computer. ‘What makes a computer work?’, ‘What is the mechanism behind it?’
were some of the questions which came to my mind whenever I sat in front of one. When
the Internet became popular, I was inquisitive to know more about how it works and also
about the wonder that is Electronic Mail. I knew for sure Computer Engineering was the
stream for me.
I have given academics its due attention and have consistently been amongst the top 5%
students of my school. I scored 87 % in the 10th grade and 76% in the 12th grade. I stood
second in the Inter School Science Symposium and won the Silver Medal for a
presentation on ‘Carbon Fibres’. Being an active member of the Science Society of my
school, I represented my school in a no. of quizzes and Olympiads. All these
achievements crystallised my aim of being part of the challenging world of Science and
Computers further. During college, I participated in numerous projects, which added to
my knowledge and experience. Consequently, my recent project on “Conference Room
Booking” for Jindal Stainless Limited using Advance Java (j2ee), has taught me the
importance of team work and the practical applications of the language. I have also
worked on a project on ‘Final Car Parking (Sensors)’, which required extensive
knowledge of microcontrollers. It further corroborated my decision to take up Computer
Engineering as my field of study in the graduate program.
All through my school and college life, I have tried to strike a balance between academics
and extracurricular activities, including pursuing my hobbies. I have developed effective
communication skills by taking part in seminars, presentations and group discussions.
Also understanding the importance of being physically fit, I enjoy participating in sports
like soccer, cricket and table tennis. I have also handled accounts in the college technical
festival ‘Digitalis 09’ and ‘Conversance’ and managed events like conducting technical
quizzes like ‘Iota’ in other colleges as well. I also have an aptitude for teaching allied
subjects like Mathematics and Physics and have given tuitions to the needy students in
my neighbourhood and college.
Now that I have developed a basic understanding of my subject, I am eager and ready to
explore and learn it further through focused research in the field of Computer
Engineering. I would like to get in-depth knowledge, through intensive research, in
Computer Architecture and Computer Networks as these subjects interest me the most
and also comprise of a major portion of my undergraduate program in Computer Science
and Engineering.
My liking for my chosen field is strengthened by the fact that numerous developments are
taking place in this field. I look forward to being a part of this challenging environment
driven by technological proficiency and innovation, and so aspire for an MS and
subsequently, a PhD degree in Computer Engineering from a reputed American
University. I would like to be a part of projects which everyone could use and benefit
from. After gaining expertise, I also foresee myself as an entrepreneur replicating the
success story of a Wipro or Infosys or HCL.
Having faith in my capabilities acquired through sheer hard work, I am confident of
giving my best to the society after gaining specialization in my chosen field of study. I
am, therefore, looking forward to getting an admission at the Columbia University
which, I am confident, will aid me in successfully achieving my goals.