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University of California, Berkeley Fall 2004

California Alpha Strikes Gold at General

Headquarters Convention

The eight awards bestowed upon California Alpha this year

Brothers, gers Ritual Trophy commemorating our goal, please contact Dennis
our adherence to the highest stan- Sidbury at 415.433.1072 or at
It is with much pride and sense of dard of fraternity ritual and an hon-
accomplishment that I announce orable mention for the most Out- Finally, it is my particular pleas-
the achievements of California standing Recruitment Presentation. ure to announce the attainment
Alpha at this year s convention in Not only that, our tireless housing of the fraternity s two highest
Marina del Rey. As many of you corp. was cited with two honorable awards: the General Headquar-
know, our chapter has worked mentions: Best Exterior Project ters Trophy and the Gold Star.
hard to sustain its progress and and House Corporation of the Year. These two awards and in par-
momentum; what many of you These awards were due to the in- ticular the Gold Star (which is
may not know is that our chapter credibly successful fund-raising returning to us after a decade-
is now regarded as one of the best effort on the part of our chapter long absence) recognize those
chapters in the nation. At conven- alumni and the many physical im- elite chapters that go the extra
tion this year, chapter delegates provements made to the house in mile in meeting and
Mike Ewing 04, Ryan Sandvig the past two years. Fundraising exceeding the fraternity s
04 and Glenn Carrere Jr. 07 ac- efforts continue as we make a push standards of excellence. Please
cepted a total of eight awards to fully refinance the outstanding join me in celebrating California
highlighting our hard work. We debt on the house. This was the Alpha s place in that elite group.
received the Community Service challenge posed by one very gener- We are all so proud!
Citation for exemplary work with ous alumnus who has matched all
the environment and community donations and interest-free loans Yours in the Bond,
and Risk Management Recogni- collected to date on a dollar for
tion for our attention to safeguard- dollar basis. For details on how Mike Ewing 04
ing our chapter and its residents. you can become a part of this his- Chapter Advisor
We received the Hayward S. Big- toric effort and help us to achieve
2726 Channing Way Berkeley California 510-540-9036

President s Report
Brothers, dows of the house, brand new car- community. We already have mem-
pets in the hallways, and a chimney bers working for the Inter-Fraternity
California Alpha is in a unique which is now fully functioning. Council, the ASUC senate, the Resi-
position at the start of this school Brothers continue to renovate their dent Assistant program for campus
year. Not only did we win eight individual rooms, which brings dormitories, and the Health Worker
awards from General Headquarters fresh program for the Greek community.
last semester, we also finally We have already effectively reached
achieved our out to the campus commu-
goal of winning nity and hope to continue
the Gold Star, the this tradition in the coming
most prestigious semesters. Phi Delta Theta
award given to a will more than ever stand
chapter of Phi out as the pillar of excel-
Delta Theta. It is lence against which all
gratifying to be other fraternities are meas-
recognized ured.
for our hard
work and While awards, home im-
achievements. provements, and public
However, Cal relations remain concerns
Alpha has not of California Alpha, they
peaked yet. We all mean nothing without
continue to stay the recruitment of out-
on track to win standing men of character
these awards to fill the walls of the chap-
again this year and to earn even The Brothers of Phi Delta Theta energy
ter house. There is no doubt in my
more awards from GHQ next year. and excitement to the house. Re- mind that Phi Delta Theta will
This is only the beginning of the spect for our chapter house is more emerge unscathed and victorious in
journey for Cal Alpha, not the end than ever becoming a paramount our quest to recruit capable men for
of it. virtue of California Alpha. the fraternity. I would like to encour-
age all alumni to drop by the house
The past semester and summer My primary goal for this semester and see the progress we ve made. As
have seen several improvements to is to further strengthen the chapter's always, our alumni are always wel-
the physical structure of the chap- relationships with the university come and we hope to see you this
ter house. Thanks to the hard work and the neighborhood. We are hop- semester!
of our summer house manager, our ing to do this by encouraging our
front room is now renovated with members to get involved in campus Yours in the Bond,
patched walls and a sparkling new organizations and by the creation of Brian Gorajski
paint job. It is quite literally the a Public Relations Chair who is
showpiece room of the house. The responsible for publicizing Phi
past semester and summer have Delta Theta on the UC-Berkeley
also yielded repairs to the win- campus and within the surrounding

House Furnishings
If there are any old or unused items or other house furnishings with which you would be willing to part,
please donate them to the House. We are continually trying to improve the appearance of the house and
would gladly accept any possible donations. If you would like to make a contribution, please contact Brad-
ford Edgerton at 510-540-9878 or at Some of the items we could use include:

Couches Copy Machine DVD/VCR Player Tables Scanner

Refrigerator Fax Machine Stereo Equipment Chairs Pots and Pans

Alumni Events 2004 Home Football Schedule Phi Delta Theta

The 2004 Cal football season is upon us and, Date Time Opponent Current Officers
as usual, we will be having game day BBQs 09/11 3:30 PM New Mexico St. 510-540-9036
at the Chapter House at 2726 Channing Way 10/16 2:00 PM UCLA
before and after every home football 10/30 12:30 PM Arizona St.
game. As we go to print, Cal is coming off a 11/06 12:30 PM Oregon President
56-14 victory over Air Force and enjoys a 11/30 12:30 PM Stanford Brian Gorajski
#12 national ranking. If you and your fami-
lies will be in Berkeley to attend any of the Duck Dinner will be at the Faculty Club this year on Vice President
four remaining Cal home games, I invite you Thursday, November 18th at 7:30PM. Mark your Laszlo Ladi
to stop by the House for some food and soft calendars! A form is included in this mailing.
drinks before heading up to the stadium. Please fill it out and return it by November 7th. If Alumni Secretary
This is also a great chance to see your fellow there are any questions, please feel free to call me at Bradford Edgerton
alums and to meet our current members. We 310-890-4949 or email me at edger- 310-890-4949
also have 3 parking spots available at the
house on a first come, first serve basis. The Secretary
cost will be $20 a space. Yours in the Bond, Glenn Carrere
Bradford Edgerton, Alumni Secretary
Josh Ewing
Fall Rush 2004
California Alpha
California Alpha finds itself at Association
a very important crossroads in Board of Directors
its existence in fall 2004. As
always, recruitment is central President
to the future of the fraternity, Rodney Pimentel 86
and the caliber of the events 510-693-2094
held during the formal Rush
Week in addition to the plan- Vice President
ning that has been put into Dennis Sidbury 91
continuous open bidding ef- 415-902-5834
forts bode well for Phi Delta
Theta. Secretary
My Two Friends performing at the chapter house for a rush event.
Dave Levy 91
There was a number of very
successful rush events. Draw- plan of dorm outreach to get events outside the dining com- Treasurer
ing upon the example of last actives interacting with poten- mons. We achieved a very profes- King Tuck 61
year s Fall Hog Roast and tial new members where they sional standard of publicity that
Spring Music Fest, we com- live. This not only had the ef- has helped get our name out on Directors
bined the themes of good food fect of broadening our base of campus. Don Hoard 84
and music to produce an event rushees, but also allowed us to Steve Williamson 82
this year with a fifty-pound meet a large population of stu- This semester s recruitment is Sam Doolittle 91
pig and My Two Friends, dents on a more personal level characterized by innovation and Mike Ewing 04
voted Best Band of Berkeley which has since given us the integrity. In perhaps the most sig- Brian Gorajski 05
for 2004. Two hundred peo- familiarity to invite them to nificant development of all, we are
ple were in the house and on ongoing recruitment events. greatly stressing the future poten-
the front and back decks at tial of our pledges, and much
any given time, and both the Furthermore, much more effort thought is being put into how
aroma of roast pork and the has been put into publicity, both much any particular individual can
sweet notes overpowered any- for the chapter in general and contribute to the chapter. By do-
thing the other fraternities on for our events. After a hiatus of ing so, we are ensuring that the
Channing Way could offer. nearly ten years, a Phi Delt rush Phis of tomorrow will continue to
magazine has been published transmit the fraternity, not only
Because of tighter university that illustrates what it means to not less, but greater than it was
restrictions on rush activities, be in the fraternity. We tabled transmitted to them.
we decided to implement a at Calapalooza, and flyered for

Spring 2004

Brothers enjoying a night of fun at a Japanese restaurant.

My Two Friends performing at the 1st annual Spring Music Fest

A Valentine s Day exchange with the ladies of Alpha Omega Pi

A night of fun in San Francisco

A cook-off exchange with our sister sorority, Delta Gamma

Bradford Edgerton 05 receiving a paddle

from his little brother Andrew Spencer 07

Founders Day 2004 Celebration a Success

The annual Founders Day event, weather and to play a friendly
held April 24 this past spring, was round of golf.
a tremendous success. We started
the day with the traditional active/ Founders day celebrates alumni at
alumni golf tournament at Tilden 25, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, & 75 years
Park. After a nice morning of lei- after initiation. Of thirty alumni
surely but competitive golf, we that qualified this year, two were
journeyed back down the hill to a able to attend.
BBQ at the house and ended the
Alumni that attend receive pins
afternoon with the Founders day
commemorating their awards.
ceremony itself, honoring several of
our distinguished alumni. Both the alumni and the actives
had a great time. The actives es- Actives and alumni at the annual Founders Day
We had 16 players from several pecially enjoyed hearing stories golf tournament at Tilden Park
generations to enjoy the great from the older Phis.

Alumni News
Congratulations to David Ficklin (Cal Gamma #889) and his wife Gwen on the birth last January of Ryan Pierce Fick-
lin. Ryan was born January 4, 2004 in Kansas City Missouri. He is the second child for the Ficklins, joining Nicole
Page Ficklin who was born September 14, 2001 in Kansas City as well.

House Improvements
Dear California Alpha Alumni,

This has been another productive

semester for improving the Chap-
ter. The projects that we have
completed over the last semester
included replacing all the broken Window after
windows in the house, carpet on chapter house a better place to
the second and third floors, paint- live. We hope that you will con-
ing the living room, and bracing sider a contribution to the Cali-
the chimney. The pictures below Window before fornia Alpha Building Fund as
show the before and after of just ment projects. The California part of your annual donations.
one of the 17 windows that were Alpha Association has managed Please return the enclosed card
replaced. all the projects to make sure all with your generous gift.
the funds are used to achieve the
This semester we plan to paint maximum benefit to the chapter. Thank you for helping the chap-
the dining room, paint the west ter and making the house a better
side of the house, and replace the As alumni of the chapter, you are place to live.
blower in the kitchen. These pro- owners of the chapter house. The
jects will significantly improve improvements to the house have Yours in the bond,
the quality of the chapter house. played a major roll in making the Rodney Pimentel #1050

I would like to take this opportu- Thank you Alumni for your generous contribution in the Spring:
nity to thank you for your gener-
ous contributions to the building
fund. The Building Fund was
established to allow alumni to
donate toward house improve-

Lost Phi Delts


Mr. Robert W. Stutt Mr. George A. Leatherman Jr. Mr. John B. Nance Mr. Timothy E. Salter
Mr. Lyman R. Gillis Mr. George W. Smith Mr. Richard B. Griffin Mr. Stephen D. Machado
Mr. Robert T. Petersson Mr. Jack R. Howell Mr. Mark C. Covington Mr. Michael A. Reed
Mr. Demott Modisette Jr. Mr. Ben E. Foster Mr. William E. Dempsey Mr. Mark D. Fowler
Mr. Laurin F. Tolman Mr. Jack W. Booth Mr. Thomas J. Seed Mr. Bradley W. Coburn
Mr. Allen N. Maybury Mr. James H. Llewellyn Mr. Gary E. Meyer Mr. James W. Fannin
Mr. George W. Shipley Mr. Ruben L. Navarro Mr. Jeffrey M. Brennan Mr. James M. Hirst
Mr. Paul R. Eckley Mr. James R. Payne Mr. James E. Richards Mr. Dennis G. Lee
Mr. Jack R. Sloan Mr. Thomas L. Robertson Mr. Joseph A. Wharton Mr. Jeffrey J. McElvaney
Mr. John M. Switzer Mr. Nathaniel M. Ball Mr. Richard A. Potts Mr. Christopher J. Allen
Mr. Robert P. Shoemaker Mr. Richard N. Peterson Mr. John Wisnom IV Mr. Jeffrey T Han
Mr. Gordon A. Jackson Mr. John H. Risbrough Jr. Mr. Alan C. Doscher Mr. Lasse B. Kjelsaas
Mr. Richard E. Baum Mr. Robert A. Smith Mr. Clayton T. Rowley Mr. Frank R R. Avenilla
Mr. William D. Switzer Mr. Malcolm P. Boghosian Mr. Craig S. Nelson Mr. Felix A. Torres
Mr. Richard M. Drach Mr. Wesley C. Colbert Mr. Michael P. Schelp Mr. Douglas E. Davies
Mr. Charles S. McDonald Mr. Charles R. Fitch Mr. H. D. Roebuck Mr. Lee S. Roberts
Mr. Newell D. Mitchell Mr. Robert S. Jackson Mr. Robert L. Johnson Jr. Mr. Robert K. D. L. Izumi
Mr. Paul R. Taber Jr. Mr. Dennis T. Cutland Mr. Dennis J. Fitzgerald Mr. Adam D. Griffin
Mr. George M. Brodrick Mr. Alan B. Jenkins Mr. Richard L. Armstrong Mr. Jason M. Redd
Mr. Jack D. Griffith Mr. John N. Lawton Jr. Mr. Carl A. Northcraft Mr. Philip S Mah
Mr. Charles Ayres Mr. Raymond B. Pike Mr. Stephen W. Byrd Mr. Paul D. Morrison
Mr. Richard C. Apman Mr. David K. Brown Mr. John F. Redig Mr. Alex B. Szeto
Mr. Gay W. Weber Mr. Richard L. Carver Mr. Richard E. Platzek Mr. Justin Corrocherr
Mr. Bert L. Smith Mr. Richard C. Orear Mr. William P. Leary Mr. Jay Panchal
Mr. Henry A. Kinnison Jr. Mr. William N. Taylor Mr. Mark R. Thorp Mr. Ethan J. Danberry
Mr. Marion E. Willson Mr. Curtis K. Townsend Mr. James J. Arnstein Mr. Edward Youssoufian
Mr. Gordon W. Nelson Mr. Robert M. Watkins Mr. Kenneth S. Green Mr. Gabriel A. Harley
Mr. Warren E. Davis Mr. Donald B. Shea Mr. Kimble D. Goodman Mr. Bernard J. Kornberg
Mr. Roger H. Ransom Mr. Donald M. Howard Captain John S. Walsh Mr. Ryan Carney
Mr. Robert O. Hawes Mr. James D. Rhoades Mr. Matthew Grimes Mr. Mike Pfisterer
Mr. Richard W. Henley Mr. Laurence D. Oliveri Mr. Mehdi Ganjeizadeh

What are you doing? Has something interesting happened to you in the past year? Then contact us and
let us know what s new. We are always curious to learn about the various ex-
periences or accomplishments of our fellow brothers. Please fill out this form or
contact Bradford Edgerton at 510-540-9878 or


Thursday The annual Duck Dinner will be held at the Faculty Club.
November 18 Dinner will start at 7:30PM. Many Phis meet up at 5PM at
Henry s on Durant before walking up to the Chapter House at
6PM. We will walk over to the Faculty Club at 7:15PM. The
House is located at 2726 Channing Way.

The Brothers of Phi Delta Theta would be pleased to have you as our guests. Please return the
form below by November 7th or contact Bradford Edgerton at (510) 540-9036 or

YES, I would like to attend Duck Dinner.


Please Select an entrée:

Roast Duck N. Y. Steak Vegetarian Pasta

I would like to make a lasting commitment to the
Brothers of Phi Delta Theta, Cal Alpha!
Please accept my contribution of:

$250 $100 $50 Other $_______

Please Make your check payable to the California Alpha Association, with a memo entry of Building Fund.
Thank you for your generous support.
P.O. Box 4338, Berkeley, CA 94704

Summer Adventures
Marc Shapiro 05 spent the summer in Amsterdam Bret Manley 05 attended a two month economics program at a
studying law and philosophy. His summer stay was the London university. He currently has a seat on the executive
culmination of seven months of sanctioned study at a local committee of the Intrafraternity Council.
university through UC-Berkeley. Manuel Buenrostro 07 summered in Washington, D.C. as part
John Richmond 05 spent the summer traveling in France. of a UC-DC exchange program. Manuel is currently a senator
He had spent the previous semester studying history at a for the A.S.U.C.
local French university through a UC-Berkeley Study

The SF Alumni Club holds a luncheon on the first Friday

of every month (The next one will be on October 1st).
Lunch is served at the famous Schroeder s Restaurant,
which is located on 240 Front St. in downtown San
Francisco. The lunch is informal and begins at noon.
Alumni are encouraged to attend.

PO Box 4338

Berkeley, CA 94704
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