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University of California, Berkeley Fall 2007

Cal Alpha’s New Oldest Living Phi: Mr. Maurice Baldwin, #432
Few 98-year olds radiate an enthusiasm reminiscent of the days of their youth, and fewer still look
ten or fifteen years younger. But Maurice F. Baldwin, Bond #432, a Cal Alpha Phi from the Class of 1932,
isn’t your typical 98-year old.
A native of San Francisco’s Richmond district, Baldwin attended Polytechnic High School, then
San Mateo Junior College, and he starred for both football teams and led them to respective championships.
Along with several of his teammates, the highly-regarded Baldwin transferred to UC Berkeley as a junior
and became the captain of the Cal football team, playing center and linebacker. He also pledged Phi Delta
Theta that fall semester of 1930.
The Cal Alpha of old differed in many ways from that of the present, with its location on Hearst
Avenue, its sizable number of athletes who played for Cal, and its more “traditional” pledging and initiation
procedures. But some aspects that remained constant were the heated rivalry with Stanford (Cal won both
Big Games during Baldwin’s two-year tenure), the great relations with campus sororities, and most impor-
tantly, the friendliness and openness among the members.
“I had very fond memories
because that [Phi Delta Theta] was
home,” Baldwin warmly remembered.
The life of a collegiate foot-
ball player also drastically differed in
that era. The Depression forced many
players to take additional jobs to help
pay for their university fees and living
expenses, including Baldwin, who
hauled cinder for the athletic track.
And in addition to the players playing
both offense and defense without sub-
stitutions and rarely having breaks,
Baldwin recalls playing under a coach
who wouldn’t allow them to drink
water during games, and once, be-
cause of the lack of hash marks on the
field, intercepting a ball against Idaho
and running twenty yards in the wrong
direction, before correcting himself. In fact, Baldwin was the immediate successor to Roy “Wrong Way”
Riegels, the Cal center who in the 1929 Rose Bowl against Georgia Tech, infamously recovered a fumble
and ran 65 yards in the wrong direction.
However, the biggest difference was arguably the lack of physical protection. The helmets were
leather and barely provided any protection, the football cleats had iron studs that would routinely lodge
themselves in body parts, and the pads failed to bear the brunt of tackles, resulting in countless injuries.
“Those doggone uniforms we used to wear, they had pads in all the wrong places,” Baldwin recol-
Baldwin’s injuries included a metal stud from a football cleat lodged in his hand, which required
five stitches, a broken nose, and a broken collarbone. But they didn’t stop him from continuing to lead the
team. In fact though Baldwin’s two years at Cal were losing seasons, the team still traveled to Atlanta to
play Georgia Tech in a bowl game, and shook hands with President Hoover in Washington, D.C.
Despite the close friendships he formed with brothers during his time at Cal Alpha (including the
recently deceased oldest Cal Alpha Phi, George Horton), the Depression meant that social relationships had
to suffer at the expense of more immediate necessities, like obtaining employment.
“We didn’t keep in touch with anybody because we had to carry on with our own lives,” Baldwin

2726 Channing Way • Berkeley • California • 510-540-9036 •

Baldwin, continued
Phi Delta Theta Graduating with a Business Administration when the backers couldn’t obtain enough financial
Fraternity degree from a reputable university “didn’t mean a support, but Baldwin was still very happy to keep his
Current Officers thing” during the Depression, noted Baldwin. After job at Owens, where he was progressing up the corpo-
510-540-9036 working as a head cook in a Sierra campground, then rate ladder very well.
as a painter and a paperhanger with his father in San In spite of his many years, one quote by
President Francisco, Baldwin desired more independence and Brother Baldwin aptly describes not only his time as a
Evan Basakis # 1301 joined the Owens glass company (the precursor of football star, but his unwavering philosophy toward
present day Owens Corning corporation), packing life, which was constantly challenged by obstacles
Vice President bottles in a dangerously noisy glass factory for forty ranging from the Depression to numerous injuries.
Matt Dally #1305 cents an hour, $3.20 a day. The allure of stable em- “I wouldn’t give up. I was always going,
ployment was so great that Baldwin treasured the job, ready to drop. I was always in the action.”
Alumni Secretary and ended up staying for forty years. The job took him
Kevin Amirehsani to many locations in the western United States, in- Yours in the Bond,
cluding Utah, where he met his future wife and mar- Kevin Amirehsani
Treasurer ried her in 1940. An offer to play football profession- Alumni Secretary
Marius Lungu # 1293 ally, part-time, in a newly-created league dissolved

Secretary House Improvements

Adam Woo #1313 I would like to highlight some of the most be built, hopefully within the next few months. There
recently completed and ongoing house improve- will also be some work days scheduled throughout
House Manager ments. First, the second floor hallway was just the semester to ensure that house improvements and
Thomas Moran #1311 painted, continuing the color scheme from the first projects are done efficiently and effectively and to
floor. Second, there have been some recent improve- keep the house clean. We are also looking to fix our
ments to the landscaping in the front of the house to roof, kitchen, and do some structural work within the
make it look more respectable. We are also working next few years to help make sure our house remains
California Alpha on our basement to make it more of a useful space in good condition. We appreciate the role of Cal Al-
Association and more of an inviting atmosphere. Also, some basic pha Board of Directors, and all alumni for their ongo-
Board of Directors house improvements have been accomplished, in- ing help in improving the chapter house and making
cluding the patching of many holes throughout the it a better place to live. We hope that you will con-
President house, new handles for the foosball table, and other sider a contribution to the California Alpha Building
Dennis Sidbury #1150 small projects to keep the house in good condition. Fund as part of your annual donations. Please return
415-902-5834 We have also begun work on replacing the fire escape the enclosed envelope with your generous gift.
in the backyard. Our old fire escape was beyond re-
Vice President pair so it was torn down, and temporary metal scaf- Yours in the Bond,
Adam Garfinkle #1203 folding was put in until the plans for the new fire es- Thomas Moran #1311
cape can be approved. Then the new fire escape will House Manager
Terry Maiken #1060 FOUNDER’S DAY
Treasurer We held our traditional Founder’s Day event
King Tuck #860 the afternoon of Saturday April 28, 2007 at Tilden
Park in Berkeley. As is customary, the event was
Chapter Advisor preceded by our annual golf tournament. We’re
Adam Garfinkle #1203 happy to report that we had our largest turnout to date
despite the absence of Bret “Boom Boom” Manley.
After tearing up the course at Tilden in the morning,
Directors actives and alumni were joined by ten legionnaires
Rodney Pimentel #1050 who gathered in the clubhouse for some refreshments
Jeff Davidson #1218 and story telling. Bond #572 Gerald Crane repre-
Greg Byard #1178 sented the 65-year legionnaires. 60-year legionnaires
Decker Flynn #1139 in attendance were #662 Mr. Richard W. Strong and way. A number of other non-Legionnaires made the
Evan Basakis #1301 #663 Mr. Maynard G. Nelson. The 55-year legion- party as well, including #770 Mr. Jack C. Lockhart
naires had the largest turnout with a total of four and #833 Dr. Willard T. “Will” Price. Most of the
brothers joining the festivities: #754 Mr. Clayton housing corporation board was also in attendance.
DaVega, #760 Mr. Carlton W. DaVega, #762 Mr. Pins and certificates were distributed with the caveat
Webb W. Hayes Jr., and #765 Mr. John “Jack” F. that fond memories of Cal and Phi Delta Theta be
Mather. If you looked quickly, it might appear as if shared for all to enjoy. Phi Delta Theta is truly a fra-
there were only three 55-year legionnaires at the ternity for life. The event is always the last Saturday
event…you see, the DaVegas are twins, bringing new in April so mark your calendars for some fun on April
meaning to the term “brotherhood”! Golden Legion- 26, 2008; we hope to see you there.
naires in attendance, the guys initiated 50 years ago,
were #843 Mr. George L. Saywell, #844 Mr. Edward Yours in the Bond,
P. “Paul” Kelly, and #850 Mr. Alson “Al” E. Hathe- Dennis Sidbury #1150
President’s Report 3
see to it that all the brothers are happy then this house can do
In my second and last semester as President I am con- great things.
tinually looking for ways to improve the experience at Cal Al- In light of these great things, I feel that the house is
pha. In the time that I have been President, I have seen the chap- becoming more academically oriented. Our existing members
ter through some times of great development and growth. The and newest recruits have challenged themselves with rigorous
Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life under the direction of Dr. majors, including civil and mechanical engineering, physics,
Hesp has been very active in improving the Greek system and its history, political science, and English.
reputation here at Cal. I am proud to say that Cal Alpha has In terms of Rush this fall, I feel that an addition of 8-10
been one of the more active chapters on campus when working guys will be adequate and sufficient. However, we feel that it is
with the campus and the community. The success of our very never practical to sacrifice quality for quantity. On this impor-
strong relationship with the campus has a lot to do with the tant note, I feel that having a solid core of younger guys in the
countless efforts of the Housing Corporation, namely King Tuck house ensures that we will continue to prosper. Now, we have
and Adam Garfinkle. Along these lines, Cal Alpha has been that core group, but in order to ensure that all our positive contri-
improving our relationship with the Berkeley Fire Department butions to the house endure, it is necessary to rush aggressively.
and the Building Department by becoming current with fire and Going into my last semester as President, I have real-
life-safety codes. Here at Cal Alpha, we feel that these, in addi- ized that I was given a great opportunity to contribute to the or-
tion to our house renovation projects, are crucial to the house’s ganization and at the same benefit from my experiences. I have
future, so that we will be able to attract new members and main- found that I could do no other than help in anyway that I could to
tain a positive image in the eyes of our peers. see this place grow into something even better than when I first
Every day I have made an effort to improve the state of was brought in. I also hold in high esteem the Housing Corpora-
the house as far as “brotherhood” is concerned. I want new tion as well as all alumni who have put in so much time and ef-
members to participate in important functions/positions in the fort. I will forever remember my experiences here and I look
house, I want them to become more active and knowledgeable forward to contributing to the house in the future.
within the campus community, and most of all I want them to
succeed. I think Cal Alpha provides them with great potential to Yours in the Bond,
move them to become responsible and mature individuals. At Evan Basakis, #1301
times I feel as if I have to push them to grow and mature, and at President
times it can be a painful process, but well worth it. I feel that if I

Building Fund
We have a very important project that has become a
priority at the Chapter House. Our wooden fire es-
cape has finally seen its last days. The Berkeley Fire
Marshall deemed the structure unsafe during an an-
nual inspection and mandated that it be replaced im-
mediately. The Housing Corporation, led by brother
Decker Flynn, has demolished the old structure and
erected a temporary staircase to prevent the City from
closing the house. Terry Maiken kick started the fire
escape fund raising campaign with a $500 donation .

We have employed the services of a structural engi-

neer and have been working on obtaining a permit
from the City to construct a permanent steel structure.
The new structure will solve many issues besides Cal Alpha’s Temporary Fire Escape
safety. We have always had many leaks and dry rot
issues next to the old fire escape that we have not been
able to fix. This project will allow us to make some Many thanks to the brothers listed below who have contributed to the
significant long-term improvements to the back of the Building Fund during the past year. We hope that you will consider a
house. contribution to the California Alpha Building Fund as part of your an-
nual donations. Please return the enclosed card with you generous gift.
The current estimate is $75,000 to replace the existing
structure. The Housing Corporation encourages you
to give generously this year to our building fund drive Mr. Jerry Becker Mr. Terry Maiken Mr. Robert Shoemaker
to help fund the costs of this important life-safety pro- Mr. Ed Callan Mr. Howard Martin Mr. Dennis Sidbury
ject. Mr. Gerald Crane Mr. Roger Nelson Mr. Mike Smith
Mr. Adam Garfinkle Mr. John Norris Mr. Dick Strong
Yours in the Bond, Mr. Henry Giudice Mr. Curtis O’Sullivan Mr. Bob Weiss
Rodney Pimentel #1050 Mr. Fred Hawkins Mr. Sidney Petersen Mr. Robert Wheeler
Mr. George Horton Mr. Rodney Pimentel Mr. Ed Willi
Mr. John Lawton Mr. Joe Richardson
Alumni Events This year’s Duck Dinner will be held in the Great Hall 4
2007 Home Football Schedule at the Faculty Club on Thursday, November 29th at
7:30PM. As usual, many members plan to meet at
Date Time Opponent Henry’s at 5:00 before heading over. We are also in
9/1 5:00 PM Tennessee, W 45-31 the process of arranging an open house at 2717 Hearst
9/15 3:30 PM Louisiana Tech Avenue, Cal Alpha’s former chapter house, from 5-
9/22 TBA Arizona 6PM. Mark your calendars! Please fill it out and re-
10/13 TBA Oregon State turn it by November 7th. We will also have our
11/3 7:00 PM Washington State “Active vs. Alumni” softball game the next day, Fri-
11/10 5:00 PM USC day, November 30th. Make sure to stop by and test
your softball skills after Duck Dinner and the day be-
fore The Big Game at noon.

The 2007 Cal football season has begun and, as usual, we will be having If there are any questions, please feel free to call me at
gameday BBQs at the Chapter House at 2726 Channing Way before and 510-552-9454 or email me at
after every home football game. If you and your families will be in
Berkeley to attend any of the six Cal home games, I invite you to stop by
the House for some food and soft drinks before heading up to the sta- Yours in the Bond,
dium. This is also a great chance to see your fellow alumni and to meet Kevin Amirehsani
our current members. Alumni Secretary

Remarks from the Vice President

ALS Association of California Alpha.
The ALS Association held its first Day in Sacramento last spring, and Now the deck and
California Alpha was there with them. This advocacy event brought driveway are flanked
ALS patients and supporters together in a visit to the state representa- with drought-resistant
tives' offices. Three brothers and two pledges spoke about their ex- grasses, vines,
periences helping the ALS Association, and what more needs to be bushes, and trees.
done to help find a cure for this debilitating disease. And above the new
Be a Part of Chapter History plantings, the house
Brothers Eric Michal and Matt Dally are writing a comprehensive proudly displays an
history of California Alpha. So far, we've looked through old Alpha American flag and an
Star issues, Blue & Gold Yearbooks, and miscellaneous other sources. unbelievably large
Now we want to hear from the alumni: tell us about your life in Phi Phi Delta Theta flag.
Delt, funniest stories, lessons learned, fellow brothers, and anything Come to the chapter house this fall and see the changes! Next land-
else you want to pass on to a new generation of Phis. If you've got a scaping task: the back yard. If you've got a green thumb or dollars to
story to tell, please get in touch with Historian Matt Dally (e-mail fund the project, send an e-mail to, or just send plain old mail). We'll keep you up-
dated on our progress! Yours in the Bond,
Landscaping - In with the New Growth Matt Dally #1305
Hours of labor over the summer have resulted in a refreshed front face Vice President

My Summer at the World Series of Poker

I joined Phi Delta Theta at the end of my sophomore year as realized how many brothers are really out there and doing a lot of the
an avid poker player and fan. I hoped to test some of my skills once I same things!
turned 21 at the various events of the World Series of Poker. I In the final event, just as I hoped to leave Las Vegas because
booked a cheap hotel near the venue for the end of May through the I’d had enough, some good fortune finally came my way. I had the
middle of July to ensure my stay for the entire World Series. It started best cards on Day 1 of the Main event and was able to reach near the
off tough and I found myself overwhelmed by many of the stars from chip lead with 130,000 chips. I survived Day 2 with 80,000 chips and
ESPN sitting right beside me. Some of the names at my tables in- was hoping to make it to the money. Halfway though Day 3, 621 of
cluded Men the Master, Joe Hachem, Jamie Gold, Howard Lederer, the 6300 entrants were left. By the end of Day 3, I had built up to
Erick Lindgren, Kathy Liebert, and Alex Jacob. Perhaps you are fa- 360,000. On Day 4 the good fortune really returned as I got to 1.3
miliar with some of them, but they were superstars to me. The sum- million chips with about 130 players remaining. Then on Day 5, the
mer became long as I cashed in only one time heading into the Main luck ran out, but I still was able to finish 82nd in this year's Main
Event, but the Phis were plentiful. I received visits from several of Event, and the summer was a success with that final note. Chasing
the active brothers that were in Vegas at the time, and it was great to the 8 million dollar prize was a memory I won't forget and hope to try
have some company in the hot desert sun. In addition, I was able to again soon!
spend some time with a recent alumnus too. However, the most sur-
prising day was the when I wore one of my Phi Delta Theta rush Yours in the Bond,
shirts. Four people at my tables that day notified me that they were K.C. Cagney #1308
brothers in the bond at chapters from all over the place. I had never
Summer in Armenia
Being proud of who you are has been ingrained in me built in the 4th century and was built into the mountainside. 5
from a young age. Being Armenian pretty much guarantees being Coming from humble beginnings, I truly appreciate all that
in the minority wherever I go. As such, it is always a challenge I have. I feel blessed to have been able to return to my homeland, it
finding a place where I can truly feel accepted and understood. I truly did feel like home there. At the same time however, I felt a
found such a place here at California Alpha. strong longing to return to the United States, to Berkeley. I missed
Going back to Armenia this summer after a 6 year absence California Alpha and the way it also felt like home as well. The
was amazing. I saw family members that had last seen me as a 14- diversity of brothers in the house has made me feel welcome. Hav-
year-old child. I saw things differently than I had back then. It ing brothers from various backgrounds and all walks of life has
wasn’t all fun and games this time around. I visited some of the made Cal Alpha a home away from home. I’m glad to be a part of
most poverty-stricken people I had ever seen, this time around fully this chapter and look forward to continuing the diversity and tradi-
understanding what that meant: what those people had to go tion of respect for one another as well as the Bond.
through everyday just to have food in their stomachs. I also saw
some of the most beautiful and breathtaking sites I had ever seen as Yours in the bond,
well. I visited one of the oldest churches in the world, which was Hovanes Gasparian, #1302

Rush Update
Hello brothers. This fall looks like it will provide an abun- greater accountability for the rest of the chapter. The new brothers
dant and dynamic group of Phikeia. A new tactic we will be trying from spring semester are very excited to participate in recruitment,
this year that we have not tried in the past is a rush “telethon,” as is the rest of the chapter. With the house completely full of
where we call as many of the incoming freshman as we can via a brothers for the first time in a long time, (at least as long as I've been
contact list we obtained from the university. Hopefully this will a brother), the excitement in the air is thick, as brothers begin to
provide us with some more depth as we begin recruitment. Other move back into the house and preparations for official rush are
rush strategies have been redefined and modified, including our made.
approach towards bidding and outreach. Some of the tactics we Let me just say thank you to our province president, Phil
tried last year proved unsuccessful, such as rush teams. With a DeCarlo, and Housing Corp. for their continued support and guid-
commitment towards collective participation still forefront in my ance. Wish us luck as we look forward to a recruitment class in the
mind, other collectively inspired plans will be put into effect this double digits.
fall, such as logistical preparation for specific events that the entire
house will participate in. Such an approach to the complexities of Yours in the Bond,
Rush will both take some of the weight off of my shoulders Patrick Cento #1290
(allowing me to focus on the actual recruitment) and allow for Recruitment Chair
Emerging Leaders Institute
This summer in Oxford, Ohio, many members from Phi discussed the triumphs and shortcomings of their respective chapters
Delta Theta chapters across the country and Canada came together at with respect to the day's topic. The third day reinforced the moral
the Phi Delta Theta Emerging Leaders Institute. This meeting is held and legal dangers of hazing. The conference culminated with a
every year to promote unity across chapters and to reinforce the touching story of a young man whose Greek experience ended
principles of the fraternity. Our chapter sent us, Tom and Konrad, tragically; everyone was visibly affected.
two of the youngest and most eager brothers. After arriving in We definitely returned this semester with an even better
Oxford we rushed to the first event, a dinner at which we were given attitude and more zeal than before. The experience clearly gave us a
Cal Alpha’s Gold Star and Community Service Citation. We listened new perspective on the fraternity, one which we are sharing with the
actively at the lectures and participated in the smaller group other brothers here.
Each of the three full days had a focus. The first day's pillar Yours in the Bond,
was ritual and was headlined by a model initiation. The second day Konrad Knusel #1309
taught the young men about successful recruitment tactics. Thomas Moran #1311
Throughout each day the young leaders met with their groups and

Last semester's philanthropic endeavors proved to be both ensure that next Spring's MusicFest is an even greater success than
meaningful and exciting. We supported the Greek Community's those of the past, we will begin the planning and booking of acts
cooperative efforts by providing participants, and lots of cheer, to Pi during the latter part of this semester.
Phi's Arrowbands, Delta Gamma's Anchor Slam, and Kappa Alpha The philanthropic spirits are high in anticipation of this
Theta's Mr. CASAnova (our pledge Charlie Litchfield came in semester's activities. We will participate in the East Bay Walk to
second). D'Feet ALS as it has been a lot of fun in the past. In addition, thanks
As usual, our largest event was our Fourth Annual Spring to the generous creation of a Philanthropy Budget, I will be
MusicFest, for which we employed five local bands, served food, contacting the University to help find new events for us to become
and raffled off several great prizes. A speaker from the ALS involved in. As always, if any alumni propose a philanthropic idea,
Association, Matt Chaney, gained the audience's respect as he we will work our hardest to make it a reality.
described his experiences as a patient of the disease. We once again
raised over $700 for the Bay Area chapter of the ALS Association. Yours in the Bond,
The proceeds from t-shirt and raffle ticket sales have all been Konrad Knusel #1309
donated to the ALS Association of the Greater Bay Area. In order to Philanthropy Chair
Brothers Ian Nicholson (#1297) and Evan Basakis (#1301) embarked on several hiking and camping trips during the 6
summer. Highlights included a one-day ascent of Mt. Russell, the seventh tallest peak in California at 14,088 feet.
The technically challenging climb is normally completed in two days, but Evan and Ian tackled the mountain alpine
style, starting their adventure at five in the morning. They completed the fourteen mile climb in under twelve hours.
The pair also climbed the 10,462 foot Lassen Peak in Lassen Volcanic National Park on a separate trip. Plans for
next summer include an ascent of Mt. Morrison, a peak in the Mammoth Lakes area of the Sierra Nevada range. In-
terestingly, the summit is named after Robert Morrison, albeit not the Morrison of Phi Delta Theta fame.

House Furnishings — Got Junk?

The Chapter House is constantly in need of new supplies and we graciously accept donations of furniture and other equipment in
working condition. We are continually trying to improve the appearance of the house and would gladly accept any donations. If you
would like to make a contribution, please contact Eric Michal at 650.245.6011or at We could use the follow-
ing items:
Tools/Hardware Kitchenware Cleaning Supplies

Lost Phi Delts

1031 Mr. Kimble D. Goodman
442 Mr. Merritt N. Vaughn 818 Mr. Donald B. Shea 1042 Mr. Matt E. Clark
509 Mr. Robert T. Petersson 829 Mr. Donald M. Howard 1052 Captain John S. Walsh
511 Mr. Demott Modisette Jr. 832 Mr. James D. Rhoades 1055 Mr. Mehdi Ganjeizadeh
512 Mr. Laurin F. Tolman 839 Mr. Laurence D. Oliveri 1068 Mr. Timothy E. Salter
520 Mr. George W. Shipley 868 Mr. John B. Nance 1070 Mr. Stephen D. Machado
541 Mr. James E. Hug 890 Mr. Richard B. Griffin 1075 Mr. Mark D. Fowler
566 Mr. Richard E. Baum 892 Mr. James J. Kennington 1079 Mr. Bradley W. Coburn
589 Mr. Charles S. McDonald 896 Mr. Mark C. Covington 1085 Mr. James W. Fannin
627 Mr. Jack D. Griffith 897 Mr. William E. Dempsey 1086 Mr. James M. Hirst
632 Mr. Richard C. Apman 902 Mr. Thomas J. Seed 1092 Mr. Dennis G. Lee
645 Mr. Henry A. Kinnison Jr. 915 Mr. Gary E. Meyer 1094 Mr. Jeffrey J. McElvaney
648 Mr. Marion E. Willson 918 Mr. Jeffrey M. Brennan 1125 Mr. Jeffrey T Han
649 Mr. Gordon W. Nelson 929 Mr. Bruce E. James 1128 Mr. Lasse B. Kjelsaas
651 Mr. Warren E. Davis 946 Mr. James E. Richards 1132 Mr. Frank R R. Avenilla
652 Mr. Roger H. Ransom 954 Mr. Joseph A. Wharton 1134 Mr. Felix A. Torres
661 Mr. Richard W. Henley 957 Mr. Richard A. Potts 1144 Mr. Lee S. Roberts
667 Mr. George A. Leatherman Jr. 958 Mr. John Wisnom IV 1149 Mr. Vladimir Douhovnikoff
669 Mr. George W. Smith 959 Mr. Alan C. Doscher 1156 Mr. Adam D. Griffin
673 Mr. Jack R. Howell 960 Mr. Steven C. Morrell 1161 Mr. Jason M. Redd
691 Mr. Ben E. Foster 964 Mr. Clayton T. Rowley 1164 Mr. Philip S Mah
710 Mr. Ruben L. Navarro 965 Mr. Craig S. Nelson 1189 Mr. Manuel R. Lozano
721 Mr. James R. Payne 966 Mr. Michael P. Schelp 1200 Mr. Jason Shuster
736 Mr. Nathaniel M. Ball 968 Mr. H. D. Roebuck 1201 Mr. Alex B. Szeto
749 Mr. Richard N. Peterson 969 Mr. Robert L. Johnson Jr. 1205 Mr. Justin Corrocherr
757 Mr. Robert A. Smith 970 Mr. Dennis J. Fitzgerald 1209 Mr. Arta Monjazeb
777 Mr. Dennis T. Cutland 976 Mr. Richard L. Armstrong 1211 Mr. Jay Panchal
792 Mr. David K. Brown 977 Mr. Carl A. Northcraft 1233 Mr. Nicholas Cravalho
800 Mr. Curtis K. Townsend 1001 Mr. William P. Leary 1234 Mr. Neil H. Ogimachi
801 Mr. Robert M. Watkins 1002 Mr. Mark R. Thorp 1254 Mr. Ryan Carney
We very much appreciate the feedback we receive regarding lost Phi Delts. If you sent in updates, please
Please look closely at all the
be sure that we received them. If you have provided information on a brother who continues to appear on
names. The list gets smaller
this list, it means the information that was provided is either the same information we already have as
every year. Let’s make sure
their most recent address which is no longer valid or that we confirmed that the new information pro-
every Phi is found.
vided is out of date. Thank you.

2007 DUCK DINNER November 29
The annual Duck Dinner will once again be held at the Faculty Club. Last year we
had a great turnout and this year we are again trying to break 100 guests, so please
make an effort to come on out and see your brothers! The evening begins at Henry’s
at 5:00 followed by Happy Hour at 6:30 at the Faculty Club. The evening finishes
off with Duck Dinner at 7:30 in the Great Hall.

The Brothers of Phi Delta Theta would be pleased to have you as our guests. Please return the
form below by November 7th or contact Kevin Amirehsani at 510-552-9454 or at

YES, I would like to attend Duck Dinner.


Please Select an entrée:

Roast Duck N. Y. Steak Fish Vegetarian Pasta

I would like to make a lasting commitment to the
Brothers of Phi Delta Theta, Cal Alpha!

Please accept my contribution of:

$500 $200 $100 Other $_______

Please make your check payable to the California Alpha Association, with a memo entry of “Building Fund” and mail to
California Alpha at P.O. Box 4338, Berkeley, CA 94704.
Thank you for your generous support.
New Website
California Alpha's website,, has 8
been redesigned! If you have any suggestions for mak-
ing the website better, please send an e-mail to

What are you doing?

Has something interesting happened to you in the past year? If so,
please contact us and let your brothers know what’s new. We are
always curious to learn about the various experiences or accom-
plishments of our fellow brothers. Please contact Kevin
Amirehsani at 510-552-9454 or

The SF Alumni Club holds a luncheon on the first Friday

of every month (The next ones will be on September 7th and Octo-
ber 5th). Lunch is served at the famous Schroeder’s Restaurant,
which is located on 240 Front St. in downtown San Francisco. The
lunch is informal and begins at noon. Alumni are encouraged to
At the August luncheon we quaffed a stein to Brother Ken
Thanks to Brother George Saywell Miller, a long-time attendee, who passed away on his birthday,
for providing this comic which ap- July 22, 2007 at the age of 85. We will miss you Ken.
peared in The New Yorker magazine
on April 17, 2006. In Coelo Quies Est.

PO Box 4338
Berkeley, CA 94704