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EZEE Order: A Real Time Ordering System with Inventory

and Sales Report

Mark Kevin E. Bonon
System Plus College
Angeles City, Pampanga
Emerald Kim V. De Dios
System Plus College
Angeles City, Pampanga

Jennyna Anne D. Ramos
System Plus College
Angeles City, Pampanga

Jamie S. Polidario
Systems Plus College
Angeles City, Pampanga

In a very short period of time, there are astonishing numbers of
people with Tablet Computer using them, leading productive
lives, enhancing the quality of their life, etc., and in some cases,
diminishing the quality of their life. The versatility of a Tablet
Computer is impressive. It is used from playing games, to
watching movies, to reading books and creating documents. It is
also used in different fields. For example, In Medicine field,
doctors manage their patients medical record by using a Tablet.
While in the field of Education, Electronic books or E-books are
installed in their tablets to widen the range of teaching and
learning. In the field of Business, the transaction and collaboration
with customers or other companies are made easy because of the
ability of a Tablet to connect to the Network. The goal of this
research is to create a real time ordering system for the chosen
locale, Spoon Palace Tea House Restaurant, a Chinese restaurant
located in Balibago, Angeles City. The researchers utilize the
capability of a tablet computer to make an ordering transaction
online by creating a webbased system that will automate the
manual way of ordering, recording, of reports such as sales and
General Terms
Management, Documentation, Design, Restaurant, Generate,
Develop, Reports, Sales, Ordering, Inventory.
Ezee Order, e-Menu, Web-based, Encompasses, Summation,
In the past years, most of the restaurants depend on the old
manual ordering system that relies on pens and papers. Because of
this, problems such as miscommunication with the customers, loss
of orders, and unsatisfying process of orders arise.
Today, real time ordering system has improved the quality of
service of a lot of restaurant and other businesses. Real time
ordering has reduced the chances of human error and it allows the
information to be passed into to a device without a time
consuming data input process.
The researchers proposed a real time ordering and monitoring
system that can be manipulated and supervised using devices such
as Tablet Computer. The proposed system includes the process of
ordering food, monitoring of sales reports and inventory of goods
that are used in the restaurant.

2.1 General Objective
The main objective of this project is to develop a web-based
ordering system with sales reports and inventory reports which
will be compatible with tablet computers, laptops, and desktop

2.2 Specific Objectives:
The following are the specific objectives of the study:
To develop the system that will provide and display the
entire menu in the tablet.
To develop the systems module for managing the
ordering transactions.
To generate sales reports for the administrator /
2.3 Scope and Limitation

2.3.1 Scope of the Research
The system encompasses the processing of customer orders,
verifying orders, validating order status and summation of
the customers bill. The system also covers the enabling and
disabling of entry of products / foods, sales and inventory
2.3.2 Scope of the Research
The system is not connected to any social networking sites.
The system is not liable to any incident about hacking of
accounts. Likewise, the system will function in a stable
internet connection.

3.1 Wireless ordering PDA - Partner
OT200Title and Authors
Epos Company supplies various PDA equipment for remote order
taking, including PARTNER OT-200. Orders can be transmitted
directly from the OT-200 to the bar or kitchen via Wi-Fi, allowing
your employees to spend more time with guests and less time
walking back and forth.
When your staff takes an order, they simply key it into the
PARTNER OT-200 and the order is instantly transmitted through
your Wi-Fi wireless system to any printer in the bar and/or
kitchen, so the waiters can then progress to serve the next
Reduces time spent on order taking and keying orders into EPOS
system information is directly transmitted via wireless to POS
terminal and kitchen. Improves staff efficiency by eliminating
need for waiters to go to kitchen to deliver orders
Order processing time is immediate since kitchen receives order
right away, allowing for quicker service, and higher table
turnover. The researcher relates this article to their study because
of the benefits that can get using an OT-200 is the same goal
which the researcher aims in doing the system (EPOS

3.2 Tablet Ordering at Restaurants Can
Increase Guest Satisfaction, Check average
and Speed of Service
The versatility of tablets are amazing if youve caught any iPad
commercials lately (or any tablet ad for that matter), you may
have noticed the amazing things you can do with one, from
playing games, and watching movies to reading books and
creating documents and ordering food from your favorite
restaurant. No, we did not make that last part up; restaurants are
implementing the use of tablets as digital menus.
Guests can take their seats, and browse through a menu with the
tap and swipe of their fingers. Does that burger look tasty? Just
tap the screen to order. Do you want any sides to accompany your
meal? Adding those are just as easy. Innovative companies are
catering to consumers technological preferences and restaurant
owners eagerness for efficiency by creating tablet menus that
take orders, send orders to the kitchen and even allow guests to
pay their bills on the spot.
The advantages are large; restaurant owners can increase
efficiency and improve throughput reduce costs, increase guest
satisfaction and sales with these tablet ordering systems by
recording more accurate orders, decreasing wait staff, lowering
wait times for guests, and creating an easy way for guest to
purchase more items on the spot. 22 year-old Specialtys Cafe and
Bakery have implemented tablet ordering stations near their
checkout lines, open to all guests you can imagine how well it
speeds up lines during the lunch rush hour.
There are even restaurants who offer tablet ordering just for their
beverages Marc Vetris Osteria Restaurant recently introduced
a wine, beer and cocktail ordering system utilizing iPads (Synergy
3.3 eMenu (Touch Screen Ordering
eMenu is an interactive menu for restaurants, hotels and other
entertainment venues, viewed on a networked LCD touch screen
located on tables, offering patrons a full range of ordering and
interactive entertainment services. Patrons want good, efficient
service, they would not like to wait around to order food or drinks,
to receive their order or ask for the bill. They want to look
through the menu at their leisure and make the best choice based
on what they see. eMenu is an efficient way of catering patrons
thus enriching their dining experience.

The system changes the manual way of ordering to automated
way for the locale to have a better service towards their
customers. The locale provided all the needed information for the
completion of the system. The proposed system contains 3
modules for managing ordering transactions and generating
reports. Admin can add/ delete users. The waiter can get orders
and send it to the kitchen. The cashier releases the customers bill,
and issues receipts.
The proposed system is divided into modules which includes:
Managing account
Viewing order status
Viewing of table status
Viewing of items/supplies

The administrator will be able to manage the users accounts by
clicking the System User icon in the Setup tab shown in Figure 3.

Figure 01. Administrators Setup Tab

The New order in the Order tab is used when taking orders from
the customer shown in Figure 3.

Figure 02. Order Tab

The icon View order status in the Kitchen tab shows the list of
orders that are on queue. The list also indicates the remaining time
of the kitchen crews to prepare the food. This page updates every
10 seconds.

Figure 03. Kitchen Order Queue List

The Reports tab that is in Figure 6, The Figure shows the icons
that the user can use when viewing reports whether sales,
Canceled Orders and etc.

Figure 04. Report Tab

Level 0 Context Diagram
Level 1 Data Flow Diagram
System Flow Chart
Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)
Database Structure
Visual Table of Contents
Gantt Chart

The design, development and implementation of the proposed
system is to provide the locale a proper results based on the
systems functionality and accuracy.

The employees were given opportunities to test and use the
system for them to know more about the system and for the
researchers to know what other problems the employees may

Implementation of the system takes time because the researchers
are given limited time to test the system and orient the employees.
The researchers may only test the system when the employees of
the locale are not busy catering their guests.

The researchers first gathered information in the locale to meet the
requirements that the system requires by gathering sufficient
information through research, interview, and observation, the
researchers were able to develop system that would help the locale
to improve their service towards their customers.

After gathering information through research, interview and
testing. The researchers were able to develop a system to improve
the way of ordering of the locale by changing the manual way to
automated way of ordering. The system was able to meet the
expected function and outputs. The system was able to make the
transactions in the locale faster and more accurate.

The researchers recommend that the locale should provide the
hardware that needs to be used in the system such as tablets for
the waiters and waitress for them to fully have an automated order
taking process. They should also provide a kiosk (if possible) for
the kitchen area so that the food checker wont have any
difficulties in controlling and using the system. They should also
provide any kind of printer that can support printing receipts.

This project made by the researchers may possibly serve as an
opportunity to open the idea to the future researchers.

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