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Word: Temperate

Synonyms : Moderate, Sedate

Antonyms: Immoderate, Rigid
Example: A temperate person controls his
Word: Triumph
Synonyms : Afraid, Cowardly
Antonyms: Bold, Courageous
Example: Ashish returned home in Triumph
after winning the tennis tournament.
Word: nscrupulous! ,
Synonyms : "ishonest, nprincipled
Antonyms: #articular, $onest
Example: nscrupulous politicos are happy to
sell their country to gain power.
Word: tility! ,
Synonyms : Ad%antage, A%ail
Antonyms: selessness, &utility
Example: A computer system pro%ides utility
programs to perform the tas's needed (y most
Word: )andalism
Synonyms : Bar(arism, ruin
Antonyms: #rosperity, Integrity
Word: )eracity
Synonyms : Truth, Credi(ility
Antonyms: &alsehood, &iction
Example: $arishchandra is 'nown for his
Word: )icious!
Synonyms : Corrupt, Base
Antonyms: #ure, #erfect
Example: )eer was a %icious person.
Word: *hirl
Synonyms : Rotate, Spin
Antonyms: Straight
Example: The dancers went round in a whirl of
Word: *rathful
Synonyms : Angry, +nraged
Antonyms: Calm, #leased
Word: *eary
Synonyms : Tired, &atigued
Antonyms: &resh, Reno%ated
Example: The (oy was wearied of pedaling the
Word: #alata(le
Synonyms: Appetising, Tasty, #leasant
Antonyms: "etesting, naccepta(le
Example: *e can add some hot spices to ma'e
the curry more palata(le.
Word: #ernicious!
Synonyms: Bad, $urtful
Antonyms: Beneficial, ,ood
Example: Smo'ing is pernicious to health.
Word: #ompous!
Synonyms: Ma-estic, "ignified
Antonyms: nassuming, Modest
Example:I hate (eing with pompous families
Word: #rolific!

Synonyms: &ertile, #roducti%e

Antonyms: Barren, Sterile
Example: &armers are now adopting to the
prolific har%est.
Word: Radiant
Synonyms: Bright, ,laring
Antonyms: "ull, "ar'
Example: The radiant sun.
Word: Radical!
Synonyms: .riginal
Antonyms: +ssential, nimportant
Example: *e need a thorough radical changes
in our society.
Word: Raise!
Synonyms: Construct, #romote
Antonyms: /ower, "egrade
Example: #lease don0t raise a cloud of dust.
Recline ,
Synonyms: Rest, #lace
Antonyms: +rect, Raise
Example: Sit on a reclining chair , so that your
(ac' will get some relief.
Word: Rectify
Synonyms: Ad-ust, Correct
Word : Incense
Synonyms : Ma'e angry , +1cite
Antonyms :Soothe , Calm down
Example : She was incensed (y his a(usi%e words
Word : Immaculate
Synonyms : nspotted , Spotless
Antonyms :.! Impure , Corrupt
Example : ,reat men0s life are immaculate.
Word : 2est
Synonyms : 2o'e , Sport
Example : "on0t0 -est a(out anyone0s physical
Word : /anguor
Synonyms : *ea'ness, /assitude
Antonyms Alacrity , +nthusiasm
Word : /oath
Synonyms : nwilling , Reluctant
Antonyms :*illing, Ready
Example : I am loath to 'eep this car any longer.
Word : /i3uidate
Synonyms : Settle, #ay up, Clear off
Antonyms :.we
Example : The go%ernment is trying hard to li3uidate
Word : Maiden !
Synonyms : "amsel, ,irl
Antonyms :/ad , Boy
Example : She is a pretty loo'ing maiden.
Word : Meddle !
Synonyms : Interfere, Interpose
Antonyms :&ree , $elp
Example : $e has to meddle when one is wor'ing.
Word : Meretricious
Synonyms : ,audy, Showy,
Antonyms :Simple, #lain
Example : $er house is meretricious. s
Word : /ucrati%e !
Synonyms : ,ainful, Ad%antageous
Antonyms :&ailing, $armful
Word : Meticulous !
Synonyms : Careful, Attenti%e,
Antonyms :Careless, $eedless
Example : She is an e1tremely meticulous wor'er.
Word : Monotonous!
Synonyms : "ull, n%aried
Antonyms :"ifferent, "i%erse
Word : +legance
Synonyms : Beauty, ,racefulness
Antonyms: "amage, Ruin
Example: 4ou must rectify your errors first.
Word: Redundant
Synonyms: +1cessi%e, Superfluous
Antonyms: "efecti%e, 5ecessary
Example: She wrote a (eautiful paragraph
without a redundant word.
Word: Slac'en ,
Synonyms: A(ate, /essen
Antonyms: Increase , +nlarge
$e slac'ened the tight (elt round his waist.
Word: Sophisticate
Synonyms: "amage, Corrupt
Antonyms: Reform, Correct
Word: Sagacious
Synonyms: *ise, Shrewd
Antonyms: Stupid, "ull
Word: Tangi(le! ,
Synonyms: Solid, #alpa(le
Antonyms: Spiritual, Incomprehensi(le
Word: Tantamount
Synonyms: +3ui%alent, +3ual
Antonyms: ne3ual, Antonymous
WORD6 C.55I)+ 7 8
Synonyms6 Instigate
Meaning6 If one person conni%es with another to do
something, they secretly try to achie%e something
which will (enefit (oth of them.
Example6 Senior politicians conni%ed to ensure that he
was not released.
2. WORD6 +RSAT9 7 8
Synonyms6 Imitation
Meaning6 If you descri(e something as ersat:, you
disli'e it (ecause it is not genuine and is a poor
imitation of something (etter.
Example6 an ersat: )ictorian shopping precinct.
3. WORD6 ACC.TR+M+5T 7 8
Antonyms Coarseness, gliness, "eformity
Example : The elegance of her manners were
noticed (y e%eryone.
Word : +nchantment ! ,
Synonyms : *itchcraft, &ascination, "elight
Antonyms "isappointment, Indifference
Example : I en-oyed the enchantment of
Word : +mancipate
Synonyms : /i(erate, free
Antonyms "isfranchise , +nsla%e
Word : &orthwith
Synonyms : Immediately, Instantly
Antonyms /ater, By and By
Example : The contract was terminated
Word : &oment
Synonyms : /otions
Antonyms Calm "own, Cool down
Example : The "efamation Bill fomented
-ournalists to ta'e to the streets.
Word : &railty
Synonyms : "efect, Infirmity
Antonyms Strength, #erfection
Example : "espite her frailty she manages to
wor' hard.
Word : ,erminate!
Synonyms : Sprout, Bud
Antonyms "ecay, "ecrease, "windle
Example : The rose (uds ha%e germinated.
Word : ,rotes3ue!
Synonyms : .dd, gly
Antonyms ,raceful, 5ormal
Example : $is wal' is %ery grotes3ue
Word : $oa1
Synonyms : Tric', Cheat
Antonyms $onesty, Candor
Word : $umorous !
Synonyms : Amusing, Comic
Antonyms Serious, Critical
Example : 2ust ma'e a light and humorous story
that is witty and cle%er enough to sell well.
Word : Ignominy!
Synonyms : "isgrace, Contempt
Synonyms6 Belongings
Meaning6 Accoutrement are all the things you ha%e
with you when you tra%el or when you ta'e part in a
particular acti%ity.
4. WORD6 +/.,I9+ 7 8
Synonyms6 #raise
Meaning6 If you eulogi:e someone or something, you
praise them %ery highly.
Example6 Barry "a%ies eulogi:ed ;eegan0s part in the
5. WORD6 I5,+5I.S 7 8
Synonyms6 S'ilful
Meaning6 Something that is ingenious is %ery cle%er
and in%ol%es new ideas, methods, or e3uipment.
Example6 a truly ingenious in%ention.
6. WORD6 #+R#+TA/ 7 8
Synonyms6 Repeated
Meaning6 A perpetual feeling, state, or 3uality is one
that ne%er ends or changes.
Example6 the creation of a perpetual union.
Synonyms6 .utdated.
Meaning6 Archaic means e1tremely old or e1tremely
old fashioned
Example6 archaic laws that are %ery seldom used.
!. WORD6 +5TA5,/+ 7 8
Synonyms6 +ntrap
Meaning6 If something entangles you in pro(lems or
difficulties, it caused you to (ecome in%ol%ed in
pro(lems or difficulties from which it is hard to escape.
Example6 Bureaucracy can entangle %entures for
". Word: CA#RICI.S 7 8
Synonyms6 impulsi%e, whimsical
Explanation6 4ou can critici:e a fic'le!minded person
as capricious, (ut it could -ust as well descri(e 3uic'ly
changing weather, as in <capricious spring storms.<
#$. Word: SCRTI5I9+ 7 8
Synonyms6 audit, inspect
Explanation6 If you want to e1amine something
closely and go o%er e%ery single detail, then you should
s%r&tini'e it. /i'e the way your mom pro(a(ly assesses
your outfit
Word : Adolescent
Antonyms $onour, Credit
Example : It is difficult ot suffer the ignominy
of defeat.
Word : Impeach
Synonyms : Accuse, "enounce
Antonyms "efend, Belie%e
Example : The prisoner was impeached of the
charge of theft and.
Word : Impetuous!
Synonyms : )iolent, $asty
Antonyms 6 Calm, "eli(erate
Example : "on0t (e so impetuous.
Word : A(la:e !
Synonyms : Bla:ing , Burning , &laming
Antonyms : Calm , Cool
Example: The whole crop was set a(la:e.
Word : Accede
Synonyms : Consent, Assent, , Agree
Antonyms : Refuse,"isagree , Resign
Example: They will lightly accede to his
Word : Accomplice
Synonyms : Associate , Confederate
Antonyms : Ad%ersary , enemy
Example: The police arrested him and his
Word : Ade3uate !
Synonyms : Complete , +nough , Capa(le
Antonyms : Inade3uate, Scant , Insufficient
Example: Ra-at is not ade3uate to the tas'.
Word : Spacious !
Example : Most specious Shop in twin cities is
Chandana (rothers.
Word : Turmoil
Example : There was turmoil after the election.
Word : nri%aled
Example : .n the ground, in the air ! their uni3ue
style of foot(all has (een unri%alled in this league.
Word : ncouth
Example : $e is an uncouth man.
Word : proot !
Example : The war uprooted many people.
Synonyms : Teen!aged, 4outhful, 4oung
Antonyms : Adult, ,rown
Example: Adolescent age is a %ery energetic
period of one0s life.
Word : Adulation
Synonyms : &lattery, Blandishment
Antonyms : Ant! .(lo3uy
Example: Syeophants are e1perts in adulation.
Word : Beguile
Synonyms : Cheat, "ecei%e, Mislead
Antonyms : Threat $onestly, +nlighten
Example: Some thugs (eguiled him into gi%ing
a large sum of money.
Word : Bemoan!
Synonyms : Mourn, ,rie%e, "eplore
Antonyms : +n-oy , Re-oice, Bless
Example: *e (emoaned the demise of our
Word : Chi%alrous !
Synonyms : Bold, Bra%e, ,allant
Antonyms : Timid , Bashful
Word : Consummate
Synonyms : Arrant, Compete, #erfect, &inish
Antonyms : Imperfect, Incomplete
Example: $e consummated his life0s am(ition
at the age of =>.
Word : "istinct
Synonyms : Clear, "iffer
Antonyms : "im, )ague
Example: I ha%e noticed a distinct impro%ement
in her performance.
Word : "windle
Synonyms : "ecrease
Antonyms : Increase , ,ro%e
Word : +ccentric
Synonyms : Irregular, A(normal
Antonyms : Regular, sual
Example: $is eccentric (eha%ior puts him do
Am(ig&ity !
De)a%e !
Aggra*ate !
Ex+i(it !
Apparently ,
Enormo&s !
A&spi%io&s !
Word : tter
Example : All his arguments are utter nonsense.
Word : )igilant
Example : Ram is %igilant while wor'ing.
Word : )ernacular !
Example : Children should (e taught in their
Word : *anton
Example : $is wor' is pending due to his wanton
Word : *rin'le
Example : The wrin'les on her face are not
Word : 4ield
Example : The yield of 'harif crops was not good
this season.
Word : 9enith
Example : At ?>, she reached the :enith of her
Word : 9onal
Example : Madhya #radesh won the :onal
matches of the Ran-i Trophy tournament.
Word 6 .%erhaul 7 8
Example 6 It will (e another few wee's (efore we
can turn the 'ey on the Bonan:a0s completely
o%erhauled engine.
Word6 .(solete 78
Example 6 It was li'e many towns in that part of the
country in its po%erty and o(soleteness.
Word6 .utrageous 78
Example 6 Sahara group, the Supreme court re-ected
this proposal saying , @ It is 3uite outrageous.
Word6 .ffensi%e 78
Example 6 $e says he regrets that the comment was
Word6 #retence 78
Example 6 The (udget is mere pretense.
Word6 #ro%ision
Example: The effect of this pro%ision of the law is
Word: #eril 78
Example 6 Be careful of the perils coming on
your way ad%ised the astrologer.
Word 6#rofound 78
Example6 2uhi Chawla0s (rother Bo((y Chawla
suffered a profound shoc' in A>B> , after which
Bo((y had gone into coma.
Word 6#erpetual 78
Example 6 Their intention , to crush all opposition,
to their personal , perpetual world rule.
Ent+&siasti% !
A&t&mn !
E))eminate !
Appendix !
Enmity !
Aggregate !
Essential !
A(omina(le !
Endea*o&r !
A%%omplis+ !
Eti-&ette !
Admonis+ !
Ela(orated !
Am&sement !
.&tile !
Antagonism !
.ragile !
An%estor !
.ero%io&s !
Ad/o&rn !
.or)eit !
Adroit !
.&rio&s !
Amia(le !
.atal !
A))li%tion !
0enerosity !
1ias !
0rie*o&s !
1ene*olent !
0a&dy !
1landis+ !
0na2 !
1e2ilder !
0rande&r !
1arri%ade !
3&moro&s !
4+aos !
3ap+a'ard !
4atastrop+e !
3ymn !
4o&rteo&s !
5nsin%ere !
4on%eit !
5ll&minate !
4ondemn !
Word 6#ercei%e
Example: As humans , our fi%e senses are (asic
ways through which we percei%e the world.
Word: Cuarry 78
Example : )igilance team reconstructed the 3uarry
and crusher plant.
Word: Cuaint 78
Example : The cottage had a 3uaint loo'.
Word: Retrospect 78
Example : The management has retrospected her
confidential report.
Word 6Reclaim
Example : $is father reclaimed his lost property.
5mp&lsi*e !
4&riosity !
6&mpy !
4onse-&en%e !
6o%&nd !
4+arita(le !
6ester !
4ondensed !
6&*enile !
4o&rtier !
7indred !
4alamity !
7insman !
4lamor !
7na*is+ !
4apa%io&s !
8enient !
Demise !
Melan%+oly !
Da&ntless !
9ymp+ !