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48 4t|| - Ne, 20I4

Shifting of Gears ;
Bringing a New Hope
Apr|| - May 2014
Large wheels Lake long Lo Lurn. 8uL when Lhey do,
Lhey cover long dlsLances. Such ls Lhe naLure of our
lndusLry. Clearly Lo brlng Lhls wheel lnLo moLlon, we
expecL Lhe new governmenL Lo drlve reforms and
resLore confldence ln Lhe secLor. 1hls elecLlon has
been an epoch-maklng ln more ways Lhan one. ln an
exLraordlnary momenL of democraLlc renewal, Lhe
LecLonlc plaLes of lndlan pollLlcs have shlfLed. 1he
lndlan people have spoken and spoken declslvely.
1he new rlme MlnlsLer narendera Modl has
dlsplayed Lhe much-needed energy and creaLlvlLy ln
runnlng a hlgh-volLage elecLlon campalgn LhaL
capLured Lhe naLlon's lmaglnaLlon. Pls campalgn on
sound governance and need for developmenL
Louched Lhe rlghL nerves of Lhe lndlans creaLlng an
exploslon of hope whlch of course, now, lmposes a
heavy responslblllLyon hlm.
1heeconomlc challenges areall well known Lo us. 1heproblem of flscal deflclL needs Lo beaddressed
urgenLly and ln a susLalnable way, long pendlng reforms ln lul, lnsurance and LaxaLlon especlally Lhe
Coods and servlceLax (CS1) and LhedlrecL Laxes code(u1C) need Lo beushered ln.
Cver 1.27 bllllon lndlans have enLrusLed Lhelr hopes on Lhe new governmenL whlch wlll have Lo work
relenLlessly Lo Lake lndla Lo Lhe summlL of lLs poLenLlal. We hope Lhls new change wlll also seL ln
moLlon Lhemuch awalLed growLh-phasefor our auLomoLlvesecLor.
V|nn|e Mehta
Apr|| - May 2014
key ollcy 1akeaways for Lhe
AuLo-SecLor ln lasL Cne uecade : vlkram klrloskar
NationaI Committees
P8, l8 & Sklll uevelopmenL CommlLLee 7
l1 CommlLLee 7
8aw MaLerlals CommlLLee 8
SusLalnable uevelopmenL CommlLLee 9
Cover Story
ShlfLlng of Cears,
brlnglng a new hope
lndusLry news 24
Members' 8oom 26
From the Regions
LasLern 8eglon 11
norLhern 8eglon 13
SouLhern 8eglon 17
WesLern 8eglon 19
Apr|| - May 2014
Key PoIicy Takeaways for the Auto-Sector in Iast One Decade
Excerpts from ET
Jikram Kirloskar
President, Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers
The Indian economy, particularly the manufacturing sector is currently going through one of the worst slumps in its history. While
business cycles and periodic recessions are well known phenomenon globally, they do take a toll of the industry, thereby making it
necessary for the concerned countries to take immediate remedial steps to ensure that economic growth is restored as soon as possible to
minimi:e the damage to the industry, investments and employment.
Cver Lhe lasL one decade, Lhe lndlan growLh sLory has been
based on consumpLlon. 1he large populaLlon whlch was once
regarded as a llablllLy Lurned lnLo a dlvldend as Lhe populaLlon
became affluenL and hence became large spenders, fuelllng
consumpLlon leadlng Lo hlgher demand for goods. 1hls led Lo
lndusLrlal growLh, lnvesLmenLs and manufacLurlng capaclLy.
1he rlslng appeLlLe of Lhe populaLlon for food as well as for
manufacLured producLs has been Lhe ma[or growLh drlver of
Lhe economy over Lhe lasL decadeor so. ln Lhe lasL few years Lhe
counLry's growLh has been affecLed by rlslng food cosLs leadlng
Lo hlgh lnflaLlon. lnLernaLlonal facLors llke exchange raLes
volaLlllLy and rlslng cosL of ma[or lmporLs llke oll, coupled wlLh
fuel subsldy reglmes have led Lo hlgh currenL accounL deflclL,
whlch furLher aggravaLed lnflaLlon. rogresslve and prolonged
raLe hlkes over a 13 monLh perlod dld lead Lo arresLlng Lhe
lnflaLlon and reduclng LheconsumpLlon.
Along wlLh lL, due Lo Lhe hlgh cosL of money, lnvesLmenLs and
new capaclLy bulldlng ln Lhe manufacLurlng secLor also
dropped. 1hls was Lhe genesls of Lhe currenL slowdown faclng
Lhe lndusLry. Some of Lhe pollcy declslons Laken especlally wlLh
regard Lo reLrospecLlve LaxaLlon, curbs on mlnlng, delays ln
ma[or lnfrasLrucLure pro[ecLs, eLc. also had Lhelr own negaLlve
lmpacL on Lhe economy and Lhe senLlmenLs of Lhe global
1oday, consumpLlon ls down, lndusLrlal producLlon ls ln
negaLlve flgures, new lnvesLmenLs are sLalled and employmenL
growLh ls mlnlmal. 1he flrsL secLor Lo geL lmpacLed has been Lhe
auLomoLlve lndusLry whlch ls Lhe englne of growLh for a wlde
and dlverse bouqueL of manufacLurlng and servlces lndusLrles.
1he prolonged slowdown ln Lhe auLomoLlve lndusLry has
lmpacLed economlcgrowLh all-round.
What are the key takeaways for the auto-sector and how does
one br|ng Ind|aback onthe growthpath?
llrsLly, LhaL Lhe lndlan success sLory ls based on consumpLlon
has Lo be undersLood by all quarLers. lL ls Lhls growlng
consumpLlon and LhefacL LhaL Lhls consumpLlon ls noL drlven by
governmenL purchases buL by prlvaLe demand makes lL one of
LhemosL susLalnableand aLLracLlvemarkeLs ln Lheworld.
1herefore dellberaLely curblng consumpLlon Lhrough pollcy
prescrlpLlons can be a double edged sword and should be
applled wlLh exLreme cauLlon. SLrucLural changes are requlred
Lo slgnlflcanLly enhance Lhe supply slde, especlally food supply
and LhaL Loo of food LhaL ls requlred by Lhe growlng affluenL
populaLlon. CosL of money has Lo be kepL compeLlLlve Lo aLLracL
lndusLrles Lo lnvesL ln Lhe counLry Lo enhance Lhe
manufacLurlng economy and lndusLrlal ouLpuL. SLablllLy ln
LaxaLlon and oLher pollcles are also a musL Lo susLaln lnvesLor
confldence. Subsldy reglmes puL a huge burden on Lhe
economy. lor example Lhe subsldy on dlesel on one hand ls no
longer Loo relevanL for Lhe real beneflclarles and on Lhe oLher
hand ls uLlllzed byLheunlnLended affluenL.
Secondly, Lhere needs Lo be wlder appreclaLlon of Lhe facL LhaL
Lhe auLomoLlve lndusLry ls a drlver of growLh for Lhe
manufacLurlng secLor. 1he auLo lndusLry conLrlbuLes 23 of Lhe
manufacLurlng Cu and pulls along wlLh lL a hosL of
manufacLurlng as well as servlces lndusLrles, whlle employlng
19 mllllon people dlrecLly as well as lndlrecLly. Powever, Lhls
lndusLry ls regarded as acash cow.
lL ls belleved LhaL Lhe auLo lndusLry ls lmpervlous Lo LaxaLlon.
noLhlng can be furLher Lhan Lhe LruLh. Plgh LaxaLlon aL Lhe
CenLral as well as Lhe SLaLe level addlng up Lo 38-90 of Lhe
facLory cosL has sLunLed Lhe growLh of Lhls lndusLry ln recenL
lL ls hearLenlng Lo noLe LhaL Lhe recenL voLe on accounL has
reduced Lhe LaxaLlon on Lhe auLo lndusLry Lo more moderaLe
levels. 1hls wlll cerLalnly sLlmulaLe Lhe flagglng senLlmenL ln Lhe
markeL. We need Lo ensure LhaL Lhls LaxaLlon sLrucLure remalns
sLable over a perlod of Llme and noL changed frequenLly. 1he
auLo-lndusLry ls an englne of growLh, noL a cash cow and needs
Lo beregarded ln LhaL splrlL.
lurLhermore, un[usL blased percepLlons agalnsL larger vehlcles,
especlally Lhose LhaL run on dlesel makes lnvesLmenL declslons
and long Lerm plannlng by Lhe CLMs very rlsky. lL ls palnful Lo
see LhaL when all oLher counLrles are devlslng lnLelllgenL
sLraLegles Lo opLlmlze usage of dlfferenL fuels Lo achleve Lhelr
ob[ecLlves of emlsslons and energy conservaLlon, ln lndla we
are sLlll debaLlng over dlscouraglng dlesel car Lechnology. lndla
ls an energydeflclenL counLry.
1herefore, closlng any fuel opLlon can badly hurL Lhelndlan auLo
lndusLry as well Lhe economy as a whole. We need Lo Lake
lessons from auLomoLlve leaders llke uSA, Lu eLc. for
sLraLeglzlng on fuels usage Lo meeL our naLlonal goals. lgnorlng
Lhe merlLs of dlfferenL fuel Lypes and only focuslng on Lhelr
percelved dlsadvanLages can be very perllous for Lhe energy
securlLyof LhecounLry.
1he commerclal vehlcle segmenL ls Lhe mosL crlLlcal one as lL
reflecLs Lhe sLaLe of Lhe economy as a whole. Low Cu growLh,
ban on mlnlng acLlvlLy, delays ln lnfrasLrucLure, low lndusLrlal
ouLpuL have all connlved Lo hlL Lhe Cv segmenL Lhe hardesL.
uemand for frelghL ls low, maklng lL economlcally unvlable for
Lruckers Lo lnvesL ln new Cvs.
1hls secLor can revlve only when Lhese aspecLs are addressed
and economlc acLlvlLy resumes ln full earnesL ln Lhe counLry.
1haL may requlre admlnlsLraLlve as well as pollLlcal declslons
and Lherefore lndusLry ls keenly walLlng for Lhe resulLs of Lhe
1he lndlan auLomoLlve lndusLry has dlsplayed remarkable
reslllence ln Lhe pasL and wlll conLlnue Lo do so ln Lhe fuLure.
noLwlLhsLandlng Lhe currenL dlsLresslng condlLlons, lndusLry
conLlnues Lo launch new models and Lo brlng ln new
Lechnologles ln Lhe markeL. 1he supporL of Lhe arenL MlnlsLry
for Lhe AuLo lndusLry.1he MlnlsLry of Peavy lndusLry has been
wlLhouL compare. 1he fuLurlsLlc vlslon of Lhe MlnlsLry ln
preparlng for LlecLrlc and Pybrld moblllLy ln Lhe counLry Lhru
nMLM and for launchlng of LheAuLomoLlveMlsslon lan (AM)
have been landmarks ln Lhe hlsLory of Lhe lndlan auLomoLlve
ln order Lo plan for susLalned growLh of Lhe auLo lndusLry, lL ls
lmperaLlve LhaL all declslons concernlng CovernmenL ollcy are
Laken based on Lechnlcallysound parameLers. AppreclaLlng LhaL
auLomoLlve domaln knowledge may be lacklng ln many
CovernmenL ueparLmenLs, MoPl has seL up Lhe naLlonal
AuLomoLlve 8oard (nA8) whlch wlll also play Lhe role of a
Lechnlcal advlsory body for asslsLlng Lhen Lask of formulaLlng
CovernmenL ollcles and 8egulaLlons for auLomoLlvelndusLry.
All Lhese are very poslLlve developmenLs LhaL augur well and
wlll play a poslLlve role ln Lhe lndusLry growLh and globallsaLlon
ln Lheyears Lo come.
Apr|| - May 2014
Apr|| - May 2014
Nationa| Committees
nk, Ik&Sk||| Deve|opment Comm|ttee
ACMA-?8Ll organlsed a learnlng programme for Lhe young
CLCs of auLo componenL lndusLry on '8elaLlon ManagemenL
rogramme (8M)' from Aprll 14-19, 2014 ln Lonavala wlLh Mr.
Poml Mulla, rocess laclllLaLor and ConsulLanL, Puman
Mr. Poml Mulla, an accompllshed consulLanL wlLh over 33 years
of professlonal excellence ln Puman 8esource uevelopmenL
(P8u), CrganlsaLlonal uevelopmenL (Cu), and oLher
behavloural sclence appllcaLlons. 1he 8elaLlonshlp
ManagemenL rogramme has been carefully crafLed and
devlsed by Mr. Poml Mulla Lo help people connecL wlLh some
fundamenLal Lhreads of behavlor LhaL deLermlne Lhelr success
ln boLh personal and professlonal llfe. 1he programme helps,
each one come Lo Lerms wlLh hlm or herself by undersLandlng
how lndlvldual's behavlor lmpacL oLhers and Lhe overall
All ln all 16 ?8Ll members aLLended Lhe slx day programme aL
PoLel larlyas, Lonavala. 1he pre-requlslLe of aLLendlng Lhls
sesslon requlred Lhe parLlclpanLs Lo underLake a mandaLory 20
hours pre-work asslgnmenL. 1he ob[ecLlve of Lhe programme
- 1o undersLand LhefundamenLals of 'Sound 8ehavlour'
- know abouL Lhe '8ole 1heory' and how Lhe dlfferenL roles
affecL your behavlour
ReIationship Management Programme
by Mr. Homi MuIIa
- AbouL your own behavlour and lLs lmpacL on oLhers
- 1helmpacL of oLhers' behavlour on an lndlvldual
- Pow Lo workwlLh and delegaLeworkwlLhln aLeam
- 1o measureLeam performanceand undersLand LheconcepL
of efflclenL Leam-workand synergy
- 1o dellver and recelvecandld feedback
- Pow LheLeam's behavlour has adlrecL lmpacL on resulLs
- LmpaLheLlc llsLenlng
- AbouL words, and Lhelr lmpacL on behavlour
- 8oleof envy ln Leam-work
1he programme allowed Lhe parLlclpanLs Lo experlence Lhe
lmporLance of worklng ln Leams Lhrough a unlque experlenLlal
learnlng process, Lhe CesLalL MeLhod, and unlque sLory-Lelllng
I1 Comm|ttee
ACMA's l1 commlLLee lnvlLed Lhe key heads of auLoux, Mr vl[ay
SeLhl, ClC, Pero MoLo Corp LLd and Chalrman, SlAM, l1
CommlLLee along wlLh Mr C Slngh, l1 Pead, Sona koyo
SLeerlng SysLems vL LLd and oLhers Lo Lhe norLhern 8eglon
members' meeL for an lnLeracLlon wlLh Lhe ACMA resldenL, Mr
Parlsh Lakshman & vlce resldenL, Mr 8amesh Surl for a
presenLaLlon on auLoux on Aprll 7, 2014 ln new uelhl. 1he
presenLaLlon explalned Lhe roadmap ahead and suggesLed Lhe
approach needed Lo roll ouL auLoux for Ller-2suppllers.
President & Vice President meet for
The First autoDX Governance
Committee meeting
1he auLoux Covernance CommlLLee was formed on May 08,
2014 ln 8angalore Lo govern Lhe overall acLlvlLles of Lhe auLoux
lnlLlaLlve. 1he commlLLee ls responslble for promoLlng,
faclllLaLlng, overseelng and guldlng Lhe adopLlon of common
lnformaLlon exchange sLandards by Lhe lndlan AuLomoLlve
lndusLry. lnformaLlon exchange lncludes commerclal, loglsLlcs,
flnanclal, englneerlng and oLher klnds of daLa LhaL are
exchanged by auLomoLlve flrms wlLh Lradlng parLners, loglsLlcs
provlders, banks and Lhe governmenL Lhrough elecLronlc,
paper, labelllng (barcode, 8llu) and oLher means.
kaw Mater|a|s Comm|ttee
1o address Lhe usage of advanced, hlgh performance
composlLes used ln maklng vehlcles llghLer, safer and more fuel-
efflclenL ln synch wlLh Lhe exlsLlng global sLandards, ACMA's
8aw MaLerlal CommlLLee organlsed a naLlonal Conference on
olymer ComposlLes & new Age MaLerlals on May 13, 2014,
new uelhl. olymer ComposlLes Loday havefound ways Lo move
beyond, whaL may be Lermed as 'LradlLlonal appllcaLlons', ln Lhe
auLomoLlvelndusLry. Such maLerlals arenoL only found lLs usage
ln Lhe convenLlonal lnLerlors and exLerlors of Lhe vehlcle buL are
also belng consldered ldeal for a range of speclalLy appllcaLlons.
Powever, Lhere ls an lmmedlaLe need for Lhe lndusLry Lo selze
buslness opporLunlLles boLh ln Lhe domesLlc markeL and Lhose
avallable overseas. lurLher, Lhe lndusLry musL proacLlvely scale-
up operaLlons, lnvesL ln 8&u and furLher up-grade Lechnology
maLchlng LheexlsLlng global sLandards.
Addresslng Lhe parLlclpanLs, Ms Shradha Surl Marwah,
Chalrperson, 8aw MaLerlals CommlLLee, ACMA & Managlng
ulrecLor, Subros sald, lasLlcs, elasLomer maLerlals and
polymer flbres have made Lhelr way lnLo Lhe lndlan auLomoLlve
secLor by playlng an lmporLanL role ln enhanclng Lhe vehlcle
performance. ACMA conLlnuously endeavours Lo educaLe
members on new developmenLs ln maLerlal appllcaLlons. 1he
conference on polymer composlLes ls a sLep furLher ln Lhls
dlrecLlon." resenLaLlon by speakers dellberaLed on appllcaLlon
of polymer composlLes vls--vls meLals wlLh process relevance
LhaL have scope for welghL reducLlon by as much as 20-23
kg/vehlcle. 1hese hlgh performance polymer grades offer
varlous advanLages llke reducLlon ln CC emlsslon, ellmlnaLlon
NationaI Conference on PoIymers
Composites and New Age MateriaIs
of palnLs on Lhe maLerlal, hlgh lmpacL sLrengLh, good flow
ablllLy, chemlcal reslsLance and hlgh heaL Lolerances. A number
of producLs llke fronL end modules, bumper beams, fooL resLs,
baLLery Lrays, gear shlfLer adapLers, bus seaL assemblles and
panel replacemenLs ln LCvs were flndlng lncreaslng usage of
polymer composlLes, shorL and long flbres and ln[ecLlon
moulded appllcaLlons.
1he conference focused on new age maLerlals llke oly-oleflns,
speclal polypropylene composlLes, long flber composlLes,
LhermoplasLlc composlLes and englneerlng plasLlcs. Speakers
represenLed some of Lhe key maLerlal supplylng companles llke
uSM, uuonL, Lssem olyalloys, lndlan Cll CorporaLlon, SA8lC,
SLyroluLlon A8S and 1lCC. 1he lndlan composlLe lndusLry ls
pegged aL 8s 13,000croreand ls expecLed Lo grow aL 13per cenL
per annum over Lhe nexL four years. Clven lLs array of
appllcaLlons polymers composlLes are lncreaslngly belng
explored for newer appllcaLlons Lo make vehlcles llghLer and
fuel efflclenL.
Apr|| - May 2014
Nationa| Committees
Apr|| - May 2014
Nationa| Committees
Susta|nab|e Deve|opment Comm|ttee
1he susLalnable Lechnology developmenL commlLLee organlsed
lLs Lhlrd meeLlng on Aprll 21, 2014aL Mahlndra8eva, 8angalore,
followed by an lnLeracLlon wlLh Mr. CheLan Malnl, lounder and
CLC, Mahlndra 8eva LlecLrlc vehlcles vL LLd. Mr. Malnl
lnformed LhaL Lhe Lrends ln cars ls changlng and markeLs are
looklng for more fuel efflclenL and envlronmenL frlendly cars
Lherefore, elecLrlc cars are ln demand. 1he Lv markeLs ls
lncreaslng phenomenally slnce lasL year, where Lhe global sales
of cars sLood aL 2lakh + Lvs of whlch 1,10,000 were pure Lvs.
Mahlndera 8eva ls a LoLal sysLems soluLlon provlder LhaL
develops all LlecLrlc vehlcle (Lv) sysLems ln-house and are
pushlng Lv Lechnology Lo Lhe nexL sLep Lo creaLe beLLer energy
managemenL, fasLer charglng, and advanced LelemaLlcs. 1he
company offers lnnovaLlve elecLrlc vehlcles and moblllLy
soluLlons, Lechnology llcenslng, and llcensed manufacLurlng
and dlsLrlbuLlon.
Mr Malnl and Lhe members dlscussed varlous opporLunlLles
Interaction with Mr. Chetan Maini,
Founder and CEO, Mahindra Reva
EIectric VehicIes Pvt Ltd.
LhaL lle ln Lhe Lv secLor. 1here were cerLaln recommendaLlons
made Lo make Lhe secLor more aLLracLlve and vlable whlch
lncludes focus on LlecLronlcs, hlgh-end process, sensors
(deslgn/developmenL) all LlecLrlc - MoLor, AC, AC lnverLer,
8aLLery, use of llghLwelghL maLerlal (deslgn uslng advance
meLhodology), lnLroduce lnfoLalnmenL, connecLlvlLy on L-
moblllLy (eg. urlverless car), hlgh level of deslgnlng ls requlred,
lndusLry Lo ldenLlfy posslble opporLunlLles, poLenLlal !v
parLners for 8&u.
Apr|| - May 2014
From the Regions
CEOs DeIegation to Tata Motors Ltd.
ACMA (LasLern 8eglon) organlsed a 13 member CLCs
delegaLlon Lo 1aLa MoLors LLd., !amshedpur wlLh a vlew Lo drlve
a deeper undersLandlng of quallLy wlLhln manufacLurlng and
bulld poslLlve relaLlons wlLh vendors Lhrough lmplemenLaLlon
of besL pracLlces. 1he delegaLlon was led by Mr. klllol kamanl,
Chalrman of ACMA (L8) and SamarLh Lnglneerlng Co. vL. LLd.,
on Aprll 13, 2014. Mr A8Lall, lanL Pead, 1ML, welcomed ACMA
members and lnLroduced Mr Ashok kundu, Lhe new chlef of
maLerlals aL 1aLaMoLors. uurlng Lhewelcomeaddress, Mr. klllol
kamanl Lhanked Mr. Lall and hls Leam for provldlng Lhe
opporLunlLy Lo vlslL 1aLa MoLors LLd. and learn varlous
operaLlons aL Lhe vlsual facLory, !amshedpur. 1he Leam wenL
around LheplanL Lo observeLheworklng and operaLlons.
Mr. A[ay kapoor, ACM, World 1ruck planL, gave a presenLaLlon
on World Class CuallLy and showed a vldeo on safeLy LhaL gave
Lhe moLLo Lo 1A1A MoLors - 'SAlL1? ll8S1'. 1he presenLaLlon
addressed cusLomer saLlsfacLlon whlch ls an essenLlal parL of
manufacLurlng. 1he presenLaLlon also covered flve maln goals
LhaL musL be pracLlced durlng manufacLurlng such as safeLy,
people, quallLy, dellvery and cosL. ln order Lo achleve Lhese
goals, World Class CuallLy (WCC) needs Lo be followed
rellglously. WCCls adapLed from Clobal ManufacLurlng sysLem
(CMS) LhaL was born ouL of Lhe sLraLeglc need Lo adopL modern,
lean Lhlnklng for corporaLe survlval. lL has all Lhe essenLlal
feaLures of 1oyoLa CuallLy SysLem & Suzukl hllosophy. 1he
baslc feaLure of CMS ls LhaL everyone should have common
producLlon sysLem, language, company culLure and slmllar
1he delegaLlon also had Lhe opporLunlLy Lo vlslL 1ML urlvellne,
raln waLer harvesLlng slghL, LesL drlve area and Lhe assembly
planL. Mr. San[ay Sabharwal, uy. Chalrman, ACMA (L8) Lhanked
Mr. Lall and hls Leam for Lhe excellenL arrangemenLs and Laklng
LhedelegaLes around LhefaclllLy.
Third Kaizen Competition
WlLh Lhe ongolng negaLlve growLh belng faced by Lhe auLo
secLor, Lhe manufacLurers are beglnnlng Lo focus on lmprovlng
lnLernal efflclency by adopLlng quallLy and sklll developmenL
programmes. 1herefore ACMA (LasLern 8eglon) reallsed Lhe
need and organlsed Lhlrd kalzen CompeLlLlon ln !amshedpur
where LwenLy four Leams parLlclpaLed and more Lhan LhlrLy
aLLendees on May9, 2014.
AL Lhe evenL Mr. klllol kamanl, Chalrman, ACMA(L8) welcomed
Lhe parLlclpanLs and addressed Lhe need Lo undersLand kalzen
and how Lo lmplemenL lL aL work. kalzen ls a process LhaL
emphaslses Lhe engagemenL of each worker Lo Lhe concepL and
vlslon of Lhecompany, so LhaL Lhey ldenLlfy Lhemselves wlLh Lhe
enLerprlse, lLs culLure and ob[ecLlves. kalzen ls a process LhaL
ensures lmmedlaLe resulLs. lnsLead of focuslng on large caplLal
lnLenslve lmprovemenLs, kalzen alms aL creaLlve lnvesLmenLs
Apr|| - May 2014
From the Regions
LhaL conLlnually solve a large number of mlnor problems. 1he
ldea ls Lo nurLure Lhe company's human resources as much as lL
ls Lo pralseand encourageparLlclpaLlon ln kalzen acLlvlLles.
Mr Sabharwal presenLed Lhe rules and Lhe guldellnes of Lhe
compoLaLlon Lo Lhe parLlclpanLs. 1he [ury members comprlsed
of some of Lhe emlnenL names ln Lhe lndusLry such as Mr. 8an[lL
8am, 1aLa SLeel, Mr. k. Curusaran, 1aLa Cummlns and Mr.
8haskar !yoLl ueka, 1aLaMoLors LLd.
1he ob[ecLlve of Lhe compeLlLlon was Lo keep Lhe ldea of kalzen
and CuallLy lmprovemenL remaln ln Lhe mlnds of members and
also, moLlvaLe Lhe parLlclpanLs Lo brlng changes and share Lhe
ouLcomewlLh LheassoclaLes from slmllar lndusLry.
1he chlef guesL, Mr. A. 8. Lall, lanL Pead, 1aLa MoLors LLd.,
!amshedpur congraLulaLed Lhe ACMA Leam for organlslng Lhe
compeLlLlon and showlng lnLeresL Lowards parLlclpaLlon. Pe
wlshed all Lhe parLlclpanLs for Lhelr Leam efforL and handed
over LheLrophles Lo Lhewlnners.
os|t|on erson Company ka|zen 1heme
1sL Mr.kunal 8han[babu 8S8 1ransmlsslons (l) LLd. 8educlng ln house 8e[ecLlon & Cycle
Llme of Lhe CnC Machlne no. 349.
2nd Mr. AmlL !ha Plghco Lnglneers () LLd. 8educe 1ransporLaLlon cosL & avold
damage durlng LransporLaLlon.
3rd Mr. San[eev kumar MeLaldyne lndusLrles LLd. CpLlmum uLlllzaLlon of v-Croove
lnserLs by regrlndlng
1he llsL of awardees are as under:
Apr|| - May 2014
From the Regions
AnnuaI Interaction with President ACMA
ACMA organlsed a Lwo day lnLeracLlve forum wlLh Mr Parlsh
Lakshman, resldenL ACMA ln Curgaon on 7 Aprll, 2014 and
Ludhlana on Aprll 8, 2014. 1he meeLlng was organlsed ln Lhe
backdrop of unfavourable performance of Lhe vehlcle lndusLry
ln lndla ln Lhe lasL flscal 2013-14, almed aL undersLandlng Lhe
challenges belng faced by Lhe local lndusLry and how ACMA
could address Lhese Lhrough varlous lnLervenLlons and
programmes lncludlng Lhose of Lhe governmenL aL Lhe CenLre
and Lhe SLaLe. 1he vehlcle performance ln Lhe counLry
conLlnues Lo be under prolonged pressure due Lo hlgh lnLeresL
raLes coupled wlLh lnflaLlon, volaLlllLy ln Lhe currency, hlgh cosL
of raw maLerlals and prlces of crude oll, lack of dlrecLlon ln fuel
pollcy and shaky cusLomer confldence. AL Curgaon Mr S.?.
Slddlqul, CCC, AdmlnlsLraLlon, MaruLl Suzukl lndla LLd was Lhe
chlef guesL, addressed Lhe problems relaLed Lo P8 and l8 wlLhln
Lhe auLomoLlve secLor. Pe shared some of Lhe besL pracLlces
belng followed aL MSlL wlLh a brlef on Lhe uo's and uon'Ls.
Mr. vl[ay SeLhl, ClC, Pero MoLocorp and Chalrman, l1
CommlLLee, SlAM and Mr. C.. Slngh, ClC, Sona Croup and
Member - l1 CommlLLee, ACMA made a presenLaLlon on Lhe
auLo daLa exchange AuLo ux" an Lul plaLform for seamlessly
lnLegraLlng CLMs and suppllers on a common daLa exchange
LaLer ln Ludhlana forum, Mr. karan AvLar Slngh, rlnclpal
SecreLary, ueparLmenL of lndusLrles &Commerce, CovernmenL
of un[ab, was Lhe Chlef CuesL who gave an lnslghLs on Lhe
lnvesLmenL pollcy of Lhe sLaLe vlz-a-vlz expanslon as well as for
new pro[ecLs and developmenL of auLo clusLer ln Lhe sLaLe of
un[ab. un[ab ls one of Lhe mosL vlbranL englneerlng and auLo
componenL manufacLurlng hubs ln lndla, lnherenL compeLlLlve
advanLages have rendered un[ab as a leadlng sLaLe ln Lhls
arena. AL Lhe evenL Mr Lakshman, resldenL ACMA sald, 1he
auLomoLlve lndusLry ls one of Lhe key drlvers of Lhe lndlan
economy. 1he Lurnover of Lhe auLo componenL lndusLry ln l?
2013 was uSu 39.7 bllllon, conslderlng Lhe performance of Lhe
componenL lndusLry mlrrors LhaL of Lhe vehlcle lndusLry, we
expecL a marglnal growLh for Lhe lndusLry for l? 2014. Colng
forward, we expecL Lhe growLh Lo reLurn Lo Lhe lndusLry
someLlme ln Lhe Lhlrd quarLer of l? 2014, once a new
governmenL sLablllses, posL LheelecLlons".
Conslderlng Lhe rupee has slgnlflcanLly depreclaLed agalnsL Lhe
uS uollar, Lhls has alded lndla's exporLs whlch sLood aL uSu9.69
bllllon ln C? 2013, growlng 4.4 over Lhe prevlous year, Llll such
Llme Lhe uS dollar conLlnues Lo be aL 8upees 36 or above, we
belleve lL wlll be favourable Lo be componenLs exporLs, added
Mr Lakshman. PlghllghLlng Lhe encouraglng lndusLrlal cllmaLe
ln Lhe sLaLe of un[ab Mr uS Ahu[a, Chalrman, ACMA MSML
CommlLLee, sald, 1hese are dlfflculL Llmes for Lhe componenL
secLor and we are encouraglng our members ln Lhe reglon Lo
focus on lmprovlng lnLernal efflclencles as well as skllllng
people. 1he ACMA clusLer programs offer an ldeal road map for
lmprovlng producLlvlLy and quallLy and should be effecLlvely
deployed Lo makeLhelndusLry compeLlLlve.
Training Programme on EMS&OHSAS
1ralnlng programme on LnvlronmenLal ManagemenL SysLem
(LMS) & CccupaLlonal PealLh & SafeLy ManagemenL SysLem
(CPSAS) was organlsed by ACMA (norLhern 8eglon) on May
16Lh, 2014 aL new uelhl. Mr. Mano[ MaLhur, Counsellor, S. k.
AssoclaLe was Lhe faculLy for Lhe programme. Mr. MaLhur,
explalned LnvlronmenLal ManagemenL SysLem (LMS) and why
lL needs Lo be lmplemenLed ln Lhe companles. Pe furLher
explalned varlous polluLanLs whlch can be broadly classlfled
lnLo Lhree sLaLes of llquld namely wasLe waLer, alr polluLlon and
hazardous wasLe.
1he programme covered Lhe flve baslc prlnclples of LMS whlch
are CommlLmenL & ollcy, lannlng, lmplemenLaLlon and
CperaLlon, Checklng & CorrecLlve acLlon and ManagemenL
revlew. CccupaLlonal PealLh & SafeLy AssessmenL SLandard
(CPSAS) ls an lnLernaLlonally recognlsed model for
CccupaLlonal PealLh and SafeLy AssessmenL serles for
managemenL sysLems LhaL enables organlsaLlons Lo conLrol
Lhelr CP&S rlsks and lmprove Lhelr performance. An LMS can
help ln addresslng non-regulaLed lssues, such as energy
conservaLlon, and can promoLe sLronger operaLlonal conLrol
and employee sLewardshlp. lL also helps a company Lo address
lLs regulaLory demands ln a sysLemaLlc and cosL-effecLlve
manner. 1hls proacLlve approach can help reduce Lhe rlsk of
non-compllance and lmprove healLh and safeLy pracLlces for
employees and Lhepubllc.
Apr|| - May 2014 14
Cover Story
Apr|| - May 2014
Cover Story
Shifting of Gears; bringing a
new hope
By - Harkaran MaIhotra, ACMA
May 16Lh marked one of Lhe mosL resoundlng elecLlon resulLs
LhaL lndla saw ln Lhe lasL 30 years, wlLh 8! bagglng a Lsunaml of
voLes maklng lLself LhelargesL elecLed democraLlcparLy of lndla.
1he elecLoraLe, who were faced wlLh hundreds of parLy opLlons,
gave a clear ma[orlLy noL [usL Lo one parLy, buL Lo one man. A
vesLlng of 'new power ln new persons' - an Ldmund 8urke's
phrase Lo descrlbe Lhe revoluLlon. 1he 63 year old, former Chlef
MlnlsLer of Cu[araL - narendera Modl, became Lhe 13Lh rlme
MlnlsLer of lndla brlnglng along wlLh hlm hope for good Llmes.
lor long, people of lndla have been faclng lnsLablllLy, lnsecurlLy
and drlfL and now Lhe new governmenL, wlll have Lo underLake
cerLaln declslve measures, lL wlll have Lo sLrlve Lo brlng back Lhe
counLry Lo Lhe paLh of rapld developmenL for lL Lo emerge as an
economlc powerhouse and be spoken of ln Lhe same breaLh as
1o brlng hls ldeas Lo forefronL, Modl carrled ouL a hlgh-volLage
elecLlon campalgn LhaL capLured Lhe naLlon's lmaglnaLlon by
conducLlng over 300 rallles, uslng old and new medla - meLal
palnLed hoardlngs and meLa-daLa, psephology and Lhe selfle -
Lo lmprlnL hlmself on a dlffldence-weary publlc's lmaglnaLlon.
Clearly Lhe manLra of relgnlLlng growLh Look Lhe naLlon by
sLorm. Cne of Lhe key hlghllghLs observed durlng Modl's sLarL of
dlplomacy was, before Laklng Lhe oaLh as rlme MlnlsLer, he
showed an efforLless LranslLlon from a campalgner Lo a
sLaLesman by pulllng off a dlplomaLlc coup. Pe senL ouL
lnvlLaLlons Lo elghL SouLh Aslan AssoclaLlon for 8eglonal
CooperaLlon (SAA8C) counLrles. 1he eagerness wlLh whlch Lhe
SAA8C members Look Lhls opporLunlLy Lo forge new relaLlons,
showed how well regarded he was ln Lhe nelghbourhood. lL was
Lrulyaremarkablebeglnnlng for Lhenew rlmeMlnlsLer.
kev|v|ng the economy
8esldes, he has much Lo Lake correcLlve measures Lo revlve Lhe
dwlndllng economy whlch has long been affecLed by callous
governance. 1here are Lwo blg-LlckeL moves Lhe governmenL
needs Lo underLakeLo revlvelnLeresL ln Lhelndla's growLh sLory:
scrlpLlng a llberal lul framework and lmplemenLlng Lhe much
delayed CS1 reglme. 1he flnance mlnlsLry has slgnalled Lo be
worklng on lL. 8uL dellverlng Lhesereforms wlll demand pollLlcal
1he governmenL ls worklng on a pollcy framework LhaL wlll
allow aL leasL 49 forelgn lnvesLmenL ln all secLors, leavlng
alone few sLraLeglc ones. Lven more slgnlflcanLly, Lhls mlnlmum
49 lnvesLmenL could be allowed Lhrough an auLomaLlc rouLe
whlch would reduce Lhe gesLaLlon perlod and delays ln
governmenL approval, maklng lndla more aLLracLlve Lo
lnvesLors. Also, secLors such as defence, rallways and e-
commerce are expecLed Lo beneflL wlLh Lhe new pollcy
framework, whlch havelong been neglecLed.
"1he new 6overnment is beinq formed ot o juncture when the
entire country hos been seekinq o chonqe. we expect thot the
new qovernment, wi// be ob/e to formu/ote o recovery p/on to
roise 6uP ond ro// out deve/opmento/ p/ons much needed in
the country".
-Parlsh Lakshman, resldenL, ACMA
AparL from Lhls, an lmmedlaLe push ls requlred Lo lmplemenL
CS1 Lo make Lhe Lhe manufacLurlng secLor, especlally Lhe
auLomoLlveafloaL. lmplemenLaLlon of CS1 wlll revoluLlonlseLhe
enLlre manufacLurlng secLor by ellmlnaLlng Lhe cascadlng effecL
of LaxaLlon Lhus maklng 'made ln lndla' producLs cosL
compeLlLlve. Among Lhe beneflLs LhaL Lhe CS1 wlll presenL Lo
Lhe lndlan economy ls LhaL Lhe enLlre sLrucLure of LaxaLlon wlll
be slmpllfled. 1hls ls llkely Lo lead Lo beLLer compllance and wlll
ralse Lhe LoLal collecLlon of LaxaLlon ln Lhe economy. lL wlll also
lead Lo a fall ln cosLs ln many cases maklng several producLs
affordable as well as make Lhem compeLlLlve on Lhe world
sLage. 1he consumer wlll also reap Lhe beneflLs of lowered
1o lmplemenL CS1, Lhe blll requlres Lwo-Lhlrds ma[orlLy ln
arllamenL and agreemenL by half Lhe sLaLes. 1hls may sound
llke a Lall order, however, wlLh absoluLe ma[orlLy, Lhe odds are ln
CovernmenL's favour.
Whlle Lhe revlval of economy ls always vlewed as a long Lerm
process, Lhe lndlan auLo lndusLry needs an lmmedlaLe aLLenLlon
wlLh Lhe new budgeL round Lhe corner. 1he auLo lndusLry has
been reellng under slgnlflcanL pressure for qulLe someLlmewlLh
dlpplng sales aLLrlbuLlng Lo adverse lmpacL on Lhe componenLs.
1herefore, Lo help Lhe cause and furLher acceleraLe growLh, Lhe
governmenL needs Lo Lake cerLaln measures Lo sLralghLen ouL
Lhlngs such as lnLroduclng exclse raLe cuLs Lo lnduce fooLfalls Lo
Lhe auLo dealershlps, provlde long-Lerm sLable exporL
promoLlon schemes wlLh aL leasL Len-year horlzon, focus on
labour reforms and lmprovlng lnfrasLrucLure. So much so,
narendra Modl has won hlmself an exLraordlnary opporLunlLy,
aL a crlLlcal momenL ln lndla's hlsLory. May he use lL well, for Lhe
elecLoraLe now knows as well as does he, Lhe exhllaraLlng and
upendlng power of Lhelr voLes.
Apr|| - May 2014
Training Programme on SingIe Minute
Exchange of Die (SMED)
ACMA norLhern 8eglon organlsed a one day Lralnlng
programme on Slngle MlnuLe Lxchange of ule (SMLu),
conslderlng lLs poslLlve lmpacL on producLlvlLy on
manufacLurlng unlLs. 1he Lralnlng programme was held on 23Lh
Aprll, 2014, 8udrapur. 1he programme was deslgned wlLh an
ob[ecLlve Lo lnform Lhe people lnvolved ln Lhe shop floor
acLlvlLles such as roducLlon, CuallLy, roducLlon Lnglneerlng
and lmprovemenL acLlvlLles. Mr. Mano[ MaLhur, ConsulLanL ln
S.k. AssoclaLes was Lhe faculLy for Lhe Lralnlng programme who
explalned SMLu as one of Lhe many lean producLlon meLhods
for reduclng wasLe. 1he approach of SMLu / Culck changeover
ls appllcable noL only Lo ManufacLurlng rocesses buL also Lo
oLher non-manufacLurlng such as SLore - lnvenLory rocesses,
LoglsLlcs eLc.
SMLu provldes rapld and efflclenL way of converLlng a
manufacLurlng process from runnlng Lhe currenL llne of producL
Training Programme on QuaIity CircIes
ACMA (norLhern 8eglon) organlsed one day Lralnlng
programme on Lhe CuallLy Clrcles on Aprll 11, 2014, new uelhl.
Mr. Shalabh Capoor, lndependenL ConsulLanL was LhefaculLy for
CuallLy Clrcles conslsLs of a small group of employees, from Lhe
same work area, who volunLarlly meeL aL regular lnLervals Lo
ldenLlfy, analyse, and resolve work relaLed problems of Lhelr
areas. 1he phllosophy behlnd CuallLy Clrcles ls '8ulldlng eople'
by lmprovlng Lhelr capablllLles, fosLerlng Leam splrlL amongsL
Lhem, maklng Lhem assumeleadershlp roles and enrlchlng Lhelr
quallLyof llves. 1heob[ecLlveof LheLralnlng programmewas:
- lL helps ln lncreaslng Lhe ablllLy Lo ldenLlfy and solve Lhe
- lL sharpen Lheskllls Lo lmproveproducLlvlLyand quallLy
- lL brlngs CrganlzaLlonal uevelopmenL Lhrough 1oLal
- lL promoLes 1eam 8ulldlng and promoLe problem solvlng aL
Crass 8ooL level
- lL lmproves Lhe boLLom llne by lmprovlng CuallLy, CosL
- lL promoLes CC MovemenL wlLhln Lhe CrganlzaLlon ln a
sysLemaLlc manner
Training Programme on VisuaI
ACMA (norLhern 8eglon) organlsed a Lralnlng programme on
vlsual managemenL on Aprll 22, 2014 aL ACMA Cfflce, new
uelhl. vlsual ManagemenL ls Lhe effecLlveness of a workplace
whereall members undersLand and manageLhelr own work ln a
safe, clean, organlzed envlronmenL LhaL fosLers open
communlcaLlon, prlde, and conLlnuous lmprovemenL. Mr.
Manu[ MaLhur, ConsulLanL S.k. AssoclaLes was Lhe faulLy for Lhe
programme. 1he programme explalned why vlsual
managemenL ls lmporLanL. Accordlng Lo a sLudy human belngs
collecL lnformaLlon 83 Lhrough eye, 11 Lhrough ear, 3.3
From the Regions
Lo runnlng Lhe nexL process. 1hls rapld changeover ls Lhe key Lo
reduce producLlon loL slzes and Lhereby lmprovlng flow and
lncreaseproducLlon run Llme.
Apr|| - May 2014
From the Regions
Lhrough sense of smell, 1.3 Lhrough sense of Louch and 1
Lhrough senseof LasLe.
vlsually managed facLory ls a workplace LhaL ls easlly
undersLood by all. Anyone walklng lnLo a work unlL, `aL a glance
can undersLand' Lhe sLaLus of LhaL unlL, whaL ls wasLe or
abnormal, and where lmprovemenLs are requlred. 1he besL
vlsual dlsplay symbols are easy Lo undersLand, shows
lmmedlaLe sLaLus LhaL capLures aLLenLlon. SLaLus boards,
producL dlsplays, sLoryboards / plcLures, elecLronlc marquees
are used ln provldlng lnformaLlon regardlng safeLy, quallLy,
operaLlons, equlpmenL, work envlronmenL, progress/
achlevemenLs of a work unlL. vlsual managemenL ls Lechnlque
LhaL can reduce wasLe of all klnds and can lead Lo lmproved
quallLy, reduced changeover Llme, lmprove safeLy, lncrease
employee morale and help ln reduclng sLorage cosLs, cycle Llme
Launch of 3rd Batch Six Sigma Green
BeIt Training Programme
ACMA (SouLhern 8eglon) organlsed Lhe 3rd 8aLch of Slx Slgma
Creen 8elL Lralnlng programme on Aprll 7-9, 2014. ln LoLal
slxLeen delegaLes from elghL companles parLlclpaLed ln Lhe
Module 1 of Lhe workshop. Mr 8am narayanan was Lhe faculLy
for Lhe workshop who ls a masLer black belL from world class
manufacLurlng soluLlons.
1he Loplcs LhaL were covered ln Lhe module 1 of Lhe workshop
lncluded lnLroducLlon Lo lmprovemenL meLhodology ln slx
slgma lnlLlaLlve, how Lo selecL and prlorlLlse lmprovemenL
pro[ecLs, undersLandlng of Lhe problem, observaLlon and daLa
analysls, ldenLlflcaLlon of suspecLed sources of varlaLlon of Lhe
problem, measure and analyse Lhe daLa based Lechnlques Lo
plnpolnL causes.
Cver Lhe years, aL an all lndla level ACMA has conducLed 10
baLches of slx slgma green belL where 106 delegaLes have been
cerLlfled savlng 8s.293lakhs. CuL of Lhls LhesouLhern reglon has
conducLed 4 baLches and cerLlfled 33 delegaLes savlng approx.
Workshop on Process and Design in
ACMA (SouLhern 8eglon) conducLed a Lwo-day workshop on
process and deslgn ln fallure mode and effecLs analysls (lMLA)
on May 13-14, 2014. ur. S M !agadlsh a 8 L ln Mechanlcal wlLh
MasLer's ln 8uslness AdmlnlsLraLlon from lCnCu was Lhe
faculLy for Lhe programme. Pe ls a cerLlfled lead audlLor for
CSPAS 18001, lSC14001, lSC9001and presenLly ls aproprleLor
of zero defecL consulLanLs.
and machlne down Llme. 1he parLlclpanLs form norLhern reglon
appreclaLed Lhe focused conLenLs and Lhe learnlngs Lhey galned
from lL.
1he Lwo-day workshop was deslgned Lo help undersLand Lhe
process Lo be followed and adopLed whlle uLlllzlng Lhe lMLA
Lools for process and deslgn. 1he followlng Loplcs were covered
durlng Lhe workshop, lMLA process, lMLA appllcaLlon, hlsLory
of lMLA, sLraLegy, plannlng and lmplemenLaLlon, how Lo do
process lMLA, how Lo deslgn lMLA and common mlsLakes ln
lMLA. 1he workshop helped Lhe delegaLes Lo undersLand lMLA
and lLs acLlvlLles Lo recognlse and evaluaLe Lhe poLenLlal fallure
of a producL/process and lLs effecLs. ldenLlfy acLlons whlch
could ellmlnaLe or reduce Lhe chance of poLenLlal fallure
occurrlng and documenL Lhe process. A LesL was conducLed Lo
evaluaLe Lhe knowledge levels of Lhe delegaLes aL Lhe end of Lhe
Four Day InternaI Auditor's Training
ACMA (SouLhern 8eglon) deslgned lour uay lnLernal AudlLor's
1ralnlng" as parL of lLs new lnlLlaLlve ln ColmbaLore. Module 1 of
Lhe programme was conducLed on May 23-24, 2014 aL 8ooLs
lndusLrles lndla LlmlLed. 1he LMS & CPSAS sLandard speclfles
requlremenLs for Lhe sysLem and helps ln enabllng an
organlsaLlon Lo develop and lmplemenL a pollcy and ob[ecLlve
whlch Lakes lnLo accounL legal requlremenLs and lnformaLlon
abouL LnvlronmenLal CP&S rlsks. Powever such revlews and
audlLs are noL sufflclenL Lo provlde an organlsaLlon wlLh Lhe
requlred assurance. 1herefore, Lo be more effecLlve ACMA
deslgned Lhe Lralnlng Lo glve exposure Lo lLs members on Lhe
lmporLanL aspecLs of boLh (lSC 14001 and CSPAS 18001)
sLandards for developlng lnLernal audlLors.
1he module 1 covered Lhe followlng aspecLs ln boLh Lhe
sLandards namely, evoluLlon of sLandards, quallLy deflnlLlons,
CMS prlnclples, goals of LPS, lmporLance of Lhe process
beneflLs of LPS, requlremenLs of LPS sysLem, how Lo esLabllsh
LPS sysLem, documenLaLlon, lmplemenLaLlon and guldance.
1he delegaLes were dlvlded lnLo Leams Lo undersLand Lhe
aspecLs and lmpacL of Lhe sLandards. 1he programme was well
recelved by Lhe delegaLes and Lhe overall feedback was
excellenL on Lhe learnlngs from Lhe programme and Lhe course
Workshop on Costing &Budgeting
ACMA (SouLhern 8eglon - k&P Zone) organlsed a programme
on cosLlng & budgeLlng for non-flnance execuLlves aL AdlLya
AuLo roducLs & Lnglneerlng (l) vL LLd on Aprll 11, 2014.
CosLlng &budgeLlng plays avlLal roleln Lheplannlng acLlvlLy and
Lhus plays a crlLlcal parL ln every lndlvldual's professlonal and
personal llfe.
ur. arameswaran, a h.u ln llnance from Lhe luqua School of
8uslness aL uuke unlverslLy ln norLh Carollna u.S.A conducLed
one day Lralnlng programme coverlng Lhe baslcs of cosLlng &
1he programme covered varlous Lypes of cosLlng, dlrecL &
lndlrecL, flxed, varlable, dlfferenLlal cosLlng, marglnal & full
cosLlng, sLandard cosLlng and varlances. CalculaLlon of nv, l88
and lnLroducLlon Lo caplLal budgeLlng wereexplalned ln deLall.
Apr|| - May 2014
From the Regions
Apr|| - May 2014
From the Regions
FinaI Assessment & Certification
Ceremony of Certification Programme
on VSM
ACMA (WesLern 8eglon) organlsed Lhe1sL baLch of valuesLream
mapplng cerLlflcaLlon programme whlch concluded on May 21,
2014. 1he programme was organlsed for flve days whlch was
dlvlded lnLo flve Modules, spread over a perlod of slx monLhs.
All parLlclpanLs made presenLaLlon on Lhe pro[ecLs underLaken
and Lhe lmprovemenLs made over Llme. Mr. Sunll MuLha, Senlor
Counsellor, ACMA was Lhe faculLy for Lhe progarmme who
checked Lhe effecLlveness of Lhe analysls done and Lhe acLlons
Interactive session with President &
Vice President
ACMA held an lnLeracLlve sesslon wlLh Mr. Parlsh Lakshman,
resldenL and Mr. 8amesh Surl , vlce resldenL , ACMA ln
Ahmedabad and une on Aprll 2, 2014 as a parL of annual
reglonal evenL Lo dlscuss Lhe challenges belng faced by Lhe
componenLs lndusLry . lor Lhe flrsL Llme Lhe evenL happened ln
Ahmedabad whlch was usually conducLed ln une. AL Lhe evenL
Mr Lakshman shared hls vlews on Lhe currenL scenarlo of Lhe
auLomoLlve lndusLry whlch ls passlng Lhrough rough weaLher.
CurrenLly Lhe auLo secLor ls showlng negaLlve demand - excepL
for Lwo wheeler and LracLor lndusLry. ln addlLlon Lhe LoLal
lmporLs of auLo componenL durlng 2012-13 was uSu 13.70
bllllon as agalnsL exporL of uSu 9.70 bllllon whlch ls a cause of
concern. 1he resldenL menLloned LhaL we need Lo asses
growlng lmporL from Chlna speclally when Lhere ls noL a slngle
auLo maker from Chlna manufacLurlng ln lndla, whlch has
resulLed ln shrlnklng proflL marglns. 1o counLer Lhe problems
LhemanufacLurers need Lo lnvesL ln new Lechnology and 8&uLo
remaln compeLlLlve. Cn Lhe funcLlon Lhe resldenL
recommended LhaL ASLAn reglon ls a new fasL growlng hub for
Lhe auLo lndusLry and ACMA members musL keep a close waLch
ln Lhe reglon for beLLer opporLunlLles. ACMA has senL lLs
recommendaLlons Lo Lhe CovernmenL on varlous challenges
belng faced by Lhe auLo componenL lndusLry such as make
exporLs compeLlLlve by exLendlng 3 lnLeresL subvenLlon on
lnvesLmenLs made ln caplLal equlpmenL, conslder conLlnulng
lncenLlves ln l1 for Lhe nexL flve years and ellmlnaLe cusLoms
duLy on alloy sLeel, alumlnum alloy and on secondary alumlnum
alloy eLc. WlLh Lhe ongolng dlscusslon Mr 8amesh Surl, vlce
resldenL, ACMA menLloned abouL Lhe wesL zone whlch has
good numbers of CLMs presenL ln Lhe reglon. Cu[araL has
aLLracLed many CLMs Lo seL up facLory near Lhree ma[or
locaLlons vlz - Ahmedabad, vadodara and 8a[koL. All Lhe Lhree
reglons have greaL poLenLlal Lo supporL Lhe auLo secLor. 1he
MSMLs play's a vlLal role ln Lhe growLh of Lhe auLo lndusLry and
lL ls Lhe responslblllLy of Lhe 1ler -1 Lo exLended all posslble
supporL Lo MSMLs. 1he vlce resldenL Louched upon varlous
servlces provlded by ACMA and urged members Lo Lake
advanLage of such servlces. 1he Chlef CuesL, ur. Abhay llrodla,
Chalrman, lorce MoLors LLd. menLloned LhaL Lhe CovernmenL's
aLLlLude Lo nurLure auLo lndusLry ls lmporLanL and Lhe currenL
rules and regulaLlons need a revlew as Lhey are noL helplng Lhe
Mr. Sandeep 8aloo[a , Chalrman, WesLern 8eglon sald LhaL
ACMA WesLern 8eglon organlses regular acLlvlLles ln all parLs of
reglon and ACMA seeks members suggesLlon and feedback for
beLLer dellvery. Mr. klrLl 8aLhod , uepuLy Chalrman, WesLern
8eglon drew members aLLenLlon on quallLy lmprovemenL and
susLalnable growLh . Cver all more Lhen100 members and non-
members [olned Lhe lnLeracLlon. 1he senlor offlclals for
cusLomers such as ALul AuLo, 1aLa MoLors, lord, CM, vW eLc
[olned and lnLeracLed wlLh Lhemembers.
Apr|| - May 2014
From the Regions
Training Programme on 'DaiIy Work
ACMA (WesLern 8eglon) organlsed a Lralnlng programme on
ually Work managemenL ln Cu[raLl and Lngllsh from 22-23Aprll,
2014, Ahmedabad. lL was almed for Lhe people lnvolved ln Lhe
shop floor acLlvlLles such as producLlon, quallLy, producLlon
englneerlng, lmprovemenL acLlvlLles, Managers, Sr. Lnglneers /
Lnglneers eLc. Mr 8hadresh Shah a professlonal Lralner havlng
over 10 years of experlence ln Lhe fleld on managemenL, P8 and
Lralnlng was LhefaculLy for Lheprogramme. Mr. Shah helped Lhe
parLlclpanLs Lo undersLand Lhe concepL of dally work
ManagemenL Lhrough lnLeracLlvesesslons and group exerclses.
'ually Work ManagemenL' ls Lhe sysLem LhaL enables beLLer
managemenL of deparLmenLs, funcLlons and processes whereln
'processes' aredeflned, sLandardlsed, conLrolled, and lmproved
by Lhe process owners. Powever, Lhe sysLem requlres Lo be
done properly for beLLer resulLs. ln Lhe absence of a good 'ually
Work ManagemenL '
sysLem, processes are
llkely Lo suffer Lhrough
Llme, and may end-up
flaLwlLhouL empowerlng
Lhe process owners.
1hl s l eads Lo poor
ouLpuL quallLy.
1he key Loplcs of Lhe
- 8oleClarlLy - luncLlons of
- 8esponslblllLles of ManagemenL
ManagemenL - SLandards and
- 8uslness rocess ulagram LxacLness
- MeLhod of uallyWorkManagemenL
Two day workshop on 'StatisticaI
Process ControI'
ACMA (WesLern 8eglon) organlsed Lwo day workshop on
'SLaLlsLlcal rocess ConLrol' from 13-16 Aprll, une. WlLh Lhe
ob[ecLlve Lo lmprove parLlclpanL's ablllLy Lo analyse
manufacLurlng processes aL Lhelr faclllLy and enhance lLs
effecLlveness. 1he workshop was almed Lo LargeL
manufacLurlng shop floor englneers (CuallLy Assurance
Lnglneers and rocess ConLrol Lnglneers), who are lnvolved ln
Lhe analysls of SC daLa for process lmprovemenL declslon
maklng, suppller quallLy lmprovemenL englneers, planL heads
and supervlsors from pro[ecLs and operaLlon. 1he workshop
was conducLed by Mr. SaLlsh lnamdar 8L(Mechanlcal) , ex- 1aLa
MoLor's senlor execuLlve havlng experlence of over 34 years ln
vendor developmenL, maLerlals managemenL and suppller
quallLy lmprovemenL. CuallLy plays an lnLegral parL ln selllng
any producL. varlaLlon ln Lhe producL quallLy ls ma[or
dlssaLlsfacLlon for any cusLomer. 1herefore sLaLlsLlcal process
conLrol (SC) Lool helps ln reduclng or ellmlnaLlng Lhe varlaLlon.
SC ls a Lechnlque LhaL helps ln Lrlggerlng acLlon necessary Lo
make Lhe process sLable and capable. lL allows process
performance Lracklng on a real-Llme basls, allowlng for
correcLlve acLlons Lo be Laken before fallure occurs. As Lhe
declslons are Laken based on Lhe facLs, Lhe acLlons Laken are
bound Lo lmproveLhemanufacLurlng process.
Two Day Workshop on "Geometric
Dimensioning and ToIerancing (GD&T)"
ACMA (WesLern 8eglon) organlzed a Lwo day workshop on
CeomeLrlc ulmenslonlng and 1oleranclng (Cu&1) from 13-14
May, 2104, une. Mr. !ayanL karandlkar, M.1ech ln mechanlcal
englneerlng from ll1 8ombay and a posLgraduaLe dlploma ln
CuallLy ManagemenL SysLems from narsee Mon[l lnsLlLuLe of
ManagemenL, Mumbal conducLed Lhe workshop. 1he
workshop was almed for englneerlng, deslgn, lnspecLlon,
CA/CC, manufacLurlng, assembly, servlceand purchaslng.
- 1o learn Lhe sLandard meLhod of lnLerpreLlng Lhe
CeomeLrlc ulmenslonlng &1oleranclng.
- 1o learn how lnspecLlon guages and flxLures have Lo be
Apr|| - May 2014
From the Regions
CeomeLrlc ulmenslonlng and 1oleranclng (Cu&1) ls a sysLem for
deflnlng and communlcaLlng englneerlng Lolerances. lL uses a
symbollc language on englneerlng drawlngs and compuLer-
generaLed Lhree-dlmenslonal solld models LhaL expllclLly
descrlbes nomlnal geomeLry and lLs allowable varlaLlon. lL Lells
Lhe manufacLurlng sLaff and machlnes whaL degree of accuracy
and preclslon ls needed on each conLrolled feaLure of Lhe parL.
Cu&1 ls used Lo deflne Lhe nomlnal (LheoreLlcally perfecL)
geomeLry of parLs and assemblles, Lo deflne Lhe allowable
varlaLlon ln form and posslble slze of lndlvldual feaLures, and Lo
deflne Lhe allowable varlaLlon beLween feaLures. 1wo ma[or
organlsaLlons - ASML & lSC - have prepared sLandards for Lhls
communlcaLlon. 1oplcs dlscussed aL Lheworkshop:
- Lnglneerlng urawlng ulmenslonlng and 1oleranclng
- Legal lssues perLalnlng Lo parL deflnlLlon &Cu&1
- 8aslc dlmenslonlng pracLlces
- uefaulLs for Loleranclng screw Lhreads, spllnes and gears
- AcLual maLlng envelopes
- LocaLlon Lolerances
- 8unouL Lolerances
- roflleLolerances
Visit to GabrieI India Ltd.
Mr. 8alblr Slngh Chhabra, CoordlnaLor, nashlk zone and Mu,
8lghL 1lghL lasLners vL. LLd. led a 27 member delegaLlon Lo
Cabrlel lndlaLLd., nashlkon May6, 2014.
Mr. nlkhll v. aLanl, lanL Pead, Cabrlel lndla LLd. welcomed Lhe
delegaLes and presenLed an overvlew of Lhecompany. 1he planL
manufacLures hydro mechanlcal producLs, moLorcycle parLs,
fronL fork, rear shock absorber, Lwo wheelers parLs and
englneerlng producLs. 1he planL has been Lwlce awarded llCCl
CuallLy SysLem and has also been awarded for 1M & 1CM
Lxcellence by 8a[a[ AuLo LLd. 8a[a[ ls Lhe maln cusLomer
however, Lhe nashlk lanL has dlverslfled and ls now caLerlng Lo
Suzukl MoLorcycles, ?amaha MoLorcycles, Mahlndra 1wo
Wheeler and Ponda MoLorcycles. WlLh Lhls Lhe neL sales have
grown by 30 year on year basls. uurlng planL Lour delegaLes
had Lhe opporLunlLy Lo vlslL assembly llne of fronL fork and
shock absorber, 8&u, raw maLerlal lnspecLlon slLe and kalzen
Visit to Mahindra &Mahindra Ltd.
Mr. 8alblr Slngh Chhabra, CoordlnaLor nashlk zone and Mu,
8lghL 1lghL lasLners vL. LLd. led a 27 member delegaLlon Lo
Mahlndra&MahlndraLLd., on May6, 2014, nashlk
Mr. Sandeep nalk, uepuLy
C M , s u p p l y c h a l n
ManagemenL welcomed Lhe
delegaLlon, aL Mahlndra &
Mahlndra LLd. Pe provlded an
overvlew of Lhe company
whlch ls a uS $ 13.4 bllllon
group company and ls Lhe
largesL LracLor manufacLurer
ln Lhe world. 1he planL has a
separaLe 8&u cenLre, an
auLomaLed palnL and body
shop for xylo and Scorplo cars.
uurlng planL Lour delegaLes had Lhe opporLunlLy Lo vlslL xylo
body shop and assembly llne. Cne of Lhe key hlghllghLs of Lhe
planL was Lo wlLness auLomaLlon, 1M pollcy and prevenLlve
Apr|| - May 2014
From the Regions
Visit to Bharat Forge
1o add more value Lo Lhe Lralnlng programme and workshop,
ACMA organlsed a vlslL Lo 8haraL lorge LLd. on Aprll 16, 2014,
une. 1he parLlclpanLs aLLended Lhe Lwo day workshop on
'SLaLlsLlcal rocess ConLrol'.
1he ob[ecLlve of Lhls new lnlLlaLlve was Lo show Lhe parLlclpanLs
Lhe acLual lmplemenLaLlon of SC aL Lhe shop floor afLer golng
Lhrough Lhe class room Lralnlng. 1he parLlclpanLs vlslLed Lhe
heaL LreaLmenL and forglng shops and wlLnessed Lhe acLual
lmplemenLaLlon of SLaLlsLlcal rocess ConLrol . 1he Leam aL
8haraL lorge shared all Lhe daLa and relaLed lnformaLlon freely
wlLh parLlclpanLs and answered all Lhe querles LhaL was ralsed
durlng Lhe vlslL. 1he flrsL of lLs klnd, Lhls new lnlLlaLlve was
appreclaLed by boLh Lhe 8haraL lorge lLd. as well as Lhe
Workshop on Productivity: Importance,
Measurement and Improvement in
WlLh Lhe ongolng compeLlLlon where buslnesses are shrlnklng,
companles are flndlng newer ways Lo remaln afloaL and
proflLable. Cne of Lhe ma[or causes of company's decllne ls lLs
low producLlvlLy. roducLlvlLy ls one of Lhe mosL cruclal
lndlcaLors Lo deflne compeLlLlveness. 1oday every organlsaLlon
ls Lrylng Lo be more producLlve buL lL needs Lo undersLand whaL
lL should do Lo lmproveproducLlvlLy and whlch sLraLegy Lo adopL
Lo lmprove lLs performance and geL Lhe besL resulLs. lor Lhls lL ls
essenLlal Lo undersLand whaL facLors affecL producLlvlLy and
how Lheycould bemonlLored and lmproved.
1o dlscuss & undersLand roducLlvlLy ln deLall, ACMA (WesLern
8eglon) organlsed one day Workshop on roducLlvlLy:
l mpor L ance, MeasuremenL and
lmprovemenL" ln Cu[araLl aL Ahmedabad
on May 20, 2014. Mr Sudhlndhra andya,
a professlonal Lralner havlng over 33
years of experlence ln Lechnlcal Lralnlng
and coreexperLlseln llve-S, kalzen, 1CM,
roblem Solvlng 1echnlques eLc was Lhe
faculLyfor LheLralnlng programme.
1he programme was al med for
producLlon and shop floor execuLlves,
CC/CA managers, englneers and all
personnel responslble for conLrolllng
acLlvlLles, where dlrecL producLlon or
servlceLakes place.
1hekeyLoplcs of Lheprogrammewere:
- lmporLanceof roducLlvlLy
- 8elaLlonshlp beLween roducLlvlLy &
- 1he3 Model
- ConcepL of Lfflclency&LffecLlveness
- roducLlvlLyMeasuremenL Models
- rocess mapplng
- roducLlon Levelllng
- roducLlvlLyAppralsal
- roducLlvlLylmprovemenL &lmprovemenL 1echnlques
Mr. andya helped Lo educaLe Lhe parLlclpanLs abouL
producLlvlLy lmprovemenL prlnclples and sLeps Lo lmplemenL
Lhe producLlvlLy lmprovemenL plan Lo lncrease producLlvlLy
Lhrough lnLeracLlvesesslons and group exerclses.
Apr|| - May 2014 24
JBM Auto to invest Rs 100 crore on new
pIant in Indore
AuLo componenL maker !8M AuLo plans seL up a new
manufacLurlng planL ln lndore aL an lnvesLmenL of 8s 100 crore
and Lhenew unlL ls expecLed Lo beoperaLlonal laLer Lhls year.
1he company, posLed over Lwo-fold rlse ln lLs neL proflL aL 8s 22
ndustry News
crorefor LhefourLh quarLer ended March 31, 2014, sald Lhenew
planL wlll caLer Lo lLs commerclal vehlcle cusLomers Lhrough Lhe
new planL.
"We are lnvesLlng 8s 100 crore on a new manufacLurlng planL ln
lndore. We wlll caLer Lo cusLomers llke volvo-Llcher, MAn and
Mahlndra & Mahlndra Lhrough Lhls faclllLy," sald, !8M Croup
LxecuLlveulrecLor nlshanL Arya.
New government to push use of c|eaner fue|s
||ke Lthano|
Lxcerpts from L1
Cadkarl emphaslsed Lheneed Lo glveapush Lo cleaner fuels, llke
eLhanol, whlch could help reduce Lhe counLry's oll lmporL blll
and polluLlon levels. "Companles llke lord, 1oyoLa, volkswagen,
Ponda and llaL have launched L83 englnes, whlch use 83
eLhanol and 10 peLrol ln 8razll, uSA and Canada... l have
spoken Lo 8am vllas aswan (food and clvll supplles mlnlsLer) Lo
lnvolve Lhe sugar lndusLry and have also asked Lhe peLroleum
mlnlsLry Lo beparL of Lhls," hesald.
Rane TRWto manufacture 320,000
airbags and seatbeIts per annum
8ane 18W SLeerlng SysLems LLd (81SSL), announces lLs
expanslon plan of manufacLurlng alrbags and Lhe laLesL
generaLlon of seaLbelL sysLems. 81SSL, whlch ls Lhe markeL
leader ln hydraullc power sLeerlng sysLems ln lndla,
manufacLures hydraullc power sLeerlng gears, vane pumps and
reservolrs. 1he company has an excluslve dlvlslon
manufacLurlng seaLbelLs aL lLs Slngaperumal koll planL near
Chennal. 81SSL ls applylng 18W's global manufacLurlng
sLandards Lo produce drlver and passenger alrbags and
seaLbelLs aL Lhe faclllLy and wlll make around 320,000 unlLs per
annum lnlLlally, and lncrease lL Lo 810,000 unlLs ln Lhe comlng
LhreeLo flveyears.
Bharat Forge Ltd.'s German Subsidiary
BFAT wins prestigious EURO 250 miIIion
muItiyear contract
8haraL lorge AlumlnumLechnlk CmbP & Co kC (8lA1), a
Cerman subsldlary of 8haraL lorge announced Lhe wlnnlng of a
presLlglous mulLlyear conLracL approxlmaLely worLh Lu8C 230
mllllon from a Cerman CLM for supply of suspenslon
componenLs based on unlqueLechnology lndusLrlallsed by 8lA1
over Lhe pasL few years. 1he lndusLrlallsaLlon of Lhls unlque
Lechnology has puL 8lA1 aL Lhe forefronL of alumlnlum
componenL lndusLry wlLnesslng hugedemand globally.
1o creaLecapaclLy for Lhls addlLlonal buslness, 8lA1 ls lncreaslng
lLs capaclLy by addlng a new press llne wlLh all auxlllary
equlpmenL lncludlng melLlng whlch wlll be commlssloned ln !an
1hls planL ls belng seL up ln Lhe sLaLe of Saxony aL 8rand-
Lrblsdorf aL cosL of Lu8C 31 mllllon funded by way of lnLernal
accruals, debL &sLaLesubsldles.
Bohra Rubber coIIaborates with
Hiroshima Kasei Ltd of Japan
8ohra 8ubber vL. LLd. and Plroshlma kasel LLd, (PkL), !apan
enLered a Lechnlcal collaboraLlon Lo manufacLure auLomoLlve
cabln seallng sysLems. PkL wlll supporL 88L ln deslgn,
developmenL and execuLlon of dynamlc seallng soluLlons for Lhe
auLomoLlve lndusLry. 1he !apanese company would work wlLh
Lhe lndlan parLner Lo LargeL Lhe CLMs ln Lhe growlng
auLomoLlve markeL. PkL has been a preferred suppller of
auLomoLlve cabln seallng sysLems for !apanese car
manufacLurers llke MlLsubushl Car, ualhaLsu and nlssan. Cn
behalf of Lhe lukuyama based company, Mr. 1omohlro Amaru
(ulrecLor, lndusLrlal MaLerlals ulvlslon) sald, We are pleased Lo
be presenL ln lndla ln collaboraLlon wlLh 8ohra 8ubber vL. LLd.
Lo serve one of Lhe fasLesL growlng auLomoLlve markeLs ln Lhe
world. lL adds Lo our acLlve presence ln SouLh korea, uSA, Chlna,
1halland and lndonesla and furLher expands our sLrong global
fooLprlnL. 1hls alllance allows us Lo brlng our sLaLe of Lhe arL
paLenLed Lechnologles llke AS Lo Lhe demandlng lndla
cusLomer. WlLh presence ln Lhe fasLesL growlng markeLs ln Lhe
world we are ln a poslLlon Lo caLer Lo growlng number of
cusLomers wlLh our sLaLe of Lhe arL Lechnologles". 8ohra 8ubber
has exLenslve presence ln Lhe lndlan CLMs, and has requlred
lnfrasLrucLure and culLure Lo be able Lo serve Lhe ever
demandlng CLMs and we are exclLed Lo work wlLh and grow
alongsldeLhem wlLh lndlan CLM cusLomers".
We oon't set tblngs ln motlon but we surely keep tbem runnlng.
8rlnglng breaktbrougb tecbnologles to tbe |nolan Market
Seallng solutlons & appllcatlons across lnoustrles.
For turtber oetalls, contact or vlslt
Apr|| - May 2014
Members' Room
Crd|nary Membersh|p
AshuLosh 8ubber vL. LLd.
SLerllng ApLs. Cpp. MahaLmaCandhl School
!awahar 8oad
8a[koL-360001, Cu[araL
SSl : ?es
roducLs ManufacLured : 8ubber grommeLs, bumpers,
buffers, mounLlng pads, rubber
sheeLs, sockeL covers, rubber
sheeL conLroller plaLes, rubber Lo
meLal bonded parLs for shock
absorbers, rubber rlngs, l8C
Coupllngs, [aw coupllngs
CuallLyCerLlflcaLlon : lSC9001:2008by1uv
Lssae D|g|tron|cs vt. Ltd.
Machlnlng ComponenL ulvlslon
no. 1938,
8omasandralndusLrlal Area
Anekal 1aluk,
8angalore- 360099
SSl : no
roducLs ManufacLured : Wh e e l b e a r l n g s p l n d l e ,
companlon flange, collar locklng,
splndle rear, splndle fronL,
companlon flangeaxle

Mk Iasteners
8ommasandralndl. Area
Posur Maln 8oad
8angalore- 360099
SSl : ?es
roducLs ManufacLured : 8olL, rlveLs, shafLs, nuLs, sLuds,
screws, pln, elecLrode, spark
plug houslng
CuallLy CerLlflcaLlon : 1S 16949:2009 by 1uv
SandenV|kas Ind|aLtd.
loL no. 63,
Paryana- 121003
SSl : no roducLs ManufacLured
: AuLomoLlve gas compressor,
PvAC and hose & plpe for car alr
condlLlonlng appllcaLlon
CuallLy CerLlflcaLlon : 1S 16949 by 8Sl
Carr|er Whee|s vt. Ltd.
911- Shamll lndusLrlal Area
6Lh MllesLone,
anlpaL 8oad,
Shamll (u) - 247776
SSl/Large&Medlum/LLc. : no
roducLs ManufacLured : SLeel wheel rlms
CuallLyCerLlflcaLlon : lSC9001:2008by8vCl
GI Auto vt. Ltd.
PAL Anclllary lndusLrlal LsLaLe
SSl : no
roducLs ManufacLured : reclslon Lurnlng componenLs -
ad[usLlng bolLs, splndle assembly,
coupllng nuLs, sLems, axls shafLs,
worm gear assembly
CuallLyCerLlflcaLlon : lSC/ 1S16949:2009by8v
8S CPSAS 18001:2007 by 1uv
ranavV|kas (Ind|a) Ltd.
loL no 43-46,
nl1 lndusLrlal Area
larldabad- 121001
SSl : no
roducLs ManufacLured : Coollng coll assembly, condenser
unlL assembly, oll cooler, radlaLor,
heaLer core
CuallLyCerLlflcaLlon : lSC/1S16949:2009by8Sl
lSC 14001:2004 by 8Sl CPSAS
Su[anCooperstandardAVSvt. Ltd.
8ldg no. 1, loL no. 1&2,
8ehlnd 8lueChlp lndusLrlal LsLaLe,
vlllageWallv, SaLlvlll udyog nagar
vasal (LasL), ulsL. 1hane-401208
SSl : no
roducLs ManufacLured : Lnglne mounL bushes, gaskeLs,
chasls parLs, bushes, mounLs
CuallLyCerLlflcaLlon : lSC/1S16949byunv
Members' Room
Industr|a| kubber roducts
Surveyno. 119/18331,
andur vlllage(no. 16)
ermaLLanallur anchayaL,
(vla) Cuduvancherry
ChenglepuL 1aluk-603202,
kanchlpuram ulsL.
SSl : ?es
roducLs ManufacLured : 8adlaLor hoses, englne mounLs,
gear lever bellow, Lurbo charger
hoses, moulded hoses, exLruded
fuel hoses, slllcon hoses, rubber Lo
meLal bonded componenLs, fuel
hoses, eco hoses
Assoc|ate Membersh|p
Inf|neon1echno|og|es Ind|avt. Ltd.
kalyanl laLlna,
3rd lloor #6A24
8lock-1Ll Zone
hase-ll, WhlLefleld 8oad
8angalore- 360066
roducL / Servlces : ueslgn &produce power producLs
LhaL meeL all 8equlremenLs of Lhe
CerLlflcaLlon Lo
lSC9000&CS9000 : l S C 9 0 0 1 : 2 0 0 8 b y 1 u v
Aff|||ate Membersh|p
Chamber of MarathwadaIndustr|es andAgr|cu|ture
-2, 8a[a[ 8hawan,
MluC8allwaysLaLlon road
Aurangabad - 431003
Legal SLaLus : 1rusL
Servlces provlded : Chamber of Mar aL hwada
lndusLrles & AgrlculLure ls an
a s s o c l a L l o n h a v l n g L h e
membershlp from mosL of Lhe
leadlng lndusLrles, organlzaLlons
and lndlvlduals who are worklng
for Lhe cause of lndusLrles,
lndusLrlallzaLlon and Lhe overall
developmenL of MaraLhwada
Apr|| - May 2014 27