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Industrialization- Seven Inventions Simulation

Students will be in-groups of four/ five. They will have one picture of
their inventions. The will gather their information on that one sheet of paper
called in the news

“ News Flash” as the editor of the paper you notice some new
inventions come out into the market. You send your reporters out in the city
to investigate.

Student writes down the information that is required for their


Next they go around the room looking at the other pictures and
information on the walls. Switching every five minutes to another house
(section in the room).

In the end the debrief the other reports on their findings about the new
inventions. Have students write down the information on the In the

Next has a class go around and have people stand up in the front of
the class and the people decide on the best invention and the most helpful to
the society in a logical order.

Teacher should facilitate the student to get out logical reason for the order

Next ask student to go home and look at some of the invention that we
have in our society and place them in a logical order and explain why the but
them in that order.