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Unit 7C
Sports quiz
Skyline Resource Pack 5. Published by Macmillan Publishers Limited.
Unit 7C Teachers Notes
Sports quiz
G roup w ork
To practice using de ning relative clauses and the
vocabulary of sports.
1520 m inutes
Grammar and functions
D e ning relative clauses
M ake one copy of the w orksheet for every six to
eight students in the class. Cut as indicated to
m ake cards.
1 A sk w hich students think they have a good
general know ledge of sports. E xplain that this
w ill be useful, as they are going to take part in
a quiz about sports.
2 A sk students to w ork together in groups of six
to eight and to form tw o team s, A and B.
3 G ive one set of cards to each group. They
should be placed face dow n on the table.
4 E xplain the gam e.
The rst player from team A picks a card and
reads the question to their team , w ho have 1
m inute to answ er.
The other m em bers of the team m ay not look
at the card, so they m ust listen carefully.
They m ay consult each other about the
answ er.
If they answ er correctly, team A keeps the
card. If they answ er incorrectly or cannot
answ er, the other team tries to w in the card.
Then the rst player from team B picks a
card and reads it to their team .
E ach m em ber of the team s takes turns to
pick and read a card.
The w inning team is the one w ith m ost cards
at the end of the gam e.
5 If you w ish, you can give out photocopies of
the instructions, or display a copy of them on
an overhead projector. E ncourage students to
pronounce as clearly as possible and allow
them to consult you if they are unsure how to
say a w ord.
Play the quiz as above, w ith tw o team s but w ith an
extra student as quizm aster. This student picks
the cards and reads them to each team in turn.
Additional ideas
Team s can w rite questions of their ow n and
challenge the rest of the class.
Skyline Resource Pack 5. Published by Macmillan Publishers Limited.

Name the sport which

pays top players most.
Name the sport which is
most popular worldwide.
Name the type of sport
which accounted for most
deaths in the U.K. from
1986 to 1992.
motor sports
Name two sports where
players dribble.
basketball, soccer
Name three sports in which
contestants jump.
Any of:
horse jumping, long jump,
high jump, basketball,
volleyball, skiing, gymnastics
Name two sports which
involve killing animals.
Any of:
bull ghting, fox hunting,
shing, deer hunting
Name two sports which are
played in teams of fewer
than 11 players.
Any of:
basketball, handball,
volleyball, ve-a-side
Name the sport in which
the contestants inict
injury on their opponents.
Name two South American
soccer players who have
become world famous.
Pl, Maradonna
Name two sports the
Chinese traditionally
excel at.
Any of:
table tennis, badminton,
Name two countries which
traditionally excel at cricket.
Any of:
Pakistan, India, England,
The West Indies, Australia
Name the sport and the
country that the All Blacks
are associated with.
rugby, New Zealand
Name the sport and the
country that the Chicago
Bulls are associated with.
basketball, the U.S.
Name the sport and the
country that Manchester
United is associated with.
soccer, England
Name the sport and
the country that
Michael Schumacher
is associated with.
Formula 1 racing, Germany
Name the city and
country which hosted the
Olympics in 2000.
Sydney, Australia
Name the city and
country which hosted the
Olympics in 1996.
Atlanta, the U.S.
Name the U.K. venue
where tennis
championships are held.
Name the French venue
where the world-famous
24-hour car race
takes place.
Le Mans
Name the rower who
won the gold medal in 5
successive Olympic Games.
Steve Redgrave
Name the soccer player
who scored the winning
goal in the 1986 World Cup
Name the country which
won most medals in the
2000 Olympics.
the U.S.
Name the team which won
the 1998 World Cup.
Name the team which won
the 1994 World Cup.