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The History of pop music video

1. In the early stages of the 20

century many talkies and soundies were
produced however a very early example of a pop music video would be
the t !ouis "lues performed by arguably the most popular blues singer
in the 1#20s$ "ettie mith where she appeared in a short %lm named t
!ouis "lues released in 1#2# which had her performing the song.
2. &ailhouse 'ock a %lm released in the 1#(0s starring )lvis *resley also
released a song under the same name which had the star of the %lm )lvis
*resley perform the song during the %lm.
+. in the 1#,0s the pop music videos were becoming more and more
fre-uent in the %lming industry as %lms the earliest most notable was .he
"eatles feature in the %lm /elp0 which used a variety of camera shots1
angles and lighting which created a more lavish feel to the video. .his
type of track se-uence used by .he "eatles has no doubt been used as a
model example for many modern music videos today.
2. "y the 1#30s pop music was becoming increasingly mainstream1 a
notable pop group would be the popular wedish group 4""4. 4n example
of their pop music video would be .ake a chance on me which depicted
them performing actions related to the lyrics of the song. 4dditionally in
the 1#,0s .op of the *op and generated much popularity in the 30s and
began to play music videos to the general public.
(. "y the 1#50s pop music was mainstream and appreciated by the general
public an notable pop group would be the popular 6orwegian group 47ha.
4n example of their pop music video would be .ake on me which
depicted short story in the music video helping a comic book character
with his adventure. "y sensationali8ing reading a comic book it allured
many of 47has viewers who were mainly females and providing them with
a visual experience which couldnt be provided in the past.
,. 9uring the mid71#50s :.; channels which began to grow in popularity
begun to play various music videos on their station1 propelling popular
music marketing into the direction music videos are shown in society
today. <ne very notable video which :.; assisted in producing is the well
acclaimed :ichael &ackson music video =.hriller> which was a vital turning
point for many black music artists which was so successful he later
released the makings of the music video on home video.
3. In 200( ?ou.ube was launched on the internet making it much easier for
individuals to upload their videos onto the website1 the site eventually
gained much popularity.