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Welcome to Baraha 4.

Baraha 4.0 is distributed as a self-extracting executable file named baraha40.exe. This file when executed will extract
the files and installs the Baraha 4.0 program.
After the installation run Baraha.exe. Baraha installs all the fonts for all the languages it supports automaticall! when
!ou execute the program.
If !ou wish to gi"e copies of Baraha to !our friends#relati"es simpl! cop! the baraha40.exe file.
The %annada fonts supplied with Baraha 4.0 software compl! with the %annada font standard directed b! the
%arnata&a 'o"t. In addition to these fonts !ou ma! also use the fonts from other "endors which compl! with the
standard. The abo"e fonts are not compatible with the fonts shipped with earlier "ersions of Baraha such as (Baraha
%an $ew( (%ai Baraha(. This means the %annada documents created using (Baraha %an $ew( font can)t be "iewed
with sa! (B*+ %annada( (B*+ %ailasam(... etc. fonts.
If !ou face problems installing Baraha please re-start !our computer and re-install Baraha.
Baraha 4.0 wor&s onl! on Win,- operating s!stems such as Windows ./#Windows .0#Windows -000#Windows $T.
1lease read uninstall.txt for information on how to uninstall Baraha.
1lease read (2uic& 3tart 4sing Baraha( in the Baraha help for a 5uic& start using Baraha.
1lease read (What)s $ew in Baraha 4.0( topic in the Baraha +elp for the latest features of Baraha 4.0.
Baraha has built-in help window and also external Windows help file.
6lic& +elp 7 1lugins 7 ... menu command to access the help on Transliteration *ule.
6lic& +elp 7 4sing 3witches 7 ... menu command for help on using 3witches for 3electi"e 8ormatting in Baraha.
6lic& +elp 7 +elp Topics menu command to access help on 3ending e-mails 6reating +T9: pages Wor&ing with 93
Word and other useful topics.
3ample Baraha ;ocuments:
Baraha software comes with some sample Baraha documents. <ou can open them in Baraha to understand writing
%annada#;e"anagari words using =nglish characters.
Baraha is cop!righted > and distributed as a freeware for use in documentation reporting acti"ities for ?ournalistic
literar! acti"ities such as maga@ines newspapers and other publications and for other non-profit acti"ities. 8or an!
other commercial use permission must be obtained from the address shown below. Baraha can be copied and
distributed to others as long as no fee is charged for that purpose.
The Baraha software is pro"ided on an (A3 I3( basis without warrant! of an! &ind. The entire ris& as to the 5ualit!
and performance of the Baraha software is borne b! !ou. 3hould the Baraha software pro"e defecti"e !ou and not the
owner assume the entire cost of an! ser"ice and repair.
3end !our problems#comments#suggestions regarding Baraha to the following address.
3heshadri"asu 6handrase&haran