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Conversations with

The Oneness Revolution
The New Age Prophecy

Amitt Parikh
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“The maternal and paternal voice of the Mysterious One arises to assist,
instruct, warn, encourage, scold and comfort us on our spiritual journey. The
title of Amitt Parikh’s second volume of ‘Conversations with The Mysterious
One’—’The Oneness Revolution and The New Age Prophecy’—unveils the
direction of the journey: ‘I AM’ makes use of vivid metaphors and concepts
from nature, biology, cosmology, technology, economy, as well as Eastern and
Western religions to prophesy a Golden Age of love, justice, and peace for all.
The author manages well to hold the balance between apocalyptic mood and
hope, social activism and individual development, unity and diversity, evolu-
tion and revolution—the formula to realize the Golden Age is playful spiritual
activity inside and outside, while being conscious of the metaphysical unity
of all appearances. This is an excellent work of edification for everyday life
whose positive messages let us pause, think and smile.”
Floco Tausin, Author of Mouches Volantes: Eye Floaters as Shining
Structures of Consciousness—

“The magnificence and power of Amitt’s ‘Conversations with the Mysteri-

ous One—Volume 1 is matched in every respect by Volume 2—The Oneness
Revolution. As with the first volume, this book takes you into the deep truths
that could only be discovered in your journey in the Fields of Forever.”
John Harricharan, award-winning, bestselling author and creator of
the ground-breaking ‘PowerPause’ system—
“If you have picked up this book to read, you can be sure, that within its
pages lie some truths that you need to imbibe. Not everything may be what
you need, but you will know when you reach those special pages that will an-
swer your hidden questions and give you solutions that you have long sought.
May this book continue your journey with truth, so that your conversations
with your inner god may become more meaningful and significant for you.”
Ellaeenah, An energy intuitive, healer, teacher and writer—Channel
of The Cosmic Master Jade Fire—

“A delightful mystical smorgasbord—yet a sum larger than its parts—and

as you keep dipping into it, you find just what fills you at that moment!”
Divyaa Kummar, Spiritual Facilitator and Author
Dedicated To:

Sai Vallalar


Ahhh... It feels so great that now humanity is ready to transpose

all its illusionary ideas and ignorance and face them squarely. Al-
though it sounds a bit risky, this will go a long way in your speedy
transformation. It’s only when you experience the result of your own
doing, do you realize the errors in your beliefs and work towards
transcending them. This is no lesson or punishment. This is the way
it works, dear.

I welcome you on the threshold of this agitation, this realization,

this conflict, this transformation... to hold each of you in MY arms and
celebrate the victory of humanity over its own dark forces. Victory of
immortality over death. Victory of love over hatred. Victory of peace
over violence. Victory of oneness over the illusionary separateness of
All That Is.

Till then work on yourself, work for your brothers and sisters
around, work for the nature around, work for The One all around you.
As you start reading the chapters focusing on different aspects to be
worked upon for the coming times, know that all aspects are to be
worked out. Do not keep thinking there are people—specialists, gov-
ernment, leaders—to do it, to take care of it.

Nay. You are The One humanity has been waiting for—each one of
you. Recognize and honor the hero within you, the shakti within you
and join the Oneness Revolution—Now!

Be active more than ever during this period while being with the
Silent Witness in all the moments of Now... to ride over the tide and
reach the horizon to witness the Dawn of The New Golden Age!

The Mysterious One

About this book


If you have read Volume One of Conversations with The Mysterious One,
you will be well acquainted with the language, tone and energy of the
channeled messages from ‘Silence,’ which focused on the personal
journey of an individual from the lower ego to the Higher Self. The
channeled messages in this second volume focus on the journey of
humanity in general and prophesizes the upcoming times of upheaval
and the Oneness Revolution, leading us to The Dawn of The Golden

Unlike Volume One, I have been guided by The One, not to in-
clude any of my own comments in this book.

As mentioned in the previous volume, words like ME, I AM, The

One, Self, All That Is, THAT, Ground of Being, First Cause etc. used
in this book refer to what you may refer by any other name like God,
Allah, Brahman, Higher Self, Divine Self, Soul, The Navigator, Inner
Guide, Inner Guru, Inner Coach, Super Consciousness, Super In-
telligence, The Witness, The Source. Any name given is just a pointer
pointing towards THAT Silence.

These messages are directed to each reader, so while reading, keep
in mind that The Mysterious One is addressing you wherever the
word ‘you’ is mentioned! This book is not about me, the author, but
about you, the reader. Please read the messages slowly and attentively.
If a message or the anecdotes given do not make sense to you, I suggest
that you do some research on that subject or re-read and think deeply
about it, till it brings out the understanding and the real meaning of
that message within you.



Conversations with the Mysterious One

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Discard the Obsolete 3

Consciousness First 4
One Consciousness First 8
Death of Violence 12
Chaotic Climatic Conditions 18
The Upbringing of Children 26
Dollar’s Doomsday 30
Integrated Evolution 33
New Age Political Structure 40
Chapter 2: Join the Oneness Revolution 47
The Oneness Revolution 48
Alladin’s Magic Lamp 54
The Uprising of The One 57
A Hero Lies In You 61
Greatness and Insanity of Humanity 65
Be The Guiding Light 69
The Last Crusade 77
Chapter 3: Promoting Oneness 83
Calling Choreographers! 84
Promoting Oneness 87
Let’s Go Hiking! 92
Launch with A Bang! 96
Merging with The One 100

Conversations with the Mysterious One

Chapter 4: The Dawn of The Golden Age 109

The Dawn of the New Age 110
Go For Maximum Diversity! 114
The Contact with Extraterrestrials 117
Science of the Human Body of Light 121
Yes, I will survive 20012! 131
About The Author 135

Chapter 1

Discard the Obsolete

Conversations with the Mysterious One

Consciousness First

Neurological disorder is a sign of the growing disease of the mind.

The symptoms of skin problems are again disorders of the mind. Ner-
vous breakdown or gangrene, the problem is more related to the mind,
emotions and spiritual causes (like past life issues) rather than actu-
al physical issues. Survival of the fittest needed strong body, speed,
strength and to that extent, yes, physical strength is a must. But with
a very thin body, someone can lead millions (to fight for freedom),
while someone with a strong athletic body cannot even stand against
injustice done to him.

What does this convey? A miraculously designed body is after all the
result of a miraculous mind! So always the first cause is the conscious-
ness and hence it is supreme. That is quite logical. So while your edu-
cation, society, science and sports give more importance to the body,
it should be the other way round. First and foremost is consciousness,
which is the Source of All That Is. Consciousness is the very engine
of this universe machine—the heart of all that you see, hear, taste and
smell. The value system has to be changed to accommodate this Truth
in all sections of your society.

Information is power, which is increasingly becoming apparent

with the advent of computers, internet and mobiles. If you study his-

Chapter : Discard the Obsolete

tory, man started the journey with physical energy, strength and vigor
to survive in jungles and has now reached a point where he can earn
his bread and butter without moving from his chair. The emphasis is
now on facts, data, information, and intelligence more than ever. You
will now understand the power of wisdom, the role of consciousness
much better with the advancement of science and at the same time the
blooming of spirituality to compensate it.

Athletes, dancers, actors, singers, sports stars—they all know the

importance of their body. Yet the body without the mind is what you
call a dead body. In the absence of consciousness (the mind), the feet
of the greatest dancer will not tap to the rhythm of music. The greatest
boxer with his gloves on—inside the ring—when collapses and dies,
his hands will not be strong enough to move even an inch to defend or
attack the opponent.

Remember this golden rule—Consciousness First!

Refine your education system to ensure you give top priority to

education for the evolution of consciousness above all. Release your
erroneous past concepts of poverty and scarcity by re-creating the
monetary system putting One Consciousness above all. Restructure
your political system the way The One’s system (nature) works.

Conversations with the Mysterious One

You have a long way to go, humanity, to realize your true potential
in this universe. You have literally all the hardware already built within
you and only need the operating higher version of Consciousness to
run the next version of the marvelous Human Body of Light! Complete
freedom and full consciousness of oneness with all the seven stages of
evolution as laid down in The Process.* This stage completes the sev-
enth stage equivalent to free photons in physical terms, but remember
it was all about consciousness and not physical form alone.

Conscious Light existing, expressing, experiencing and evolving in the

eternity of Now within the infinite field of potentiality of Nothingness.

Welcome to the League! A new process begins from this level. It

is like the games you play on your computer passing each level. The
game has advanced to more challenging environments, more respon-
sibilities and much more resources to play in an evolved environment.
There is no ‘last level’ in this game of Life! That is the only difference.
And yes, the play, the players—or call it the game and the gamers—all
are One and the same.

Poison or Amrit1—the choice is yours. Go back to the previous level

of the game to re-learn, re-experience or replay and further evolve or

1 Amrit is a Sanskrit word meaning the Elixir that bestows immortality.

Chapter : Discard the Obsolete

move on to the next level, learn new things and evolve. Whatever you
choose, evolution is the theme. Evolution is the only goal of the game,
as otherwise I AM already complete, I AM already Eternal, I AM al-
ready Love, Peace and Bliss. There is nothing to achieve or nothing
needed to survive... I AM.

So the core is already in the bliss of Nirvana, while on the periph-

ery, I along with MY numerous points of individuated beings play this
evolutionary game of Life.

Conversations with the Mysterious One

One Consciousness First

Progress on The Path entails many difficulties, which are nothing

but your own variations of concepts not in sync with the ultimate
Truth. All your issues, mistakes and desires can be traced back to just
one and only one error in perception, dear. And that error is your
belief that you are separate, God is far away, Universe is mechanical,
electrochemical and magnetic in nature and that you are destined to
die sooner or later. Erase all these wrong concepts from ‘your’ mind
once and for all. Embrace ME here and now. Embrace me Here and

Right Vision corrects this simple error in perception in all the mo-
ments of Now. Just use this correction ‘glasses’ and you ‘see’ the true
nature of Brahman, your Self and all your brothers and sisters out
‘there.’ This immediately re-adjusts all your relations with the rest of the
existence including nature, people, job, money, culture, country, God
and life in general. That is why MY stress is and will remain on correct-
ing this grave error first and foremost. The golden rule ‘Consciousness
First’—make it still more accurate by saying ‘One Consciousness First.’
First of all, make this correction in perception at all levels in all sys-
tems—One Consciousness—whether it is about business, education,
defense or politics. This rule must be applied to the foundation of all
systems and from there restructuring is to be done such that this rule

Chapter : Discard the Obsolete

is not violated at any level of the organization. The Core is One—Many

at the periphery with each one being unique.

Tarzan the ape man? Nope. Man the Divine God. Keep your eyes
on this next level of evolution where once the Divinity within is rec-
ognized and applied in day-to-day life, you automatically make the
jump—from ape man to Divine God, right here on Earth.


Imitation jewellery is studded with artificial diamonds on low cost

metal and yet looks stunning, sometimes even better than real gold or
diamond ornaments. There is no ‘value’ that can be defined for beauty,
love, peace, and happiness. What is costly and royal in your eyes may
be cheap and useless in MY eyes. It is like you try to imitate the bliss
of Nirvana by watching a movie or through sex! Never ever will you be
satisfied as the original is original after all!

Nestor, Osho, Christ or Vallalar—they all give top priority and high
value to those unseen virtues of the heart and mind like tranquility,
unanimity, passion for The One, compassion for all and so on. Dear,
use your so-called logic and you will realize why what they perceive as
highly valuable is really invaluable and what you give so much value
to, does not qualify for it at all. You value a big house more than a big

Conversations with the Mysterious One

heart—that is foolish. You value beautiful eyes more than the Right Vi-
sion—that is absurd. You value judgment more than compassion and
that brings pain in your relations.

Every pebble that you throw in resting waters is going to produce

disturbance. Every defilement, be it negative thought or emotion or
illusionary belief, is going to disturb your being for sure. Thus even by
the standards of practical logic, you should get rid of these defilements
like greed, anger, lust, hypocrisy, fear, sadness and hatred to attain Nib-
bana. Moksha is a state of mind, a state of being just like the pristine
crystal clear resting waters. A Moksha mind is always in a blissful,
peaceful, truthful state in complete sync with The Silence.

Absorb the teachings of all the great masters—they all revolve

around cleansing your psyche of malice towards all, mindfulness, ces-
sation of vrittis2 that disturb the stillness within, balance, and all the
Divine qualities like Kshama3, non-violence, compassion, and clarity
with Right Vision.

2 Vritti, in the context of Hinduism and yoga, is the name given to different ten-
dencies, or psycho-physical propensities, which give scope for the mind to express
a variety of feelings and emotions.
3 The meanings of the Sanskrit word Kshama are patience, forgiveness and

Chapter : Discard the Obsolete

peace. Let it come as a grace. Let it come as a blessing. Let it flow from
within on its own. Surrender to the Divinity and preferably do it under
the guidance of a Realized Master.

Human Body of Light—II

The evolutionary forces are eyeing to catch hold of you. Just walk
one step and hordes of Divine beings will rush to hold your hand
and lead you to victory over yourself, to lead you from the clutches
of the ego to the open arms of the Divine Self. With enough of you
guys transforming into the Body of Light, the planet, Mother Gaia, will
transform into a planet of Divine beings, and this Solar system will up-
grade for a thousand years of peaceful existence for the Higher Beings
on this planet before they opt for another level of existence.

Maria Sharapova or Mahesh Bhupathi, or similarly legends of any

game are the leaders, the best players in the known world. Similarly
the Light Beings will be the pioneers, the frontrunners for a new breed
of humanity. As each player learns from the coach to master the game,
these Light Beings will teach the rest of humanity to shred off the mask
of the ego, embrace the Higher Self and transform into the Body of
Light in the coming decades.

Conversations with the Mysterious One

Imagine, just imagine all gods, the Divine Beings, co-existing and
co-creating with full awareness of ‘who I AM’ on this marvelous planet
whose flora and fauna also get a major uplift being the creation of these
awakened ones. Higher level perfect systems from monetary (wealth)
to education and politics. What you can’t even dream in your dreams
of Heaven, this planet is actually going to be that—an enormously
beautiful colorful peaceful Heaven.

Your soul will get the opportunity to express fully and experience
with full consciousness this Divine physical existence molded easily
by their inner power. The physical laws are only to make a game in-
teresting and the Higher Beings will defy all the physical laws to make
the game more interesting with bilocation, levitation, clear telepathy,
remote viewing, telekinesis—you name it and they will have it. All the
psychic paranormal powers will be their ‘normal’ skills.

This is the goal of humanity. This is the New Golden Age being talk-
ed about. This is the period of oneness. A golden future prophesized
since the distant past. For this is how evolution works—from complete
amnesia and chaos to complete awakening and higher order. From in-
sane humans to wise gods with infinite wisdom. It was MY plan since
the moment the first photon was stripped off its freedom to work out
‘the process’ and become the Conscious Light Being—An Enlightened
Human with the Body of Light!

Chapter : Discard the Obsolete

Yes, I will survive 20012!

The triumph of humanity is in the survival of these transformative

times and being the witness of the Dawn of The Golden Age. Wahe
Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh.13 Insha ‘Allah that is going
to happen. The majority of you are going to witness this future in your

The Calico mill was once booming and is defunct now. A distant star
was once so bright and throbbing but just got dissolved now. You see,
thus change, as you know, is the only constant in MY scheme of things.
Embrace the change happening all around you as well as in your life, in
your mind, willingly, happily and completely. Do not stand in the way
of what is coming, what is becoming of you. Do not react or reject.
What you resist persists and what you accept integrates.

The survival guide for the apocalyptic times—many will predict

doomsday or evil conspiracies by the Illuminati or the prophesized end
of the world. It’s bullshit as you call it! Painting a dark picture without
painting the other half is dangerous for the human psyche, moral and

13 Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh is the Khalsa salutation used
for the first time among the Sikhs by the command of Guru Gobind Singh at the
time of the manifestation of the Khalsa in 1699. The meaning of this slogan is that
the Khalsa belongs to the Waheguru and also the victory (Fateh) belongs to the
Waheguru alone. In Sikhism Waheguru denotes one universal creator God.

Conversations with the Mysterious One

willpower. By shouting about death and destruction and Armageddon,

they do more damage while the need of the hour is a ray of hope, saa-
ntvana,14 showing the complete picture and encouraging humanity to
not just survive but rather use this period of upheaval to get rid of all
negativity and come out as victorious awakened ones with a quantum
jump into the new level of consciousness.

My message is a message of hope. I do not predict but I AM declar-

ing as a matter of fact that you are at the door of the onset of that Gold-
en Age, just a couple of steps more and you are in it. I AM declaring
MY plan and WILL to manifest Heaven on Earth, come what may.

So rest assured in the depth of your hearts, about your victory over
the dark forces within yourself. Trust ME explicitly. That’s MY prom-
ise. And walk on The Great Path with courage and faith. Nothing and
no one in the entire multiverse can harm you or make you non-exis-
tent. Your are ME. And I AM without a beginning or an end. I AM
immortal and so are you.

Let this Truth slip deep into your heart to cleanse you off all of your
fears of death, non-existence or the coming period of upheaval.

14 Saantvana is a Gujarati word meaning consolation.

Chapter : Discard the Obsolete

2012 or 3012 or 20012, you will be there to witness them! MY


Survival of the fittest, you know, the rule of the jungle? In the hu-
man kingdom, what is the rule? Physically fit or mentally fit or spiritu-
ally fit? Or a new breed of humans holistically fit? When the times are
tough, the tough get going. Those who are aware are in fact happy to
be here in these times. For maximum chaos offers maximum oppor-
tunity for the miraculous transformation into a new higher order. For
they know in their hearts that it is how we have come so far in every

What is scary? When something is hidden, unknown and we fear

it might harm us, it scares us. But here nothing is unknown and noth-
ing is gonna hurt ‘you.’ So do not be scared at all. I explicitly outlined
the events that will unfold in the coming times for this very specific
reason. To make known the unknown future. To make you all look be-
yond the chaos. To get your vision, embrace the vision from the higher
perspective and thereby release all your fears and instead work pas-
sionately to become awakened ones in the shortest possible duration
of time. Like a shortcut to Enlightenment!

Learn from your Masters or from books, listen to your inner Guru
or to your religious leaders; from every source soon you will be get-

Conversations with the Mysterious One

ting the same messages of the coming of The Golden Age. Sometimes
you will wonder: are all these messages, which are sounding so simi-
lar, coming from the same source? Yeah! They all are speaking MY
messages. They all are delivering the same Truth. I promise I will re-
peat these messages many many times over in the coming couple of
years through the mouths of many more Masters, through the books
of many more authors, through the songs of many more singers and
through the acts of many more actors, till humanity really accepts MY
message of oneness, of hope, of transformation, of Heaven on Earth
and of immortality of the human Body of Light.

I know I AM repeating it in this book too. But that is needed for I

know how fast you read to forget! I know how you might ignore it if it
is said just once. And I know how your repeated advertisements affect
the human mind, dear! So I AM doing the same for your own benefit.
I repeat so that you can let these messages get into your subconscious
mind and really, actually join the movement, the oneness revolution.

Love ya!

About The Author

Amitt Parikh is a proficient writer, who has published many thought-

provoking articles, short stories, poems and presentations in several
newspapers, magazines, newsletters and websites.

He is the Executive Editor of Your Spiritual Revolution eMagazine,

the Founder of Spiritual Science & Research Foundation, India and
Managing Director of Parikh Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

He is a mystic and a seeker of the Truth. He is an intuitive train-

er and conducts revolutionary self development courses, seminars
and workshops for Everyday Evolutionary Living and Your Spiritual

By integrating the mystical wisdom of the East, the practical logi-

cal mindset of the West and guidance from The Mysterious One, he
provides consultancy to corporates, NGOs, institutions and activist
groups for evolutionary projects and activities in diverse fields like
economy, ecology, education, entertainment, health, media, politics,
and applied spiritual science and research.

Contact Details:

Amitt Parikh
24, ‘Ravisha’, Shree Hari Nagar, Opp. Palika Nagar,
D. Z. Patel School Road,Off V. V. Nagar Road,
Anand 388001, Gujarat, India.
Official website for ‘Conversations with The Mysterious One’
Website for a monthly free eMagazine ‘Your Spiritual Revolution’
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