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Quotation Ref: QLEC-NK-SCHIT-MTP 101209

To: Schneider Intertrade (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Date: 10/12/2009

Atten: Mr Pratheep Kingthong / Mr Tiarawit Boonsawad From: N.Kinoshita (Account Manager ASIA PAC Sales)
211/9 Soi.39 Raminda Rd. Anusawaree Bangkhen
Bangkok 10220 Thailand
Tel: 662 552 3035 Fax: 662 552 3035
Project Title: Lightning Protection for MTP Tank TK-4600
S/N Description Unit Price Qty Total Price

Propose 1 : DAS Lightning Protection

1 DAS Hemisphere Array 48-84

(Included Mounting Support and parts) $29,600.00 1 $29,600.00

2 SBI-32HWL (Spline Ball Ionizer) $750.00 34 $25,500.00

(Included Mounting Support and parts)

2 Installation Charge
Supervisor $1,200.00 7 days $8,400.00
Estimate 6 workers require/day 7 days
(Schneider Intertrade to engage with installation company)
Number of installation days are subject to whether condition

3 Professional Charge
Engineering & Fabrication Design $8,000.00 1 $8,000.00

4 Others
International Transportation and accommodation $3,000.00 1 $3,000.00

Grand Total SGD 74,500.00

Remarks: Local Transport provide by Schneider Intertrade Supervisor

Lead Time:
1 Delivery of Hardware 8weeks upon confirmation order with follow payment terms as stated as below.
There is stated standard lead time, it will reschedule able based on discussion with customer

Terms and condition:

1 Delivery: Ex Factory Singapore
2 This quotation subject to GST
3 Payment Terms 50% upon of issued purchase order 40% T/T in advance before ship out hard ware.
10% retention of till completion of Project or contract commission date
4 Other Terms and condition refer to 2/2page

No,6 Loyang Way 1 Singapore 508704

Tel: 65 62141830 Fax: 65 62141831
Company Reg:200206047K


Any purchase order received by LEC-(Asia) shall be construed as a written acceptance of our offer to sell and shall be
fulfilled in accordance with the terms and conditions of sales set herein. No other terms and conditions shall apply unless
specifically accepted by LEC-(Asia) in writing.

The validity of quotation is 30 day from the date of quotation if not otherwise stated.
The quotation may be withdrawn by LEC-(Asia) if not accepted within the said period.
Any work not mention in the quotation will not be cover.

The Client should provide all necessary details/drawings to LEC-(Asia) for implementation of our system. Upon confirmation
of Purchase Order, the client should provide access to site for LEC-(Asia) personal for detail survey. Any delay on the above
mention will result in delay of schedule and incur additional cost.
Addition cost incur will be charges to client.

To refer 1/2 page of payment terms

Any ALTERATIONS or DEVIATIONS, from the quoted specifications, involving additional costs are executed at a charge over
and above this quotation. All services performed, which are not included in this quotation, would be billed at the rate current
to when the services are performed.
Purchase orders once placed and accepted can only be cancelled with LEC-(Asia) written consent. LEC-(Asia) is entitled to
recover a charge on 30% on the value of the Purchase Order whose order is cancelled.

Lightning Eliminators & Consultants (Asia) Pte Ltd (“LEC-(Asia)”), warrants that the installed Dissipation Array System (“DAS”)
is free from defects in material or factory workmanship. This warranty is effective for one (1) year after completion of DAS
to the original purchaser and is not transferable. This warranty does not apply to (i) any defects in the Products caused by negligence,
misuse, improper maintenance or unauthorized installation, (ii) any damage to the product caused by fire, explosion or similar events
other than by a lightning strike or (iii) any lightning related damage due to any changes that have been made to the protected area,
facility or structure that compromise the performance of the Dissipation Array System unless such changes were reported to
and approved by LEC prior to or at the time of the changes. Overhaul or repair of the product other than by LEC or its authorized
personnel will void the warranty in its entirety.

LEC offers a 12 month warranty for its design and is renewable under our Re-Certification Program. During this warranty period,
should the protection results in the DAS safely collecting the lightning strike termination,, LEC will rectify/repair the existing DAS
at our own cost.
(Note: This Warranty covers LEC DAS equipment only.)
LEC will not cover shipping cost for product transportation for over sea.