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To work in a professional & challenging environment, where I can make the best use of my
abilities, knowledge & experience

Name Sultan Mohammed Sultan Ahmed Laram

Date of Berth December 13, 1964
Nationality Qatari --- Father of 3 children

Off: 4773131 Fax: 4293525

Mob: 5517557
Contact Details Res : 4662261
P.O.Box: 55609
April – 2008 Up to Today

HEAD OF ENGINEERING -SEEF LIMITED. CO (Petrochemical plant/Subsidiary

Of Qatar Petroleum)

 In charge in all Related Work such as Manage, Directs and supervises a

team of high qualified and experience of multi-disciplined Engineers
within the engineering section to carry out Capital, Non-Routine projects
and Plant Improvement request (PIR) initiated by Maintenance and other
Company sections.
 Fully responsible and accountable for the application of Company design
philosophies, policies and standards to promote and maintain the
technical quality of engineering for all projects including plant changes
from definition up to commissioning the project.
 Manage technical data and records system for Company.
 Manage, coordinate, and control of sections budgets and costs more than
15000000 QR.
 Manage and develop technical document management system (E-Works).
 Fully responsible for all works related to Instruments, Electrical ,
Mechanical and Civil
 Fully responsible Of repairing Refractory and insulation Materials of JNK
Oil Heater
 Fully responsible of PIR (Plant Improvement inspect of Civil , Mechanicals
, Electrical and instrument ) during 2009 Major Shut Down
 Heavily involved in November 26, 2009 Shut down
 Fully responsible of New Work Shop and Offices for SEEF Limited Co.
 Fully Responsible of New loading area for road Trucks
 Acting Engineering & Maintenance Manager

Experience with
2003 – 2008 Gas Production Department Qatar Petroleum
Qatar Petroleum Lead Rotating Equipment Engineer (NGE/3)
In charge of all major Rotating on North field Platform including Rolls Royce Gas
Generators. Involve and support operations and Plant maintenance
 Preparation / Arrangement and follow up budget requirement for all NGE/3
 Discussion/Negotiation with Vendors Regarding modifications to Gas
Generators covering technical and commercial related issues. ( GG working
with Mod since 2005)
 Manage the Project and cost for Active Magnetic Bearing of Turbo Expander.
(TE Turbo Expander working with AMB since 2006)
 Responsible for major over-haul of recycle compressor including
management of manpower with cost
 Develop Scope of Work for all major over haul (Contracts) with Technical
 Preparation of technical evaluation and award submission to STC/LTC and
 Root Cause Analysis / investigation for failures of all machines and their
 Propose and made an improvement to Gas turbines for easy operability and
flexibility (Propose Inlet air intake house self cleaning for Rolls Royce GG).
 Create Five years Business Plan for all major Equipments’ on NFA Platform

Acting Assistant Manager, Gas Production Engineering (NGE) of North field Platform

Ras Gas LNG CO Ras Gas, Qatar

1999 -- 2003 Senior Rotating Equipment Engineer
 John Crane Dry Gas Seal Modification. Involved in all Engineering faces including
negotiation with Vendors
 Investigate and Root Cause Analysis for failure of Sulfur start-up blower, pumps
bearing, seawater intake pumps and LNG loading pumps
 Completion of technical evaluation methodology and presentation to STC and LTC
 Supervising units 10 – Inlet facilities Unit 18 N2 rejection unit 82 sea water intake
unit 94 fresh cooling water pumps
 Responsible for the interface for Gas Turbine Generator Inspection GE frame 6 and 7
 Shut down (HGPI) advisor for Rotating Equipment activities Train 1 and 2 for GE
frame 7’s
 Responsible for External flashing line Modification for John Crane Mechanical Seals
including coordination with other departments
 Gas Turbine Air Intake house Modification for Frame 6 & 7
 Certified by GE to act as inspector for all refurbished parts received at site for
frames 6 and 7 on behalf of GE with budget required
 Optaligne (Laser Alignment)
Acting Rotating Equipment Adviser for Ras Gas more than five times responsible for all
coordination/interfaces between RG operation, project and rotating equipment vendors
and suppliers

1998–1997 RasLaffan Gas LNG Site Ras Laffan - Qatar

1998 -- 1999 Field Mechanical Engineer
 Involved in construction activities of main LNG plants, following the project progress
and ensure timely execution of work done by contractors to required standards.
 Involved in Commissioning activities, working closely with the contractors and
machines suppliers to force the contract requirements and to achieve the full benefit
of guarantee/warrantee from both EPC contractor as well as the suppliers
 Start up team member for Train 1 and 2 fully responsible for the start up of Gas
Turbine and compressors for LNG Trains.

1997 - 1996 Yokohama-Japan JGC, Yokohama- Japan

1996 – 1998 Rotating Equipment Engineer
 Work with the EPC contractors team at their home offices
 Review and check various technical documents related to Pumps, Gas Turbines and
Compressors Design to ensure conformance to project specification and standard
 Involved heavily in model review and P&FD’s and P&ID’s
 Visit various suppliers' work-shop area to ensure timely execution of work done to
required standards

Qatar Airways

Doha, Qatar
1994 - 1996 Aircrafts Maintenance Engineer and Test Pilot
 Worked on B – 727 - 200 (Engine JT8D – 17)
 Worked on B – 747 – 100 (Engine CF9 – 45)
 Worked on B – 747 – SP

1988 - 1994 Saint Louis University Missouri, USA
 Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics Dec, 17 1994 with Major of Aircraft
maintenance engineering
 Associate of Science with Major aircraft maintenance engineering technology.
 Certificate in airframe and Power Plant
 Certificate in digital diagnostics with major of B-767
 Basic Flight Engineer
 Pilot License’s
Courses, Conferences
 Hazard and Operability (Team Member) - Doha
 Compressor Gas Seals, Sep 15,1997 Houston – Texas
 Machinery Vibration Sep 16 1997 Houston – Texas.
 Turbo Machinery Laboratory 16 – 18 1997 Houston – Texas
 Gas Condition and Laboratory (G4) Tokyo – Japan May 5th to 16th 1997
 Gas turbine User Association Conference Jun 11 - 20 1997 USA
 Project and Program Management Development July 2006
 Strategic Sourcing Dec 2006.
 Coaching For Excellence Manager Seminars 22/Jan/08 -- Qatar
 APM Introductory Certificate in Project Management July 2006
 Gas turbine User Association Conference (Dubai – UAE)
 Gas turbine User Association Conference (Perth-Austria)
 Japan Gasoline Company Courses in Design Rotating Equipment /Piping / Heat Ex/
for six Months. (Tokyo-Japan)
 Bently Nevada Machinery diagnostics (Tokyo - Japan)
 Bently Nevada Data Manager 2000 (Tokyo - Japan)
 Mobile Machinery Meeting March 1998 Alabama USA
 Computer Courses
 PT Arun LNG Shut Down Train 2 May 98 for one month ( Indonesia)
 Elliott Compressor Maintenance Training program
 Major Factors in Critical Equipment Reliability – Auxiliary System
 Rotating 99 Meeting. Dubai
 The principles of rotating equipments
 Vibration Analysis 1&2
 Thermodynamics / Performance / Operation and Design features components
trouble shooting and maintenance safety devices / circuits
 Effective Technical Report Writing
 Gas Turbine General Service and Repair Training - GE- MEELSA
 Machinery Failure Analysis and Prevention
 Rotating 2002 Meeting
 Information Handling System (HIS) March 2005
 Reliability Engineering – November 2005
 Machinery Failure Analysis and Prevention Programmed May 2005

 Certificate Of Recognition
 Shukran award for extra effort in repair work on frame 7 GT
 Shukran award for extra effort in repair work on frame 6 GT
 Shukran award for saving Ras Gas 12 hrs for starting frame 7 GT
Witnessing Tests

 Sea Water Intake Pumps

 LNG Circulation Pumps Model 8ECR – 12 Ebara International-USA
 LNG loading pumps 12CER – 2429 Nevada Ebara International
 MCR Compressor full loads test Elliott Company USA
 Propane Compressor performance and full load test Elliott USA
 Gas Turbine Generator GE frame 6 and 7 – Green Ville-USA

ALL Papers up on Request