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ACTIVE INSIGHT | Turning insight into action.


Active insight
Data Sheet

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ACTIVE INSIGHT | Turning insight into action.

Real-time, Value-Based Reactions to Online ActiveInsight’s behavioral Detection and reaction

Behavior ability is crucial for numerous business use cases
from improving online conversion rates, online sales
Whether it's online shopping, self service, online
and marketing, online campaign management, CRM
gaming or Software-as-a-Service, customers and
and self-service, Compliance and Risk Management.
organizations are interacting in the web cloud on a
ActiveInsight will:
daily basis. As web usage grows, organizations must
be able to detect and react to relevant behavior and  Detect user behavior using a behavioral
business events signaling up-sell/cross-sell pattern definition schema
opportunities, potential customer desertion, customer  Correlate behavior with external data sources
service issues, potential fraud and more. such as: customer profile list, community sites,
geo-location services, etc'
Increasingly, organizations using online systems
 Feed events, in real-time, to any
struggle to provide scalable, real-time detection and
Marketing/Sales/Support/BI application
reaction to relevant events and behavior. Most of the
 React to each customer accordingly (online
data is available, at least temporarily and should be
proposal, human interaction, …)
leveraged for sales, marketing, customer service,
trading and security. Current platforms rely on data ActiveInsight can be quickly deployed in a
sources/feeds such as logs and databases and are not standalone deployment or alongside various
designed to handle real-time processing. analytical and back-end applications complementing
and maximizing their value. It can also be deployed
As high throughput transaction loads become wide-
as a cloud service.
spread the ability to process online data in real-time
becomes crucial. Detecting relevant and valuable event
Online Sales, Use behavioral targeting to detect
patterns within massive data loads filters out the up-sell/ cross-sell opportunities.
Marketing and
"noise" and allows organizations to focus and make Campaign Mgmt Detect customer touch-points for
real-time proposal delivery.
the most out of their resources. To create value,
CRM, Customer Detect customer experience
organizations must be able to react in real-time by Experience and problems and offer VIP assistance.
Self-Service React to potential customer churn
invoking other services, interacting with the customers
in time to prevent it.
or feeding actionable events to back-end system. Alert CRM systems with user-
centric actionable events
ActiveInsight detects and reacts to online events
Security Provide application level visibility.
and behavior according to pre-defined patterns. It is Information and Offload application logging and
Event Mgmt (SIEM) provide real-time formatted events
based on an extreme transaction processing to SIEM or compliance applications.
Compliance and
architecture, able to scale-out to handle high- Risk Mgmt React to possible internal fraud
using event pattern correlation
throughput while offloading application servers.
Fraud Detection Detect and feed application events
and Adaptive in real-time.
Authentication Use behavioral targeting to detect
fraudulent activity and patterns.
Provide non-intrusive adaptive
authentication initiation

Extreme Offer real-time event and pattern

Transactions processing in extreme transaction
Complex Event rates.
Processing (CEP) Provide Low-latency event
correlation and service initiation.
ACTIVE INSIGHT | Turning insight into action.

Online Campaign

Application Detect React Fraud


Our Technological Edge Your Business Value

Active insight’s extreme event processing engine As organizations move towards in-bound marketing,

utilizes a distributed, in-memory, low latency sales and self-service as well as high throughput web-

algorithm to detect and react to any data stream loads and cloud computing - the importance of event

derived from online behavior (click stream), trading, and pattern detection and reaction leaps.

smart grids or others. ActiveInsight provides: ActiveInsight provides organizations with real-time,
accurate and relevant visibility to customer behavior
 Distributed, high-performance, extreme
and business events.
transaction processing technology
 Integrated in-memory distributed data caching With ActiveInsight organizations will:

 Unlimited server scale-out (scalable by design)  React to more up-sell and cross-sell
 A-sync or sync (w/o time-out) processing opportunities
 Low latency computational de-coupling  Detect potential customer churn in time to
 Unique and simple, xml based, “behavioral prevent it
processing language”  Provide better online service to customers
 Sequential and time-based pattern definition  Improve and ease regulatory compliance
schema including Application/User/Session  Detect potential fraudulent activity in real-time
level patterns  Easily change pattern definitions to suit
 Asynchronous, multi target feeders changing business needs
 Real-time, pattern based, 2-way user  Save costs on coding, management and
interaction hardware

ActiveInsight’s flexible pattern matching configuration  Maximize investments in CRM, BI, Compliance

schema enables various business use cases that can and Fraud detection applications

be deployed in several phases to achieve multiple  Leverage online behavior to improve the bottom

goals. line

ACTIVE INSIGHT | Turning insight into action.