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T-MATRIX™ is the next generation TETRA platform designed and developed exclusively by Artevea. The T-MATRIX™ TETRA
platform constitutes the engine behind all TETRA Products produced by Artevea. The Technology is based on the design
principles for delivering fully distributed, flexible and reliable TETRA Networks. The T-MATRIX™ Technology utilizes the right
combination of Commercially Off The Shelf (COTS) and Specialized Software and Hardware Components to deliver the most
cost effective solution.

The T-MATRIX™ Technology is Flexible because any of the T-MATRIX™ elements (Network Management consoles, work
stations and gateways) can be located anywhere in the network thereby eliminating reliance on a central switch.

The T-MATRIX™ Technology is Reliable because it uses Advanced Distributed Database Management, Processing and
standard TCP/IP Routing techniques. The networks can be designed using star, mesh or mixed topology, ensuring continuous
multi-site operation.

The T-MATRIX™ Technology is future proof because it is designed to be able to support the developing TETRA 2 Standard
and Inter Systems Interface (ISI) Specifications. This allows customers to choose Artevea T-MATRIX™ Technology and
Products with confidence and capability to move forward in the future.

An important distinction between a TETRA-over-IP system and a conventional (switch-

based) TETRA system is that with a ToIP system there is no central switch, thus eliminating
a critical point of potential failure. Instead, full use is made of IP (Internet Protocol) network
technology to provide reliable data routing between network components. This unbeatable
combination of IP technology, a distributed database and the advanced TETRA
communication standard produces a feature-rich solution with an unprecedented degree of
flexibility and resilience. In the event of a radio site becoming isolated from the network it
can continue to operate in standalone mode until such time as normal network
communications are restored. Any sites still able to communicate with each other can also
continue to work together whilst temporarily isolated from the main part of the network.

About Us

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A Pioneer in TETRA Technology

When it comes to choosing a partner for radio communication there is no other company with a finer pedigree than Artevea Digital
Limited. Artevea Digital were the first to carry out live TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) trials and Artevea Digital Limited
(previously know as SIMOCO) were the first to develop the latest fully distributed TETRA-over-IP solution. Based in Cambridge,
England, we enjoy close access to key technology centres in the scientifically vibrant area around the University, and as a truly
international company we have acquired manufacturing and development capabilities across the world.

Artevea Digital Limited has its origins in Pye Telecommunications, the original radio innovator, and our staffs have years of
accumulated experience working in the private mobile radio industry. Artevea Digital's key development work began in the early
1990’s when the company was still part of Philips, who produced leading analogue systems but were investing heavily in digital
systems as the logical successor.
Today we continue our commitment to pioneering the best in communication infrastructures, our experience in the field of
communications involves us in not only supplying systems but in consultancy, planning, project management and support for
professional organisations worldwide. For cost-efficient, reliable and flexible mobile radio communications, talk to Artevea Digital

A Vision for the future

Artevea Digital is dedicated to encouraging the adoption of the TETRA standard and our vision is simple: to continue to make life
easier for communicators within all kinds of public and commercial organizations. In order to do this we are committed to ensuring
that our products and services are always designed with customers' needs at our core. The evolution of our products is a process
involving attention to detail, rigorous testing and careful consideration of what communicators will need in the future. Our highly
experienced research and development personnel are constantly finding ways to improve the capability and flexibility of our
products. And as established industry experts they know the importance of making sure that our customers receive the best value for

Artevea Digital participates actively with the TETRA MoU and the Interoperability Organization and we are proud to work with
business partners who share our vision. We look forward to hearing about your communications challenges and to making those
communications easier.

Other Offices

Artevea Digital Limited has another office in Noida, India. To find the Contact information of Artevea Digital India Private
Limited, please refer to the Contact Us section.


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Artevea's experience in the field of communications involves us in not only supplying

infrastructure and systems but in also in consultancy, planning, project management and
support for professional organisations worldwide.

Artevea Digital have an outstanding reputation for excellence of total service as well as for
quality of equipment. Our radio systems solutions offer the benefits of specialist expertise at
every stage from defining your needs, through implementation to on-going support.

Stage I - Analysis

Defining your needs

This may start with a joint consideration of how modern radio technology could enhance your operational efficiency. We can then
help you define your needs and develop system specifications to meet them.

Propagation Studies
Our specialist radio propagation team uses a combination of map or field surveying and sophisticated imaging techniques such as
digital terrain mapping. Offering an immense wealth of experience in varied terrain throughout the world, they can analyse the
propagation characteristics in your coverage area and determine the optimum antenna sites.

Traffic analysis and system design

Taking into account your communications traffic and required area coverage, we can design the optimum solution within your
available budget.

Stage II - Implementation

Project Management
Our project management use computer based management tools to oversee every aspect of implementation. We will appoint a
senior member of staff to take overall responsibility for your project.
Installation and commissioning
Multi-disciplinary teams of planning, civil, mechanical, electrical and electronics and telecommunication engineers provide an
integrated and highly efficient installation and commissioning service.

Stage III - Support

Training sessions on location or at one of our Training Centres cover operational techniques and routine procedures, to help users
take full advantage of our systems. (We also ensure that staff are fully trained in the latest developments.)
Support and Maintenance
We offer an integrated package of customer support services, fully flexible to meet your needs, totally reliable to ensure that your
system is maintained at maximum efficiency.

Stage I Stage II Stage III


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Careers in Artevea Digital

A More Creative & Innovative Way of Working

Artevea Digital is based in Cambridge in the UK. Having initially focussed on Research and Development for TETRA
infrastructure product enhancement and future generation communications equipment, Artevea Digital can now offer complete
solutions utilising the next generation T-MATRIX™ TETRA-over-IP technology.
Systems ranging from single transportable sites operating in standalone mode, to more complex multi-site radio communication
networks, are meticulously integrated with products from leading portable/mobile terminal suppliers and offered with a range of
consultancy, planning, project management and support services.

Everything we do, we do to make technology more practical, usable, and valuable to our customers.

Artevea Digital is always pleased to hear from anyone with industry knowledge who is interested in joining our exciting team and
learning more about opportunities available.

We currently have positions for:

Current Vacancy

We currently have no job vacancies. However, we may have a position in the future. So please feel free to email your CV to or alternatively please bookmark this page and revisit this page sometime later.
We will keep your employment details on file and may contact you when a suitable job vacancy becomes available.

Feb 2009
CEO Announcement

The board of Artevea Digital is pleased to announce the appointment of Animesh Basu as its new CEO.
Previously the COO, Animesh has a wealth of experience in managing Internet and communications businesses gained over 30 years of
working in both the private and public sectors in the UK and abroad. Animesh is a seasoned technology and business management
professional which makes him ideally suited to take the company forward.
Animesh takes over the leadership of the company in challenging times and the board would like to wish him success in his new role.