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26/7/2014 Small Business CDN Review 2014 | Best Content Delivery Network | Content Distribution Network - TopTenREVIEWS 1/4
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2014 Best Small Business CDN Reviews and Comparisons
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26/7/2014 Small Business CDN Review 2014 | Best Content Delivery Network | Content Distribution Network - TopTenREVIEWS 2/4
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By John Carlsen

Why Should Small Businesses and Bloggers Use a CDN?
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Once upon a time, files in high demand on the internet were often downloaded from several web servers via
"mirror" links. A Content Delivery Network (CDN) takes that approach with regard to photos, video and other
content on your website, streamlining the process so that it happens automatically and behind the scenes. Your
content distribution becomes cloud computing, and your business expands happily ever after.
When you have a lot of content and a large user group, you want to ensure that no matter where they are on the
internet, your users have quick access to your site's content. A popular way to achieve this is by hiring a CDN to
cache copies of your content on servers at different geographical locations. A global presence means data
doesn't have to travel as far every time a link is clicked across the world. Closer caches mean lower latency
mean faster page loads. When a web browser does a DNS lookup for your website, the CDN will return the IP
address of the best server for the point of contact.
Quicker page loads have been shown to lead directly to higher sales conversions. It's what web surfers expect,
and if they don't get it, a delay of only a few seconds can cause them to take their business elsewhere.
Furthermore, page load speed is one of the many metrics Google and other search engines use when
determining how high your website will rank on results pages.
An additional bonus of using a CDN: Since your own machines will get fewer redundant requests for static
content, they can focus all their resources on program operations and dynamic content, and you lower your
server storage costs at home.
As a bonus, data redundancy means if there is a slowdown or overload somewhere on the internet, or if hackers
hit one server with a denial-of-service attack, your operations won't be as affected because the content can be
retrieved from another server.
There is a high correlation between fast load time and site/application popularity. Users become frustrated and
impatient with even the best content providers if they have to sit and wait several seconds between every load.
Every waiting period is time for them to reflect about who on the information superhighway might be providing
comparable content faster or better. Don't give them a reason to go window shopping.
A good CDN will decrease the load time of your applications and website by caching content throughout the
backbones of the Internet so that your users always have quick access to the content they are after. It will also
optimize server choices based not only on geographic distance, but also on load, latency and cost.
For a combination of these criteria that may best suit your needs, check out our reviews for CacheFly,
HighWinds and MaxCDN. To help you better understand the inner workings of content delivery, read our articles
about small business CDN.
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Small Business CDN: What to Look For
Since your prime consideration in getting a CDN is probably to speed up your website, you want quick
Small Business CDN Review
26/7/2014 Small Business CDN Review 2014 | Best Content Delivery Network | Content Distribution Network - TopTenREVIEWS 3/4
response times for your users, wherever they may be. This is achieved by low-latency connections;
servers that can handle many simultaneous connections; and fast, preferably solid-state hard drives.
For smaller or independent operators such as bloggers or startups, implementation of a CDN should be
fast and easy-entry, with simple billing and activation. It should also come with a minimal commitment
so that you can try out a product to see if it best suits your needs.
You should be able to control the functionality of your CDN from your computer, and its user interface
should be intuitive and user-friendly. You should be able to look up performance statistics in real time
and tweak how your content is delivered. If you need to, you should be able to stream video on demand,
store frequently accessed files on the CDN's edge servers, and run multiple web-acceleration platforms
without them interfering with each other.
Help & Support
Ideally, you should be able to get 24/7 phone and email support. Entrusting your site's functionality to an
outside company requires the assurance that if anything goes wrong, it can be promptly fixed.
No matter which CDN you choose, it is worth testing its compatibility with your system to make sure it meets the
unique needs of your website. Since all CDNs have quirks in how they process data, it is worth testing your
chosen CDN with your content before signing a contract.
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CacheFly was launched in 2002 and still has some of its original clients, including Trillian, a popular instant messenger application.
With satisfied customers such as Adobe, Bank of America, LG,
Content Delivery Networks: The Meanings Behind the Jargon
Read our article to learn the meaning behind the jargon of small business content delivery networks.

26/7/2014 Small Business CDN Review 2014 | Best Content Delivery Network | Content Distribution Network - TopTenREVIEWS 4/4
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